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Sunshine, Thunderstorms and Everything Inbetween (Being Remade)

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Is that what Shigeo Kageyama is feeling right now?


A deep, deep hole.


A pit of despair.


Is that where Mob is right now?
No, I’m fine.

Mob opened his eyes to the view of his blank ceiling. Glancing to the side, his alarm clock read the time “3:18 AM”; it was way too early to get up; it is summer vacation, after all. Despite that, he couldn’t bring himself to shut his eyes to sleep. He felt horrible and didn’t know why. The white noise filling his head was usually a welcomed sound, but now he was feeling irritated by the eerie silence. What was this sudden rush of emotions he was feeling? It was unlike him to be so easily bothered. Maybe he just needed a way to vent? That usually ended up hurting someone, though. I don’t want to worry anyone. Mob decided to go out on an early morning run to clear his mind, and just maybe that would help him release some unneeded feelings. He changed into his gym clothes and left the house quickly, feeling uneasy about staying any longer in case he suddenly erupted.

Mob didn’t really plan out where he would run to, he just started jogging. The rest he would figure out later. As his legs started moving at a brisk pace, he found his mind trailing off to somewhere else. He felt his chest tighten up as thoughts filtered into his mind faster than he could handle, the world around him becoming a blurry mess of unfamiliar streets, signs, and buildings.

I’m not good enough
I can’t do this
Why me?
What’s wrong with me?
Why does everything hurt so much?
I should just give up.
I’m not good enough for anybody.
I should just do everyone a favor and-
Where am I?

Mob came to from his thoughts at a quiet, calming beach. The pain in his chest subsided as he took in his surroundings. It seemed vacant other than the large piles of trash strewn about and what seemed to be a junkyard. He held his knees in exhaustion in an attempt to catch his breath after running God knows how far. While calming down, he heard a few voices nearby a few trash piles. One sounded young and nervous, while the other sounded older and reserved. When he had caught his breath he went to investigate. Mob knew it wasn’t his business, but he was curious. Who was it? A cleaning company? Dumpster divers? It’s not like I’m intruding, right? I just want to see...

Mob went behind one of the larger trash piles where the voices were coming from and slowly floated himself with his Quirk to the top of the pile to peek over. As his eyes reached the top of the pile, he stopped himself, and quickly took in the features of the two. There was a green-haired boy around his age who looked quite plain, and a frail older man with longer yellow hair and sunken in eyes. Almost immediately, the plain-looking boy’s green eyes locked with Mob’s. He let out a small shocked gasp and lowered himself quickly; Mob didn’t exactly want to interact with these people, and now that he knew who it was he could leave peacefully.

But wait, what were the people doing there? Community service? A shady drug deal?

He felt his pulse quicken as he thought of the probabilities.



Mob flinched and looked to his left, noticing that the plain boy had followed him to the other side of the trash pile. He relaxed a bit noticing the other’s sheepish expression, yet there was a spark in his eyes Mob couldn’t describe.

“S-Sorry, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, I just-” He began but was quickly cut off by the taller boy.

“Were you hovering yourself over the pile using your quirk? That’s so cool! So your quirk is a levitation type?” The boy bombarded him with questions faster than he could respond and he felt a slight panic building up.


“Y-yeah, I guess you could say that. It’s more of an ESP-type psychic power though..” Mob responded quietly. He felt sort of awkward for being praised by the person he was eavesdropping on, but despite that uneasiness he felt a faint blush of embarrassment growing on his cheeks. Why am I responding…? I don’t know who this is.

“I see, so it’s telekinesis? That’s great. Do you feel any side-effects from using it on yourself, or do you have any limits? I’d love to find out more about your Quirk!” The boy wasted no time on asking question after question, which didn’t help Mob in calming down. Thankfully, he was saved by the older man placing a hand on the boy’s shoulder.

“Now, young Midoriya, no need to stress a stranger out! Relax a bit, will ya?” The man let out a soft chuckle as he ruffled the younger’s green hair. So his name is Midoriya, Mob thought, Maybe I should introduce myself? Just as he thought of sharing his name with the strangers, Midoriya spoke again.

“What’s your name, by the way? I’m Midoriya Izuku.” The freckled boy held out his hand.

“I’m Shigeo Kageyama, but people call me Mob… nice to meet you…” He mumbled quietly and shook the other’s offered hand.

“Mob, huh? Oh, you seem to be similar to my age, right? I’m 14. What high school are you going to? I’m going to apply to U.A. to be a hero!” Again, Midoriya started rambling.

“I’m 14, too. I haven’t really thought of what school I’m applying to yet, though… I don’t know if I want to be a hero either.” Mob answered, the thought striking his head. What school would he apply to? I haven’t thought about it before. Probably just a normal, boring, non-hero high school, right? Yeah, that suited him.

