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Kingdoms of Love and War

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Long ago in the land of Cybertron a Kingdom called Iacon stood proudly as a beacon of wealth and power. It was a beautiful and rich Kingdom with a wise and just ruler named Ultra Magnus. The Magnus ruled his people fairly, but sternly. He was not one to be trifled with. Many years into his ruling he married his betrothed Alpha Trion, another wise ruler and from their bond bore three children.

The first to be born was a mech they named Sentinel. Three Thousand years later a set of twins were born. The older twin was a femme they named Elita-1 and the younger twin was a mech they named Optimus.  

In this Kingdom there was a rule about children. The first born son and the first born daughter would be the heirs. They would be the most nurtured and have more power, while any sons or daughters born after that would not.

So when the twins were born Alpha Trion and Ultra Magnus were both happy and saddened. They both a mech and a femme to call their heirs, but also a third child who would be heir to nothing, unless something happened to Sentinel and Elita. They both decided to have no more children and start raising their heirs.

Many years later.  

Optimus awoke as soon as the sun had risen. He bathed, waxed and dressed himself before leaving his room. He had no royal duties as usual, so he could do as he pleased. The first thing he planned to do was find Ratchet and any spare medics and take them to the more needy parts of the city to perform checkups on those who couldn't afford it. He used his personal allowance to pay for it all and not the funds from the Kingdom. He may not have the power his siblings had in terms of ruling the city, but he did what he could to help those in need.

"Good morning Ratchet" Optimus said with a smile as he walked into the med bay.

"Good morning your highness" Ratchet replied.

"Is everything ready?" Optimus asked.

"Of course. Everyone is ready to go" Ratchet replied.

"Excellent" Optimus beamed "Let's get going"

Optimus and Ratchet made their way outside to the carriages and were greeted by the other medics and a few guards.

"Good morning everyone. Let get to it, shall we?" Optimus said and with that they were off.

Mechs, femmes and sparklings of all ages lined up outside the designated clinics waiting to get medical service. Every bot there had thanked the young prince for his generous service to the people. Most would not be here today if it wasn't for Optimus' programme keeping them healthy.

Optimus and the medics didn't return home until the sun had almost set and naturally Ultra Magnus was upset.

"Where have you been?" Ultra Magnus asked sternly.

Before Optimus could answer his older brother Sentinel spoke for him "Out with the commoners obviously, where else would he be?"

Optimus rolled his eyes at his brother snarky comment.                        

"Again? Optimus how many times do I have to tell you that being around the common people is dangerous" Ultra Magnus said "You could have been kidnapped or worse"

"Well if I was it's not like you would pay to get me back" Optimus retorted rudely. He didn't really mean it, he was just angry.

Ultra Magnus banged his hammer on the floor in anger and order Optimus to go to his room "And you medics will go back to the med bay, with a pay cut as punishment for your part in this little stunt"

The medics and Optimus left the throne room quietly.

"I'm sorry about this everyone" Optimus apologised.

"Don't be your highness" First Aid replied "We all knew this was coming again"

"Yeah and we don't mind" Hoist added "You're the only one that seems to care about what happens to the bots out there and we're more than happy to follow someone like that, consequences be damned"

Optimus turned and smiled at them "Thanks I appreciate it" he said.

Optimus entered his room and sighed. It had been a very long day for everyone. His reached into his subspace and pulled out several data pads. While the medics had been giving checkups he had been taking notes from people about what needed to be done to make life better. He scrolled through the lists and sighed.

Potholes and roads needed repairing. Many building were succumbing to rust and collapsing. Energon was hard to come by in certain areas. Crime was on the rise. Farms were failing. Bots were sick, ect.    

There was too much that needed to be done and there was not much Optimus could do about it. Optimus had tried pleading with his creators to help, but they said that those outside of the Kingdom needed to make their own way through life and not rely on others.

Optimus couldn't understand his creators lack of concern for all these problems. As a ruler he was supposed to help his people, so why wasn't he? He asked himself.

Optimus sighed once more and lay on his berth. There was no point in over thinking about it. Tomorrow he would sneak out early and go to his sanctuary to feel better.

Alpha Trion eyes scanned the data pad in his hand casually as his partner paced up and down "Optimus is young and rebellious dear he will learn as he gets older"

"He's old enough to learn now. He can't keep doing this. All this sneaking about It's dangerous" Ultra Magnus said.

