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Most people need love and acceptance a lot more than they need advice.
Bob Goff



Ambar woke up to the first rays of sunshine, her drawn curtains letting the light get in ever so gently, the weather just starting to warm again. She blinked lazily, feeling cozy and happy, and she quickly focused on him, his tender face the calmest she’d ever seen now that he was sleeping.

Simon. In her bed. After the most perfect night.

She couldn’t help but smile (even though her cheeks were blushing, even though she was extra aware of her nakedness under the covers), and she reached out to touch him, her fingers lightly brushed his cheeks all the way to his lips, and she bit her lower lip, heart fluttering in her chest.

Feeling cheeky, Ambar held the covers and looked under them, just to make sure it hadn’t all been a dream, and that was when she was caught.

“You’re peeking,” Simon said, his voice sleepy, and she looked at him blushing even more. His hand slid around her waist, bringing her chest to chest. “Good morning, Bonita.”

He kissed her forehead slowly, printing the kiss on her skin with so much tenderness, and her chest… it was about to explode. Ambar looked into his eyes, Simon’s dark irises so rich, so full of…

“I love you,” she said.

She hadn’t said it the previous night, the words were foreign in her mouth, but she meant them. She meant them with all of her heart.

“Huh?” Simon replied with raised eyebrows and a smirk that threw her out of balance. He was powerful that way. “You love me?” she nodded. He got up on his elbow to look at her better, his other arm on her back, hand between her shoulder blades. “For how long? A few days?”

“Try months,” Ambar confessed feeling oddly confident, and she could tell he was the one off-balance this time.

“Months?” he echoed, his face closer to hers and she nodded. “Ambar.”

Her hands slid from his torso to his chest, up his neck, cupped his cheeks, her eyes never leaving his, and he swallowed, heavy breathing in the quiet of their moment. He leaned in, lips barely brushing on hers, eyes locked.

“I love you too, Ambar,” he said, and a single tear dropped from the corner of her eye. “I love you.”

The kiss they shared was sweet and soft as she could only be with him, and she dug her nails on the back of his neck bringing her closer. She told him once to never let her go, and she meant it. And for the first time, she begged the gods for this fairytale to never end.