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My First One And Only

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"Here you go Kirishima!" Uraraka happily presented him with a small box of chocolates, complete with a Valentines day heart on it. "your chocolate!"

"Ah! Thank you Uraraka!" Kirishima beamed at the girl, adding the chocolate to the small growing pile on his table. "I'm so happy to get so many chocolates! You girls are the best!"

"Of course!" Uraraka smiled back and patted him on the shoulder. "Now I gotta go hand out the rest of my chocolates okay? Have you seen Aoyama?"

"Ah, he was heading to the nurses' office earlier, something to do with his stomach."

"oh! Alright then, I'm gonna try to find him before lunchtime is over! See ya guys in class later!" Uraraka grinned, rushing off to join Tsu-chan and Mina in their chocolate deliveries.

"Ah! The girls in our class are the nicest~" Kirishima beamed happily at Sero and Kaminari, who were eating with him at the cafeteria. "I've never had this many chocolates before on valentines day!"

"Well isn't it a bit sad that they are all just "friendship" chocolate though?" Kaminari sulked, sighing at his pile. "I'd rather get one special "PLEASE DATE ME!" chocolate than all these friendship ones!"

"Don't be so greedy!" Sero huffed, punching Kaminari in the shoulder. "Be happy with what you get! The girls don't have to give you ANYTHING you know!"

"I know, I know!" Kaminari sank back in his seat, sighing. "They're angels and we don't deserve them and all that."

"They especially don't have to give YOU anything." Kirishima narrowed his eyes. "You're lucky that the girls blame all the perverted stuff you do on Mineta."

"Pft! I don't mean anything by it! I'm just a teenage boy, give me a break!"

"If you're a man you need to respect everyone equally!" Kirishima frowned, wiping the last of his lunch off his plate with his bread. "-And don't leave leftovers either!"

"Yes mom!" Sero and Kaminari mocked, but their smiles just made Kirishima smile back.

"Oh! There you guys are!" Jiro and Yaoyorozu walked to them, dropping chocolates on the table. "Here you are! Happy valentines day!"

"Thaaaaaaaaank you!" The boys beamed, and the girls smiled back. "Isn't it a bit weird that you guys are giving all the boys chocolate, when you and Momo are dating already?"

"SHHHHH! That's a secret Kaminari!" Jiro hissed, grabbing the blond's face. "Just take your chocolates and be happy about it!"



Who had the bright idea to put history class right after lunch? The redhead was in the middle of stifling a yawn already. He dropped is chocolates on his table, and looked the pile over. He had one from every girl in class! Aah, it just gave him the warm fuzzies! He felt so included! Friendship was the best .

Speaking of friendship, Bakugo was already sitting in his seat, a magazine covering his face as he reclined back in his chair, his feet on the table. So cool! Like something out of a movie. The sandy blond usually didn't eat in the cafeteria, preferring to eat at the dorms by himself. Kirishima had managed to drag him to eat a couple of times, but Bakugo always retreated back to eating alone.

"Bakugo!" Kirishima walked over, plucking the magazine gently off his friend's face, revealing a sour expression. "Have you been here long? You should have let us know we could have hung out in here instead of the cafeteria!"

Bakugo glared at him, his lips pursed in annoyance. "I didn't want company, shitty hair! I was taking a nap!"

"right, right!" Kirishima rolled his eyes, glancing at the magazine in his hand. “Is this the new issue!? I've been waiting- Did it come out today!? When did you get this!?"

"Give that back!" Bakugo huffed, but he didn't reach out for it or even move. "I'm not fuckin' done reading it!"

"Please let me read it later then!" Kirishima pleaded, the magazine between his hands. "I'll give it right back!"

"Then give it back right now! You'll just get distracted in class if you read it now!" Bakugo huffed, snatching it out of Kirishima's hands.

"But won't you be distracted too!?"

"I'm not the one that needs to pay proper attention here, I'm not gonna fuckin' tutor you if you don't try to learn yourself!"

"Ahh, you're right! Dammit!" Kirishima deflated into his seat, sulking as he watched Bakugo resume reading the magazine, argh! The cover looked so interesting! Kirishima's attention trailed from the magazine cover to Bakugo's profile, his staring excused by the presence of the magazine. Bakugo really was handsome. Kirishima took in Bakugo's grumpy expression and nice jawline. He probably has a lot of girls that like him.

