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Arranged Chaos

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Sakura’s eyes slowly ran over the white mountain in front of her, covered in small iridescent pebbles. She had busied herself by finding patterns in them, like trying to see constellations. When she finally started to shiver from the cold, she realized how long she had been soaking in her bathtub, distracted by the foamy creation in front of her. After exhaling a long sigh, she let the water drain and stood to get dressed, popping her knees from curling up in the tub so long.

A double date was supposed to be exciting-- the unexpected but welcome invitation from Hinata was good for getting Sakura out of her exhausting routine at the Konoha Hospital. But somehow she found herself worried about it.

Spending time with Sasuke was always appealing, but whenever they were around other couples Sakura couldn’t help but compare her relationship to others. She knew Sasuke wasn’t really the type to be publicly affectionate, and she’d been reminded of that plenty of times, but sometimes she wished he would do more than a very occasional small gesture while they were out-- show everyone that she was his and he was hers.

As she pulled on a skirt and a red top, she thought about those small moments and then chided herself for being ungrateful. They had worked hard to make their relationship work, and it was finally at a good place after the years of struggle she went through.

She was about to do a very couple-y activity with their couple-y friends. Even Sasuke had hinted that he had been looking forward to it. A light tap on her window sounded just as she finished neatly parting her hair down the middle.

“Come in,” she called, a smile tugging on her lips. She checked her reflection in the mirror once more and turned to step out of her bathroom. The lights were off in her bedroom, with only the moon shining through the window. Sasuke casually stood by her bed in his usual dark clothing and a neutral expression on his face.

“Are you ready to go?” he asked, his eyes running over her appreciatively.

“Mm-hm.” Sakura walked over to retrieve her bag from where she had thrown it onto the bed. She slung it over her shoulders and tentatively went to peck him on the cheek. “Let’s go,” she said, tugging on his hand.

“Hmm… not yet. There’s still something you need to do,” he said, staying in place. Slightly irritated, she turned around and was about to ask what he meant by that when he turned his wrist around and pulled her to him.

He stared straight at her as he let a finger wander over her cheek and down the side of her face. His hands were warm, and she closed her eyes and leaned into him.

Her hands wound up to encircle his waist and she looked at him again to find his face had moved very close to hers. He brought an arm up to hold her face as he leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Blood rushed to her ears, like it had every time before, as she enthusiastically responded. The kiss ended before she had gone much farther.

“Tell me, when did you get that strawberry-flavored stuff? I haven’t tasted this before,” he said, running his tongue over his lower lip. Shocked, Sakura started to stutter while trying to answer his question. Sasuke smirked.

“Whatever, let’s just go before Naruto comes barging in to find us.” He quickly turned on his heel and started walking back out towards the window, leaving Sakura to follow him. She took a second to collect herself and pick up her dropped bag before lightly jumping down her balcony to where Sasuke stood waiting.

Their walk to the restaurant was quiet but comfortable. Sakura was used to his silence and she actually appreciated it. It was a brief respite from her hectic day in the hospital.

As they approached the okonomiyaki restaurant, they spotted Naruto and Hinata waiting for them outside the entrance. Sakura didn’t fail to notice that they were holding hands as they each waved with their other arm.

Their booth was filled with chatter while the okonomiyaki were cooking on the small grill in front of them. When it came time to flip, Naruto was the only one who messed it up, and he apologetically looked at Hinata as he asked her to fix it for him. She happily did so, but not without sparking a pang of jealousy in Sakura at how easy their relationship seemed to be.

She and Sasuke had not directly talked to each other much during the conversation, and their only interaction had been passing each other food. 'This is fine, though,' she thought, 'we’re not here by ourselves. Stop worrying about it so much and enjoy the moment.'

Her chopsticks grabbed her food with a little more force than necessary, and she looked up to listen to Naruto recount his most recent mission with what was most certainly a bit of exaggeration. She glanced at Sasuke and watched his amused expression at listening to his friend chatter.