"I would hardly call it sneaking about when almost all of the Kingdom knows about this" Alpha Trion chuckled.

"You wouldn't be laughing if one day Optimus got kidnapped and held for ransom" Ultra Magnus replied "And did you hear what he said to me? That I wouldn't pay to have him back. How could he say that?" he asked.

Alpha Trion put down his data pad and turned to Ultra Magnus "What he said was highly upsetting, but I think it was only said out of anger. Optimus is just doing this to help people and for attention. Maybe we should listen to some of his requests. It might just calm him down"

"I will not be swayed by Optimus' little stunts. He should know how to behave by now" Ultra Magnus said "Why can't he just act like every other noble his age. Most of them have already chosen suitors. Optimus receives plenty of messages from wealthy and noble suitors. Why can't he just pick one and settle down?"

"Because he does not love them. He has said this. And while some are of noble class not all of them are good bots" Alpha Trion pointed out.

"True enough, but still-"

"Enough my dear. Let us get some rest and perhaps we should talk to Optimus about this tomorrow" Alpha Trion said cupping Ultra Magnus' hands in his.

"Very well love" Ultra Magnus replied and went to their shared berth to sleep.

The next day Optimus snuck out of the Kingdom on his zap horse and made his way to his sanctuary. His sanctuary was nothing more than a hidden clearing far away from Iacon, that not many knew about. The clearing was filled with crystal flowers and a clear river. Optimus found it by accident many years ago and adopted it as his own place of peace. A place where he could go and be himself and do anything he wanted.

Upon arriving at the clearing he let his zap horse roam while he stripped off his clothing and dove into the water. The cool water felt refreshing. Like it was revitalising him. After swimming for a while Optimus climber onto a large rock that was in the middle of the water. He took a breath and began to slowly dance. He knew what he was doing was highly obscene. Dancing naked outside and he loved it. It felt so thrilling to just throw everything away.

Meanwhile back in Iacon Ultra Magnus felt his Energon boil "Where is he?" he bellowed.

"We do not know my Lord" a guard replied "We couldn't find him and his zap horse is gone"

"Send out a search party immediately and bring him back" Ultra Magnus ordered.

They bowed and did as they were ordered. Jazz was the head of the search party and his Conjunx Endura Prowl was his second in command "Alright everyone let's go and find the Prince" Jazz ordered and was followed by his search team outside of Iacon. Jazz and Prowl had a sneaky suspicion about Prince Optimus' whereabouts, but the other guards didn't need to know about that. All he and Prowl needed to do was lead them on for a little while.

Meanwhile a dark grey mech on an equally dark grey zap horse made his way deeper into the metal forest. He'd been hunting a rare cyber-bear for its valuable pelt, but he had lost sight of it. He was still following its tracks, but they were beginning to disappear. He was not about to give up and let someone else take what was rightfully his. Even if he had wandered too far into a neighbouring Kingdom and there was a high risk of getting caught. 

The forest he had rode in was getting too dense for him to continue on his zap horse so he got off and tied up his horse. He followed the tracks until they had disappeared completely. He growl in annoyance at losing his prey. He was about to turn back when something caught his attention. He listened closely and heard laughter. He should have left, but curiosity got the better of him. He followed the sound and found himself looking out at a small clearing.

In the clearing he saw the source of laughter. There was a mech dancing naked in the middle of the river. How scandalous and erotic. He hid behind some bushes and watched the mech dance a graceful ballet.

Optimus was unaware of his voyeur and continued to dance. He had been practicing ballet for years. He'd always felt as free as a cy-bird when he danced.

The dark grey mech felt his plating heat up as he continued to watch the graceful dancer. The more he watched the more he noticed how beautiful the mech was. Those long slender legs. Impossibly slim waist. Broad chest and shoulders. A lovely neck. A sweet face. Those kissable lips and those bright blue eyes. The mech was simply gorgeous and he wanted him. He was about to reveal himself to the mech when the sound of zap horse hooves caught his attention. Others were coming and he couldn't risk being seen. He took one last look at the dancing beauty and they fled.

Optimus was startled by a sudden noise in the bushes. He stopped dancing and swam back to the river bank. He put his clothes back on and nearly jumped when two mechs came from out of the bushes.

"Heya mech havin' fun?" Jazz asked.

