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He shifted in the seat of his car, leaning his head back against the headrest as he sighed. Another boring Monday done, another penny supposedly earned, except in Min Yoongi’s case. His boss had told him that afternoon before he left the office that he wouldn’t be getting paid for at least another week. He said that the week before too.

His rent was due. He knew it was. As a matter of fact, the old beady eyed landlady, who smelled of cat piss and looked like she washed her hair with it too had already called twice. Yoongi wasn’t one to beg, but he nearly had to for another extension, which she gave, though almost unwillingly. After going back and forth several times over, she finally told him that if he didn’t come up with it by the end of the week he would inevitably be kicked out of his apartment.

Kicked out? Something about a waiting list for an apartment to become available to a good paying renter who wouldn’t have to beg for leniency on their rent. But, that had to be bullshit though, right? His apartment wasn’t even that nice.

Where did Yoongi get the idea that moving to America was ever a good idea? Shitty healthcare, racism, and the promise of a promotion that had turned out to be more babysitting than anything, and he was basically doing it for free at that moment. But, one thing that Yoongi could never deny that America did have: really fucking good cheeseburgers. Yeah, Yoongi sighed as he decided that he had definitely moved to America for the cheeseburgers.

As a matter of fact, he figured he could have went for one at that exact moment. He hadn’t eaten since that morning, but by the time he had finally left the office, he barely had the energy to drive more than a couple of blocks, and that’s exactly why he found himself sitting on an empty, dimly lit street in the middle of the shithole of what seemed to be a ghost town at that moment.

Toccoa, Georgia to be exact. Town population, roughly 8500, though on that particular night; one would have thought otherwise.

He drummed his fingers over the steering wheel, heaving a deep sigh that came out much louder than he had expected. His mind wandered back to those damn cheeseburgers, the ones from the local diner, Bell’s. A hole in the wall, really, but one of the few places that was actually open at half past midnight.

He carded his fingers through his messy blond hair as his eyes glanced up at himself in the rear view mirror. The blond was taking some time to adjust to. He had only just dyed it a few days ago, but he didn’t mind it. His hair was one of the few things that he felt like he actually had control over in his life. Even if it was just a dollar store box of bleach, and his scalp was most likely permanently damaged, because that shit burned.

“That’s it,” he grumbled to himself, voice coming out much more hoarse than usual, “I’m getting that cheeseburger, then heading home," but a groaned escaped his lips as he remembered something very vital. He couldn’t really go home. Not whenever his landlady was most likely stalking his apartment like a vulture.

Another sigh spilled into the air, and he decided he would probably be sleeping his car for the night, and he  was just coming to terms with the idea whenever his phone started going off, causing him to have a damn near heart attack. Shit. It was his boss, and he knew what it meant. He was going to have to go back to the office.

After a quick exchange of some not so kind words, mainly coming from the other end of the line, Yoongi hung up the phone before haphazardly tossing the device into the abyss of his pitch black car. He really couldn’t fathom why he had to go back to the office so late, only to fix something that he hadn’t even fucked up. He pinched the bridge of his nose as his brows furrowed together, he could already feel a headache coming on.

Yoongi leaned forward as he turned the key in the ignition, hoping, no praying that it would start. It had been having a lot of trouble lately. The engine failed to turn over once. Shit. Twice. Fucking shit. After what seemed like ages and a mix of huffed curses laced between halfhearted prayers, the engine finally decided that it was on Yoongi’s side as it started and a wave of relief flooded throughout his entire, overly exhausted being.

She wasn’t exactly purring, but the 1998 Volkswagen Golf always got the job done, and would sometimes get Yoongi to where he needed to go. Only when it wanted to though, and only if it wasn’t raining. The car absolutely hated rain, and had died in the middle of the road too many times for him to count.

He pressed into the clutch as he reached to pull the gearshift into the first position. He was going to the office. That was his expectation for the evening.

But, what he wasn’t expecting was the passenger door opening as a rather slender, petite man slid into the passenger seat with a mask covering only half of his face. Yoongi stared wide eyed, his heart fucking hammering against the walls of his chest. “What the fuc-" he began with a voice so shaky that he didn’t even recognize it himself.



“I said fucking drive,” the man demanded as he pulled a damn gun out of the back of his jeans, before pressing it to Yoongi’s skull, “Please don’t make me ask again.” His voice was too shaky. He couldn’t be a murderer.

Yoongi did as told, hardly pliant, but anything to avoid the off chance that this man actually might have shot him. He did his best to follow directions as the lump that had arisen in his throat became completely impossible to swallow. 

They drove for a bit, to the outskirts of town before Yoongi finally found it within himself to slam on the breaks as his thoughts ran a million miles a minute. He wasn’t sure whether it would be okay for him to speak or not, as he gripped at the steering wheel just a little bit tighter, before clearing his throat to break the silence, only to find that the man had lowered the gun.

“It never gets easier.”

Oh, shit. What doesn’t get easier? Maybe he is a murderer after all.

“I’m sorry?” Yoongi finally broke the awkward silence that had followed his words as he did his best to remember where he had tossed his phone. He was trying to figure out how quickly he could dial 911, until he finally remembered, his phone was lost somewhere in the abyss of his car, and most likely under the unwelcome stranger’s ass.

He watched in near astonishment, if that was what you could even call it, as the man began tugging down the mask past his chin and Yoongi couldn’t help but mutter a quiet, “Oh shit,” as he discovered that the man sitting across from him was not only shady as hell, what with the gun in his hand and having previously been adorned with a black mask. No, not only that, but the man that was sitting across from him was what Yoongi could have only described as a literal angel, with his plush, glistening lips that fell into a perfect pout, to his soft orange hair that sat effortlessly just above his brow.

He was still trying to catch his breath, as adrenaline still coursed through his veins, and Yoongi wasn’t even aware of the fact the he was staring dead on, mouth gaping wide at this stranger.

“I’m so sorry,” the stranger began, licking his lips between the words as he tried to catch his breath, “Things were tight, and I just robbed that fucking 7 Eleven back there.”

Yoongi took a moment, processing each word extremely carefully and thoroughly to assure himself that he had, without a doubt, actually heard such words correctly. “I’m sorry,” Yoongi began, not even aware of the fact that he was still staring, his eyes growing wider as he pondered the rest of his question, “You what?”

The man, more like ethereal creature, sighed as he nearly slammed his head against the headrest of his seat before holding up a light blue duffle bag. “I took them for all they’re worth,” he sighed again, “Though it wasn’t fucking much.”

“I’m sorry,” Yoongi couldn’t help but start again, his mind was drawing blanks, “You what?”

“Can you please stop fucking asking that?” the boy hissed through slightly crooked teeth, brows furrowing together.

Probably a good idea. He does have a gun after all.

“I’m just,” Yoongi bit at his lip, wondering how the hell he was ever going to get out of this situation he had somehow landed in, “I’m gonna turn around. Take us back and-" Yoongi had just placed his hands on the steering wheel again, preparing for a U turn before he was nearly frozen into place, the sound of a gun clicking in his ear, and there was that lump in his throat again.

“Keep fucking driving.”

“This isn’t how this night was supposed to go,” Yoongi stammered, voice shaky as he did his best to swallow, “My boss called me into work. I’m supposed to be at work, I’m supposed-"

“Please, just shut the fuck up,” he sighed, lowering the gun, “You can’t go back. I’m really sorry, but you’re an accomplice now.”

“An accomplice? What? How?”

“You know I just robbed a place, you’re driving me away from said place,” he chuckled lightly, though it sounded forced, “You do the math.”

You got in my fucking car, without permission. Put a gun to my head, and forced me to drive. I’m not fucking stupid, I’m not an accomplice,” Yoongi retorted, hands gripping a little tighter on the steering wheel as he pressed into the gas a little more.

“Then why are you still driving?”

“What?” Yoongi would have slammed on the breaks again, but his eyes instantly fell to the gun in the boy’s hands, “Because you have a gun?”

“Oh, this thing?” he chuckled lightly, a sound that Yoongi could only describe as that of an angel, “It’s empty. I have bullets, but I don't use them.”

“Seriously?” Yoongi scoffed, truly wondering how his boring Monday night took such a turn of events.

“Yeah,” he sighed again, tossing the gun down onto the floorboard as he licked his lips, “You’re still driving though.”


“Now you’re really an accomplice.”


Yoongi knew he was right, and he honestly couldn’t think of any reason why on earth he was still driving. Sure, he hated his life with every fiber of his being, and the last place he wanted to be was in Toccoa. But, did jail really sound better than the deadbeat town that he had been so ardently wanting to run away from? Not exactly, no.

His eyes shifted slightly to the passenger as the inside of the car lit up ever so slightly with each street light that they passed. He had made himself comfortable, his eyes were closed as he huffed a little sigh here and there with sweat glistening on his forehead. Summer in Georgia was hellish, but even more so whenever the air conditioner in your car barely worked.

Perhaps Yoongi found himself still driving because one of the most beautiful creatures, scratch that, the most beautiful creature that he had ever laid eyes on was barely a foot away from him, in his car, with a bag full of money. Or, maybe it was simply because something exciting was actually happening for once in his god forsaken life. He just wasn’t quite sure which it was yet. Maybe an infernal mix of both.

He fixed his eyes back on the road, shaking his head as he realized what an idiot he truly was as he had been utterly fawning over the criminal in his passenger seat. It didn’t matter how beautiful he was. It didn’t matter that even such a horrible confession of a robbery had spilled from his lips, sounding like an absolute river of honey. It didn’t matter that he was an absolute walking paradox when compared to any and every criminal that would pop up on the eleven o’clock news. It shouldn’t matter. Too bad that it did matter.

Yoongi was still driving, and now he was completely and royally fucked.

“’m hungry,” the passenger murmured, his eyes finally opening after some time, “Could we stop somewhere?”

Stop somewhere? I’m a criminal now because of you, yet you have the audacity to ask to stop for somewhere to eat?

“Sure,” Yoongi answered, not exactly knowing where such pliancy was coming from.

“Thank you,” he whispered, closing his eyes again as he shifted slightly to make himself more comfortable, “Anywhere that’s open is fine. I could really go for a cheeseburger though.”

“You and me both,” Yoongi muttered in return, doing his best to keep his eyes fixed on the road, in search of anywhere to stop. He wasn’t even completely sure of where they were.




A couple hours passed by before Yoongi finally decided he was ready to stop, plus he was running low on gas, but not only that, he didn’t think he could handle another minute of being hungry. He pulled into a brightly lit parking lot of an IHOP, yawning slightly as he glanced over at the boy who had fallen fast asleep. How could anyone sleep so soundly after having just robbed somewhere?

He reached, hesitantly, not sure if he should even touch the stranger before he decided that getting a cheeseburger was far more important than worrying about what boundaries could and couldn’t be crossed in such a situation. In fact, he was pretty sure that in a situation like the one that they were in, there were absolutely no boundaries.

“Hey,” he rasped, placing a hand lightly on his shoulder, “You still hungry?”

It took only a moment for the orange haired boy to stir as he winced slightly upon opening his eyes because of the bright lights, “Where are we?” he asked, his voice still laced with sleepiness.

