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Sentinel Freedom

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The city is perfect. There is no dirt, no carts, no people. From the air, it is identical to the architect's table, buildings in a pattern. There are shops, parks, and even a city hall. Right after the concrete dried, the first people came in a wave of excitement. It was a new city, purpose-built, not something that had grown haphazardly from a village to a town to a sprawling metropolis.

Life had begun with the citizens joking about how they were like peas rattling in a drum. The rush to buy the new homes never came, and the smart early ones soon started to feel duped. One by one they swallowed their losses and left, no buyers meant they might as well have burned their coin.

But not me and not the spirits that linger, I'm a runner and cities like this are home to me with all these empty streets, open buildings, and the parks over growing from the little strips, this place is home now with all its locations to mark with my name. Sure some eluvians head into the central cities from critical points in the shell of this city, but I only go to them when my supplies run low. 

Hey if the gods aren't going to use the town in no man's land, I will with no problem.

None at all.

You would have thought that the gods being the all-knowing and all-powerful beings that they are would have known that the most city elves wouldn't want to settle in this place, but I don't mind. I love sitting up here in the abandoned launching tower watching birds fly over the clouds, on occasion, there is a dragon that will fly by but only once a cycle, like today.

Rushing up the stairs to reach the platform, I catch myself just before I could go sliding into a wall or one of the columns. 

Today is the day I usually see the dragons, glittering scales against the setting sun casting rays of colour against the white marble and crystal of the tower only; now that I am here waiting I can't see any sign of them. No roars on the wind, no breaks in the clouds, and no thundering rush of wind as they cut close to the tower, it makes me nervous.

A whisper of greed is what tells me that I am no longer alone, "I could tell you who is up there, but are you willing to pay for that information?" whoever is caught in the spirits trap is quick to respond in a hushed tone that didn't reach my ears. But I'm faster to launch myself from the tower, will making form manifest as I fall, as the owner of the voice would round the staircase yet all they would see is the birds of the city souring over the clouds.

Too close and too odd for my liking, souring over the city I find the source, an active eluvian. One of the key one's if my memory serves me right, a person from the big city this far out? Unlikely, unless they aren't just another citizen. Whoever it was that had climbed the tower was quick to return to the mirror, a light blue cape moving behind them as they ran and a brief glimpse of gold told me exactly who they were.

A Sentinel.

If the enforcers of the central city were coming all the way out here, I will need to make myself scares, no more lazing about and being careless; I need to gather my things and flee to the edges of the city.

It will be harder to find me in the rubble of the forest reclaimed streets.