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Healing Takes Time

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The girl stood in front of the gym, smiling widely. Her long hair curled into a twist similar to her snarl. “I’ve come to… help,” she smirked, snapping her fingers. Within an instant, the room was barren, aside from a screen and chairs to seat them. The whole staff sat, earning concerned looks when the realization that even a few heroes who weren’t UA staff were there, including all three of Midnight’s wives and the rest of the Wild, Wild Pussycats, and many more. A tame smirk captured her lips. “I’m not a villain, I promise. But who you’re about to see is, in all ways but what you think.”


Nedzu sighed lightly. “Get on with what you’re doing, please? We have classes to teach and places to be.”


The woman laughed in return. “For the moment being, the only thing you all need to know is what’s going on here, within your own fucking worlds. Most of you are pro heroes, but you can’t even save one of the students that need your help the most! That’s pathetic!” She examined her nails, cringing. “I’m here to make you aware of what the Hell is going on with one of your prized students.”


Ragdoll raised her hand, ready for a question. She got a soft hum in return, permission to speak. “What are you talking about? Not that I mind leaving the woods every once in a while, but I don’t teach here.”


“You’ve had contact with Class 1 - A and helped teach students, yes?” She nodded innocently. “Then you have all the right to know some of your heroes aren’t heroes at all.”


Midoriya frowned as his boyfriend tensed, squeezing his hand softly.


“Have fun, everyone!” In a puff of smoke, she found herself in a few of the front seats, the lights off and a screen showing a hospital room.


Bright white skin met with a darker tan, fingers lacing with a child's. A soft laugh left the white-haired woman, a strained smile playing on her lips. “Since you named the other three,” she insisted, “I want to name her, okay?”


A low grumble met her sweet voice and the room dropped a degree or two, but it wasn’t noticeable in any way. Not immediately, at least. “Alright,” the grumble reluctantly gave in.


The screen showed bright grey and blue eyes, red and white hair meeting them as well as mismatched skin. “Inko,” she decided calmly, “Inko Todoroki. Our perfect daughter.”


The air in Todoroki’s throat caught harshly, a cringe displaying on his features as a few peaked at him. He wanted to run.


“Fine. Inko’s alright. As long as she starts training the moment she gets her quirk.”


The woman laughed, “She’s only a couple hours old, Enji. Give her some time first, okay? What if the quirks end up canceling out each other so she ends up quirkless?” Another grumble left the man.


Uraraka turned, frowning at Todoroki. “You have four siblings?”


“Three,” he mumbled quietly, frowning.


“Three? But Misses Todoroki just sa-”


“There’s Touya, Fuyumi, and Natsu,” he peaked meekly, “and then me.


Uraraka could see the pain in his eyes as coming to terms with that. She respectfully nodded and turned back to the screen as it switched frames.


The red-head cringed, clearly much older than the practical baby at his side. “Touya is a gross name,” he mumbled to them.


The ran a hand through their hair, frowning at his words. “It’s not gross? I think it’s nice.”


“You always say that.”


“Because it’s true!” They plopped down on the floor, brows furrowed. “How about a different name?”


“Like what, genius, ” he taunted in return.


They thought for a moment, humming. The noises in the background filled their ears.


“Enji, she’s three, okay?! You can’t train a three-year-old like you train a puppy!”


“I can if I please!”


“It’s not legal!”


Midnight scooted closely to her wives, a frown capturing her pink lips in its grasp. The three looked just as upset at seeing the cruel display of words.


“So?! Nothing stopped your side of the family when it comes to legal!”


“How about Dabi,” they whispered, a smile peaking on their cheeks.


The older frowned for a moment before smiling in return.


“I like it!”


Black overtook the screen as it transitioned like a slideshow.


“Inko,” their mother scolded as the took the scissors she had left out on the counter to cut their hair.


“Oh,” Uraraka supplied. “You don’t have the scar yet?”


The words childhood incident filled everyone’s minds, jumping to conclusions immediately.


“Mama,” they whined as their mother pulled the scissors away, scolding them with harsh words. They didn’t seem phased by them, though. “I wanted my hair to look like Natsu’s! No one can grab his hair when he plays kickball! You can grab my hair! And Fuyumi’s! That isn’t fair!”


Their mother hesitated, anger boiling down to a simmer. “That’s because you’re a girl, Inko. Things just aren’t fair for girls, okay?” They reluctantly nodded. “Now I’ll have to take you to get a trim! Your father won’t be happy about this,” she grumbled, pushing herself to stand. “Go tell your brothers and sister we’ll be back, okay? Tell them to stay with their nanny.”


He nodded, running down the hall and out of the kitchen, leaving his fuming mother to her own thoughts.


“You have two brothers and a sister,” Mina asked with a frown, “How come you never talk about them? Everyone else talks about their siblings all the time, just ask Kirishima or Tsu!”


“Just watch, please,” he begged with a look that could only be described as a kittens whining face except it’s just their eyes because their mouth is way too normal to beg. Mina quickly decided she didn’t like seeing that look on him.


“Inko is a gross name,” the three-year-old whispered softly to their siblings, “It’s too girly. Fuyumi, I don’t like being a girl.” He looked up at his sister with confused eyes.


“Why not?” she asked as she rolled the ball over to him from her corner of their ‘square.’ It looked much more like an odd polygon that went through Hell than anything.


They frowned and rolled it to Touya. “It feels wrong. And gross.” Touya gave a concerned glance as he rolled the ball to Natsu. “It feels like when you have a bunch of bugs all on your arms when I hear it.” Natsu visibly cringed as he passed the ball to the youngest. “I don’t wanna be a girl,” they whispered as they looked at the blue ball, a thoughtful expression piquing their features. “Am I just gross?”


“You’re not gross,” Fuyumi cut in without hesitation in the least. She looked annoyed at hearing that. “Did someone say you were gross? I’ll have Touya fight them.”


“I’m right here,” the oldest protested, as the youngest slid the ball to their sister.


“I don’t like the name Inko,” they decided.


After a bunch of suggested names, they settled on a popped out Shoto, though they had yet to confirm it with anyone.


“You’re all so cute,” Pixie Bob smiled, “What the Hell’s going on, though?” Mandalay frowned as she looked over at her blue-themed friend as a transition answered her.


“She doesn’t have her quirk yet, Enji,” Rei yelled loudly, looking at her husband with an annoyed glare.


“I got mine when I was two! So did all the others!” Fire flared around him.


“I didn’t get my quirk until I was seven! Give her time!”


The child walked silently across the floor, all too aware of their own heartbeat and footsteps. The trampled back to their room with Fuyumi, nuzzling their head into his chest as a soft sob took over. She didn’t bother asking, just accepting that this was how things were. She ran a hand through their hair, sighing softly.


The next transitioned opened to a bloody mess. The youngest Todoroki sat in a different room, a fiery hand pressing to the iced arm. They stayed silent, despite the sizzling his skin made as he burnt it. Many people looked away when the thin layer of frost coated over the blistered and boiled skin, spewing puss in a disgusting scene. The child ran to the bathroom connected to their room, vomiting harshly into the toilet. They choked on silent sobs before washing off their arms and pretending it never happened.


The three-year-old bandaged them like it was the most normal thing ever before walking calmly to their closet and throwing on a long sleeved shirt.


A sharp snap provided puke bags for those who looked like vomiting at the scenes. To no one's surprise, the first was Present Mic. His husband lightly rubbed his back in a comforting motion whilst cringing at the images shown on the screen. Todoroki felt like everyone was staring, even though only his significant others, Tsu, and Uraraka would dare at this moment.


The youngest Todoroki frowned at the frost that frantically edged at the tables, forming sharp icicles. That wasn’t what they wanted. Their family members stood with wide eyes, looking mixedly amazed and terrified. They looked at their bowl, the ice coating everywhere but where he had aimed.


“It’s warm,” he mumbled as he pushed the bowl forward. He ignored his family in favor of attempting to cool off the soba. He smiled when it cooled before resuming his eating, despite the looks his family gave him.


The next transition was his annoyed looking brother. Touya looked disgusted at seeing his younger brother even looking as much as towards him.


“Touya,” they asked softly, frowning, “What are you doing?”


“Leaving,” he answered, annoyed as he threw his clothes into a bag. “Now go away you brat! You’re gross, I don’t need you!” Their brows furrowed, an aching look accompanying them as their brother continued. “Aunt Keiko was right when she visited. You really are disgusting, no matter what Fuyumi and Natsu say.


“Did I do something wrong?”


Touya raised his hand to slap the child, watching their eyes dart hesitantly at his scarred palm. “It’s okay if you hit me. Dad hits me, too. He says it’s to make me tougher and bigger than All Might.” They looked calm, even with the threat of fire beginning to blaze in his palm. They pulled up the side of their shirt, showing the large hand-printed burn. “He said I’m supposed to be better than All MIght.” They don’t look upset. They don’t look sad or happy. They just look numb to it all, like it was all okay.  “I don’t think he likes me that much, Touya. If you don’t like me, either, that’s okay. Nobody really likes me anyway.”


They crawled off of their brother’s mat, standing with yet another all too neutral face. “I don’t hate you for hating me,” they clarified before walking towards the door, “I wouldn’t hate someone who was so nice to me for so long. I think you’re staying the night with someone, so have fun. I love you, Touya. Good night.” They shut the door, slowly walking down the hall with no noise accompanying their footsteps. Once again they left a family member fuming,


“Did he hate you,” Kirishima asked hesitantly. There was no answer as the bi-colored teen stared at their hands, looking deep in thought.


“I don’t think Touya liked me,” the four-year-old announced beside Fuyumi, watching calmly as his sister circled the bandages across the newest burn. This one was on his thigh, bruised dark purple around it. He didn’t look upset about it, despite the worry his sister sported. “He called me gross last time we talked.”


“Why’d he do that,” she asked as she cut the bandages off. He shrugged in return.


“I don’t know. He said aunt Keiko said it. Then he said it doesn’t matter what Natsu and you say because I’m just gross.” He held the neutral look.


“You’re telling me this now because?....”


“You looked sad. And I thought it was funny. So I told you something funny so it would make you smile.”


She nodded at that, smiling a little.


The next transition was brought by the child slamming into the wall, vomiting filling their mouth as they whimpered. They opened their mouth as the bile rushed out, flecks of blood peppering the half eaten soup. He desperately grabbed at his stomach, whining quietly as tears fell. He wanted the sharp cramps and terrible aches to just fucking stop. Instead, they worsened as a foot slammed into his ribs. More vomit appeared underneath him, though much more blood filled it.


“Again,” Endeavor spoke sternly.


Rei desperately hopped in front of her husband. “Enji, stop! She’s only four!”


“She’s already four,” he countered with a booming voice rivaling Present Mics. “Get out of my way, Rei.” She stood her ground, bolted to the floor with tendrils of ice. A loud smack made her fall, though, cheek red instantly.


Midnight clenched her teeth, looking incredibly angry. She could only glare at the screen.


“Todoroki,” Aizawa addressed as his husband heaved again, “We’re going to have to talk about this once this is over.”


He nodded slowly.


Bandages covered the four-year-old as he chirped up. “I think I may be a boy.”


Rei dropped her spoon into her bowl, looking disgusted. She looked desperately at her husband for help. “A man is a much better suitor,” he provided, “They’re much stronger. Why else do you think only two of the top twenty heroes are girls?”


His wife looked absolutely appalled that he would even consider calling their child as anything but their daughter. “She’s a girl, ” Rei yelped. “Inko is a girl, she’s being disgusting !” She grabbed their child by their hand, dragging the bi-colored child by their wrist to the kitchen. She shoved a bar of soap into their mouth. “ Eat it, Inko.” The child attempted to push out of their mouth, only for it to be shoved back in. “Eat it,” she spoke again, calmer somehow.


Tears fell as they nodded, slowly eating the bar of soap. Bubbles formed around their mouth, green accenting their features. They pushed their mother away as they ran to the garbage can, vomiting harshly into it. Their mother rubbed their back, tears falling quickly down their green face. They didn’t stand up longer than that, falling onto the floor with a loud  thud , eyes rolling into the back of their head.


Good Girl, ” Rei smiled, patting their back.


“That was her first breakdown,” Todoroki addressed calmly.


“Where’s your scar,” Bakugou asked with a frown.


The blonde only got a frown in return as the next memory played.


His mother shook, phone cord covered in crackling ice. Shoto leaned against the door frame with a worried look. She frantically spoke into the phone, breathing quick. It wasn’t an anxiety linked thing, not in that moment. At least, the youngest Todoroki didn’t think so.


“I-I-I-I- can’t- Mom, no! I can’t do it anymore!” The teapot began to whistle. “She thinks she’s a boy, Mom! Words filled the other line, loud and abrupt, though he couldn’t place them.”He’s so gross now, Mom! I can’t keep raising him! It feels wrong! I look at her and I just see him! She’s just a little He impersonator with ice!”


The child tripped into the room, watching his mother turn quickly, phone falling to the floor. Pieces of plastic shattered beneath the fall.


“NO,” RagDoll squeaked out, hands pressed to her mouth.


“Oh, Shoto,” she taunted. She pulled him forward, watching her panicking child freeze in terror. It was a new look for him, and she couldn’t decide if she liked it or not. “Your left side,” she smirked, “it’s unsightly .” She grabbed at the teapot, whistle loud and in his ear.


A scream sounded through anywhere and everywhere, echoing in the mostly empty house.


Bakugou looked away, looking distressed instead of angry. Others shared the feeling, a few brought to tears.


“Buckle up,” the woman spoke, “This is a bumpy ass ride! Also, there is a memory I have to censor for the fact that Todoroki was seven,” the room plummeted in temperature, “and that it’s absolutely disgusting anyways.”


“Left ear is deaf,” the doctor spoke to his teary-eyed older sister, brother, and their nanny, “blind left eye… He’ll be scarred for life, though he hasn’t shown any true signs of trauma aside from a severe shutdown.”


“Isn’t that super bad,” Fuyumi fumed.


The youngest sat in silent, the side of their face wrapped in cloth. He frowned at the display in front of him. He didn’t speak, though.


“It could’ve been worse, Fuyumi,” Natsu spoke, grabbing his sister’s hand, “Calm down, okay? We’ll just have to… wait it out?”


The family doctor sighed quietly, looking at the dissociated child. Bandages looped around parts of his neck and ear, covering the rest of the burn that Rei had caused. He didn’t say anything directly to Shoto, just addressing the older three in the room. There was no point in saying anything, anyways.


“Is there any possible way to… fix them?” The nanny hesitated to ask, brows furrowed as she struggled to word it.


“He’s not broken,” Fuyumi fought, “there’s nothing to fix! Why are you addressing Shoto like he’s a broken toy?!”


“Fuyumi,” Natsu reminded, catching her attention away from the doctor. She frowned, standing up and storming out of the room. Natsu followed quickly, calling after his older sister.


The doctor sighed once more. “For the eye, there isn’t much we can do without surgery. For his ear, a hearing aid should work. However, this will scar severely. There’s nothing we can do about that.” The nanny silently nodded at that.


“So you’re blind in the one eye?”


Todoroki nodded to Jiro. “Yes, I am. There wasn’t anything we could do aside from trying to train my own eye into seeing since Endeavor didn’t want me not to have his signature blue eye.”


The girl nodded, frowning.


“It’s your fault,” the child spoke to their father, “you made her upset!”


Tears fell thickly from the child as he ran out of the room, running to Natsu’s open arms. He huddled close to his brother as broken sobs captured him in their grasp.


A new transition brought a group of clearly older boys standing over the short seven-year-old. They smiled at the bi-colored baby.


“Look,” the tallest flashed, a bright white light flashing in his eyes, clearly the child’s quirk. He whimpered, covering his face with his forearm. The taller took it as an opportunity to raise their shirt, only getting it up a tad bit before the younger slammed his hands down, covering himself. “This icy hot kid is a girl!” he coaxed with a smirk. “Wanna teach her what girls are good for, boys?”


A smirk curled against the other’s lips in return. They cornered him against the wall before the screen suddenly faded out.


Present Mic dry heaved for what felt like the millionth time that day. Aizawa also looked similarly sickly, though he clearly held it together much better. All Might was in the same boat as his bird-like husband, except he coughed up blood. Todoroki felt guilt pool in his gut, the temperature of the room cooling down more before suddenly rising to normal temperature. His boyfriends both sported guilty looks.


The youngest Todoroki messily threw on his shorts, ignoring the blood that coated his thighs. In his hair laid blood and other substances he wished he’d never seen at that age.


He tripped over himself as ice coated the ground around him. He whined before standing up frantically and dusting off the dirt that coated his skinned knees. Blood mixed on his hands instead as he began his frantic run home. Thankfully, that wasn’t far.


Fuyumi greeted him, which left the child incredibly thankful it was one of the few days she visited instead of their aunt. He let out choked cries as he fell into her arms.


“Shoto? What’s wrong?” She slowly pulled him into her arms, ignoring the blood and other ick she was met with.


“The other b-b-b-boys, they-” Choked sobs stopped him.


It didn’t take Fuyumi but a second to draw the conclusions she needed. “Natsu, start a bath for Shoto, okay,” she called.


“Shoto’s home? Shouldn’t he be at school?” Nonetheless, his brother walked to the main hall, greeted by the crying child and his sister. “ Shit, what happened?”


“Language,” she scolded harshly. “Just go start a bath, okay? I’ll explain once we get Todo calmed down.” The middle nodded, running off to leave Fuyumi to comfort Shoto.


The new transition brought Fuyumi holding out a positive pregnancy test, frowning at her middle brother. The two spoke in hushed whispers.


“Father said it’s his fault, there’s nothing we can really do at the moment. He said Shoto should’ve ‘closed his legs’ if he didn’t want it.”


Natsu sported a look similar to a grimace and cringe. “We could get one of those pill things from the doctor? He’s too young to have a baby, it could kill him.” Fuyumi nodded. “We can go see the doctor about hormone blockers, too. You know he’ll be dysphoric if we just let him have periods and stuff.”


“I know, Natsu,” she stressed with a frown. “We’ll have to see the doctor and make sure everything’s okay. I’ll try to get one of the nannies to help me open a court case about it.”


Shoto trampled his way up to them. “What’re you two talking about?”


“Nothing, Shoto,” Natsu comforted, leaning down to pull up his brother. Burns covered in places no one could see while dark bruises covered other places, just borderline visible places. “How do you feel about homeschool?”


“Will I get to see you guys more?”




“I didn’t,” he clarified immediately.


The image flickered to the youngest Todoroki curled up against his sister’s side, heat filling her palm as she pressed it gently over his lower back. She slid the garbage can closer to him, watching him quickly lean up to vomit, the heating pad against his stomach falling. Natsu sighed quietly as he sat beside them. “Just try to sleep, okay? Things’re gonna get better, okay?” The younger nodded, wiping his mouth once he was done dry heaving. He leaned against Natsu as he and Fuyumi fixed his set up. Cramps plagued his body, but he trusted his siblings. Sleep quickly overtook him.


“I hate seeing him like this, Natsu,” she voiced her concerns. “He’s in so much pain and there’s nothing we can do about it. Father won’t let him use hormones or anything, not while he still lives here. He said it’s a waste of time.”


Natsu frowned at hearing that. “He wasn’t opposed to transitioning you so early?”


“Because I’m not his perfect kid. All the nannies took care of my transition, anyways, not Mom or Dad. I’m really glad Aunt Keiko didn’t know, though. Only our immediate family knows, and for good reason, too. I don’t want to be completely out of the community. Father would probably be ashamed if he knew, anyway.”


Natsu nodded lightly. “We just have to wait for this to be through, Fuyumi. We’ll get him out, okay?”


His sister nodded with a determined look.


The new screen brought the eight-year-old with his siblings once again. He looked at them with a neutral look. “Am I gross? Those boys at school said I was gross.”


Natsu scoffed. “You’re not gross. They’re gross.”


