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I see swimming pools (and living rooms and aeroplanes)

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It was 5 am in the morning and Yoongi was drunk. Looking at his age, you could think he was being a typical college student drinking himself half to death at one of those infamous college parties. And although he was a college student, he was far from being at a party. No, he was at home or rather in the backyard of his apartment complex. When he moved in a few years ago, he didn’t really get why having a swimming pool in the backyard would be so “super fucking awesome” as his best friend Hoseok had phrased it. But now after downing every drop of alcohol he could find in his apartment, Yoongi admitted that being able to dip his feet into the cold water was indeed very calming. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop Yoongi’s negative thoughts – the reason for his drinking after all – from pouring into his brain. Silently he stared at the water rippling every time he moved his feet. Who would stop him if he decided to drown himself right at this moment? He's was surely drunk enough that it’d be easy to just … stop breathing underwater. Yoongi let out a low chuckle at that thought. Was this what depression felt like? Was he depressed? Normally Yoongi would resist the urge to self-diagnose himself. After all, he wasn’t a professional and just because he was feeling down, didn’t mean he was depressed. He wasn’t just feeling down though. For months, years now maybe Yoongi didn’t feel genuinely happy anymore. He was content on some days, could laugh with his friends and smile at strangers. But when it came to how his life went, he felt as if he was living in a cage. He didn’t want to live like this but he also had no means to change it – not anymore.

So really what stopped him from ending his god-awful life right at this moment?

Maybe it was the alcohol in his veins or maybe it was the fact that he was so deep in thought, but Yoongi didn’t notice that he wasn’t alone anymore until he heard a loud splash. And even then it took him some time – probably a few seconds – until he could match the sound to something falling into the water. When he looked up from his legs swinging from the edge of the pool, his heart stopped for a moment. Something didn’t fall into the pool, but someone – a very little someone indeed. Yoongi couldn’t see much since the sun wasn’t up yet and the person was flailing his arms in order to not drown, but he could see that the person was a small child. It took Yoongi a few embarrassing seconds until his drunken mind realized that the child was going to drown if Yoongi wouldn’t rescue him.

If Yoongi was sober, he’d know that jumping into a pool while being drunk was a very bad idea. But you see he was indeed drunk so his sober self couldn’t really help much, so the boy dived right into the pool. The cold water helped him sober up enough to be able to use his limbs, but he probably still looked like a puppy as he paddled towards the child. Panicked he just grabbed onto whatever the child was wearing and dragged him towards the edge of the pool. With the last of his strength, he managed to hoist the little boy out of the pool without bashing his head against the walls of the pool. He was so concentrated on making sure the child didn’t fall into the pool again, that he didn’t hear the screams and only noticed the older boy when he grabbed at the little one.

“Jeonggukkie,” he gasped, holding the little boy – who, as Yoongi now observed, probably wasn’t even in kindergarten yet – tightly to his chest. “Jeonggukkie, are you okay? What were you doing? You were giving me a heart attack.”

“Same,” Yoongi quietly grumbled as the child – Jeongguk apparently – merely coughed into the older boy’s shoulder. It was only now that the concerned sibling (?) noticed Yoongi hanging off of the edge of the pool.

“Thank you so much for saving Jeongguk. I didn’t realize that he had run out of the apartment and – here let me give you a hand.” True to his word the boy stretched out a hand for Yoongi to take and hoist himself out of the pool. Breathing heavily he collapsed onto his back as soon as he was out of the water. “Are you okay? Do you live here as well? My name is Park Jimin, I live on the ground floor that’s why Jeongguk could escape so easily.” Park Jimin let out a quiet chuckle but it was obvious that he was still shaken by the occurrence.

“Min Yoongi, third floor,” Yoongi answered while eyeing Park Jimin up and down. By the looks of it, the boy couldn’t be much younger than himself. He was wearing a white dress shirt tucked into his black pants. Maybe he was on his way to work, Yoongi wondered. His black hair was parted in the middle and as Yoongi’s drunken mind concluded he was pretty handsome with his round face and plush lips. “Maybe you should put a leash on your little brother.”

“Oh, he's … he's my son actually.” A look Yoongi couldn’t quite decipher flashed across Jimin’s face as the black haired tightened his grip on little Jeongguk.

“Oh,” Yoongi let out dumbly. Jimin looked as if he was ready to dodge any hate Yoongi would throw his way. “Well, okay then.”

“O-okay,” Jimin suddenly stuttered, obviously not expecting Yoongi to react that way. He eyed his watch. “Um, I guess I gotta go, I’m late for work and–”

“Is he okay?” Yoongi had sat up and nodded at the little boy who still hadn’t let out a peep after snuggling into his father’s chest.

Jimin furrowed his brows a little. “Uh, yeah. He's just quiet and –” He let out a loud sigh. “I had hoped that he would sleep through until I'm back from work. I don’t have a babysitter until this afternoon and it just feels weird leaving him alone by himself while he's awake. It’s bad enough when he's asleep but now …”

“I could watch him for a few hours.” Yoongi’s brain was actually screaming at him for opening his mouth. He didn’t wanna watch a fucking toddler. He wanted to sleep. For a long time. Forever if possible.

“You could?” Jimin’s eyes widened comically. “That would mean so much, Yoongi-ssi.”
Yoongi shrugged. “I guess. What time do you get off work?”

“I get off half-past eleven, so I’d be here at twelve tops? Is it really okay though, Yoongi-ssi? It’s not a burden for you? Have you watched a child before?” Jimin started walking slowly towards the apartment complex and Yoongi followed him.

“A friend of mine has a son as well. I babysit him occasionally,” Yoongi said as they reached what was obviously Jimin’s apartment. Jimin nodded relieved.

“Okay, then. Thank you so so much. I’ll change him real quick and then you can take him up to your apartment because I need to change too afterwards since I’m all wet now. Is that alright?” Yoongi nodded and leaned on a wall while waiting for Jimin to reappear. Only now he realized how desperate Jimin really seemed to be. He was willingly handing over his toddler over to a stranger basically. Maybe he knew how to read people and knew that Yoongi was, in fact, a good person who would never even think of harming a child, but still. Yoongi couldn’t help but wonder how Jimin got himself into this.

“Be a good boy for Yoongi-ssi, yes?” Jimin quietly mumbled at Jeongguk when they entered their apartment. “I’ll be back before you know it, just like when Taemin watches you, yeah?” Jimin put Jeongguk down, so could stand on his own feet. He was wearing a blue overall with a black and white striped shirt underneath now and Yoongi had to admit it looked pretty adorable.

Jimin kneeled before his son and pecked him on the forehead. “Be good, I love you, Jeonggukkie.” Seeing this as his cue Yoongi stepped towards the toddler and ruffled his dark hair a little bit.

“Let’s go, huh? We don’t want your appa being late for work, do we?” Hesitantly Jeongguk grabbed Yoongi’s much bigger hand and let himself be lead towards the elevator. Looking over his shoulder he silently waved at his father until he couldn’t see him anymore. The elevator ride was rather quiet as Yoongi didn’t know what to say and Jeongguk was observing the insides of the elevator with big eyes.
Once they got into his apartment Yoongi sat the little boy down on the sofa, while he quickly changed out of his still dripping wet clothes. When he came back, Jeongguk seemed to have not moved an inch. Yoongi kneeled before him, so they were eye to eye.

“So, do you want to watch a movie? I think I might find some Disney ones on my laptop.” The little boy just silently blinked at him. Yoongi furrowed his brows. Was that a no? A yes? A maybe? “Or are you hungry? You probably haven't had breakfast yet, right? Do you want some cereal? You can eat that, right?” Yoongi quietly cursed himself. It had been some time since Taehyung – the son of his friend Seokjin – had been this small and for the love of god he couldn’t remember how they spent time then. Well, to be honest, Taehyung had been very talkative from the second he learned how to speak and if there was something he wanted to do, he always let Yoongi know. Jeongguk … not so much.

“Look, buddy. I know this is weird,” Yoongi sighed defeated. “I don’t know you and you don’t know me. But your appa was very worried so I just promised to take care of you. I would rather sleep as well but we can’t have all we want.” At the mention of sleep, Yoongi noticed the little boy’s eyes widening for a split second. Jimin did say that Jeongguk should sleep normally, didn’t he? Maybe he wanted to sleep.

“Are you sleepy, Jeongguk? Do you want to go sleep in Yoongi’s big bed?” Almost unnoticeable Jeongguk nodded and slid off the sofa. He grabbed Yoongi’s fingers and waited for him to lead them into the bedroom. Internally Yoongi applauded himself. He hoisted Jeongguk onto the mattress and reached for his phone – which he had fortunately forgotten in his apartment before he went to the pool – and set an alarm a few minutes before twelve so he wouldn’t miss bringing Jeongguk back down to Jimin. He noticed the boy struggling with his overall, so he quickly helped him take it off. It took Jeongguk only a few seconds until he settled against Yoongi’s pillow and closed his eyes with an almost happy sigh. The older boy watched the toddler silently until he was sure Jeongguk was fast asleep before he closed his eyes as well.

When he awoke it was because two little hands kept pushing his shoulders and pinching his cheeks. Grumbling he sat up and looked at Jeongguk who seemed much more chipper now. Still silent he held Yoongi’s phone towards him. The alarm had gone off and if it hadn’t been for Jeongguk, Yoongi probably would've slept through it.

“Oh, thank you, Jeongguk,” he mumbled tiredly and stretched his limbs. “Did you sleep well?” Jeongguk didn’t answer but jumped off the bed and grabbed his overall that was still lying on the floor. Letting out a quiet chuckle Yoongi helped the boy into his clothes and followed him when he immediately ran to the front door afterwards.

“It’s time to go back to appa, right?” Not even expecting an answer anymore, Yoongi grabbed his keys and Jeongguk’s hand so he could leave the apartment. “You excited, buddy?” Honestly, Yoongi should just stop asking Jeongguk questions. He wouldn’t answer anyway and Yoongi started to feel pathetic for talking to himself.

“Jeonggukkie!” Jimin let out a very unmanly squeak as he opened the door of their apartment and found Yoongi and his son. “I just wanted to come to get you! Did you have fun with Yoongi-ssi?”
“To be honest, we just slept all the way through,” Yoongi admitted a little bit embarrassed.

“Thank you so much again, Yoongi-ssi. I don’t know how to repay you.”

“You really don’t need to,” Yoongi answered suddenly shy.

“But I want to and I will.” Jimin flashed him a wide grin causing the butterflies in Yoongi’s stomach to go wild.

Oh boy.

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It was a few days later when Yoongi met Namjoon. He was just leaving the apartment complex to catch his bus to campus when he nearly ran into Jimin. You see normally when he ran into people while he was on his way to college, he would just tell them that he’ll talk to them another time. He hated being late to class even though it had no negative consequences or what so ever. Jimin though made him halt in his steps. This time the black haired boy wasn’t only carrying Jeongguk on his hips but he was also holding the hand of a much older boy – Yoongi guessed five or six years old. The boy had the same black hair as Jimin and Jeongguk but it was neatly trimmed and didn’t look as fluffy as Jeongguk’s – or Jimin’s for that matter. Small glasses were perched on his little nose and Yoongi couldn’t help but think that the boy looked like one of the nerds in elementary school who used to get beaten up by the older students. He sincerely hoped that the kid’s generation was less violent than his.

“Oh, hi, Yoongi-ssi!” Jimin greeted him with a wide smile which Yoongi could only try to mimic. He didn’t know why his encounters with Jimin felt so awkward. Since the ‘pool incident’, as he had called it, he hadn’t spoken to Jimin or either seen him. Which probably was Yoongi’s fault since lately he only left his apartment to go to campus. Not even his friends had dragged him out of the house.

“Appa, is that our neighbor?” The boy tucked at Jimin’s sleeve, demanding his attention. Thankfully Jimin looked towards his son so he couldn’t see Yoongi’s eyes widening for a brief second. So Jimin had two sons. Alright. No big deal. Except maybe Yoongi had guessed Jimin’s age wrong. Maybe he was older than Yoongi. If not, then Jimin must’ve had his older son when he was pretty young – not that Yoongi was judging, he really wasn’t. Seokjin had been 20 when Taehyung born and even though he had technically been an adult, he had needed to grow up quickly.

“Ah, yes. Namjoon-ah, this is our neighbor Yoongi-ssi. Yoongi-ssi, this is my son Namjoon,” Jimin explained almost excited. Namjoon pushed up his glasses with his hand that wasn’t holding Jimin’s and then bowed politely.

“Nice to meet you, Yoongi-ssi.”

“Nice to meet you as well, Namjoon,” Yoongi chuckled quietly. He then glanced towards Jeongguk who was in his father’s arm and silently observing the situation. “Nice to see you, Jeongguk. Not nearly drowning this time, eh?”

Jimin scrunched his nose. It probably wasn’t meant to look adorable but Yoongi’s heart skipped a beat. “I’m still having nightmares about that.”

“Don’t worry too much,” Yoongi tried to soothe the black haired boy. “Jeongguk won’t do it again, right? No falling into pools until you can swim.” Jeongguk didn’t answer, just silently blinked at Yoongi, but Yoongi felt like the boy agreed. It must’ve been quite a shock for the little one as well.

“I still need to pay you back, though,” Jimin interrupted his thoughts. Before Yoongi could even open his mouth to protest, the black haired boy continued. “How about dinner?”

“D-dinner?” Fuck, Min Yoongi, stop stuttering.

“We’d love to have you over and we have always enough to eat, don’t we?” Smiling Jimin looked from Namjoon to Jeongguk. “What do you think?”

“Oh, yes, please that would be so fun.” Namjoon nodded enthusiastically, while Jimin just grinned widely at Yoongi.

“Tonight sound good to you?”

“I guess?”

“Perfect!” Jimin exclaimed. “I’ll be home at six, so you can come at about six thirty?”

Yoongi just simply nodded and excused himself as he saw his bus approaching. Since he didn’t feel like running, he didn’t catch it anyway, but at least he didn’t have to feel awkward anymore.

Tonight would be one hell of a ride, he figured.


“Appa, he’s here! He's here!”

Yoongi could hear Namjoon’s screams from the other side of the door and tried to hold in his chuckle. It didn’t work, so when Jimin opened the door a few seconds later, he still had a smile stretched across his face.

“Yoongi-ssi, you're right on time. Dinner will be ready soon,” Jimin grinned and opened the door wide enough for Yoongi to slide into the apartment. Since he hadn't had a chance to peak into the other’s apartment the last time, he tried to make it not too obvious that he was checking everything out. Everything seemed to be pretty tidy at first glance with a few pairs of tiny shoes or single puzzle pieces strewn across the floor – then again, Yoongi thought, this was what living with toddlers looked like probably. “I hope, Tteokbokki is okay? And please don’t mind the mess in here, I haven't had much time to clean everything today.”

“Tteokbokki is just fine,” Yoongi smiled politely. “And it’s not messy at all. My apartment probably looks worse.” The pieces of furniture in the living room all looked a bit mismatched if he was being honest – an interior designer would have most likely had a mental breakdown – but it gave the apartment a homey feeling. Yoongi felt instantly more at home than in his apartment which his parents had furnished for him (only black and white, way too pricey furniture and plants he had to exchange with plastic ones since they kept dying).

“Appa, can I show Yoongi-ssi my room? Pretty please?” Namjoon who had appeared behind Jimin gave his father his best pout. Yoongi had to admit that the boy was quite adorable.

“Only if it’s not a bother,” Jimin answered his son, before turning to their guest. “I have to go back to my cooking. Would you mind entertaining the kids for a few minutes?”

“No, not at all,” Yoongi smiled, right before Namjoon grabbed his hand and tucked him towards a much smaller room. Now Yoongi remembered his childhood room since he pretty much lived in it every time he was back home. And this room was maybe a quarter in size. But Namjoon nonetheless presented him every detail with pride.

“This is my bed. When Gukkie was born he got my old one and now I have a bed for big boys. Appa got me Ryan sheets ‘cause I love him so much. This is my desk where I’ll study once I’m in school. These are all my books and these are my toys. Oh and –” Namjoon ran towards his bed and picked up a small koala bear plush that was sitting on his pillow. “This is my favorite plushie. His name is Koya and I had him since I was a baby. I still take him almost everywhere because when I have him with me I feel much stronger. Gukkie has one as well, but his is a bunny and he named it Cooky. When Gukkie is older, we’ll share this room.” Yoongi tried not to grimace. This room already looked small enough for one boy but two? He never had to share a room with anyone when he was little. But Namjoon seemed to be okay with it. Overall Namjoon seemed smarter than any kid his age that Yoongi had ever met – including Taehyung. He seemed to know how to word his thoughts and didn’t even have a lisp. Yoongi was kind of in awe.
“Where’s Jeongguk right now?” Yoongi asked when he realized that he hadn’t seen the toddler around.

“I’ll show you.” Grinning Namjoon took Yoongi’s hand into his again and lead him back into the living room. Now that he didn’t actually stand behind the sofa, Yoongi found Jeongguk pretty quickly. He was lying underneath the coffee table, a pink bunny plush sitting next to him, and staring intently at the little book in his hands.

“I gave him one of my comic books,” Namjoon explained smiling. “He can’t read yet, but he likes looking at the pictures.”

“That’s really nice of you, Namjoon.”

The boy just shrugged. “I’m his hyung, so I need to take care of him as well.” Before Yoongi could even think of an answer, Jimin called them to dinner and Namjoon ran into what seemed to be the kitchen as fast as his little legs could muster.

Chuckling Yoongi kneeled down in front of the coffee table and looked at the toddler still deep in his reading session. "C'mon, Jeongguk, let's go eat! You can finish this another time." Jeongguk immediately started pouting but put the comic book away nevertheless. Slowly he crawled out from under the table and then stretched his arms out towards Yoongi. The elder let out a quiet laugh and picked the boy up. He carried him into the kitchen, where he lifted him into the high chair that was obviously for the youngest one.

"Thank you, Yoongi-ssi," Jimin smiled at him, while he was filling plastic bowls with food. Namjoon had already sat down at the little wooden table which nearly didn't fit into the small kitchen and Yoongi sat down between him and Jeongguk. The only chair left for Jimin to take was right across the table. "Jeonggukkie, would you mind showing Yoongi-ssi where we keep your bibs? We don't want you making a mess all over your clothes." Silently the toddler pointed at a yellow bib that was tied to his high chair. Yoongi hummed in understanding, untied the bib and studied it for a quick second. When he was little bibs, were a simple piece of cloth but Jeongguk's seemed to be made of synthetic material and it even had sleeves. As if Yoongi was taking too long the toddler reached for the bib and slipped into the sleeves, so the adult only needed to button it up.