“Uh, Easley, I think,” Yoongi hummed, “Somewhere in South Carolina.”

“No, where are we for food?” he chuckled sleepily, he had closed his eyes again as he nestled in a little closer to the seat.

“Oh, IHOP.”


“Yeah, if you’d open your eyes, you could see that,” Yoongi chuckled slightly as he rubbed at his tired eyes, his own exhaustion catching up to him.

“So rude,” he opened an eye, pushing his bottom lip out slightly.

“Hey, I’m supposed to be still just living my normal and boring life, yet here I am, on the run from the fucking law,” Yoongi retorted, only half joking, “What’s your name anyway?”

“My name?” the boy had finally sat up, doing his best to rub the sleepiness from his puffy eyes.

“Yes, what do people call you?”

“You can call me Minnie.”

Yoongi raised an eyebrow, “Minnie?” He only nodded and Yoongi held up a hand in response, not exactly happy with his answer. “Either your parents hate you, and named you after a goddamn mouse; or you’re shitting me right now,” he scoffed lightly.

“It’s Jimin,” he finally sighed after rolling his eyes, “Just don’t go spreadin’ it around.”

“Well, Jimin,” he started, finally shutting off the engine as he said a quiet prayer in his mind that the vehicle would start back up upon their return, “I’m Yoongi, and you’re buyin’ me dinner.”

He didn’t even give Jimin time to answer as he pulled the keys from the ignition before exiting the vehicle and heading into the nearly empty IHOP.




“Can I get y’all started with some drinks?” the hostess asked just after seating the two, a hint of impatience in her voice.

“Uh, I’ll have coffee,” Yoongi answered before looking to Jimin who simply nodded and said he would have the same. “So, Jimin, was it?” Yoongi started as he began drumming his fingers a bit awkwardly on the tan table, “What’s your deal?”

“My deal?” he asked, before swallowing harshly, “What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean,” he answered, leaning a little closer over the table before having to quickly scoot back as the lady returned with two cheap mugs, filling them up with even cheaper coffee. Jimin’s gaze was locked onto Yoongi, and the older refused to break eye contact. The lady finally left after taking their order, two cheeseburgers with everything, and extra fries.

“Is this something you do often?” Yoongi broke the silence, his eyes still having not left Jimin’s.

“What?” Jimin tried, voice thick, and flowing like honey, “Eat at a shitty IHOP with a stranger at nearly three o’clock in the morning? Must say that this is a first.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes, it wasn’t the answer he wanted and he knew that Jimin was just being coy, “No. Robbing places.”

Oh-" he bit his lip, eyes finally dropping down to the table to focus on his hands which were fiddling with the cuff of his black sweatshirt, “Not really.”

“Not really?” Yoongi hummed, finally leaning back in the booth, “What do you mean by that?”

“Look,” Jimin snarked as he began opening packs of creamer and pouring an unhealthy amount into the black coffee, “It means what it means. You don’t need to know me. You won’t be with me much longer. As a matter of fact,” his eyes finally darted up to meet the older’s, offering a look that Yoongi couldn’t even begin to decipher, “I would almost prefer it if you would just drop me off at the next shitty motel that we pass.”

Yoongi’s mouth snapped open, though he wasn’t exactly sure what to even say to that. He especially didn’t know what to say as he watched Jimin pour what was seemingly half the container of sugar into his drink.

“What are you staring at?” Jimin questioned, raising a brow as he began stirring the coffee.

“That can’t be good for you,” Yoongi mumbled, looking around, hoping that their food would be arriving soon. “Anything to make this shit taste even just a little bit better,” he sighed, taking a sip of the coffee before nodding his approval, “I like sweet things. Who cares if it’s good for me? I’m here for a good time, not a long time.”

“What kind of bullshit dogma is that?” Yoongi chuckled, shaking his head slightly.

Jimin simply shrugged, licking his lips as he leaned forward slightly and Yoongi found himself pressing back a little further against the booth, “What kind of words do you live by, Yoongi?”

The way that Yoongi’s eyebrows furrowed together showed how concentrated on the question he was, though Jimin was left in utter disappointment as a simple, “I don’t know,” spilled from the older’s lips out into the deserted restaurant.

Jimin cocked his head to the side, a snarky remark surely about to leave his lips as his eyes moved over to the passing waitress, “Excuse me, erm-“ he leaned forward a bit to get a closer look at her name tag, “Brittany,” he smiled sweetly, a complete change in not only his tone; but his whole aura. “I was just wondering when our food might be out?”

Who the fuck- no, what the fuck even is he?

Yoongi was so enthralled and totally captivated by Jimin’s sudden change in character, that he nearly missed the whole conversation between the younger and the waitress. “Sorry, hun,” she answered, a fake tone of kindness in her voice, “We’re a little backed up. I’m sure it’ll be out soon.”

“Oh,” Jimin smiled again, and fuck, it was nearly blinding, “You’re fine, take your time.” She smiled and began walking away, but the gaze that met Yoongi’s was sharp as he rolled his eyes. “Can you fucking believe that? This goddamn place is nearly empty” he chuckled sarcastically, “’m gonna go smoke,” he mumbled as he began sliding out of the booth. Yoongi just sat there, completely frozen, as he fought with everything he had to not turn around and watch Jimin walk out of the restaurant.




Jimin was still gone even after fifteen minutes when their food had finally arrived. Yoongi turned finally, trying to catch a glimpse of Jimin in the parking lot, but nothing. He probably left. Yoongi turned back to look at the bland, colorless food that sat on plates that looked even cheaper than the coffee mugs. He was starving, as a matter of fact, he probably would have eaten the whole contents of the salt shaker had he been forced to wait another minute.

He grabbed the bottle of ketchup, holding it over the plate, about to completely smother his burger in it before stopping. He didn’t know what caused him to sit down the bottle of ketchup, before sliding out of the booth and heading out the door to see if he could find Jimin.

To his surprise, he was simply sitting on the sidewalk, his head hung low with a cigarette nestled between his lips that was nearly burnt down to the filter. He didn’t even budge as Yoongi opened the door, stepping out carefully on the sidewalk. His lips parted for a moment, wondering what the hell he was even doing. Why did he care if Jimin came in to eat or not? Why did he care about this stranger, this thief? Yoongi quickly decided these were all questions he could ask himself later. The sooner they ate, the sooner he could drop Jimin off at some motel, before heading back home, hoping he could leave this entire night behind him.

“Jimin,” he rasped, feeling somewhat guilty as he watched the younger startle slightly, “Food’s out.”

“Okay,” Jimin said simply, taking one last drag of his cigarette before tossing it down onto the parking lot, “I’ll be right in.” His voice sounded weak, different. Yoongi couldn’t exactly decipher what type of tone was leaving Jimin’s lips, but he could have sworn that he saw Jimin reach up to wipe a tear or two from his cheek.




Yoongi had already went back inside, still refusing to touch the food as he waited for Jimin to return. He was still staring at the food wholeheartedly, almost longingly as Jimin finally slid back into the booth, snapping Yoongi out of his food trance.

“You okay?” Yoongi ask, not trying to seem like he cared too much.

“’m fine,” the corner of Jimin’s mouth forced a quick smile as he picked up the bottle of ketchup, before completely dousing his fries with it. Yoongi just watched, slightly intrigued by Jimin’s eating habits and before he knew it his eyes were fixed on Jimin’s face.

His soft features were really something else. He may not have been a great person by most standards, but one thing that Yoongi couldn’t deny, was that he sure was a sight for sore eyes.

Coffee and cheeseburgers, what a fucked up combination. You and I, even more so.




“Thanks for dinner, I guess,” Yoongi sighed as he slid back into the car, starting the engine and internally thanking any higher power that was listening for the machine’s cooperation. He popped the gearshift in reverse, before slowly backing out and beginning to make his way out of the parking lot.

“You’re welcome,” he answered, nestling himself against the passenger seat much like he had before, “But,” he chuckled as he paused, “I didn’t pay for it.”

Yoongi froze, nearly slamming on the breaks at the exit of the parking lot, “Are you fucking kidding me? What are you? A goddamn kleptomaniac?”

Jimin threw his head back against the headrest, a breathless laugh escaping his lips as his tired eyes fell shut, “Yeah,” he mumbled, “Something like that.”

“Shit,” Yoongi groaned, wondering if he should turn back around to pay for it, though he knew that he barely had a penny to his name at that moment.

“What?” Jimin asked, one eye opening and glancing over at the older, “You gonna go back and pay for it, huh?”

“Well,” he started, brows furrowing together slightly, “I can’t exactly afford it. But I swear to god, I saw you go pay for it.”

The younger giggled into his sweater clad hands, and Yoongi had trouble finding it in himself to even be mad, “I’m good at what I do.”

“Yeah, I can see that,” Yoongi mumbled as he finally pulled out and began down the road, “How many places have you robbed exactly—actually, no, scratch that—how much have you stolen?”

Jimin hummed, clearly thinking about his answer, “Doesn’t really matter, does it?”

“Shit, guess not.”

This will be all over soon, then you can go back to living your boring, shitty life.




“So, where am I taking you?” Yoongi finally muttered after they had driven down the road quite a way, “I’m almost out of gas.”

“Stop at the next gas station, then stop at the next motel we pass,” he sounded annoyed since Yoongi kept disrupting his rest.

“Right-" Yoongi started, worrying at his bottom lip as he remembered that he couldn’t even afford two cheap plates of food, let alone a full tank of gas to get Jimin to where he was going and then get himself back home.

“Let me guess,” Jimin finally sat up in his seat, leaning forward a bit so that he could get a better look at Yoongi’s worried expression, “You can’t afford it?”

“I just told you back there that I couldn’t afford two simple damn cheeseburgers. It would have been okay, but you had to go and order extra fucking fries,” Yoongi was actually being serious, the couple extra dollars that the fries had cost really was the reason that he couldn’t afford it, that’s why whenever a bark of laughter escaped Jimin’s lips, his eyes tore off the road as he stared at the younger, a confused look etched across his features.

Jimin’s laughter slowed after a moment, turning to light, airy giggles as he held his stomach, and Yoongi couldn’t believe the sight that he was seeing. Jimin seemed like an entirely different person. “You’re funny, Yoongi,” he finally managed between his breathless chuckles, “I don’t mind that I ended up with you. Too bad this’ll all be over soon.”

Right. All over soon.

“Well,” the older scoffed, making sure that he sounded overly offended by Jimin’s reaction, “It won’t be over soon if we don’t get some fucking gas. The light has been on for the past twenty miles.”

“You say that like gettin’ stuck with me would be a bad thing,” he smiled, a hint of slyness within his tone as Yoongi witnessed his small tongue darting out to wet his lips, causing his heart to lurch.

What the actual fuck. Stop, Yoongi, just stop. He’s not a good person.

Jimin sighed, a smile still tugging at the edges of his mouth as he leaned back against his seat, “Just pull over at the next station, I’ll take care of it.” Yoongi shot him a knowing look, his eyes narrowed as his brows came together and Jimin held his hands up. “No worries, you big baby. I’ll do it the right way.”

