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Soft yanderes x reader

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There's a nice little apartment in the middle of a gangs warzone. It's small but it's the only nice thing you've ever called yours. You've been living here about six months maybe ten no one seems to remember or keep track of the dates down here.

There's been an only increasing amount of times where it just felt like you should hug and kiss away at your outlaw captor. You had anything you could want an ask and some shipping away. It helped that what was happening to you now was nowhere near as awful of all the paranoid thoughts you had constantly before this happened to you. In fact the only “bad thing” about it was that you felt it wasp unbearably stuffy and claustrophobic.

He would bring you whatever takeout suit your fancy and there wasn't a moment where you didn't feel like Jesse just wasn't your cute scruffy boyfriend. It was the sort of life you'd been wishing about for years as you worked numerous jobs and still couldn't pay all the bills.

You've never had anyone take care of you in such a way and as good as you knew it to be there was always the nagging little voice telling you didn't belong here. So you ran the door was unlocked for you anyways but you left .

When you are a couple miles away you get the feeling that you should go back because you don't belong here either. The emptiness is worse. You start to head back but It was more ironic you were going to die leaving in your “escape”.

there's deadlock everywhere and they think it's a lucky break when they find you all by yourself. Old “veteran” deadlock members who've been out of the slammer more than once but was always let you one way or another.

You were vaguely certain you had seem one of them wanted for murder and you made longer slightly quicker glides with your feet hoping they wouldn't notice. But they do and you use everything you have to get away from them you scratch,bite and scream and all it ends up getting you is a slower death .

They start with your legs, breaking them first and working their way up. Jesse only realizes you are gone moments after that he gets a feeling in his stomach that pulls him down the alleyways .

When he finds you there's a lot of blood everywhere and he just shuts down for a second . He feels small because this image reminds him so much of another . Jesse shoots them down and begs the devil to finish his work of taking them down with him .

There's no use in hiding them away just another couple of dead gang members in the street. Jesse picks you up and you feel heavy in his arms like it's only a matter of time before you become too heavy and decide to become a lithe angel. It scares him more than anything else ever has before and he wants to scream.

His unsteady hands don't help much but they get the biotic healer up and running real quick.There's a bright glow of yellow light that engulfs you makes all the pain in your legs begin to subside. It doesn't go away completely not right away anyway, You keep trying to apologize in your delirium .

You don't realize how much of your past you end up giving away.Jesse doesn't say a word or maybe he does, you just can't hear him either way. He doesn't bring you back to the apartment. He ends up using more bullets then he planned on.

You wake up bloody yet healed, groggy there's an old country song playing in the background but besides that its silent. You can tell Jesse wants to say something to you but he holds back.

You start blabbering away at everything hysterically. “I'm just glad you are still here, darling”. You hate how there's no anger or sternness in his voice. It makes you feel even worse. You keep crying and leaning on to his shoulder until there's no tears left to cry and you become numb and empty. Jesse holds you closely and he is enough to take away the thoughts plaguing your mind.

You fall asleep leaning on his shoulder knowing that maybe your feelings will always be coming back but as long as he's there you will have enough to get through all of it. Jesse keeps on driving to a place in the desert that doesn't have gangs let alone a town corrupting its space. It's the closest thing he has ever had to a home.

Its old and luckily there isn't much rain here because there are holes held together by pans and trash bags. But this was home to him nonetheless. He hoped maybe it could be at least a calming place to you now. The air mattress was lucky and escaped the dust and Jesse gets started on cleaning up he place starting with your room first. He works on fixing up the foundation as you sleep.

You wake up later and keep busy by going through the old comics and books Jesse had on the shelves. you couldn't help but chuckle at the little text notes Jesse has left throughout the pages. With a little more digging you were sure you'd find some fanfiction lying around somewhere. You stayed like that the whole time happy to get your mind off of that.

Jesse paces around in the driveway nervous as all hell. He knows he can't make up for the mess he's caused (he should have left a long time ago there'd been a lot of close calls he had with you before the both of you had run out of luck) he hopes his gift will be enough to somehow start it.

The puppy stays by Jesse’s side curiously peeking over his boots to look you. It's the first thing that pulls you out of bed for the first time in weeks. You bend down letting her sniff at your hand, she has the softest fur you've ever felt.

“My ma always said that blue heelers were the best dogs you could have”.

It's the first time he's mentioned her since you asked about his parents. You are grateful he has opened up to you some more you were beginning to think you weren't ever going to learn more about him.There's tears ready to stream down your face and it isn't long before you can't keep them in.Jesse is ready to punch himself because there isn't the happy giggles and smile he was hoping for instead he was met only with an awful crying mess of tears and wails he hopes to never stir out of you again. You pull Jesse and the puppy into a hug

“I love you more than anything in this world Jesse Mccree,”.

You take his face into your hands and place a sweet yet quick kiss against his lips . Jesse giggles away and the three of you end up cuddling the rest of the night watching an old vhs of a almost century old western. This confirms whatever little happy ending you've been seeking. You lean into his arms and for the first time, you let yourself enjoy the home you've always been looking for in his arms.