Kirishima glanced down at the table, and did a double take when he noticed it was completely barren of all chocolates. Wha? He glanced around, every table had a pile of chocolates, minus Mineta's, who only had one small pack marked "from all the girls" on it. Kirishima rolled his eyes, naturally, what had the little idiot expected?

But Bakugo's table was completely empty! Was it because the girls hadn't found him during lunch? Well they'd probably give him chocolates during break then. Kirishima nodded to himself, turning back in his seat when the teacher entered.

At the end of the school day, Bakugo didn't have a single chocolate. W-what!? Kirishima's mind was whirring almost violently, the distress visible on his face. How could this be? They were walking back to the dorms together, and Kirishima tried to see if Bakugo was stashing a huge pile of chocolate somewhere, but the blond didn't even look like he had anything but books in his bag.

"Yeah you can have it already, stop fuckin' fidgeting so much!" Bakugo huffed as they entered the first floor, the common room empty since most of their class was still eating dinner in the lunch hall and reminiscing about past Valentines days.

"huh?" Kirishima's eyes snapped up at Bakugo, who pressed the magazine into his face. "Oh! Thank you, Bakugo!"

"Whatever, I'm done reading it, you can give it back tomorrow or something." Bakugo dropped himself down on the communal couch, and Kirishima sat down next to him, completely enthralled by the magazine. He had no idea how long they sat on the couch together, Kirishima pointing out articles and discussing the read with Bakugo, who for the most part sat on the couch silently, only offering his opinion when it was different from Kirishima's.

"-But if that's his training routine, we should try this thing out!" Kirishima excitedly waved the page in Bakugo's face. "I have the weights for it, but we'd need a bit more space- do you think we could use the courtyard?!"

The distant murmur of the rest of the class entering the dorms suddenly filled the common room, and like clockwork, Bakugo tensed up on the couch, rising up slightly from his slouch.

"There you guys are!" Mina cheered excitedly, throwing herself on the couch next to Kirishima. "Hey! Did you hear? Apparently Aizawa-sensei got chocolates, and no one knows who they are from!"

"What!? Really?"

"We're all making bets on who they are from, my bet is that they are from a student; Aizawa-sensei is very handsome!"

"It's improper to do something like that though." Momo chirped in, gracefully taking a seat across the coffee table from them. "Romantic feelings for teachers is... very inappropriate."

"IT IS ALSO ILLEGAL-" Iida stressed, waving his hands decidedly, but Mina just ignored him.

"Yeah but isn't that just the kind of love story you see in movies!?" Mina argued, throwing herself forward. "I bet it's someone from 1-B!"

"I think they are probably just from another teacher." Midoriya said gently, his voice barely audible over Mina's shrieking.

"REALLY? Who do you think it is!? Ah!!! I want to know so badly!"

Kirishima could feel Bakugo shift next to him, and a moment later the blond had vaulted out of the couch, leaving the space next to Kirishima cold and vacant.

"Hey! Where are you going Bakugo!?"

"Away from this stupid ass conversation! I'm going to bed, you idiots can gossip your way into the afterlife for all I care!" Bakugo spat out angrily, stomping into the elevator and not even turning back as he pressed the button for the fourth floor.

Kirishima watched the elevator door close, his fingers still tightly wound around the pages of the magazine he'd borrowed from Bakugo. The conversation continued without the blond, almost as if the only one who noticed Bakugo leaving was him. Was all this Valentines day talk upsetting him? Was it because he hadn't gotten any chocolates? Did he feel left out?

"Hey, where are you going Kirishima?" Kaminari chirped in annoyance, trying to grab hold of Kirishima's pants. "You're warm! Come back! The couch is super cold without you on it dude!"

"I'll be right back, just gotta do something real quick." Kirishima dodged his friend's grabby hands, making his way over to the kitchen, placing the magazine on the counter as he started pulling various ingredients from the shelves. He knew just how to cheer his bro up!

Fifteen minutes later, Kirishima found himself standing in front of Bakugo's door, hoping the blond hadn't actually managed to fall asleep so early. Sometimes he could hear music or movies through the wall, so he suspected Bakugo went upstairs more for privacy than sleep.

After listening for any signs, Kirishima decided to chance it, knocking on the door. "Hey, Bakugo? It's me, can I talk to you for a second?"

There was a soft thud of feet hitting floor, and a moment later, a grumpy Bakugo clad in only his boxers tore the door open. "What the fuck do you want? I said I was going to sleep, didn't I?"

"Here you go! I made you this!" Kirishima beamed, practically shoving the cup he was holding into Bakugo's face.