“Why don’t you want to be a hero? A lot of people do.” Midoriya tilted his head in a questioning way. The thought of not wanting to be a hero genuinely intrigued him, as he had wanted to be a hero all his life; he had always praised the top hero, All Might. Now that very hero he admired so much was training him and even passing on One For All to him!

Mob was silent for a few moments, thinking of how to word it without offending Midoriya, who seemed so fascinated by the hero world. “Well.. I don’t really like using my Quirk on others. My Master taught me that I shouldn’t hurt anyone with it.”

He has a Master, huh? I wonder who. They seem to have good ideals. “I see. I guess that makes sense, but… isn’t it okay if you use them on a villain? You’re protecting innocent people, right? I don’t see anything wrong with it then.” Midoriya wondered what Mob’s thought process was. Maybe something happened with his Quirk so he doesn’t like to use it? That would make sense. There are a lot of ways that he could accidentally hurt someone. Or maybe he just doesn’t like violence?

Mob paused to think. Was that the case? He’d have to ask Master about it later. It made some sense to him. If he attacked the villains, then it’d protect the innocent lives, right? So then he’d be doing something good. But the thought of using his powers on others… It just felt wrong. “You’re right. I’ll think about it. Thank you for the advice.” He put a small smile on his face to show some gratitude rather than his usual blank face. “Ah, I should be heading home, Ritsu will be waking up soon and I don’t want him to worry. And, um, what were you doing by the trash?”

“I’m training by cleaning the trash off this section of the beach. I’ve heard that the U.A. entrance exam is really tough, so I have to get stronger!” Midoriya said with a soft smile. “It was nice talking to you, Mob! I hope you change your mind about heroes, it’s a really cool profession! Ah, I won’t pressure you though. I hope we meet again!”

“Yeah. Thank you, Midoriya.” With that, Mob turned and started to head back to the direction he came from. He looked back to his new friend. I wonder if I’ll ever see him again. He turned away, a thought suddenly striking. Which way was home, exactly? He had ran here without a second thought and was too distracted to look at his surroundings. Mob headed away from the sand and trash into the city to look for any familiar places, but in the end just decided to run along the beach until he saw anything familiar and would make his way home from there. He didn’t even notice how calm he was compared to when he woke up.

U.A., huh?

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The ticking of the clock in Reigen’s office filled Mob’s head as he studied, even though it was summer break. If he did want to make it into U.A. he’d need to be smarter than he was now, so although he normally wouldn’t, he studied hard. That reminds me, Mob thought, I haven’t asked Master about it yet. I wonder if he would be against it? He found himself getting sort of scared of the question. I want to see Midoriya again, but the only way I would be able to is if I applied to U.A..

“Hey, Mob, you listening to me?” Reigen’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts, and it was then that he noticed that Reigen had been talking to him.


“Ah, y-yeah…” Mob stuttered out the response, sweating a bit as he wondered what Reigen was talking about. Was it something important?

“Well, like I was saying, are there any high schools you’re interested in? Summer’s gonna end soon, y’know. All the entrance exams are starting soon.” Reigen kicked back in his chair, resting his feet on top of his desk. Mob relaxed a bit at the casual demeanor, but still worried about what Reigen’s response would be to what he was going to say next.

“Um… W-what would you say if someone who originally wasn’t very interested in a certain profession - like heroes, for example - suddenly met someone who changed their opinion on that, and wanted to be a hero by going to an elite high school, like U.A…?” Mob muttered out the explanation that didn’t exactly explain anything. He sweated as he waited for Reigen’s response, watching the older man’s eyes widen slightly as his mind worked to process what he just heard.

“Mob, what did I tell you?” Reigen said quietly, a serious look on his face. Mob could feel the disappointment radiating off of Reigen.


“N-Not to use my powers on other people. But-”

“I’m proud of you, Mob. You’ve figured it out!”


“I said that to you as a trial! I set it up for you to figure it out on your own. Heroes are good people, they fight villains with their Quirks to protect innocent people! You want to defend people, right? You’re destined to be a great hero. Ah, don’t quit working here though.” Mob was so surprised by what he heard that he didn’t even notice the beads of sweat rolling down Reigen’s face. Of course it wasn’t a trial, but how didn’t I think of that?! Reigen thought, though he was surprised by his own improv ability.

Mob’s eyes shone with admiration, a smile of hope plastered on his face. “Yes! Thank you, Master! I’ve been studying for the entrance exams too, so I was hoping you would say that.” He felt his panicked heartbeat slow back to normal, relief washing over his body.

“Right! Those will be pretty hard, I presume. You can go home to study better, if you’d like. Our client will be here soon, but I can handle it.” The client called in beforehand, so Reigen already knew that they were ‘cursed’; he could just give them a massage and call it a day. If he knew that it was an actual spirit he would’ve had Mob stay; just so his student could take care of the ‘small fry’ of course.



