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Lady of the Spring

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I'll see you later, is what he'd said. Two had passed and still no later. She saw a fleeting glance of him six months ago, but not a word. The young doctor irritably drumed her fingers on the deep ebony desk. It was hers now. Nineteen years old and head of the Children's Rehabilitation Center. The building, a miracle in itself, had been built by people from all across the five major countries. Her own name plate was crafted in Sunagakure.. Which perhaps explained why it was misspelled.

She and Ino had laughed about it for ages, but it was starting to get sad, hearing foreign assistants call her Lady Sakura of the Spring. Daily.

Though she'd never stop being thankful for the rehabilitation center, Sakura had to admit that filling out the paperwork was the worst. The young doctor sighed at the thought of tomorrow's stack of forms to complete. Now I can understand why Lady Tsunade drank so much, she thought, both exhausted and amused. As she passed by Ino's office, the sight of her obnoxiously bright, piggy wallpaper made her laugh. Her best friend had left the office space a few hours before, leaving Sakura to her thoughts.

It was late and the stars were bright. Maybe I'll wish for Sasuke to come home. Sakura laughed aloud. "How childish," she muttered, wishing so anyways.

"Sakura. Don't you think it's time to move on?"
The rosette jumped at her former teacher's words. She'd been staring- again at the same bench. That damned bench. "Lady Tsu- ah. Tsunade." It was still hard for Sakura to stop using honorifics with the elder woman.
Tsunade narrowed her eyes and Sakura flinched. "Sorry. Could you say that again?"
"You've been staring at that bench for months as though you expect Uchiha to appear from nowhere. I suspect Uchiha Sasuke has no intention of returning," she shrugged apologetically,"I think you can do better is all I mean by that."
Sakura's cheeks puffed out, like a fugu. "He will be back," she attempted to say with confidence. Tsunade's expression told her all she needed to know. Sakura felt her face flush. Kami, I sound like a genin again!
Tsunade placed her hand on Sakura's shoulder. "In a week, if he's not back for you, we're going to the Water country and I'll show you just how easy it is to find someone".
Sakura believed Tsunade to be partially correct. She was pathetic, worked herself too much, took on too many responsibilities, and lonely as hell. Damn it Sasuke don't make me a fool for believing in you shannaro!

And then he did.


It was the screeching bird that woke her up. The poor thing had ran into her window four times before she even rolled over.
A messenger bird with a fanny pack full of miniature scrolls. The instant she recognized it as a hawk, she cried.

It took a few minutes for her to realize the bird would just keep raming into the window if she didn't open it.