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Fate and Friendship

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At six years old Adrien didn’t have any clear memories of his uncle Johnathan. He was a historian who traveled the world for his work. Despite his absence in Adrien life his Mamans excitement for her brother returning to Paris was infectious. Adrien looked forward to meeting him. It didn’t hurt his mother had told him endless stories about his uncles' adventures, they often read the letters and postcards he sent together. 

Adrien felt like he was waiting to meet one of his favorite characters from one of the storybooks he would read with his Maman and Papa. 

Adrien dutifully marked down the calendar each day to the circled date uncle Johnathan was due to arrive. When the day finally came Adrien was up with the sun. He dressed himself before crawling into his parent's bed and demanding they head to the airport immediately.

“Son,” Gabriel groaned sitting up in bed and scooping up his son, “Your uncle's flight doesn't arrive until after lunch.”

“But Papaa,” the boy protested, “What if he gets in early and there is no one there to meet him! He might forget to visit us.”

His mothers laugh could be heard from the other side of the bed.

“I am blaming you for this, my dear,” Gabriel half-heartedly grumbled, her laugh was the most beautiful thing he had ever heard and he couldn’t help but melt at the sound.

“Honey, you uncle won’t forget to visit us. I promise you. Now, why don’t we get your shoes off and the three of us can have a big cuddle before breakfast.” His mother's words were followed by surprise tickles as she scooped him up. Adrien was officially distracted.

Adrien didn’t protest much after that. The bed was turned into a pillow fort in which the family had a lazy morning full of cuddles. By the time they left the bed, it was decided a pancake brunch in the garden was in order. The morning passed and Gabriel headed to his studio to work while Adrien spent some time drawing some pictures for his uncle. Before Adrien knew it his mother had loaded him in the car with the Gorilla, as he had nicknamed their driver, and they were heading to the airport. Emilie laughed as her son bounced in his seat.

Adrien’s excitement turned to shyness the moment his uncle emerged from the arrivals hall.

“Emilie!” Johnathan called.

The siblings shared a long overdue embrace as Adrien hid behind his mothers leg.

“How was your flight little brother?” Emilie mumbled into her brother's shoulder, he was a solid head taller than her.

The siblings exchanged greetings as the Gorilla began to collect Johnathan's bags.

Adrien saw this and ran over. “I can help carry uncle Johnathan's things!” He insisted.

Johnathan and Emilie laughed at the little boy's antics and even the Gorilla chuckled as he passed the boy the smallest of his uncle's bags to carry.

“Adrien my boy! Look at you. So big and strong, how old are you now? You must be at least 10!” Johnathan exclaimed.

Adrien giggled, “No I am six and half!”

His uncle gasped with fake shock, “No way! But you are so big!”

The group continued to laugh and joke and catch up as they headed back to the car. Adrien was absolutely enthralled with the tales being spun by his uncle and even after they had been back at the mansion for a few hours his parents struggled to pull him away and let Johnathan get some rest. Johnathan absolutely adored his nephew however and indulged all his questions and requests. He was touched by the drawings Adrien had made for him.

After a few hours, Johnathan got ready to head out of the house by himself. Emilie knew he wanted to go visit their parents grave alone since it had been a while. She simply nodded, telling him she understood. Johnathan had taken their death hard and even the years of traveling the world had done little to heal those wounds.

Adrien, however, was not as understanding.

“Why can’t I go with uncle Johnathan to visit Meme and Papi. You take me all the time,” The serious frown on Adrien’s face made Emilie smile. 

“He will be back soon enough Adrien. Why don’t you go play with your toys? I need to go check on your father,” his mother soothed.

Adrien did what he was told. For a little while anyway. He got bored soon. He always preferred to have people to play with than be by himself. His mother would play with him a lot and sometimes Chloe would come over to play with him or his mother would take him out to play with her at the park or the hotel where Chloe lived. His favorite time was when his father played with him, once he was done working for the day. Adrien sighed. Everyone was busy at the moment.

Maybe his uncle would have some interesting books he could have a look at? He did promise to show him later.

With that thought, Adrien set out to find where his uncle's belongings had been put. It didn’t take him long. He knew which rooms were usually used as guest rooms. The second room he checked had the bags he recognized from the airport sitting on the bed. One bag in particular caught Adrien attention. He opened it to find a thick old book and a fancy box. He couldn’t read the book, it seemed to be in another language. The pictures, however, were the coolest thing Adrien thought he had ever seen. It was filled with superheroes. Adrien slowly and carefully turned the pages marveling at the different illustrations. He was most excited by the black hero who always wore a ring.

That was when Adrien remembered the box that had been with the book. Adrien set the book aside and opened the box. Inside was jewelry that looked the same as the heroes wore in the book.

“Awesome!” Adrien exclaimed, his eyes wide, “I am going to be the black cat hero!”

Adrien grabbed the ring and put it on and started running around the room pretending to fight bad guys.

“Kick! Wack! Punch! Scratch!,” He yelled, “I won’t let you hurt anybody, you evil minions!”

Adrien was so absorbed in his playing that he didn’t hear his mother calling for him down the hall. He had paused his playing and was taking a look at himself.

“Why don’t I have superpowers?” He sulked, “I want to have weapons and powers and claws!”

Emilie stood at the door. I should have known he would get bored playing by himself. Perhaps we should go for a walk down to the park. She thought to herself. 

But first, she had a little boy to scold. “Adrien! What do you think you are doing in your Uncles things. You should have waited for him to show you later.”

“But Mama, I want to be a superhero!” Adrien whined.

“No. Not now Adrien, lets put these things away and go for a walk to the park,” That should be enough to get him to out of his uncle's things without a fuss, Emilie hoped.

Emilie made her way over to the little boy picking up the box and book he had been playing with and noticed Adrien was wearing a ring from the box. Seeing his mother looking at the ring Adrien clenched his hand and hid it behind his back.

“No! I want to be a black cat hero with claws Mama!” Adrien had an almost panicked look on his face.

“Adrien Michael Agreste that ring is not yours and we need to put it back with your uncle's things,” Emilie held her hand out for the ring, “We can play superheroes at the park.”

“But I need the ring so I can have magic claws! I need it to make the claws come out!” Neither Adrien or Emilie noticed the slight static of magic filling the air as he worked himself up.

Just what ideas has this book given him! Emilie thought to herself. As much as she felt her patience wearing thin she knew she needed to calm down and reason with her son gently before things got out of hand. Maybe she could find another object for him to pretend to give him powers? “Adrien listen-“

Sensing his mother was not going to budge Adrien didn’t let her finish. “No! I need it Mama! I need the claws out to fight!”

With that, the magic that had been building in the air erupted and the power in the ring was unleashed. Emilie was in shock for mere seconds before she acted. She dove towards her son. Needing to protect him. There was very little she could do against the ancient magic her six-year-old was now playing with. But of course, the power contained in the ring was too much for a six-year-old to wield, forget about any form of control. That would be left up to a certain mischievous kwami. You want claws kid? I can give you that.

When the magic cleared in the place of the little boy was a little black kitten. What was not expected however was the larger feline wrapped around it.

Huh. Guess the kid summoned more power from me than I thought. Shrugging, Plagg went back to sleep.

Meanwhile, Emilie was struggling to make sense of the situation. Ok ok ok. Ok. Stay calm. Stay calm for Adrien. We just need to wait for Johnathan to come back, he will know what to do! Yes, we will be alright if we just stay put.

Unfortunately during her internal freak out Adrien had been having a freak out of his own. The little kitten had the opposite idea of staying put and instead decided to vanish.

Lovely, this is just purrfect. Emilie grumbled to herself as she set off to find her son.