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The Secret Society

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“We need to break her. Make her hurt.” the man said looking at his table of colleagues. “Right now, she’s too tough for someone her age. She’s 17 and yet one of the best on the force. If we want to keep this city under our thumbs, we need to make sure she can’t come back. Now I don’t mean killing her,” He clarified upon hearing some of the men pipe up. “That wouldn’t do anything but upset the balance. She’s cold. She’s lonely. What we need to do is let her make friends and maybe more. Then we take them away from her, and she’s broken.”

“She’s smart, she doesn’t want to make herself vulnerable. But soon, gentlemen, she’ll do exactly that.”

“Now look at this here.” He said pointing to the projector. “Here we see a photo of a young boy. Anthony Higgins. Stats show that he often goes to the racetracks in Brooklyn, usually alone.”

“What’s this have to do with anything?” A colleague asked.

“I’m getting there,” he said changing the image on the screen. “This boy here. Jack Kelly. He has the information we need, gentlemen. He stopped working here about two months ago because he felt we treated him unfairly.”

“Now, I want you to employ him in the Brooklyn department and pair him up with her. Understand?” The colleague nodded his head in understanding.

“The two will work together on a long case, one that will make them closer. Maybe he could provide her with some ‘company’ and make her closer with his gutter rat friends.”

Another colleague raised his hand. “What case would possibly be long enough for that?”
“Glad you asked.” He said chuckling. “A missing persons case. Anthony is close to Jack Kelly so this search will be more emotionally inclined for him. It should make it easier for him to give in once they think they’ve cracked the case. Then we take him and the information he knows before discarding him all together. Then we leave her alone and a failure. The guilt will eat her up on the inside and she’ll never work the same again.”

He let that hang in the air for a few moments. “Dismissed.”