Mob stepped into the entranceway and kicked off his shoes, but made sure to neatly place them next to Ritsu’s. He started to head up to his room, wanting to start studying right away. The upcoming entrance exam was slowly making him feel anxious; U.A. was a high school for only the top students, not for people with grades as low as his. He needed to get better. As Mob neared the staircase, a familiar voice made him pause.

“Ah, nii-san! You’re home early. Did something happen?” Ritsu walked over to Mob, a gentle smile on his face. Mob’s resolve softened a bit at such kindness. How will Ritsu react? I don’t want him to be upset with me.


“Master sent me home since he could handle the client, a-and he said I should focus on my studies.”

“Studies? What’re you studying for? It’s summer break. Oh, does that mean you’ve found a high school you’re interested in?” Ritsu was glad upon realizing that his brother had found a school he was determined to attend. After all, he expected that Mob would go to whichever school would inconvenience his family the least. He’s kind like that, Ritsu thought, but wasted no time noticing his brother look slightly panicked.

Mob felt his heartbeat quicken in his chest. “Well, I had a thought recently, and someone helped me realize that my powers can be used for good. S-so I kind of wanted to become a hero, and attend U.A. with that person.”

Ritsu thought for a bit before responding, feeling his shoulders stiffen slightly. He wants to help people. There’s no harm, right? … so why do I feel scared for him? He let out a soft sigh, but followed it up with a reassuring smile as to not worry Mob. “That’s good; I think you’ll be a great hero. But U.A. is a top school, so study really hard, though I think you know that already. Oh, but don’t forget to take care of yourself, too. If I see you skipping even one meal I’m not going to let you attend U.A.” He tried his best to be supporting of his brother, but no matter how much he thought about how beneficial it was for the both of them, nothing could stop the uneasiness he felt.

Mob’s heart settled, and he placed a smile on his face. “Yeah. Thank you, Ritsu. I’m going to do my best!” Ritsu felt the worry fade away slightly, though it wouldn’t leave completely.

“Now, go study! I’ll have Mom make some snacks and drinks that I can bring up to you. Study hard, but go to sleep in a few hours, okay?” Ritsu patted Mob on the back and Mob gave a smile, then headed up to his room. He sat on his desk and pulled his books out, beginning to study right away. Sure, he didn’t understand most of it, but it was slowly coming together the more he practiced. There were a few times where he wanted to give up or times where he considered looking into other schools, but every time he remembered how determined Midoriya seemed, his resolve came back.

Ritsu came to Mob’s room with some watermelon wedges after half an hour. After some internal struggling and an embarrassed ask for help, Ritsu sat with Mob and worked through the problems with him. Mob wasn’t surprised; he knew his younger brother was much more academically advanced than he was. He was grateful for Ritsu’s help and let his brother leave to get some rest. It was around 11:00 PM, but Mob wasn’t tired. Midoriya is working hard right now, clearing all that trash off the beach, Mob thought, I can’t slack off. I have to make it in to U.A.

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The 10 months of training that Izuku Midoriya endured passed faster than he knew it, and it was already the morning before entrance exams. He had successfully cleaned the beach - not just one section, the ENTIRE beach - of trash. After nearly passing out, receiving a bombardment of praise from All Might, and eating some hair, Izuku was ready.

Midoriya hurried to U.A.’s gates, glad that he wasn’t late. The gates of U.A. were so large and grand; it slowly made him more and more nervous, but excited at the same time. I wonder if Mob is applying. I doubt it, though. He looked really troubled when he was talking about his Quirk.

“Outta my way, Deku!” Midoriya heard the familiar anger-filled voice of one of his old classmates, Katsuki Bakugou (or as Midoriya called him, Kacchan). Midoriya hurriedly moved to the side, mumbling apologies and other polite phrases as to not irritate Bakugou. The latter just ignored - and walked past - the green-haired mess, but only after shouting, “Don’t stand in front of me, I’ll kill you!”

Midoriya suddenly felt a surge of confidence after remembering the hard work he endured, and the fact that he shouldn’t be scared of Bakugou anymore. He looked forward to the school’s entrance, placing a smile on his face. Remember these past 10 months! Take the first step to being a hero! As he thought these words, he promptly tripped and fell smack onto his face… or so he thought. He froze in mid air without facing an untimely end. Is this someone’s Quirk? Could it be Mob?

“Are you alright?” He heard a feminine voice and noticed the girl next to him as she grabbed him and set him back to the ground. “It’s my Quirk. Sorry for using it without asking first. But it’d be bad luck if you fell, right?” She smiled and held her hands together, continuing to ramble, while Midoriya was busy being a fumbling mess. A girl was actually talking to him! He felt his face light up, until finally she wished him luck and headed inside. Midoriya stood there for a second, watching the girl as she walked to the school.

I talked to a girl!