The older nodded and huffed out a quiet approval as the next gas station entered his line of sight.

This will all be over soon.

Yoongi couldn’t understand why that little fact was taking such a toll on him. Perhaps it was simply the fact that the most exciting, beyond exhilarating night of his life would be over before he knew it.



“Thank god it isn’t a 7 Eleven,” the younger broke the silence as they pulled in, his eyes shifting over to Yoongi who shot him a look of disapproval, which only earned a mischievous grin in return, “Kidding. I’ll be right back,” he mumbled as he opened the door once Yoongi had parked at a pump.

“Don’t you need money?” he asked, another look of disapproval marring at his brow.

“Oh, right,” Jimin slightly rolled his eyes as he reached to unzip the blue duffle bag, his small hand reaching in and feeling around before pulling out a bill, “Think a twenty will do it?”

“That’s perfect. Thanks,” Yoongi offered as he opened his own door before getting out to watch Jimin walk into the small gas station before taking his place to lean against the car as he waited for Jimin to return to give him the go ahead.

He watched Jimin through the window of the building, and the way that he greeted the boy behind the counter. He couldn’t have been much younger than they were and he couldn’t take his eyes off of Jimin as he leaned against the counter, and Yoongi could see that same blinding smile take over as he chatted up the cashier. He watched the way that Jimin gestured, nodding towards Yoongi’s car and the older couldn’t exactly say that he was fond of the look that the boy behind the counter shot him before his eyes turned back to Jimin and he leaned down on the counter.

It shouldn’t take so long to pay for a tank of gas.

Yoongi could feel how heavy his eyelids were becoming, and he dreaded the fact that he would be driving home so late, still unsure if he could even go back to his apartment to at least get a little sleep before having to head back to work.

Shit, he thought, as he remembered that he was supposed to go to the office and he was sure that his boss had been trying to get ahold of him. Not that he really cared about that simple fact, but he instantly groaned when he imagined that he would have his ass handed to him the moment he showed up for work. He would have at least checked his messages, had the decency to let his boss know that something had come up, only his phone had died long before they had even reached IHOP, and he only knew that because of the deafening silence that overtook the small cab of his car before they had even arrived at the restaurant as the music he was listening to stopped abruptly after he had to awkwardly fish his phone out from under a sleeping thief’s ass.

He almost missed it due to his drooping eyelids whenever Jimin held his thumb to him through the window, giving him the go ahead to pump gas, which he did so.

He was almost done and he glanced to see that the counter was now void of any worker, but Jimin was exiting the station, that same mischievous grin across his face, though Yoongi’s attention was instantly stolen by the boy’s outfit. Something that he hadn’t really had a chance to notice due to all the other events that had taken place, plus most of their time spent together had been dark, aside from the street light they had passed here and there.

Jimin shot him a knowing glance as his eyes looked the younger up and down, and he did his best to swallow that same unwelcome lump that had arisen in his throat. He almost lost his breath the moment his eyes fell on Jimin’s thighs, his ripped up blue jeans were something else, truly, with the way that they hugged each curve ever so perfectly. But, what caught Yoongi’s attention most of all were the fishnets that the younger was adorned with. Who the fuck even wears shit like that? Let alone pull it off in the way that he does?

“You done staring?” Jimin’s voice snapped Yoongi back to reality, and he could feel his cheeks flush slightly due to the fact that he had been caught red handed. Yoongi only nodded as he placed the gas nozzle back in place. “Good, get in the fucking car. We’re leaving,” he snapped quickly as he opened his car door and hopped inside, and Yoongi was having trouble deciding if he absolutely hated the boy, or if he was utterly infatuated by his constant shifts in tone.

“Just say which way,” Yoongi mumbled as he slid back into the car, reaching to put it in gear, he hadn’t turned it off; too afraid that it wouldn’t start back up.

“Any way,” Jimin urged, “Just drive.”

Someone is cranky.

Yoongi opted to turn right out of the parking lot to continue down the road that they were on, really wishing he had his phone at that moment, the silence in the car was too awkward and Yoongi didn’t do well with awkward situations. He barely saw it out of the corner of his eye, Jimin reaching into his pocket to pull out the twenty-dollar bill he had originally taken in with him into the gas station, as he carefully slid it back into the duffle bag.

Yoongi simply sighed, shaking his head in disbelief, “You were supposed to use that to pay for gas,” he groaned.

“This money isn’t for spending,” Jimin simply muttered after zipping the bag back up, leaning back into his seat.

Isn’t for spending? The fuck is it for then?

The older’s mouth snapped open, but was quick to close as Jimin held his hand up, clearly not wanting to hear anything he had to say, but Yoongi couldn’t resist, “How’d you do it? Steal fucking gas? You have to pay the clerk before they even turn the pumps on-"

A little smile tugged at the edges of Jimin’s all too perfect lips, though Yoongi’s eyes were fixed on the road, he could fucking swear that he could feel the intensity of it, “Easy,” he whispered, seemingly proud of himself, “Stealing gasoline is child’s play.”

Yoongi shot him a confused look, quickly opting that it was best he didn’t know any more details, but Jimin’s eyes were fixed on him, “It’s not really stealing if you think about it,” he began, “Really, it was the clerk’s own fault. Those fuckers are always so bored, desperate, and needy,” he licked his lips between the last few words.

“I really don’t want to know,” Yoongi began before Jimin had held his hand up again to stop him.

“I didn’t fucking do anything,” he scoffed, “Just told him we were really desperate to get home, but didn’t have enough money to make it very far,” he paused for a moment, surely knowing that Yoongi would disapprove of his next words, “So, I offered to blow him in exchange for gas. Told him to turn the pump on, so you could get the gas and for him to go to the bathroom to wait. S’not my fault that he was dumb as fuck and actually believed that I would my mouth anywhere near his dick.”

Yoongi nearly choked at Jimin’s words. He wasn’t used to people being so forward, let alone speaking like that, “Fucking Christ,” was all he could manage and he did his best to ignore Jimin’s little giggle escaping into the cab of the car from beside him.

“Oh, before I forget,” he started again, quickly changing subjects, “Grabbed you a phone charger,” he reached into his pocket to pull out a small package, and Yoongi’s eyes narrowed upon looking at the ‘gift’, “Liked the music you were playing on the way down. Least I could do is make sure you don’t have to drive in silence whenever you head back home once you drop me off.”

“Thank you, I guess,” he murmured, though there was no approval to be found within his words, “We should be at a motel soon. Think I saw a sign for one down this way a little way back.”

“Perfect,” Jimin cooed as he closed his eyes after plugging Yoongi’s phone up and soft jazz had begun filling the air once again, “Then you’ll be rid of me. Can forget about me.”

“Yeah, if you don’t get me fucking arrested first,” Yoongi gripped at the steering wheel a little tighter, wondering why his chest felt tight at Jimin’s last words.

I very much doubt that I’ll ever be able to forget about you.




About twenty minutes later they were pulling into a small motel, clearly locally owned and Jimin wouldn’t stop complaining about the fact that it highly resembled Bates Motel.

“You said some shitty motel,” Yoongi groaned, noticing that it was almost past four o’clock in the morning now, and he nearly wanted to slam his face against the steering wheel.

“Yeah, but I didn’t say a motel that I would probably be fucking murdered at!” Jimin whined, and the older only rolled his eyes.

“Lucky for you, you have a gun,” he prodded, “Oh, wait, it isn't even loaded.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Jimin rolled his eyes in return before stepping out of the vehicle, grabbing the blue bag from the floorboard, along with his empty gun, and quickly slamming the door, clearly not going to even bid farewell.

Yoongi reached to try to roll down the passenger window, but unable to reach the lever, he quickly hopped out of the car, standing with his arms resting atop the roof. “Not even gonna say goodbye?” Yoongi called, as he watched Jimin come to an abrupt halt, his orange locks swaying in the light breeze. The parking lot was silent, minus the crickets that could be heard in the forest across the road.

Yoongi stared, burning holes into the back of Jimin’s sweatshirt before the younger finally turned around. “Was I supposed to?”

“Well, I did spend my whole damn night with you. Could have gotten arrested, ah,” he paused, a sly smirk turning up at the edges of his lips, “I could go on and on.”

“What? You wanna walk me in too? Make sure I get tucked in? You wanna check under the bed for monsters while you’re at it?” Jimin’s tone was condescending, and Yoongi quickly realized that the whole night had meant little to nothing to him.

Though his pride was slightly hurt, he still forced a grin, “Guess I just wanna make sure you pay for your room.”

Jimin bit his lip, and Yoongi could have sworn that he saw his eye twitch even though he was at least ten feet away, “You wanna come watch me pay?”

“I do,” Yoongi nodded as he patted the roof of his car, letting her know that he would be right back.




Jimin wasn’t wrong whenever he said that the place highly resembled Bates Motel, as a matter of fact, if anything, it was slightly creepier. The lights in the lobby were dim, and he thought that he noticed one flicker every so often. Yoongi couldn’t tear his eyes off the wallpaper that adorned the walls. What was the pattern? Roses? Yoongi didn’t know, nor did he care, all he knew was that it absolutely looked like his grandmother’s home threw up all over the place.

A small elderly woman appeared from a doorway that was next to the counter, her hair completely out of place, the bags under her eyes prominent, and for some reason Yoongi couldn’t help but feel glad that he had accompanied Jimin into the motel, from the looks of things, he definitely would have been able to pull one over on her.

He didn’t know why he was so adamant about making sure that Jimin paid for the motel, he figured that maybe it was simply because he actually wanted to witness Jimin doing something honest during their short-lived time together. That maybe, just maybe, all of the memories from that night wouldn’t entirely revolve around theft.

“Why, hello there,” the woman greeted, her voice small and fragile, though the smile on her face was warm as she eyed the two boys, “Welcome to the Half Moon Motel. What can I do for you all this evening?”

“Hello,” Jimin started, resting one elbow on the counter, the duffle bag tossed over his other shoulder, “I need a room.”

“Alright, let’s see here,” she pulled out a pair of crooked glasses from the top pocket of her blouse before seating them on her nose as she began looking through a small book on the counter, “How many beds?”

“Only one.”

“Oh-" she started, taking her eyes off of the book to stare down the boys once again, “Oh.”

“No,” Jimin started, holding a hand up as if he was slightly offended, “He’s not staying.”

“Oh,” she nodded as she processed his words before returning her eyes to the book, “Okay, looks like I have a few available. Do you have a preference?”

“Whatever is cheapest,” Jimin answered, offering his most angelic smile to the elder.

“Very well,” she smiled back at hin for a moment before scribbling something down into her book, “Would you like to go ahead and pay now, or whenever you check out?”

“Che-" he started before Yoongi stepped up to the counter, cutting him off. “He wants to pay now, please,” he didn’t glance over at Jimin as he spoke, already feeling his dagger like stare piercing the side of his face.

“Oh,” the lady nodded, “Very well. Um, how long will you be staying?”

“Just tonight,” Jimin answered through clenched teeth, his eyes still fixed on Yoongi, who felt incredibly proud of himself.