"Appa, can I start today?" Namjoon asked excitedly when Jimin had served the food and Yoongi was about to reach for his chopsticks. Confused he halted in his movement and glanced between Jimin and Namjoon. Did they not start eating at the same time? Was there an order? If there was Yoongi hoped he would be able to eat soon, since the smell of Jimin's food made him remember that he hadn't had something to eat since breakfast.
Noticing Yoongi's confusion Jimin gave him a gentle smile. "Every day before dinner we share moments of the day that made us happy or thankful. We don't want to enjoy our meal without appreciating the life we live." Yoongi paused. That was actually a really good idea. The more time he spent with Jimin the more he seemed to be a perfect parent - well as perfect as one could be.

"Oh, that's ... amazing. Don't mind me then." Jimin's smile widened and Yoongi could feel his heart stutter. He hadn't had time to look at the young man properly but he noticed now that Jimin looked much softer than when he had met him this morning. He wasn't wearing his usual dress shirt - which seemed to be his work uniform - but a fuzzy sweater and his hair wasn't styled parted anymore but his fluffy fringe was falling into his face. Just as Yoongi noticed this, Jimin raised his hand to comb with his fingers through his hair. Oh man, Yoongi was fucked.
"I was happy today when my teacher gave me a new book to read. It's really cool. It's about old legends and my teacher said that all the other kid's in my age probably wouldn't be able to read it yet," Namjoon started to share his happiest moment of the day. Yoongi and Jimin listened to him intently.
"That's really nice of your teacher," Jimin exclaimed and patted Namjoon's hair. "I'm so proud of you. You can show me the book tomorrow, alright?" The boy nodded enthusiastically.

"Do you go to school already, Namjoon?" Yoongi asked curiously, after remembering he knew next to nothing about the age of Jimin and his children.

"No, Yoongi-ssi," Namjoon replied politely. "I'm only five years old, so I'll go next year. Appa said though that I'm smart enough to start this year, but I want to go next year with my friends."

"His kindergarten teachers are very supportive and make sure that he doesn't feel unchallenged," Jimin added and looked at his son with a fond smile. Yoongi couldn't help but smile as well. Normally he was annoyed by children bragging about their supposed intelligence - or even worse: their parents telling everyone about their smart-ass children. But Namjoon and Jimin came across rather humble. If Namjoon was really as smart as he said - and Yoongi somehow had no doubt about it - then he had no intentions to rub it under everyone's nose. "Yoongi-ssi, do you want to go next or shall I?"

"Uh," Yoongi stammered. "You can go first." Meanwhile, he would be able to think of something to say as he was not prepared to be included in their little tradition.

"Okay, so I was really happy today when a customer gave me a big tip just because I was being polite as always. It feels really nice to be rewarded for things that come naturally to me." Jimin chuckled lightly and then glanced at Yoongi. "I work at a restaurant slash café before noon and as a waiter, you basically live off the tips customers give you."

Yoongi nodded in understanding and when Jimin and Namjoon looked at him expectantly, he guessed it was his turn now. "Well, I am happy today because I get to spend dinner with you and don't have to eat alone." Would it be any other occasion Yoongi would've cringed at the cheesiness of his 'happiest moment' but he hadn't been able to think of something less cheesy. Jimin didn't seem to mind at all since he smiled so big his eyes nearly disappeared.

"Feel free to join us as much as you'd like. It's refreshing to have another face around. Right, Namjoon?" The boy nodded quickly and gave Yoongi a toothy grin. "Well, I suppose I should give you the chance to taste my food before you decide to come again."

"Oh, I'm sure it tastes wonderful," Yoongi replied almost out of reflex. Jimin didn't seem to stop smiling. Was he always this happy and lively? Yoongi hoped so because happiness definitely suited the young man.

"The let's start eating - oh, wait, I almost forgot." Jimin turned towards the toddler who was quietly sitting in his high chair. "Did you want to share something as well?" Almost challenging Jimin raised an eyebrow and watched as Jeongguk quickly shook his head. "Thought so. Enjoy your food everyone! I hope you like it."

And boy did Yoongi like it. He could remember the last time his mother had cooked tteokbokki for him but he was sure hers wasn't as good as Jimin's. Maybe because Jimin had obviously made it with love. He had already finished half of his bowl when he glanced to his right to find Jeongguk eating the meal with his fingers. Yoongi almost choked on one of the rice cakes.

"Doesn't that hurt, Jeongguk?" He asked in disbelief. Jeongguk simply stared at him with wide eyes while shoveling rice cakes into his little mouth. "Wouldn't it be easier to eat with a fork?"

Jimin laughed silently. "Don't try, Yoongi-ssi. We've been trying to introduce him to cutlery for months now. He just likes to use his hands I guess. We haven't had any soup for some time now because the last time it was traumatizing for all of us." At Jimin's words, Jeongguk gave the tiniest of a cheeky smile. Yoongi admitted it looked way too adorable with the way he had sauce all over his lips and cheeks. He didn't know how a mess could look this cute.

"It's his bambi eyes," Namjoon said as if sensing Yoongi's inner train of thoughts. "Appa can't stay mad at him because of his eyes."


After dinner, Jimin cleaned up his sons and got them ready for bed while Yoongi cleaned the dishes - simply because he thought that Jimin didn't need any more work.

"Thank you so so much, Yoongi-ssi," Jimin breathed out when he joined him in the kitchen. Obviously exhausted the black haired man leaned against a kitchen counter and combed his fingers through his hair. The gesture made Yoongi's heart miss a beat.

"Y-you can call me, hyung. It's no big deal." Stop fucking stuttering Min Yoongi. "Wait, you're younger than me, right?"

"I'm 22 this year."

"Right, good. I'm 25. You can call me hyung. Your kids, too." Yoongi somehow was a mess.

"Alright, hyung," Jimin gave him a charming smile and Yoongi had to force himself not to crumble under his gaze. For heaven's sake, Jimin was most probably straight. He had two sons after all. Yoongi's heart should stop raising its hopes. "Would you like to stay a bit? I have wine."

Uh, sure. No wine for me, though. I don't like wine very much." Only vodka in the middle of the night. "Water should be just fine."

"Go sit down on the sofa then, hyung. I'll be there in a second." Yoongi did as he was told on plopped himself down on the admittedly very comfortable sofa. It had some questionable stains but Yoongi was sure that Namjoon and Jeongguk were at fault. A few minutes later Jimin emerged from the kitchen, two glasses in his hands, one filled with wine the other with sparkling water. He held the latter towards Yoongi. "Here you go."

"Thanks," Yoongi mumbled. They stayed silent for a few moments, Yoongi exploring his brain for any conversation starters. "Hey, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, hyung. Ask away."

Yoongi paused to actually word his question the right way. He didn't want to insult Jimin in any way. "I just ... You had mentioned that Jeongguk doesn't have a babysitter while you're working and ... I mean he's so little and ... if something happens to him while you're out ... I guess my question is, why isn't he in a nursery or something? Wouldn't it be way safer?"

Jimin sighed heavily. "It would. And I feel horrible every time I leave him alone. Knowing that he usually sleeps through it doesn't make it easier. Believe me, I tried putting him in a nursery but they won't accept him until he's fully potty trained."

"And I guess he's not?"

Jimin grimaced. "He used to be or at least we were really close - I'm adamant when it comes to that. But then we moved and I guess it made him kind of insecure?" Jimin's hand ran through his hair again as he sighed. "I'm sure we'll get there soon but until then ... I don't have any friends who can look after him at this time of the day and I simply can't afford someone else. I can't afford a nursery either but we'll cross that bridge when we get there."

"Oh." Yoongi didn't know what else to say.

"I actually wanted to talk to you about this as well," Jimin said quietly while fiddling with the hem of his sweater. "Would you, by any chance, be able to look after him? I know it's a lot to ask and we don't know each other that well but ... I feel like I can trust you and Jeongguk seemed to like you, too. You don't have to feel obligated to, though. I know I just told you how I can't afford anyone else but that doesn't mean -"

"It's okay," Yoongi interrupted Jimin's - adorable - rant and laid a hand on top of his shoulder. "I mean, it's only for a few hours until noon, right? And he'd sleep most of the time?"

Jimin quickly nodded his head. "Yes, yes, of course. I could also give you a key, so he doesn't have to come into your apartment if you don't want that? You'd just have to watch over him and stuff."

Yoongi grimaced. "But I wouldn't be able to sleep myself then. I don't mind having him over. This way we can both get sleep and I can make sure he's okay. I'm a light sleeper anyway." Okay, maybe that was a lie. Yoongi wasn't a light sleeper per say but he needed to persuade Jimin, right?

The black haired boy let out a quiet laugh. "Okay then. Sure, I'm alright with that. And for your payment ... you don't have to do it for free, of course, but money is always tight. So if you need someone to wash your clothes or to clean your apartment, I'm available."

Yoongi snorted. "No, I can handle that myself."

"Then think of something yourself. I won't let you babysit my son without anything in return."

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"Hey, hyung, where ya been?" Hoseok greeted Yoongi with a big smile as he opened his front door for him. He furrowed his brows in confusion. Where had Yoongi been?

"What do you mean, Seok?"

"What do I mean? Dude, you were basically AWOL for the last two weeks and the only time I saw you was on campus but , of course, I can't talk to you there," Hoseok explained rolling his eyes. "Normally Jin hyung or I can lure you out of your cave at least once a week. But every time I asked you said you were busy and I bet you told Jin hyung the same. So. Where have you been?"

"I was ... here," Yoongi mumbled while going to the fridge to take out two bottles of soju. It was Saturday evening and whenever his best friend came over on Saturday it basically meant he wanted to get drunk. Thankfully, Hoseok had given up on dragging Yoongi to parties long ago.

"Here? As in this apartment?" Yoongi nodded, poured the soju in two glasses and handed one to Hoseok. "Then why were you so damn busy."

"Uh, I was babysitting." Yoongi downed his glass immediately and then poured himself another one. Hoseok watched him laughing before he began to pout - Yoongi noticed it wasn't as adorable as when Namjoon or Jeongguk did it.

"Really? But you wanted to tell me when you were looking after Tae again! You know how much I love that kid."

Yoongi sighed. "Well, I wasn't watching Taehyung." Hoseok raised an eyebrow questioningly at him and Yoongi figured if he wouldn't answer now, his best friend would just keep nagging at him. "I was watching my neighbor's kid."

"Oh?" Hoseok glanced at Yoongi suspiciously. "Why did you make such a big secret out of it then?"

"I didn't -"

"Oh, but you did, hyung. And I know my best friend. You usually get all secretive when it's about a boy you like. So. Does the neighbor's kid coincidentally have a handsome older brother?" Hoseok wiggled his eyebrows which caused Yoongi to playfully hit him.

"No," he replied truthfully before trying to hide his smile. "But a really handsome father."

His best friend gasped. "You like a guy with a kid?"

"Two kids," Yoongi corrected Hoseok. "Two sons if we're being accurate."
"Oh my god, if I had known that you like older guys -"

"Ugh, Seok, come on," Yoongi whined. "Jimin is younger than me. But we don't even have to talk about it anyway. He has two kids which means he is straight and therefore I am not his type. And as you said he has kids. It would just make everything complicated." Unexpectedly, Hoseok dropped the subject and they quickly started talking about college and about all the workload that would hit them soon, since the new semester had now started. Hoseok had been right though. He knew his best friend. So he only knew to remember their prior conversation when they both had had drank quite a few bottles soju and Yoongi's tongue was unmistakably loosened.

"So, about Jimin," Hoseok began before hiccuping. "You obviously seem to be attracted to him in some kind. Did he ever make you think he might like you back?"

"As I said, he has kids and -"

"No, but that doesn't mean anything. He could be bi. Or pan? Or so many sexualities more to be honest. So I'm not accepting that argument." Hoseok poured himself another glass of soju. "But about the kids. Do you like them? Like are they likable or total brats?"

"Nah," Yoongi laughed quietly. "Namjoon, the older one, he's a pretty smart kid. Probably talks better than I do. He's got a bright future ahead for sure. And Jeongguk, the one I'm watching over, he's ... I mean he's just plain adorable. All big eyes and pouty lips. He doesn't talk much ... or at all for that matter. But he's really easy to handle."

"Oh my god, hyung, why do you say it makes it complicated then? I don't know if you noticed but you're so whipped. You love the kids - and be both know that rarely happens - so really where's the problem?"

Yoongi let out a loud sigh before pulling his lips into a pout. "What if it doesn't work out? What if we get together but then something goes wrong? The kids will be caught in between and they'll hurt too."

"Hyung, you think too much." Hoseok ran his fingers through his dyed red hair. "I mean, I give you that one. But it's a risk you gotta take, right? Let's make a deal. First, you're gonna find out if he's interested in you. Then you'll do the unthinkable: you'll talk about your feelings. And if you're both on the same page, you'll give it a shot."

"Seok, I don't know."

"But I do, Yoonmin's gonna rise."

"Yoon- what?"

"Yoonmin," Hoseok explained giggling. "You know, your and Jimin's names mashed together?"

"God, Hoseok stop spending too much time on tumblr."


After a little over two weeks of babysitting Jeongguk every morning from Monday to Friday, Yoongi noticed that they had kind of slipped into a routine. Every morning Jimin woke him up by ringing the doorbell. Every morning Yoongi, barely awake, took Jeongguk into his arms and tossed his backpack onto the sofa, before going back to sleep with the toddler - at some point, Jimin had stopped changing Jeongguk's clothes and now brought him up in his pajamas. And every morning when Yoongi and Jeongguk had had enough sleep, they settled onto the sofa, watched some tv and shared breakfast.

But there was something that worried Yoongi nevertheless. Jeongguk didn't speak. At all. Yoongi wasn't even sure he had heard the toddler make any sound at all besides sniffling or coughing. And to be quite frank, Yoongi as not only worried but also a bit creeped out. Jeongguk didn't speak with him but he watched and followed him - always and everywhere. Maybe it would've been adorable if he made a noise. But making breakfast in the kitchen, turning around and suddenly having Jeongguk standing behind him staring at him intently - okay, yeah, Yoongi was a bit scared of Jeongguk. Which was ridiculous of course because honestly, he was an angel. And for that reason, Yoongi decided to talk with Jimin about it.

"Uh, I have a question, Jimin," Yoongi said hesitantly when Jimin had arrived at his doorstep to pick up Jeongguk. As usual, he had just brought Namjoon back from kindergarten and dropped him off at their apartment before taking the elevator up to Yoongi. Jeongguk was still sitting on the sofa watching some cartoon Yoongi had found on a channel for children.

"Go ahead, Yoongi hyung." Jimin smiled softly at his neighbor.

Yoongi bit down on his lip. "Does Jeongguk ... like ... have a problem?" Jimin furrowed his brows and Yoongi immediately started panicking. He had waited so long to speak with Jimin because he was afraid he would somehow insult either Jimin or Jeongguk. "I mean, does he have a problem with speaking? Is he mute or something? Because he hasn't been even making a peep and it's worrying me a bit. If he is, is there something I need to like give him so he can communicate? Or do I have to be careful with something or like -" Jimin's loud giggle interrupted Yoongi's rant and left him nervous again. Had he missed a memo?

"Oh, hyung, it's really adorable, how worried you are," Jimin laughed and leaned against the doorframe for support. "But are you serious? He hasn't said a word?"

Yoongi shook his head. "None."

"That's a bit odd." Jimin had calmed down and simply smiled again. "As soon as we're in the elevator he always talks my ear off."

"He- what?" Yoongi blinked at Jimin dumbfounded.

"Though it's a bit odd, it's nothing tragic. So don't worry, hyung," Jimin reassured him. "He's really shy and it just takes him some time to warm up to people. How about you talk to him about things he likes? I'm sure he'll open up more quickly if you do."

"What should I talk about then?"

The black haired boy hummed thoughtfully. "My friend recently brought him some comics from America and since he can't read at all, he doesn't even mind that they're in English. He really likes superheroes in general but he seems to love the Marvel ones especially at the moment."

"Do you happen to know his favorite hero?"

Jimin laughed. "I'm pretty sure, it's Iron Man. He won't shut up about him."

Yoongi grinned now too. He could work with that.

Chapter Text

"Oh, hey, someone's finally up." Smiling Yoongi set his phone aside to watch Jeongguk slowly blinking his eyes open. While sleeping the toddler had curled into a little ball and was now rubbing his small fists over his eyelids. "Ready to start the day? Let's get you dressed and then we'll have breakfast." Yoongi picked up the little boy in his arms and carried him to the sofa, where he had left the backpack Jimin packed every day. Without fussing Jeongguk let Yoongi take off his pajamas and helped sliding into a simple black shirt and jeans. Chuckling the elder slipped a pair of socks onto Jeongguk's bare feet. As usual Jeongguk's shirt was just a tad bit too big on him since Jimin always bought them a few sizes bigger so the toddler could grow into his clothes. "I'm gonna get us our breakfast, yeah?"

Yoongi turned on the TV and then went into the kitchen to heat up the food he had prepared last night. Considering the two boys tended to share their breakfast he only filled one bowl with the rice cooked with red and black beans. After checking if the food had cooled down enough so that the toddler could eat with his hands, Yoongi got himself a spoon and went back to Jeongguk who for once didn't follow him into the kitchen.

"Here you go, buddy." Yoongi sat down next to Jeongguk and hoisted him onto his lap with one arm so that they could share their breakfast more comfortably. It was pure coincidence that Yoongi was a person who didn't eat breakfast much and Jeongguk seemed to feel the same way. A few minutes later the boys' stomach were full and Yongi stood up to clean the bowl right away. This time Jeongguk's footsteps could be heard behind him. "I'm gonna make myself a coffee and you're gonna get your chocolate milk in a second." Yoongi grabbed the small milk carton from the fridge and went to hand it to Jeongguk when he halted in his movements. "Jeonggukkie, would you like a sippy cup?" Jeongguk nodded slightly. Grinning to himself Yoongi opened a cupboard and grabbed the sippy cup he might or might not had tracked down especially for the toddler. He poured a generous amount of chocolate milk into the sippy cup, before handing it to Jeongguk.

"You're appa told me that you liked Iron Man, so I got this for you," he smiled and watched as Jeongguk's eyes widened comically while he observed the illustration of Iron Man on the sippy cup.

"In Man," the toddler squealed. He then proceeded to squish the sippy cup so hard to his chest, that Yoongi was afraid he would spill the milk all over his clothes.