Mob arrived at U.A., a disheveled mess after getting almost no rest; he had stayed up all night studying. His anxieties had wracked up enough to where he didn’t even get a wink of sleep. But he was finally here, and only a bit late. He hurried into the orientation room and took a seat alone in the back. He looked around but didn’t see the familiar green lock of hair anywhere. Maybe he decided not to go in the end? I hope not… Mob felt even more nervous as the presentation started, with a few of Present Mic’s “hey”s and “are you ready”s being utterly ignored by the teens. Mob looked at his exam ticket. Battle Center B? I hope I have the same one as Midoriya.

When Present Mic announced that they would be fighting faux villains - and robots, at that - Mob felt a wave of relief flood him. He would’ve hated to use his powers on a human before school even started. To bring him out of his thoughts, a formal, yet loud student shouted to Present Mic about there being a typo on the sheets about four types of villains, and that U.A. should be ashamed. Before Present Mic could respond to the outcry, the student pointed to a plain looking teen. “In addition, you over there, with the curly hair-!” After that sentence, Mob traced to where the boy was pointing and zoned out the loud voice. It’s Midoriya! He’s here after all! He felt a smile form on his face and felt even more relieved. Maybe this would end out okay after all. He did feel a bit irritated that the loud one ridiculed Midoriya in front of the whole class, but he hoped that his embarrassed friend didn’t let it get to him too much.


After a few final messages from Present Mic, the students headed to their respective arenas. Mob looked at all the faces from his arena, and felt relaxation wash over him upon sighting Midoriya. Despite his anxieties, he hurried over to his friend, tapping him on the shoulder as he reached him. “U-um, hi Midoriya! I-it’s me, from the beach.. Y-you might not recognize me but..”

“Oh, Mob! So you applied after all? That’s great! I hope we both make it in!” Midoriya smiled widely upon knowing that his friend came after all. “Though I thought they didn’t let friends in the same arena. I guess they didn’t know?”

“Ah, I suppose so.” Mob was happy that Midoriya even remembered his name, he was sure that he was a preoccupied boy that doesn’t have time for someone as pitiful as himself. Why am I thinking like this? Mob’s demeanor shifted a bit as he started to feel nervous.


“I’m nervou-” Midoriya was quickly cut off by Present Mic’s booming voice echoing through the ears of all the students.

“Okay, start!” Everyone stood around confused after hearing that, before he spoke up again. “What’s wrong? There are no countdowns in real fights!” It was after that sentence that everyone flooded into the arena, leaving behind Mob and Midoriya.

It took a second for them to react before they started after everyone else. “I’m behind everyone already!” Midoriya cried out, with Mob following him close behind. Mob knew that he would fall behind even further after a while, though he tried to pace himself so that he wouldn’t get too tired. This is why he trained with the Body Improvement Club, after all. He found himself chanting Fight on! in his head.

Sure enough, Midoriya and Mob split off from each other after a minute or so. Mob found it easy to destroy the robots by crushing them against the ground; he didn’t like doing it that much, but they were just robots, so he wasn’t too upset. Midoriya, on the other hand, was a different case. He couldn’t get a single point before other applicants swooped in and destroyed them.

Mob’s points started racking up, though he lost count at some point. He was sure Ritsu wouldn’t have forgotten as easily as he did, though he was sure he got at least 53 points. He continued along, though as the 10 minutes passed he felt fatigue kicking in. He was in a side alley when the zero-pointer was brought out.

Midoriya fell to the ground, feeling it rumble beneath him. He stared in shock with people sprinting past him as the zero-pointer slowly rolled through the street, crushing everything in its path. Ironically enough, in its path was the nice girl that helped Midoriya earlier; her leg was trapped under the rubble.

He didn’t know when he got up, but all of a sudden he was flung high into the sky - by himself? He didn’t realize he even moved. He felt his arm rear back, energy flowing through it as he flung a fist to the robot, screaming “SMASH!” as he did so. The robot’s head caved in as it fell backwards, with Midoriya also falling rapidly. He felt sudden shocks of pain; he looked to his legs and arms, and sure enough, they were useless. Broken? It didn’t matter now that he was heading to his inevitable doom. He had no way of making it to the ground safely, unless…

He readied his other arm to punch at the ground and waited for the perfect moment, and just then, the girl - now floating herself on some rubble - slapped him in the face, and he started levitating.

“Release!” She said in a pained voice and pressed her hands together, then proceeded to vomit. Deku fell to the ground limp and looked up, letting out a weak “If I could just get one point…!”

In that moment, Present Mic’s voice boomed through the arena. “Time’s up!”


Mob headed over to the commotion and noticed a crowd around - what was it? He couldn’t see, so he had to awkwardly push himself through the crowd, though doing it in a gentle manner. Though what he felt next were not gentle feelings.

Upon noticing that Midoriya was sprawled out on the ground -


three of his four limbs broken -


Mob couldn’t handle his feelings. His heart began to race as he felt his emotions wanting to break free.