“Okay,” she smiled again, “Can I have a name?”

“Minnie,” he answered and Yoongi rolled his eyes, really starting to wonder what his obsession was with a cartoon mouse.

The lady shot him a confused look, quickly processing the information before shrugging as she scribbled something else down in the book, “It’ll be $55 after tax.”

Jimin paid, though almost unwillingly as he slid a hand into the duffle bag before pulling out a wad of cash and Yoongi could feel his eyes widen as he stared at the money. It had been a long time since he had seen so much. He watched the younger card through the crumpled bills before finally counting out exact change.

Yoongi whispered a playful, “Good job,” as Jimin reluctantly handed the cash over and shot him another look of pure hate.

“Thank you,” the lady mumbled as she took the money from the younger, “Let’s see,” she looked back down at the counter to make sure she had all of her notes in order as she pulled a key out of the drawer, “Your room will be number three.”




“You’re so fucking annoying,” Jimin crooned as they walked out of the lobby.

“Not my fault you jumped into my car,” Yoongi answered as he checked to make sure his running car hadn’t been stolen, “Should have found yourself another criminal instead.”

Jimin’s mouth snapped open, his head bobbing back and forth slightly as he thought of a witty retort, coming up short for once.

“Well,” Yoongi started, “This is goodbye, then. Take care of yourself,” he turned slightly, about to head back into the lobby to ask for direction on how to get back home, “Oh, and thank you.”

“Thank you?” Jimin scoffed, flinging the bag over his shoulder once more, “For what?”

“For making my life a little more exciting.”

Jimin’s brows furrowed together, a small, “You’re welcome?” ghosted past his lips, though it was clear that he was incredibly confused by the fact that Yoongi actually thanked him.

After a small wave he finally completely turned back around, telling himself it was best to just go, and if he had gotten another glance at Jimin, he would have most likely found himself begging to stay.


Yoongi leaned against the counter, the lady had disappeared so he simply rang the bell and waited patiently before she emerged once more from the doorway, “Yes?”

“Sorry to bother you again,” Yoongi smiled, though his voice was rough and hoarse from lack of sleep, “I just want to know the best way to get back to Georgia? Preferably Toccoa.”

“Oh. I’m afraid I’m not very good with directions,” she started, her eyes scanning over the counter beneath her, “But, I have a map you can take with you.”

“Thank you, that would be wonderful.”


Yoongi had just finished looking over the map before thanking the little lady again, and he decided it was finally time to head home. He pushed the door to the lobby open, only to find himself completely paralyzed right there in the doorway at what he saw in the parking lot. Two cops. Parked. No. They were coming into the motel.

Yoongi’s heart nearly stopped, his throat felt tight as he did his best to not panic. There’s no way that they’re here for a simple robbery that was nearly three hours away. Calm down, calm down. He stepped to the side to allow the two police officer entry, and he simply nodded at them whenever they said hello to him. He was about to make a break for it. Thank god his car was still running, thank god he would be out of there soon.

“Good evening, ma’am,” he heard the taller of the two begin, his drawl incredibly thick.

“Oh, hello,” the small lady greeted, “What can I do for you two tonight? Do you need a room?”

Yoongi shook his head as he began closing the door, he knew he was panicking for no reason. There was no way that they were there looking for him or Jimin. He had just almost latched the door, and that’s whenever he barely caught the police officer’s words, “No, we’re looking for two boys, suspected of armed robbery just over the state line. Cameras caught them heading towards the interstate leading here, and we’ve caught wind of a couple of other petty thefts around these parts.” he answered the woman, “Turns out one of them is suspected of multiple armed robberies that extend over a short period of time. It’s believed that they might be driving an older, dark colored VW golf.”

Shit. Fucking shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

Yoongi quickly latched the door, doing his best to not run. His car was still running, all he had to do was walk calmly, get in his car and drive off. The night would be over. Everything would be okay if he could just make it back to the car.

He reached out for the handle, about to open the driver’s door whenever he stopped. Jimin. Jimin would be caught. He shook his head. Why did he even care? They said multiple robberies, and not just any old robberies, he threatened them with that god forsaken gun. It was what he deserved, truly Yoongi knew that, but he didn’t fucking know why he found himself walking back towards the motel. Towards room number three.

Why? Why? Why? You’re such a dumbass, I swear to god.

The short distance between his car and the motel seemed like an eternity. He almost turned around who knows how many times, but he found himself standing in front of a door with a lopsided number three hanging on it, and then he was knocking. Quietly at first, though they became a little more frantic, afraid that the younger was asleep already.

If he doesn’t answer in five seconds, I’m leaving.



He knocked a little louder, heart pounding in his ears.


His eyes shifted towards the lobby door. Who knows how long before the little innkeeper connected the dots.


Fucking shit. Jimin, please.


He’s not coming. He’s going to be caught and I’ll see it on the news in the morning.



Yoongi was very stern with himself and the decision he had made. That’s why he turned around. He was walking back towards his car, the world moving in slow motion as he saw that angelic smile flash through his mind just one more time. It was for the best. He knew it was. If it was for the best though, why did Yoongi find himself stopping as he heard the door click?

He turned around, wide eyed at Jimin who was standing in the door way of his room, a white t-shirt tucked messily into his jeans, his fingers carding through his hair, he took a moment to realize it was Yoongi and his mouth snapped open to make a snarky remark, no doubt.

Yoongi quickly turned, making his way back towards the room as he quickly stepped over the threshold. He didn’t care about personal space, not at that moment in time as he pressed his hand over Jimin’s mouth and shoved him a little further into the room. “Jimin, listen to me,” his voice was frantic and shaky, “There are cops here. They’re looking for us. Looking for you. They know what you’ve done,” he pulled his hand away from the younger’s mouth, a look of confusion and then panic taking over his features. “Jimin,” Yoongi started again, “I need you to grab your stuff. We’ve got to get the hell out of here.”

Jimin only nodded, his breath was shaky as he turned back into the dark room, quickly finding his bag before stuffing the gun inside of it. He made his way back over to the door and Yoongi grabbed his hand with zero hesitance. He wondered if they could really do this. Could they really get out of there without being seen? They walked quickly, though quietly across the gravel parking lot before they hopped into the car, and Yoongi threw the car into gear, letting off the clutch as gently as he could.

He did his best to move the car slowly, careful that the headlights wouldn’t draw attention from the lobby as he turned it around. His hands were shaking beyond his control, his teeth digging into his lower lip as they reached the exit of the parking lot. He turned out to head down the road, hoping and praying that they were safe.

His eyes glanced up into the rearview mirror every so often, heart beating sporadically within the confinement of his chest as he gripped the steering wheel. He was so tense that he nearly jumped whenever he felt Jimin grab his hand that was resting on the gearshift, “Yoongi,” he whispered, “It’ll be okay.”

“You can’t say that yet, Jimin. Not yet,” he licked his lips, trying to steady his breathing as the younger squeezed his hand a little tighter, “You don’t know.”

“Yoongi,” he started again, his words hesitant, “I just wanted to say I’m really sorry. For everything.”

Yoongi shook his head as he turned onto a random road, and then another, entirely unsure of where they were, but he didn’t care. He just needed to find a good spot for them to hide until they could figure out what to do.

The sun was threatening to peak over the tops of the trees, the sky was beginning to glow just slightly.

“You don’t need to apologize to me,” he finally answered, a little mix of a gasp and chuckle all wrapped into one escaping his lips, “This has been the best night of my life.”

“What?” Jimin asked, leaning forward a bit to get a better look at Yoongi, “But I- Y-you could get into a hell of a lot of trouble because of me.”

Yoongi had finally settled on a spot to stop. A clearing, one that overlooked the small town they were in, thinking it was Easley, or just outside of it. He took a moment, taking in the glowing lights, though there weren’t many. “Then we’ll just have to make sure they don’t catch us, huh?”

Yoongi finally put the car in park, leaning his head back against the headrest as he sighed before noticing that Jimin was staring at him, a small smile tugging at the edge of his lips, “I knew you didn’t hate being with me that much.”

The older hummed, “You’re not wrong, but you’re also not right. I don’t hate you, nor being with you. I’m just not too keen on the things you do.”

Jimin snorted slightly, his small hand coming up to cradle his mouth as he did his best to hold in his laughter, “Well too bad, I guess,” a small chuckle fell out of his mouth as he reached into his back pocket to pull out a fresh pack of cigarettes and Yoongi watched him as he began tapping the top of the small box against his hand.

“Did you steal those back at the gas station?” Yoongi raised an eyebrow, shooting a knowing glance at Jimin who just smiled and shook his head.

“They were on the counter back at the motel,” he chuckled again as he began tugging the cellophane off of the box.

“Shit, you stole from a sweet little old lady?”

“You make it sound bad when you say it like that!” Jimin huffed, “She was creepy as hell, and was probably going to murder me in my sleep!”

Now Yoongi was the one doing his best to hold back laughter as he shook his head, “You’re crazy, she was sweet.”

“Sweet?” Jimin squeaked, and Yoongi’s heart nearly lurched at that fact, “Did you see the way she was looking at me? Like she wanted to eat me alive?”

“Yep,” Yoongi cooed slightly, “Or maybe she was looking at you like that because she’s never seen something so beautiful before.”

The car fell silent and Yoongi quickly wished he could take back his words, feeling as if they were still floating awkwardly in the air around them, he hesitated for a moment, his eyes moving over to Jimin to find that he was staring at him, an unlit cigarette nestled between his lips.

“Y-you think I’m beautiful?” he asked, and Yoongi couldn’t fathom the surprise in his voice.

The older licked his lips, a slight heat rushing to his cheeks as he did his best to force out the words, though his eyes moved back to the lights of the town, “You’re easily the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Yoongi,” Jimin started, a slight hesitance laced within his voice as Yoongi saw him lean forward slightly out of his peripheral.

“Jimin,” Yoongi answered, turning slightly to meet Jimin’s eyes, hoping that it was still dark enough and that the younger couldn’t see his embarrassment.

Yoongi didn’t even have time to tell if Jimin could see the way that his hands were shaking slightly, or the light candied apple color that was dusted across his cheeks, which intensified even more so as Jimin leaned across the center console, biting his lip lightly as he placed a small hand against Yoongi’s jawline. Jimin’s face was so close to his own face that he could feel his warm breath washing over his own lips, and he felt his heart stammer against his ribcage as he did his best to hold his composure as the younger closed the distance, more and more until he slotted his pink lips against his own.

The kiss began sweetly, innocent almost, despite who had initiated it, though it began lacking finesse once Jimin’s tongue darted out, lightly sweeping over Yoongi’s bottom lip. Yoongi began to relax into the kiss, though it had ultimately caught him off guard. He shifted his body slightly, turning more towards Jimin, allowing better access for the kiss as he placed a hand on his neck, guiding him to tilt his head slightly so that he could deepen the kiss.

Jimin playfully bit at the older’s bottom lip, a breathless giggle slipping into his open mouth as Yoongi fought back a groan. He reciprocated the action by pulling Jimin’s bottom lip in between his own, as he felt the younger’s hands slip into his blond locks, tugging ever so lightly, and Yoongi took that small action as an invitation to lick into his mouth, earning a high mewl from Jimin’s open mouth.