"So did I get the right thing?" Yoongi asked teasingly and poured himself a cup of coffee. "Do you like it?"

"Yeah," the boy breathed and stared at the sippy cup in his hands. A weird wave of pride washed through Yoongi's body as he watched the toddler. "Than you."

"You're welcome, buddy," Yoongi laughed and exited the kitchen with his coffee in his hand. He could hear Jeongguk waddling behind him and when he turned around, the boy was sporting the world's biggest grin. They both sat back down on the sofa - Jeongguk had to hand his sippy cup to Yoongi for a second - but they didn't pay much attention to the TV. "So you like superheroes, huh?"

Jeongguk nodded happily. "Yeah."

"Only Iron Man or do you like other superheroes as well?" Yoongi asked curiously. The toddler furrowed his brows while thinking and drank a few sips of his milk.

"Pider Man an Huk!" He exclaimed eventually. "An Anpanman!"

"Oh, of course," Yoongi nodded quickly. "Spider Man, Hulk and Anpanman are really awesome."

"An In Man!"

"Iron Man is the best." The adult grinned when Jeongguk kept petting the Iron Man illustration on his sippy cup. I think our relationship just leveled up.


Okay, so maybe over the next week Yoongi had gone out and bought Iron Man themed stuff for Jeongguk. Maybe he even ordered a few things on the Internet including a few seasons of Anpanman so that he could watch it with the toddler. To be honest, he didn't even notice it most of the times, so when he was in the city with Seokjin and Teahyung, he didn't even realize he was holding a shirt with Iron Man printed on it in his hand until Seokjin asked him about it.

"Since when do you like Iron Man let alone superheroes?" Seokjin chuckled as he peered over Yoongi's shoulder. The younger male let out a surprised yelp and almost dropped the shirt. "Also Tae will never fit into this, so we need to buy a bigger size."

"Well, it's for Jeongguk, so-" Yoongi mumbled absentmindedly und studied the shirt in front of him. If he guessed correctly, it should fit Jeongguk just fine. Maybe he should find out what size he actually wears nowadays so he didn't have to guess next time.

"Jeongguk? Oh my god, is that your neighbor's son? Seokie told me all about your crush on him. Jimin, right?" When Yoongi didn't answer but just simply took the shirt and continued to walk through the store, Seokjin let out a very unmanly squeal and hit Yoongi playfully on the back. "Min Yoongi, look at you being all grown up and crushing on a single dad. I am surprised."

"I am not-" Yoongi tried to protest but Seokjin just cut him short.

"If you're trying to impress Jimin the why are you buying his son clothes?" Grinning he raised an eyebrow causing Yoongi to grind his teeth.

"Because he likes Iron Man," he gritted out. He had always hated being questioned about his actions but somehow this time it was worse. Maybe because he didn't actually know what the fuck he was doing himself. He only knew that it was easier to think of what he could buy for Jeongguk next than thinking about his life and how it had turned out not the way he wanted it to. Jeongguk was kind of like his remedy. Since the toddler literally fell into his life, he hadn't had as many dark thoughts as before. The fact that his father was breathtakingly beautiful was just an added bonus. "Speaking of children, maybe you should actually pay attention to where your own child has wandered off to."

Seokjin opened his mouth to probably tease Yoongi a little more but instead, two little arms wrapped themselves around Yoongi's legs. Not being able to uphold his frown, the man looked down to find Taehyung grinning cheekily at him.

"'m here, hyung," he squealed and squeezed Yoongi's legs a little harder. Then he nuzzled his little face into the elder's thigh causing him to squirm. "Missed you, Yoongi hyung."

"I missed you too, little one." Smiling Yoongi ruffled the boys' messy dark brown hair. "Hey, do you like Iron Man?"

The boy's eyes widened. "Yeah, he's so cool. Why?"

Yoongi patted Taehyung's back and nodded towards the display of Iron Man shirts he had walked away from. "You wanna get one in your size? Hyung's treat." With a loud scream of joy, Taehyung let go of Yoongi's legs and ran toward the pile of shirts. Seokjin watched him for a quick second before he just shook his head.


"Jimin?" Surprised Yoongi opened and closed his mouths a few times when he found Jimin standing in front of his apartment door. He had just wanted to start cooking himself something for dinner and then prepare breakfast for the next morning when there was a knock on his door. He definitely hadn't expected to stand in the corridor with what looked like Chinese takeout in his hands. "What- What are you doing here?"

"I hope I'm not interrupting something?" Jimin grimaced and rubbed the back of his neck. "I just- Look, I noticed that I barely know anything about you even though you watch over my son every day. So I wanted to change that. Not the 'you watching over Jeongguk' part but the 'me not knowing you' part. I thought we could do it over dinner? I brought Chinese which I don't even know if you like but- gosh I'm ranting sorry."

"Uh," Yoongi stuttered out. God, he was bad at social interactions. "Chinese is fine. I- uh, you can come in, of course." Yoongi opened the door a bit further so Jimin could slip into the apartment. Jimin handed him the food before he slipped off his shoes and placed them neatly next to Yoongi's. "Is the living room okay? I don't really have a dining table."

Jimin let out a chuckle. "Of course, hyung. This is your apartment."

"Right," Yoongi whispered before leading Jimin into the living room where they both sat down on the sofa. Since apparently, Jimin had brought chopsticks with the takeout, he didn't need to get up again and they could start eating right away. The first few minutes they sat in awkward silence while munching on their meals - until Yoongi couldn't take it anymore. "You know, if you want to know more about me you should probably ask me questions."

"Sorry," Jimin shook his head laughing. "So, um, what do you do? For a living I mean?"

"Well, I go to college. Business major. I'm studying for my master now." Yoongi nodded to himself as if assuring himself of the fact.

"Oh, that's awesome. Where do you want to work when you're finished?" Yoongi could see the actual curiosity in Jimin's eyes and immediately felt sorry for having to ruin the mood.

"Actually ... I'm not studying it because I want to. Mainly because of my parents ... only because of them if I'm honest. When I graduate I'll probably work in my father's company or one of his partner's."

"Oh." Jimin frowned. Yoongi's heart clenched at the sight of his discomfort. Maybe he should've just lied about his studies. "What do you really want to do then?"

Yoongi grimaced. "I'd rather not tell you. You're a hard-working single father, you'll just find my dreams stupid and naive."

"I won't, I promise," Jimin smiled at him gently and when he noticed that Yoongi still wasn't persuaded he started to pout slightly. "Please, hyung. You tell me about your passion and I'll tell you about mine."

The blonde let out a quiet sigh. There wasn't much he could do, right? he couldn't just say no. Not to that face, not to Jimin.

"I want to compose and produce music," he said. It was indeed a while since he had spoken these words out loud. "I mean, I already do when I have free time. But I actually want to make money with it. I know now that it's a stupid dream to have 'cause not a lot of people are successful in this business but ... music means more to me than to anyone and I just want to touch others with my work. I want to make them cry and I want to make them reflect on themselves. But I can't so I'll just keep to my business major."

"You could've chosen a music major, though, right?"

Yoongi hesitated. "I could've," he replied silently. He already foresaw that his thoughts would keep him awake this night. They always did when he told people about his music.

"I always wanted to be a dancer," Jimin interrupted his thoughts, making him look up from his lap. The black haired boy smiled at Yoongi's reaction. "Yeah, I know, stupid and naive, too."

"It's not." Yoongi protested weakly. Jimin chuckled and started gnawing on his plush bottom lip, before continuing.

"All through high school, I had this silly dream of me becoming some backup dancer or even someone really famous. I took dance classes since I was little and I guess I was really good at it. I even got a scholarship to one of these big dance academies here in Seoul. But when I was 19 we got Namjoon and I just knew that I could never support a family while being a dancer. So I started working in some office. It wasn't my thing but it paid the bills, so I was okay with it. Then Jeongguk was born and ... I needed to get a job with less working hours so I could actually look after him, which was kind of ironic? Because obviously, I needed more money but also more time at home. I'm handling it alright at the moment, I guess. I work till noon, spend a few hours with my sons, before heading to dance classes. I figured if I can't dance on big stages, maybe I could teach kids? I just need to improve my skills and maybe after that, I can cut a deal with a dancing school of some sorts."

"Wow." Yoongi gaped at the younger man. "That actually sounds so thought through? I really hope it works out for you, I can clearly see how hard you work."

"Thank you, hyung." Jimin continued eating while Yoongi observed his side profile. In front of him said reasonably the most dedicated and passionate person Yoongi had ever met. If he was in Jimin's place he probably would've forgotten all about his dreams. He had two children for god's sake. And Yoongi didn't even know how he handled that fact alone. "You can ask, you know?"

Still in a bit of a trance, Yoongi raised an eyebrow. "Huh?"

"You can ask about their mother," Jimin replied with a small smile. "I know you're wondering about her. Everyone does."

"I mean," Yoongi stammered. "You can tell me if you're comfortable with that topic?"

Jimin nodded and a sad smile appeared on his face. "Her name was Jeonghwa. We were high school sweethearts and so so in love. We were one of these couples where you can't even stand being with them because they are just too sickeningly in love. She was a ballet dancer and she was just ... beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful. I never understood why she wanted with me of all people but in the end, we were kind of like soulmates. After we graduated we wanted to study dance together but as I said she got pregnant, so we changed our plans a bit. Since our families both were pretty conservative we decided to get married. I know what you think, but no this wasn't the beginning of the end. The opposite actually. Married life suited us well. We were sickeningly domestic and when Namjoon arrived we were just ... happy. The first few months of his life were probably the best of my life. It wasn't all perfect since money was tight and we were judged a lot but we had our little family so it was fine.

"I remember when Jeonghwa found out she was pregnant for the second time I actually cried tears of joy. I knew life was gonna get more complicated but I figured with the love of my life by my side, we could get through anything. I just never imagined- ... Jeonghwa died during Jeongguk's birth. Apparently, Jeongguk had lied in some weird position or he got stuck and she just lost too much blood. The doctor's priority was getting the baby out safe before he suffocated, so they didn't- I don't know a lot of details. I was with Namjoon trying to find someone to babysit and when I got to the hospital, Jeonghwa was already dead. They told me that she had passed away right before placing the baby in my arms. It was one of the most confusing moments of my life. I was still in shock after hearing my wife had died but there was this baby, you know? He looked just like Jeonghwa and to be honest he still does. Originally we had wanted to name him Namguk but after spending a few minutes with him I just realized Jeongguk fitted him better. At least he has a part of his mother with him now anywhere he goes."

Yoongi opened his mouth to say something, anything, but his brain had given up on him. What was there even to say? That he was sorry? That he was sorry had Jimin had to go through so much in his young life? That he was glad that he was alright now? Was he even alright? Could he ever be alright?

"Thank you for telling me," he settled on after a few minutes of silence.

"Thank you for listening. I know I tend to talk too much sometimes."

"No, it's perfectly fine," Yoongi reassured the other quickly. "I like listening to you. Your voice is really soothing and also ... I mean I don't have to talk then."

Jimin nodded and let out a breath he had held in. "I'm okay, most of the time. Sometimes the boys just do something that reminds me of Jeonghwa and I try to not let it weigh me down but it's not always working." The black haired boy glanced down at his hands. "The fact that Jeongguk never got to know her hurts me the most. I don't even think she got to hold him. There's no picture of them. I have an album full of pictures with Jeonghwa, Namjoon and me but the minute Jeongguk arrived ... it was only the three of us. "

"I know this probably doesn't help you at all but I mentioned my friend who has a son once, right?" Jimin nodded. "Taehyung, the boy I mean, never met his mother either. I mean it's different because his mother left them as soon as he was born, so she's still somewhere but ... what I wanted to say is ... he's alright. Taehyung's alright with the fact that it's just his appa and him. He's Namjoon's age and of course, he asks about his eomma once a year but he's alright. So if you're worried about that, I guess Jeongguk will be fine as well. You can't really miss what you never knew, right? Apart from that, you're already giving him the best life he could have. You love him and as long as he knows that, he'll be fine. And Namjoon too of course."

"Thank you, Yoongi hyung, that means a lot."

Chapter Text

When Yoongi turned on the TV for Jeongguk he didn't notice that it wasn't the usual kids' channel until he came back from the kitchen with their breakfast in his hands. Because when he entered the living room Jeongguk wasn't mouthing the lyrics of some cartoon intro but it was actually Red Velvet's recent Comeback. He had been watching that channel the evening before just to have some background music since the channel showed recent comebacks on loop.

"Oh," Yoongi exclaimed and rushed to grab the remote. "Let me change the channel for you, Jeongguk." In response to that, the toddler let out an ear-piercing screech and scrambled towards Yoongi as if to stop him. The young adult paused and looked down at Jeongguk questioningly.

"No," he toddler whined and gripped Yoongi's sweatpants.

"You want to watch this? But it's really boring, it's just music."

Again Jeongguk screeched. "No!" Afraid that the toddler would continue to murder his ears, Yoongi just silently nodded and put the remote away. Obviously content Jeongguk started grinning and continued standing in front of the TV while mouthing along with the lyrics. Yoongi had to admit it was kind of adorable. Unfortunately it got even more adorable when the toddler began to imitate the idols' dance moves which just confirmed Yoongi's suspicion that the boy had watched the music video before. "Ba-banana Ba-ba-banana-nana" Oh god, someone had to help Yoongi before he got diabetes because of this kid.

When the music video ended and the next one came on - some boy band Yoongi only had heard about - Jeongguk started pouting and turned to look at Yoongi as if it was his fault that it wasn't another Red Velvet song.

"Ed Bebet," he demanded and frowned at the adult.

"Do you like Red Velvet?" Yoongi asked even though the answer was pretty clear without Jeongguk nodding enthusiastically. Sighing Yoongi pulled out his phone out of his pocket and connected his YouTube channel with his TV. After a few clicks, one of the most recent Red Velvet music videos played on the big screen and Jeongguk immediately started dancing and singing. While laughing about the toddler's behavior, Yoongi quickly added a few other songs of the band to the queue. "Hey, Jeonggukkie, do you like any other bands as well?"

Jeongguk nodded instantly although it took him a few seconds to answer. "Bi Ban an Ice an Inee an Bink an ... an So!" Yoongi spent about a minute repeating Jeongguk's words over and over until he concluded that the toddler had meant Big Bang, Twice, SHINee, Blackpink and Exo. The young man chuckled silently to himself. The toddler certainly had a good taste in music.

And that was how they spent their morning till Jimin picked Jeongguk up. Jeongguk tired himself out with singing and dancing and Yoongi watched. When the black haired man hoisted the toddler on his hips, he glanced between Jeongguk and Yoongi.

"What did you do to him?" he asked amused. "He never looked this content."

"Oh, we just had a dance party," Yoongi laughed quietly to himself. "Right, Jeonggukkie?"

The toddler nodded and wrapped his arms around his father's neck. "Yeah." Jimin smiled at his son for a few moments before directed the smile at Yoongi. The blonde tried not to notice his heartbeat change. He really needed to get a grip. This couldn't just continue on like this.

"Thank you, Yoongi hyung," Jimin said, honesty clear in his voice. "I don't say it often enough."

"It's okay," Yoongi whispered even though every cell in his body screamed at him that he would one day regret giving his everything to this little family. But right now? Yoongi couldn't care less.


It was about a week later when Yoongi opened his door to not only find Jeongguk in his pajamas - as usual - but also Jimin. And to be honest, the adult looked like absolute shit.

"What's going on?" Yoongi asked confused as the toddler was shoved into his arms. Jimin let out a sigh while brushing his hair out of his pale face.

"Namjoon and I caught the flu," he mumbled. Yoongi couldn't help but feel sorry immediately. Jimin seemed to be someone who always tried to be organized or at least ahead of schedule which obviously wasn't doable while being sick. "We're staying home but we don't want to infect the little one as well, so we thought it'd be best if he stays with you. My friend Taemin will pick him up before you need to leave for your classes."

"Um, okay," Yoongi stuttered before catching himself. "I mean that's alright. Get well soon."

"Thanks, hyung. We're just gonna get back to bed as well." The black haired man let out a tired chuckle and ruffled through Jeongguk's hair. "Behave, darling." The toddler silently waved his father goodbye before Yoongi closed the door and carried the little boy to his bedroom. Only when they both had laid down did he notice that Jimin had forgotten to bring the toddler's backpack. With a sigh Yoongi shrugged it off, he could figure out what to do about that after he and Jeongguk had gotten a few more hours of sleep.

Nonetheless, it took the blonde man quite a bit before he could fall asleep again, since he couldn't stop thinking about Jimin being sick and not being able to earn any money. He probably would go back to work as soon as he could - even if he wasn't feeling well.

What felt like only a few minutes after Yoongi had fallen asleep he was awakened yet again by Jeongguk making sounds the adult couldn't really place in his tiredness. It wasn't until he felt something soak through his pajamas shirt that he sat up abruptly - just in time to see Jeongguk vomiting all over his pillow as well.

"Oh my god," Yoongi let out frustrated, only to immediately regret it when the toddler whimpered and looked at him apologetically. "Oh no, Jeonggukkie, I'm not mad at you. I'm just -" Yoongi was at a loss of words as he shrugged out of his shirt and got the toddler out his vomit stained pajamas as well. He never had to deal with a sick toddler. He didn't know how to handle the situation and he sure as hell didn't want to burden Jimin with it. So he did the only thing he could think of. He called his hyung.

"Yoongi, do you even know what time it is?" Seokjin greeted him with a quiet chuckle.

"Don't act like that, Taehyung wakes up at like four am."

"He does," Seokjin continued laughing. "That's what I'm saying. Do you know what time is it because I never get you out of bed at this time in the morning."

"Jeongguk is sick," Yoongi interrupted, being not patient enough to bicker with his hyung. "He just vomited all over the bed and Jimin has the flu so I don't want to bother him. But I don't know what to do, hyung. Tae never vomited on me and -"

"Yoongi, calm down," Seokjin sighed and the blonde man listened even though he really didn't see any reason to calm down. "If Jimin is sick as well then Jeongguk probably just caught the flu as well. Does he have a fever?" Yoongi felt Jeongguk's forehead with his free hand and tucked him a bit closer to his chest.

