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Misty eyes gazed at the two tiny heads—one dark, one fair—as they suckled noiselessly. Hearing a small sound, he raised his eyes and saw her smirking.


"They have huge appetites, just like their father."

He smirked back.

Two tiny gurgles announced the completion of the meal. "Here, let me take them." He took his daughter gently into the crook of his arm while she placed his son into his other. Two pairs of light grey eyes stared up at him, innocent, completely trusting. He caught his breath. A kiss on one forehead then the other solemnly promised unconditioned love and protection.

A small yawn from Lachlan Thomas received a loving, motherly caress on his cheek. "We've been selfishly enjoying them for two hours now. I think you should tell them."

"I suppose so." He handed his son back to her and reached for his wand. Ignoring a surprised gasp, he smiled down at Emma Clarisse and focussed his mind on the one charm that had always eluded him.

"Vox expecto patronum!"

A large, silver lioness, with one cub between her teeth and another on her back, ambled regally through the door toward the anxious grandparents.