A quiet and breathless, “Yoongi,” slipped into the air and before he knew it, Jimin had seated himself onto his lap, his back against the steering wheel as he tugged even more at his hair, kissing him with nothing but tongue and teeth. Yoongi had to fight back another groan as the younger rolled his hips against him once, and then twice and the way that Jimin whined as he did so made Yoongi burn with want, and it was like Jimin could hear his thoughts as he trailed kisses that burned against Yoongi’s pale skin down his jawline before whispering a small, “Want you,” against the shell of his ear.

Yoongi’s hands wandered down Jimin’s neck, making their way around to his back and trailing ever so slightly down his spine until he could grip Jimin’s hips coaxing him to move once more as he buried his faced into the crook of his neck, “Fuck, Jimin,” he breathed heavily, intoxicated by the scent of the thief, an odd mix of something sweet, laced with cigarettes and sweat completely taking over.

“Jimin,” Yoongi began, his breath hitching in his throat as Jimin rolled his hips again, “Jimin, w-we can’t,” he gripped at his hips tightly, doing his best to get him to stop, earning a whine from above him at the loss of friction. Yoongi cooed quietly as he leaned up to meet Jimin’s lips, pressing a soft kiss to the edge of his mouth, “I don’t have any condoms or lube. Do you?”

Jimin huffed as he rested his face down into the crook of Yoongi’s neck, shaking his head lightly, “No, but fuck, I want you.”

“I know, I know,” Yoongi soothed as he pressed a soft kiss against any skin that he could reach.

“I could,” Jimin licked his lips between the words, voice small and slightly hesitant, “I could blow you.”

Yoongi inhaled sharply at the suggestion, of course he wanted that, “Y-you don’t have to,” he pressed another kiss lightly against the column of Jimin’s neck.

Jimin hummed against Yoongi’s skin as his fingers finally left their place in the older’s hair, “Want to,” he returned the kiss he had received by pressing a few against Yoongi’s jawline. His hands began wandering slowly down to the nape of Yoongi’s neck, making their way over his shoulders and down his chest, trailing lightly over the black button up which he was wearing. “Unless you don’t want it,” he hummed once again, hands finally coming to a halt just above Yoongi’s belt.

Yoongi fought back a groan at Jimin’s words, of course he fucking wanted it, especially with the way that Jimin’s small hands trailed down him so enticingly as his shaky breathing washed into the shell of his ear like a reckless tide. Yoongi’s lips parted to speak, though his words were halted by the airy giggle that spilled from such perfect lips.

“Told you, Yoongi,” he sucked his own lip in between his teeth as he fought back another chuckle, “’m here for a good time, not a long time.”

Yoongi snorted slightly, doing his best to not bark laughter directly into Jimin’s ear, before humming, trying to seem like he was thinking about what he wanted, not wanting to sound too desperate. “I don’t care about condoms if I’m being honest, I know you’re probably clean, and I’m clean too if you wanna take my word for it,” he pressed another kiss at the space just behind Yoongi’s ear, “But lube is a must, I like it messy and wet.”

The older nearly choked at Jimin’s words, and he would have had half a mind to push Jimin off his lap and pop the car into reverse so that he could drive and head back down the road to find a convenience store, or anything at all that was open at nearly six o’clock in the morning.

“So,” Jimin’s melodic voice interrupted Yoongi’s train of thought, “What do you want, Yoongi?”

“I-I want,” Jimin’s hands had started creeping ever so slightly over his belt buckle, clearly already knowing the answer as his small hands began fiddling with it, “I want you to go down on me,” Yoongi tried to swallow after speaking, his nerves really doing a number on him.

The younger hummed at his words, a mischievous smile playing at the edges of his lips, “You’re so cute when you ask for what you want,” his hands left Yoongi’s belt for a moment as he gripped at Yoongi’s own hands gently, feeling the way that he was shaking, “No need to be nervous,” he cooed, pressing a soft kiss against the tip of Yoongi’s nose.

“I-I’m not,” Yoongi whispered, still trying to steady his breathing, “Just been a while.” Jimin cooed once more, cocking his head to the side, curious at Yoongi’s words, “How long is a while?”

Yoongi shook his head, slightly embarrassed, “I work a lot, so never really have time-“

“Yoongi, how long is a while?”

“Two years.”

Jimin hummed, and Yoongi could almost see the mischief flicker within his dark eyes as he pressed another soft kiss against Yoongi’s lips, “Lucky me, getting to be the first person to taste you in so long.”

Yoongi chased Jimin’s lips, dying to kiss him deeply, but was denied as Jimin shook his head, “Let’s get out of the car, get you more comfortable, yeah?”




Yoongi found himself leaning against the front of his car, and he wasn’t going to deny that it felt world’s better than the cramped-up position they were just in. Jimin was taking a quick smoke break, and Yoongi couldn’t help but stare at him as the sun slowly began peaking up over the mountains in the distance. He took one last drag, tilting his head back as he exhaled deeply, the dim light of the sun glistening off of the sweat that adorned his honey kissed skin.

“Want one?” Jimin asked as he was fiddling with the pack of cigarettes, Yoongi only nodded as Jimin stepped towards him, pulling out a new cigarette, nestling it between his lips, “Here,” he smiled, holding up the lighter in front of Yoongi’s face.

He leaned forward slightly, cigarette seated between the two top knuckles of his fingers as he allowed the tip to meet the open flame. He inhaled carefully, though deeply, doing his best to not choke on the smoke since it had been a long time since he last smoked. Probably as long, if not longer, than the last time he had fucked someone.

Jimin noticed the way that Yoongi was doing his best to hold his composure, a quiet, “Cute,” ghosting past his lips as he reached out for Yoongi’s cigarette, taking it from between his lips. He closed his eyes, taking a slow drag as he inhaled deeply. Yoongi’s knees felt weak at the sight of the smoke as it slowly billowed from between Jimin’s parted lips. He was coming to find that there was something so intoxicating about nearly every little thing that Jimin did, and the it was quite possible that he would be the death of him.

“You still ready for me, yeah?” he had nestled the cigarette back between Yoongi’s parted lips, before sliding down to his knees with zero hesitance, his hands leaving a burning trail through Yoongi’s clothes as they moved to reach their goal.

Jimin lifted the bottom of Yoongi’s shirt, eventually tugging it out of the waistband of his slacks. He looked up at Yoongi, offering a sweet smile and the older almost choked again as he inhaled another puff of smoke, letting it flow carefully from between his lips as he watched the younger press soft, teasing kisses just above his waistband, though Yoongi felt like his skin was on fire.

He sank his teeth in, right at the jut of his hip and Yoongi pulled his lip between his teeth, fighting back a groan. He reached with his free hand for Jimin’s hair, putting all of his weight on the one holding the cigarette to stabilize himself against the hood of his car. Though his hands were shaking slightly as the nicotine coursed through his body, he carded carefully and delicately through the younger’s orange locks.

Jimin wasted no time in unbuckling the older’s belt, his small tongue darting between the seam of his lips as he looked up at Yoongi with wild eyes, another crooked grin tugging at his features as he began tugging the older’s slacks down slowly. Yoongi threw his head back, growing impatient as he felt the way his own cock twitched within its confinement, trapped just below his briefs.

Jimin must have noticed the sharp intake of breath from Yoongi as the older tried to steady himself once more, “Someone is eager,” he giggled lightly, pressing his lips against Yoongi’s still clothed erection, “You want me to hurry?”

“S’fine,” Yoongi groaned, quickly taking another drag from the cigarette which was nearly burnt down to the filter, “Take your time,” he forced, his voice gravelly and hoarse.

“If you want me to hurry up, all you gotta do is say so,” he retorted, pressing another kiss to the same place, “I don’t mind if you boss me around,” he added breathlessly as he lightly grazed his teeth against Yoongi.

“Fuck,” Yoongi blurted out, finally flicking the cigarette into the dirt, “You just look so good like that.”

“Do I?” he asked playfully, clearly already knowing the answer as he finally hooked a finger under the waistband of Yoongi’s boxers, beginning to tug them down excruciatingly slow.

“Yeah,” he stammered slightly, “You look really fucking beautiful.”

Jimin hummed, finally tugging the older’s briefs down just enough so that his erection sprang free, the biggest smile came across his face and Yoongi really wondered how someone could look so angelic when they were about to give someone a blowjob. “You’re not just sayin’ that ‘cause I’m ‘bout to put my mouth on your cock?” he cocked an eyebrow teasingly.

Yoongi’s fingers left Jimin’s hair, trailing down his jawline to just below his chin as he coaxed the younger to look back up at him, “Jimin,” he breathed heavily, “I thought you were so beautiful even as you held a gun to my damn head.”

Jimin smiled up at him again, and Yoongi honestly felt like he was melting, “Good answer,” he whispered before Yoongi watched him take a small hand to grip at the base of his throbbing cock, and just the simple touch alone nearly had the older seeing stars.

“Better hurry before the sun comes up,” Yoongi rasped, bracing himself against his car as he watched Jimin press a soft kiss against the head of his member before allowing little drops of spit to fall from between his parted, glistening lips against the tip of his dick.

“Bet I can make you come first,” he retorted, completely confident as he finally parted his lips and took Yoongi’s length between them, earning a deep groan that even Yoongi could feel rumble in his chest.

“Fuck,” he gasped, biting harshly at his bottom lip once again, “Just like that.”

Jimin nodded, taking it as an invitation to slide him further into his mouth, spit already pooling at the edges of his mouth. He wasn’t lying whenever he said that he liked it wet and messy, and Yoongi couldn’t say that he minded it one bit as he took the liberty of carding his fingers back into Jimin’s sweat dampened hair. The way that he would bob his head ever so slightly, allowing his hand to slide up the rest of Yoongi’s length to meet his swollen lips was nearly enough to drive Yoongi up the wall.

He knew he wouldn’t last long since, it was the most he had in two years, but easily the best and Jimin was only getting started. Jimin clearly knew that he was the best too, with the way that he had his eyes fixed on the older, a devilish look within his dark brown eyes, accompanied by an even more sinful smirk tugging at his lips, allowing the spit that had made a home in the corners of his mouth to draw trails down to his chin.

The moment that Jimin surged forward just enough to allow the tip of Yoongi’s cock to barely brush against the back of his throat nearly caused Yoongi to lose everything right then and there, a hoarse, “Shit,” tearing up his throat as he reached with his free hand, looking for any part of the car that he could grip, desperate to find purchase. He was so lost in the moment that he was entirely unaware of the fact that he had tightened his grip on Jimin’s hair, causing the younger’s scalp to burn as his hips unknowingly bucked forward, pushing a little deeper into Jimin’s throat.