"What the fuck-"

"It's my special recipe hot chocolate!" Kirishima stated confidently, the liquid rolling around in the large cup. “It's really good.”

"special.... hot.... chocolate? For me?" Bakugo frowned in confusion, giving Kirishima a suspicious look.

"Yeah! It's Valentines day after all." Kirishima smiled widely as Bakugo's eyebrows rose up into his hairline in shock. The blond stared at the cup wide eyed, and Kirishima's heart ached in joy! This was what friends did! Made each other feel nice and included!

Bakugo carefully took the cup, staring at it as he took two steps into the darkness of his room, and then slammed the door in Kirishima's face, leaving the redhead alone in the hallway.

"Goodnight, Bakugo!" Kirishima hummed at the door, practically skipping down the hall. The heavy weight of unfairness off his shoulders. He hadn't expected a thank you or anything, the feeling of a good deed was all a hero and a friend needed after all!

The elevator pinged at the bottom floor, and his friends automatically made room for him on the couch. He vaulted over the edge, sliding himself comfortable between Sero and Mina.

"Where have you been anyway? Running off and making noise in the kitchen late at night. Did you miss dinner?"

"I was just making hot chocolate." Kirishima reclined happily, glancing at the girls who were telling Mineta off for complaining about his lack of "proper" chocolates.

"I was going to give you nice white panties for white day too! "

"Then we super regret giving you ANY chocolate, gross."

"Hey, I didn't want to bring this up because it's none of my business really, But it's really bothering me. Why would you give Mineta chocolates but not Bakugo?" Kirishima's brow furrowed at the girls, who looked over at him in confusion. "I mean he's not the nicest guy, but even Mineta got some chocolates right?!"

The girls exchanged confused and awkward glances, but after a moment of awkward silence in the group, Momo raised her hand timidly. "Uhm, We did offer him chocolates."

"Huh?" Kirishima's brows raised in confusion, and he glanced from one girl to the next, all of them looked slightly apprehensive.

"We found him at the dorms during lunch, he was super rude about it too!" Uraraka huffed, hands on her hips. "He didn't accept a single one, going all "Why would I accept your pity chocolates!" and stuff with a scary face! We were just being nice to him."

"It's true, I saw it." Sero pitched in, patting Kirishima on the shoulder. "He even declined candy from girls in other classes, seems like the guy doesn't like chocolates or something. You can calm down, no one was trying to leave him out."

"Agh! that's super un-cool of me!" Kirishima covered his face in embarrassment. "I scolded you too! I'm sorry, I was in the wrong!"

"That's okay!" Mina laughed, opening a bag full of chocolates. "We got all of Bakugo's leftover chocolates to ourselves, so we win in the end!"

"You're... wrong." Midoriya's soft voice caught everyone's attention. There was something about Deku that just made everyone stop and listen, even if his voice wasn't loud.

"Wha? " Everyone was blinking at the green haired boy, who seemed to crack slightly under all of the attention.

"Kacchan doesn't dislike chocolate at all." Midoriya scratched his chin. "His favorite is chili-chocolate, and he likes to eat all of it in one bite."

Everyone was staring at Midoriya, who awkwardly laughed at his own overly detailed mutterings.

The girls exchanged looks, then turning to the smaller boy with indignation. "Then why wouldn't he accept our chocolates!?"

Kirishima could see the green-haired boy awkwardly glance in his direction, but then again, Midoriya was awkward most of the time.

"Kacchan just... Doesn't accept chocolates on valentines day because he doesn't want to accept peoples feelings." Midoriya rubbed the back of his head. "-ever since we were kids, he never accepted any chocolates, saying stuff like "I don't want your pathetic feelings " or " like hell I'll accept this from someone as lame as you!" and stuff like that"

"That sounds about right." Jiro whistled low, crossing her arms. "He's been a colossal jerk forever, huh?"

Midoriya nodded awkwardly, and then made direct eye contact with Kirishima, who felt completely nailed down by the intensity in those big green eyes.

"Kirishima-kun, who did you make the hot chocolate for?"

"Well it's pretty stupid NOW that I know he wasn't being left out, but I made it for Bakugo. It was all I could think of really." Kirishima shrugged, something at the back of his head churning almost deafeningly.

"Did he accept?" Midoriya's voice was completely different, it was intense and serious, and the entire common room seemed to realize the situation a moment before Kirishima's brain caught up.