"I-I don't - I'm not sure, hyung. He's warm but I don't know? It's warm in here as well so -"

"Okay, so we'll put a maybe on the fever. I'm pretty sure he has the flu and Jimin just didn't notice. The little ones are pretty quick to infect themselves." Before Yoongi could even start firing questions at the single father, the man continued. "What he needs now is a lot of rest and fluids. So make sure he drinks a lot of water or juice. You can give him yogurt as well or make him soup. If he has a runny nose, warm stuff usually helps with that. If his fever gets higher, you can either give him ibuprofen or ask Jimin for the medicine he usually gives him when that happens. What else? Hm, when Tae had a bad cough I used to give him half a tablespoon of honey since he couldn't take cough medicine yet. Other than that you should really be fine."

"Thank you so much, hyung," Yoongi breathed out while trying to remember everything Seokjin had just said. "Should I look out for any other symptoms? Or is this the worst it could get?"

"I mean, he could get diarrhea? But apart from that, there's really just your usual runny nose and achy throat. Don't worry too much. Even if he might act like it, he won't die of a simple flu."

"I'm really grateful for having such a helpful hyung. Thank you again," Yoongi said smiling slightly.

"You should be! When that little family of yours is all healthy again, I want to meet them too." And before Seokjin could make any more requests, Yoongi hung up. He knew his hyung wouldn't be mad at him for long since he knew that Yoongi hated to bet teased.

"Okay, let's get you back to bed, alright?" Yoongi quietly mumbled towards the toddler in his arms before he noticed that his bed sheets were still stained. "Oh f- uh fudge. Um, Jeonggukkie you can go to sleep in a minute just let me change the sheets real quick, yeah?" He put the toddler down and immediately got to work. If Yoongi was honest, he had never cleaned something up that fast. In no time he had new sheets on his bed, in which he wrapped the toddler. Jeongguk, though, let out a loud whimper and continued to wriggle under the covers.

"Cole," he whimpered and scrunched up his nose. Normally Yoongi would coo at the boy but he could see how uncomfortable he was.

"Oh, of course, you're cold, you're practically naked," Yoongi mumbled to himself while he bit his lip trying to think of a solution. Since he didn't have any children's clothes in his apartment at the moment there was really no other solution than to give Jeogguk his own clothes, right? Right. Yoongi got one of his shirts out of his closet - it didn't matter if it was a small one, they would all be huge on Jeongguk anyway. "Arms up, Gukkie." Obviously tired the toddler raised his arms, so Yoongi could slip his shirt over his head. He let out a quiet chuckle when he saw just how adorable the toddler drowned in the clothing.


"You're welcome. Now back to bed, yeah?" Again Yoongi tucked the toddler in and kissed him gently on the forehead. "If you need something, just scream as loud as you can. I'll be in the kitchen."

Chapter Text

Yoongi took a deep breath before looking around himself in his kitchen. After putting Jeongguk to bed he had immediately started on making a soup - not only for the toddler but for Jimin and Namjoon as well. At first, he wasn't too sure why his mind forced him to cook but then he had to admit to himself that he wanted to take care of Jimin - platonically of course - and his sons as well.

With that thought in mind, Yoongi poured as much soup as he could in a big container that he could later carry down. While he was cooking he had heard Jeongguk starting to cough and sniffle but it had seemed as if he didn't wake up. After contemplating if it was really a good idea to interrupt the toddler's sleep, Yoongi went to his bedroom to pick Jeongguk up gently. He really didn't want the boy to wake up but he needed to bring the soup to Jimin's apartment and it probably was best for the toddler to sleep in his own bed.

So this was how Yoongi found himself juggling a half asleep Jeongguk and a big container with soup in front of Jimin's door. Since he didn't want to ring the doorbell and possibly wake Jimin or Namjoon up, he silently put the container down and searched for the spare key under the doormat. He was pretty thankful Jimin had told him about it - originally so Yoongi could get toys or other necessities for Jeongguk.

As he had suspected, Jimin and Namjoon still seem to be asleep considering the apartment was silent and no one noticed his entrance. Quietly Yoongi left the containers on the kitchen counter before tiptoeing his way to Jimin's bedroom where he knew Jeongguk's bed to be standing. He held his breath entering the small room, immediately spotting the crib in the corner. After a few steps, he glanced towards Jimin's bed, finding him and Namjoon curled up under the covers. Yoongi forced himself to hold back his coo and focused on the task at hand: getting Jeongguk to bed.

This turned out to be quite a challenge though since the toddler instantly started fussing after Yoongi had lowered him into his crib. He kept whining and reaching for the adult, only stopping when Yoongi bent down nearly falling into the crib. Letting out a silent sigh, Yoongi picked the boy up again before climbing into the crib himself. For once he was quite glad that he wasn't as tall as his hyungs and could easily fit into the small bed when he bent his legs. Now laying on Yoongi's stomach Jeongguk stopped making a fuss and calmed down again. Shaking his head Yoongi traced the tear stains on Jeongguk's cheeks with his thumbs before gently patting his back.

"If you throw up on me now, I'll kill you," he mumbled quietly to the sleeping boy. If he was honest, he didn't know what to do now. It wasn't like he was gonna fall asleep in this uncomfortable position.

He did.

He woke up to someone whispering "Hyung?" and immediately opened his eyes confused. Jimin was leaning over the crib in which Yoongi still laid and smiled gently at the older boy.

"What are you doing here?"

"Uh," Yoongi stuttered, his mind still trying to hold onto his dream. "Jeongguk was vomiting, so I ... I made soup, it's in the kitchen, but Jeongguk wouldn't fall asleep alone."

"He can get like that when he's sick," Jimin chuckled silently and slowly lifted his son out of Yoongi's arm. Humming, he held the toddler to his chest, before offering his hyung a hand so he would be able to climb out of the crib. "You could've woken me up, though."

"You're sick, you need rest as well." Yoongi shrugged. "And you should probably message that friend of yours, he's gonna get sick if he looks after Jeongguk. I'll stay here and help you with your two sick babies."

"But you're gonna get sick too," Jimin complained whining and pouted at Yoongi. God, how could he be sick and still look so adorable? "And don't you have classes?"

"I do but I'd rather stay here with you three," Yoongi confessed, willing his blood not to rush into his cheeks. Jimin let out a happy chuckle.

"You are something else, Min Yoongi."


Yoongi did get sick afterward but it was still worth it as he concluded. Jimin wouldn't drop off Jeongguk every morning but he would bring the elder medicine, soup and other things to "make him feel better really quick". And Yoongi had to admit it felt good to be pampered by Park Jimin. In addition to that Jimin always told him how much Jeongguk was missing spending time with Yoongi, which motivated the blonde boy even more to become healthy again.

Unfortunately for Yoongi, Seokjin wouldn't stop pestering him about that meet up with the Park family that he desperately wanted. Yoongi couldn't understand why Seokjin was so set on meeting just another father and his kids when his hyung probably met enough in his daily life. Nonetheless, he gave his neighbor Seokjin's number so the fathers could find a date without Yoongi needing to be the messenger. He didn't expect though that Jimin actually wanted him to join. He's your hyung, too! He probably misses you a lot and he says you're good at handling Taehyung.

Thus the Saturday after Yoongi got cleared by Jimin and was officially allowed near children again, Seokjin and Jimin arranged for them to meet up at a park that had the "super coolest" (quote Taehyung) playground in the whole city. Weirdly enough, Yoongi was a bit nervous. He knew his dongsaeng and hyung had messaged each other quite a lot in the last few days but ... Yoongi didn't even have one good reason for his nervousness. But it seemed Namjoon was a little bit uneasy meeting another child as well, which was exactly why his hand was tightly gripping Yoongi as they walked towards Seokjin and Taehyung waiting for them at the playground.

Because Taehyung had always been a social butterfly, he ran towards them when they were close enough. "Hi, are you Namjoon? I'm Taehyung."

Pushing his glasses up his little nose, Namjoon gave the other boy a shy smile. "I am, nice to meet you."

"Yeah, you too." Grinning Taehyung took Namjoon's hand in his. "C'mon I wanna show you the slide, it's sooo cool."

"Kim Taehyung," Seokjin scolded his son gently, before he could run off with Namjoon. "There are other people you need to greet."

Taehyung sighed exasperatedly. "Yes, appa. Hello, Yoongi hyung." He turned towards Jimin who was still carrying Jeongguk, but when noticing the toddler Taehyung's eyes widened comically. "Oh my god, he's so small. Why is he so small?"

"He only had his second birthday one month ago, didn't you, Jeonggukkie?" Jimin chuckled and squatted a bit, so Taehyung could see Jeongguk a bit better. The toddler wasn't too fond of that, though, since he hid his face in Jimin's neck. Taehyung pouted. "Don't worry, Taehyung. He's a bit shy at first. He's gonna warm up to you very soon."

"He's so cute, though," Taehyung whined, observing Jeongguk for a few more seconds, before tucking at Namjoon's hand again. "Let's go, NamNam!"

"Wow, two seconds in and he already has a custom nickname, this has to be some kind of record," Seokjin laughed when the boys had disappeared towards the playground. Since the benches next to the playground where already occupied by other parents, they sat down on the grass, Jeongguk crawling immediately in Jimin's lap. "It's so nice to finally meet you three. Yoongi wouldn't stop talking about you."

Jimin started grinning and glanced at Yoongi. "Is that true?" The blond haired boy stayed silent because at this point he was too whipped to even deny it. "I'm really happy to meet you, too, though. Namjoon doesn't have a lot of friends his age because he's already reading and would rather do that than play with other kids."

"Oh, I feel like the boys will get along just perfectly. Opposites attract each other and all that jazz, you know?" Seokjin watched the boys hanging on the monkey bars with a knowing smile. Then he looked back at Jimin and Jeongguk. "So Yoongi told me, Jeongguk isn't in a nursery yet?"

"No, he needs to be potty trained and I mean, we're getting there, but it's just ... I don't know, it's not gonna be cheap and right now it's kind of perfect with Yoongi hyung's help. I don't want him to think I'm just using him though. It's just really complicated." Jimin sighed and absently started combing Jeongguk's hair.

Before Yoongi could even protest, that he didn't feel used, Seokjin replied. "There's a nursery connected to Taehyung's kindergarten," he said smiling. "I'm not sure if the kids need to be potty trained but they supported me a lot when Taehyung was Jeongguk's age. They have flexible hours, so if you can't pick him up on time, they watch him a bit longer and you don't have to pay for it at all. They also have that bonus that if you have several kids in the nursery and kindergarten you don't have to pay the fees double but a bit less. The teachers really help to support single parents and I'm so thankful for all their help. Maybe Namjoon can transfer there as well?"

Jimin looked at Seokjin in awe. "That would be so incredible. Thank you so much! But don't you live on the other side of the city."

Seokjin grimaced. "Yeah, you'd have a longer route, I guess."

The black haired boy sighed. "I don't want to wake up the boys even earlier. Namjoon's kindergarten is on my way to work but if we have to take a whole different route -"

"And if I drop the boys off?" Yoongi interrupted their conversation. Jimin stared at him immediately with wide eyes. "I mean, you can get to work and we'll take the tram or I don't know."

"You'd do that?" Yoongi couldn't describe the way Jimin looked at him but it made him feel all fuzzy inside. If he didn't know better, he'd say Jimin kind of looked in love. But he knew better, so Jimin was probably just really happy about Yoongi's suggestion.

"Yeah," he mumbled, avoiding Seokjin's stare because he knew exactly what his hyung was thinking. Seokjin had known him since high school. He knew Yoongi hated getting up early. He knew he hated all children except Taehyung. And he also knew that Yoongi would give his all to the people he loved. So yeah, Seokjin knew all that and if Yoongi would look up, he'd have to admit it all to himself.

"Seokjin hyung, can you text me the details soon? We'll maybe check it out, I just need to discuss it with Yoongi hyung first." Yoongi clenched his jaw while staring at the grass in front of him. There was no way back. He was in too deep.

Chapter Text

It took Taehyung one hour and thirty minutes to tire Namjoon out completely which then lead to the boy lying in the grass trying to catch his breath.

"You're not used to so much running, are you?" Yoongi joked lightly and ruffled Namjoon's hair. The young boy hummed in agreeance and rolled himself a bit closer to Yoongi. Smiling the elder kept petting him.

"I'm not tired at all," Taehyung singsonged before wrapping his arms around his father. "Love you, appa."

"Love you too, chipmunk," Seokjin laughed, giving Taehyung a kiss on the cheek. "So much."

"Aren't you quite the charmer, Taehyung?" Jimin smiled at the child, receiving a quick nod from the boy.

"Everybody loves me and I love everybody, too," he answered and skipped over to where Jimin was sitting. He then sat down in the grass in front of where Jeongguk was seated on Jimin's lap. "And you're gonna love me too." All eyes were now trained on the toddler who refused to say a word and simply stared at Taehyung.

Jimin chuckled lightly. “Don’t be shy, Jeonggukkie. Taehyung is a very nice boy.”

“I feel like he's being more stubborn than shy,” Yoongi said and looked at the youngest boy who had started pouting now.

"I'll get you to talk!" Taehyung let out his best evil laugh, before grabbing at Jeongguk's arms and pulling him off Jimin's lap. Chuckling the adults watched as Taehyung tried to lift Jeongguk and nearly toppled over, causing the toddler to whine. "Don't be so heavy!" Jeongguk wiggled his way out of Taehyung's grip but ran away screeching when the older boy tried to hug him again.

"Sto-op," Jeongguk wailed, provoking Taehyung to cheer triumphantly and nearly running into Jeongguk out of excitement.

"You can't stop me from loving youuuu," Taehyung chirped and wrapped his arms so tightly around Jeongguk that they both fell to the ground. It was funny watching them like this, Yoongi thought. They looked like they were wrestling when all Taehyung wanted was to give the toddler some love.

"Oh boy, these two are gonna have so much fun," Seokjin laughed. "The more Jeongguk struggles the more will Tae snuggle him."

"He's like a loving version of a boa constrictor," Jimin joked, before looking at Yoongi gently. "If he's successful, I'll try it with you too."

"What?" Perplexed Yoongi stared at the black haired man. Did he just -?

"Don't look so scandalized," Jimin replied chuckling. "You always seem so quiet and lonely, sometimes I feel like you need a cuddle."

"I don't -," Yoongi protested weakly but his hyung cut him off.

"He does need a cuddle every once in a while," Seokjin said and nodded at Jimin. "I would be very thankful if you provided that, because I can't always do it myself."

Jimin smiled brightly at Yoongi. "With pleasure."


"I was really happy today when we played with Tae because he's a really fun person," Namjoon said after Jimin had put down a bowl of bibimbap in front of everyone.

"And I was happy, watching you all play. It looked like you got along pretty well," his father replied smiling and patted the boy on the head.

Yoongi nodded immediately. "Yes, me too. That's my answer as well."

"You can't have the same answer though," Namjoon protested and watched Yoongi with raised eyebrows. The man sighed silently, trying not to roll his eyes fondly.

"Okay, then I was happy because your appa and my friend got along very well. Is that acceptable?"

"Approved," the boy grinned and grabbed his chopsticks. "Enjoy your meal."

Jimin glanced at the toddler in his highchair. "Jeonggukkie? When were you happy today?" Namjoon halted in his movements of trying to fit a big bite into his mouth to look at his little brother. Grumbling Jeongguk shoved his hands into his little bowl.

"Home," he mumbled and shoved a handful of rice into his mouth. Yoongi laughed quietly before starting to eat too. Jeongguk's dislike towards Taehyung was just straight up adorable considering the fact that the other boy was completely enamored with the toddler. Jeongguk had stopped fighting Taehyung's displays of affection in the end but it was still obvious that he hadn't grown fond of them either. The adults, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of the interactions between the boys. Namjoon and Taehyung had played some more on the playground - this time including Jeongguk in their games too - and it wasn't quite sure who had rambled more. They both seemed to be on the same wavelength which not only delighted both of the fathers but also Yoongi since he could call himself the matchmaker.

"Yoongi hyung?"Namjoon asked while chewing, making the blonde man look up from his food. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course, Namjoon-ah."

"Tae said something about you but I don't know what it means and Tae didn't either," the boy explained while nervously playing with his chopsticks. "He said you're gay but -"

Yoongi started choking on a piece of meat, causing Jimin to hit his back gently. "He said what?"

"Is that something bad?" Namjoon stared at Yoongi with wide eyes.

"No, no, it's not," Jimin interfered quickly. "It's nothing bad, Namjoonie. I just think Yoongi is surprised."

"I am," Yoongi agreed. "Tae probably got it from his appa. It's really nothing bad, it's ... you know how your appa and eomma were married because they loved each other, right?" Namjoon nodded. "Well, I'm gay and that means that I don't want to marry a woman but another man. I want to love other boys instead of girls. Do you get what I mean?"

"Huh," Namjoon said thoughtfully. "So you want to kiss boys? Like appas kiss eommas?"

"Exactly," Yoongi replied calmly. "And sometimes girls wanna kiss girls, then they're gay too. I want you to know that there's nothing wrong with that because we can love who we want to love, right? There shouldn't be a difference."

"How do you know when you're gay?"

"Well, I can't speak for others, but I noticed when I was 15 because I had kissed some girls and it was fine but I didn't like it as much as when I kissed a boy," the blonde man explained. He felt a bit lost because he didn't know how else to talk about his sexuality crisis to a little boy.

"Maybe I'm gay," said little boy responded. "I don't like girls, they're a bit yucky. They always play with their dolls and it's so annoying."

"Maybe you're gay then," Yoongi mused chuckling. "Or maybe you one day like girls. Or you like girls and boys, that's possible too."

"So if you want to marry a boy, will your kids have two appas then?"

"Namjoonie, that's enough, stop pestering our guest," Jimin interrupted before Yoongi could even think of an answer. "Your food will get cold."

"Sorry," Namjoon mumbled and started eating again.

"We'll talk about it some other day, yeah?" Yoongi smiled at the boy gently. After that everyone continued to eat in silence - although Yoongi wasn't too sure if the silence was comfortable. He didn't necessarily have a problem talking about his sexuality, not anymore. But for Namjoon this was sort of like the talk about the birds and the bees, wasn't it? And now Yoongi had had that talk with him without talking to Jimin about it first. Would that be a problem?

So when Jimin was tucking the boys in and Yoongi was washing up the dishes, he couldn't help but feel nervous. Maybe Jimin would even deny him from ever speaking with his sons again? He didn't want to accuse Jimin of being a homophobic person - but did he know? Too often Yoongi had really liked speaking to a person until finding out that they had very different views on same sex relationships.

"Hey, hyung, you'll stay for a bit, right?" Jimin smiled at him and sat down next to the blonde man. Yoongi nodded but didn't say anything. For a second they were both quiet.