Their sister nodded in agreement.


“Touya called me gross,” he mumbled softly, brows furrowed, “he talked to me the night he left. He seemed really mad at me, though.”


“You’re not gross,” Natsu spoke clearly.


A new transition faded awkwardly, revealing a ten year old looking into a mirror, breathing unevenly. He looked thin and sickly, binding with bandages, tight enough to cause harm. Bruises would be made clear against the white bandages as he settled. He looked flat chested enough but looked like he was in incredible pain. He took a slow, deep breath, shaking slightly.


“Oh, Todoroki,” Tiger spoke with pity, brows furrowed, “I sincerely hope you don’t bind like that anymore.”


“I don’t,” he assured the pro hero.


He slowly looked himself up and down, hands running down his chest with a frown. He looked ready to pass out within an instant's notice. He pursed his lips before throwing on clothes and going about his day like he hadn’t just made a fatal mistake.


The newest transition made the room drop temperature frantically.


He was roughly eleven or twelve at the time, blood dribbling down his body as he choked out soft sobs, almost completely silent. He frantically pulled open the top to a medicine bottle, jerking it open as quickly as he could. He threw a hand full into his mouth, swallowing them with a gag. He filled his hand once more as he sniffled.


Tears greeted many of his friends and teachers eyes alike, thought Best Jeanist looked as neutral as he ever did. The Todoroki pulled his eyes away from the screen, knowing many more scenes would play out. This was just one of the worst ones.


The door to the bathroom slammed open, Natsu falling into the room as Fuyumi rushed behind him, slapping away the bottle. “Shoto! Come on!” Natsu pulled his brother away, pills falling onto the floor.


A scream filled the room, desperate. “No! You ruined it all! You ruined it,” the youngest yelled, going lax in his brothers' arms despite his own protests. Blood coated over his brothers' white sweater, clearly there as his desperate cries filled the room, filled the home.


Home wasn’t where they were now. None of them. Home is somewhere someone can come to and feel safe and comforted. This house had never been a damn home. Every Todoroki that had stepped foot inside it after the youngest was born knew it with all their hearts.


Screams slowed into whimpers as the two younger Todoroki’s slumped to the floor, breathing harsh and deep. Shoto fell into quietly crying, his sisters voice filling his ears. He didn’t comprehend any of it, but the gesture of her words still found an okay pace to him. It was comforting, in a twisted way. She pulled him to her, tears falling down her face as well. She looked almost as broken as the scarred teen in her arms. She shushed him quietly, rubbing circles into his back. She, too, didn’t mind the blood that collected on her, though she did press a cloth to his arms, stopping the blood best she could.


“Shoto,” she whispered quietly as he calmed down, “Did you take any of the pills? At all?” Silence filled the room as he nodded. “I’ll have to call the doctor. Will you be alright with Natsu for a moment?”


He nodded once more, leaning up to only lay back against his brother, sighing quietly. His sister stood, grabbing her phone out of her pocket as she walked out of the room. “M’tired,” he whispered to his brother, curling up to him for warmth, despite the fact that he knew he couldn’t provide.


“No, no, don’t sleep. You have to stay awake until the doctor gets here, okay? Just hold out a little longer.”


He nodded, doing his best to stay awake in any way possible.


“The next transition actually starts including you guys! I didn’t know you knew anyone outside of school, Todoroki!” The woman threw some popcorn into her mouth, though where she had gotten it was unknown. “Going through your memories was such fun! I’m surprised you haven’t truly killed yourself with all that abuse. I would’ve.”


Todoroki stood on the side of the bridge, making his way to sit on the railing. He scooted across it, deciding whether or not it was truly worth it. If he went for it, it was really over it. Even any upcoming school years would be diminished. He was older now, maybe he should just wait it out? Options pooled in the fifteen-year-olds mind.


A voice cut him away, calm and collected. “Excuse me, sir,” she spoke, light-hearted, “You okay?” He turned towards the voice, greeted with the chubby face of a girl. She offered a smile towards him, polite and friendly. “I didn’t mean to bother you. My name’s Uraraka, by the way.”


He hesitated before speaking, “Todoroki.”


“Oh, you’re that one guy’s kid? No offense, but I don’t like him that much.” She put a hand on her hip.


Todoroki smiled at that, just the slight quirk of his lips. “Me, either.”


“Wanna talk about it? My friends and I are meeting up together, you should come! They told me I should bring someone, they all are!”


“Wouldn’t I be trouble?”


“Of course not! My friends love making friends! There’s Tsu, Kirishima, Hagakure, and Sero. They’re all supposed to bring someone.” She helped him off, pulling him towards her with a kind smile.


The two walked calmly, side by side. Uraraka talked about her friends, explaining who they were. She seemed ecstatic, Todoroki chipping in with comments every once in a while. The two were calm and collected as they walked.


The park was calm, even in the dark of the night. “Why’re you meeting your friends in the middle of the night, anyway?”


“Tsu can only get out at nights and Hagakure is light sensitive, sort of. She’s invisible, but still.”


“Must be hard to tell when her eyes dilate,” he mumbled. Uraraka laughed in return. “Why didn’t you bring a friend, anyway?”


“None of my other friends could get out at night. My parents let me go since we live in a really safe part of town. My friends… don’t.” She frowned. “I’m gonna be a hero, so I can save them from living in bad neighborhoods, though! And get money and stuff!” She had a determined look as she pranced forward before calming again. “Are you going to be a hero like your dad?”


He cringed. “I’m going to be a hero, but not like Endeavor.”


Uraraka looked guilty as she sniffled, moving seats to hug Todoroki. “I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have asked then b-”


“You didn’t know, Uraraka. It’s okay.” He wrapped his arms around her as she sobbed.


“So you’ll be a lone man? What’ll you do as a hero?”


“Save people like any other hero. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the word out about abusive parents and such, though. Abusive families are incredibly toxic.”


“Is Endeavor… you know?”


“He’s a hero,” Todoroki provided, nothing else, though there was some bite in his words.


She continued walking until they found their group of friends huddled together. The one he immediately recognized as Sero from her ranting trotted up, to people connected to him. “Oh, shit, Uraraka! We thought you weren’t coming! What took you so long?”


“Lost my way,” she lied instead of telling the truth about how she found Todoroki. That reminded her, “This is Todoroki!”


Sero smiled, pulling up the girl with blue/purple hair. “Jiro,” he pulled up the yellow-haired male with a black lightning bolt in their hair, “and Kaminari.” Todoroki greeted them calmly. The others calmly introduced the others. Hagakure brought Ojiro, Tsu brought Yao-Momo, and Kirishima had brought two people as well, Tokoyami and Shoji. Everyone chatted calmly and Todoroki quickly sorted out who was what of the group.


Hagakure, Uraraka, Sero, and Kirishima were the kid friends. They were all spunky and excited about everything, running through the park happily. Yao-Momo and Tsu were the parental friends. They made sure to monitor everyone. Ojiro was more so the elderly friend, borderline monitoring everyone but still fucking around and occasionally complaining about the cold: Todoroki was quick to warm him up though. The last four of the group were the teenage friends. They were slightly dissociated but managed to all get along and merge together without fighting it. They watched the shit storm some together.


Todoroki kept in touch with them, even though his texts were incredibly limited and simple. But he still did his best to keep in touch and answer Uraraka’s texts of are you okay honestly.


The next memory was the group standing together in the classroom, all surprised to have classes together. There was silent agreement to never bring up that night, though. None of them wanted reminders.


“I can’t believe we all got class together,” Yao-Momo mused at Jiro, smiling widely. “All of us got into the hero course all together!”


“Me, either,” Kaminari smiled widely, looking just as hyped as the other childish friends.


“We really got all together,” Kirishima spoke, “ holy shit .”


The newest memory evened out the temperature of the room at is. “ It’s your power, isn’t it?!


Flames burst out of the teenager. By the end, he covered his side with ice, avoiding the display of his breast. He ignored his old man as he walked, looking incredibly annoyed.


A flicker brought on Todoroki standing in front of the Hero Killer, Stain. The villain smirked as he spoke out, “Inko Todoroki, daughter of the second most famous hero, Endeavor. Such a waste for you to be a hero.”


The heroes and students alike gasped at that, seeing the Hero Killer bringing some students to terrified halts. No one could speak at that moment, hushed comforts that leaked out moments beforehand gone. Respect had both been earned and depleted for many now.


“I’m sorry, to the two others in this memory. It’s key to Todoroki, though. You two are his boyfriends now.” The woman shoveled more popcorn into her mouth. “This is where he started getting attracted to you guys, anyway. Guess Todoroki just likes someone who can punch him in the face.”


“Hero Killer, Stain, son of a bitch,” he spoke in reply before snarking out an annoyed, “Shoto, son, not the daughter.”


The villain scoffed as flames erupted from the youngests side. “Lies! Your bone structure is, in all ways, female! No baggy hero costume can save you from how feminine you really are. You got a lot more of your fathers’ genes than you think.”


“How’d you get my dead name, then?”


“Heroes fess up a lot of things in their dying moments, you know!”


The Hero Killer threw forward two blades. One struck his cheek, doing nothing more than grazing it while the other planted itself in the center of his chest.


“Todoroki,” Iida fought from his spot on the ground, tears greeting his vision, “He’s after me! Take Midoriya and go!”


“First,” Todoroki addressed, pulling the blade out of his chest without even flinching, a protective wall of fire covering the front of them, “that sword was fair. Second, my own old man has done worse. Third, Iida, if you want me to leave, then get up .” The last words were harsh, but Todoroki didn’t care. He needed to fight off Stain until he was in a safe place, even if it meant murdering himself or the villain. Whichever came first would be how it ended. The latter already seemed plausible, though, considering the blood staining his chest in a dark puddle of red.


“You fought the Hero Killer,” Mina asked with wide eyes, looking terrified. “How did you not die?! I thought Endeavor did?!”


“That’s covered in the next memory,” the woman groaned. “Aw, shit, I never said my name. I’m Revelation!”


True to her word, it was. The two older teens found themselves in bed while the youngest stood, looking incredibly heated without any actual changed in temperature. “What do you mean that piece of shit is taking credit?” He pointed to his father, anger heating up. “We did what he couldn’t! It took us ten minutes to do what you shit police and heroes couldn’t in almost a year.


Misaka frowned as the policeman spoke. “You also did something incredibly illegal. You can’t legally use your quirk in public.”


“Yet anyone outside of any sort of hero school can? So were we supposed to just let everyone die? Countless heroes? I told him where I was going, he knew I would use my quirk! We have permission, by law, to use our quirks during our internship! We all had permission!” Gran Torino scoffed, but he had said Deku could if it were for the better. “So are you just trying to put heroes ahead instead of children that proved themselves better than heroes?”


His father glared. “You’ll let us take care of it. What you did was illegal. Either let us handle it or you’ll be arrested and permanently out of hero work.”


The adults left the room, leaving a fuming Todoroki and two slightly agitated other teens.


A nurse opened the door, looking no better than the other three. “Todoroki, we’re moving you to another room.”


“Why another room? What’s wrong with this one?”


Iida frowned from his spot. “Yes, why is Todoroki leaving? He is perfectly content here. We like our roommate.”


The nurse looked incredibly uncomfortable and agitated at the same time. “This is a case of… just a special case,” she clarified, sounding annoyed. “Now, Todoroki, if yo-”


“Sorry, miss nurse, but having breasts and a vagina gives you no right to call me a special case,” he spoke up. He was easily more angered than she within an instant. “Now, I’m going to have to ask you to kindly fuck off. You cannot move my room without my permission, and considering that I have to stay within the quirk section of the hospital and that it is full, as you stated earlier this morning, I’m going to have to deny you, anyways. Thank you for your shitty offer, anyways, though.”


The nurse left with an annoyed huff. She slammed the door shut behind her. Midoriya and Iida flinched, while Todoroki stood where he was for a moment, glaring and looking angry. He only looked away when Midoriya quipped up, “I’m so sorry, Todoroki. You shouldn’t have to deal with shit like that.”


The younger sucked in a quick breath, slowly teaching himself to breathe. “I won’t be at school until I’m mostly healed. I can’t bind until then, so Fuyumi and Natsu should be helping me around with what they can.” However, the knowing glance Iida sent him quickly registered that it was a lie. “I’m sorry you had to find out about… all this. ” He gestured around them, though what he meant was unknown. None of them knew if he meant his transition, his father, or really anything. It was all a mystery to them.


Midoriya hesitantly stood, careful as he asked softly, “Can I hug you?” A slow nod greeted him.


The three ended up in Iida’s bed, huddled around the youngest as he fell into quiet sobs.


The room bleed cold as everyone shivered. Todoroki was quick to right himself. “Sorry.”


“Don’t be,” Tsu spoke up, “It’s not your fault. I’m amazed you can keep everything together as well as you do.”


A flicker brought Todoroki and Yao-Momo together, Yao-Momo slowing her pace to a stop the moment the teen put up the giant ice wall. He fell onto the ground, barely able to breathe. He couldn’t deny how lightheaded he felt.


“Todoroki, are you okay? What’s wrong?”


Todoroki couldn’t answer, unable to get enough air in his lungs. He ripped away from his shirt, looking notably terrified at that moment. “Please help me,” he whined the moment it was off, displaying bandaged bindings.


Yao-Momo gasped, nodding as she helped undo the mess he had created. She didn’t mention the clear scars all over his body. A thin layer of ice covered over his ribs and chest, aching terribly as he inhaled deeply. She didn’t comment as she offered what she could for him. It took many minutes to finally compose himself, enough to move without whining loudly. He put his shirt back on, calm despite how much pain he was in or that his breasts were clear to anyone who looked.


Yao-Momo offered a binder that grew from her hand. She smiled slightly. “It’s not the best, since I’m not completely sure what a binder is made of. But it won’t make your chest noticeable so it should be okay. But you have to take it off as soon as we get out of the exams, okay?”


Todoroki accepted, nodding as he voiced his gratitude.


The new transition was brought on by blue fire. (Todoroki visibly flinched at it, harsh and known by all.) He stood in a forest, face to face with the villain as he desperately grasped at the blue pearl. A hand quickly snatched it up, smirking.


That’s so sad, Todoroki Shoto, ” the villain spoke as he pulled his hand away.


The teen fell to the ground as he face planted. He looked up just in time to see Bakugou pulled into the pooled black abyss. He desperately grabbed at it, only to watch it disappear the moment he touched it, taking a small shaving of skin with it.


Todoroki was surprisingly the one to let out the blood-curdling scream. It wasn’t Deku, who was in pain and already in tears. It wasn’t Tokoyami, who had just regained control of Dark Shadow again. It wasn’t Shouji, who could have eight eyes or seven mouths at once. It was the cool, collected teenager who had everything under control and never seemed to show any emotions aside from fear and anger. Now he sported both those and sadness all at once, screaming into the void before cursing out the open patches of woods.


“Stupid fucking Touya and his shit ass fire and all the other bullshit he can do! This fucking stupid and I hate it! This fucking family is so shitty! Had to go and be a villain, huh, you shit?! Who fucking raised you?! Did Aunt Keiko fucking raise you or some shit?! Her and her shitty insults, all the fucking time! Did she secretly raise you away from Fuyumi and Natsu? What the fuck ?!” He continued screaming, even as iced tears fell. He only stopped when he collapsed to the ground, choking on sobs, voice far gone.


Aizawa silently patted his shoulder, picking him up calmly. The teen leaned into his teachers' shoulder, sobbing. He couldn’t help it. “I could’ve saved him,” he whispered hoarsely.


“You also could’ve died, Todoroki.” The others slowly trailed behind. “You managed to get back Tokoyami. It isn’t your fault. None of it is.”


“It could be,” he whispered, “Dabi is my brother, after all.”


Brother, ” the teacher asked, brows furrowed.


“Brother,” he repeated. “Dabi was the nickname I gave him. He left one night when we were kids.”


Aizawa pursed his lips. “We’ll talk about this when we’re away from here, okay?” Todoroki nodded lightly.


The newest flicker was, once again, flames. This one was brought on by orange instead though.


Shoto stood in front of his father, looking incredibly peeved. “So it’s just over now?”


His father didn’t budge from his pot, looking actively more and more annoyed at the words as flames raised.


“No surgeries? Nothing? Just because testosterone makes my quirk shit itself doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives. The hero Tiger actively transitioned within two months without T. What the Hell is stopping you from helping me? It’ll raise your popularity if people know you support the LGTBQ community. Why else do you think All Might is so popular? He’s openly transgender and no one has said a damn thing. A lot of people admire him for being so open about his transition, and about being gay. There’s nothing wrong with it!”


“It’s wrong for a hero to have relationships outside of work.”


“Is that why you drove Mother crazy?” His father narrowed his eyes, though the Todoroki had no sort of regrets in the least at saying it. It felt nice to finally backtalk his father and not truly be terrified of the results.


“Get wrecked,” Mina called, though she sounded sniffly.


“You do realize you’ve ruined the image of a hero, yes? You made me terrified of it all. I went years without even acknowledging the fire part of my quirk because you made it so shitty. I don’t want to be a hero that neglects all of his children in favor of going out to wreck someone's career purely from spite. Just like Bakugou, you can’t put a petty ass rivalry behind you in favor of being a normal damn hero and acting like a fucking human being for two shitting seconds .”


Kacchan scoffed. “Damn straight.”


When his father didn’t reply, the youngest Todoroki gave a look of disgust.


“I’m going out with my friends tonight. I won’t be home until late tonight.” He turned, beginning his walk away.


“Go to your sister’s instead, since she’s so much better now.”


“I guess I will then.”


The newest memory started with an offhand yelp in a high pitched voice.


The blonde glared at the ice that shot up from the ground, Iida, Kirishima, and Midoriya all held together as Bakugou flowed towards them. A burst caught their attention before Mount Lady was standing tall, blood falling down her nose as she fell.


“Stupid kids,” she groaned, eyes rolling into the back of her head.


Todoroki didn’t protest as Yao-Momo grabbed his hand, pulling him along quickly.


“Ice,” the blonde girl, Toga, if Todoroki remembered correctly, “like Dabi said that one girl had! What was her name?” She thought for a moment. Her shrill voice chirped out, “Oh! Inko!”


A sharp breath was sucked in by the teen with a fake wig, his legs stuttering around himself. “Todoroki,” Yao-Momo spoke, concerned as ever, “what’s wrong?” He didn’t answer, just sucking in breathes as quickly as he could, pushing her along.


The stopped blocks later, Todoroki in a full panic attack. Yao-Momo furrowed her brows. “Todoroki, look at me! Listen to my voice, okay?” He nodded quickly. She began counting out numbers, teaching him to breathe calmly again. She stayed quiet and all too calm in the whole situation. She pursed her lips and relaxed against the wall beside Todoroki, their fingers laced together. That was their only point of connection for moments.


“Are you okay?”


“I’m fine now.”


“Is this like our exam again?”


“I almost pass out once and now you’re going to give me shit for it,” he joked a slight smile.


She smiled in return. “Of course. How else do you expect me to treat you? Like I’ve never seen you almost pass out? Unthinkable, Todoroki.”


“Damn, I knew a useless lesbian would rule the world one day. So evil.”


“Damn, you’re right. Never thought that useless lesbian would be such tight friends with a useless gay peasant.” The two found comfort in the relentless teasing.


“Midoriya and the others are going to be worried if we don’t tell them we aren’t dead, you know.”


The newest transition held Dabi, glaring at the younger Todoroki.


“So it’s Shot now? What happened to Inko?”


“What happened to Touya,” the other bit back, glaring.


“That’s fair.” Blue flames flew past the youngers head. “How’s Pops? Last time I saw him, he had a nasty scar.”


“He’s trying to be our Dad again.” Shards of ice flew forward. “Natsu isn’t for it. Fuyumi is falling apart though.”


The others in the fight weren’t paying attention to the two fighting against each other. It was, for the most part, fair. They could both kill each other within an instant.


