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Eaten Alive

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The Player found herself suddenly getting sucked into the game. Before she could even blink, she found herself tiny and in the pink frosting of one of Natsuki’s cupcakes. It was sticky, preventing The Player from escaping in time. Sayori picked up the cupcake and took a bite out of it. The Player was now in Sayori’s mouth. She began chewing everything up. The Player’s screams were unheard as they were torn apart mercilessly and painfully, causing them to bleed out to death. Sayori swallowed, but nearly gagged when she tasted blood. Natsuki noticed the disgusted look on her face and, offended, spat out, “Like you could make a better cupcake…”

“I’m sorry, Natsuki. I enjoyed the cupcake for the most part, but I tasted blood… what exactly did you put in these cupcakes?” Sayori asked nervously. “Just the usual ingredients,” Natsuki answered honestly. They never figured out that Sayori had eaten a human being. Well, Monika had, but she never told anyone that was what really happened.