"yeah he took-" Kirishima's body froze, and for a second, not a single breath was drawn in the common room. Kirishima wasn't even sure his blood was still flowing as the realization washed over him.

Suddenly he could remember the flustered expression on Bakugo's face right before he slammed the door in his face. He'd been so preoccupied with his own feelings that he'd completely forgotten about reading Bakugo's expression. His heart hammered in his chest to try to make up for lost time, and Kirishima could feel the blush hit his cheeks at mach-speed.

This looked like a confession! Kirishima went over the previously-believed-to-be-innocent encounter again and again in his head, and it looked like a confession every time!

"K-Kirishima, you're spiking up, you'll ruin your shirt." Kaminari put a hand on Kirishima's back, patting it gently. "Relax a bit okay? I'm sure it's not THAT bad."

"Y-yeah!" Kirishima's quirk dissipated, and he swallowed thickly. "I'm just reading too much into it! right?"

"R-right!" Uraraka nodded, sitting at the edge of her seat. "I'm sure Bakugo didn't misunderstand! Tell us what you said exactly!"

Kirishima nodded, wiping his sweaty palms on his pants. "I uh, knocked on his door and told him I needed to talk to him-"

The entire group winched but remained silent, and Kirishima paled a shade, hesitantly continuing, his voice rising slightly. "t-then I told him "I made you this-" and presented him with the cup-"

Half of the class was now averting their eyes at this point, trying to look at anything but Kirishima.

"I told him it was my special... hot chocolate... because... it was.... v-valentines day..." Kirishima threw his head back. "THIS IS A DISASTER! HE DEFINATELY MISUNDERSTOOD!"

"How did he react? Was he pissed off?" Mina was one of the few people still willing to look Kirishima in the eyes, the awkwardness that hung in the air was suffocating.

"He... He took it.... From my hand and... Slammed the door in my face?" Kirishima's voice was barely more than a squeak at this point, he grimaced awkwardly and gave a hopeful look at the girls, who all exchanged a look before turning to Kirishima.

"Yeah, that's definitely a 100% unmistakable confession."

"AGH!" Kirishima threw himself backwards, the couch toppling over, taking Sero and Kaminari with him to the floor as their legs flung into the air. Kirishima covered his face completely with his hands, the redness in his cheeks rivaling his hair.

"I'm so stupid! I just wanted to make him feel included!" Kirishima hissed through grit teeth. "Now I made it weird!"

"But, he accepted?"

Kirishima could see most of the class through the gaps in his fingers as he peeked out between them shyly. "huh?"

"He accepted the confession!" Uraraka levitated the couch, tapping her hand on it to flip it over, righting all three boys in the seat. "Congratulations?"

"W-What!?" Kirishima yelped in confusion, looking from one face to another. They were all either grinning awkwardly at him or horrified, and Kirishima didn't know what to do with his face.

"Doesn't that mean you're dating now?" Momo pointed out shyly, and Kirishima's head snapped in her direction. "I mean..." she hesitated when she could see the horrified expression on Kirishima's face.

"Do you like Kacchan?" Midoriya asked confidently, "Because if you don't... You should clear this misunderstanding up right away-"

Kirishima swallowed thickly, his face probably as red as his hair as he stared at the corner of the table. He supposed it was time. He just hoped the people in class were as cool as he thought they were.

"I... I do like him." He confessed, a mixture of relief and dread rooting itself in his spine.

The entire class waited, none of them sounding specifically shocked or anything, but all of them waiting for the declaration. At least they weren't looking at him in disgust or anything.

"-as a friend?" Midoriya added, leaning into Kirishima's field of view. "or more?"

"I don't know! I just know I like him okay!?" Kirishima covered his face in his hands, muffling the embarrassment in his voice. "I do like him, he's really cool and handsome and I like hanging out with him and stuff, but- I didn't plan on confessing, ever! He's my bro! I don't want to make it weird!"

"You already have dude." Sero nodded sympathetically, patting Kirishima on the shoulder.

“Too late now.”

“Maybe you should just go for it”

“You kinda messed that part up.”

"ARGH! I HAVE HAVEN'T I!?" Kirishima lamented, deflating into the couch. "Dammit!"

"This is a dilemma." Uraraka hummed into her hand, eyes closed in concentration. "Though we don't know if Bakugo feels the same, he might not even care right?"

"-And it's not like this means you have to start dating, right?" Sero pointed out tiredly, fingers tapping on the coffee table. "Do you really think Bakugo is dumb enough to just think you've started dating over ONE cup of cocoa?"

