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Giant Conundrum

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Midgard was a wondruous place, sometimes. It was also a place of regret. It was here that she met him. Frigga had warned her as had Frigga's father Freyr. But she didn't listen to either of them. Even her own father had warned her about that mysterious stranger. Now as she rested in the lake, her fiery red hair as wet as the rest of her naked body, she could begin to plan. Plan for how to make things right. She grinned to herself as she heard an audience. "Good, the first shall be mine soon!" she thought.

"My lady, there is a redheaded stranger in the lake!" declared Callisto. Artemis looked up at her. Iphigenia movef away from her thighs. Artemis bit back an irritated growl as the nymph princess turned to face, Callisto. "Male or female?" asked Iphigenia. "Female!" she replied. "Xena and Acheia are still there, keeping on eye on the situation." Artemis forced herself upwards. Iphigenia had been using her favourite techniques on her. The techniques that helped her forget. Forget about how close they had come.

She sighed as she began her race. After those idiot brothers had tried to take her and that damn Trojan War; Artemis wondered if it would ever happen. Her long black hair brought such joy to her heart. Why was there never a right time? After the loss of Troy; she felt such grief, such pulsating loss. "My lady, she is up ahead!" declared Echo. This gave Artemis pause to turn around Echo had been one of her finest nymphs before she had almost been killed by Pan, then struck down by Hera to cease her loqaciousness and merely repeat the last things said to her. But now she was restored in full. "Echo? How comes it, dear heart that you are yourself again?" "Ask the lady, my lady!" replied Echo, sprinting ahead.

She beamed as the nymphs gave way to Lust. They didn't call her the goddess of Gold and lust for nothing. What they ignore was the fire. The fire inside her that burned brighter than ever. She still remembered how much he hurt her. It led her straight to those two monsters. Idunn was still out there somewhere. And Idunn's heritage as an Eternal-Asgardian hybrid suggested a possible troubling friendship with cousin Thanos. But all that changed when the Moon Goddess of Hunting and Archery appeared.

Artemis' guard was up. This beauty was no sorceress. Everything about her screamed danger. Echo was disrobing behind her. And then something unexpected happened. Pallas appeared out of nowhere. Pallas began stripping too before leaping at Echo. Pallas, Athena's late lover, killed by Zeus with a lightning filled discus. Currently burying her face between Echo's thighs. "Time Stone." Artemis was surprised how she was able to get behind her so fast. "Who are thee?" demanded Artemis. The redhead beamed as Artemis blinked a few times. "They call me many things, Artemis. But I am a fiery Goddess, not just of lust, but also of Gold. And once you accept that, you will realise many things are possible. But what I need to discuss with you is more important. And without you, the Olympians of Mars will die."


Zeus felt it again. He could feel it in his bones. His father Kronos-Brainiac was returning. He had heard tales of his nephew Thanos growing stronger. That the Giants living on Neptune-Jotunheim were working with them. But he had destroyed his Celestial father hadn't he? "Where is Apollo?" Hera moaned, rolling over on her chair. Olympus might be surrounded by ice. But nothing pleased Hera more than nude sunbathing. Zeus still loved it, her snatch was as tasty as always. "Apollo is on that planet of his. Claiming to be a powerful son god called Rao. And rumour had it colloborating with the Source and the Elder one. And there is still no sign of Artemis!" Zeus watched Athena pace again. Since the disappearance of Artemis and her nymphs 3 weeks ago; the feelings had intensified. Who knew what was coming?

Athena tried to focus. Could it be a rogue Titan that took Artemis? Or worse , one of the monstruous Giants like the dreaded Typhon? Alcyonus was still on the Saturnian moon of Titan, the last of the Giants. He had already sworn to take both Athena and Artemis. But Athena could not see how he could escape. Alcyonus was however close in friendship with her dreaded cousin Thanos. Could Thanos have helped him escape? What was she missing? Where was Artemis? She had already lost Pallas, was she destined to lose Artemis also?

"Hello my dear husband, Od!" The colour drained from Zeus. Of all the times to appear, she was back! She walked without fear, giving a wink to Aphrodite who began masturbating inmediately. "Her damn magic has grown even greater!" he noted, sullently. Hera's reaction was stereotypical. "Who are you, to...." Hera was unable to finish as her lips were covered with hers. Her clothed disappeared again as she stood lovely and naked, looking out at space. "My lovely sister wife, Hera, how beautiful you are!" Hera didn't respond her eyes were glassy and opaque. "And my glorious Athena! How I adore your battle armour and that glistening shield! No wonder our beloved Artemis is so taken with you!"

