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Untouchable Unless It’s You.

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It was early Monday morning her first day of school the blonde was up and out of bed an hour before the scheduled departure from the home she was excited but also a little uneasy. Kara had been ready in pacing around her room for more than half an hour until there was a soft knock on her door. The blonde walked over and opened it revealing her adoptive smiling sister.

“Are you ready to experience your first day of high school.?” Alex asked a small smirk on her lips. Kara let out a little huff.

“I don’t know Alex I have no idea who these people are or how they will treat me the only people ill know are you Lucy and James and that is only because they are your friends.” Kara said dramatically as she sighed and walked back to flop down on her bed. Alex followed Kara into her room and sat next to Kara putting on hand on the blonde’s shoulder
squeezing gently causing the blonde to look up at her.

“Kara my friends like you I’m sure you will find other friends too just try ill be there if you need anything mom had us set in the same classes this year, so you will not have to worry about a thing… besides if anyone tries to give you any hell ill beat them up for you.” Alex said with a reassuring smile. Kara smiled and leaned into her sister’s shoulder bumping it gently.

“Thanks Alex it’s nice to know you have my back.” Kara said as she checked the time on her phone as if on cue Eliza called up to the sister’s.

“Girls we have to go I don’t need you guys to be late…. Or me come on.”

The girls picked up their bags and headed downstairs they were in the car and ready to go when Eliza slipped into the driver’s seat. They pulled into the school parking lot a few minutes later the girls said their goodbyes and departed into the school getting swallowed by the sea of students. Kara and Alex made their way to the cafeteria for breakfast. Alex knew the first week or so would be the easiest, so she took her time grabbed some toast and an apple Kara doing the same trailing behind her. They sat down quickly spotted by Lucy and James who joined them.

“Hey guys.” James said brightly as he set his bag down on the floor beside him.

“Hey babes how is your morning treating you… Kara how are you today it’s nice to see you finally at school.” Lucy asked a smile that rivaled even Kara’s. Kara took a drink of her water putting the lid on and setting it down on the table in front of her.

“I-I’m go-good uhm how are you two th-this morning.” Kara stuttered out not used to being around all the extra noise her hearing was still a little bit of a challenge for her.

“Our morning has been quite boring but hey at least that is a good thing.” Alex popped up her piece of toast hanging from her mouth.

“Yeah just wait until next week things will pick up.” Lucy said as she stood patting Kara on the shoulder.

“We have to get going see you guys at lunch?” Lucy asked as James stood grabbing his bag from the floor.

“Yes of course Luce… see you guys later.” Alex answered as she waved the two of them a goodbye. Alex turned her head back towards Kara but froze as soon as she caught sight of a dark-haired girl wearing a leather jacket.

“Alex ar-are you okay.?” Kara asked concerned. Alex quickly unfroze and sighed at Kara.

“Yeah um just thought I saw a fight about to break out but it was nothing.” Alex lied not sure what to think about her reaction she just shrugged it off. The bell rang, and the girls stood dumped their trash in the trash bin and headed to their first class it was math both Kara and Alex were excited they had math for their first class. The day went on the girls heading to English then history then lunch rolled around giving Kara a slight headache as the day progressed the noise getting to her.

“Hey Alex, you wouldn’t happen to have anything for the noise, would you?” Kara asked quietly as they stuffed their things into their lockers. Alex smiled at Kara then handed her a pair of what looked to be ear plugs.

“Here mom made sure they were treated with lead no one will notice them, and they won’t block out all of the sound, but they should help you focus and drown out the extra noise.” Alex said as she handed the ear plugs to her sister a small smile on her face she reached back into her locker a moment later pulling out a pill bottle.

“Will those even work on me.?” Kara asked a confused look on her face. Alex shook her head sighing softly at the blonde.

“I have no clue, but it wouldn’t hurt to try at least... I know you must have a pretty bad headache now.” Alex said the blonde took the bottle popped it open shaking 2 tiny white pills into her hand she threw them back a second later. She closed the lid and handed the bottle back. Alex closed her locker after tossing the bottle in and they walked off to lunch.

The two girls found Lucy and James along with James’s friend Winn they sat down with their trays and began making small talk about anything and everything. Winn was happily talking to James about a new little gadget he invented. Kara, Alex and Lucy were talking about shopping and their favorite tv shows. They continued until the bell rang signaling the end of the lunch hour they all packed up dumped their trash and headed to their respective classes. The girls were in the changing room getting ready for gym they were joined by a lower grade for their gym time something about it helping build bonds and character Alex just thought it was because they had nowhere else to put them. Kara was changing along with Alex by their gym lockers when the younger girls walked in.