The question was directed at Midoriya, who squirmed slightly in his seat. "Kacchan is... a pretty all or nothing kinda guy. I mean I don't think he's ever liked anyone before so... Anything could happen really."

"W-wait, does that mean that if he likes me, I'm his first crush!?" Kirishima had no idea why that made his stomach all fluttery and light. He knew he shouldn't get his hopes up, but his adrenaline was kicking his emotions into hyper-drive.

"Don't just assume stuff so quickly! You're also like...His first actual close friend right? That idiot has the emotional depth of a teaspoon, so maybe he just accepted your cocoa as a friendship thing!” Kaminari argued, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Besides, is a cup of hot chocolate really something that counts as Valentines chocolate?!"

Kirishima's elated expression washed away almost immediately, replaced by a hollow tired sigh. He should be careful not to get his hopes up, just talking about this in such a serious way was getting him all excited. What was he? A maiden from an 70's rom-com!?

"Either way, Kirishima-kun is definitely special to Kacchan." Midoriya noted and Kirishima knew they were both remembering the same night. The same event.

Sometimes when he closed his eyes he could still feel the wind in his hair and the weight of Bakugo in his hand.

"Yeah but maybe he accepted it as a friend." Kaminari sighed in exasperation. "I guess we'll find out tomorrow? If you don't want to date him, just tell him you're not ready for a relationship or something."

"You should just date him! You said you like him, right?" Mina pointed out, and Kirishima curled up and covered his head with his arms.

"I DO, but I've never dated anyone before!" Kirishima groaned out in frustration. "I don't know how!"

“I don't think anyone knows how to date Bakugo.” The group murmured, thinking about this situation. “-probably not even Bakugo knows how you should date Bakugo.”

Turns out none of the boys in class had dated anyone, except Shouji who'd had a significant other for a couple of months in middle school, but he wasn't any help. If anything it just made the situation feel more hopeless. The class eventually tried to lighten the mood by changing the subject, but no-one tried to stop Kirishima went he went to bed early, clutching his magazine.

He was so happy, but his stomach was twisting with tension. What was he going to do!? Somehow the idea of Bakugo turning him down tomorrow was just as scary as Bakugo accepting his feelings! How could ONE person be so intense to make both scenarios terrifying!?

Kirishima thrashed around in bed, staring up at his posters. Bakugo had accepted his cup though, but for all he knew it could have been out of pity or friendship or something. That is how he had presented it after all.

As a confession that had been super-crazy-lame too! He'd imagined confessing to Bakugo for months now, in all sorts of cool manly ways, but he was never planning to actually DO it!

He could tell this was going to be a long, sleepless night.




Kirishima woke up with a start at the sound of his alarm, it blared from the floor where his phone had fallen, wiggling angrily at him through the vibrations. Kirishima stretched and kicked off his covers, the sleep trying to claw him back under before he rolled out of bed to get ready for another day. Spiking his hair, fixing his tie, his routine was manageable on half-asleep autopilot, his brain lagging far far behind.

It only took 5 minutes to get to class from the dorms, but he always left a little earlier so he could walk with Bakugo-

Kirishima froze in place as the events of last night rushed over him. Shit, he'd completely forgotten about the situation he'd gotten himself into. Was he going to be turned down now? Was walking together to class over?! Or... Kirishima could feel his palms sweating, and he could hear the door to Bakugo's room swing open and slam shut. He was going, Bakugo was going!!!

Normally he'd burst out of the door, chase the blond down and join him for the walk to class, but today his body couldn't move. How was he supposed to act? What if Bakugo expected something? What if he rejected him? What if he got awkward around him? THIS was why he hadn't wanted to confess in the first place!

"Oi! Kirishima!" There was a loud knock on the door, and the redhead snapped out of his own thoughts, staring at the door. It was Bakugo! He was waiting for him? Bakugo had never waited before! Well Kirishima wasn't sure if this was new, since he'd never made Bakugo wait before.

His body moved on its own and he pulled the door open, and right in front of him, leaning against the wall opposite his door was Bakugo. Handsome as ever, though he was staring down the hallway to avoid eye contact.

Kirishima seized up internally, yeah. This was going to get weird, wasn't it?

"Good morning, Bakugo!"

"What the fuck were you doing in there? You'll make us late you know!"

Grumpier than usual, Kirishima noted nervously.

"Sorry, sorry-" Kirishima yanked his door closed, walking over to take his normal place at Bakugo's left side. "There's still plenty of time to get to class!"