"The time has come, Thanos! It is time for you to complete your destiny!" "But how Grandfather? How can I save the multiverse from annihilation?" "The Source keep regenerating itself. Over and over again. But the fatal flaw remains. Too many have tried to correct it. Far too many have failed! I give you this. It is called the Phantom Ring of Volthoom. Inside it are 9 powerful rings governed by 7 emotions, life and death. This ring can be used to hold the 7 Infinity Soul Gemstones. With the Stones and the Phantom Ring, you can eradicate the fatal flaw! The King of Demons Surtur-Mallus derives his power from one of the nine Rings: Rage. You can summon him to aid you on your mission. But beware, my grandson! A collection of minor Eternals, the Asgardians and the Olympians will oppose you. Use the Jotunn Giants and the Elves to destroy them all. I am placing in my faith in you, dear Grandson to free me from the cage; your Uncle Zeus condemn me in!" "I will save you, Grandfather! Have no fear of that!" Kronos watched his grandson leave as he glared at the intangible prison of his. "I shall be free, Zeus! Kronos the Brainiac, the God of Time and Intelligence swears it! I will have my revenge!

"This strange Goddess has Artemis. She appears to have powerful telepathix and physical powers! She overcame Aphrodite and Hera with a wink and a kiss. I must resist her and free my love!" She grinned at Athena as she waved her hand. Athena's armour along with her clothes were gone. Before Athena could cover herself, she found her lips pressed against her, those nimble fingers kneeded her buttocks. Oh how good it felt. "I...must resist!" "No, my heart! Join me and we may both have each other and Artemis." Zeus wasn't sure what was happening. She had seduced Hera with a kiss, left Aphrodite in heat and was conquering his daughter. He brought a thunderbolt to his hand. Clearly she was too powerful for him to allow to exist. The thunderbolt suddenly felt heavy. His arms strained under it. He tried to throw it, but it struck his own foot, causing him to roar in agony. She giggled at him, her tinkling laughter merely enraged him further. "Did King Zeus just shoot himself?" Anger gave way to shock at the appearance od the nymph Pallas. Zeus had struck her down with a thunderbolt disguised as a discus. And yet here, she was. Nude and beaming at him...and Echo the nymph he had threatened was with her. Also nude and ...holding Pan's head!

"Dear husband, I have come as I understand that you want to be free of our marital alliance!" A shocked Zeus sinply nodded. He desired that deeply. To be free of this perplexing female, he had so rashly married as the Asgardian Od. In spite of her prowess as a lover extending beyond even his boundaries. "I accept on three fonditions!" "Name them!" "The first is that I be free to marry Artemis and Athena. Such beautiful princess Goddess are rightful compensation for the end of my marriage to the King of the Olympians!" A tug and glare in his arm revealed Hera was free of her curse. Thre clicks and a gasp behind him reveal a beautiful woman with reddish-blonde hair. Aphrodite stopped her self-fondling to spy her. Zeus was surprised at who the stranger with the shocked expression was. Aphrodite it seemed, had no such care as she grabbed the beauty, indulging in lust as they flew away in each other embrace. "The second condition is that I be granted sexual access to my former sister wife at my leisure." "Sexual acess to my former sister wife at my leisure?!" responded Hera, indignantly. "I want your flesh, sister-wife!" "I want...your flesh, sister wife!" Zeus wasn't sure what was happening. Hera looked like she was having a conniption. "Hera likes to be spanked!" declared a giggling Echo. Zeus was about to ask how Echo was able to speak normally once more, when Hera exclaimed "Hera likes to be spanked!" Echo and Pallas laughed heartily as Hera looked murderous. Hera's curse was now lifted from Echo and returned to her. "The third condition is that you formally sign this document. This will dissolve our marriage officially. It will also grant legal status to my marriage to Artemis and Athena!" "Please accept, O noble HighFather. It is time for Artemis and I to wed. Lady Freya will allow us to remain virgins with her!" Zeus doubted Freya would share the two Goddesses with men. But he hardly considered lesbian relations to be virginal. But he longed to be free of the Vanir-Asgardian Goddess of Gold, Fire and Lust. Her magic enhanced by the smiths of Mercury, so advanced even Hephaestion was in their wake, was too dangerous to leave unchecked. He had seen the danger of her powerful flaming sword. He approached the parchment and signed his name.