“Inko, you’re such a catch .”


“Why do you hate me, Dabi? What did I do?”


Dabi hesitated, looking angry at hearing that. “What didn’t you do?! You had all of Dad’s attention! All the time! And Moms! She went crazy and it’s your fault!”


“How is it my fault? I was born half and half, just like how they wanted! That was the whole point of their marriage. It’s not my fault! You did it just as much, you’re his son, too! You look exactly like a smaller version of him with our mothers' eyes! Sorry Endeavor loved me enough to almost kill me daily! Didn’t know you wanted that, Dabi. Sounds pretty selfish.”


Words harshly passed between the two, not in the least calm. None of them were nice, mostly consisting of jabs to the youngest before the older was sucked into a pool of black, his portal friend pulling him out the instant the younger got the upper hand. Another blood-curdling scream filled the air, earning everyone to turn.


“You sack of absolute shit !”He yelled, punching the ground until his knuckles bleed and Midoriya pulled him away with the help of Iida and Yao-Momo.

Chapter Text

The youngest Todoroki scoffed at his father before passing an apologetic look at his sister and standing. “Natsu was right, you know? You can’t just expect years worth of damage to be fixed with a simple apology. I have countless scars from you, you almost killed me multiple times as well.” His voice stayed neutral and firm, despite the terror he felt for standing up for himself. The scar on his neck was jutted out, not covered in makeup at it normally was. “This family is broken and it can’t be fixed, Endeavor. It isn’t even a family anymore.” He pushed past his father, closing his eyes tightly to deny the tears that welled up.


Mina landed a harsh punch to his jaw. Todoroki took it silently as he landed one directly in the center of her face, watching her fall back harshly. “You need to center yourself more,” he spoke up as he offered out his hand. She took it, wiping her bloodied nose on the tissue he pulled from his belt. “Keep your left foot closer to the ground more. You didn’t have it centered. The moment you had you right up, you were off balance.”


Mina smiled, “Thanks. I’ll try it when I fight Ibara later.”


Todoroki knew fear. He also knew terror. He knew when to step down and when not to as well.


If anyone were to ask him if he were scared of his father, he would deny it by all means, despite the fact he always felt bile rise in his throat at the thought of his father, disgusted and angry. He knew terror when he had watched his father storm into his room the day after the hero license exam, glaring up a storm as he slammed the teen into the wall, hand around his neck and fire blazing despite the fact that the teen would be retaking the test in a few weeks. He had simply told everyone at school that he had lost control of his quirk when they had asked why his throat was bandaged. Thankfully, no one dared ask, not even Midoriya, who never knew when to keep his nose out of other people’s business.


He knew terror when he saw the hero again the next day, glaring at him through the flames of his self-created fire. The teen only made his way silently through the home to get some clothes for the dorms. Sure, he could’ve asked Yao-Momo for some, but he had been delighted to see his brother and sister again, despite how tense the home was. Fuyumi had helped him collect his things, not daring ask about the bandages.


Natsu had, though. “Did He do that,” the older teen had asked, despite his sisters' sudden fights and a whining, “ Natsu!


The younger hesitated, hands holding a couple of his binders. A slow nod came as he suddenly continued. “I failed the license exam. He wasn’t happy about that and didn’t listen when I told him I’d be taking it again in a few weeks.”


His sister pulled him into a hug as he buried his head in her shoulder, letting the tears fall slowly.


Todoroki blasted a shot of ice, breath uneven as he stared at Deku, eyes wide and unfocused. “Wait,” he yelled, pushing the other away quickly.


His panic was usually silent, something he could handle without needing to stop a fight, without needing to plant himself into the ground and look at the fire or ice forming in his hands. When he had first fought Midoriya, he had handled it with a tear or two, panic settling as the other distracted him with Come at me with your full power, Todoroki! But now he found his throat constricting and flames burning up in a faded color, despite the heat that radiated off of it. It felt too hot, too there . This was supposed to be a quirkless fight, but a panic attack had taken over quickly. The moment he had panicked, flames had shot out, followed by ice.


Deku halted instantly as he saw the way he looked at the fire. His eyes were wide, terrified. “Todoroki,” he snapped. The teen looked up.




/ ˈterər/


!.) Extreme fear


2.) A person, especially a child, who causes trouble or annoyance.


His breathing was erratic, unbalanced. He stared at his significant other. Aizawa’s hair stood on end, red eyes looking at the heterochromatic teen. He looked up at his teacher before his arms fell slack, signaling he had no intentions of using his quirk. The adult nodded slightly, closing his eyes as he made his way down the fake hill. The USJ was now filled with students, future heroes doing their best to train. Present Mic and All Might followed their husband, both being incredibly careful.


Tears fell as Iida found his way to the two. “Todoroki,” he whispered softly, “May I touch you?”


He didn’t process the words until the three teachers were around him. The youngest of them suddenly nodded. “Y-Yeah. It’s okay, Iida.” The red-eyed one nodded, pulling his boyfriend into a hug. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, “I made this a mess. We aren’t supposed to u-”


“It’s okay,” Iida spoke calmly.


Present Mic was the first to reach them, He knelt beside the two as Deku was pulled into the hug. Quiet sobs left the teen as the other teachers found their way to him.




“Do you know what caused the panic attack,” Shinso asked, sitting on the couch with one of the many pets in his lap, specifically a dog named Shimia, her white fur newly brushed. If Todoroki remembered correctly, Aizawa had said she was a great Pyrenees.


The other nodded, Rice, his teacher’s husky, making her way into his lap. She was a service/guide dog, as All Might had said. He petted his head as he processed his own words, finding the order to place them so he didn’t have another dreaded panic attack. He slowly spoke, “A memory. I don’t know what triggered the memory specifically. But it was of Him. It was after the first time I took the license exam. I failed it, Inasa and Bakugou did, too. Inasa failed because of me, me and my stupid fucking flames. But… He was choking me and…” He sniffled, wiping his nose with a bandaged arm, bandaged from a fight with Iida that had left a few bumps and scrapes, minor things he had bandaged himself. All Might’s eyes flickered to the teen's throat as he pulled off the hoodie, sporting a burn scar around his neck. “He didn’t like that I failed. Trophy hero with a trophy kid, as T- Dabi once said. “ The slight stutter made him flinch at his own words.


“You know,” he said with a bitter upward quirk of his lips, “I used to stutter when I was young. He had broken my jaw during one of our training sessions and I couldn’t speak for a while.” Rice whined as she nuzzled his cheek with her snout. “He would slap me everytime I stuttered. I’m surprised there weren't any memories of that. There are still so many memories that weren’t shown, which is kind of odd.” He pulled a hand up to wipe away the tears, feet curling up in his seat. Rice adjusted accordingly. “He was never really a hero, you know? He did it all purely out of spite, and he’s killed innocent. That isn’t what a hero does.”


“We know,” Present Mic spoke softly, just barely above a whisper. Todoroki looked at him, focusing the bitter glare he had on his hand now at a picture behind his English teacher before he quickly pulled himself together, going slack again. He remembered how calm his teacher was when not in the classroom. He was deaf, after all, just mouthing or signing. Todoroki was quick to learn sign language so he could speak with Koda, which had extended to his teacher and Bakugou. He had no objections to being able to speak with them so easily.


Todoroki pulled Rice further. She yipped quietly as she licked his cheek before placing her head on his shoulder. “You four have a nice family,” he provided calmly, “A lot better than the Todoroki’s, at least. Iida’s talked about his family, and I’ve met them all, as well as Midoriya’s, but…”


“But it’s not like a family of three heroes and two kids pulled out of abusive homes,” Shinso asked with a smirk, signing it for his deaf father.


The younger nodded. “Yes. Not how I would’ve worded it, but… Yeah.”


Aizawa pulled out a manilla folder, humming. “We have your papers for adoption already filled out. We just need to know if you’re alright with this. You’ll still be in your mother’s custody as well, though, but she can’t do anything until she’s out of the hospital. She already agreed to share custody of you with us. She actually sounded excited to hear you were getting out of His custody.”


He smiled lightly. “We talked about it yesterday when I visited her. I told her about the memories you all saw, as well as the fact that I will be taken out of her custody. She said she wanted me out years ago, but it wasn’t like she could divorce him if she wanted. The media and the fact he knows his way around the law, there wasn’t anything she could do. She wouldn’t have custody of any of our siblings if any of us wanted.”


Present Mic gravely nodded at seeing the words signed out by the shaking teen.


Mirio took this as his time to burst into the house, Eri on his side, laughing happily. She looked at Todoroki, eyes gleaming as she hopped off of Mirio’s hip. “He’s the pretty one,” she said as she ran up to Todoroki, pointing at him, “The one Deku talks about, too! He’s gonna marry Deku and Iida, probably! He’s the pretty one! ” She jumped up and down excitedly.


Todoorki’s face heated a light red and Mirio smiled widely. “You’re going to get mud everywhere, Eri!” He chided.




“Hero Endeavor has been arrested for five accounts of abuse, only one of which is spouse. Enji Todoroki severely abused his four children, especially his youngest. The scar on the teen was actually caused by his mother, after going insane from Endeavor’s abusive tendencies. Who knew the hero actually had four children? The first ran away, apparently, and is now a villain.


“Heroes Hawks and Mirko have taken the two middle children away from all the media, neither commenting on the drama o-”


Dabi flicked the television off, glaring at it. He slammed the remote down against the bar.


“So you’re the fourth kid,” Toga pieced together with a wild smirk.


“Shut it,” Dabi spoke harshly without hesitation, “I don’t want to hear a single fucking thing about it.”


“So that’s how you knew the kids’ full name! I thought you’d just watched the sports festival thing!” She giggled, knife making a dent in the table as she twirled it. “‘Little Shoto,’ you called him! How cute!”


“He is my brother,” the other mumbled angrily.


Tomura hummed softly. “You’re the son of a hero, then?”


Dabi scoffed. “I promise you, that man was never a hero. Not since before Shoto got his quirk, at least.”


“What’d he do,” Twice asked before suddenly perking up and repeating the question, both halves interested in knowing what happened,


“He trained him,” he spoke simply, “And by train, I mean burnt him daily and permanently scarred the kid until he literally ended up shutting down. He was a happy kid, you know?” For a villain that had attempted to kill his own brother countless times, he seemed pretty pissed at their father’s abuse towards the teen. “He got both of our parents' quirks equally, full power. Hell Fire and whatever the fuck Mom’s was called,” he waved his hand to the side, annoyed, “Stupid fuck, didn’t even use his fire until the festival after his boyfriend convinced him into it.”


“For someone who has tried to kill him so much, you seem awfully pissed off at Endeavor for his abuse,” Toga laughed.


Dabi frowned, glaring, “he trained me, too, Toga. I have a right to hate him, too.”


Tomura hummed again. “You seem angry about your brother, too?”


“Of course I am,” he yelled, shoving his arm out, clearly pissed as the blue flames licked at his palm. “He let me transition without a hitch, but Shoto was a different case, apparently! It’s all bullshit! Fuyumi got to transition, too! No one gave a fuck! Then suddenly both of our parents aren’t letting him! I fucking-”


“You’re trans,” Twice asked, “Like Magne!”


“Like Magne,” he agreed with an angry nod, taking his seat after he realized he’d even stood. “I only heard offhand things from our aunt and Fuyumi every once in a while. But it was still bullshit. We both transitioned and they wouldn’t let him.”


Toga slammed her knife into the table, “ Bullshit,” she echoed, smile gone.

“It wasn’t much of my mothers' fault, she went insane, after all. But it’s still annoying.”


The group of villains continued their angry comments about the man the world had once called a hero.




Todoroki laid his head against Iida’s lap, silent as he stared at the TV. The group of teens had slowly watched the bi-colored one become much more touchy than any of them took him for, not that they really minded, but it was odd seeing hi become more and more like a stone-faced and quiet Kaminari that offered pinpoint advice when needed. The television played what must’ve been the seventh Disney movie, The Little Mermaid. Todoroki had quickly decided he like Ariel, she took no shit from her father, after all. He wished he had the guts to do what she had, but he found himself getting sick to his stomach as he thought about the consequences that would surely arise.


Todoroki’s phone pinged, which was odd, considering that he typically had the device on silence. He harshly flinched, to which Iida rubbed his shoulder. The ending music began to play, credits rolling as he opened his phone.


A new message from Wind Man! , his phone read.




Coffee Creamer: He choked me so I have a burn scar, but aside from that a broken rib or two, I ended up fine.
You do know i don’t blame you for any of that, correct?
It was all justified in your case. I was the one being an asshole at the exams, after all.




Coffee Creamer: Mister Aizawa, Present Mic, and All Might are adopting me. I’m legally in their and my Mother’s custody until she gets out of the hospital and they legally share.
I’m not saying I deserve what I got, but I’m also not saying I don’t, because, you know…




Coffee Creamer : Of course not.


Wind Man : Then why do you?


Todoroki lowered his phone, silent as he reread the text, over and over. It was odd to see Inasa type in lowercase letters, especially ones like that. He could only stare at them. What was he supposed to say to that? A thumbs up emoji? Thanks, but I hate myself and I’ve grown up with toxic parents that make me believe that even though literally thousands of people, adults and children alike, have told me otherwise? He didn’t know.


Coffee Creamer: I don’t… know? I don’t know, Inasa
Why do I deserve it?
But why don’t I, either?
I’m a disgrace to my family, and I’m just…


Wind Man : You don’t deserve any of that shit, Todoroki. Your family is just full of assholes. You’re no disgrace to any of them.


A long text followed though Todoroki could only read roughly seven of the countless - perfect and grammatically correct - sentences - which was something the wind-themed hero didn’t do often - because tears fell upon his cheeks as he clung to Iida, tears falling as he quietly sobbed. Kaminari moved to their couch, helping comfort him with Deku. The four were suddenly glad that it was only them up, not the rest of the teenagers. They fell into a numb silence as he cried.


After a good hour, he was finally calm enough to stare at the ceiling, The Little Mermaid playing on a loop in the background.


“I’m okay now,” he whispered softly, “everything’s okay. My apologies for worrying you three.”


Kaminari smiled widely, despite how tired he was. “It’s fine! You’re not as hard to calm down as Bakugou is,” he joked.


“I know,” the half and half hero returned.




Fuyumi laced her fingers with Mirko’s, smiling at her girlfriend. “You know, it’s not exactly all that bad, being away from there.”


The hero smiled, “I know. It’s good to be away from bad places with bad memories.”


“It’s not a bad place, per say. Just too many bad memories.”


The other nodded vigorously. “I understand. I was kicked out after my parents found out I had a girlfriend, anyway. Midnight became my mentor, for the most part. She helped me through the adoption system to get myself out.”


The red and white-haired woman smiled widely, leaning forward to kiss her girlfriend.


Natsu ran in front of them, a basket held in his arms as Hawks followed, wings closed. “Give it,” the winged one yelled with a smile.


“Never,” the other replied, smirking as he continued running away


“So this was your parents home,” the second oldest Todoroki asked, smiling at her brother and his boyfriend.


Mirko smiled. “Yes, it was. I remember how excited he was to finally come here after I was adopted. He wanted to show me around the place and everything.”


“So his dad adopted you before they married?”


“They never married, actually. They broke up shortly after we both got out of the house, unfortunately. But our dads still live together and they’re friends, so it works out nicely. He has his Dad, who legally parents him, and I have mine who legally parents me, so we can still legally be wedded and date you and your sibling.” Fuyumi nodded calmly. “I do have a question, though.”


Fuyumi frowned as her girlfriend did, giving a reassuring squeeze to her significant other’s hand. “What is it, love? I’ll answer anything I can.”


“You have… another brother, yes?”


The white and red-haired woman nodded. “I do, yes. His name was Touya, but he goes by Dabi now… He’s the one who gave Endeavor that scar,” she motioned along her face, pointing it out. “We kept in touch after he left, sort of. He left when we were just kids, so it was really on and off. I got a letter from him maybe once every three or four months, a new address to mail it to. He really hated Endeavor, for what he did to Shoto, telling him he couldn’t transition or even attempt to help in the least after his testosterone ended up throwing off his quirk incredibly so. He’s in the league now, with a boyfriend, as far as Shoto has told me. I haven’t gotten a letter from him since the Hero Killer was captured. He joined the League after that, so…” She looked glumly at her brother, who was tackled by his boyfriend, sending them both into the pool, soaking them instantly.


Mirko brought her girlfriend in for a hug, smile completely gone. “Did you give him the new number to call?”






“This year, The UA has decided to host Pride for their students! After many of the students have come out, as well as heroes, the school has agreed to finally open its doors for other hero schools!”


Todoroki pulled on the hoodie, decorated with the colors of the trans flag. On his left shoulder was the poly flag patch while the right had a rainbow square and pan flag. He looked at his significant others, both wearing their own pride flags. Both sported trans and poly flags while Deku had on a bi flag shirt and Iida wore a rainbow hat. He looked at his class, smiling at everyone. A full smile as tears traced down his cheeks.


Shinso, with a demiboy flag and a trans one, Ojiro with his trans and poly flag. He found many of his friends decked out in the trans flag, Bakugou, Kirishima, Kaminari, Jiro, Uraraka, Tsu, Tokoyami, and Hagakure. Kaminari had a demiboy flag as well, and Aoyama sported a genderfluid flag proudly. Others sported sexuality pins, Shouji even sporting a rainbow handkerchief to cover his mouth. When it came to whacky sexualities or genders, the heroes had them all.


Todoroki was surprised to find Inasa, head held high as he wore a shirt that sported the word oppai, fake breasts outlining it as he held a trans flag, helping Todoroki wrap it around himself before the two both wore the flags proudly as capes. Kirishima and Bakugou did the same, having both gotten top surgery over the summer, thankfully. Their shirts were gone, replaced with painted on pride flags.


He was especially surprised at seeing Hadou and Tamaki in their own clothing to sport their transitions. Tamaki wore a hoodie while Hadou wore a bra, nothing more to cover her top. Mirio just had a poly pride flag around his waist as he carried Eri on shoulders, smiling for all to see. He was proud of his significant others, who had all transitioned thanks to the schools' insurance plan.


“Tamaki,” Kirishima called, smiling widely as he ran to his friend. The other smiled widely at seeing him.




Deku wiped a tear away from his lover, kissing his forehead as he let out another whimper, toes curling against the mattress.


Todoroki had never really been one for penetration, especially the few times he had gotten himself off. But there were the few times he could find himself relaxing down on his lovers' fingers, even close to crying from pleasure.


Deku rubbed the teens' clit, not commenting on the red and white hairs that covered his crotch. It wasn’t his business that he shaved himself clean while the other preferred to ignore what was underneath the belt by a forest of hairs. “It’s okay,” he whispered softly, kissing his forehead again.


Iida pressed his tongue deeper into the bicolored teen, listening to the loud whine that accompanied it.


“Hurt me,” he whispered softly, bringing a hand up to bite it.


Deku immediately spoke, “No, your dad has done that enough, I refuse.”


“Oh,” was all the other could say. Iida, however, let out a laugh. Todoroki couldn’t help but let out a quiet moan at the vibrations, back arching as he fisted at the sheets. This was something he found peaceful.


Todoroki brought his right hand up, gently pressing it around the green-haired teens' entrance, looking up at him for permission. The shorter nodded instantly, pressing himself down onto the other's finger. He instinctively began grinding against it as the younger immediately found his g-spot, curling a finger against it.


Deku leaned down, pressing a kiss to Todoroki’s cheek, successfully smudging the blue, white, and pink stripes.




No one questioned anyone when it came to the bruises found on the others that Saturday, everyone knew what happened. It actually became a funny story for Kaminari and Sero when Minas asked, though. The two had been caught in the game room by Aizawa, Nerf guns out and pointed. One of the balls had struck the teacher square in the forehead. Their bruises had been caused by the balls, not like the others had.


