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A Familiar World Far Away

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Zuko barged into the back door of the Jasmine Dragon, dragging a buff man with a scar across the bridge of his nose and snow white hair. “UNCLE WE HAVE A SITUATION!”

Iroh looked up from the tea he was pouring and saw the young firelord’s panicked face. He apologized to the people he was serving, finishing filling their cups before heading back to the kitchen.
“Zuko why are you yelling?”
“Uncle I think I killed an old man.”
Iroh could only look at him in disbelief from over the kitchen counter but when he walked over to his nephew to comfort him he saw the man in his arms, stopping dead in his tracks.
“I can see him breathing come on lets get him to the apartment and you can tell me what happened.”


To say Zuko was freaking out in the small room off his Uncle’s tea shop would be an understatement. Holy shit I can’t believe I hurt him.
“Okay care to explain what happened?”
Zuko breathed deeply before recalling the tale.

He was out in the alley next to the shop to take out the trash and he could tell someone was behind him. “Keith! What are you doing here, where’s Lance?!” A heavy metal weight touched his shoulder before the man could even finish his sentence and he flipped him over, knocking him out when he hit his head on the ground.

Zuko wasn’t sure if the way he startled was justified but he had been on edge ever since Aang, Katara, and Sokka left to continue their travels and do general Avatar stuff.

“Okay…” Iroh contemplated his next words carefully. “Well I think he’s going to be okay, he’s not an old man. We can nurse him back to health and get him where he needs to be, okay?”

Zuko sighed deeply. “Yeah yeah sounds like a plan.”