There was a blast of light. Zeus could barely see. When the light cleared, he could hear Hera gasping, her eyes clearly on him. "Hera, what voice!" "Husband, voice has returned! But...but...Zeus..." "Shall never again be unfaithful without your permission, former sister-wife. Especially since Zeus is now Lena." "Zeus is now Lena......" Zeus gasped in horror, when he realised that now Hera's curse was hishia. "So he is a goddess now?" asked Hera. "Nymph. Unable to disobey any command from you. She signed it herself!" Zeus wanted to hurl his thunderbolts abd destroy freya. What had she done? Instead all lena-Zeus could say was "Signed it herself!" A malicious grin fell over Hera. "Deat little wife, let's see what uses I and every male I can find, can use you for!" "Every male....Use...for!" Hera cackled as she pulled Zeus-Lena away. "Your vengeance was masterful, wife Freya! But how is ny first love pallas alive?" "Time stone! It can de-aged the dead, thus restored them. I did so with both Echo and Pallas to restore them. They are both enhanced through the Venusian love rings made by the smiths of my people. They say we Vanir were originally Mercurian until the female escape the dwarf Oans and married anvient Eternals. Come now my Athena! Dear Artemis is waiting!

Zeus-Lena was tiny. And familiar looking. He frowned when he realised why. Euranos, the Ice Planet, where mortals and wizards battle for dominion. He seduced a woman who gave birth to his daughter, Morgana. And he looked just like her. "Now I haven't tried this marvelous Mercurian gift before. I assume Zeus wants it in the ass!" Lena tried to keep her mouth shut, the words spilled treacherously out "Wants it in the ass!" "Look, Lena-Zeus, it moves!" Lena-Zeus looked under own legs to see the device formly attached to Hera. It was moving around at great pace and was larger and thick. "All those mortals, of each gender, took yours. You want to take this inside you." "Want to take it inside me!" Lena wanted to curse. Damn the echo curse. Damn that sapphic slut, Freya!

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Freya enjoyed the cool water as Athena and Artemis finally gave into love. Echo and Pallas were similarly engulfed into wanton desire. There were nine of them now. 3 Goddess and Six of Artemis' nymphs. Freya had discretely placed green and blue Mercurian rings on each nymph. Their hope and will would enhance the magic in the days ahead. Idunn was still out there. Idunn was the true threat. Idunn, who nicknamed herself the Horsemaiden, once wielded the White Ring and the Time Stone. Idunn recalled the Elder Days before the First Destroyer.

Freya emerged from the water, Iphigenia and Callisto were quick to drop to their knees. "May we please you, my Goddess?" Freya gasped, moaning as she felt soft tongue gently enter her. Iphigenia massaged her aching breasts, while Callisto cruelly tickled the back of her thighs. The Nine Goddesseses, the Nine Realms, the Nine Rings and once there had been Nine Stones. So much destruction from that First Destroyer.

Thanos looked around him. The wizards, demons and dragons of Euranos were led by Selene Morgana the Pendragon. The Realm of Muspelheim was once a realm of Fire. Thanos recalled the day the planet fell out of orbit before it come into the outer realms of the Star-Tree, Yggdrasil-Sol. Without Surtur, there was naught but ice. "The Eternal Thanos graces us with his presence! Why are you here, Lord?" "War!" Selene Morgana frowned at that. "Why should we involve ourselves in such things? We have our own problems!" declared Amora Vivian. Selene pulled Amora to her side. "The Lord of Dragons, the traitorous Emrys Etrigan, is helping the filthy mortals! Too many of us have died already! Without the Destroyer Surtur-Mallus, we are outnumbered! How can we help you, Lord Thanos?" Thanos focused his mind on the task. His stomach churned and boiled as if he was burned. To the surprise of Selene and her people, Surtur-Mallus appeared. "Can you assist now?" A roar from the crowd in approval, pleased the Mad Titan. With the magical Realm on his side; it would not be long before the Giants and Elves joined him. The stones would soon be his!

Athena pressed herself tight against Artemis. The delighful feelings that ahe had so often dreamed of, finally fulfilled as they united as one. Like a strange scissor like being, they drove together, feeling deliciously filled. Their lower kisses pressed together like two pearls rubbing softly and formly against one another. Their tongues danced as if to music. Artemis felt like laughing as the nails caressed nay tickled her exposed cheeks. Her reciprocation made Athena quiver and shake. Both cried out as their juices intermingled before they repositioned themselves.