Todoroki didn’t have any visible, thankfully, but his significant others most definitely did. Iida had many on his neck, as well as a couple bite marks while Midoriya had many along his body, even a few on his arms. The youngest admired his work, smirking from his seat on the kitchen counter. He still had on his hoodie, bunched up around his stomach. It didn’t hide his all too pronounced chest, but it at least distracted him enough to not focus on it.


“I think I’ll suck his dick if he says anything else,” Aoyama spoke to Shinso as the two walked in, earning a laugh from the purple haired male. “He can meet me in the pit at three,” she spoke calmly.


Shinso only laughed more, running a hand through their hair. “Are you going to suck him off at the pit or fight him?”


“Fight his dick,” she said, completely serious as she opened the door of the fridge, pulling out some random container of leftovers from Sato’s cooking. Anything in the commons fridge was fair game. “Forcibly suck his dick. With permission, of course.”


Shinso laughed again, slapping a hand over his eyes.


Todoroki looked down at Inasa, who was sprawled out on the floor, looking up at his friend with a wide smile. “Fight his dick,” he repeated.


Aoyama repeated it once more in agreement, “I’ll fight his dick, then!”


“Give the Suck,” Inasa said.


“I will give the Suck!”


A smile bloomed on Todoroki’s lips.




Todoroki stood on the train, eyes focused on his phone as he stood silently. No one commented at seeing the youngest Todoroki, thankfully, due to the makeup Aoyama had lent him to cover the mismatched skin and scar.


A man trotted up, smiling and grabbing the teens butt without a second thought. “You’re mighty pretty, little lady,” he spoke clearly. Unfortunately, the teen knew his red and white hair would make him look female, despite how much he hated it. After all, it wasn’t the oddest thing ever to see people with hair like his, considering it was now being made as a fashion statement. The adult gave a look that said, If you say anything, I’ll tell everyone who you are here and now.


He almost dropped his phone, a harsh breath being sucked in as the adult leaned down, “How’d you like to go on a date?”


“I don’t even know your name,” the younger said, voice clear as he looked at him. Blue eyes stared back, held under green hair. For once, Todoroki hated seeing the color green.


“Amere,” he said simply, “Now, about that date?”


“We just met?”


The man kept on the conversation, despite the terror that welled up inside the teen.


“I need to switch my train,” he said calmly.


“I’ll wait with you. We’ve still got a while before it gets here.”


He couldn’t say no, not with the people who looked at him expectantly as if all pushing him towards the older man.


The two stood, Amere forcing him to put his phone number in after the teen insisted on not giving his own away. As the train arrived, Todoroki quickly noted the way the man asked, “ What, I don’t get a hug?


The people around them all looked at the two, eyes wide, still motioning for him to say yes. Despite how much he wanted to say no, he knew he couldn’t.


The man held tight, even as Todoroki attempted to pry him off, hand moving down to touch beneath the belt. He only moved away once a girl shouted from the train, “Camie! You’re going to miss the train! Come on!” She walked out, grabbing the teen’s arm and pulling him along, despite the man’s protests. She pulled them in just before the doors shut, the two being the only ones in the train aside from the few that were held near the front, all silent.


Todoroki immediately recognized the girl as she knelt before him where he’d fallen in front of her. Kendou.


“You okay, Todoroki,” she whispered.


Tears fell, erasing the makeup as he put a head on her shoulder. Sobs came thickly as she pulled him closer, Tetsutetsu making his way forward, the other two on the train following. Pony and Ibara, if he remembered correctly. “He fuckin made me-”


Kendou only hushed him in return, eyes full of pity and worry. For that moment in time, he couldn’t find it in him to be angry at her for it. Instead, he watched the other three pull him into a hug, comforting him despite their lack of any proper conversations beforehand.




Aizawa was greeted at the dorms with a sobbing Todoroki, Kendou carrying him with her quirk activated, Ibara and Pony trailing along as Tetsutetsu did his best to calm the teen from within the girls' palms. He didn’t get an explanation as she put them down on the couch, pushing past the other concerned teens. Pony held his phone, calling out, “You have his number! You can get a sexual harassment claim now! It is going to be alright!” The words were choppy, but everyone understood the meaning of it all as she handed Todoroki his phone back. “He took a picture for you! You have proof!”


Yao-Momo pressed the garbage can forward the moment she saw how green his face was, watching him frantically pull it forward to vomit. Tetsutetsu pulled away the moment he lurched forward, rubbing the teens back.


“He fuckin touched me,” the teen yelled through angry tears, despite the panic attack that made the words sound odd. He seemed more so angry than upset.


Mina’s eyes widened as she realized the defense mechanism. Bakugou, who was upstairs at the moment, playing Mario Kart with Sero, Deku, and Iida.


Another trail of vomiting interrupted her thoughts. “I’m going to fight that fucker,” he yelled, ice circling around the garbage as the room heated. More tears fell despite the angry yells that left him.


Kacchan made his way down the stairs, the other three, Sato, Hagakure, and Koda all hot on his heels. He didn’t look angry, but he did look worried. At least he had his hearing aids in this times. He halted when he heard the ice and fire hero belting out angry complaints, ignoring the teacher who stood in front of them, telling him to calm down.


“No,” he yelled, “I won’t fucking calm down! I hate a right to be fucking angry! If it wasn’t for Kendou, I could’ve been raped tonight! Even after I said I had at least one boyfriend! Do you know how shitty that makes someone feel?! I was fucking terrified and I couldn’t even fight back because of it!” His words angrily stream out, breathing getting more and more uneven as everyone began to make their way to the room, curious as to why there was yelling. Especially when they heard it from the half and half hero.


He eventually fell into nothing more than sobs, collapsing into Tetsutetsu and Ibara’s arms, covering his face and wiping away the already smudged makeup. “I’m so useless,” he whispered, “He could’ve done anything and I…” He couldn’t finish as he choked out more sobs, burrowing his face deeper into the ivy haired girl.


“It’s okay,” Aizawa spoke, “We’ll get a legal claim. He can’t hurt you now, Todoroki.”




Kurogiri placed a wispy purple hand against the villain, frowning. “It’s not your fault, you know?”


The other laughed, “That’s rich coming from you. You’re a portal, after all.”


“The assault couldn’t have been predicted unless we were near him. We are on the other side of the town, there is physically nothing we could do at that moment.”


Dabi slapped away the gas hand, watching it separate from his body before reconnecting all the same. “It doesn’t change that it happened .”


“You’re a villain, Dabi. Nothing is stopping us from breaking into jail and murdering him ourselves.”


The villain was taken aback for a moment, eyes wide and mouth open. He thought over the words for a moment before saying, “ You, Kurogiri, our dad friend, are giving me permission to kill someone who sexually assaulted my brother, of whom I haven’t had a good conversation within years and have attempted to kill multiple times.”


“He’s family,” the purple and black colored portal offered, “You’re family as well, so your extended family is our own, just as Toga is.”


He was silent for a moment, mouth still agape. He processed the words and finally spoke, “I’ll get Toga and the others.”




“Man murdered in jail by villains after sexually assaulting a UA student. The group from the League of Villains claim it as an act of justice, for their brother, who didn’t deserve what happened. The man was found in a pile of charred dust, smelling of burnt skin.”


A video played on the news, displaying the villain, staring at the camera with a maniacal smile, a burning blue hand held up to the man's face. Dabi smirked. “For our brother,” he said, “you didn’t deserve any of this, you know? Everything would’ve been perfect if you’d ran with us, you know?” He pressed his hand forward, a loud yell cutting off during the video.

Todoroki stared at the TV, lips pursed. “How the fuck did he know? Only our class and the teachers knew about that. Not even my siblings knew.” He ran a hand through his hair, calm despite the anger that boiled in his stomach.

Chapter Text

The recording played over and over, looping on the television for the millionth time that night. Todoroki stared at it with neutral eyes, though, examining facial expressions, examining moves, examining fighting style.


“It’s yours! Your quirk, not his!”


His chest heaved at the memories that filled his mind. His mother, All Might, a small television.


Fire swirled around him, both sides consumed without any signs of relenting.


He stared at the scenes that unfolded before him, the sound of his father’s yelling making him tense.


The unmistakable tear fell down his cheek before Present Mic yelled out. Todoroki brought up a hand to wipe his face of liquid. “Amazing,” Midoriya mused.


“Why’re you smiling?”


He leaned forward as he watched the footage. He skimmed over it a moment more before muting the words, only to realize he’d just turned the sound down. He only looked at the remote for a moment before fast-forwarding to his fight with Bakugou.


His arm slowly fell, flames receding as his stomach recoiled as well. He looked down, accepting defeat within an instant. He hadn’t even expected to get to the top if he were honest.


His phone pinged as a message alerted him. He looked at it with a frown.


Bakuhoe has sent a message to Class 1 - A shits at 2:03 AM

73 unread messages


He skimmed over the messages, getting a general idea of the teasing Deku, Bakugou, Kirishima, Sero, and Kaminari were all passing to each other. Jiro had joined in a few times with her own snarky comments to all of them. Most were aimed towards Denki, not that the blonde minded. He had responded with just as much snark to all of them. It had been five minutes since he’d last checked his phone and, thanks to ghost mode and the ability to turn down the TV, no one knew he was online, much even awake.




Todoroki finally decided to chip in with his own two cents.


Milky Cryptid: I’ll drink to that.

Milky Cryptid: Have you ever tried oversharing your past before declaring war on one of the nicest stupid fuckin kids and then catching on fire?

Milky Cryptid: Does fuckin wonders.


Bakuhoe: Todoroki, what the Hell is wrong with you?


Milky Cryptid: It all started when one of the few people in my life, of whom I looked up to the most, punched me directly in the stomach.

Milky Cryptid: I wonder if I mix that 6-hour sleep aid stuff with 5-hour energy shots and get a 1-hour power nap.

Milky Cryptid: DayQuil + NyQuil = Quil

Milky Cryptid: Brb.


Todoroki muted the chat before he slipped his phone in his binder, rewinding the footage to rewatch again. He stared blankly at the screen. In that moment, he couldn’t focus. Not with the taunting reminder of his father's voice in the background, not with the way the camera’s deadpanned on almost catching his binder. He had worn his dark blue on that day, thankfully, so it wasn’t an issue. He stood up to search for the two contradicting drinks, knowing that they would be in the fridge if they were anywhere. If he couldn’t find some there, he knew there would be some in his room.


Kaminari was the one to stop him. The blonde gently grabbed the red and white-haired teen’s arms, only taking a second to look at him before frowning and shaking his head.


Todoroki didn’t comment as he was pulled away from the kitchen. He was too drained to fight, too drained to not flinch as one of the doors from one of the higher floors slammed, too drained to react to Kaminari’s voice for a few moments. He was typically on guard, and he was now, most definitely(!), but… He couldn’t help the spike of anxiety as he flopped beside Kaminari on the bed, couldn’t help the way he felt jealous about his friend’s flat, post Top surgery chest, couldn’t help how numb everything was. It all felt disgusting to him in a way he couldn’t focus on, couldn’t pinpoint to describe, couldn’t-


Kaminari called his name quietly, watching the taller teen inhale sharply, turning with a slight dialate of his eyes the only thing to hint at emotion. The blonde offered a smile. “Sorry, Todo. You were getting a little… spaced out. You doing okay? Like, mentally and stuff.”


“I’m… alright, I guess?”


He furrowed his brow, a slow exhale making his chest fall. “I saw what was on the TV, Todoroki. I saw the group chat and the fact that you still have on your binder, too. What’s going on, bud?”


The other’s brows slightly furrowed. “I’m a mess,” he admitted slowly, “and I’m broken in more ways than one. I secretly think no one actually really loves me, or just, in general, has any sort of positive opinion on me in the least. I know everyone says otherwise, but just over two-thirds of my life, I’ve thought nothing more than everyone hated me in some way. I thought my Mother hated me because of my left side, I knew my father only kept me around because I was the ‘perfect,’” he was incredibly heavy on the quotation marks with his fingers, “kid, but Touya seemed to want me dead, Fuyumi and Natsu never came around, it all just… Never folded together in a way that would’ve settled?” He pursed his lips for a moment before deciding, “That wasn’t how I wanted to word it.”


Kaminari only nodded slightly. “I know it’s hard to accept that people actually do like you and your company. After all, the first six years of my life was spent with my mother before my new mothers adopted me… But I promise everyone in this dorm cares about you. Even Katsuki. You should’ve seen him the moment you stopped texting. I had to mute the chat it got so bad.”


Shit, I should’ve said something about that.” He went to pull out his phone only for Denki to place his hand against the younger’s arm. “They know you’re in here with me, it’s okay. Jiro and Midoriya are a little worried though.”


“They’re okay with that?”


“Of course!” Kaminari smiled at Todoroki. “You know I’m not actually as annoying as everyone takes me for, correct?”


Todoroki remarked, “I never thought you were annoying at all.”


A beep of silence passed over them. “You don’t?”


He shook his head. “I have no reason to. I’m just as touchy-feely, though I don’t usually initiate physical contact. We both have our history with abuse before being raised by some sort of gay pairing. We’re both queer in multiple ways. The only things different are familiarities, how we were raised, and quirks. The moment you learn to control your quirk, you’ll be just as powerful as Bakugou or Midoriya. We both have a goal of finding out how to properly control our quirks, become heroes, make friends, not fucking die. We just, in general, have to make it by however we can. But now that we do have friends within the group, we have a lot of people behind to support us. There’s no point to have any sort of quarrel between us, especially considering you’re going to most definitely be an important hero in the future that I’ll most likely interact with.”


Instead of the expected Taller of the two to end up being the upset one of the night, it was Kaminari, who had tears trickling down his cheeks in thick trails. “You really think that?...”


“Of course,” the bi-colored teen said without any hesitation whatsoever, “You’re one of my friends too, Kaminari. I worry for you,” his hands began to move with his words, “as much as you worry for your own friends.” He started with minute gestures, light and just barely there, just flicks of his fingers to flicking his wrist smoothly. “You’re just as important to me as anyone else in this dorm. I care about you, even if I’m not as vocal about it. You’re just as strong as anyone else.”


“Can I hug you,” Kaminari choked out. Todoroki quickly nodded. He was pulled tightly into a hug from the blonde, a smile across his face as tears fell. The two fell into a mix of silence and sobs. They would get through this all together.




Mina glared at Todoroki as she flipped the channel. “Stop watching shit that makes you upset,” she yelled, “It’s not good for you! It’s fucking freezing in here, too!”


“You’re not my parental figure,” he countered with a shrug, “what’s really stopping me?”


“The fact that I love you very much and don’t want you to keep playing over memories that hurt you in any way.”


He looked at the static filled screen. Seconds prior it had held images of the cavalry battle on repeat, the scene of his swiping his arm away as he calmed his flames repeating relentlessly. He watchepink-hairedhaired hero surf through channels until settling on some children’s shows he’d never seen before, which wasn’t much of a surprise.


She sat beside him, opening her arms wide to offer a hug. He leaned into her touch without a second thought. “You know, Todoroki, I care about you a lot. Everyone in the dorms do. We all want you to get better at anything and everything, especially handling yourself. We don’t want you to keep destroying yourself like you have been.”


“I’m not destroying myself,” he deadpanned.


“Rewatching shit that makes you upset, rethinking memories that hurt, shit like that is destroying yourself, Todoroki. We don’t want you to have a breakdown or anything. Everyone wants the best for you.”


Todoroki pressed his forehead to her shoulder as she brought her arms up to wrap around him. He knew he had bad tendencies, but, truthfully, he hadn’t realized how prominent they were that everyone began to notice. He knew should’ve known, but his level of perception had become incredibly low and how dense he was was incredibly high. Ashido ran her hands through the long hair as the show played, both staring intently at the TV, despite how it was more of a side eyed stare for Todoroki than anything. Even,tually the two repositioned to it just being Todoroki more so laying in her lap than anything.


“There is a memory I’m surprised you guys didn’t see,” he spoke up,


“Oh, yeah? What was it?”


The bi-colored teen relaxed against her touch, trusting her enough to let her run her fingers through his hair without tugging or pulling. A large proportion of the occupants in the dorms had permission to do so while the others he wouldn’t mind doing so, but they had never really hinted at wanting to do so. “When I was about seven, maybe eight, I was incredibly sick. Endeavor kept saying he liked it better like that because I didn’t have a voice for about a month because it was just that bad, but He kept saying how much more peaceful it was without hearing me talk so much. Sure, my vocal chords ended up damaged after that, so it was painful to talk for awhile, but I ended up being more so selectively mute until Uraraka came along. I’m not sure what convinced me to talk to her, but I did… But I still don’t talk as much as a lot of you guys do. I know I should talk more, but it’s just so…” He attempted to form words, but he found himself stopping short.


“Hard,” Mina asked once he closed his mouth.


“That’s one word for it.”


“Do you ever want to talk about it?”


“Not at the moment,” he said.


She nodded respectfully. “If you ever need to, though… You can always come to me, you know.”


“Thank you,” he responded.


“No problem.”




It didn’t take anyone long to realize the new found hesitation Todoroki had when fighting. It wasn’t hesitating on when to take hits or shots, of course not. He could take just about anyone out within seconds if he truly wanted. He acted as fast as he could, went however far was needed, not daring take a moment needed to think up a solution. However, they all could see the way his eyes quickly slammed shut and the way he gave sharp inhales at seeing the flames against his own skin, hesitating and only using as long as was needed. It wasn’t as reckless as when he fought with Midoriya or Stain. No, it was much more precise and planned, acting on his thoughts instantly after deciding what to do. Yet, they all still saw the way the faltered and immediately drew back the instant someone got close enough to get burnt.


Aizawa frowned from his spot on the podium, crouched in an odd squat. He was still level headed to Present Mic and All Might. The two heroes looked to be in the same state of distress, passing wods along frantically that involved hearing aids being turned up loudly.


“Todoroki,” Aizawa yelled once Todoroki coated Kirishima in a thick display of ice.


He settled his left hand against the carrot top’s chest, melting the shards of ice quickly. “Just keep your quirk activated for a moment, okay?” Kirishima nodded. Todoroki flared up a bright flame the instant he had the okay. It wasn’t enough to burn him or his clothes, but definitely enough to get rid of the encasing. After that, he stalked his way over his teachers/parents. “Yeah?”


“What’s wrong,” All Might asked instantly.


“The same thing it was before Midoriya,” he said after a moment. “I’ll get it together, I promise.”


Present Mic shook his head. “We weren’t going to say that. We were going to ask what we could do to help.”


“At the moment, nothing. Everything feels different and I just…”


“Disassociation,” Aizawa asked with furrowed brows.


“I don’t know.”




There was no true freedom to the dorms, everyone knew. All access to the outside world of it was limited. Sure, there were stores and such on campus, and it was a rather large campus as well, but that didn’t change the way the workers at the stores - who were typically teachers or some of the janitors, even occasionally a student looking for life experience - would look at them when they stalked in, odd times all around. Todoroki could never forget the one time he ran across the school’s campus at three in the morning to get tampons and pads while Aizawa and Midnightwere on their shift’s.


Todoroki stood in the doorway to the shop, shutting the door behind him silently. Thanks to years of training, he still managed to nod be winded in the least. He looked around the little shop, hands wringing together while he walked around.


Midnight sighed, “Theoretically, I’m so fuckin’ gay, Shouta. I would fucking eat her.”


“She can literally vore you, Nemuri. Your wife can physically fucking vore you if she wanted.”


“I want her to,” the woman dead panned.


“Ew,” the other called out, “I don’t want to know that. I heard enough of that shit back when you first met her! I don’t want to physically hear it.”


Midnight laughed. “I had to hear you gush about Yagi and Yamada for years, you only had to hear about my wife for a few months. Because I’m not a fucking pussy, Shouta. I asked my wives out like a woman.”


Todoroki awkwardly sat his things on the counter, successfully getting the teacher’s attention. His already flushed pale face only got paler when their faces turned bright red. “Both of you are fools,” he spoke, “At least I asked my significant others out within weeks of realizing.”