I can’t… please… not here… Midoriya, what happened?!


An old lady walked up to Midoriya.


And she gave him a kiss on the cheek.


His limbs twisted back into place. Good as new.


Mob felt himself slowly calming down. His hair, that was once flowing from his energy building up, flattened back to normal. He calmed down because Midoriya was fine. But he knew.

Knew that he had to release these emotions somehow before he gets one final stresser and he hurts someone.

And the written test was next. Just a few more hours and he can go home. Go somewhere. Anywhere that’s secluded.

Just so he can let it all out.

Before it’s too late.

Progress to Mob’s Explosion: 95%

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“Nii-san, are you okay?” Ritsu’s voice woke Mob from his dazed state, the clanking of silverware being the only sounds that filled the void between the two as the family ate. He looked to Ritsu and put on a half-smile, muttering out a response.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just not hungry.” Mob stood from his chair and grabbed his plate, scooping the untouched food into the garbage with a slight scowl on his face, then rinsed his plate off. If he was being honest, he wasn’t fine in the slightest. He could feel his emotions just struggling to escape, but he wasn’t going to let it happen. Not until he could slip away from the house and to somewhere secluded to release everything. Ritsu gave a worried look to Mob as the latter slipped away to his room upstairs.

Mob hurried into his room and sat at his desk, just staring at the wall. He didn’t know what to do to wait for the time to pass. It was only 6:37 PM and he wouldn’t be able to leave the house until everyone was asleep. Maybe I could say that I’m going running and leave now? It might be risky though, since people are still out at this time. 2 AM sounds good.

Ritsu knocked on Mob’s door and called in, “Nii-san? I’m coming in.” He paused a few seconds before opening the door and heading into the room. He quickly spotted Mob sitting at his desk and headed over. Is something wrong with Nii-san? He usually doesn’t skip meals or just sit around doing nothing. “So, how did the entrance exam go?” Ritsu asked, smiling warmly incase something happened at the exams and Mob needed something to help him relax.

“Ah, i-it went fine…” That’s how he always responds. Ritsu sighed a bit, wondering if that was the truth. He knew that Mob had the tendency to lie about his feelings as to not worry anyone, but he had to make sure that everything was okay. He was worried about his brother’s mental status, but he knew that going to U.A. with his new friend would help; Ritsu wasn’t worried about the entrance exam, since he knew how talented Mob was, Quirk-wise at least. Maybe he was a bit lacking academically, but he had been studying for weeks, so it wouldn’t be too bad of a score. Wait, back up. Who was Mob’s new friend anyway? He had mentioned a ‘someone’ being a reason for his determination, but I don’t think anyone he already knows was wanting to go to U.A..

“Is that so? Good for you. Oh, and who was the person who made you want to go to U.A.? You mentioned them before, but you didn’t say who it was.” Ritsu questioned his brother, though he tried to convey his point that he didn’t want to stress Mob, yet still wanted an answer. I wonder if he’ll introduce us. Ritsu thought, but was still worried about them influencing Mob badly in any way. I don’t know much about them, after all.

“Ah, well… I went on a run one morning and ended up at a beach, where I saw him and an older man talking. He caught me watching them a-and… was actually really nice. He was interested in my Quirk, and he was cleaning all the trash off the beach as part of his training.” Mob explained, smiling a bit when he thought of their first encounter. It was a major turning point in his life, after all. Midoriya was a very important person to him. He went cold when he remembered the sight of his friend’s mangled body on the ground during the exam. Don’t think about it. He’s fine. Midoriya is alright.


Ritsu noticed how pale his brother seemed a few seconds later, feeling a slight panic start in his chest. “Is something wrong, Nii-san? You seem pale.” Ritsu knew it might’ve been a bad idea to mention it, but he wanted to make sure that Mob was okay. After all, if something is bothering him and I just let it go, what kind of brother am I?


“Y-yeah, um, he just got a bit injured at the entrance exam, but he’s okay now.” Mob avoided eye contact with his brother, wondering what Ritsu was thinking. He had almost exploded, after all. Who knows what would have happened if he did? They’d probably reject me immediately. They wouldn’t even need to see my bad score on the written test to know that I’m not right for U.A.

“Really? I wouldn’t think that a top school like U.A. would let anyone get injured. Are you okay, though? You didn’t get hurt either, right?” Ritsu wasn’t as worried about Mob’s mental state now, though he was curious about the exam. He didn’t know people could get hurt in the testing. What was the exam like, anyway, if people were able to get hurt? I hope Nii-san is okay. He doesn’t seem injured.

“Yeah, I didn’t get hurt. He was just unlucky, I guess..” Mob mumbled. He didn’t want to talk about it anymore, but he wouldn’t say that. I don’t want Ritsu to be offended or anything. I’ll keep talking as long as he wants to. Despite thinking that way, he could feel uneasiness rising in his chest. Just a few more hours. He looked at the clock; 7:29 PM. I’ll be able to relax soon.


