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Persona Love Adventures

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It was a rainy day in Inaba. Naoto was sat in her house relaxing after finishing a case that had been going on for multiple months. It was the perfect day to do this, as the rest of the Investigation Team were busy doing their own things. Naoto took this free time to think about her bonds she had made in her time at Inaba. All the friends and laughs she had made from opening herself up as a woman and a friend. She though about Yu: The leader of the team with his mature and calm personality. Then there was Yosuke: The clumsy transfer student who does help keep the team in the best and positive mood no matter what. Yukiko: An elegant and pretty woman who is very popular with everyone in Inaba because of not just her looks but also helps run the family business of the Amagi hot springs. Chie: The energetic tomboy who has a huge passion of Kung Fu. Teddie: A shadow that had built up his own life and gained a personality. Kanji: The muscle of the group. He tends to be slow at figuring out what is going on but makes it up for being very decisive and straightforward. And finally, there was Rise: The beautiful idol who is very cheerful and cute. Out of all of them, Naoto thought about Rise the most. She wasn’t so sure why herself but there was something about her that intrigued her. She smiled, thinking about Rise for a while when she got a phone call. She picked up her phone seeing it was Rise. She answered.
“Rise hi.” Naoto said. “How are you doing?”
“I'm good. How are you Naoto?” Rise said back.
“I’m good. Just relaxing.” Naoto replied. “What’s up?”
“Not much. Just bored and... A little hungry.” Rise said. “Did you want to go to Aiya for dinner?”
“Oh... Um, sure. I am up for it.” Naoto smiled. “But isn’t everyone busy today?”
“I was thinking it could be... just you and me.” Rise spoke nervously.
“Hu... huh?” Naoto stuttered confused smiling to herself and blushing. “Um... Why.... Just me?”
“I... It would be nice for just us two to hang out. It’s always all of us or us two with Chie and Yukiko.” Rise spoke cutely. “This way... we can get to know each other... as... friends? What do you think?”
Naoto couldn’t process this. Why did Rise want to go out with a meal with just her? But Naoto did like that idea.
“Sure.” She agreed.
“Great!” Rise cheered. “Let’s meet there in an hour shall we?”
“Yeah.” Naoto replied. “See you there! Bye!”
They both got off the phone. Naoto jumped from her seat, as she thought about the phone call, feeling kind of happy.

An hour later, they were in Aiya together, eating a delicious ramen meal. They were the only customers in there. Naoto and Rise exchanged glances, both nervous. Naoto was curious as to why Rise was nervous. So she thought she’d start the conversation.
“It’s... weird that we’re the only ones in here.” Naoto began. “It’s raining outside and there’s always a good deal here.”
“Yeah it is weird.” Rise laughed. “Oh well, we’ll just have to settle with each others company.”
Rise gave a cheeky wink to Naoto as they kept eating their meals, discussing about many things. Once they were finished, they headed out. It was still raining, seemingly like it turned into a storm. The sky was dark as the rain shined from the illuminating lights of the shops and lampposts.
“I didn’t bring an umbrella.” Naoto sighed.
Rise smiled at her, getting her umbrella out and opening it up above Naoto.
“Let me walk you back to yours Naoto.” Rise smiled. “That way you won’t get so wet.”
"Um... Thank you... I guess." Naoto smiled
They walked in the rain under the umbrella close to each other till they reached Naoto’s house. Throughout the walk, there was an awkward feeling of how close their bodies were pressed against each other.
They approached Naoto’s house.
“Thank you Rise for the walk home” Naoto said gratefully.
“Anything... I mean, anytime Naoto.” Rise blushed.
“It was a delicious meal.” Naoto smiled.
Suddenly, they both heard a rumble of thunder in the air. Rise jumped scared into Naoto as Naoto laughed a little.
"Don't laugh Naoto!” Rise yelled scared. “I... I'm a little scared of bad weather that’s all..."
"It’s ok.” Naoto smiled. “I think it’s cute."
Naoto gasped, realising what she had just said and covered her mouth in embarrassment, blushing bright red.
Rise was confused but deep down inside, she liked Naoto being shy.
“Don’t be embarrassed Naoto.” Rise smiled softly, trying to hide her own blush.
Naoto removed her hand from her mouth laughing it off as her mind began to drift to thinking about how cute Rise was just now.
“Um... Maybe you should come in for now Rise.” Naoto smiled. “At least... until the storm calms down.”
Rise nodded happily, unable to believe that Naoto had just invited her in. They both entered the house, trying to hide their blush from each other.