"How deep do you want it, my love?" "Deep...want love!" Hera grinned, the Oa-Mercurians dwarves outdid themsleves with this device. "Say put it deep in the bum!" "Put it deep in the bum!" Hera giggled as Lena stiffened. "As you wish my love! I permit you to feel pleasure, but I deny you climax and release!" Lena's loud, lewd moans filled Hera with deep satisfaction. And she reciprocated by inserting and withdrawing the vibrating shaft from the round rear as slowly and deepily as she was able.

The wonderful sensations were such a source of shame. She had been the King of the Olympians. Now she was merely a plaything for her beautiful, sexy bride. How many times had she entered a willing backhole? Now she was the one wiggling and pushing deep into the entering one. Hands teased her quivering quinny. Light nails titalling the willing lovebud, opening up from its sheath for attentions. Lena moaned helplessly as Hera continued her teasing. "Poor little baby! Do you want me to enter you faster?" "Enter...faster...Ohhhhh!!!!" she moaned as Hera drive faster. "No climaxing orgasm, love!" teased Hera as the fire burning cruelly in Lena's core. She was so close, all she could was cry as the cascade would not come.

Thor looked out at the Nine Realms. Thanos was rising. Hela had caused so much damage. Ganymede-Valhalla might be a mighty hall. But there was little chance that it would save everyone. But he couldn't do nothing. Tyra, his half Midgardian wife, held his hand. Even after the First Destroyer had caused such devastation, she stayed by his side. "Thanos is too much like his grandfather. Time is short. Brynhilde and Sif will have to lead their Valkyries. I fear Freya won't get here in time!" Thor beamed at his battle bride. Tyra Jane had once wielded one of the stones. She was a formidable warrior, born of an Asgardian father and a powerful semi-Midgardian woman called Scream-Shriek. ”We will win, love. Count on it!"

"Thank you, darling! But there is more to events than what we know!" "Athena, my love, there is more to this than you should hear!!! We should relax and enjoy one another! We three shall be needed in the end. What has started will be critical for victory!" "We all seem to wear these rings, my Goddess! They feel heavy, but powerful." exclaimed Iphigenia. "You are correct, my darling Iphi! They are!" "Please tell us, beloved Freya who united us!" "Yes, darling Freya, please reveal the Truth to us!" Freya sighd as both her brides used their mlst adorable faces to win her over. They followed it up by spreading their legs. There was no chance to resist. "Very well, my hearts! I will tell you the tale before I plant my mark on eight, exquisitely naughty bottoms." Eight very undiginifed giggles followed.

Apollo breathed relief when he arrived back in Olympus. The mother box had gotten him back safely. Krypton was a great world. Blessed by its perfect position, the people were every inch what they were meant to be. The new Eternal race was astounding. It was important to his legacy. Hercules' identity as Shazam, Prince of Mars and Ares the Martian Prince had all but guaranteed he wouldn't succeed Zeus. Even Athena was ahead of him. Hercules was there, dressed in his red battle armour, looking unusually grim. "Brother, what ails you?" asked Apollo. "Ares has fallen." Apollo stared at him for a moment, confused. "He challenged Mephisto Mongul to battle. Thanos arranged it. They destroyed one another....but Thanos used his power to bring Mephisto back as a construct. Ares too." Apollo felt the unusual feelings of rage. "Where is Father now?" Hercules paused before replying "There is no more Father and Athena has gone to Jupiter. You and I must lead now!" Apollo felt his eyes widen. He wasn't expect this. Was he ready?

"It all began with Idunn of Vanaheim. She survived the First Destroyer who tried to reoder the multiverse. He was Galacticus, Anti-Monitor, Rift and Morgoth. He was the annihilator of countless dimensional universes. The Eternals died in their countless. Idunn was instrumental in the conquest of Venus-Vanaheim during my youth by Asgard. She was offered to Hela Odinsdotter and their mutual love for power and conquest seal their bond and their hearts. When Hela was banished by her father, Odin Borsson, Idunn used her magic to try to free her and wound Odin. It caused Odin everlasting pain, but they were both banished. Idunn was able to putsnart her brother to return....She successfully seduced me into increasing her magic. Hela was freed and they had their way with me. But Odin and Frigga were able to return them to their banishment, enchanting Idunn that she could only return while Hela cease to live. Idunn seeks revenge. I fear what she will do. I was seduced by Zeus after my humiliation. And we wed. Now you know."