Ritsu noticed the glance that Mob threw to the clock, and took it as his signal to leave. “Well, I should be getting ready to go to bed soon. Don’t stay up too late, Nii-san.” He patted Mob’s back and smiled gently at him, then left the room quickly. I don’t want to bother Nii-san too much, after all. Today must’ve been tough for him.

Mob rested his head on his desk to wait for the hours to pass. Any time he felt himself start to doze off he quickly shook himself awake; Who knows what I’d do if I fell asleep. I could hurt someone. He started just doodling on some notebook paper to distract his mind, doing anything to stay awake. He felt impatience building up, slowly becoming a bit irritated.



Throwing glances at the clock every 10 minutes seemed agonizing to him as he waited for 2 AM to come around. He felt his emotions building up more and more; it felt like days passed before he finally looked to the clock. The clock face read 1:53 AM and he decided that it was good enough. Mob got up and changed into his exercise clothes, shutting his light off and quietly heading out of his room. He slowly made his way down the stairs and to the entranceway, putting his gym shoes on. He headed out the door and shut it silently behind him, sighing with relief at his successful escape.

But success wouldn’t come that easily, of course. The moment he turned away from the house, he was met with a familiar green face right in front of him, which of course shocked him. “D-Dimple! What’re you doing?” Of course, Mob thought, Life wouldn’t let me off the hook that easily.

“Well, I couldn’t make it inside the house for the past few hours! There was some intense power keeping me out.” Dimple seemed more agitated than usual, and to be expected. Was he waiting for these few hours just to get in? Mob felt a pang of guilt in his chest. It was his overflowing emotions keeping Dimple out, after all.


“Sorry…” Was all that he said. He didn’t want to explain how it was his fault, because Dimple might tell Ritsu about it, which would make his younger brother worry. I can’t let that happen, Mob thought.

“It seems to be fading now, so it’s alright. What’re you doing out so early anyway?” Dimple questioned, floating around Mob’s shoulder. He was curious about the young boy; it wasn’t his normal routine to leave the house at 2 AM, after all. Is there something he’s not telling me?

“W-well, I couldn’t sleep, so I just decided to go on a run.” Mob responded quietly, wanting to get going already. He could feel his emotions just raring to go, and he hoped that Dimple would leave him alone with that.

Of course, Dimple realized that this wasn’t the truth. Mob wouldn’t have put a barrier around the house for no reason, plus he has a strict bedtime of at most 10:00. Even if he couldn’t sleep, he wouldn’t go on a run at 2 AM. “Ah, alright.” Dimple responded plainly. “Well, I guess I’ll just head inside and check on Ritsu and your parents and stuff. Maybe find the cause of that barrier. Have fun running, Shigeo.” Dimple phased into the house; Mob waited for a few minutes at the house before actually starting to run to made sure that Dimple wouldn’t follow him. His senses were off due to his bursting emotions, so he wouldn’t be able to sense if anything was following him.

Mob ran farther and farther from the house, or from any civilization in general. He decided on a secluded forest area that didn’t have any houses, at least not any that he could see. He hoped for this to go without a hitch so that he’d be back to normal by the next day.

Why am I doing this anyway? I shouldn’t have to. Normal people don’t face things like this. I bet Midoriya would be ashamed at seeing me in this state. I hate this.


Midoriya. I’ll bet he made it in. He’s amazing, after all; I’m trash compared to him. He’s worked so hard to get this. He deserves it.


I’m glad that I met him. He’s so kind. I don’t deserve having him as a friend. I wish he would just toss trash like me aside already.


Mob made a forcefield around himself so that his carnage wouldn’t go any further past that designated area. It’s time to let go.

I’m scared.


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Ritsu was woken by Dimple screaming in his ear, which was probably the worst thing to happen to him for a while, although that would change in the next hour. He sat up quickly when the green blob let out a haunting shriek, and immediately sent the spirit a death glare. Dimple recoiled slightly from the certain death, but remembered his reasoning: Shigeo is in trouble. “Before you kill me, I have a reason for this.”

Ritsu was a bit shocked and stopped thinking about killing the green spirit for a while to let him explain. “What happened?” He questioned, switching to his serious face when Dimple didn’t respond for a good 10 seconds. Dimple thought of a good way to tell the younger Kageyama brother without freaking him out.

“Well… how do I say this? Shigeo seemed kind of... stressed. I could tell his emotions were threatening to explode again. He just left the house a few minutes ago.” He explained, trying not to sound too panicked so that Ritsu wouldn’t freak out too much, though he failed at that after seeing Ritsu’s whole body tense up and his eyes widen.