Significant others ,” Aizawa asked, brows furrowed, “who the Hell are you dating? I thought you were one of the only few singles in the class?”


Midnight nodded, scanning the tampons and pads without question. “Yeah? Mina said you were single?”


“You get your information from Ashido? Hagakure is faster. I just don’t flaunt my relationship out and make out with them while in front of everyone.”


Midnight only frowned more, saying the price calmly. Todoroki passed the money forward without a comment. “What’s one weird three in the morning thought you’ve had, kid,” Aizawa asked.


Todoroki thought for a moment, recollecting all the things he had been thinking about previously that morning. He ran a hand through his hair before saying, “No matter how many lasagnas you stack on each other, it’s ultimately one lasagna. And that there’s a D in fridge but not refrigerator in English. I was also wondering if I put a piece of ice in my mouth and activated both of my quirks if it would melt the ice or freeze it. Thanks for coming to my morningly Ted talk.” It had been fun to leave two incredibly strained and confused heroes in the schools store at three in the morning.


There were moments when everyone felt like they had cabin fever, though. Like the time Bakugou destroyed most of his room so he would have an excuse to leave the campus. He had wanted out. Everyone knew this feeling. Even the common students knew.


Hagakure sighed softly from her spot on the couch, burrowing deeper. “This fuckin sucks,” she blurted out, “We can’t do shit here! All we can do is fuck and go to class and sleep and eat and all that other shit! This fucking sucks ass!


Kirishima groaned from his spot. “This really does! Why is living here at the dorms so boring ?! There are hundreds of other students and they probably do better stuff! Why aren’t we allowed to do stuff they can?!”


“Because they all have their hero license and training, Ojiro calmly replied.


“So?! Not all of them have actual villain experience and we have plenty!


Bakugou rolled his eyes. “That doesn’t make us heroes, you know? It just makes us Not Dead.”


“I have literally helped rescue you, Katsuki. Shut up.”


“You shut up!”


“Make me!”


“Maybe I will!”


Todoroki sipped on his soft drink, looking up at the two from his phone with bored eyes. “So you two gonna fuck on this coffee table or what?”


Kirishima flushed bright red, covering his face instantly. Bakugou wasn’t any better, explosions blasting from his hands. “Shut up, you half and half bastard! I fuckin’ hate you!”


“Congrats, join the club. I’m the president and founder since Endeavor and my Mother both retired. Glad you could join us this evening. We’re just waiting for the league of villains and then we’ll be all set. There’s snacks in the kitchen. Have fun you fucking dick.”


Bakugou halted for a moment, explosions stopping. “Are you… Are you okay, Candy Cane?”


“You’ve seen my past, you should know the answer.” He stood up without looking back, making his way up the stairs to his own room.




Fuyumi frantically searched through her phone, looking for the phone number of her youngest broker. Her eyes darted from contact to contact before she sighed loudly, annoyed. “I don’t fucking have his number. Natsu, do you?”


“Yes,” he called out happily, “I have Shoto’s number! It’s all good!” Natsu read the phone number out for his sister.



New Number has sent a text at 3PM


Unknown Number: Shoto! It’s Fuyumi! We forgot to give you the new number to text!


Milky Cryptid: Can you prove that it’s you in any way?


Unknown Number: You’re ftm, Touya left when we were kids


Milky Cryptid: That’s common knowledge for anyone in the UA


Unknown Number: When we were kids, you had an abortion because you were raped


Unknown Number ’s contact name has been changed to Ice Ice Baby


Ice Ice Baby: Is that enough?


Milky Cryptid: You could’ve used some other form of proof, but…

Milky Cryptid: It is

Milky Cryptid: What’s Natsu’s new number? And the other two.


Ice Ice Baby: Hold on and I’ll send you their contact info.




Dabi sighed into the phone. “So you’re absolutely sure that’s how he feels?”


“Of course,” the other voice chimed out, perky despite what it meant to relay that information with the villain.


“Okay. Thanks for the heads up. Bye.”


“Bye!” The phone clicked as the other hung up.


The oldest Todoroki ran a hand through his hair as Spinner sipped on his milkshake. He didn’t look up at him as he asked, “So what’s your brother up to now?”


“Self depreciative shit,” the other dead panned with a groan. “Hey, OP,” Toga called with a wild smile, “You take constructive criticism?”


“I absolutely do fucking not.”


“Well, what the fuck,” the blonde asked, hands blapping against the table, “You’re no fun! Why are you spying on your brother? Don’t you hate him?”


Tomura interrupted Dabi’s line of thoughts before he could act, “Do you have any ice in your quirk? The other Todoroki siblings do…”


“Mostly fire,” he mumbled, staring at his hand. “I can’t summon it like Shoto, but I can sometimes make ice… Just too cool myself down, mostly. All the Todoroki kids can regulate their own body temperatures thanks to their quirks, but aside from that, no. I can’t” He flexed his fingers, an incredibly thin layer of ice frosting over the tips of his fingers. It quickly melted away. “Not much more than that.”




“Todoroki,” Hagakure called, running over the to teen. He looked up from his phone, where he had been studying Bakugou’s fighting techniques, footage paused now. The invisible teen halted in front of him, Koda on her heels with a squirrel on his shoulder. She panted for a moment before righting herself at the half and half teens’ hum. “Do you think you could make it snow? You know, with your quirk? It would be really cool- And since it’s so hot- I just-” Koda followed along with frantic hand gestures behind her, broken signing from excitement and his own flailing. Todoroki couldn’t help but lightly smile. “Will you please? At least try to?”


He locked his phone, slipping it into his pocket. He thought for a moment and eventually released a slightly - though not so much - reluctant sigh. “I can try? I’m not sure how much I can do without getting messy with hail, but… Get everyone who wants to together? I can’t promise anything. If it doesn’t work, we can just ask Yao-Momo for an ice cream maker or something and I can help with that?”


Koda smiled happily before running off, grabbing his invisible friend’s hand.




Shoto stood in the center of the green, ignoring the pressure of the UA students that stood around him. He took a deep breath before raising his right hand, willing the particles in the air to icen. He laced his fingers through Iida’s, who had had his other hand held in Midoriya’s. The three stood silent for a moment before frost fell over the teen’s body and the students cheered loudly. Todoroki pushed away from the center as the students rushed forward into the falling snow, thick and prominate as he cooled the campus with his quirk. It was hard and made him cold, but he would deal with it as long as it meant keeping everyone from having cabin fever. He couldn’t deal with countless teens complaining about the heat in that moment, much less the housing situation. It was all much too annoying in that moment,


Iida pulled his boyfriend into his arms, kissing his cheeks as he shivered. “Fuck, I hate this school,” Todoroki whispered with a slight smile. Iida smiled widely as he laughed softly.


“It’s not that bad,” Midoriya said with a large smile.


Hagakure paraded her way through the thick snow already layering the grass, much more on its way and falling. She tackled Iida in a hug, arms wrapping around Todoroki in the process. “Thank you so much! This was amazing, Todoroki! I didn’t think you would even consider it! Thank you!” She let out squeals of excitement, Koda trailing behind and nodding happily. The two seemed in bliss at the snow. He smiled at the two.


“It’s not a problem in the least, Hagakure. Have fun with the snow, I think I overused my quirk some.”


“Of course,” the girl called with a wide smile. “I’m sorry for having you overuse it!”


Re chimed in again, “It’s fine, don’t mention it. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do larger scale snow things? Maybe even cover a town.”






Bakugou frowned at Shoto, slamming his hand down into the coffee table. Scorch marks blistered the wood though he didn’t have the energy to put up a fight about. “What the Hell are you watching, you damn freak?” Todoroki pushed the phone forward, showing the screen. It had the footage of their license exam, the footage of each teen under labels. Todoroki had his own file, each of his classmates as well. The one he currently had playing was clearly Bakugou’s, given the loud, bitchy yelling. It was the first exam they took, not the second that had deemed them heroes. “How the fuck did you get that shit?!”


“Endeavor wanted the footage so he knew what to work on in our training, what we needed to get together and what not to. Once he realized he was the issue in the beginning, it only got worse for me. I have your footage as well and I have many tips that can help improve your strategy if you’d like to hear them? If not, that’s fine, too. It’s your choice.”


Katsuki frowned, teeth grinding as he set his jaw. “I’m going to fight your old man,” he declared before turning sharply on his heels, annoyed as he ever could be.


“What’d he do this time to piss you off,” the other yelled with genuine confusion.


“Because that stupid fucker won’t stop abusin’ you and you sure the fuck don’t deserve that,” the hothead yelled, explosions pulsing from his hands, “Failing those exams were his damn fault, not yours! That gives him no right to hurt you over any of it just because he’s fuckin pissed off at you!”


Todoroki remarked, “You are a bit of a hypocrite, you know, right?”


“Just shut up and let me fight that stupid fucking piece of flaming Shit,” he yelled loudly.


“You can’t fight my father! Do not fight Endeavor, no matter how much you’d like to. You legally cannot.”


“Who says I give a fuck if it’s legal?”


“Your hero license,” Todoroki reminded, going back to look at his phone with a neutral look once again. He couldn’t care less about the fuming teenager on the other side of the room, stomping his way up the stairs instead of into the elevator like he normally would. As far as Todoroki knew, everyone would rather take the elevator instead of the stairs. He took them for exercise, but that was just him. He focused back on the phone’s screen without a comment as Sero’s yelling echoed through the dorms, concerned for his blonde boyfriend.


Iida made his way down the stairs, looking incredibly concerned. Todoroki immediately knew he had passed a fuming Katsuki instantly. The red eyed teen made his way over and sat down beside his boyfriend, not commenting as he leaned forward to press his forehead to the older’s shoulder. “Do you ever just feel like you’re fucking repulsing, Tenya?”


“What happened, Babe?”


“I’ve been watching the footage from the license exam, the first one that Inasa, Bakugou and I failed. I was so pompous and irrational, I almost killed another student!” Hi voice didn’t raise above a whisper, cracking repeatedly. “I could’ve killed everyone there, I probably almost did, and I couldn’t even realize because I was so caught up in my own emotions. Do you know how bad of a hero I would be? I don’t deserve any of this, I don’t deserve any of the better things that have happened, I don’t deserve you or Izuku.


Tenya didn’t back down, pulling his boyfriend into a hug and kissing his forehead. “You deserve nothing but the best, Shoto,” he whispered in reply. He didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around the other’s waist. “You’re such an amazing individual. You have to remember that both Izuku and I chose you to be our date mate, not that it was just us agreeing to a date. We love you a lot. You’re so important to us, we both would’ve died without you. Even if you almost killed a student, so what? Everyone will do that at some point in their life, that’s just how things go. Imagine how many times Pro heroes almost killed someone! Even All Might’s almost killed people, it just means you should learn from your mistakes and take it how it goes. Everyone needs to learn what to do with themselves and how to manage themselves and their quirks.”


Todoroki tightly hugged his lover, not commenting as he gripped onto his waist.


A cloud of purple appeared, the coffee table being surrounded by the back and purple mist. Todoroki’s breath caught in his throat as the yellow eyes appeared, A scarred hand reached out, roughly grabbing the Todoroki by the collar of his shirt, pulling him in before the portal suddenly disappeared.


“Shoto,” Iida yelled.




Mirko smiled at her girlfriend, kissing her cheek. “Guess what, Babe!”


“What is it,” the girl asked calmly, ladeling rice into a couple of bowls.

“Ryukyu is coming up for a while,” she called, excited as she danced around the room, happily thwomping her feet without regret. Their third girlfriend was most definitely about just as Mirko. The two heroes radiated nothing but chaotic good energy when they were around each other.


Fuyumi brought her girlfriend into a hug. “Are you serious? Is she really coming up now?”


Her phone stopped her from replying, ringing. Mirko frowned as she leaned over to pick up the red and white haired girls’ phone. “Mirko speaking for Todoroki Fuyumi, how may I be of service? Any message I can pass to your big sis?” Her brows furrowed. “You’re not Todoroki Shoto.” She placed it on speaker.


“N-N-No! I’m Iida Tenya! I’m so sorry to be calling so late! But Todoroki- He-”


A loud explosion sounded in the background, angry yelling filling the speaker, “I’ll kill that fuckin League, especially those god damn fire and portal bitches! You can’t fuckin stop me freom doing shit about their fuckin-”


Katsuki, calm down ,” a feminine voice chimed. More explosions filled the speaker before suddenly being muffled.


“I’m so sorry,” Iida sobbed into the phone, “Shoto, he was kidnapped-”


The phone fell to the floor, shattering from impact.

Chapter Text

Shoto stared at his brother, glaring daggers at the black-haired adult. “The fuck you want? Gonna try to kill me again?”


His brother rolled his eyes. “What do you take me for?”


“A murderer.”


“That is reasonable. But, no, I’m not going to kill you. I wanted to check up on you, given things I’ve been… hearing.”


The youngest Todoroki rolled his eyes. “ Hearing, ” he quoted with disgust, “So there really is a traitor in the UA?”


Tomura ran a hand through his blue hair. “Of course there is. We have to have eyes from the inside, anyway. Now, listen to your big brother.”


“He hasn’t been a brother since he called me disgusting all those years ago.”


“That was years ago, ” the older pouted, throwing his hands out. “You were, what, Seven? How the fuck do you remember?!”


“It was the last thing you said to me before trying to kill me a bunch of times! What do you expect?! A simple, ‘My little Shoto,’  is going to fix years of damage?! Like using my given name will help you repair years of not being there! You’re just like Him!


“You take that back!”


“I will not! Not unless you learn how to be an actual fucking brother and not a drop beat brother that takes after their dad way too much!”


“God! It’s all your fault that Mom went crazy if she had to deal with you acting like this all the time!”


Shoto scoffed, ignoring the burn in his eyes. “You think I don’t know that?! You really are like Endeavor. He said the same damn thing…” His words slowly lost power to them, stance failing to keep up. “It’s true, but you shouldn’t say it. It’s bad enough Fuyumi and Natsu can’t even own up to the fact that it’s my fault… I just want to fucking go back home to the dorms. Why the fuck did you take me, anyway?”


Toga let out a loud, wailing laugh. “He was supposed to make you feel better,” she giggled, tears falling down her cheeks, “but he only made you feel worse! No wonder your family is so dysfunctional! This is the best thing ever!”


Twice seemed to be caught up in a mix of laughing and being upset. “That was really mean,” he called, angry before suddenly doubled over and laughing, “She’s right! Dabi, you are just like Endeavor! Down to a T!”


The two Todoroki’s couldn’t help but let their blood boil, the temperature of the room heating incredibly so. Spinner frowned. “Wow, you two. No need to get heated.” He smirked just in time for Dabi to slam his fist into the villains’ nose. “It wasn’t that bad,” he called.


“It was,” Shoto reassured.




Iida pulled Midoriya into his arms as angry sobs ripped from his throat. “I was right there,” he insisted, “I could’ve stopped him! But I didn’t Izuku! I didn’t stop them! What kind of boyfriend am I?!”


“You’re still children,” Aizawa spoke, “You couldn’t’ve. It was a surprise attack. None of us predicted it at all. They acted too fast for any of us to know. Don’t beat yourself up over it.”


The three were interrupted as Present Mic ran into the room, looking slightly winded. “Come and look at the TV!”




The fighting had advanced into personal attacks instead of just the normal Fuck you ’s siblings typically launched at each other.


“Couldn’t even protect yourself from Dad? Not Mom, either? Fucking useless!”


Shoto slammed his fist forward, Dabi doing the same. Both of their left hands were swallowed in the purple-black mist. Kurogiri let out an annoyed sigh as he voiced himself, “If you’re going to fight instead of ration this out like planned, at least don’t destroy us all in the process. There’s some old abandoned building we could use or something. Just don’t destroy here, thank you.” The mist consumed their feet, sucking everyone up into its spacey nothing. The group of villains and one hero fell into their pit of nothing.


The two Todoroki’s were met with a concrete ground, Dabi getting a much harsher splat on his ass than Shoto, who landed on some old wood that cushioned some of his fall. Kurogiri stood on one of the old water towers, the other with him. They could only be seen from the field, but only if you knew where to look, most likely after being told.


Shoto didn’t hesitate to slam forward shards of ice, hand placed on the ground as he raised himself. He still had on his binder, which was incredibly unsafe for fighting, especially considering it was just a normal one to hold his breasts there, not one to withstand heat. He would admit his brother had done him dirty by this, but there wasn’t much he could do about it now, not with Kurogiri standing watch with Tomura and the rest of the League all there to watch. If it came down to it, he didn’t know where the villains' true loyalties lied. He knew Toga’s were with Dabi, Tomura with Kurogiri, but any of the others were all wild guesses.


Blue flames shot back in return as more shards of ice pressed forward. They immediately followed with a blast of orange flames.


Shoto knew his brother wasn’t the best with hand to hand combat. The problem was, however, that neither was he. He could do the same thing he did with Midoriya, but that move was already played and left him far too open at many times, despite the ice that would protect around him. If it came down to it, he accepted the consequences of maybe having to murder his own brother. If that’s what it takes to end this silly family feud bullshit, he thought despite himself. It won’t, another part of him whispered, Fuyumi, Natsu, Rei, none of them will trust you . He ran the options of what he could do through his brain, thoughts scattered as ice blocked the blue flames.


Impale him with ice. Brutal and short, though there aren’t any openings for that now.


Duck and cover, but he’s quick to seek and shows no signs of letting that happen.


Hold out until… Until…


There were too many possible until ’s that plagued his mind.


Until the pros arrive.

Until one of us tiers out.

Until one of us slips up.

Until the press is alerted.

Until Kurogiri or Tomura deem this all useless.

Until one of the villains finds this boring and decides to join in.


The youngest Todoroki felt ice build around his sides, foot pressed down as he willed them up, building higher and higher. At the same time, fire spewed in thick tendrils at his brother, licking at his skin before he jumped away. When it came to fighting fire with fire, there could be no winner. But fire with fire and ice, there stood an advantage, despite how skilled Dabi was with his quirk, Shoto knew he just had to wait it all out until the fire all became too much. He knew the tad bit of ice mixed in wouldn’t be able to cool him if he went too far. The younger knew his father’s quirk inside and out, the after effects and repercussions. It was all a matter of the waiting game and who could last the longest as long as no one else joined in.


Dabi dodged the thin line of ice that sprouted from the other’s hand. That, in all of Shoto’s fortune, placed him just in time to be intercepted with a large iceberg, encasing him and blocking the villains' view of the two. The ground shook beneath his icy wake, eyes ablaze with faded flames, no longer yellow nor orange.




“UA student and son of Endeavor Todoroki Shoto found fighting his villain brother, Dabi.” The girl moved the hair out of her mouth, eyes set on the camera as it showed a blast of purple flames immediately followed by blue ice, red and blue flames blasted seconds later. It was impossible to see anything aside from attacks. “Neither of them can be seen now, not with all the expanding air! We can only see what’s high enough to be given off.”


Shota grabbed his bag, pressing a half-asleep Eri into All Might’s arms. “Watch her,” he said without a second thought, “Don’t you dare let her see what’s going on. We can’t have her panicking over this, not like she panicked the first time she saw Todoroki upset.” That night had been filled with a panicked teenager whose father was threatened face to face with death and a little girl who couldn’t help but want to comfort the suffering teen. “I’ll be back as soon as I can, Babe. I love you.” He pressed a quick kiss to his lover's forehead before running quickly out of the dorms, everyone in Class 1 - A aside from Sato, Koda, and Aoyama following frantically. They would all do their bests to help.




Todoroki ended up not needing their help.


Two ice cicles pierced his chest and near his throat, shards thick and in clearly. He looked at it with wide eyes, though Dabi was in no better state. The two stared at each other, unsure of how to go about this. Blood rushed through their ears, only interpreted as silence and white noise. They forced themselves to breathe, shallow and forced.