"I'm sorry -," Jimin and Yoongi started in unison, before looking at the other confused. The black haired man laughed and gave Yoongi the sign to speak first. "I'm sorry for talking to Namjoon about my sexuality without giving you a heads up. I obviously don't know your opinions on this topic and if I overstepped in any way -"

"Hey, hey, no," Jimin interrupted Yoongi softly. "You didn't overstep anything. You explained everything very good and probably better than I could've. I actually wanted to apologize for Namjoon questioning you like that. I hope he didn't make you uncomfortable."

"He really didn't," Yoongi chuckled. "He reacted better than my mother anyway."

"Oh," Jimin let out and glanced at the blonde man curiously. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"There's not much to talk about," Yoongi shrugged. "In my mother's eyes, I never did anything right. I wasn't as socially active as my hyung, I wasn't as interested in business as my hyung and I sure as hell wasn't as straight as my hyung. The 'socially active' thing she could ignore, the 'business interested' thing ... well, she feigned support in my music career at first. Until she couldn't and gave me an ultimatum. I had two years to try to make it work, to try to make money and pay rent. But I didn't earn enough money and got scammed so in the end, I had to crawl back home and start studying business instead - so that turned out beneficial for her as well. But the 'gay' thing? She can't force that away. And since I opened up to her about it I have not spend a single dinner with my family without hearing the famous words 'but you will never give me grandchildren, will you?' - needless to say that I wasn't home for quite some time now."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Jimin laid a hand on Yoongi's shoulder and squeezed it gently. "But here in the Park family we celebrate love, so don't ever apologize for talking about your sexuality, okay? I want my kids to grow up knowing that they can be proud of who they love - no matter if it's a boy or a girl."

Chapter Text

Sighing Yoongi took another sip of his vodka bottle. The alcohol instantly burned in his throat but he was too far gone to be bothered by it. He didn't know how he had ended up at 3 am sitting on the edge of the swimming pool again - okay, maybe he did.

Hoseok had come over because Yoongi "needed some new colors in his life" which basically meant that his best friend wanted to dye Yoongi's hair. Honestly, he was alright with it since his blonde hair had become kind of boring and he didn't mind Hoseok messing with his hair color - although he did complain about the pain in his scalp regularly.

So here he was, with freaking green hair. It would soon enough become more of a mint since the color always washed out pretty quickly, Yoongi was sure of it. After torturing Yoongi's scalp, he and his friend had gotten drunk but as usual, it had made Hoseok sleepy, so he was now snoring on Yoongi's couch. Yoongi hadn't been able to sleep though, which is why he found himself in the courtyard sitting on the edge of the swimming pool yet again.

Maybe it was because of his drunkenness or maybe because of the place he was, but his thoughts went to a darker place. It had actually been quite some time since he's had any depressing thoughts and he couldn't even necessarily say that his thoughts right now were depressive. Had he ever been depressive in the first place or had that been just him self-diagnosing himself? Sure, he had hated his life - or parts of it - and he had wanted to kill himself because nothing had made sense anymore. But was that what depression was? If yes, he couldn't have been cured that easily, could he?

It was not like he was completely cured per say. Yoongi still hated his life. He hated the fact that he just couldn't study what he wanted and that his mother apparently hated his guts. He hated that he didn't earn any money with music.

But that was just whining, wasn't it? He was just some whiny baby who couldn't get his act together. If he had just been successful with his music ... his life would look so different now. He would've been able to do what he loves. He wouldn't sit here and whine about life.

Grumbling he took a few more swigs from the bottle in his hand.

Recently though, life hadn't been as bad. He genuinely enjoyed spending time with Jeongguk - and Jimin and Namjoon. It gave him something else to worry about. If someone had reasons to hate his life, it was Jimin. Or well, when it came to the part of being broke, having shitty jobs and mourning his wife. When it came to the part of having two wonderful children, then Jimin had definitely lucked out. And Yoongi kind of understood now, how Jimin could walk around with a big smile on his face. Namjoon and Jeongguk gave his life meaning, the father did everything for them and as long as they were happy, he could be alright.

Yoongi felt the same effect after spending only a few weeks with the family. His life had gotten a purpose. He wasn't just living for the sake of being alive. He truly wanted to be alive to help out the Park family. He wouldn't go as far to say that they needed him - but he somehow needed them.

And it didn't matter that he started to develop a crush on Jimin. He wouldn't do anything about that, because he neede to be sure that the three boys were happy and well. If that meant that he had to swallow down his feelings then he would do it.

He couldn't expect Jimin to like him back. It wasn't that easy.

"Hey, hyung." Yoongi looked up immediately, finding Jimin smiling down at him. "Are you waiting for one of my sons to nearly drown?" Jimin sat down next to Yoongi, but the elder couldn't help but stare at the younger man.

"Your hair is orange," was all he could say.

Jimin chuckled quietly. "The boys always tell me these days how cool your hair is. And since I've always wanted to have colorful hair, I gave it a try."

"You look good," Yoongi blurted, immediately hating himself for not being able to keep his drunk mouth shut.

"Thank you. The green looks good on you too, hyung." The orange haired smiled gently at Yoongi, making his heart stutter a bit.

"Why aren't you asleep, Jimin-ah?"

"I could ask you the same." Yoongi and Jimin stared each other for a few moments in a battle of who would say something next. Sighing Yoongi looked down at his feet.

"I-I think, you changed my life," Yoongi mumbled, not daring to look Jimin in the eye. He was pretty sure that his sober self would've never spoken these words, but oh well.

"I think that's only fair," he heard Jimin mumble before the younger dropped his head on Yoongi's shoulder. "You changed ours as well."

"But -"

"No, buts," Jimin laughed quietly. "Without your help, my life would be so much harder and the boys genuinely adore you. The day after tomorrow we're all going to the boys' potentially new kindergarten as well. You're a big part of our life now, Yoongi hyung. You're allowed to take credit for it."

"I just want you boys to be happy."

"And we want the same for you, hyung. So don't be afraid to tell us, when you're not." Jimin wrapped his arms around Yoongi and nuzzled into his neck. The elder could feel his cheeks heating up and just hoped that Jimin wouldn't notice.

"I'm just fine," Yoongi whispered, petting Jimin's hair awkwardly. "Don't you worry about me, Jimin."

Chapter Text

Hoseok had always been his favorite dongsaeng. Yoongi didn't even know how that had developed. At one point he met this young boy performing as a dancer at the same underground gig where Yoongi tried to sell some of his music - fast forward a few years and they were best friends.

Now of course with Jimin in his life, Hoseok's position as Yoongi's favorite dongsaeng was threatened. And that was not necessarily because Yoongi was crushing on the younger and never stopped thinking of his smile. The real reason was probably that Hoseok loved to force Yoongi out of his apartment - and Jimin just didn't. But of course, Yoongi often did what Hoseok asked of him. He was his best friend after all. And if Hoseok whined about his best friend never leaving his apartment, then it was simply an understatement. At least twice a month Yoongi felt emotionally pressured enough to meet Hoseok wherever he had ended up.

So tonight wasn't really an exception. Yoogi had just come back home from his classes when his phone vibrated multiple times and notified him of the spam of messages Hoseok had sent him.

Hyung !!!

put some clothes on you hermit

cause you're gonna leave the house

the dance crew and I are gonna hang out in the studio a while longer

it's gonna be so fun

you already know some of them too !! (Kai, Momo, Lisa, Seulgi, Yugyeom, Minho and so on)

pleaseeeee hyung i miss you :((((((

... there will be alcohol

Smiling fondly Yoongi shook his head. Hoseok already had him at the 'hyung i miss you' part but the fact that alcohol would be involved made it even better. He had hung out with Hoseok's dance crew a few times and they were generally nice people. They had already seen him drunk, too, so there was really no harm done if he drank a bit too much tonight. He probably would crash at Hoseok's dorm anyway, since the dance studio where they always hung out was right on campus.

Quickly Yoongi shrugged off his sweater which was already sweaty because apparently, that was how his body reacted to sweaters. He changed into a simple black shirt and grabbed a jacket because it was a bit windy today. He didn't bother replying to Hoseok's messages, planning on rather surprising the boy. After leaving the house, he bought a bottle of Tequila (Hoseok's favorite), before taking the bus to campus. It felt a bit weird sitting on the bus with a bottle of Tequila on his lap but then again it wasn't the first time Yoongi had done that. Maybe that was what being an adult felt like.

It didn't take Yoongi long to find the exact dance studio the dance crew was in since he could hear his best friend's laugh as soon as he entered the building. Laughing Yoongi rolled his eyes. Sometimes he really wondered how an emotionally fucked up person like himself could be so close friends with the literal sun. The door to the studio was half open, so Yoongi slipped quietly into the room. While most of the dancers were sitting on the floor chatting and laughing (loudly), a few were also still practicing some kind of choreography. Yoongi would've watched them for some moments to appreciate their skills if it weren't for Hoseok screeching at the top of his lungs making grabby hands at Yoongi - or rather the bottle of Tequila in his hands. The elder scoffed almost unnoticeable. Sometimes Hoseok was worse than Jeongguk.

"Here you giant baby," Yoongi laughed, handed the bottle over to his best friend and sat down next to him. Grinning satisfied Hoseok opened the bottle and immediately took a very big sip.

"I can't believe you're really here," he sighed happily and wrapped his arms around Yoongi's body. The elder tried to escape but he knew he had no chance since sometimes drunk Hoseok turned into a cuddly octopus. "Guys, he's really here, right?"

"He is," Seulgi laughed. "Hi, oppa. Long time, no see, eh?" Yoongi nodded smiling slightly before he again noticed the people still dancing out of the corner of his eyes.

"Why are they still practicing, while y'all are chilling here? Is there a competition coming up?" he asked curiously and motioned towards the dancers.

Hoseok waved him off. "Ah, that's just the newbies. They're a bit anxious about fucking up the choreography, so we gave them a few more minutes to perfect their moves." Yoongi hummed in understanding and watched the dancers like he had wanted to earlier. Since he was sitting next to them rather than in front or behind them, he couldn't really see all of them but only the one on the far left. It was a tall girl with bangs who in Yoongi's eyes actually danced pretty well. Then again Yoongi didn't know much about dance at all - only what looked good. And the girl's dancing did look good, although she scrunched her nose adorably every few seconds, probably when she made a tiny mistake. It was only when the dancers changed position that he saw who she was dancing with. Yoongi wasn't sure if his heart stopped beating or if it only started beating twice as fast.

Dancing in front of his eyes was Park Jimin. His neighbor. His fucking crush.

Immediately Yoongi whipped his head around and buried his face in his hands. "Fuck."

"What's up?" Hoseok pinched Yoongi's side, making the elder look up.

"Jimin is dancing over there," Yoongi whisper-yelled aggressively.

Hoseok seemed to be very confused. "And? He's good, right? I didn't know you knew him though." Yoongi stared at Hoseok with wide eyes until he could literally hear everything clicking in his best friend's brain. "Oh. My. God. It's your Jimin."

"He's not mine," Yoongi hissed panicky. "He's my neighbor but why didn't you tell me he was in your dance classes?"

"Because I didn't know?" Hoseok not as panicked as his best friend. "It's not like he talks about having two sons and living next to you? We concentrate on the dancing here. I can't expect every Jimin to be your Jimin."

"He's not -"

"Guys, come on! That's enough! If you practice too much you'll just get worse," Momo shouted at the dancers and stood up to turn off the music that had been playing in the background. "Stop dancing and start drinking."

Okay, so how big were Yoongi's chances not to be noticed by Jimin?

"Oh, hi, Yoongi hyung!" Zero, apparently.

"Jimin." Yoongi forced a smile on his face and looked at the young man. Mistake. Bad mistake. Yoongi had not been ready to see Jimin like that. Since he had been practicing for hours his white shirt stuck to his body (Yoongi had not known that Jimin had abs ... now he did), his hair was sweaty and he was breathing very hard. All in all, Park Jimin looked like a god. Yoongi definitely hadn't been ready for that view.

"Why are you here, hyung?" Jimin asked with a bright smile and sat down right next t Yoongi. Of course.

"Because hyungie is my best friend in the whole wide world," Hoseok interrupted and wrapped his arms around Yoongi again. Before Yoongi could even try to escape, a sloppy kiss was planted on his cheek making him scowl.

"Seok-ah, you piece of shit," Yoongi cursed and pushed a laughing Hoseok away.

Jimin laughed loudly. "God, hyung. You kiss my sons with that mouth?"

"YOU KISS HIS SONS?" Hoseok screeched excitedly right into Yoongi's ears. "OH MY GOD -"

"I DO NOT -"

"Hyung, are we really gonna argue over that when I have a video of you smooching Jeongguk and Namjoon on my phone?" Jimin asked amused and raised an eyebrow at Yoongi. The elder sighed and buried his face in his hands. This was why he did not want his two favorite dongsaengs to interact.

"Jimin," Hoseok started to say in a low and calm voice. "I will literally do anything to see this video. Anything. Money, sex, cuddles, you name it. I will give it to you."

"Ugh, Hoseok, disgusting," Yoongi scowled and hit his best friend on the shoulder.

"Hoseok hyung, you're my friend so you'll get the first video for free," Jimin grinned before continuing. "I will have to require some kind of payment for every other picture and video though."

"Deal, Jimin-ah."

"Welp," Yoongi sighed and grabbed the bottle of Tequila. "Time to drink."

"Wait, is no one gonna talk about the fact that Jimin is a dad?" Seulgi asked, looking at everyone else. "Or was I the only dumb one here?"

Jimin shrugged. "I just don't talk too much about it. Not because I don't love my boys, I do. But I've been judged a lot and I just wanted this to be a judge-free zone." For a few seconds, everyone sat in silence before Yugyeom cleared his throat.

"You mean to tell me that you've been judged for juggling a job, dance classes and taking care of your kids. People judge you for being able to multitask?"

"Well, more for the fact that I had children before I even graduated college."

"Bullshit," Yoongi scoffed before gulping down more Tequila. "People are just jealous because you actually created cute children. Like actually really adorable little humans." The elder pulled out his phone to open his camera roll. "I mean look at 'em."

"Oh my god, I don't know who's cuter," Seulgi cooed and grabbed Yoongi's phone from his hands. "The kids or Yoongi hyung." The dance crew continued to coo over the picture for a few more minuted until Yoongi got his phone back safely.

"Let's play a drinking game," one of the newbies - Yoongi had yet to find out his name - suggested, making everyone cheer in agreeance.

"Let's play truth or dare!" Hoseok said excitedly. Yoongi refrained himself from rolling his eyes. When did he end up in an American High School movie? "Yoongi hyung will start! Hyung, truth or dare?"

Yoongi shrugged. "I don't know, truth?"

"Ugh, such a spoilsport as always," Hoseok sighed, before humming lowly. The others suggested a few questions but Yoongi didn't care to listen to them since he knew Hoseok was the one who would come up with a question in the end. And he did. "Yoongi, hyung, we all know you're gay as hell."

"Excuse me -"

"I'm just being honest here, let me ask my question. Out of all the guys in here, who would you do?"

"Are you being serious?" Yoongi shot an annoyed glance at his best friend. "Are seriously asking me who in this room I would sleep with?"

Hoseok grinned brightly. "Yes!"

"And I have to be honest?"


Yoongi knew exactly what Hoseok wanted him to admit, but he wouldn't give in so easily. "Then my answer is everyone but you."

Hoseok blinked at Yoongi. "Hyung, I hate you."

"Great," the elder replied. "I can choose the next victim, right? Seulgi, truth or dare?" Since everyone apparently loved this game, Yoongi was able to lean back and let everyone have their fun. He had never liked truth or dare much since it was just a stupid game. The main goal was to make someone uncomfortable and Yoongi had had his fair share of that in High School. So he just silently downed a few gulps of Tequila or whatever alcohol was passed around at the moment.

He suddenly did pay attention though when it was Jimin's turn.

"Dare," the orange haired man proudly declared and Yoongi could only pray this wouldn't end horribly since he could already see Hoseok's eyes glinting devilishly.

"Oh, I know, I know," Hoseok exclaimed enthusiastically as if he hadn't thought of something as soon a the game had begun. "You remember the choreography for 'Heroine', right?"

"I guess," Jimin laughed.

"Okay, then someone get him a chair because Jimin will perform Heroine for us. You can choose your own background dancers," Hoseok instructed grinning.

"Hyung, you're really going easy on me." Jimin shook his head and walked to the chair that was now standing in the middle of the studio.

"Well, then I'll make it harder. You can't laugh. At all. You laugh a lot when you make mistakes normally. So don't laugh." Hoseok gave Jimin a stern look, before nudging Yoongi and whispering to him. "You can thank me later."

Momo turned on the music and Yoongi watched as Jimin slowly sat down. Soon enough he started dancing and Yoongi realized why Hoseok had suggested the song. Every time Jimin had to raise his arms, his shirt rode up, revealing his abs. His thighs though were something entirely different. Yoongi had to physically force himself to keep his eyes on Jimin's face and not glance down. As told Jimin wasn't smiling one bit but wearing a concentrated expression - this though quickly morphed into a sultry look which he more than often shot at Yoongi.

In conclusion, Yoongi was in hell.

Chapter Text

The Saturday after Yoongi's eyes had to witness Jimin dancing to Heroine by Sunmi, everyone but him somehow decided that he should babysit Namjoon, Jeongguk and Taehyung. Seokjin and Jimin were having a what Seokjin called 'kid-free' day and were spending it somewhere relaxing. And yeah maybe Yoongi felt a bit bitter about it since he had been living the role of a parent himself for a couple months now and maybe needed a day off too. Don't get him wrong, he loved Jeongguk. And he loved Namjoon and Taehyung equally as much. But all three of them together? It was a mess. A mess Yoongi didn't want to be left alone with.

"Taehyung, stop it. Just because Jeongguk is eating with his hands, doesn't mean you're allowed to do the same," Yoongi scolded the boy, who just continued eating with his fingers while grinning like the cheeky bastard he was. To top it off, Namjoon dropped his chopsticks and joined the other boys. "Oh my god, Namjoon, are you serious?" Yoongi groaned out loud. This wasn't what he had signed up for.

"'s no big deal, hyung," Taehyung laughed after shoving another handful of rice into his mouth.

"Swallow your food before you speak." Yoongi rolled his eyes. "And yes it is. It's a matter of manners."

The boys ignored Yoongi's scolding and kept on eating with their hand while cackling and joking around. The elder watched them for a few seconds before puffing out his cheeks. This had to come to an end.