"But now we're gonna have to hurry." Bakugo muttered angrily, hands buried deep in his pockets as he stomped his way down the hall, not any faster than usual despite his complaint.

What was that supposed to mean? Kirishima's brain whirred away as his body went on auto-pilot , stepping in line with his friend came naturally to him at this point. "Hey Bakugo, about yesterday-"

"I don't know how." Bakugo spat out venomously, his walk halting in the middle of the hallway, Kirishima pausing automatically a step ahead. Was the blond blushing? An impulsive harden rushed up Kirishima's spine as Bakugo looked at him, his red eyes burning with something he hadn't seen before.

"what don't you-"

"DATING!" Bakugo spat out angrily, gritting his teeth. At this moment, Kirishima noticed that his friend looked tired and a bit tense, and he had the sudden urge to do something to make all of this okay. He didn't like to see Bakugo so uncomfortable!

"Bakugo, listen, don't worry about it-"

"But it's stupid!" Bakugo angrily tore his hand out of his pocket, running int through his hair in annoyance, the helplessness on his face was heartbreaking.

"We can't even hold hands!" Bakugo was yelling at this point, though Kirishima could tell it wasn't directed at him. "It's stupid and gross and I don't want to! But! It's stupid that I can't right!? There's nothing I can't do, but this is a problem?!"

"What are you talking about-" Kirishima stepped in front of his friend to calm him down, narrowing Bakugo's world down to just him usually worked.

"Idiot!" Bakugo raised his hand up in front of Kirishima's face, and for a second the redhead expected a blast. "My hands gets really sweaty when I'm nervous and shit! I'll blow your fuckin' hand off by accident!"

Kirishima stared at his friend who looked so earnestly angry and disappointed, the embarrassment was obvious on his face, it was adorable. The flutter started deep down in his stomach, but within a minute the laughter was bubbling out of him, raw and real.

"DON'T LAUGH AT ME ASSHOLE! I'M SERIOUS HERE!" Bakugo grabbed the front of Kirishima's uniform, a red blush burning bright across his cheeks.

"Sorry, dude" Kirishima took a deep breath, closing his eyes as he shook his head. "Don't tell me you forgot who you are talking to?" He raised his own hand; hardening running from the tips of his fingers to his wrist. "You can bring those explosions right on!"

Bakugo stared at Kirishima's hand, his expression suddenly dumbfounded as he seemed to register the situation. Had Bakugo totally forgotten about Kirishima's quirk or something? Well not that it was hard to forget such a boring quirk, Kirishima looked at his own hand with slight disdain.

"It's a bit sharp though, it won't be comfortable-"

Bakugo suddenly grabbed Kirishima's hand, palm to hardened palm, a slightly off-putting "splat" sound filled the hallway, followed by an explosion that fluttered their hair and stung just a little bit.


SPLAT! by Queenofliz4rds on tumblr


Kirishima's heart thundered in excitement, so manly! Early morning explosive contact! Such a firm grip too! The two boys held eye contact until the sting dissolved and Kirishima whistled low, "That was pretty cool!"

"Whatever." Bakugo let his hand drop, taking Kirishima's hand with him as he resumed walking, hand in hand. Kirishima followed by instinct, and finally his mind caught up.

WHAT WAS THIS SITUATION!?!? Kirishima ignored the multitudes of small explosions playing across his hardened palm as he allowed Bakugo to lead him to the elevator on autopilot. Now he was holding hands with Bakugo, did this mean they were actually dating!? He'd never planned what he'd do if Bakugo DID accept his feelings! He'd never held hands with anyone before, it felt great!

"They tickle a bit." Kirishima's traitorous mouth did not get approved by his brain for that statement. The two boys were standing in the elevator, no sound except for the muffled "poof poof" of explosions between their hands and the unnaturally cheery elevator music.

Bakugo's ears were red. "-not painful?"

"not with my hardening." Kirishima smiled wide at his friend, it was cute that Bakugo was so concerned about this. "it's probably sting a bit without it though."

"tsk." Bakugo turned his head away, his grip on Kirishima's hand tightening slightly. They left the campus building, and Kirishima was amazed and slightly embarrassed that Bakugo's grip didn't ease up even remotely even if they were in public. Did he just not care what other people thought? So manly! Kirishima didn't want to let go either, but he wondered how far they'd have to get into school before Bakugo would let his hand go.

All the way to the classroom, apparently.



Special thanks to QueenOfLiz4rds for providing art!