Kurogiri sucked the teen into his black mist. “I’m so sorry,” he whispered to him, “I never meant for it to go this far.”


Dabi was the better of the two, nothing more than a puncture wound. But Shoto, however, could feel the thick icicle melting inside of his wounds. He pressed a hand to it, breathing incredibly shallow and more forced than he ever wanted. A red glare lined his vision as he inhaled deeply, coughing on the blood that dripped down his lips and chin, sputtering everywhere.




“The two have both been impaled with ice,” Present Mic played from the radio around his neck. Loud gasps and even a couple of choked sobs were greeted at the news. The hero let out a disgruntled whine, tears greeting his eyes. “The mist portal villain is taking them both! The-They’re both gone!”


Aizawa halted the moment the portal villain dropped the red-and-white haired teen beneath him, desperately gasping for air. He looked up at his teacher, eyes terrified as he gritted his teeth. Tears fell from his eyes. They pooled on his neck as he forced air in and out of his lungs.




1- Extreme fear

2- A person, especially a child, who causes trouble or annoyance




1- an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat

2- A mixed of dread and reverence

3- a feeling of anxiety concerning the outcome of something or the safety and well-being of someone

4- the likelihood of something unwelcome happening




1- A sudden surprising or upsetting event or experience

2- Cause (someone) to feel surprised or upset

3- Collide violently

4- an acute medical condition associated with a fall in blood pressure, caused by such events as loss of blood, severe burns, bacterial infection, allergic reaction, or sudden emotional stress, and marked by cold, pallid skin, irregular breathing, rapid pulse, and dilated pupils


There were very few times anyone had ever witnessed true terror, especially in situations so early on, but it was inevitable as a hero. But that didn’t take the emotional level of it all out of their lives. For it to be your best friend, classmate, boyfriend, child, the list went on. Shota scooped the child up, not hesitating to begin his run to Recovery Girl.


The class followed, Iida sprinting forward to get the woman ready for the teen. Yao-Momo frantically produced gauze of which Aizawa pressed to the melting icicle. Todoroki’s body temperature fluctuated between freezing and burning, uneven. He pressed down the gauze the best he could despite his hazy state. Mina slipped on acid as she followed one of the two class reps. Ojiro was swinging forward as well. Everyone was doing what they could to help the teen get where he needed.


“I don’t want to die,” Todoroki forced out, immediately coughing, “Not like this.” He pressed a heated hand to his own chest, letting out a loud yell. The heat sterilized it, at least, closing the skin in a way he didn’t understand. It shouldn’t have worked, but it did.


“Don’t do that,” Aizawa spoke, “you’re going to hurt yourself more. I refuse to let you die, Todoroki. Not now, not while I’m still alive.”


Todoroki smiled lightly despite the way his eyes fell shut.




“The UA currently can only give the comment that one of their many prized students is in the hospital at the current moment in critical condition. The only people allowed to see him at the moment are his three fathers and his family members. Aside from that, no one will give any comments. It’s been three days since the incident and, still, there is no clear depiction of what has happened. The moment we get any news, we promise we’ll be on the job. Now-”


Shoto pulled his sister in for a hug. His face was stained and his body was all too wrong at that moment. He couldn’t escape any of physical and mental strain currently on him. His brother had attempted to murder him, his brother had gotten close, his brother definitely didn’t love him, and there was now at least one confirmed traitor in the UA. It all pained him as he sobbed into her neck, Natsu holding the two in his arms. Mirko had her legs wrapped around them, Hawks had his wings around the four, and then Ryuuko had all five wrapped around her dragon form. He silently accepted this truly was his only family, aside from the heroes, that he had any more.


“I’m so sorry,” he choked out on repeat, nothing more than a broken record just one play left from being shattered. “I ruined our family. It’s all broken because of me. I’m so sorry.” His words broke off unevenly, voice cracking, losing all power invested in it. He couldn’t look up at the broken expressions he knew they all wore, couldn’t face the tear-soaked faces he knew were his own fault, couldn’t face what was all his fault. “It’s all my fault, I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry.”


Hawks was the one to break the ice and say, “No, Shoto, it’s not your fault. It’s mine, as someone who has been working with Dabi to get an inside plan and left. It’s my fault just as much as it is Dabi’s. Don’t blame yourself.”


“I could’ve stopped it if I would’ve stayed,” Mirko whispered as she hugged the group, “I could’ve been there and saved you all.”


“It’s none of your faults,” Ryuuko suddenly spoke, voice a little odd considering the dragon vocal chords, “None of you could’ve foretold any of this. If you would’ve stayed, you all could’ve been severely hurt in the process. The one who truly is at fault is Endeavor himself. He’s the one who angered his child enough into wanting to get rid of the others. None of this could’ve been stopped unless he would have learned to calm the fuck down. Now, relish at the moment that you’re all still alive. At the moment, this is one the best things we can do until it all fades out and we find a way to keep this from happening again.”


Shoto couldn’t help the sobs that kept coming, though his apologies dimmed into nothing more than the occasional apology for bringing them into his mess.




Aizawa sighed softly. “I know you don’t want to answer any questions about this, but…”


The youngest Todoroki gave a quick recount of what happened, whispering quietly, “He said there was a traitor, Mister Aizawa. There’s actually someone who…”


“I know,” he mumbled quietly, “Nedzu has suspected this for a while. At least… now we have it confirmed. Originally, Shinso only joined to find out who the traitor was. Clearly, though, that didn’t work.” Eraserhead ran a hand through his long locks. “You’re free to go back to the dorms now. However, I suggest you do it now instead of later so you don’t have to deal with everyone else crowding around you once you get back. Everyone’s in All Might’s class and we all know how busy he keeps everyone. I’ll send Iida and Midoriya down to check on you once they get to my class.”


“You don’t have to, I can manage myself.”


“You were stabbed with an icicle that pierced your lung not a full seventy two hours ago, Todoroki. I will send them.”


He stood, mumbling a quiet but meaningful, “Thank you.” He made his way out of the classroom silently.




Dabi’s wounds would take time to heal, no doubt. But it was nothing to worry about. He knew they would heal eventually. It was nothing more than a slight prick.


Not that it didn’t make him incredibly angry, though.


Tomura sighed from his place in the bed beside him. “When will you learn to not challenge your family in an Until Death fight. We all know the kid is way too powerful. After this, there’s no possible way he’ll work with the league.”


Dabi pouted, “Good. Didn’t want to work with that little shit, anyway. Fuckin’s hate him.”


“Of course,” the blue-haired one insisted, “because every single time we hate people, we sincerely hope they’re in a good mental state and attempt to help them relax. So sorry, Dabi, I forgot.”


“I’m going to fucking cremate you.”


The other took no value to the threat. “You overused your quirk when you fought him, didn’t you?”


“I didn’t think I could make as much ice as I did.”


“Your body was reacting in a life or death situation. That is why some people are consumed by their quirk when they die.”


“Vitamin C is Spanish for Vitamin Yes,” was all the other provided with a slight frown.




Iida opened the door to reveal Todoroki laying on his bed, silently nursing a Capri Sun pouch. He didn’t comment at the bandages over his chest or the lack of any clothing aside from boxers. Instead, he sat on the foot of the mat, Midoriya shutting the door behind him as he walked in.


“Hey, Babe,” the shortest provided with a light smile.


He hummed, looking up. He pulled the Capri Sun pouch away to speak. “Hey. How’ve you guys been?” He slowly pushed himself up, back crackling. He still had thin bandages wrapped around his chest. They were just enough to cover him and keep the stitches from coming apart. It still felt disgusting . “Izuku, can you hand me that yellow shirt?” He pointed at the yellow shirt laid messily across his desk. It had been one of Iida’s but all Lords knew Todoroki loved his Bara Tiddy boyfriend’s clothing. The green haired teen nodded and threw it over without any questions. “Can you help me, Tenya?”


The red-eyed boyfriend quickly nodded, helping him pull it over his head and arms. It was sort of odd to help him through this, but no one commented. “I-”


“Ah,” Todoroki called, finger pressing to Tenya’s lips without hesitation. “Before you start apologizing, I want you to know that none of this was your fault in the least. It couldn’t be prevented unless Endeavor had changed. But he didn’t, so no one is to blame. Don’t drag yourself through the mud, okay?”


The slick tears were all he needed to confirm his suspicions, This was why Aizawa wanted to send the two. Both were already crying by the time he pulled them into hugs.


Soft whispers passed between the three, comforts that mostly came from the youngest, of whom already had dealt with all the emotions they had internally for the first two and a half days. Nothing was said in a loud range. That wasn’t what any of them needed. The moment was fragile. It could’ve shattered with a single wrong movement, single wrong touch, single wrong word. But the youngest managed to know everything he should’ve said to calm them. It all managed to tame them all.


“I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you two,” he whispered, kissing their foreheads slowly. Iida let out a soft laugh at that, pulling him even closer.




Purple mist invaded the teens' room. He didn’t have the motivation to be upset about it. His emotions were all strikingly numb. He didn’t need them to know that he was suddenly on a bed, his brother beside him, looking angry. He didn’t even have the energy to fight against any of it. He just stared at the other with bored eyes. Every single fiber of his body burnt.


“Shoto,” Dabi presented.




“Do you know why you’re here?”


“So you can murder me. Just get it over with, I’m tired.”


His brother cringed. “What the fuck? No, I’m not going to murder you.”


“Sure seemed like you would after that whole attack thing last time. What do you want?” There stood zero malice in his words, just a drained tired that made the other have pity aches in their chest. The younger looked so drained, so ready for death to consume him. How the fuck was Dabi supposed to respond to that? A pat on the back and A Way to go, Sport, you’re still alive! “Whatever you’re going to do, just fuckin’ do it.”


Dabi leaned up, an ice pack pressed to his chest where he’d been stabbed. The younger suddenly suspected Spinner or Kurogiri to be the unofficial official nurse of the group, though the older was most likely to be the one. “I don’t want to kill you. Hell, I didn’t even think it would go as far as it did. But I wanted to tell you… I don’t hate you. I don’t hate you at all. I hated Him and everything He did. I hated our family because it was made purely because He wanted to surpass All Might, no matter what it took. I couldn’t just stand by while he abused you! It was all such bullshit , and I couldn’t fucking do anything about it! I could only watch. Every single time I said something, even offhandedly, about it… He only got worse on you. I had to get out. I was so disgusted with him, with you and everyone because everyone was just letting it happen! It was absolutely fucking disgusting, Shoto!”


The younger frowned at his brother. “It wasn’t your fault,” the child reminded with a simple chirp of his words. “None of us could say or do anything. After you left…” He groaned in disgust, brows furrowed. “Mom, she… she fell apart. And then Endeavor just… It all went to Hell…” Tears began collecting. They were full of anger, no longer completely numb. Instead, he felt the urge to fight course through him. “It all went to shit and none of us could even say anything about it without getting slapped.”


The older scooted closer, pulling his brother into a hug. The younger flinched on reflex but instantly gave in. He knew there was no point in fighting the angry tears that boiled inside of him.


The two radiated chaotic energy, angry and seething but still mourning the loss of what could’ve been if Touya would’ve just stayed, if Inko were still Inko, if Mom were still the title they could say every day without mixed emotions, if Endeavor had just been better. They mourned and mourned what should’ve been.




“I don’t have a real reason for being a hero anymore,” the red-and-white-haired teen confessed, “I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still kind of want to be a hero… But it was all out of spite. Mom wanted me to be a hero, yeah, and I agreed with that… But it was ultimately decided by HIm, now me.”


“You could join us?”


“I don’t want to kill anyone or hurt my friend.” Shoto grimaced. “That would make me just like Him.”


“Fuck,” Dabi whispered.


“You’re not… exactly like him, if that helps?”


The other piqued with, “It doesn’t.”


“You could just… Not hurt anyone? All Might is going to die on his own time, anyways... “ His throat felt dry at saying that. “When he does… I’ll lose a Father, but…” Tears boiled inside eyes.


“What do you mean?”


“All Might… He adopted me. After everything. Mom is still in the hospital. She isn’t fit to be taken out, not yet. She won’t be for a while, so he and his husbands are all sharing custody of me.”




Kurogiri opened the door of the room, looking somewhat askew. “It’s almost morning. We have to take him back now…”


Shoto nodded some, slowly forcing himself to stand.




“Did you two make up,” a cheery voice chipped in from the line.


Another squealed, “Yeah! Did you?!”


“Jesus shit, calm down you two. I did, so he should be drained as fuck today. We stayed up last night, both of us. Will he be in class today?”


“Aizawa said he won’t be back unless he wants to be. He probably will be. He isn’t allowed to use his quirk at all, though, so you could attack!”


The first voice groaned loudly. “Not today! We have a test, damn it.”


Fuck, ” the other replied.


“Fucking idiots. We won’t be setting up anything in a while. So shut the fuck up and don’t get caught. You fucking retards are going to get us all blown. See you freaks later.”


“Bye, Dabi,” the two said in sync, the line going dead.


The villain groaned before peering over at his boyfriend, who wore an amused smile on cracked lips. “Whadda you want, you crusty bitch? Get some of Toga’s fuckin moisturizer, God fucking damn.” The other only laughed.


“You like those two, don’t you?”


“I have to. If I don’t get along with them, we both lose in this situation.”


“You could fake it, though you aren’t.”


“Yeah, because I’m not a fake fucking bitch like your cracker Jack ass. At least I tell them when they’ve both fucked up, unlike you, you silly fucking cunt. Why can’t you just be straightforward with the two?”


“Because I am anything but straight,” the other clarified.


“You’re also not a hero.”


“Shut up.”


“Make me.”




The scar was deep and dark. The Todoroki had long accepted that but seeing it was a different thing than acknowledging its’ existence. He held a hand over it, arm hovering over his breast, features raising and then releasing. His muscles ached terribly. But Midoriya still didn’t hesitate to press a heating pad against his stomach before quietly telling him to lay on his stomach. The latter gave him a somber frown before doing so, sucking in a quick breath as his muscles contracted, cramping. Midoriya pressed slim fingers down on the knots on his naked back in return.


It was an oddly intimate act, despite circumstances. Soft music of played out guitar notes played from the speakers on Todoroki’s desk, just loud enough to be heard over the younger’s whimpers and whines. Midoriya was careful as he kneaded his knuckles over tense muscles. Setting the cramps wasn’t the hardest thing but it didn’t stop the pain happening before they were set or while they were being done so.

Yao-Momo opened his door, sighing softly at seeing the two. She was already used to the sight of her friend like this. She had spent countless nights helping him through unsettling cramps while Jiro did her best to keep him evenly fed and have a garbage can in case something didn’t settle - which was all too often, not that they would comment - or, in general, make sure to keep up mental health. Yaoyorozu settled o  her knees beside the two, pressing a damp washcloth to his back. He immediately noted the intense heat that radiated off of it, but it was oddly soothing, so he couldn’t comment.


“Iida’s still out visiting his brother, but he will be back soon,” Yao-Momo reported softly, pressing her knuckles against a particular spot that had him fisting uncomfortably at the sheets. Once he settled, she whispered out, “I’m sorry.” He only hummed in response, nodding.


Nights like these were much tamer than they could’ve been. The first night of his odd menstrual cycle usually consisted of many cramps and consumed snacks while the second was purely vomiting and all too many showers, dysphoria plaguing every movement, every decision. From then on out, it was all a wild gamble for the month. He was thankful that he could at least go three, sometimes four months without his period, though. But the month that struck left him irritable and pained, taking iron supplements and seeking out Recovery Girl for anything from medicine to one blood transplant that had staff and students alike worried. None of them liked hearing that Todoroki had to go to the office and came back with the simple statement of , ‘Oh, I got a blood transfusion,’ as if it had been the most normal thing. Come to think of it, now that everyone knew of his past, no one could actually say it wasn’t.


The two in the room were unsure when Todoroki suddenly stopped talking much. He wasn’t cold and somber like he had been at the beginning of the year, but within the past few weeks, it had gone progressively from speaking to flat out signing instead, occasionally saying an, Okay, or, yes, et cetera. It was nothing more than one-word answers or soft hums. He would often be caught signing with Koda or Bakugou, sometimes Jiro or even rarer, the one occasion he had been found Kaminari and Kirishima, both of which refused to say a single word about the incident. Yao-Momo wasn’t even sure that day had existed.


She decided to finally ask. “Todoroki… I may be overstepping my boundaries with this question, and I do insist you tell me if I am, but… Why haven’t you been speaking lately?”


He slowly leaned up, brows furrowed as he peaked at his closest friend-that-isn’t-a-lover. He held his left hand over the second piercing scar on his body, the one near his throat. He signed out, It hurts , simple and out. He suddenly looked a little worried, It hurts a lot, he clarified.

Chapter Text

He doesn’t want to admit that he likes the silence. Actually, he prefers it over the sound of his own voice. He doesn’t dare look back at the mirror, though, the one holding his reflection. It was nothing more than a broken boy with already shattered bones and thin scars that only gave hints at the abuse with others that gave clear signs. He hated them, but what could he do? It wasn’t like he had Recovery Girl to heal him up so he didn’t have dark scars and no amount of healing could calm the fired up and irritated skin.


He hesitantly let his fingers dance along the keyboard of his phone, deciding it was time to make this huge decision, get it out in the open before a panic attack caught up with him mid conversation with someone.


Milky Cryptid messaged chat Hero Course and Teachers


Milky Cryptid: Hey, I’m going to ask a huge favor. Can you guys all just call me Shoto instead? I don’t want to be known for my father’s legacy, and, honestly, I’ve been thinking about this for years. Todoroki just doesn’t fit anymore.


He lowered his phone, watching Yao-Momo and Izuku check the messages. Momo peaked up at him and hummed before typing once again. She knew if she said anything verbally, he would ignore her or crack again. And they couldn’t have that in front of Recovery Girl’s office.


3D Printer: Just like how I can’t stand my family’s legacy?


Milky Cryptid: Exactly.


Bootleg Pikachu: I’m sorry if I slip up in advance.


Dadzawa: I am as well.
Who changed my name?
I swear to fuck if it was Mic again


Milky Cryptid: Does anyone else find it weird that we call everyone their hero names aside from Vlad and Aizawa? We don’t even call Present Mic, the most open hero here, Yamada.


Bird Dad: I’ve been targeted.


Milky Cryptid: Vlad was set up to have a blood quirk, convince me otherwise.


Midoriya stifled a laugh.


Broccoli Boi: As much as I hate that statement
It’s too true .


Milky Cryptid: I am a beacon of terrible decisions.


Milky Cryptid has changed Dad Might ’s chat name to Johnny Bravo


Milky Cryptid: I am at the peak of terrible decisions


Izuku couldn’t help the loud burst of laughter at seeing that. “Shoto,” he said through the laughter.


“The peak,” the other signed with a stone expression. Momo was the one who combusted into laughter.




Shoto didn’t look up from his place, words just barely getting through to his brain, despite his hearing aid being up all the way. He stared at the floor, feet swinging slowly. He hated this all.


“It isn’t rare for heroes to have damaged vocal chords or a voice box, but… It is odd, considering the injuries he sustained and that it didn’t kill him. However, I’m sure that I can fix it all with some surgery.”


Momo and Izuku both let out their bouts of words, though nothing was absorbed through the teen’s mind. Instead, his brows furrowed and his hands moved on their own, quick and shameless. What if I don’t want to fix it? Their words halted, everyone unsure of what to say.


“Then I can just give you some pain killers? I will have to see if it’s anything that will damage you in the future, though.”






“You’re a lying piece of shit, ” Izuku yelled, “You’re not the man I dated months ago!” Pure anger boiled inside of the teenager, hands slamming down on the table.


Tenya was just as angry. “Fucking fine!”


Uraraka frowned, looking uneasy. “Guys-”


“No,” the green-haired on yelled, “This if fuking bullshit! I fucking hate you, Iida!”


The red eyed one slammed his hands on the table. “Fine! When we get divorced, I’m taking Shoto!”


