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When lies cover the truth...

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He'd asked her to accompany him alone, a romantic gesture. Ellana thought as they walked the worn path outside of Skyhold's massive front gates. Solas had been a mystery for some time. She enjoyed his company and while they rarely agreed she felt there could be a future. Though she'd flirted with Cullen more than once and she liked him, being and Elven mage she thought he'd never be with her. He was a Templar, a knight once in service to their Divine, he stood against magic, against people like her. She had little fear of him, although her wits told her to be cautious. When Solas had kissed her in the fade, she felt at ease, as if it were something more.


“The Veil is thin here, can you feel it on your skin tingling?” Solas turned to her and asked, a solemn look in his eyes. Yet she thought she saw, affection or something like it. “I was trying to determine some way to show you what you mean to me.” He continued as he gently touched her cheek and then let his hand fall down again.


“I’m listening, and I can offer a few Suggestions” Ellana playfully responded smiling coyly.


“I shall bear that in mind” he smiled “For now the best gift I can offer is …. The Truth. You are unique, in all Thedas, I never expected to find someone who could draw my attention from the fade. You have become important to me. More important than I could have imagined” He spoke with an intense gaze upon her face.


“As you are to me”

“Then what I must tell you… The Truth, your face, the vallaslin. In my journeys in the fade. I have seen things. I have discovered what those marks mean” his voice smooth and confident.

“They honor the elven gods”  Ellana responded shyly.

“No, They are slave markings, or at least they were in the time of ancient Arlathan.” Solas revealed, seeing the questioning look in her violet eyes.

“My clan’s keeper said they honor the God’s, these are their symbols” her voice quivering more than she thought it would.

“Yes that is right, a noble would mark his slaves to honor the God’s he worshipped. After Arlathan fell, the Dalish forgot.”

“So this is what, just one more thing the Dalish got wrong?” she asked tears threatening to start falling.

“I’m sorry”

“We try to preserve our culture, and this is what we keep? Relics of a time when we were no better than Tevinter?” She asked not looking at him.

“Don’t say that, for all they got wrong, The Dalish did one thing right, they made you.” he smiled saying as he lifted her face to look at him”I didn’t tell you this to hurt you, if you like, I know a spell…. I can remove the Vallaslin.”

“These marks have been apart of me for so long. I don’t know if… “ she trailed off unsure.

“I am so sorry for causing you pain, It was selfish of me. I look at you and I see what you truly are…   and you deserve better than what those cruel marks represent”

“Then cast your spell. Take the Vallaslin away.” her voice echoing her feelings.

“sit “ Solas motioned her over to a bench in the clearing. Closing her eyes she could feel the magic from his fingers and a veil colored light tingled over her face. She felt his fingertips brush her dark brown hair as his hands came to rest upon his lap. He looked in her eyes intently, full of emotion and thought. “Ar Lasa Mala Revas. You are free. He told her, as they stood up. They looked at one another. “You are to beautiful.” he finally said in a husky whisper, as he leaned into her and kissed her. Breaking their kiss abruptly a sorrowful look foming upon his stern features “And I am sorry, I distracted you from your duty. It will never happen again.” He affirmed putting space between the two of them.

“Solas” her voice cracked as she tried understanding what he was saying.

“Please Vhenan?” came a plea from him.

“Tell me you don’t care?” Ellana demanded.

“I can’t do that” he whispered in response.

“Tell me I was some casual Dalliance so I can call you a cold hearted son of a bitch and move on!” her voice rising as he pushed him in the chest shoving him backwards.

“I’m sorry” he whispered again as he turned and started walking away.

She watched him walk away from her, her chest heaving, tears falling. Confused and unable to move she just stood there. She’d not noticed the Inquisition guard leaving just after Solas. All she did was stand there and cry in that clearing just outside of Skyhold.