"Jazz. Prowl. You nearly gave me a spark attack" Optimus said.

"Sorry your highness" Jazz laughed.

"Don't call me that while we're here" Optimus said.

"My bad Optimus" Jazz replied.

"Your creators are worried about you and sent a search party" Prowl said getting right to the point.

"Of course they did" Optimus said rolling his eyes "Why do they bother?"

"Because they care about you" Prowl replied.

"Yeah, sure" Optimus said unconvinced.

"They may not show but they do care"

"Spare me the speech Prowl. I've heard it enough" Optimus said dismissively "I'm just a spare that they want to bond off and you know it"

"Harsh" Jazz winced.

"Maybe we should just go" Optimus said and followed to two back to his zap horse.

Optimus, Jazz and Prowl caught up with the rest of the search party and returned to Iacon, where a they were greeted by a furious Ultra Magnus.

"Where in the name of Primus were you Optimus?" Ultra Magnus asked.

"I was just taking a ride on my zap horse" Optimus lied "I don't see what the problem is"

"The problem is that nobody knew where you were. We were worried about you" Ultra Magnus said.

Optimus was in no mood to fight with his creators and decided to jus apologise "I'm sorry creator. I just wanted to go out for a while"

Seeing the sad expression on his creations face Ultra Magnus softened his "We always worry when we don't know where you have gone"

"Perhaps you should leave us a note next time" Alpha Trion added.

"You guards are dismissed and thank you for your work" Ultra Magnus said "Come Optimus there is something we want discus with you"

'This could not be good' Optimus thought to himself. And he had a good guess about what they wanted to talk about. Suitors. Optimus sat at the table with both of his creators and waited for the dreaded subject of suitors to come up.

"Optimus most mechs and femmes your age are getting bonded and having sparklings. We are worried that if you don't at least show an interest in any of the suitors that you might not be to settle down happily" Ultra Magnus explained.

"I will settle down happily when I fall in love someone and not offer myself as a breeding cow to the first noble that attempts to woo me" Optimus bit back.

"Now, now Optimus not every noble thinks like that" Alpha Trion.

"Well every noble I've met thinks the same thing. That I am nothing more than a decoration made to sit at their side and give them sparklings whenever they want" Optimus said.

"I have heard a few mechs say some...questionable things, but not all of them are that bad" Alpha Trion said.

"I don't care I'm not interested" Optimus said defiantly.

"Well we think you should be interested you can't be like this for much longer Optimus" Ultra Magnus said.

"Like what? Single? Because I don't see you pressuring Elita or Sentinel into bonding" Optimus pointed out.

"Elita and Sentinel are different Optimus. They are-"

"They are your true heirs and they can bond with who they want" Optimus said rudely interrupting his creator.    

"Optimus please. Of course we want you to be happy, but we also want you to bond with someone of your choice before it is too late" Alpha Trion.

"And when we say you are different from them we are talking about how you carry yourself as a prince" Ultra Magnus said "Bots are talking Optimus about how wild you are and it is starting to reflect poorly on the Iacon"

"You mean it's starting to reflect poorly on you. Because I think I'm fine the way I am" Optimus said.

"And it's that way of thinking that will drag you down" Ultra Magnus said "Many bots are spreading rumours about you in promiscuous situations"

"Yes I know and none of them are true" Optimus replied.

"We know that and that's why we think if you started showing interest in a suitor it might stop these rumours" Ultra Magnus pleaded.

"I won't do it. I'm not interested or ready" Optimus said and stood up "I'm done here" he said and walked away.

Alpha Trion put a hand on his mates shoulder and said "Do not worry love he will understand one day"

Ultra Magnus merely sighed and wondered what he was going to do with his wayward creation.

Optimus stomped down the hallways on his way to his room when he was stopped by the last person he wanted to see right now.

"Still sneaking out little brother?" an irritating voice said.

Optimus looked to his right and saw his older brother Sentinel leaning on against the wall with a smug grim on his face.

"Not now Sentinel" Optimus said started to walk away.

"Our creators are worried about you, you know?" Sentinel said "They wonder what you do when you go out without telling them and the rumours spurring from your actions are causing them distress"

This comment stopped Optimus dead in his tracks.

