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This Place of Wrath and Tears

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The ripples created by even the tiniest of the pebbles have the potential of creating the biggest changes. All it takes is one second, one change, and the world will never be the same. Everything can change.

In a forgotten corner of the world, a butterfly flaps its wings, and somewhere else, some time else, a hurricane begins to form.

Set the scene.

The Trojan War is brewing on the horizon, Greece against Troy, a war fought for beauty by heroes for kings. The Dawn of Gods, the Golden Age for the Olympians… And yet, yet creatures of dreams and nightmares lurk in the shadows. On the East of the continent, the shadow of the Romanian Coven falls upon humans and vampires alike. Fear is used as a weapon, humanity paralyzed by the certainty of their mortality. And the vampires? The cruelest of their kind relish on the chaos, seeding it and spreading it throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. It is not the Age of Men, not the Age of Progress.

It is needless chaos and disorder. It is lawlessness at it’s finest.

Chaos prevails, but Nature is not to be bound by such things. Soon the pieces are set in motion, for how could there be chaos without order? Lawlessness without the law?

Balance is only natural, and thus, Nature plans.

In one world, Nature plans within its boundaries. Order is brought forth, but soon it becomes obvious that the balance is precarious, that even the slightest of the pressures can send the scales tumbling down.

This is not the story of that world.

In this world, Nature dares to presume. It reaches beyond its own boundaries, beyond what is natural, beyond even the confines of life and death.

In another world, Nature plays the game with the pieces given. In this world, Nature cheats for it plays to win.

Deep within a forest that has long disappeared from the records of men, bright red eyes snap open to the encouragements of a childish voice. Three millennia later a ten year old dreams of change and of strangers with crimson eyes.