Jimin was quick to halt his ministrations however, releasing Yoongi from between his lips, a desperate gasp for air ascending from his lungs as he pulled back. His eyes still hadn’t left Yoongi’s as he stared up at him, shaking his head before he clicked his tongue, “None of that,” he scolded lightly, the tears that had pooled up at the edges of his eyes were threatening to fall as they glistened in the nearly scarlet sunrise. “Let me take care of you,” he whispered, hand still gripping at Yoongi’s dick as he brought the tip to his chin, rubbing it lightly over his skin in an attempt to gather up the fallen spit only to make an even bigger mess around his mouth.

“Thought you liked to be bossed around,” Yoongi huffed, though it was due to the fact that Jimin had completely stolen the air out of his lungs more than anything.

“I do,” Jimin cooed, pressing a soft kiss against the head of the older’s length before pulling back slightly, a string of spit being the only thing connecting them now apart from Jimin’s small hand, “But, you still haven’t told me what you want.”

Yoongi’s cheeks burned at his words, his mind hazy at the sight that was in front him. He licked his lips, trying to pace himself as he spoke, knowing he could come right there just from the way that Jimin was looking at him, “I wanna,” he began, a slight hesitance but the way that Jimin cocked his head out of curiosity gave him a little more courage, “I wanna fuck your mouth.”

“Oh?” Jimin smiled at his words, clearly keen on the idea, “So, fuck my mouth then. But,” he warned, “If I’m not a sobbing mess by the time that you’re done, you’re not allowed to be in charge anymore.”

“S’that right?” Yoongi retorted, his tongue running between the seam of his lips as he thought carefully about Jimin’s words, “Wouldn’t wanna break you when I can’t even fuck you yet.”

“You won’t break me,” Jimin assured, shifting slightly on his knees as he scooted a little closer, opening his mouth in invitation, which Yoongi gladly accepted as his fingers threaded back into Jimin’s hair, easily jerking the younger’s head forward, allowing his mouth to meet his cock once again.

Yoongi loved how easily Jimin complied with every thrust that drove him deeper into his mouth, his small hands gripping tightly at the older’s thighs. His hips moved started slowly at first, finding some grounding as he felt out the situation, learning what Jimin could and couldn’t handle. Turned out that he could handle quite a bit.

Yoongi’s groans mixed with Jimin’s moans that spilled out against his length into the quiet air of the trees that surrounded them was a song within itself. Jimin constantly egged Yoongi on, begging him with his eyes to not stop as Yoongi made well on his goal as he watched the tears trail down Jimin’s cheeks with every thrust, painting a beautiful, yet wicked picture on his round cheeks. The moment that he felt Jimin’s nails digging into the skin of his bare thighs as his eyes finally fell from Yoongi’s, screwing them shut in an attempt to find some composure as he fought to not gag was enough to send Yoongi flying over the edge.

The coil that had wound itself up tight in his gut finally released as pleasure rippled down his spine and he gripped tightly into Jimin’s hair, both hands tugging hard at his scalp as he held himself in his throat, spilling everything that he had to give. Jimin held himself there, though without much choice as Yoongi rode out his orgasm, a mantra of curses laced between something akin to the younger’s name as he slowly came down from his high.

Jimin nearly fell on his ass as Yoongi finally released the grip he had on his hair, gasping for air once again as he wiped at the bit of come that had overflowed from his lips, quickly licking it into his mouth. “Oh, shit,” he blurted out, doing his best to catch his breath as he licked his lips once again, “Holy fuck, Yoongi.”

“Sorry,” Yoongi huffed apologetically, his chest still heaving from his orgasm, “You okay?”

Jimin smiled up at the older, making himself comfortable on the dirt, pulling his knees up to his chest as he used the cuffs of his sweatshirt to wipe the tears from his cheeks, “Think I might have to keep you around.”

Yoongi nearly snorted as he began tugging his boxers up, followed by his slacks, “Oh yeah?”

Jimin simply nodded, still licking at his lips as if he was trying to another taste of Yoongi’s come, “Yep.”

“Well, looks like you’re definitely stuck with me then.”

“Can’t say that I mind,” Jimin followed up, finally pulling himself up from the dirt as he made his way over to the older, hopping up onto the hood of his car, “Guess I got lucky when I decided to hop into your car.”

“Who knows,” Yoongi turned slightly, situating himself between Jimin’s legs, his hands hold up his weight on either side of him, “Maybe I’m the lucky one.”

Jimin scoffed, leaning forward to press a chaste kiss against Yoongi’s lips as he chuckled, his eyes moving over to the sky, “Guess what.”


“Made you come before the sun,” he sing songed playfully, earning an eyeroll from the older.

“Barely,” Yoongi commented as he situated himself up on the hood beside of Jimin before laying his head down on the windshield, “Don’t get too cocky.”

Jimin shrugged, another giggle dancing into the air from his lips as he found his place beside of Yoongi, moving himself in closely against his side as he sighed, “Guess we should sleep for a bit, before it gets too hot anyway.”

“Probably so,” Yoongi yawned at the mere idea of Jimin’s words, he was beyond ready for a little shut eye. He moved his arm a bit, holding it out in a way as invitation for Jimin to curl in closer, who happily obliged, his small hand drawing sooth circles over Yoongi’s chest as he sighed contentedly. The last thing that Yoongi heard before he drifted off to sleep was Jimin humming. An unfamiliar song, but one that happily lulled him off to sleep as his mind replayed the events of the night, and he couldn’t help but smile to himself. Though he couldn’t exactly figure out why, with a situation so far from ideal. But, he was quickly reminded as he felt Jimin huff out another sigh against his chest.





The sun was beating down against Yoongi’s face, and he winced slightly as he could feel how sweat had already beaded up on his brow. He yawned, stretching slightly as he shifted, the hot hood of his car nearly scorching the exposed skin on his back from where he had forgotten to tuck his shirt back in. His eyes finally opened, and all he could see was blue sky amongst a choir of bird’s melodic songs falling into his ears. It was almost overwhelming, having just woken up.

“Hello there,” a voice called, soft and quiet, a melody that truly gave the birds a run for their money as Yoongi finally sat up. Jimin was sitting on a rock at the edge of the clearing, his knees pulled tight to his chest and his back completely drenched in sweat causing his white t-shirt -having lost hist sweatshirt once again- to be nearly see through. He was looking over his shoulder, eyes fixed on the older, “Sleep okay?”

Yoongi opened his mouth to answer, nearly gagging as he got a better taste of his himself. That’s why he stopped smoking. “About as good as I could sleep on the hood of a car, I guess,” he answered, noticing how Jimin was chuckling at his disgusted expression, “Really wanna brush my teeth.”

“Me too,” Jimin shifted slightly, taking one last look at the view of the hazy mountains in the distance, “Could both probably use a shower too. I don’t know about you, but I feel disgusting.”

“Can probably find a motel or truck stop nearby. Think the truck stops usually have showers,” Yoongi was quick to unbutton his black shirt, quickly tossing it down on the hood, anything to find a little relief from the sun’s scorching heat.

“Motels cost money,” Jimin hissed slightly, his eyes still fixed over the clearing.

Yoongi huffed a curse under his breath, the truck stop was a suggestion and nothing more. It wasn’t something that Yoongi wanted to make good on, “Yeah, and you’ve got a bag full of cash,” he finally retorted.

“You suggested a truck stop, so let’s just do that,” Jimin sighed, clearly not having it.

“Gonna need somewhere to sleep,” the older prodded.

Jimin finally peaked back at the older, an eye shut trying to block out the sun, “You gonna pay for it? Y’know, since you’re an honest citizen and all?”

A sarcastic laugh escaped his lips, “Very funny.”

“I’m known to be funny sometimes, yeah.”

“Why won’t you spend any of the money, Jimin?” he took a few steps closer to the rock, finally sitting behind Jimin, his back to him.

“Yoongi,” he huffed, almost reluctant to answer, “There’s a lot of things you don’t really need to know about me, and I would say that this is pretty high up on that list.”

Yoongi leaned back slightly, his back pressing against the younger’s, “Jimin,” he started, “Think we’re gonna be spending a lot of time together. Maybe you should learn to trust me.”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you,” he pressed back against Yoongi, laying his head slightly on his shoulder, “Just that, uh, if you knew all there is to know about me… Maybe you wouldn’t stick around, I guess.” Yoongi’s heart nearly lurched at his words.

Sure, the night before was amazing, but Yoongi had simply assumed it was just a heat of the moment kind of ordeal. They were almost caught, for a list of crimes that the older himself didn’t even commit. He should have been mad at Jimin, as a matter of fact he should hate him, but in that moment, he realized he didn’t want to be anywhere except by his side. “I know about the armed robberies,” Yoongi blurted out, hoping that maybe his knowledge of the situation would ease Jimin’s mind somewhat, but it only earned a quiet chuckle.

“I figured you did, I mean, they’ve been looking for me. The things I’ve done have been on the news, but this is the closest I’ve ever come to being caught,” he sighed, “I knew you would connect the dots sooner or later.”

“I didn’t exactly connect the dots,” he chuckled lightly, “Just overheard the cops at the motel.”

“It’s not the things I’ve done that make me, well I don’t know if afraid is the right word, but I just don’t want you to leave. I’ve been on my own for so long, it’s nice having someone, I guess,” he paused, finally pulling away from Yoongi, “I just don’t want you to be burdened, if you know it all. You know?”


“It doesn’t matter,” Yoongi could hear him shuffling to stand, “The money in that duffle bag though, I can’t spend it.”

Yoongi fiddled with his hands, examining the dirt under his fingernails, realizing how utterly filthy he felt, “Okay,” he swallowed, “I won’t ask anymore.”

He didn’t even hear Jimin move, he just suddenly felt his breath against the shell of his ear, causing a nearly electric shock to run down his spine. “Thank you,” he murmured quietly before pressing a light kiss just behind Yoongi’s ear, “Wanna get out of here?”

“Do I ever?” Yoongi reached for Jimin’s hand, “Think a shower and some new clothes are our top priority.”

“New clothes?” Jimin chirped, his face lighting up before the glow quickly dissipated, “With no money?”

Yoongi shrugged, finally letting go of the younger’s hand as he stepped around to the driver side door, “Well, if you won’t spend the money,” he knew that Jimin already knew what he was about to suggest based of his facial expression, “Guess we will just have to borrow them.”

“Really?” Jimin cocked an eyebrow, his eyes narrowing, “I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not.”

“Well,” Yoongi shrugged again, “Do you wanna wear those same dirty clothes any longer?” Jimin quickly shook his head, pulling his lip between his teeth as he fought back a grin. “That’s what I thought.”

“I knew you’d come around,” he sing-songed as he swung the door open, quickly hopping inside.

“Shut up,” Yoongi hissed slightly, “It’s only because at this point, we have no other choice.”





“Where’re you from, Yoongi?” Jimin reached to card lightly through Yoongi’s messy blond locks as the shadows of the trees around them cast beautifully throughout the car with each passing moment.

Yoongi gripped the steering wheel a little tighter, his eyes squinting slightly each time there was a small clearing in the trees that allowed the sun to relentlessly wash into his car, “Can’t know anything about you, but you can know about me?” he retorted, raising an eyebrow at Jimin.