The boy in question looked rather uncomfortable at the fighting. He slowly eased the game board away, packing up the pieces. “That’s enough Monopoly,” he whispered, putting the board in, neatly folded, “now please stop fighting?” The two still crossed their arms and turned away from each other. “And stop being petty?...” After a moment of attempts to get the two to speak peacefully, the other deciding a simple whisper of, “I’m going to Aizawa’s… I’ll be back later.”




Shoto settled his head on Shinso’s lap. The purple-haired teen ran their hands through their brother’s hair, humming. Binders sat on the table, disgardeed to be washed. “ So you’ll be getting top surgery soon? ” He looked up at them with neutral eyes, excited their transition could be so planned and actually play out. Shoto wouldn’t deny the slight jealousy he felt, but Shinso knew it had no ill intent.


“Yeah. Next week, actually.”


You’re a whole ass man and a half.


Hizashi walked into the room, Yagi on his hip as the two passed quiet words. Shoto quickly slammed forward, body up before Rice could jump on him -- not that he minded her, she was an amazing dog -- and just a second before his third father made his way inside the home, door slamming shut behind him as a cool breeze followed. He didn’t react to it despite the other’s shivers. His hands went into motion quickly. “ How do you get two people to stop fighting over Monopoly?


Yagi stopped for a moment, brows furrowed as he sat. “Young Midoriya and Iida are fighting over Monopoly?” He nodded.


“We almost got a divorce because of Monopoly,” Hizashi remarked with a hum. Shoto quickly waved his hands in front of his face, tense. He didn’t want that. “I doubt Iida would let it got that far. He is someone who prefers order, after all.”


His hands slowed, falling to the side as Rice made her way up on the couch. The Great Pyrenees huffed softly as she settled on his legs. “ I don’t want us to break up, ” he slowly signed, hands shaking ever so slightly. The time they had played Uno came up, a full week of the two avoiding each other over the petty game making him flinch ever so lightly.


Aizawa sat down on the armchair with a roll of his eyes. “Midoriya is too stubborn to let you three break up.”


They avoided each other for a whole week after losing Uno to each other.


The front door opened once more, Tamaki ushering in Eri. She held tightly onto his and Hado’s hand. “Deku’s still fighting with Iida,” she spoke to the two, “and they seem really mad at each other. Uraraka wouldn’t say what happened.” The child hadn’t looked up at Shoto, who was cringing. Tamaki, however, looked incredibly concerned, brows furrowed and expression leaking his concerns for the younger.


See, ” the other drastically threw an arm out, brows furrowed, looking distraught. He had tears slowly boiling in his eyes. “ They’re still fighting. It’s been an hour. ” His motions were sloppy and sharp, almost making the wrong words come out. But, at that moment, he couldn’t calm his nerves. He knew his relationship was pretty stable, but he still felt like a handful to them, he felt like a burden. If those chose to break up, he wouldn’t fight against them. That would just be that. He settled his face in Rice’s fur, Shinso rubbing his back calmly.


“I highly doubt Midoriya or Iida would break up with you. They both love you a lot.”


He let a couple tears leak onto the dogs fur before forcing himself to inhale and breathe normally, forcing the tears away.




Fuyumi laid down on the bed, curling up to her girlfriend. “Hey, Rumi, do you think Shoto’s doing okay? He hasn’t text me back in a while. He usually texts me within a couple of hours?”


“Has he even read the text?”


“It says he hasn’t been online in a few days, actually,” the girl remarked, suddenly leaning up. “Should I call him?”


Ryuko sat down on the side of the bed, laying down. “Aizawa said he lost his voice for the most part.”


“When did he say that?”


“Yesterday. I had to talk to Present Mic and he picked up. Turns out he’s progressively lost it since his fight with Dabi. Oh, and he just goes by Shoto with everyone now instead of Todoroki.”


Fuyumi pursed her lips. “I mean, it makes sense for him to… But I didn’t even get a single update about it?”


“He’s been a little down lately. His boyfriends are fighting over Monopoly.”


Mirko laughed softly. She pressed a hand to her mouth, “Sorry. It’s just sort of ironic. Remember Uno?”


Fuyumi went cold, turning her head away as she said, “We don’t speak of Uno.” The home had a definite ban after the three had an argument over losing. Her head spun at the memories. Growing up with three siblings had left vicious marks when it came to children’s games, even ones as petty and insignificant as those. She wouldn’t deny any of the fights she had had with Natsu over any of their childhood games, one evan leading to both of them in the hospital. She had a fork embedded in her hand while he had wasabi thrown in his eyes. “I do need to speak to him eventually, though. I haven’t had a face to face conversation with him since that night.”


“We could just go to the UA now?” Ryuko stood, stretching. Her back popped widely. “I have to talk to Mic about a few arrangements, though. He’s having me on one of his shows next week.” She yawned, hand covering over her opened mouth for a moment.


“S+Sounds like a plan,” the other hero perked up, eyes challenging them as she leaped up, smirking. She was ready to go now. Both knew that the moment she was ready to do something or wanted to, that was the final decision. There was no use in even attempting to stop the girl.




Mount Lady sighed, standing next to Shoto. “You know, they’re probably just taking it over the top at this point? Nemuri does shit like this all the time. She’s super dramatic.”


“Hypocrite,” the other called with a teasing smile, “you’re worse.”


The youngest sighed softly. “Except that both of them are serious about most things. You’ve both seen Izuku and Tenya.” He kept his voice quiet. He had already taken the pain killers for the day. Recovery Girl was getting it set up for a removal. His vocals were damaged, no point in causing pain if it was useless. “Neither of them lie about things like this. I don’t understand what the Hell is going on with them.”


“Monopoly is a game for only those who are married and know how not to be assholes.” Mount Lady stuffed her hands in the pocket of her jacket, sitting down on the steps of the store’s front. “And even then, there’s still going to be issues.”


“Ragdoll is the only reason we’re still married. We almost got a divorce and everything. Even Ms. Joke was angry.”


Shoto sighed. “You know, I’m not Midoriya. I know all of your names, you’re all my family, too. By blood or not, you’re all my aunts and I’ll fight for you guys as you would me.”


Mount Lady smiled widely, looking close to tears. “You called us your aunts!”


He looked confused. “Yes? What else would I call you all?”


“A burden,” Midnight deadpanned, sitting on the rail. She looked all too serious.


He rubbed his arm, sighing. “Technically, I’d be your guys’ burden, since you’re my aunts, not I your uncle. It doesn’t make sense for me to call you that. Besides, you’re both not a burden in the least. It’s nice to have four positive women as aunts. Momo’s family doesn’t count, though. As much as I’d love to say her family is my own, I can’t. Not with how negative they are.”


The adult rated hero frowned. “Are they like… You know who?”


He shook his head instantly. “No! They just aren’t home much, though. They don’t even like me, they just liked my father’s fame.” Shoto inhaled deeply as he sat beside the sized hero. He brought his knees to his chest and hugged them. “They’re good people, I promise. They just don’t support my transition that much.”




“They tolerate it. They’re just… silent about it. I don’t hold it against them. Both of them were raised religiously in strict homes. I’m surprised they didn’t raise her like that. But she’s supported me a lot through my transition, after she found out. I didn’t even know her parents were who they were until Kaminari and Mina mentioned studying with her.”


Midnight nodded. “That is understandable. I’m glad they didn’t raise her like that, though.”


“Me, too.”




Shoto sighed as he saw his sister, running to her and relaxing into her arms. He hugged her tightly. Mirko trailed behind, excitedly hopping along. Ryuko elegantly walked. Of the three, he had no doubt she was the most trained growing up, even considering Fuyumi.


“Hello, Shoto,” she greeted with a bow. He bowed in return, smiling, “Aizawa has already informed us of your vocal situation. I apologize for what’s been going on.”


He nodded respectfully, clearing his throat. “I have surgery to get them out tomorrow,” he clarified, voice uneven and cracking. Shoto ran a hand through his hair. “Then I really won’t have a voice.”


“Won’t that effect hero work? If you need help or to tell someone to dodge?”


“I’m a solo act, just like you,” he reminded. She smirked and nodded quickly. “Besides, I’m going to be an underground hero. I don’t want everyone in my business like how He used to be. It was enough just being his kid.” Fuyumi nodded frantically. “What brings you all here, anyway?”


“I have to talk to Present Mic and your sister wanted to talk to you,” Ryuko provided. “I’ll see you later, kid. Rumi, who are you staying with?”


Her girlfriend looked at her two options before deciding, “I’ll stay with Fuyumi and Shoto for a bit. I’ll catch up to you later.” The dragon hero nodded, kissing her lovers goodbye before walking away. ‘So, what’s going on with your boy toys, Shoto?” She smirked.


Shoto felt the smile strip away, leaving a pained expression instead. His breathing became erratic instantly. “Bad. Neither of them with talk to me or each other after our game of Monopoly. I can’t do anything about it!”




Midoriya glared at his significant other, arms crossed as the two made their way around each other. Glares sent daggers in chests. If looks could kill, neither of the future heroes would be left standing. Mina awkwardly mauled around them, frowning as she made her way through the kitchen to get a snack. She looked at the two. Her vision switched from the two to the floor. Iida to Midoriya to floor. Iida to Midoriya to floor. Iida to Midoriya to floor. She repeated it over and over again until she let out a loud groan, successfully getting both of their short attention spans focused on her. “Jesus fuck, if you’re both going to do nothing but glare and shit like that, just fucking break up or fuck or something! The whole dorm is uncomfortable with all this glaring!”


“Maybe we will break up,” Iida fought with an anger filled stamp of his foot on the ground.


“Yeah,” Midoriya greed. “Yeah, yeah! Fuck you, Iida!” He held his middle fingers up, looking incredibly pissed as he yelled. “It’s over!”




“Fuck you, too, Midoriya,” Iida yelled back. The two turned away from each other, going their separate ways. Iida went to the stairs while Midoriya went to the elevator.


Ashido had a silent moment of panic before she quickly picked up her phone.


Bubblegum Bitch has opened a chatting channel with Milky Cryptid


Bubblegum Bitch: Bro, both of your boyfriends just broke up
I may have accidentally been the cause
They’ve been really pissy for the past two days so I told them to just break up or fuck or something because everyone in the dorms are getting uncomfortable as fuck when they’re around like this
And so they were all like “Fuck you” and “Fuck you”
And now I think they’re broken up?????
I don’t know, though
And no one else is in the dorms so I won’t say anything to anyone
Well, dorms bottom floor
So if anyone else knows it’ll be because of one of them or you


Milky Cryptid: Well, isn’t this a bit of an predicament
I’ve always heard that high school relationships don’t last
But damn…
That shit hurted.


Bubblegum Bitch: Do you want me to tell Momo or Kaminari to get a movie set up for you?
Or have Shinso and Aizawa get something set up?
Code Z7?


Z7: Shoto has a mentally crushing thing. Everyone be prepared to hug the fuck out of this kid. They’ve never needed Z7 before.


Milky Cryptid: You can call it out if you qant?
But I’m with my sister and her wife at the moment, so it’s fine.
Girlfriend, not wife.


Bubblegum Bitch: If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to text me.


Bubblegum Bitch has closed a chat channel with Milky Cryptid


Bubblegum Bitch has messaged chat channel Class 1 - A and staff


Bubblegum Bitch: Code Z7, have fun with that


3D Printer: What happened?
Is he okay?
What’s going on?


Bubblegum Bitch: He’s with his sister and her girlfriend atm
I don’t understand what’s going on with him
I’m worried
But I don’t think it’s my place to say anything


Dadzawa: If it’s troubling him, it is your place to say something


Bubblegum Bitch: Speaking as his friend and a student
I’m going to have to say no
As a teacher
I would probably tell you
But as his legal parent
I can’t do that
That’s not something can do
It’s rude and invasive
I already promised I wouldn’t say, anyway
If anyone finds out, it won’t be through me at all


Dadzawa: I appreciate keeping a promise
But I would like to know what the fuck is going on with my own son


Bubblegum Bitch is now idle


Ashido slipped her phone into her pocket with a loud sigh and opened the fridge. She didn’t want to be stuck in the middle of their drama. She felt terrible for even saying anything to them about it. “I should’ve just kept my stupid bitch ass mouth shut,” she groaned, slamming the fridge’s door shut.




His breath quickly caught in his throat. His lungs refused to accept the air and use it how it needed to be. His oxygen was lacking incredibly. His one nails dug into his arms, hyperventilating within an instant. “It’s over. They’re over. They broke up.” His throat threatened to close in on itself. His nails drew blood as they only got deeper. “Oh my God, it’s really over.”


Mirko pulled his hands away as Fuyumi quickly snatched some tissues out of her pockets, dabbing them against his arms cautiously. The hero didn’t dare comment about the obvious marks there. They ranged from burnt handprints to finger nail scars to obvious self harm in other forms. Both Todoroki’s were grateful for that. She spoke softly. “Shoto, take slow breaths. Can you do that?” He shook his head, tears welling up. “I’m going to count to three, okay? Do your best to keep on time with my counting, okay? If you can’t we’ll find something else to do. I’ll even tap your hand on time with my finger, okay?” To that, he did nod. She slowly began to count, staying true to her words of tapping to his hand and speaking slowly. He inhaled as deeply as he could, choking on sobs. His breathing was rough, but he did eventually calm down enough to breathe.


He held onto the hero in a tight grasp, choking out quiet sobs as his throat slowly began to relax. He sniffled quietly and wiped his face. Fuyumi pulled a bandaid out of her bag, quickly placing it over one of the many cuts on his arms. He hadn’t noticed he had bitten his fingers until Fuyumi cleaned off the blood and put bandaids over them. His breathing became normal and his sobs subsided into nothing more than than slight shaking. He didn’t want to move. He didn’t want to see Present Mic look concerned or his sig-- ex-significant others even look at him. He didn’t want to look at them even once. His chest felt cold, iced over despite the lack of his quirk. They instantly cancelled each other with the only effect being a cloud of steam that radiated around him.


“I’m sorry,” he whispered, wiping his face with bandaged knuckles, “I didn’t mean to freak out like that.” He sniffled once more before pulling away from Mirko and Fuyumi suddenly.


Mirko offered a light smile. “It isn’t your fault. Things like that just happen. Do you want to talk about it?”


“It’s simple. They both broke up. If they broke up, then I guess I’m out of it, too. They’re both been avoiding me lately, though. I guess I should’ve just seen it coming.” He ran a hand through his dual-colored hair. He quickly decided he didn’t want to talk about it anymore.


The older two accepted it without a comment. Fuyumi switched the topic with a smile. “Want to go into town for a bit? All Might and Nedzu already said it was okay since we’ve got Mirko with us.”


The rabbits ears shot up as she nodded vigorously.




The youngest Todoroki decided he’d stay with his parents instead of in the dorms. He ignored the concerned questions and just made his way straight to his room. He even ignored Eri’s concerned pats on his door and whines. He didn’t even open up as the child begged at him to open the door. She didn’t dare open it without permission, despite the lack of it being locked. He didn’t want to deal with anyone and she understood that.


Shinso sighed, sitting on the couch quietly. “I don’t know what’s going on? Both Midoriya and Iida left to visit their families today, so I don’t think it was them, especially if Mina knew. But she was one of the only people in the dorms when whatever happened happened. I was with Eri and Mirio.”


Aizawa looked at the clock with tired eyes. It was late, almost one in the morning. The other two heroes were lounging in the chairs while Shinso was piled under multiple blankets and pets. Nana, one of the stray cats that All Might favored, was laying on the ex pro hero. She purred softly before suddenly jumping up and walking away. He didn’t comment on it, watching her walk up the stairs.


“What do you think it could be,” Toshinori asked with a frown.


The trainee shrugged. “A lot of things could’ve happened. I have no idea what it could’ve been. He has a lot going on in general.”


The heroes nodded along. They all had seen the memories firsthand. There was no denying it.


A loud scream from them made them all jump. Aizawa was the first to react, running up the stairs instantly. Nana stood at Todoroki’s door. His breath caught in his throat as he slammed the door open. The trainee was awake, panting as icicles clung to his ceiling, the other side steaming. He didn’t have the ice under control, his fire focused on patting the flames on his shorts. Bright bandaids littered his skin. One hand had its nails dug deep into his side the moment he had the fire out. He looked up at the drained hero with wide eyes, looking absolutely terrified. His chest had an odd rhythm of how it raised and lowered. It was quick and uneven as ever.


The hero sat on the bed beside his son. Shoto clung to his father, letting out loud sobs that made his throat ache terribly. The others made their way into the room, all finding their place into a hug with the half and half child. He needed the comfort more than he had in awhile. None of them attempted to make him stop crying. They all knew he needed a good cry. Even Eri found her way into his lap, clinging to her middle brother.




Fire blazed around Shoto, blue, bursting from his palm even as he attempted to force himself to stop.


Present Mic stared at him with a look of pure pity. “You were no better than you father.”


From the flames, All Might walked out, puffed up. “A lost cause.”


“Nothing more than a mini Endeavor with ice.” He flung around to see Eraserhead with his bandages set aflame.


THe three heroes went up in flames. Todoroki attempted to yell. To yell for help. To yell for really anything. The only thing that left him was his breathe. It felt like he was being suffocated. Smoke billowed off of him and filled his lungs, choking. The ground underneath him collapsed, burnt edges swallowing him into the darkness.


He opened his eyes to be laying on his mat, unable to move as cramps plagued his body. His breathing was shallow and pointless.


Midoriya scoffed from his place by the door. The bi-colored teen could only look with his eyes.


“He’s useless, Iida. Do we really have to pity date the sick kid?”


“Dabi said we do,” the red eyed male mumbled, leaning against the frame. He sounded annoyed. “As much as I hate this little fuck, he wants him cared for. If we have to pity date him, then we have to pity date him.”


The two looked over with anger filled eyes as he was suddenly falling once again.


Blue flames filled his eyes, ice clashing. His brother looked at him with tear filled eyes, choking out sobs.





They all blurred into one, but he couldn’t find it in him to truly acknowledge his foot standing on the ground, ice erupted from it. His brother sat on the ground, clutching his chest as the ice pierced it. Blood fell thickly. It shifted.


All Might.


Present Mic.






The images kept shifting. Classmates. Friends. Lovers. Parents. Family. Strangers. Heroes. Close and far. If they held any sort of significant to him, he saw their face and body, shifting constantly. His breathing was wild and made his chest tighter.


Endeavor’s hand settled on his left shoulder, flames burning the skin.


“You’re just like me,” he whispered, “and you always will be. Nothing your shitty excuse of friends or family can change that you’re my creation and come from me. You’re still my tool.”


His shoulder burnt as he slammed up, a scream ripping from his throat.




Natsu pressed his head to Hawks’ chest, scrolling through his phone absentmindedly. The other was doing the exact same, still home thanks to the lack of villains out lately.


Baby You’re Hot Then You’re Cold has opened a chatting channel with You’re Yes Then You’re No


Baby You’re Hot Then You’re Cold: Hey, Natsu
Shoto just had a breakup
Midoriya and Iida broke up
But he hasn’t asked them about where that leaves him yet
He just sort of assumed it meant he was single too
Because that’s what I would do
But it doesn’t matter I guess
He’s getting sur
Well, technically, it’s today
In a couple of hours
Because yeah


You’re Yes Then You’re No: Wait wait
What the fuckesth
You’re typing super quick
And you’re like
Whole ass confusing me
The two guys our twerp little brother fell head over heels for, was first in love with, and 100% would kill himself/bend over backwards for
Just broke up with him?