"Enough!" He eventually yelled while slamming his hand onto the table, making the dishes rattle. Immediately the boys went silent and stared at Yoongi with big eyes. "I'm sick of you boys messing around. Just because your fathers aren't here, doesn't mean you can forget all your manners. You're gonna eat properly now. No joking around." Huffing, Yoongi handed Namjoon and Taehyung their chopsticks and shoved a spoon into Jeongguk's hands. When the toddler looked at him with wide eyes, Yoongi simply shook his head. "Jeongguk, I know you can eat with a spoon. You're not dumb, you're just spoiled. Maybe your appa plays along with your little games, but I'm sick of them." With a frown on his face, Yoongi watched as Jeongguk slowly if a bit clumsy started feeding himself with the spoon. The adult looked down at his own food and tried his best to not to grin in triumph. Jimin would be so happy to hear that his son magically started using a spoon. It was a miracle, really.

"Hyung, I finished," Namjoon spoke up softly after a few minutes and showed Yoongi his emptied bowl. "Thank you for the meal. It was very good."

"Very yummy," Taehyung agreed while chewing, before realizing his mistake and hiding his mouth behind his free hand. "I'm sorry, Yoongi hyung. I didn't mean to do that."

Yoongi nodded slowly and glanced at Taehyung and Jeongguk. "Eat up, you two. You wanted to watch a movie afterwards, right?"

"Can we?" Taehyung looked at him pleadingly. "Gukkie never saw Totoro."

"Well, then it's a must," Yoongi smiled and winked at the boys. After that Taehyung and Jeongguk finished their lunch quickly, so Yoongi could put the dishes away. While he cleaned the dishes, the boys decided that today was the perfect day to build a blanket fort in Yoongi's living room and quickly forced the adult to push his sofa out of the way and lay his mattress in the middle of the living room. With the help of a few chairs and all the blankets and duvets Yoongi could find, the children built themselves a perfect little niche.

15 minutes later, they were all huddled together in the blanket fort and watching Totoro. Yoongi had Namjoon on his lap, while Taehyung had Jeongguk in his arms. Although Jeongguk had nearly collapsed the last time they met because he wouldn't stop running away from Taehyung, he had been suspiciously calm today. Yoongi was very glad about that though because it was just one problem less. He could already see the friendship blooming between the two. It was adorable really. He hoped Taehyung would be a good hyung to Jeongguk like Namjoon was.

Okay, so maybe having all three boys in his home wasn't that terrible. But he would never admit that to Seokjin and Jimin.


Exactly one weekend after Yoongi's triple-babysitting - was that a thing? Well, it was now - he opened the door to Jimin grinning like a madman, carrying Jeongguk, who was wearing arm floats, and holding hands with Namjoon, who wore the most ridiculous pair of sunglasses.

"What is going on?" Yoongi asked still half asleep and rubbed his eyes. Maybe he was still dreaming. This just looked too surreal.

"We're going swimming!" Namjoon exclaimed and jumped up and down out of excitement.

Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows. "We as in you guys? Or we as in -"

"We as in you too, of course," Jimin laughed and entered Yoongi's apartment. Only now did Yoongi notice the big bag Jimin had slung over his shoulder. How did he even carry that and Jeongguk?

"Guys, it's November. I'm not gonna go swimming in November. It's freaking cold."

Jimin rolled his eyes. "You know, inside swimming pools exist, right?"

"You know, our apartment complex has a swimming pool, right?"

"You just said, that you don't want to swim outside, you dork." Jimin shook his head fondly. "Also we don't have good memories with that swimming pool. You won't get out of this, Min Yoongi."

"Ugh, okay, let me get my swim trunks."

All in all, it took them one hour and 30 minutes until they were at the swimming pool - which turned out to be more of a water playground since there were not only swimming pools but also slides, diving boards and even more activities. The ride from home didn't take too long but it was a struggle to change into swim trunks while trying to keep the children from running away and changing them as well. Yoongi really didn't know how Jimin had managed alone before Yoongi was part of their lives.

"I swear to god, Namjoon-ah, please don't run," Yoongi sighed and gripped the little boy's hand even tighter. "We don't want you to break your neck."

Laughing, Jimin exited the changing room behind the two. "Where to?" He was carrying Jeongguk and Yoongi had to admit that the toddler looked absolutely adorable in his full body wetsuit. A few minutes ago they had to wrestle him out of his arm floats, which was probably why he refused to wear them now. For that reason, Jimin wore them now as if they were bracelets. Yoongi tried to hide his grin. He was slowly falling in love with a fool - a very cute fool.

"Appa, can I show hyung my swimming? Please, please," Namjoon pouted and shot his father his best puppy look.

Jimin nodded smiling. "Of course, sweetheart. Jeonggukkie and I will be at the swimming pool for babies, alright?" He motioned to the swimming pool that was only a few inches deep, so really no one could drown in it.

"Okay," Namjoon answered immediately and dragged Yoongi to the nearest swimming pool. Yoongi couldn't remember at which age he had learned to swim but as with a lot of things, Namjoon was probably better at it than he had been. The young boy still looked a bit like a puppy trying not to drown but he managed it pretty well. And nothing could compare to his dimpled smile when he had managed another few metres and clung to Yoongi to catch his breath.

"You're doing so well, Joon-ah," Yoongi gently praised the boy seemingly for the hundredth time. "I'm so proud of you. How about we swim till the edge of the pool and then we'll get out and join your appa and brother?"

"Okay," Namjoon huffed a little out of breath but with a wide grin. "I hope Jeonggukkie can swim soon. I want to play catch in the water with him."

"That sounds very fun," Yoongi laughed. Oh, how he hoped that he would be there to witness that. Together they climbed out of the pool and walked over to where Jimin and Jeongguk where sitting in the water. The toddler seemed to have the time of his life slamming his hands on the water surface to splash water onto his father's face. Even from afar Yoongi had to hold in his laughter.

"I can see you laughing, Min Yoongi," Jimin scolded him when they were close enough that he didn't have to shout.

"Ya, what's with the lack of honorifics lately, Park Jimin?"

Jimin grinned brightly. "Sorry, hyung." The orange haired man ruffled fondly through Namjoon's wet hair. "Did you show Yoongi hyung your fantastic swimming skills, Namjoonie?"

"I did." The boy nodded proudly. "We swam a whole ... uh ... lane?"

"Track," Jimin and Yoongi corrected the boy simultaneously.

"Can we go to the slides now, please?" Namjoon asked sweetly and already grabbed Yoongi's hand again.

"Sure, we'll go along, right, Jeonggukkie? Wanna see Yoongi hyung and Namjoonie go down the slides?" Jimin stood up and hoisted the toddler on his hip.

Jeongguk nodded. "Yeah, pwease."

"So polite," Yoongi joked, earning a jab in the rips from Jimin.

"Don't discourage him, hyung."

"I'm not," Yoongi protested. "Thanks to me he finally stopped eating with his hands."

Jimin warily eyed his son. "Yeah, he seems to be a bit traumatised about that, so I'd rather not know, what you did."

"Well, what do you think, I did? I taped a spoon to his hand for a few hours." Yoongi winked at the toddler, who hid his face in Jimin's shoulder. The younger man frowned.

"I'm scared of the answer, so I won't question if that's the truth."

"Hyung, I wanna go down that one!" Namjoon exclaimed and pointed at a long yellow slide. It didn't look dangerous, so Yoongi guessed it would be suitable for Namjoon.

"Where does it end?" Jimin stood on his tiptoes to glance around the area. "Ah, I see it. We'll wait there for you. Off you go."

"Come on, Joon-ah." Together Yongi and Namjoon climbed the stairs to the beginning of the slide. Thankfully there wasn't a long queue but only another girl who went down the slide before them. When she was gone and Yoongi could be sure they wouldn't collide with her, he sat down at the start of the slide and pulled Namjoon in front of him. "You ready?"

Namjoon nodded and off they went.

The ride was shorter than Yoongi would've guessed but when they arrived at the end Namjoon was laughing loudly - probably because they had splashed Jimin and Jeongguk with a big wave of water.

"Jeonggukkie, do you wanna go, too?" Namjoon asked his brother enthusiastically as he climbed out of the pool. "It's so fun." Jeongguk furrowed his brows sceptically.

"I'm sure your appa will go on the slide with you," Yoongi tried to reassure the toddler.

"Oh, no, I'm not," Jimin laughed, shaking his head. The elder raised an eyebrow. "I'm not scared, I just don't like waterslides very much. But you can go with Yoongi hyung, Jeonggukkie."

Smiling Yoongi took Jeongguk in his arms. "Let's go, Jeongguk-ah." Although the toddler seemed wary of the waterslide at first, he screeched in delight during the way down and Yoongi couldn't help but laugh a little louder as well. When they were back again, Jeongguk was completely soaked but happy, grinning from ear to ear.

"Ain!" He shouted. "Ain!"

"Again?" Yoongi asked while he lifted the toddler out of the pool. Jeongguk nodded excitedly and clapped his hands like some kind of seal. Yoongi felt a weird sense of pride simmer in his veins. "We'll go down again soon, I promise. Namjoon, do you think you can watch your brother for a minute?"

Namjoon who must've guessed Yoongi's plan nodded quickly. "Sure."

Yoongi wiggled his eyebrows at Jimin. "Come on, Jimin. Your turn."

"Ah," Jimin laughed awkwardly and tried to dodge Yoongi's hands trying to grab him. "No, thank you, hyung."

"Jimin, I will literally carry you to the slide but then I could slip and we'd both break our necks," Yoongi said grinning. "The easier option would be for you to just come with me. Don't be a coward."

Jimin scoffed. "I'm not a coward," he muttered before walking towards the stairs. Yoongi shot Namjoon a thumbs up before he followed the younger man to the slide. When he arrived, Jimin had already sat down at the beginning of the slide. "I think, I need you to push me or I won't do it."

"Don't worry, I got you." Yoongi slid in the space behind Jimin and bravely wrapped his arms around Jimin's torso. He could feel the younger holding his breath. "Ready?"


"Then let's go."

Chapter Text

It was the middle of November when Yoongi admitted to himself that he was in love with Park Jimin.

He had known that he was crushing on the boy but he never thought that his feelings were deeper until he realized the truth.

The day it hit him started as any other day would. Jimin had dropped Jeongguk off at Yoongi's, together they had napped for a few hours and then gotten some breakfast. After some time of watching tv the toddler seemed to be tired again though, so Yoongi decided to lay himself down on the sofa with Jeongguk on his chest.

"Why are you so tired, huh, bud?" Yoongi asked quietly while running his hand through Jeongguk's hair. "You're not getting sick, are you?"

"No," Jeongguk mumbled and snuggled further into Yoongi's sweater. The young man chuckled lightly. Jeongguk was definitely getting sick, he had already caught the boy coughing this morning. Yoongi would make sure to warn Jimin - even though he probably knew already too - and maybe even make some soup they could give the toddler.

"You'll tell me if you feel unwell, yeah?" Jeongguk nodded slowly against his chest. It seemed like he was on the brink of falling asleep. "You can sleep, Jeonggukkie. Your appa will be here soon."

The toddler hummed. "Love you."

Yoongi could feel his heart skip a beat before beating faster than ever before. He had known that the toddler liked him but he never knew it was to this extent. Then again, what did Jeongguk know of love? He only knew the way his father loved him and the way he himself loved his family. So maybe Jeongguk did know something about love - he knew the most genuine form of love. Which had to mean that he genuinely loved Yoongi, the way only children could love.

"I love you too, Jeonggukkie," Yoongi replied as soon as he had calmed his heart beat down.

It took another half hour until Jimin knocked on his apartment door and Yoongi stood slowly up, trying not to wake the toddler in his arms. When he opened the door, he immediately shushed Jimin gently nodding towards Jeongguk.

"He just fell asleep again," he whispered to the younger man. "I think he's getting sick."

Jimin chuckled lightly and leaned forward to kiss Jeongguk's head in greeting. "Poor baby. I actually wanted to stay and chat for a bit, so you could put him back to bed?"

Yoongi nodded quickly and went to his bedroom to lay Jeongguk into his bed. Fortunately, Jeongguk had already fallen into a deep slumber so he wasn't awoken by Yoongi laying him down and tucking him in. The adult gave the toddler a peck on the forehead before he joined Jimin back in the kitchen.

"I made myself a cup of coffee, do you want one too?" Jimin asked while he poured the brown liquid into one of Yoongi's favourite mugs. Yoongi tried not to let the fact that Jimin made himself at home at Yoongi's home get to his head. That was totally normal. Right?

"Uh, no. I'm fine, thanks." Yoongi watched as Jimin poured an awful amount of sugar into his coffee and wondered if his lips tasted as sweet as he thought they would. "How was your day?"

"Great," Jimin beamed, making his eyes crinkle. "Well, last night was great and today I couldn't stop thinking about it and yeah..." Jimin let out a quiet laugh and Yoongi couldn't stop thinking that this must be Jimin's most beautiful form. When his eyes nearly disappeared and his grin was so wide that his whole face just looked so ... happy.

"What happened last night?" Yoongi asked curiously.

"Ah, that's what I actually wanted to talk to you about." Jimin let out a giggle - a god damn giggle - and took a sip of his coffee. "You know how you never really let me repay you for looking after Jeonggukkie -"

"That's because you don't need to repay me," the mint haired boy interrupted quickly.

"Let me please finish, hyung," Jimin laughed and honest to god winked at the older man. "So you know how I started to go to dancing lessons again to maybe teach someday, right? Last week I talked with Hoseok about this and he was honestly so optimistic about it, that we met up with the head of the dance school where we have classes at yesterday. And let me be honest real quick, I wasn't as optimistic as Hoseok hyung. I've learned the hard way that sometimes good things just don't happen to me, so I wasn't expecting much. But ... it went so well, hyung. I explained how I wanted to teach young children around Namjoon's age because sometimes they just need to focus all of their energy on something different than tantrums. Coincidently, our dance school doesn't offer dance classes for age groups that young. The youngest dancers are around 12 years old, I guess. So the head of the school had actually wanted to look into having dance classes for younger ones."

Yoongi looked at Jimin with wide eyes. "So you'll be able to teach soon?"

Jimin nodded excitedly. "Yes! Very soon even. But that's not all. Since I haven't been at the school for too long, I'll have Hoseok by my side as sort of a co-teacher. We've already brainstormed a whole lot, so I even came up with a plan to repay you for what you've done for me." Yoongi raised his eyebrows questioningly. "Don't give me that look, hyung. What music do you think the kids and I will dance to?"

"You want me to produce music for your dance class?" Yoongi asked dumbfounded.

"Yes," Jimin exclaimed. "It'll be so perfect. We'll both get to do what we've always dreamed of. And sure, it won't pay all our bills, you'll still have to study at college and I'll still have to keep my part-time job. But ... we'd be one step closer to our dreams. Wouldn't that be wonderful?"

It was that moment. That moment when Jimin looked at him with so much hope and optimism in his eyes. It was that moment that Yoongi knew he was in love with Park Jimin. Because what he felt at that moment wasn't just some minor crush.

The fact that Jimin had the chance to realise his dreams and didn't even hesitate to find a way to involve Yoongi as well ... it was more than some of his friends had ever done for him. Yoongi didn't just want to watch Jimin achieve all he ever wanted, he wanted to help, to hold his hand during the process and help him get up whenever he fell.

And he wasn't just in love with Park Jimin who made his heart skip a beat every time he laughed or smiled, who had trusted Yoongi with his won sons and who never failed to let Yoongi see the world just a tad bit more positive.

He was also in love with Park Namjoon who more often than not taught him about the little things in life, who had the most adorable dimples whenever he smiled and who looked up to Yoongi with so much respect that he just feared to make a mistake and ruin that trust.

And he was in love Park Jeongguk who had spent only so little time on this earth but still managed to open Yoongi's eyes, who had so many passions already and who fascinated Yoongi every single day.

Yoongi was in love with the whole Park family and he would give a lot to be a part of that family. He wanted to hold Namjoon's hand on his first day of school. He wanted to teach Jeongguk how to swim or how to ride a bike. And he wanted to fall asleep next to Jimin after a long exhausting day of raising their sons.

But maybe that was a bit too much to ask for.

Jimin wasn't gay.

So Yoongi had to keep a distance. Had to watch the boys grow, instead of raising them.

And maybe that was okay.

Yoongi would be fine.


Yoongi wasn't fine.

Well, during the day he was fine, but t was when he went to bed at night that the pessimistic thoughts kept crawling back to him. How had he managed to fall for the only that he couldn't have? Was he really that masochistic? Would he be able to just watch as Jimin maybe fell in love with another woman? The boys needed a mother figure after all. Maybe he should be selfish enough to cut all the ties to Jimin and forget about everything that happened. That was the point though. Yoongi was selfish. He didn't want to stop loving Jimin even if it would be better for everyone. He didn't want to stop looking after Jeongguk and Namjoon, he didn't want to miss the love they gave him. He was selfish - and masochistic maybe.

Being the annoying best friend that Hoseok was, he, of course, noticed Yoongi's change in behaviour. For two weeks he silently watched as Yoongi got more and more tired because his thoughts would keep him awake at night until he snapped and Yoongi into a club dragged.

For once Yoongi didn't even protest - another proof of how not fine he was - and simply went with it. At least he wouldn't drink alcohol while he was alone in his living room. The club Hoseok took him to was very lowkey and not expensive at all, which Yoongi appreciated. It wasn't one of these famous clubs in the middle of Seoul where you couldn't take a step without bumping into at least five people at the same time. It was kind of a quiet affair - apart from the fact that of course, it wasn't quiet at all.

The bass of the music was beating loudly in Yoongi's ears so that it was even difficult to think let alone talk to someone. Perfect.

"Scotch," Yoongi yelled at the bartender probably for the fourth time now and thankfully the man seemed to have finally understood his order.

"C'mon hyung!" Even through the thick layer of music, Yoongi could hear his best friend whining. Hoseok already started moving his hips and arms to the beat of the music and pouted at the elder. "Dance with me."

"Never," Yoongi replied and accepted the glass the bartender handed him. "You're embarrassing."

"You're embarrassing," Hoseok screamed back at him. "You're just moping around."

"You know I'm not drunk enough to dance anyway." Yoongi rolled his eyes and Hoseok observed him for a few seconds before nodding contently. To be honest, Yoongi should've known that from now on Hoseok's biggest goal was to get Yoongi drunk as fast as possible. After one hour he couldn't even count the number of shots he had downed - but Hoseok had reached his goal and now they were both on the dance floor. While Hoseok was still very much in control of limbs, Yoongi was more flopping his arms around than dancing really. It probably wasn't very attractive and there was no way any man or woman would hit on him tonight, but Yoongi didn't even mind.