The younger girls were clearly separated into their little cliques the popular bad girls first followed by the less popular then the stragglers who really didn’t care where they fit in. Kara wasn’t paying much attention as she was focused on tying her shoes Alex was already ready when she looked up from closing her locker and locked eyes with a dark-haired girl she froze the girl just gave her a dimpled smile and continued getting ready Alex shook herself out of it and turned to Kara.

“All ready.?” Alex asked. Kara stood and nodded in response. They turned and headed into the gym the rest of the girls joining them shortly.

Their teacher Miss Vasquez was a shorter woman with dark short hair she was dressed in a dark blue tracksuit. She maybe short but she held herself with command and demanded respect.

“Alright everyone get into a team of 10 both grades mix it up I want to see you all working together.” Vasquez instructed the boys and girls all split up evenly Kara and Alex on the same team.

They were joined by a few odds and ends one girl catching Kara’s eye a shorter girl with pale skin and Raven-hair that wasn’t what caught her attention what caught her attention was the striking green eyes that made Kara feel like she was drowning in a sea of emerald green. Kara froze her eyes not leaving the girl who was currently staring straight back at her. Kara flashed a small smile to the girl causing her to blush and turn her head.

“Earth to Kara have you even heard a word I said.?” Alex asked as she waved her hand in front of Kara’s face. Kara shook her head and turned to her sister a dopey smile on her face.

“I-I’m so-sorry no I w-was uhm distracted what did you say.” Kara answered as she stuttered. Alex gave Kara a weird look and shook her head.

“We are about to play kick ball so make sure you keep your powers in check.” Alex whispered Kara nodding in understanding.

“Y-yeah no problem.” Kara said as she and Alex joined the rest of their group. They tossed a coin to see which team would kick first Kara’s team ended up being put in the field. With a blow of the whistle the game began. Kara was first baseman the raven-haired girl was shortstop. Alex was the second baseman she stood directly behind the pitcher who just so happened to be the dark-haired dimple flashing girl she locked eyes with in the locker room.

Alex couldn’t admit she was thoroughly distracted by the younger girl bending ever so slightly forward when she pitched. The first kicker a guy named Jason kicked the ball straight to Alex smacking her square in the face with the rubber ball luckily Alex caught the ball out of reaction she rubbed her face with her free hand and tossed the ball back to the dark-haired pitcher who had an impressed smirk on her face. Alex rubbed her face with both hands and shook her head as she regained her composure.

The game continued the next kicker making it to 1st base the kicker after being a short blonde haired boy kicked the ball in between Kara and the raven haired girl they took off running for the ball at the same time Kara grabbed the ball and was sent on her ass followed by a light weight on top of her Kara let out a fake groan (cause she didn’t actually feel it) as she squinted her eyes to simulate pain. She heard a small ow and opened her eyes slowly her world freezing as blue met green. She took in a deep breath just lost in her eyes. The raven-haired girl paused staring for a moment before looking down to see her hands were currently rested apron the blonde’s chest she immediately blushed and scrambled off the blonde holding her hand out in an offer to help her up.

Alex had already retrieved the ball at this point and returned it to the pitcher laughing slightly at the collision her sister had with the younger girl. Kara blushed slightly and reached up grabbing the girl’s hand and letting her help pull her to her feet the girl blushed at the contact along with Kara shaking her head as she let go with a small I’m sorry and returned to her spot. Kara stood there barely paying attention to the class she was lost in her thoughts.

“I wonder who she is… her hands were so soft and gosh they made me feel like I was getting shocked.” Kara thought to herself. She was startled out of her thoughts by the teacher blowing her whistle telling the teams to hit the locker room. Kara was surprised at what she did next she ran up to the raven-haired girl and stuck out her hand.

“Hi uhm my n-names Kara i-I’m sorry about earlier.” Kara stuttered as the raven-haired girl looked at Kara in confusion before realizing she was being greeted. She shook Kara’s hand and smiled.

“It’s Lena and uhm I am the one who should be apologizing I ran into you.” Lena said with a small laugh as they walked to the locker room together. Alex was distracted by her own thoughts on the younger dark-haired girl she was staring at the entire class. She didn’t notice Kara wasn’t right behind her until a few minutes had passed and she entered the locker room with a younger girl and a smile on her face.

“Well this is my first year here I was homeschooled before uhm wo-would you like to maybe be my friend.?” Kara asked shyly the raven-haired girl smiled brightly.

“No way your new to all of this too…. Hmm I thought I was the only one who had been homeschooled but I’m glad I’m not and sure I would enjoy being your friend you seem nice even after I knocked you on your ass.” Lena said with a smile on her face they parted ways, so they could shower and change then headed in the opposite direction. Alex watched everything that had happened between her sister and the raven-haired girl with curiosity she decided she would save that conversation for their walk home.