"No doubt you've heard most of them" Sentinel continued "About your promiscuous late nights and debauchery with older mechs. Rumours like these could ruin anybody's reputation"

Optimus was not about to give in to his brothers teasing and flatly responded with "I have heard some of them, but none of them are true, so they don't bother me"

"Well they might not bother you, but what about us?" Sentinel asked "What about your poor family that have to deal with these rumours? Do you even care about us Optimus?"

Optimus did care about his family, but he didn't care about them having to deal with these false rumours. To be honest he considered this retribution for all the times his family neglected him. Sure it seemed very vindictive, but he wanted to see them squirm just a little bit.

"Well Sentinel if you didn't want our families reputation to go down then maybe you shouldn't start most of those rumours" Optimus retorted.  

"What me? Why would I do such I thing?" Sentinel asked feigning innocence.

"We both know why you would and you should know that I know you started some because the people you told those rumours to came to me and told me" it wasn't a complete lie. Optimus knew his older brother started some rumours. Not wanting hear his brothers lies anymore Optimus stormed off. 

"You'll have to whore yourself off some day Optimus. The spare of the family won't get anything better!" Sentinel yelled down the hall.

Not looking back Optimus continued to stomp to his room. When he reached his room Optimus slammed the door behind him and threw himself onto his berth. When liquid began to pool in his eyes he buried his face into his pillow and shuddered.

Meanwhile the dark grey mech had returned to his home after an unsuccessful hunting trip.

"Welcome back Lord Megatron. How was the hunt?"

"Unsuccessful Lugnut" Megatron replied dryly.

"Do not worry my Lord there is always next time" Lugnut said.

"I am not worried" Lord Megatron said and sat at the table with his trusted followers.

"It is a pity my Lord that fur pelt would have looked well on you" Shockwave said.

"I said that before Megatron left" Lugnut said visible shaking with anger.

Lord Megatron took a sip of his high grade ignoring the verbal battle between Shockwave and Lugnut. He was so used to their aft kissing antics that he was no longer fazed by them. As they argued his mind wondered back to the dancing beauty he had witnessed. He smiled fondly as he remembered those swaying hips, flexible legs and smooth lips. He wished he'd been able to introduce himself. He would have given anything to touch him and to have him writhe beneath him.

"Are you alright Lord Megatron?"

Megatron was brought out f his musing by a large femme known as Strika "I am well Strika. Why do you ask?"

"Because you're sat there grinning like crazy at your high grade" she answered.

He hadn't realised he'd been so absorbed into his fantasy that he'd caught everyone's attention with his odd behaviour. Everyone was looking at him with slight confusion and waited for him to answer. Well he had been caught out so he may as well tell them the truth.

"My hunting trip wasn't a complete failure. I did see something of interest after I lost the cyber-bear" he said.

"And what would that be my Lord?" Shockwave asked.

"I saw a water nymph dancing naked in a river" Megatron answered.

Everyone had a varied reaction to this statement. Some were thinking he had lost his processor while others pressed for details.

"Oh! Naked dancing how erotic. Do tell!" Blitzwing said when he switched to is crazy face.

"This mech was gorgeous. He had a fair and exotic beauty about him. He was slender almost fragile, but I had a feeling his was stronger than he looked" Megatron explained. He couldn't really put into words the beauty that he saw, but he thinks he got his point across.

"And did you speak with this mech?" Strika asked.

"No. I was going too but someone was coming and I had wondered too far into enemy territory. I could not risk been caught" Megatron explained.

"That's a shame" Strika said.

"Yeah. It sounded like the beginning of a good holo porn video" Blitzwing laughed still on his crazy face.

Megatron wanted to scoff at the comment, but he really didn't take any offence to it. He wouldn't have minded the encounter turning out to be like a holo porn, with him fragging the water nymph senseless.

The water nymph conversation was soon forgotten and after copious amounts of high grade and other topics were brought up. After managing his people and Kingdom Megatron retired to his room. As Megatron laid in his berth his processor kept wondering back to the water nymph and as he drifted off into recharge the images followed him into his sleep.    

As Megatron slept he dreamt of taking the mech in all sorts of different positions. He dreamt he kissed, licked and sucked between those slender legs. He dreamt of pushing his spike inside the mechs tight valve. He dreamt of making the mech scream in ecstasy as he overloaded again and again.     

Megatron awoke startled by a strong electric shock throughout his body. He sat up groggily and grimaced when he saw the mess of transfluid between his legs. He grumbled in annoyance and went to the wash rack to clean up his mess.