While "dancing" Yoongi couldn't help but let his gaze wander over everyone else in the club. Unfortunately, he was so drunk that he couldn't help but compare every man with Jimin - or maybe he was not drunk enough to not notice the resemblance some of them had. One had a very similar pretty smile, one always ran his fingers through his hair like Jimin did and one's body shape was just so so similar to Jimin's. The most resemblance though was someone who even had the same hair colour as Jimin. Frowning Yoongi stared at the young man's back trying to find anything that didn't remind him of the boy he loved. A few songs later the crowd shifted a bit and Yoongi was able to see the man's face.

Shocked he stopped flopping his arms around and stood completely still in the moving crowd.

That man didn't just look like. Jimin. It was Jimin.

Hoseok must've noticed Yoongi's shock and turned to look in the same direction as his best friend, only to notice Jimin as well.

"Aigo," he cheered and shook Yoongi's shoulders. "You have to go to him."

"No," Yoongi protested possibly too quiet for Hoseok to even hear.

"Dance with him!" Hoseok nothing but screamed and started shoving Yoongi towards the orange haired boy, making him bump into several people. The elder wasn't even able to flee before Jimin had seen him as well and made his way through the crowd towards Yoongi.

"Hyung," he exclaimed happily and jumped up and down. His cheeks were bright red, so it was quite obvious that he was drunk as well. "Let's dance, Yoongi hyung!" Giggling Jimin took Yoongi's hands in his and waved them around, trying to make the other dance. Yoongi couldn't even manage to smile, he just stared at Jimin silently. This wasn't happening. This couldn't be happening.

"Hyung," Jimin whined and wrapped his arms around Yoongi's neck so he could pull himself closer to the elder. "You're being a party pooper." At this Yoongi couldn't help but chuckle. Awkwardly, he rested his hands on Jimin's hips - mostly because he didn't know where else to put them. Jimin was gently swaying them back and forth even though the song playing was still very much upbeat and sang along to the music into Yoongi's ear.

This was a dream. It had to be.

"I don't wanna wake up," Yoongi mumbled mostly to himself. Curious Jimin looked up at him.


"This is a dream, right?"

Jimin smiled and let his hands wander into Yoongi's hair. "It's not, hyung."

It wasn't? Yoongi blinked silently at Jimin whose face seemed to move closer by the second. Immediately his brain started panicking. If this wasn't a dream-- What was happening? Why was Jimin--

The younger man leaned his forehead against Yoongi's, trying to pull the elder's face further down. Their noses barely touched and Yoongi could feel Jimin's breath on his lips. They just had to move a tiny bit and their lips would meet.

This was all Yoongi had wanted for weeks, no months, and yet--

Abruptly Yoongi pulled away from the younger. "Jimin, we can't," he panted. "We can't. Not here, not now, not ... not ..." With a painful expression on his face, Yoongi escaped Jimin's arms and turned around to leave without even ending his sentence.

Leaving an utterly confused and hurt Jimin in the middle of the dance floor.

Chapter Text

The weeks after Yoongi had almost kissed Jimin were ... a bit awkward to say the least. When Jimin dropped off Jeongguk at Yoongi's place the following Monday, no one dared to mention what happened at the club. They went on with their daily routines and everything seemed to be normal - except it wasn't. Jimin's gaze seemed to linger longer on Yoongi than ever before and every time he smiled, Yoongi couldn't help but think that it looked just a little bit pained.

Jimin regretted their almost kiss. Yoongi was sure of it. Jimin must've been way too drunk to even realise what they had been doing and now, he felt embarrassed that he almost kissed a man. The elder could understand that to an extent. Jimin was probably scared that this accident would ruin their friendship and didn't mention it for that reason. They were both scared of losing what they had before and the knowledge of that kind of calmed Yoongi. Jimin didn't have to worry. Yoongi wouldn't say a word if it meant they could still be friends.

A few weeks went by and Yoongi felt like they slowly fell into their normal routine again - not that before it hadn't been normal, but at least Yoongi had stopped thinking about the almost-kiss all the time. Nevertheless, Yoongi and Jimin hadn't spent much time together outside of their routine. They hadn't gone to the park with the boys or taken them to an indoor playground. But two weeks before Christmas Jimin had more or less begged Yoongi to help him with his Christmas shopping. And what could Yoongi do? Say no?

"Namjoon gave me a whole list of books he'd like," Jimin explained to him while they were walking side by side on the pavement. "I know he only expects to get one but there's this tiny bookstore that not a lot of people know about. They have this sale going on with which I'll be able to afford almost every book on the list."

"Which means that together we'll be able to afford all of them?" Yoongi inquired, making Jimin purse his lips in thought.

"Possibly. But didn't you say you already ordered him something?" The elder shrugged. "Hyung, I really need you to stop spoiling my kids. It's not like you have way more money than I anyway."

"I like spending money on you guys," Yoongi explained nonchalantly. "And don't act like your kids are spoiled. I don't shower them with meaningless gifts. They really need some of the stuff."

Jimin frowned at the pavement. "But if their own father can't afford it --"

"Jimin." Yoongi stopped walking and put a hand on the younger's shoulder. "Don't put yourself down, just because you can't buy your sons a lot at the moment. It won't be like this forever. Until then I will continue to support you. When I was little my parents always bought me shit I didn't need. I know what spoiling is. This isn't it."

"Are your parents still spoiling you?"

"You know my relationship to my parents," Yoongi laughed quietly to himself. God, his life was so sad sometimes. "They actually pay me money so I won't visit them on Christmas. They don't want me to attend a family dinner until I finished my studies and managed to become straight again. I mean they don't necessarily tell me to not come but ... they send me this big check every Christmas and tell me that it's very sad I can't make it to their Christmas party again. It feels like they're pretending just so they don't have to admit to themselves that they hate me."

Jimin stayed silent for a few seconds, probably because he didn't know what to say. Yoongi understood that. At this point, there just wasn't much to say about the situation. It was what it was.

"Do you want to spend Christmas with us?" Jimin asked eventually, making Yoongi stop in his tracks again. "We'll exchange presents on Christmas Eve because I need to work the next morning. You could even stay overnight and then I won't have to worry about finding a babysitter."

"Christmas should be spent with the family, Jimin. I don't want to intrude."

Jimin sighed exasperatedly. "Hyung, why do I have to spell everything out for you? You are family. The boys and I, we love you so much." Yoongi felt himself blush and quickly avoided Jimin's eyes. Nevertheless, the words squeezed his heart together painfully. Jimin had indirectly told him that he loved him and it should be everything Yoongi wanted. But it wasn't. Because Jimin didn't mean it like that. "And now imagine the tantrum Jeongguk will throw if I tell him his favourite hyung won't spend Christmas with him."

Yoongi laughed quietly. "Don't blackmail me with the boys, that's not fair."

"Do you want me to throw a tantrum? Here? 'Cause I will." Jimin raised an eyebrow and put his arms around Yoongi's shoulder. "Please, hyung."

Again: What could Yoongi do? Say no?


"YooYoo!" Yoongi hadn't even completely stepped into Jimin's apartment before a very excited Jeongguk had flung himself at him. With his arms wrapped around the elder's legs, the toddler grinned up at him. "Melly Kl- ... Kli- ..."

"Merry Christmas, hyung, " Namjoon finished for his younger brother and wrapped his arms around Yoongi as well. Smiling Yoongi ruffled through both of their hairs. Before he could detangle himself of the two koalas. Jeongguk's arms reached out for the elder, asking him to lift him up. Sighing Yoongi bent down to hoist Jeongguk onto his hips. Namjoon immediately reached out for him as well. "Me too, hyungie."

"Oh god," Yoongi mumbled quietly to himself, as he grabbed the older boy as well. Huffing he made sure that neither of the boys would fall out of his arms. Thankfully they both held onto his sweater. "Where's your appa?"

"In the kitchen," Namjoon replied and giggled when Yoongi started wobbling towards the kitchen. Jimin was currently trying to fit the Christmas cake into their small refrigerator. "Appa, look!"

Jimin turned his head towards the door and let out a laugh. "Gosh, are you boys trying to break Yoongi hyung's back?" Quickly, he jammed the cake into the refrigerator so he could rescue Yoongi from his suffering. While Jeongguk climbed into his father's arms, Yoongi finally had the time to examine the family's outfits. Namjoon was wearing a red Christmas sweater matching his red Christmas hat, while Jeongguk had a green sweater and red and white striped leggings, making him look like a little Christmas elf. Jimin, on the other hand, was drowning in a big brown sweater and was simultaneously rocking a reindeer headband. Yoongi was so so in love.

"When are we opening the presents?" Namjoon asked curiously, making Jimin shake his head in amusement.

"After dinner, sweetie. We still have a lot of time. You know, we've got some things planned, remember?" Jimin and Namjoon shared a meaningful look before Jimin kissed Jeongguk's head and put him down on his own two feet. "Why don't you both play in the living room for some time? Yoongi hyung and I need to have an adult talk."

"Okay." Namjoon wiggled out of Yoongi's arms and dragged his younger brother out of the kitchen. Confused, the man looked at Jimin. What as there to talk about?

"Let's sit down," Jimin quietly said and pulled out two chairs from the dining table, so both adults could sit next to each other and still face the other. Yoongi felt his legs starting to shake and was suddenly very glad, that he could sit down. This felt serious. "I actually waited for you to say something, but then I talked with Hoseok hyung, which I'm gonna get back to in a minute, and I realized that I'm the one who has to speak up and from that point on I was just super nervous."

"What's this about, Jimin?" Yoongi asked calmly, trying not to panic yet.

"It's about what happened at the club, hyung. It's been more than a month and --"

Immediately Yoongi's defence system was up and running. "Okay, listen, Jimin, it's not what --"

"Calm down, hyung," Jimin interrupted him gently and put a hand on his thigh. "Let me talk, okay? I have this whole ass monologue I learned by heart and I don't want you to mess it up, okay?"

"Okay," Yoongi mumbled, feeling like a scolded puppy. Jimin sighed in relief and removed his hand from Yoongi's thigh. The elder immediately missed the warmth.

"First, I have to excuse me for my behaviour at the club. You never made any advances before that night, I was obviously and you were too, so I kind of ... I took advantage of you, that's what I did. So you pulled away and left and in my drunken state I was only confused but as soon as I was sober I just regretted coming onto you like that. I mean I was still highly confused about you saying that it wasn't the right time or place but that was kinda the least of my problems. So after a few weeks of beating myself up internally, I decided to talk to Hoseok hyung because he's your best friend. I wanted to ask him, how I could save our friendship but then he told me that you apparently have the biggest crush on me and -" Jimin interrupted himself to hide his face in his hands for a few seconds. Yoongi wanted to say something - although he wasn't sure what, because his own best friend had basically exposed him - but Jimin quickly shook his head and smiled gently. "And I realized that you weren't avoiding the topic because I came onto you but because you thought you ruined our friendship with your crush. And at the same time, I was here thinking that I ruined our friendship with my feelings. So, of course, I confessed to Hoseok hyung and he made me realize, that you'd never confess to me because why would you? In your books, I am straighter than straight and confessing would come close to social suicide. Which then meant that I needed to be the one to confess but I didn't even know what to confess because until then I didn't even believe our feelings were mutual, so I never really put a lot of thought into this. And now I had to and wow, I'm really rambling, aren't I?"

Yoongi felt a bit dumbfounded. He understood what Jimin was saying but at the same time, he didn't understand. It was as if the meaning of Jimin's words didn't get to his brain.

"What- What are you saying?" He asked while trying not to jump to any conclusions. Maybe Jimin--

Jimin chuckled. "I am saying that ... that I really really like you." The younger man reached out to grab Yoongi's hands in his. His fingers were a lot smaller and so soft Yoongi was distracted for a few seconds. "And I don't mean as friends. I mean romantically. I'm ... I'm in love with you, hyung."

"I ... you ... what," Yoongi stuttered and furrowed his brows. "I thought you were straight."

Jimin smiled sheepishly, blush evident on his cheeks. "I thought so too. But then you came along and ... I know this isn't just some childish crush. I am truly in love with you and I want to spend hopefully a long time by your side."

"B-But you have kids and -"

"And they love you." Jimin shrugged.

Yoongi shook his head. "But if we were together, I'd be their stepfather and that's something completely different and I don't want to replace their mother and --"

"Yoongi hyung," Jimin whined quietly and started pouting. "Can you for one second calm down and tell me if you feel the same? Because I told you I'm in love with you and you're not even happy."

"No, no, I," Yoongi started and gave Jimin a tiny smile. "I'm in love with you but I'm just ... surprised."

Jimin's eyes lit up. "You're really in love with me?" Yoongi nodded quietly, making Jimin giggle and climb into his lap to hug him tightly. Puzzled Yoongi wrapped his arms around Jimin - god, he was so soft and warm. "I'm so sorry, I didn't tell you earlier, I understand why you didn't say anything."

"It's okay," Yoongi whispered, trying to calm his heart rate down. Jimin was nuzzling his face into his neck, so what? Normal, right? "we both needed the extra time, probably."

"Hyung?" Jimin removed his face from Yoongi's neck to look him straight into his face.

Yoongi gulped loudly. "Yeah?"

"Can I kiss you?" Yoongi's breath caught in his throat. This wasn't real. This couldn't be real. Nevertheless, he nodded almost unnoticeable. Jimin licked his lips absentmindedly and gently grabbed the elder's face in his hands. His thumbs were drawing circles into Yoongi's cheeks, as Jimin slowly leaned down, his breath fanning over Yoongi's lips. The elder could see Jimin's lips shaking, so he closed his eyes and gently angled up his face, letting their lips collide. Both men quietly sighed once their lips met. Jimin pulled Yoogi's face impossibly closer, while Yoongi's hands gripped onto the younger's hips, his fingers clawing into his sweater. Jimin's lips were so soft and he tasted of mint and the cinnamon he was putting into his coffee since the beginning of December - Yoongi felt like crying. This wasn't real. This couldn't be real. This ... This was real.

Their kiss was slowly turning into multiple pecks on the lips until Jimin pulled away completely and stared at Yoongi fondly. Quietly he smacked his lips together before giggling.

"What?" Yoongi asked quietly.

"For the past few weeks, I've been wondering what it feels like to kiss you. And if it's any different from the girls I kissed," Jimin explained and shrugged. "But the only thing I can say, other than that it was amazing, is that it's probably the best kiss I had in two years."

"It is also the only kiss you had in two years that wasn't shared with one of your sons," Yoongi deadpanned, making Jimin laugh out loud.

"Okay, yeah, true." Jimin leaned down again for a short kiss. "Mmh, I don't think I'll ever get enough of this. You're addictive."

"I think," Yoongi mumbled between the kisses Jimin was showering him in. "I think, we should still talk about the situation with your children. Like, are we telling them right away or do we wait?"

Jimin stopped kissing him to brush his fingers through Yoongi's fringe. "I actually talked with the boys about it. Or well more with Namjoon. I don't think, Jeongguk really understood what was happening."

"What did you talk about?"

"Well, since I knew from Hoseok hyung that you theoretically felt the same, I wanted to see if the boys were fine with us being together. I told them that I like you very much, as in more than a friend, and I tried to explain what that would mean. And like you, Namjoon quickly came to the conclusion that you would be somewhat of a parental figure, but I told them that they were the ones in charge. If they don't want us together, then we can't be. if they are not happy, I won't be as well."

Yoongi bit his lower lip nervously. "What did they say?"

Jimin chuckled. "Jeonggukie was over the moon, but as I said, I'm not sure what he really understood. Namjoon was very happy for me or us as well, but he did have some concerns, which he would like to talk with you about."

"Oh," Yoongi breathed. "Um, when?"

"Now, if you're okay with it? The boys prepared something and I'm sure we can all enjoy Christmas a bit more if it's over with." Yoongi nodded quietly and Jimin climbed off his Lap, so he could gently drag him into the living room, where the kids were reading a comic book together. "Namjoonie, would you like to talk with Yoongi now?"

"Yes," Namjoon exclaimed excitedly, before getting up and sprinting into his room. When he came back, he had a stack of small papers clutched in his hand as if he would be having a presentation. Then again, this was Namjoon. Maybe the young boy did prepare a presentation. "Appa, Yoongi hyung, please sit down." He motioned to the sofa and sat himself down in front of it, right next to his brother who was still very immersed in the comic book. Namjoon cleared his throat. Yoongi felt like dying. He was really gonna get rejected by a kid. "Appa told us that you could possibly become our second appa. We really like you and you make appa happy, so that would be really amazing. But you're not an appa yet and maybe you don't know how to be one. Jeonggukkie and I wrote down some things that an appa needs to do and if you can't do them, then you can't be our second appa. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, of course," Yoongi choked out. He was already getting too emotional. "You're right, I don't know too much about being an appa."

Namjoon nodded. "That's not bad. You can learn. But some things are mando ... uh, mandatory." The boy looked down at his cards. Yoongi wasn't even sure if there was written down anything at all. "Firstly, and this is very important, you have to love Jeonggukkie and me equally. You can't love me more because I'm smart or love him more because he's very cute."

"I can do that." Yoongi nodded quickly. "I already do, I love you both very equally. I don't have a favourite."

"Okay." Namjoon shuffled his cards. "As our appa, you need to tuck us in at night too. You need to sing us to sleep and stroke our hair. You need to look for monsters in our room and scare them away. And if we have nightmares, you need to cuddle us in your bed, even if it's the middle of the night."

Again Yoongi nodded. "I can't sing that well, but I can read bedtime stories to you?"

Namjoon hummed. "That's acceptable. You also can't be annoyed of us. Sometimes Jeonggukkie gets very annoying because he's very stubborn and also because he's still so little. Appa says sometimes I'm annoying too when I'm being smart. But if we're annoying you can't tell us because then maybe we'll cry and be more annoying. So you need to stay calm and patient."

"Be calm and patient, got it."

"You also need to allow us things that appa doesn't allow us. My friend's eomma never lets him eat sweets before dinner, but his appa does. So if appa doesn't let us do something, you need to allow it."

Jimin and Yoongi both started laughing. "But what if it's really bad for you?" Yoongi asked. "Can I agree with your appa too sometimes? Good parents agree with each other, don't they?"

"Hm." Namjoon furrowed his brows in thought. "You can agree sometimes. But not all the time."

"Okay, then."

