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“Can anyone here tell me where she went off to? She’s our easy target, everybody.”

Everyone hurried to what they were doing, tapping security feeds from everywhere, scanning every faces there is that the camera had caught and just busying themselves to avoid the man’s piercing stares. “I’m going to give you ‘til midnight—“

“Found her!” A woman wearing a headset with her very thick glasses raises her hand through her cube, with the man pushing everyone out of his way and hurrying to that woman who seemed to tense every footstep he takes.

“Where?” The man leaned beside him, overwhelming her for a little bit. “Well?” He gave her an annoyed look and she hurried to show a screenshot of a woman passing through airport security.

“She’s on her way to another country.” The woman clicked a button, typed through the computer and the words infront of them tells him where his journey would be. A journey to find the girl, the last way for him to find everyone else, and she’s going to lead him right to it.

“Next stop! Tokyo, Japan.” A smile crept up Deckard Shaw’s face, who’s sure he’ll get all the right resources before going to her.