“Just curious about your accent,” he commented, tugging a little harder at Yoongi’s scalp and he didn’t know if Jimin was doing it because he didn’t like the older’s snarky remark, or if he was just casually trying to get him riled up again.

“My accent?”

Jimin nodded, his fingers beginning to move a little more delicately again, “Sound like my friend from college, Taehyung. He’s from, uh, Daegu?” he hummed slightly, thinking about his answer, “Yeah, Daegu.”

“Yeah, that’s where I’m from,” Yoongi chortled, slightly impressed by Jimin being able to pin his accent to easily, “What about you? You sound like you’re from around here.”

“Nah, I’m not from Georgia,” he giggled lightly, “Guess where I’m from.”

“I’m bad at this game,” Yoongi groaned, leaning slightly into the younger’s touch.

“Just try,” he whined, playfully tugging at Yoongi’s hair once again.

“Ah,” his brows furrowed together, trying to make it seem like he was really thinking hard about an answer, “Fuck, I don’t know, Tennessee?”


“What? Really?” Yoongi couldn’t believe he had actually guessed right.

“Yeah,” he chortled, “I actually really miss it there.”

“What were you doing in Georgia, then?” Yoongi shook his head slightly, “Aside from robbing places.”

“Shut up,” he quickly removed his fingers from Yoongi’s hair before pinching his forearm, earning a grimace from the older, “I went there for school.”

“You’re not in school anymore?” he asked before even processing his words, “Well clearly not.”

“Yeah, I dropped out to become a thief,” he sighed, and Yoongi chuckled lightly before glancing over at the younger, noticing his somber expression.

“Wait, you’re serious?” he fixed his eyes back on the road, mind in a haze.

“What’s up with your hair?” Jimin was quick to change subjects, his fingers finding their way over to tousle at Yoongi’s bleached locks once again.

“Is there something wrong with it?” the older cocked his head to the side slightly in an attempt to get away from Jimin’s fingers, who was relentless in his pursuit, leaning slightly over the console to get a better reach.

Jimin shook his head, holding back a giggle, “Did you do it yourself? ‘Cause if not, you should ask for your money back.”

“Okay, rude,” Yoongi hissed, doing his best to fight back a smile, he knew that Jimin wasn’t wrong, “First you make me damn criminal, and now you have the audacity to talk down about my hair when you’re sitting beside me looking like a jack-o-lantern.”

Jimin scoffed slightly, though a chuckle slipped past his lips, “Fine, fine. I won’t say another word about your hair,” he finally took his hand back, beginning to fiddle with Yoongi’s phone to pick a better song, “Where are we now?”

“Dunno,” Yoongi hummed, “Far from Easley for sure. Just know we’re going north. Probably close to Pickens. Saw a sign a ways back.”

“Pickens, huh?” Jimin nodded a bit, as if he was thinking hard about it before grabbing Yoongi’s phone and holding down the home button, “Hey Siri, tell me about Pickens, South Carolina.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes, muttering a quiet, “We probably shouldn’t even be using that,” worried that by now they knew who his car belonged to.

The little voice came from the phone after the ding notifying that it had completed its search, “Pickens, formally called Pickens Courthouse, is a city in Pickens County, South Carolina. The population was 3,126 at the 2010 census.”

“Sounds like my kind of place,” Jimin hummed, tossing the phone back down into the console after turning the music back on, this time he had chosen Johnny Cash which caused Yoongi nearly to cringe, “Small town. Good for committin’ crimes.”

Yoongi found himself rolling his eyes again, “We’re just looking for clothes and a shower. Nothing too crazy,” he huffed.

“Oh, Yoongi,” Jimin chortled, humming in between his words along to the song, “I know nothin’ but crazy,” he glanced at the older out of the corner of his eye, a sly smile tugging at his lips.

He huffed once again, murmuring a curse under his breath. Still wondering what he had gotten himself into, he couldn’t help but feel his heart thump brightly in his chest, a sense of fear wrapped tightly in excitement bubbling up inside of him.





Pickens was exactly what one would expect. Dead. It was nearly a ghost town, and Yoongi was surprised that it even had paved roads. The scenery was breathtaking however, a small quaint town nestled in between greenish blue mountains that could be seen for miles.

“This place sucks,” Jimin groaned as they walked through downtown, they had to settle for the bathroom of a general store to wash up in, and that fact alone was why Yoongi had such a smug look on his face since he had talked Jimin into finally staying in a motel that evening so they could take a proper shower.

“Thought you said it was your kind of place?” Yoongi breathed in deeply, soaking in the fresh air, his lungs feeling light.

“Yeah, yeah,” the younger huffed, purposely bumping into Yoongi as they walked side by side, “I know what I said, but this place has fucking nothing.”

“You’re right, but there’s not cops here looking for us, so that’s a plus,” Yoongi finally stopped in front of a storefront, reading over one of the signs in the window, “How does this place look?”

Jimin stopped, a few feet ahead of the older, turning around to look up at the sign overhead, “A thrift shop?” he scoffed lightly.

“What?” Yoongi rolled his eyes in the process of returning his gaze to the younger, “You were expecting Dolce and Gabbana?”

The younger was quick to push out his lip, a slight pout that completely gripped at Yoongi’s heartstrings, “No, I just thought maybe somewhere with at least… New clothes?”

“Well, we don’t have time to find somewhere else, kid,” he had already reached for the handle of the door, “Wanna get to the next town before nightfall. We need to find somewhere decent to stay and we don’t have time to look for another place.”

Jimin cocked his head to the side, tongue running over the inside of his cheek, “Well someone took too long to wash up at the general store. Would have thought we found a goddamn day spa with how long you were taking.”

The younger was quickly learning just how to push Yoongi’s buttons, as a matter of fact, he was searching for the exact reaction that he had received as the older removed his hand from the door handle, shifting it quickly to hold the bottom of Jimin’s chin, “S’that right?” he rasped, forcing Jimin to look at him. “Now, if I recall correctly I was done and gettin’ dressed when someone slipped in, got down on his knees and begged me to fuck his throat again,” he cocked an eyebrow as he hummed, searching the younger for a reaction.

Jimin wasn’t easily phased, though his words did cause a slight heat to rise to his cheeks as he swallowed hard before he spoke, “Didn’t like it?”

“No, kid, of course I liked it,” he cooed, tilting Jimin’s head just a little more before he pressed a chaste kiss against his lips, completely engulfing his nose in the scent of cigarettes laced with mint where the younger had brushed his teeth, “Just don’t go complainin’ when you don’t always get what you want, got it?”

The sharp inhale of breath from the younger was enough for Yoongi to finally release his chin. While Jimin was learning how to push his buttons, Yoongi was learning well enough how to push his back. “C’mon,” he murmured, reaching for the door handle once again, “Show me what a good little thief you are, yeah?”




Yoongi had already picked out clothes as he found a spot in a chair just outside of the dressing room. He was sure to do as Jimin had instructed, hanging his old clothes on the hangers of what he had chosen before placing them on the put back rack, though it pained him slightly to part with his favorite slacks, but he figured he really didn’t need them anymore.

“You’re taking too long, Jiminie,” he hissed through his teeth as he dawdled with the hem of the jeans he had picked out, rolling them up slightly as he slid on the boots he was lucky to have found in his size since his dress shoes were far from comfortable.

“Think this is the one,” the younger sing songed behind the velvet curtain that closed off the fitting room and Yoongi had to bite back his laughter as he watched Jimin trying to slip his boots back on below the curtain, nearly falling over in the process.

It took another minute, though it felt like an eternity as Yoongi kept a watchful eye on the one and only worker manning the store before Jimin finally emerged from behind the curtain, “Okay, what do you think?” he stammered slightly, voice small as he searched for Yoongi’s approval.

Yoongi almost had to bite back a groan, almost sure that Jimin could pull of just about anything. From the oversized black and white striped shirt he tucked messily into the black jeans he had found, with rips exposing his thighs and Yoongi couldn’t say he was upset that the younger had opted to keep his fishnets on, as his eyes were nearly glued to them the moment they fall on them.

“Looks good,” he choked, clearing his throat slightly as he shifted to stand.

Jimin was fiddling with his fingers, eyes fixed down on them, “Maybe I should pick something else.”

“Jiminie,” Yoongi’s voice snapped the younger out of his rut as his eyes shot back up to meet his own gaze, “You look fucking gorgeous, but we should get going.”

He reached a large hand out to take Jimin’s smaller one as he nodded towards the door. Yoongi had felt calm up until that moment. The moment when he was actually about to steal something for the first time as they walked slowly towards the door. He could feel his heart hammering in his ears as Jimin gripped his hand a little tighter, a silent assurance that it was going to be okay as they got a little closer, beginning to walk past the cashier who was lazily reading a magazine behind the counter.

Yoongi’s fingertips had barely touched the handle of the door when a voice flooded his ears from the direction he had been watching from the corner of his eyes, “Um, y’all gonna pay for those?” she spoke sternly, no hesitance in her voice as she popped her gum. The older’s mouth snapped open, he was about give in, beg for forgiveness, anything as he felt Jimin tighten his grip on his hand, tugging ever so slightly, a quiet “Run,” washing into the shell of his ear and before he knew it they were running out the door, down the street and back to where they had parked.

Without words, they jumped into the green hatchback, Yoongi doing as he always did as he muttered a silent prayer as he slipped the key into the ignition and the engine started without zero hesitance for once as he blurted out a “Thank you, Jesus!” before quickly popping off the emergency break and shifting into first gear, getting as far away from Pickens as he could with haste.

Catching his breath was difficult. He wasn’t sure if he had ever run that fast in his entire life. They really just did that. Min Yoongi really just committed a crime, no matter how small it was. He had always lived such an honest life, and yet there he was, stealing. It didn’t seem like a huge deal, not when comparing him to the orange haired boy that had taken his place by his side, the one who had committed multiple thefts, enough that the police had been looking for him.

“You okay?” Jimin’s voice nearly echoed throughout Yoongi’s thoughts, pulling him down from his high as he glanced over at the younger, a look of concern marring his brow.

A breathless laugh fell from his lips, the edges of his mouth tugging in a smile, “That was fucking exhilarating,” he chortled, “I mean, I know it was only like $20 worth of clothes, but holy shit!”

Jimin’s eyes were wide upon hearing his words, the dark orbs scanning Yoongi’s face before he simply nodded, “Well, okay then,” he chuckled as he reached for Yoongi’s phone to turn some music back on.

“Oh, Jimin,” Yoongi interrupted his action, his hand reaching over to take the phone away from the younger’s grasp, “I grabbed somethin’ for you. While you were in the dressing room,” he tossed the phone into his lap as he reached into the pocket of his “new” leather jacket, “Thought you might like it.”

Jimin gasped the moment his eyes fell on the gift, he reached quickly with hands much like a child on Christmas morning, “Best of Johnny Cash?!” he bit his lip, trying to hold back his excitement.

Yoongi nodded, “Dunno why you like him so much that you have to fill the damn cab of this car with his music all the time,” he smiled, his eyes glancing back over to the younger as did his best to etch the memory of how he was glowing so brightly in that moment into his brain, “But, figured his music means a lot to you, so,” his voice trailed off as Jimin leaned across the car to press a soft kiss against his cheek.