The boy shuffled his cards again, before pulling his eyebrows together and showing a card to his younger brother. "Jeonggukkie, what does that mean?"

"Ion Man," Jeongguk answered excitedly, making Namjoon sigh exasperatedly.

"I told you to only put important things on the cards," he mumbled but Jeongguk just stared at his hyung angrily until the older boy sighed again. "Okay, okay. Yoongi hyung, you also need to love Iron Man."

"I already do," Yoongi smiled, amused.

"You also need to give good hugs. People need hugs when they're sad. So you need to hug us a lot and appa too."

"I already hugged you a lot, do you think I give good hugs?" Yoongi asked the boys.

Namjoon nodded. "I do. Does appa too?" Yoongi shrugged and opened his arms for Jimin. Smiling the other man crawled into his space to give him a tight hug.

"Let's just stay like this," Jimin mumbled laughing before pulling away. Instead of scooting back to his previous spot, he simply draped his thighs over Yoongi's lap and snuggled into his side. "Hyung's a very good hugger, Namjoon-ah."

"I think I have only one thing left," Namjoon said while looking through his cards. Yoongi watched him curiously. "Eomma used to give appa lots of kisses. He likes when we kiss him too. I know you're not eomma but if you really love appa, you need to kiss him lots and lots and lots."

Yoongi smiled gently and leaned down to peck Jimin on the forehead. "I can do that." Laughing Jimin looked up at him, pursing his lips, asking for a real kiss. Shaking his head, Yoongi gave in. It felt a bit weird to kiss in front of the children but Yoongi would have to get used to it probably.

Yoongi almost lost himself in the feeling of Jimin's warm, soft lips on his until there was a loud shriek of "NO!" coming from no one other than Jeongguk. Immediately scared, Yoongi pulled away and looked at the toddler. This was it. Jeongguk decided he didn't want Yoongi to be with Jimin and this was their last kiss.

"What's up, Jeonggukkie?" Jimin asked calmly, watching as Jeongguk crawled on top of Yoongi's lap as well and wedged himself between the two adults. Pouting he pressed his hands on both of their mouths.

"Me," he whined and looked at Yoongi accusingly. Jimin broke out into laughter and shook the toddler's hand off.

"Jeonggukkie, baby, are you jealous of hyung and me kissing?" Jimin nuzzled his nose into Jeongguk's cheek. "Does my little baby want kisses too?" Jeongguk nodded, still pouting. Smiling Jimin pressed tiny kisses onto the toddler's face and hands.

"I want too," Namjoon protested from the floor. "I want kisses too!"

Yoongi chuckled. "Come here, buddy. I'm not occupied yet."

Excited the young boy crawled onto the sofa as well - it was getting a bit full on here - and Yoongi pulled him right in the middle of their little pile, so Jimin and hi could shower both boys with their love.

And as the two children couldn't breathe out of laughter and Jimin wouldn't stop looking at Yoongi so fondly, Yoongi paused for a moment.

Yeah, he wouldn't mind spending the rest of his life like this.

Chapter Text

2 years later

Yoongi was awoken by a single ray of sunshine shining right into his eyes. Pursing his lips, he slowly blinked his eyes open and stared at the blinds covering their windows accusingly. At least once a week they managed to not close the blinds perfectly so there would be a gap for the light to shine through - and for some reason, it always managed to shine into Yoongi's eyes.

Knowing he probably wouldn't be able to fall asleep anymore, the adult tried to swallow his groan and turned his head to look at his boyfriend. Jimin was curled into a ball, facing away from Yoongi who was lying on his back. It wasn't uncommon for the couple to scoot away from each other while sleeping, sometimes the other was just too warm or snoring too loud. Yoongi didn't mind. As long as he could wake up with Jimin next him, he was perfectly happy.

He was blinking tiredly into the darkness of their bedroom when he could hear the pitter patter of naked feet on their wooden floor. Curious he strained his ear to find out which of the little devils had decided to give them a visit. Yoongi had already someone in mind but he never could be too sure because Namjoon and Jeongguk grew closer the older the got.

"Appa?" He could hear Jeongguk whisper-shout into the darkness. Yoongi didn't even try to suppress his grin. "Appa?"

"Jeonggukkie," Yoongi whispered back, hoping that Jimin wouldn't wake up even though he was a light sleeper in contrary to Yoongi and Jeongguk. He could hear the young boy tiptoeing from Jimin's side of the bed to Yoongi's until he stood in the same ray of light that had woken up Yoongi in the first place. "What's wrong, baby? Can't sleep?"

"Nightmare," the boy mumbled and started climbing onto the bed. Yoongi and Jimin had ended up more on the latter's side of the bed, which meant that there was a bit of space in the bed. Nevertheless, Jeongguk chose to crawl onto Yoongi's chest and lay don there. The elder huffed quietly because the boy just wasn't getting lighter but wrapped his arms around him anyway. "'n I was scared too."


Jeongguk pouted at him. "You forgot to check for monsters yesterday, paps."

"Aish, I'm sorry, Jeonggukkie," Yoongi answered honestly and pressed a kiss to the boy's head. "Paps will doublecheck tonight, okay?"

The young boy just hummed and pressed his cheek to Yoongi's chest, so his next words came out a bit muffled. "Want appa to sing me to sleep."

Yoongi sighed and ran a hand through Jeongguk's hair. "I know, but we can't wake appa up. You know, he's been working hard lately." Since Christmas was approaching so was Jimin's dance school's Christmas recital which meant Jimin spend all his time rehearsing with all his classes so the children could show their parents a perfect performance. Jimin was very invested in his work and Yoongi loved him for it but it was hard to watch his boyfriend wear himself down every day. He had to dance all day long and then come home and handle his own children as well. Of course, Yoongi tried to lift as much weight from Jimin's shoulders as possible but Jimin didn't want to ignore his sons either.

"Can you sing to me, paps?"

Yoongi snorted as silently as he could. "Did you really just ask that, you brat?"

Jeongguk giggled quietly and cuddled further into Yoongi's chest. Yoongi draped the blanket over them and started gently stroking the young boy's back. He hummed any song he could think of since he did indeed know how much music calmed the boy down. After a few minutes Jeongguk's breathing slowed down and Yoongi could feel himself slipping into the world of dreams as well.

When he woke up again it must've been a few hours later. Jimin was still in deep slumber next to him - he could hear him snore slightly, it was downright adorable - but Jeongguk was sitting up on his stomach and poked his chest.

"'m hungry, paps," Jeongguk whispered and put on his best puppy eyes expression. Yoongi grunted silently and slowly sat up as well. Only know did he notice that Namjoon was now lying in their bed as well and was curled against Yoongi. When the adult gently ruffled his hair he woke up and looked up at Yoongi.

"We're gonna make some breakfast, do you want to help or stay here with appa?" Yoongi asked quietly. Namjoon rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and mumbled something along the lines of 'help' before slowly leaving the bed. Jeongguk followed him enthusiastically and Yoongi did as well after pecking the sleeping Jimin on his cheek.

In the hallway, there were met with their puppy Holly being happy about their presence as always. Namjoon and Jeongguk cooed over the little dog for a few minutes while Yoongi entered the kitchen and made himself a cup of coffee. He had already downed half of the dark liquid when the boys joined him - surprisingly without Holly in their arms. Yoongi raised an eyebrow.

"We put Holly on the bed. So appa isn't lonely," Namjoon explained smiling. Yoongi hummed around his cup of coffee. He didn't allow their puppy to go onto their bed but Jimin often did because he liked cuddling with him. So technically he couldn't really scold Namjoon for it - and of course, the boy knew.

"How about we make some American breakfast today?" Yoongi suggested instead, the boys' eyes immediately lighting up. Over the years Jimin and Yoongi had cooked a few foreign meals every now and then and at this point, the family loved foreign dishes as much as their own Korean cuisine. "Pancakes, maybe?"

"Yes!" Jeongguk exclaimed before slapping a hand over his mouth after realising how loud he was being. His voice dropped down to a whisper. "Yes, pancakes please." Pancakes were probably Jeongguk's favourite breakfast dish since it wasn't often that they had something sweet this early in the day.

"Well then, you better help me, boys." They started to make the pancake dough while the pan began to heat up. Namjoon was handing them the ingredients, Yoongi measured the amount they needed and let Jeongguk - who was standing on his small stool - whisk everything together. When the dough was finished and the pan was hot enough as well, Yoongi began to pour some of the liquid into the pan. "Ah, Joon-ah, can you give me a big plate so we can put the pancakes on it when they're done?"

"Yes, paps." Yoongi could hear Namjoon rustling with a few plates but didn't bother to turn his head because he was too busy trying to make sure the pancake didn't burst. It was only when he could hear a loud crash that his head snapped towards the young boy who was now staring at the broken plate on the ground.

"Oh fuck," Yoongi let out, too panicked to even notice he had slipped up and cursed in front of the children. Quickly he grabbed Jeongguk and sat him down on the kitchen counter because he didn't want him to walk with naked feet through the broken plate pieces. When he noticed Namjoon was still standing next to the mess - without socks on as well - he promptly picked him up as well and made him stand on Jeongguk's stool. "No one move, okay?" He made quick work of collecting the shattered pieces - thankfully there weren't many - before wiping the floor clean with the broom they kept in the kitchen. When he doomed the kitchen floor as not dangerous anymore he let out a relieved breath and looked up at the boys, only to find Namjoon crying silently.

"I-I'm so sorry, paps," he sobbed and didn't even try to wipe away the tears streaming down his face.

"Oh no, Joonie," Yoongi gasped and hurried to pull the older of the boys in his arms. "Hey, everything is fine, why are you crying?"

"I a-always break e-everything," Namjoon hiccuped and buried his face into Yoongi's chest. Sighing the adult stroked the boy's back. It was true, that a lot of their dishes didn't last long in their household but that wasn't specifically Namjoon's fault. After a long tiring day, Jimin and Yoongi often dropped a mug or two as well and Jeongguk ... well, he loved tossing around dishes when he was throwing a tantrum.

"I break things too," Jeongguk told his brother before Yoongi could even think of a reply.

"Everyone breaks something," Yoongi added and kissed Namjoon's cheek quickly. "Breaking dishes is better than breaking hearts, anyway."

Namjoon laughed. "Whose heart could I even break?"

"Mine for example?" Yoongi pouted at the boy and made him laugh even more.

"Yeah, well, our pancake is ruined now." Yoongi glanced at the black pancake in the pan that had started to smoke and shrugged.

"We have enough dough left. Just get a plate safely into my hands now and we'll be fine." Grinning Namjoon jumped off the stool, got a new plate out of the shelf and handed it Yoongi. The man smiled and ruffled through the younger's hair, before starting to make a new pancake.


"This is really really delicious," Jimin hummed with his mouth still full of a piece of pancake. He reached out to pat his sons' heads. "You did so well, my babies."

"Hey, I cooked too," Yoongi complained silently, pouting at his own pancake. He could hear Jimin laughing before a kiss was pressed to his forehead.

"I know, darling. Thank you for letting me sleep in." Jimin smiled at the elder gently, making his heart skip a beat. It didn't matter how long they've been together, Yoongi was still very whipped for his boyfriend. And he'd probably still be in 40 years. He just fell in love more every day.

"We know how hard you work. You deserve it," Yoongi replied nonchalantly and put a piece of his pancake dipped in chocolate on Jimin's plate.

"Speaking of," Jimin started and nudged his youngest son. "Did you practise on your choreography yesterday like I asked you too?"

"I did," Jeongguk grinned proudly. "Paps put on the music." Since Jimin had started his own dance classes, Jeongguk had always whined about wanting to dance with his appa as well. Unfortunately, the boys had been too young for Jimin's classes - which had lead to a few stubborn tantrums - but Jimin had tried to teach him as much as he could when he was at home. Now he was old enough though and he had joined Jimin's youngest class a few weeks ago. Jimin insisted on being a fair teacher and not helping his son more than any other of his students. For that reason Jeongguk had to practise at home like everyone else - but only when Jimin wasn't around. Of course, if Yoongi told his boyfriend that Jeongguk had been extra frustrated because he wouldn't get a few steps right, the younger man would sometimes surrender a bit and act as if he forgot the choreography so Jeongguk needed to help him, ending in them both practising together. Yoongi had always loved watching Jimin dance and he found that it was just as beautiful to watch their little boy dance as well. Obviously, he couldn't move as gracefully as Jimin yet, but he was able to move to the rhythm very well.

"I think he might have the choreography down better than you, Jiminie," Yoongi teased, making Jimin laugh loudly.

"Oh, I'm sure of it." They both looked down smiling at the youngest, before Jimin turned to Namjoon. "Did you finish all your homework for Monday already?"

Namjoon nodded. "Yes, appa."

"Did you start reading that book we bought on Thursday, yet?"

"Uh huh." Namjoon reached for a second pancake. "I'm already halfway finished."

"What's it about?" Yoongi asked curiously and raised an eyebrow.

"It's about a boy who falls in love with his boy best friend," the boy explained absentmindedly while sprinkling sugar on his pancakes. Yoongi almost choked on the food in his mouth.

"They sell books about that?" He looked at his boyfriend questioningly who just shrugged in response. "And you let him read that?"

"Hyung," Jimin groaned. "It's not like that. It's for his age category. And the summary sounded nice enough. We both thought it would be a nice change from his usual books. I really don't know why it's such a big deal."

"There's no sex," Namjoon added and now Yoongi actually choked. With wide eyes, both Jimin and Yoongi stared the boy, while Jeongguk kept on munching on his pancakes.


"There's no sex if you were wondering."

"I-I," Yoongi stuttered overwhelmed and looked helplessly at his boyfriend who seemed to be just as shocked.

"Joonie, how do you even-" Jimin stopped himself, before shaking his head. "There's no way I'm gonna have this talk with you now."

"What's sex?" Jeongguk asked suddenly curious and Yoongi positively felt like dying inside. He just wanted to have breakfast in peace, dear god.

"Something parents do when they love each other," Namjoon explained, before glancing at the adults. "Right?"

"R-Right," Jimin stuttered.

Jeongguk tilted his head. "Do you do sex?"

"Of course," Yoongi quickly replied, earning himself a kick in the shin. He stared at Jimin. "Of course, we do, because we love each other very much."

Finally getting the message, Jimin nodded. "Of course, of course. Let's finish eating now, though." Yoongi quietly laughed into his pancakes. If someone had told him a few years ago that he would talk about sex with the sons' of his boyfriend, he probably would've told them to shut their mouth. But here he was. Trying not to die because of this uncomfortable conversation. And he could only guess how many more of those conversations they would have to have with the boys. God, they were screwed.


"Parenting is hard," Yoongi whined and let himself fall back onto the couch. Jimin giggled and straddled his boyfriend eagerly.

"You think so? After two years?" he teased the elder. Yoongi rolled his eyes in amusement.

"I thought so after one day and I will continue to think so in 38 years."

"38 years, huh?" Jimin leaned down to kiss Yoongi's lips. "In 38 years you'll probably complain about grandparenting being hard."

Yoongi groaned. "God, can you imagine those brats being parents?" They both looked at Namjoon, Jeongguk and Taehyung - who had been dropped off at their apartment an hour ago - where they had built a fort under the new dining table. Namjoon had brought some of his action figures into the fort and was allowing the other boys to play with them as well. Jeongguk was struggling quite some bit though since Taehyung had decided to lie down on top o the younger. Yoongi always joked about Taehyung crushing Jeongguk to death one day and calling it 'natural selection'. Jimin would always hit him, telling him to at least be on his own son's side for once. Yoongi loved when Jimin labelled Namjoon and Jeonffuk as Yoongi's children as well. It made his heart swell and in emotional situations sometimes made him tear up. He just loved his three boys way too much.

"Of course, I can," Jimin smiled and laid his head down on Yoongi's chest. "I can't wait for them to get happy together."

"And with 'them' you mean Jeongguk and Taehyung?" Yoongi teased his boyfriend gently. Jimin just hummed in agreeance. "You really think they will end up together? They're still very young."

"I know so," Jimin replied quietly. "I just know."

"And did you also 'just know' that we would end up together?" Jimin lifted his head from Yoongi's chest to look him in the eyes. Yoongi brushed his hands through his dark hair. They both had given up on dying their hair for the time being.

"Well, let's say, I just knew we would stay together, as soon as we got together." Jimin leaned down to share a gentle kiss with his boyfriend. They stayed cuddled together for a few minutes until Jimin spoke up again. "You do know that I am also waiting for that proposal, right?"

"W-What?"Yoongi spluttered.

"The proposal?" Jimin repeated amusedly. "You asking me to marry you?"

"But we can't even get married." Yoongi didn't know why his heart wouldn't stop beating at a rapid pace.

Jimin rolled his eyes. "We can take the boys to America for a trip and get married there, it's no big deal."

"B-But," Yoongi stammered, frantically searching for excuses. "Why do I have t propose? You can propose as well?"

"I already did that once, hyung." Normally Yoongi loved how much easier it had gotten for Jimin to talk about his previous marriage and his sons' mother, but now was not the time for that.

"So? You've practised then and now you're even better."

"Hyung," Jimin whined and playfully hit Yoongi on the chest. "I don't wanna propose. I wanna be proposed to."

Yoongi let out a deep sigh. "Okay."

Excitedly Jimin grinned at him. "Okay?"

"Yeah, okay, I'll propose at some point."

"Soon," Jimin insisted. "And no, you saying you'll propose is not a proposal."

"Ugh, I hate you," Yoongi grumbled and pulled Jimin down for another kiss. The younger giggled against his lips.

"Yeah, yeah, I love you too."


"I wanna cuddle too, Yoongi hyung!" They could suddenly hear Taehyung exclaim and not one second later, the small boy climbed on top of Jimin's back. The younger man winced slightly but couldn't help but laugh, when Taehyung buried his face in Jimin's neck. Yoongi watched them fondly, thinking about what Jimin always said about Taehyung becoming their son in law at some point. He wasn't as optimistic as Jimin, he thought it was way too early to tell if Jeongguk and Taehyung would fall in love at one point. Hell, they didn' even know if one of them would prefer boys over girls. But Yoongi had to admit he liked the idea of them all becoming one big family. With Seokjin and Taehyung coming over for dinner once a week and the young boy visiting for playdates much more often, it already felt close to that.

"Now you will suffer!" Jeongguk shouted and jumped on top of their little pile, making everyone under him groan in protest.

"Namjoon-ah, I love you so much, please don't jump on us," Jimin whined when he saw his older son get up as well. Namjoon just grinned wickedly before sprinting towards the couch.