Baby You’re Hot Then You’re Cold: Yes


You’re Yes Then You’re No: And he’s also getting surgery
That I have heard absolutely nothing about


Baby You’re Hot Then You’re Cold: Yes
I’ll explain


You’re Yes Then You’re No: Fuck yeah you will


Baby You’re Hot Then You’re Cold: Okay so
After the fight with He Who We Shalln’t Name
His vocal chords got damaged and started hurting him a lot
So now he’s getting surgery to get them out
That’s really it

You’re Yes Then You’re No: And I’m just now learning about this because


Baby You’re Yes Then You’re No: Because I just learned about it yesterday and I was dealing with our very emotional brother yesterday so I forgot to tell you
Rip though


You’re Yes Then You’re No: Holy Fucking Shit
Our brother it a secretive little fuck
How much shit do you think he hasn’t told us?


Baby You’re Hot Then You’re Cold: Way too much


Hawks read over his boyfriends’ text to his sister, humming. “So you’re both in the dark about your own brother’s life still?”


“Yeah, we are. She gets updates from Aizawa when Rumi or Ryuko want to know something and ask for updates.”


“That honestly sounds sort of shallow on Shoto’s behalf.”


“In his defense, he didn’t even grown up with us most of his life. We usually only got to see him once or twice a month. It was honestly pretty depressing.” He pressed a kiss to his feathered boyfriend. “But he’s doing his best to socialize now. He has two boyfriends now, too. Well… used to. Had two boyfriends is what I meant.”


“I know what you mean, Babe. I read the texts, too.” He pressed a kiss back in return, which was sort of awkward given their positions.


The two sighed, content with how things were at that moment. Within that particular moment in the world, they didn’t have to worry about possibly fucking up. Even if they did, that was what just happened. They would repair themselves however they needed.

Chapter Text

Slow inhales accompanied the red headed teen, his eyes focused on his friend. He gave a shark toothed grin. “Hey, it isn’t all that bad, is it?”


“I guess not,” the younger muttered in return, wiping his eyes on his sleeves. He hadn’t cried this much in years. He still sniffled once more. “I’m sorry, Kirishima.”


“It’s okay. It’s not your fault. Emotions just happen.”


The bi-colored teen hummed and nodded. “Yeah.” Shoto frowned as the other pulled him into a tight hug. He couldn’t help the tears that flowed freely from his eyes. He trusted the hardened teen who had no fear of his quirk with his life. With Tetsutetsu, there was the threat of melting his skin, but with hardening, there never was. There was a level of trust between the two that none of the others shared. A hate for their quirks that they slowly trained themselves out of, a self hatred that slowly blossomed into more outward affections towards their fellow friends and lovers, a mutual lust for a higher place in all rankings. They trusted each other not to push forward toxic masculinity on the others. The only reasons they obsessed over it had to do with their transitions.


Kirishima scooted forward to pull him into his lap. “You know, before we all got together, Mina and Kaminari and I all kept taking break from each other. We would break up over petty things before getting back together again. Nothing lasted over a week before Bakugou or Sero convinced us to get back together.”


“I guess Sero really is the tape in your relationship,” the younger joked with a teasing smile.


The other didn’t hesitate to respond with, “Hell yeah he is. He’s the one that settles down Denki after his dysphoric panic attacks. I take care of Katsuki and Mina is sort of level ground for all of us. She’s like our rock.”


“You’re Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Kirishima. Man don’t need no rock.”


“If you ever butcher a sentence so badly and say it in English, I will physically sob.”




“Stop,” the male whined, pushing the youngest Todoroki away with a wide smile. True to his words, tears pricked his eyes,




Milky Cryptid messaged channel Not Boyfs


Milky Cryptid: I know you two broke up. I’m honestly not even sure where that leaves me, but I don’t think I can mentally talking to either of you face to face, so I’m just going to text you two.
I’m not sure what’s going on with you two. I have no idea how I’m supposed to end up in this mess you two made. But, in all honesty, I don’t want to be brought into any of it until you two have fixed it yourselves. If that involves fighting it out or completely ending our relationship, that’s fine.
You two have a choice in our relationship. You’re both part of it. I don’t want either of you involved in something one of you don’t find proper.
But, with that being said, I also don’t want to be in something that has any sort of potential to be considered “toxic” for me. I left the other night due to both of you fighting and I’ll be settling this matter the exact same. If giving you two space is what you need, then that’s what I’ll do. I just really don’t want to be in all of this breakup bullshit or whatever you two are going through.
Once you two find out what the fuck you guys actually want, I’ll be in my room most likely. Night.




Shoto sat his phone down on his mat, head relaxing against his best friend’s lap. Jiro plugged her jacks into the speakers on the his desk before making her way to sit down next to her girlfriend. Momo ran a hand through his hair in silence. The surgery had went smoothly, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t tired and the bandages on his neck didn’t cover some incision. She wished she could help him with it, but, clearly, she couldn’t. Nothing beyond soft words to deafen his silent cries.


He turned on his back, grimacing as he mouthed the words, “ We broke up. ” He hadn’t planned on telling her, but with the tears frantically streaming down his face and the pain in his lower abdomen, anything could be said in those comforting moments. He wasn’t allowed to eat, wasn’t allowed to drink. All he could do was let the pain roll through and pray he didn’t bleed on the sheets like he had nights previously. It had only been but a few days since their fight, hours since their breakup, minutes since the texts had been sent.


The youngest Todoroki’s panic was no longer silent. It no longer boiled under his skin while ice glazed over whitened knuckles or the rooms temperature changing a few degrees. Things had changed since he was forced out to his friends and newfound family. Things would never be the same after the world found out about his abuse. Personally, he wouldn’t have minded if the shitty hero ended up just losing custody of him, but the other heroes fought for more. He found himself under pressure from his own existence.


Jiro frowned as she pressed her fingers to his back, undoing the knots that had welled up. She pursed her lips and changed the song once more. It was an English song, sung slowly with gentle striking chords of a guitar. It was slow and calming, despite the all too present theme hidden in the lyrics. Suicide.


Up with your turret,

Aren’t we just terrified?

Shale, screen your worry

From what you won’t ever find.


Don’t let it fool you,

Don’t let it fool you down.

Dancing around, folds in her gown.


Sea and rock below,

Cocked to the undertow.


She finally got the knots out, swiping her hand along his cheeks to bridle the tears that fell so thickly. He coughed out a sob, silent but pained. She gently patted his back, beginning to rub the exposed skin there. Her eyes drifted to the scars that covered him. A specific handprint had her pressing a little harder than she should’ve. But she quickly relented the moment she noticed, despite the fact she knew Shoto wouldn’t dare complain.


Bones blood and teeth erode,

They will be crashing low.


Wings wouldn’t help you,

Wings wouldn’t help you down,

Down towards the ground. Gravity’s proud.


Momo passed her hands through his hair, not commenting as he leaned into her touch. It was no secret that he craved human affection. His family had always lacked in giving him anything aside from disciplinary touches aside from his siblings, who were never around. He truly had grown up lonely.


You barely are blinking,

Wagging your face around.

When’d this just become a mortal home?


He smashed the blanket around his chest, covering the way his breasts splatted out on the ground. Gravity was forever his own personal enemy when it came to things like that. He wasn’t the most uncomfortable without a shirt on -- many times he didn’t mind as long as he was alone or with any of the four people who didn’t mind -- but he wasn’t comfortable when his breasts ached from the slightest touch or his body didn’t set itself off when something relatively inconvenient happened. Shoto hated this time of the month. He couldn’t look down at his own chest without fistin his sheets or just in general anything he could grab his hands at.


Won’t, won’t, won’t, won’t,

Won’t let you talk me,

Won’t let you talk me … Down.

We’ll pull it taut, nothing let out.


Choked on sobs made the two look at his face. The eye liner he normally out on was ruined. His makeup that covered a couple of scars on his face was long gone from frantic wiping that had left his skin reddened and raw. The scars were mixed, one side a stark white and the other a dark pink. None of them looked that old though. The girls wiped away his tears once more. Both felt motherly roles taking them over at seeing him upset.


How in the Hell did everything get so bad?




Shoto pushed past Iida with a grim expression. It was a new level of hurt held in his chest. He couldn’t help the way the emotions welled in his chest, all too similar to the feeling he had when his father had spoken to him at the festival. He suddenly felt the urge to encase his friends in ice.


The other provided a soft look in return. Pity. That only made him angrier. He turned towards the other, hands coming up quickly to sign out, “What the fuck is your problem?”


“What’d you mean, what’s my problem?”


“You and Midoriya, what is going on?”


“We’re broken up.”


“Did you not think to include me in this decision? I couldn’t learn firsthand from you two? I had to learn from Mina.”


Iida couldn’t find a reply for that.


“Where do you think that leaves me? I wasn’t told anything. Are we friends? Are we dating? What the fuck is going on?” His hands moved quickly, eyes boiling with anger as tears spilled over. He didn’t know how he was supposed to feel about this. How in the Hell was Iida not upset. Was it all fake? “Do I even mean anything to either of you? Did anything you guys ever say mean anything?”


When the older was at yet another loss of words, the Todoroki turned sharply on his heels, pushing past Kirishima and Bakugou without a second thought. The two stood in stunned silence.


His sister’s voice vibrated his skull, a soft, Don’t you think you’re blowing this out of proportion? He probably meant it.


But his own voice fought back with, Yeah, probably meant it. It was no secret that he had doubts within their relationship, but he always found common grounds with his lovers words. This, unfortunately, because the exception that left him in angrily pushing past anyone who dared get in his way, one of the ragiest kids in the class included.




Midoriya didn’t expect Shoto to open the door an hour later, room destroyed and things all over the floor. He held a look of disgust for the shorter, pressing his hand to the others face after flicking him off and slamming the door shut. Even in the dark of the night, Izuku knew he had fucked up in many more ways than one. He had to make up with Tenya, then with Shoto. There was no hope for the bi-colored party if they hadn’t mended what had been broken first. He already knew something so short and simple would take time to heal. His ex-lover had issues and they all knew it. Trust, mental, physical, it could all be given in some way. There was no mending this all with a couple sentences. Both of the older parties had fucked up.


Izuku made his way to his ex red-eyed lover’s room, guilt gracing his throat with a burn. He regretted it all but he still brought a hand up to  knock at the door. It wasn’t past seven, he would still be up, despite how dark the storm outside had made it.


Iida opened up with lips shut, though he stepped aside to let Midoriya in without question. He didn’t need to say anything as the green-haired other spoke, “We both fucked up. Badly, in case you haven’t noticed.”


“I made it worse,” Iida admitted instantly, “We had a fight in the kitchen and it ended up sounding like I had said none of the things we ever said were true. I really did mess up, Izuku.”


“Can we both just agree to never play board games every again?”


“Agreed!” The two pulled each other into a hug. “We should’ve talked this out the night this all happened.”


Midoriya pulled away with a smile. “Yeah… Now, what exactly did you say to Shoto?”




“Who was that,” Kaminari asked from his spot on the mat, looking up at Shoto with furrowed brows. His worry didn’t relent as he saw how tense the younger was.




“What’d he want?”


“Don’t know, don’t care.” The heterochromatic boy flopped down with his arms folded. His binder laid discarded on the desk, a tight sports bra in its place and a shirt to top it off. It was incredibly casual considering that months prior, Shoto wouldn’t even imagine leaving his room without a binder, shirt, and pants on. Now seemed so relaxed.


“He’s your boyfriend? Why are you so pissy?”


“We all broke up. Did you not hear from Kirishima or Bakugo?” By his expression, Shoto simply deduced that, no, Kaminari had not heard from Kirishima or Bakugo. “Mina knows. I found out from her that it was over.”


Kaminari cringed. “How’d you find that out? Especially through her?”


The ex-Todoroki only responded by grabbing his phone, scrolling through texts before showing his friend what had happened.


“That’s shallow, not gonna lie.”


“I know.” He pulled his hands over his eyes, listening to Kaminari.


“I could talk to them or something? If you want to make up? Or I could fight them. I know I wouldn’t last long, but I could totally fight them for you.


“Do not. I want them to be at peace before I even consider dating them once again.” Shoto felt odd, different, like he shouldn’t say anything, like he should lower his arms and pretend none of it happened, kick everyone out. A new static filled him, replacing faces that he knew, that he had memorized in his free time. When had that started? He couldn’t pinpoint when it had suddenly become a thing.


Kaminari slowly nodded before filling the air with his voice once again.




Shoto missed this . He missed his chest pressed against Iida’s, tongues swirling around each other, lips swollen. Why had he even considered it to be over? Especially considering Deku had his tongue thrusting in and out of the bi-colored teen. Loud moans erupted from him as he felt an intense wave of pleasure.


But he was suddenly void of all touch, being pushed away by warm hands. He couldn’t dare welcome their warmth. It all seemed too cold, too stone like to be considered homey. He could welcome the cold any day, but the warmth that suddenly flooded their touches were sickening, leaving boiling blisters where they once held place. The smell of burning flesh filled his nostrils, reminding him all too much of the past. He pulled his body away, listening to the crackle of ice underneath his movements.


His eyes shot up, wide and terrified as he listened to the pounding laughter that pressed forward. His skull throbbed as he saw faces, one unfamiliar while the other was too static-filled to make out, though it still hit far too close to home to just be a coincidence. Behind them stood more bodies, all laughing and happy to see him aching, naked, and absolutely terrified. They all filled with static, faces unknown but each one hitting a place in his heart. He could easily register them as his class, as his family, as his friends, as everyone he held dear in any way possible.


Shoto’s throat burnt, all attempted screams coming out silent. He recognized why as he saw the short woman, grey hair filling him in. Her face flickered to Recovery Girl’s before suddenly flickering away as nothing more than static, fleeting his mind and the thought lost. He felt empty.


Taunts filled his mind.


“She’s a girl!”

“Look, it’s Inko!”

“She’s a mini Endeavor!”

“Endeavor was right for abusing a little shit like that.”

“Her left side is disgusting!”

“Is that purple flames instead or orange?”

“Why’re they blue? Fire should be blue!”

“She’s nothing but a hybrid!”

“She’s a tool!”

“A girl, Momma! Look, this girl thinks she’s a boy!”


Fingers pointed and laughed, everyone erupting into louder laughs.


“Aw, look! Aw, Inko’s gonna cry!”


His eyes burnt and the stench of burning flesh heightened, filling him with disgust. He lurched forward, vomit filling his front. Shoto felt absolutely disgusting.


“She’s so disgusting!”

“Oh, and she’s supposed to surpass All Might? Her brother surpassed her without even thinking about it.”

“She’s so disgusting! Look at her, she’s bleeding!”


Shoto’s eyes adverted to the burns, blistered welts forming before bursting. He vomited more. The blood wasn’t coming from them, though, just an excessive amount of puss that left him disgusted. He opened his legs, quickly greeted with a sight that made him feel even worse.


Things were beginning to get thrown at him. A tomato, a knife, needles, bandaids, hair brushes, just things Shot decided could only be on hand items.


Shoto woke up feeling like someone had shoves a knife in his throat. His throat was raw from what he suspected was attempted screaming. Burns littered his body. Four hand prints that didn’t align properly with his left, leaving him confused and aching. The one on his chip and just under his right breast both became issues within an instant when he realized he couldn’t consider touching them without silently yelping in pain. Normally, he could grit his teeth and bare it -- years of binders placed over burns helping in that department -- but these would be scars for a long time. He couldn’t look at them without feeling disgusted.


Milky Cryptid has messaged chat Disaster Gay -- Jiro, Todoroki, Bakugo, Shinso, Ojiro, and Aizawa at 4:17 AM


Milky Cryptid: Someone please call Recovery Girl? I burnt myself on accident.


Why’re they so tangled: I’ll call her, but how’d you do that?


Shoto frowned. Of all people to be up, he didn’t expect her to be up. Aizawa or Shinso, maybe, but Jiro was usually in bed by two.


Milky Cryptid: Just a nightmare. Please just send her? I can barely fucking move.
This isn’t enjoyable in the least.


Why’re they so tangled: She’s on her way.


Shoto sat his phone down on the counter of his sink, doubling over to vomit on the toilet. The burns all fought back immediately, but the pulsing in his stomach didn’t give him much of a choice but to react.




Recovery Girl didn’t ask any questions when she slid into the teen’s room, not commenting on his lack of covering clothing, just a large shirt he’d stolen from Iida months back -- he hated wearing it now -- and the loosest underwear he had on hand. She kissed his cheek, watching the color drain from his face as exhaustion overwhelmed him.


“You’re excused from class until further notice, okay? These are severe burns, young man. What in the world caused them?”


Shoto stared at her from his spot at his desk, watching her short figure loom over him. He felt so tiny in front of her, despite how powerful he was, despite his height, despite all advantages on him. He felt so insignificant and pointless. The static roared in his ears, staring back at him with pity filled eyes. “ I’m not sure. I just had a nightmare, so I Guess I did them myself.


“They don’t match your handprint of your left, Shoto,” she spoke sternly, “It couldn’t have been you.”


I don’t know, ” he signed frantically, “I keep my door locked and my brother wouldn’t do something so risky. They’re not big enough to be his own handprints, anyway.” He knew his brother’s handprint from the night they’d spoken. Dabi’s hand wasn’t much larger than his. Two were smaller while the other was a tad larger than he or Dabi’s could be. It didn’t make sense.


“I believe you,” she whispered softly, “I’ll have Aizawa check security cameras. I’ll see you tonight at seven. Until then, I can prescribe you sleeping pills if needed, or send Midnight over.”


“Whichever is better for you.”


Shoto ended up taking both.




A migraine awoke the teenager, his head throbbing undoubtedly from the lack of food. Shoto still stood, slowly going through his wake up routine before pulling on clothes. One of Deku’s many large hoodies found its way onto his body. He hated the way it felt, making his skin feel like static had buzzed it. He pulled on some shorts before leaving his room. He silently hoped his binder didn’t hint at his breasts in the least, though he quickly dismissed it as the feeling of static invaded his mind. Every step felt like pins and needles, his elbows feeling like ice laced his veins. He imagined he must’ve looked like a walking zombie like that.


He made his way down the stairs, holding securely onto the rail. It was easy to find everyone curled up at the bottom, coffee table pulled out so everyone could lay in a pile of blankets by the couches. He pressed past them, footsteps silent as he made his way to the kitchen. Everyone was entertained by the movie that was playing.


Shoto stopped when he saw the display on the couch, though, his lips pursing as he processed the static.


White noise filled Shoto’s mind as he saw Iida and Deku curled together. He wasn’t sure how to react, though he knew instantly that whatever he’d done, he regretted. He held the hoodie he was wearing a blink ago in his hands, ice curled up against his bare elbow. A still-blistered hand print was on his arm, covering the skin. He felt so cold, freezing as he walked away from the scene.


Static filled his mind. It couldn’t have been later than seven, judging by the shut curtains that let light seep through them. It came up as nothing more than mixed colors as his forehead pressed to the counter, taking in the cool temperature it had to offer. He felt sick.


Thankfully, Recovery Girl made her way into the dorms before he had time to vomit. Light lit up the dorms, teenagers griping from the sudden filter in. Shoto peered at the happy old woman who made her way over to him instantly.


“Hello, Shoto! How’s the healing going?” He offered his arm out, watching her smile fall. “This wasn’t much of an upgrade… How did you even burn yourself so badly?” Whispers passed through the teenagers as the movie was paused, many standing up to stretch.


He shrugged. “Did Aizawa find anything?”


“Unfortunately, no, he did not. He found Kaminari and Hagakure both coming out of their rooms for food and a few sneaking to others rooms, but nothing special.”


His mood dropped even more. Static threatened to overtake him, lining the edges of his vision. The hero shook her head, kissing the burn instantly. He tensed but didn’t pull away, watching intently at the skin

Chapter Text

I will admit, I am ending this on a rather sour note. I was incredibly invested in this when I first began. Hell, I'm still invested in this storyline. However, I have realized that this fic was dramatic and has absolutely horrid characterization of them so therefore I am going to end this here. I may rewrite something near it at some other point, though I am unsure as of current. 


No idea if I was going to actually get them back together by the end of chapter six, but now you've got this shit. Fuckin... Yeet, I guess. 


I will admit, it was fun while it lasted y'all.