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Partners For Life

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It was late on a cold winters night, most people were wrapped up warm in bed but for the detectives of the 16th precinct in Manhattan the night was only just starting. Partners Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler had been assigned a case days before, where a wife had accused her - soon to be ex - husband of rape, however she had soon recanted her statement. It was at this time that Benson and Stabler had started to disagree on the case. While Stabler believed the woman was lying about the rape, Benson was convinced that the woman was telling the truth, leaving tension between the pair.

The pair were talking to their Captain about the case when their fellow detective came over with some interesting news for them.

"Lab came back with a match to the hairs found at the crime scene." Detective Odafin 'Fin' Tutuola informed them "Belongs to Miles Sennet."
"Oh, so much for him not knowing where they live." Benson remarked
"That doesn't prove he was in the house. Where were the hairs collected?" Her partner counted
"Daughter's room, hallway, common area."
"Any prints?"
"Smudge, nothing usable." Fin informed them.
"Tessa was in her dad's house. She could've tracked that stuff home." Stabler commented, to his partners disgust.
"To several different locations? You're reaching." Olivia spat out
"And you've got blinders on." The man sneared back" Look Liv, I'm the longest relationship you've ever had with a man. You have no idea how bad things can get when a couple goes sour."

They all saw the hurt flash in Olivia's eyes, which was quickly masked with anger, disbelief and hatred towards her partner.

"And eight years in this unit tells me that I don't need to be married to know when an abusive man is escalating" she threw back at him before storming off.

Everyone in the unit knew how difficult Olivia found it to be in a steady relationship while working as a sex crimes detective. In the 8 years she had been there she had had many dates with different men - ranging from lawyers, to journalists, and even with other police officers - but none of them had ever worked out. And while it was true that Olivia's longest relationship with a man was indeed with her partner of 8 years , Elliot Stabler, she was never ready to admit it. She didn't want to have to rely on someone who had his own family and would never understand how it feels to be her.


Olivia was sat on the roof of the precinct, staring at the stars and listening to the silence of the city around her. She had been so out of it that she hadn't noticed the tears that had fallen down her olive skin. She had no idea how long she had been sat up there for before she drifted off to sleep against the wall.

The woman was suddenly awoken by the sound of a voice saying her name. Her eyes shot open and her hand instinctively went for her firearm, however she soon saw that there was no threat, just her colleagues Fin and John Munch standing in front of her.

"Olivia, Craven wants you" Munch told her as the pair helped her to her feet.

"O..okay" she replied swiping at her face to remove any sign of the tears that had previously stained her cheeks.

"Don't worry baby girl, he sent Stabler out to interview some more neighbours" Fin reassured her as they made their way down the stairs, to the 6th floor.

Olivia walked into the office of her captain and sat down. Waiting for him to talk.

"Are you okay Benson?" The older, balding man asked her from behind his desk.

"I want a new partner"