He interrupted Naruto to comment a few times on some of the less-wise things he had done on the mission. Sakura was glad that Sasuke had this friendship-- he had never seemed to be close to many people, not even his doting older brother Itachi.

Sasuke’s eyes flashed over to Sakura for a moment like he was going to say something to her, but he turned away and continued with his conversation. Sakura turned back to her food when she suddenly felt his hand rest on her leg under the table. She tried to act like she hadn’t noticed, but she knew Sasuke was watching her reaction.

Throughout the rest of the date his hand didn’t move at all and they continued eating and talking to Naruto and Hinata. They all stayed until much of the restaurant had cleared out and it had become much quieter inside. When it was time to go, the two couples parted ways outside the restaurant and started walking away in opposite directions.

Sakura looked back at them and saw Naruto lean down to say something to Hinata, causing her to giggle and look up at him. She turned back to Sasuke and smiled, happy for her friends.

“Do you want to go to the park with me?” asked Sasuke. “It’s not really that late and I don’t want to go home yet.”

“Yeah, let’s go,” said Sakura. The two lazily wandered through Konoha’s streets until they got to the small park overlooking a creek. The sky was clear and the moon still shone brightly down onto the dewy grass. There was a slight breeze but it felt nice, especially after the unusually warm day.

Sasuke led her over to a spot under the playground set’s ladders and climbing walls and they both took a brief look around their surroundings, making sure no one would be able to see the two 20-year-olds in a children's park.

“Sakura…” he urged, pushing her up against the corner and caging her in with his arms. He leaned down to hover over her neck, licking the dip in her collarbone. He started to harshly suck on her favorite spot on her neck, eliciting a quiet moan from Sakura. He pressed his hips forward, revealing his hardness before he went to kiss her. She met his lips and her hand went down to rub the growing bulge between his legs. The second he asked to come to the park she knew what he was planning. This was a favorite late-night spot of theirs. Though Sasuke never showed affection while they were around other people, he certainly wasn’t opposed to this.

“Me too,” whispered Sakura, guiding one of his hands down to the bottom edge of her black leather skirt. 'How convenient,' she mused for a moment.

He roughly hiked her skirt up and pushed her panties to the side, running his finger along her already dripping folds. She unzipped his pants and wrapped her hand around him without hesitation. With each stroke he grew harder and his breathing grew harsher. He removed his hand from her and went to grab her face with both hands, teeth clacking hers as he roughly kissed her. Sakura’s hand started to move faster and soon she felt a drip of pre-cum that she spread around as lubrication.

“I want to be inside your mouth,” Sasuke whispered in her ear. He lightly took her earlobe between his teeth and tugged, causing her breath to hitch. Sakura turned Sasuke so that his back was against the wall and she tugged his pants down a little farther as she went to her knees.

She put one hand on each side of his hips and rolled her tongue around the head, causing Sasuke to sharply inhale and reach for her hair. She wrapped her lips around the tip and started to suck as she continued moving her tongue around. Sasuke’s hands went tight in her hair and he tried to move her head forward to take more of him.

Slowly she took the rest of him down, inching forward until he touched the back of her throat. He groaned and started rocking his hips back and forth, desperate for more friction. She hummed around him and he started moaning with each thrust, going faster, desperately wanting to feel her soft mouth enclosing around him. Sakura reached down with one of her hands to circle a finger around her clit while the other pumped around the base of his cock. The sound of both of their voices and the lewd wet sounds were all that could be heard, but neither of them cared. She took him a little further and then swallowed around him, causing Sasuke’s legs to almost spasm from pleasure.

“Oh, shit….” said Sasuke, stilling his hips and twitching inside Sakura’s mouth. He exhaled loudly as he came, filling her throat with his warm juices in spurts. Sakura still hadn’t gotten to the edge of orgasm but she released him from her mouth and stood.

“Sasuke…” she begged. She ground her hips against his, wanting a release at his hand instead of having to finish herself off. He wrapped one arm around her and reached down, wasting no time in thrusting two fingers in and out while circling his thumb around her clit. Sakura gasped, suddenly overwhelmed with sensation. Her legs started shaking as she got closer and closer. She wanted to go slower, but Sasuke just wanted her to finish as quickly as possible-- it was almost like a chore for him.