Inside of the house, Naoto and Rise sat side by side on the sofa, the rain pouring down hard outside.
"...Did... You have fun Naoto?” Rise spoke up with a small grin.
Naoto nodded, not even glancing at Rise, hiding her shyness.
“I know you’re shy Naoto.” Rise giggled, looking at Naoto’s face, realising Naoto was still blushing. "Are you... blushing still?”
"N... No, I'm not..." Naoto gasped, her face going completely red.
"Oh, yes, you are!" Rise joked. “I guess you really enjoyed my company today.”
She stuck her tongue out cheekily. Naoto tried to hide her face with her blue hat.
“You... Um...” Naoto stuttered.
"Don't try and deny it...” Rise giggled teasingly.
“No... I’m not...” Naoto shyly replied. “It’s just... Why did you only invite me?”
“Uh... I...” Rise blushed a little smiling. “Why did you accept my offer so eagerly?”
“I... We’re friends right?” Naoto said, as her face went dark red.
Rise smirked cheekily seeing her face go even redder, knowing that wasn’t the reason.
‘I... can’t hide this... Any longer...’ Naoto thought to herself.
She turned to face Rise with an expression of embarrassment. Rise looked curiously at Naoto’s change in expression.
"...L-Listen, Rise-chan, I...I..." Naoto gulped.
"Yeah? What is it, Naoto?” Rise smiled softly.
“I... um...” Naoto stuttered a little frightened.
She turned away, unable to confess.
“Never... mind... I’m sor...” Naoto said before being interrupted by Rise, who put her finger on Naoto’s lips.
Naoto’s words ceased as her eyes widened.
"... Do you... love anyone? One person you would want to be with?" Rise said straight up.
"I... Well... Actually, there is...” Naoto shivered, gasping. “It's someone I know well... But I don't believe they could love me back... I’ve... Had them on my mind for a while...”
"Oh... I see...” Rise said, her smiling fading from her face as she looked down. “Well, maybe I can help. Can you tell me who it is?"
Naoto looked back at Rise, looking into her pretty face. She was still red in the face as Rise’s soft smile appeared again on her face. Naoto stared at that smile, smiling back. Her face was redder than Rise had ever seen it in the past. The mood was very tense.
“I...” Naoto began. "... I said I’d come with you to Aiya... is because... I'm in love with you..."
Naoto closed her eyes, letting out a slight scream of embarrassment of what she just said. Rise’s eyes widened along with her mouth, looking directly at Naoto, unable to believe the words she had just heard.
"Wh... What? Me?” Rise gasped shockingly.
Now that she had finally confessed, Naoto continued.
"I've been... infatuated with you for quite a while.” She continued. “Ever since we started chatting to each other when you saved me from the TV World. I always felt weak in the knees and butterflies in my chest when I see you... Alone.”
"Naoto..." Rise responded, unable to stop looking at Naoto.
She turned round seeing Rise’s shocked face as she sighed slightly.
"If this is weird... I understand.” Naoto said. “Please... Do not allow this to alter our friendship. I don’t want to lose you as a friend. You’re... a great friend to me.”
“Why...?” Rise asked. “Why... Me?”
“You’re so sweet...” Naoto explained nervously as she closed her eyes, letting it all out. “You are... everything. You’re beautiful. You’re cute. You’re caring. You’re...”
“Shhh Naoto...” Rise smiled.
Naoto stopped talking looking directly at her.
“I thought... It was only me...” Rise said shyly.
“H-huh?” Naoto questioned, unable to stop blushing.
Rise breathed in and out deeply.
"I... I've been having...feelings for you too...” She confessed.
Naoto's eyes widened, unable to process what she just said, staring into Rise’s brown eyes.
“Ever since you showed your true self as a woman... I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind...” She continued. “I thought it was bad that I had feelings for a girl. But I have never felt like this before. You proved to me that I didn’t love Yu. I just wanted to be loved. I hid it... Because I thought... You would never love a woman... Especially one like me...”
Naoto shyly put her hands on Rise’s looking at her face. Rise started blushing all red just like Naoto’s face.
“Anyone... Would be lucky to have someone as great... as you.” Naoto smiled.
Rise looked into Naoto’s greyish-blue eyes, hearing only the drops of the rain outside on the windows as she burst out crying.
Naoto gasped, seeing Rise cry real tears for the first time.
“Rise?!” Naoto asked worried.
Rise kept crying smiling at Naoto. “You are so sweet. Making me cry like this!”
She poked Naoto in her hands, wiping away her tears.
“I... Love You Rise... I have done for a long time...” Naoto smiled leaning a little closer to Rise. “If I knew you felt the same, I would’ve told you sooner. I’ve wanted to be your girlfriend... For so long.”
“I love you too... Naoto...” Rise smiled, leaning close to Naoto. “I... want to be your girlfriend too...”
They looked into each other’s eyes for a few minutes as their thoughts for one and another took over, holding each other’s hands. For those few minutes, Naoto and Rise had never been so happy in their lives.
Closing their eyes, Naoto's lips pressed against Rise's as they kissed and made out lovingly for a long time, completely absorbed in what they were doing and ignoring the rain and thunder from outside. Their love was radiating from their lips, really into the kissing, wishing to stay like this forever.
“Stay... Here... Tonight Rise. Please...” Naoto was begging, whispering.
“I want to... Be with you forever Naoto.” Rise whispered. “In your arms...”
They kept making out on the sofa all night, wrapping their arms round each other, unable to stop their feelings of love to each other.