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Rules of Ashford Academy (& Friends)

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C.C. is to stop using the Student Council money to buy pizza.


C.C. huffed when she saw that. The very first thing to make it onto the list just had to be that of all things. Oh well, she was sure she could find other ways to get her beloved pizza.


Similarly, Milly needs to stop with all those events, the Student Council cannot afford them all.


Milly pouted. “But those events were fun!” Sure they were expensive and caused a lot trouble but they were fun!


Rolo, just because someone annoys you does not mean you can get violent.


Rolo had given another student a black eye, sprained ankle and a nearly broken arm just because he had been annoyed by said student.




Jeremiah Gottwald nodded in approval of the new rule.


Princess Guinevere is not married to the cat. Stop suggesting she is.

-she is not having an affair with a robot either.


The person that had suggested this had disappeared, no one was certain as to what had happened to him but Guinevere certainly had something to do with it.


Milly is not to read out someone's poems to the whole school without permission.


Shirley had been mortified. Lelouch himself had to go up to her room, pretend he didn't know the more romantic poems were about him (or maybe he genuinely didn't know, it was hard to tell) and tell her he liked them in order to get her out of her room.


Don't refer to Lelouch as Lulu.

-the only exception to this rule is Shirley.


Lelouch had posted this rule. Shirley had blushed and sighed in bliss when she had seen it.


Stop making memes out of students and faculty.


Suzaku’s spin kick was so ridiculous people had to make it a meme and post it all over the Internet, then came Sayoko’s own ridiculous spinning move and that received the same treatment.


Now neither could go out in public without being called Spinzaku or Sayokopter respectfully.


Funnily enough they didn't seem to be the ones that had a problem with that. In fact they seemed to be embracing their meme status.


Do not harm anyone Lelouch cares about. He didn't get to be known as the Demon Prince by being merciful.

-The severity may vary depending on who had been harmed.

-Nunnally, Shirley and Euphemia are at the very top of who not to harm.


There had been many examples of this but the most recent had been last month. Lelouch had seen a student make Shirley cry. The only ones who knew what happened were Lelouch, Shirley and the aforementioned student, none had said anything about it after the fact.


The student’s roommate had stated that she was still shivering in a corner of their room to this day. 


Don't start dirty language competitions.


Milly had started such a competition with the Student Council. No one had expected anyone but Milly to win and they certainly hadn't expected Shirley to have been the actual winner.


Lelouch is not allowed to have Sayoko stand in for him during P.E.


Lelouch had pouted after he read that one, not that he would ever admit he had.


Sayoko, meanwhile, was still in shock over the fact she had gotten caught.


Lelouch and Rivalz are to stop gambling. Especially on school grounds or with school funds.


Rivalz had begged Shirley to remove the rule to no avail.


Lelouch had just been surprised she had taken this long to add that particular rule.