Her breath quickened as she got even closer and Sasuke had to support her with his other arm as she lost control of her legs. She pulsed around his fingers as he continued to stroke her favorite spot inside with a rhythm that he knew would finish her. To avoid anyone hearing her, she had to muffle her cry into his shoulder as she went through the final wave of her orgasm. She crumpled into his arms for a moment, catching her breath.

They untangled themselves from each other and adjusted their clothing just in time to hear someone approaching the park. It was quiet, but they easily sensed whoever was coming and watched the direction that the sound came from.

Itachi walked out of the treeline and into the grass field beside the park. 'Thank god he didn’t arrive earlier,' thought Sakura. When Itachi got closer, he called out to Sasuke.

“Rokudaime-sama has a mission for you, Sasuke. You are to report to his office as soon as possible,” he said. He nodded to Sakura in acknowledgement and she gave him a tense smile, hoping he didn’t know what they had just done.

“Who else did he call?” asked Sasuke.

“I’m not sure. He came to me as I was passing by and asked me to send for you,” replied Itachi.

“Maybe you could have come with if you hadn’t chosen to waste your time inside the walls of the village,” said Sasuke, taking the opportunity to once again berate Itachi for being in the Konoha Military Police Force. Sakura was struck by the way in which he addressed his older brother. He suddenly turned to run in the direction of the Hokage’s office.

“Be careful,” called Sakura, watching him go. He didn’t reply, but she saw him curtly nod without turning towards her. She was suddenly left standing awkwardly with Itachi.

“How was your date, Sakura-chan?” asked Itachi, breaking the silence. If he knew what they had been up to in the park, he didn't seem to let on that he did. Sakura blushed and was grateful for the darkness.

“It was fine… the okonomiyaki was good. You should try it sometime, Itachi-san.” she said.

“Maybe the three of us could go another day,” suggested Itachi.

“Yeah,” trailed Sakura, trying to think of an excuse to go. “Well, I guess it’s getting late now… are you going back home now?” she asked.

“Yes, I was on my way home earlier. I can walk you back though, so you won’t be alone,” he offered.

Itachi, though usually not one for idle conversation, chatted with Sakura for a bit as they walked back to Sakura’s house. They talked about their work, and Itachi mentioned that he’d been busier lately since there had been talk of him being promoted to Captain of the force.

“Wow, that’s amazing, Itachi-san! I’m sure your parents are very proud,” Sakura congratulated. Itachi gave a tight smile.

“Yes, they are. Sasuke thinks I’m wasting my time though. He said I would have been more useful if I had chosen to stay on missions outside of Konoha,” said Itachi disappointedly.

“He’ll come around eventually, I hope. But don’t let it get in the way of what you want to do. It could just be some sibling rivalry stuff… not that I would understand that I guess,” Sakura admitted. Itachi chuckled.

“I suppose so. It’s not going to change my decision, but I hope he realizes just how important it is to me. I protect and serve the village just like he does, just in a different way. I prefer to protect those closer to home to avoid internal conflict, and Sasuke deals with external conflict. Both sides are needed,” stated Itachi. Sakura marveled at Itachi’s determination and sense of purpose.

“I’m glad you’re so sure of your decision. I wish I was more like that." Her step faltered a bit as she realized what she had just said.

“What do you mean?” asked Itachi. They were nearing Sakura’s house now, passing the last street light on their path. Sakura continued up to the gate in front of her house and turned to face him.

“Oh, just in general, you know?” she said quickly. Itachi halfheartedly nodded with a slightly confused face. “Well, thank you for walking me home. Good night, Itachi-san.”

“You’re welcome, Sakura-chan. It was nice to talk to you. Good night,” said Itachi. He suddenly leaped upward onto her neighbor’s roof and silently made his way home. Sakura stood at the gate for a moment before going inside.