Ritsu stood up, not bothering to change out of his pyjamas. He ran downstairs and put his shoes on, sprinting out the door with Dimple following close behind. Something bad is going to happen! Nii-san, why didn’t you tell me anything?! Ritsu gritted his teeth, following Dimple’s directions. The spirit could sense Mob’s overflowing power from anywhere.

Ritsu quickly spotted a blue forcefield in a thick forest, sprinting as fast as he could to the area. No matter how tired he felt, Mob was more important. Nii-san, please be okay! He didn’t waste any time noticing the powers bouncing off the forcefield walls from inside the barrier. Did he make that barrier… so he couldn’t destroy any of his surroundings? Ritsu felt a pang of guilt in his chest. Nii-san must be so stressed; I’m sorry for not noticing anything sooner!

Ritsu ran to the forcefield and pounded his fists on it to catch Mob’s attention. “Nii-san!” He screamed at the top of his lungs, watching as his brother’s tear-streaked face turned to look at his younger brother.

Mob let out a choked “Ritsu…” as his emotions only grew stronger. The ground below him started breaking, tears streaming out of his eyes as his senses started overwhelming him. “Run away… I don’t want to hurt you!” He screamed, the forcefield starting to break.

100% Anguish

Mob paled as his powers took over, pure energy bursting off of himself. The forcefield immediately shattered at the overwhelming energy, after which Ritsu quickly grabbed Dimple and put a barrier around the both of them. He wanted to help Mob, but he couldn’t get any closer without getting hurt. I’ll have to wait until Nii-san calms down. I’m sorry…! Ritsu felt pure guilt, but tried not to let his emotions take hold of him, and focused on keeping the barrier up in the meantime. Mob’s powers seemed to only get stronger as time passed.

Mob fell to his knees and let out a choked wail, holding his hands to his head. “I’m sorry!” The ground collapsed below Mob; protecting the environment seemed impossible now. Ritsu hated having to watch Mob in such pain, but he had to wait until his powers let up or he’d get hurt.

Screw this! I can’t be selfish now! Ritsu pushed Dimple past the area of havoc and sprinted to Mob, though kept his barrier up. “It’s okay, Nii-san! Calm down!” Ritsu pushed through the raw energy, squinting a bit at the bright waves of emotional anguish that flowed off his older brother. He finally reached Mob and let his barrier down, ignoring the extreme pain that surged through him; the wind felt like knives, his body becoming victim to countless cuts and bruises. He knelt down and enveloped his brother in a tight hug, letting out a soft whisper. “It’s okay…”

Mob’s hair stopped flowing and his powers halted, though his tears just streamed down his face faster as he hugged Ritsu as tight as he could. “I’m sorry, Ritsu..!” He sobbed and buried his face against Ritsu’s shoulder. Ritsu stroked Mob’s hair softly, trying his best to calm his brother down, despite the blood dribbling out of his mouth and the pure pain he felt.

“Everything’s okay, Nii-san.”

After remaining in a tight hug for about 10 minutes, Mob finally stopped crying. He wiped his eyes and mumbled a quiet “Thank you, Ritsu.” But something was wrong. Ritsu didn’t say anything and he was strangely still. Mob pulled out of the hug and noticed that Ritsu had passed out. His eyes widened and he held Ritsu in his arms, shaking him lightly. “Ritsu..!” He noticed the blood coming out of his younger brother’s mouth and the various injuries that covered his body, only panicking more.


Dimple floated up to the two upon assuring that it was safe. He thought of telling Mob that it was his fault, but he didn’t say anything. That would only make Shigeo panic more. I should focus on the good news, I guess, the spirit reasoned. “Uh.. at least he’s not dead, right? Just injured.” Okay, that sucked. Oh well. Dimple shrugged, and Mob just ignored the green blob.

Mob picked up Ritsu, then thought for a second. I should take him to Master. He’ll know what to do - but I don’t know his address. He pondered a bit and took out his phone. I hope he’s awake. He quickly sent Reigen a quick message, ‘Master, there’s a problem. Can I come over? I don’t know your house address.’ He headed out of the forest while he waited for a response, guilt welling up in his chest.

Please be okay, Ritsu.

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“The massage fee will not be lowered to 3000 yen! Are you crazy- oh, it was a dream.” Self-proclaimed psychic Reigen Arataka was awoken from his ‘nightmare’, though it took him a few seconds to realize the reason why. He glanced around then noticed a soft buzzing on his nightstand; his phone was ringing. He looked to the alarm clock stationed next to his phone, wondering who the hell was calling at 3:47 AM.


Reigen sighed and grabbed his phone, flicking it open although the call was already cancelled. What the- Mob?! His phone showed that Mob had sent him 37 messages in the past hour and had 12 missed calls. This is a first. Is he in trouble? Reigen felt his heartbeat quicken as worry set in. He decided to waste no further time and opened Mob’s messages, seeing a few words like ‘panic’, ‘trouble’, ‘explode’ and ‘hurt’ thrown around as he scrolled through them all. He read over the first message then sent a response.


What happened, Mob?


Ritsu’s hurt. Can I come over?


An instant reply. Reigen felt his heart soften as he read the calm-seeming message, though knew that his student must be panicking. He quickly sent Mob his address and got up, deciding to wait by the door in case he needed immediate help. He peered out the window, noticing that it had started to rain heavily. Mob… probably exploded again. I don’t blame him, really, but why didn’t he say anything to any of us? I’ll have to scold him later. Reigen decided that waiting wouldn’t do any good and decided to fish out his first aid kit so that immediate care could be applied.


After a few minutes, there was a knock on the door and a quiet “Master?” which made Reigen’s heart nearly snap in two at how shaken his student felt. He quickly whipped open the door and rushed Mob - who was carrying his younger brother - inside. Reigen glanced over Mob’s physical state as Ritsu was set on the couch. He noticed that his student’s clothes were torn and ragged, his eyes were red - from crying? - and, to further injure Reigen’s shooken heart, the young boy was trembling faster than he’d ever seen. He wanted to give his student a fierce tight hug there and then.


Meanwhile, Mob’s thoughts were flooding through his mind faster than he could process. He gripped onto the bottom of his shirt to ease his hands’ shakiness, though to no avail. He could feel Reigen’s stare boring into him, though a second later the presence faded as his master turned to the younger Kageyama brother with the necessary medical supplies.


“I’m not exactly a doctor or anything, but this should be good enough for now. Your parents are probably better at this than I am, anyway. Why’d you go to me first?” Reigen tried to fill the silence with small talk as he placed bandages on Ritsu’s many cuts and gashes.


Mob shifted in his seat, pondering his response before speaking up. “I didn’t want to wake them so early, and I think they’d be disappointed in me.” His voice faded out near the end, as if he had second thoughts about sharing how he felt. He avoided lifting his gaze to meet Reigen’s eyes, instead finding the cuffs of his shorts more interesting.


Reigen let out a hum and continued to treat Ritsu, though he slowed down a bit as he processed Mob’s response, thinking of a good way to cheer his disciple up. He stopped the treatment for a brief moment and opened his mouth to speak, his eyes shifting up to look at Mob. He paused as he noticed his student shifting in his seat and playing with the fabric of his shirt; the first thought that crossed Reigen’s mind was that Mob had something he wanted to say. He turned back and continued applying medical care to Ritsu.


After a good ten minutes, Mob finally shifted his gaze up from the floor and blurted out what he was thinking. “Master, I’ve been feeling strange lately.” He quickly regretted it and favored staring at the floor rather than seeing how his Master would react.


That simple sentence churned in Reigen’s mind for a minute, thinking of whatever could be troubling the kid whom he cared about so dearly. There was one reason that stood out more than the others, and Reigen figured that it made the most sense, considering recent events: “You’re probably stressed, Mob. It’s okay, though! Take some time to yourself to just relax. It must’ve been hard training to get into U.A, right?” Reigen ruffled Mob’s hair softly as the latter thought this over, then placed a small smile on his face.


“You’re right. Thank you.” Mob felt his shoulders relax from their stiffened demeanor, though kept his gaze to the ground. Was is really just stress? He felt a pang in his heart but decided to ignore the feeling, deciding to rather focus on his younger brother for the time being. He looked up from the floor, speaking softly, “But Master-“ He cut his voice off as he noticed the sullen expression on Reigen’s face.


“Mob, I’m going to have to punish you for freaking out again. You know that, right?” Mob felt his blood run cold as he broke into a sweat. His heartbeat jumped and began pounding in his head as fear settled in.


“M-master, I-“ He began to speak but was cut off by a soft fabric in his face. Ah, Mob thought, I’m being hugged. “... I don’t understand.”


“This is your punishment. A hug. You know you can always talk to me, right? You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your own feelings for the sake of others.” Reigen’s arms were tight around his student, deep regret settling in his heart. He wanted to know that Mob was okay, that he was enjoying life to the fullest. He cared so much that it hurt. “Mob, you’re really important to me. Don’t do anything reckless, okay?”


A small nod was all that Reigen got in return, but he decided that it was enough.


Reigen felt his shirt getting wet and heard a few sniffles, along with some water running down his own face as well. He didn’t know that it could rain indoors.


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Wow I'm actually alive, and just in time to suffer during Mob Psycho 100 season 2 (haha mogami arc....)


Speaking of MP100, this fic. Yikes. It's a total mess.

I'll admit, this fic was the second I've written in my life and it had been, like, a year or two since the first? but wow. Trash. Can't relate


So, yeah, that's why I'll be rewriting this fic completely. Expect some things to be entirely different or just basically longer. 

(also i was writing Mob OOC as hell and decided to cover it up with a plot point, but I decided that I don't want to stray too far from the canon of the BNHA universe and the MP100 universe.)


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