“Thank you, Yoongi.”

The older bit his lip, hoping that the way he was blushing wasn’t too apparent, “Just didn’t want it to be dead silent since I really should toss my phone. Cops know my car, maybe they have my tag numbers too. Can’t chance anything.” He picked the phone up from his lap, swiping to unlock it one last time as he skimmed through the plethora of missed calls and messages from his boss only. He shook his head, bring his eyes back up to the open road in front of them. “You wanna do the honors?” he asked, holding the phone out to Jimin who had already popped the disc into its new home as Johnny Cash’s voice began filling up the cab.

Jimin nodded, though his eyes searching Yoongi’s face to see if he was second guessing himself at all. He reached a hand out to take the phone as he cranked the lever for the window, feeling the muggy South Carolina breeze hit his face as he turned, turning the phone off for good measure as he tossed it as far as he could into the grass beside of the winding road.

“Only criminals toss their phones out of moving cars,” Jimin cooed, playfully batting his lashes at the older.

“Hush,” Yoongi shook his head, “Keep an eye out for motel signs, huh?”

“Oh, a motel?” Jimin chirped, “Finally ready to do things my way?”

“Looks like it.”




Asheville, North Carolina. Just over the South Carolina state line, and not Yoongi’s first choice seeing as the place was a bit uppity and more populated than the last few towns they had passed through. Yoongi had insisted that they keep driving, keeping their streak of laying low—more like attempting to—going, but Jimin whined as they passed through, saying that he couldn’t last another moment without food. Yoongi could completely see where the younger was coming from, seeing as Jimin had swiped them a few snack cakes and cokes from the general store where they washed up, and that was the only source of nutrition they had that day.

“This place is amazing!” Jimin bellowed as they finally found a place to park along the streets of downtown, and it was completely bustling. Music filled the air, and the smells of all the different restaurants to choose from mingled and tugged the two in multiple directions at once.

They quickly opted for a small Japanese fusion restaurant with an outdoor patio, both gorging themselves in duck sandwiches while Yoongi watched Jimin drink his weight in hot saki, truly wondering how he was able to handle so much without falling over. Yoongi only drank water however, feeling dehydrated from the previous two days and he made sure that Jimin also drank some in between his cups of alcohol.

He would have loved a drink, but he wanted to keep his mind clear and sharp. Not because he was constantly feeling like eyes were watching their every move, slightly paranoid that they were still being followed, or maybe a little. But, he mainly didn’t want to forget the way that Jimin looked under the warm lights of the patio, as he threw his head back in laughter at every stupid thing that Yoongi said—mainly on purpose—he loved the way that Jimin’s eyes would crinkle as his cheeks bunched up whenever he smiled. His heart lurching into his throat at every airy laugh as he felt everything he had becoming Jimin’s.

Was it possible to fall in love with someone in two days?

Yoongi sure wasn’t going it question it. Not with the way that Jimin would lean across the table and grip his hand every so often as Yoongi told him another horrible joke, one that made his own skin crawl because of how corny it was, but every single punch line was worth it.

Maybe it was possible to fall in love with someone in just two days.

Jimin finally took the final sip of what he promised was his last drink, begging Yoongi with his eyes whenever the waitress asked them if they would like some dessert to go, and the older quickly decided in that moment that perhaps he could never deny Jimin a thing in the world.

“Of course you can have some dessert, baby.”

The way that Jimin’s eyes lit up, and his cheeks flushed upon hearing the pet name really did a number on Yoongi. He wished he could have basked in the glow that was radiating from him a little while longer but his heart could only stammer in his chest as he watched Jimin turn to the waitress to order a big slice of chocolate cake.


His heart was surely getting exhausted, with the way that it fell to the pit of his stomach as he watched Jimin drop the boxed cake as they clumsily hopped the patio fence before the waitress could return with their check. The disappointment on Jimin’s face was apparent, though he pulled himself together quickly as Yoongi gripped his waist and tugged him close against himself as they walked under the dim street lights, “It’ll still taste the same, darling,” he whispered quietly into his hair as he did his best to help Jimin to walk straight.

“I know, but it’s less satisfying this way, y’know?” he pouted slightly which earned a kiss against his cheek.

It’s definitely possible to fall in love with someone in two days.


They walked around a little longer, listening to some of the musicians that sat on the street corners as the sun completely disappeared behind the buildings. He kept a tight grip on Jimin’s hand, holding him close as he slowly sobered up, complaining about how horrible he felt and Yoongi scolded that he should have drank more water, seeing as he was most likely dehydrated as well.

They took their time, visiting little boutiques and Yoongi would nod whenever he noticed Jimin taking a particular interest in the handmade jewelry, giving him permission to pocket anything he wanted as he would distract the worker at the counter. It was becoming easier. Something that Yoongi didn’t even have to think twice about. If Jimin wanted it, he was going to get it.

They stopped in a corner convenience store, in need of some essentials for the night, wherever they would find themselves staying. Jimin took his post at the front, and Yoongi watched with jealous eyes as the younger cocked an eyebrow at the clerk, licking his lips carefully between his words and looking ever so enticing. Yoongi shook his head, however, quickly walking through the aisles as he grabbed a variety of things: toothbrushes, toothpaste, and some aspirin for the hangover that Jimin was sure to have the next morning.

“You ready, darling?” Yoongi murmured as he passed the counter, catching a glimpse of Jimin sliding a new box of cigarettes across the counter from the clerk. One that he had surely flirted his way into getting.


The air outside smelled like rain, and Yoongi figured it was probably best to stay where they were the moment the first drop of water landed on his forehead. Knowing his car, they would never make it down the mountain that led out of Asheville, and he definitely didn’t want to have to sleep anywhere besides a bed for another night.

“Looks like we might have to stay here for the night,” Yoongi coughed as he inhaled the smoke from the cigarette that Jimin had quickly lit upon leaving the store.

“Everywhere ‘round here looked real fancy,” he started, slurring his words before taking another slow drag, “Sure we shouldn’t just head on down the mountain?”

“Piece of shit car wouldn’t make it. She’s been faithful so far, but hates the rain,” he waved his hand in front of his face to disperse the smoke, only to find that Jimin was holding an unlit cigarette in front of his face which he reluctantly took, “If we drive through a puddle big enough to splash up into the engine, we’d be fucked.”

Jimin hummed around the butt of his cigarette as he held up his lighter in front of the older, “Then guess we’ll live like royalty tonight, huh?”

“Guess so,” Yoongi commented, breathing deeply as the smoke filled his lungs, “Think we can get away with it?”

The younger chuckled lightly as smoke billowed from his parted lips, finally minding where he blew it, “Do you doubt me?”

The rain was starting to come down a little more, each drop nearly stinging as it hit what little exposed skin that Yoongi had before inevitably putting out his cigarette. Jimin had flicked his to the ground as he leaned back slightly under the canopy of the convenience store, his eyes fixed on Yoongi, clearly questioning what was running through his mind.

“Just flash them that pretty smile of yours and you’ll get what you want. You always do.”




There was some fancy hotel in the heart of downtown, one that Yoongi couldn’t even pronounce the name of, and surely enough it was the one that Jimin had taken an interest in. It was getting late and they figured the staff would be low, making it nice and easy for them to take what they needed.

The lobby was brightly lit, adorned with marble floors that Jimin’s combat boots clicked on with every step he took as he walked in ahead of Yoongi, who couldn’t take his eyes off the younger’s back. The way he walked commanded attention, the few eyes in the room had turned to fix themselves on him. Sure, he was dripping wet head to toe from the rain, but that’s what made him look that much more sinful as his skin nearly shined under the chandelier in the middle of the lobby.

He had told Yoongi to come in after him, just by a minute or so, giving him enough time to completely capture the attention of whoever was manning the front desk, and with their luck it was a young girl. One whose gaze instantly fell on Jimin as he stepped up, her eyes widening as she looked him up and down and Yoongi already knew what she was thinking.

Yeah, he’s fucking beautiful, right?

“Hey there,” Jimin started, and there it was, honey was pouring from his lips, “I’m a little turned around and was hoping you could point me in the right direction.”

The girl stared for a moment, mouth gaping as if she was in some sort of trance before she shook her head, finally realizing that Jimin—the ethereal creature—was actually speaking to her.

“I’m sorry, sir?” she stammered slightly, fiddling with the hem of her green vest. Jimin was definitely making her nervous.

He leaned down slightly on the counter after quickly running a hand through his dripping wet hair, “I’m just a little turned around,” he started again, “Just need some help. The roads here are sort of confusing.”

That was Yoongi’s queue as he stepped up to the counter, just a little ways down from Jimin. His eyes scanning the desk, though his ears were listening intently on the conversation, in case anything went awry.

He picked up a pamphlet, pretending to be completely enraptured by its contents as he peeked over it, still searching. He couldn’t come up empty handed, not for Jimin. His eyes finally landed on what he needed. A very plain white keycard. The master key. The girl was still doing her best to explain to Jimin how to get back on the interstate, and doing a shit job at that.

Yoongi’s hand slid carefully down the counter, back to the plexiglass container that was holding the pamphlets as he reached to place the one he had picked up back where it belonged, only to knock the container and its entire contents over onto the counter.

The sound drew the girl’s attention, her eyes fixed on him, narrowing as if she was pissed off that he had interrupted what was probably the most precious conversation in her entire career at that hotel. He was sure that Jimin was probably the most attractive thing she had ever seen, let alone spoken to, and probably couldn’t wait to run home and call all of her friends and tell them about this perfect human being who definitely was staring her down with bedroom eyes.

Jimin had glanced over too, a devilish smirk threatening to take over his features as he eyed Yoongi, pretending to be annoyed by the loud noise as he shook his head. A string of oh shit’s and I’m sorry’s spilled past Yoongi’s lips as he did his very best to look completely apologetic about his accident as Jimin fixed his eyes back on the girl, entirely demanding her attention once again and she was keen to give it to him.

Yoongi carded quickly through the pamphlets, stacking them back in their designated tray, and bingo. He had managed to swipe the master key as he carefully slid it into the pocket of his jacket, taking a step away from the counter as he cleared his throat. That was the signal to let Jimin know that the deed was done as he headed around the corner to the elevators.

Yoongi huffed an impatient sigh and he would have been staring at his watch if he had one, he was sure that Jimin took at least another ten minutes. He leaned back against the wall in between the elevators, his eyes moving over the paintings that hung across the wall in front of him. He couldn’t believe how nice this place was, let alone that he was going to get to sleep there for the night. It had only been two days, but he was surely missing something back home in Georgia. His bed.

“That was too easy,” Jimin whispered as he rounded the corner, quickly pressing the elevator button as he tapped his foot. His hair was still dripping, his shirt soaking wet as he shivered slightly.

“C’mere,” Yoongi murmured, holding a hand out towards the younger who easily obliged as he stepped closer. Yoongi wrapped his arm around his waist, holding him tightly as his hand moved up to his arm, moving back and forth in an attempt to warm him up, “Can’t have baby getting sick, now can we?”

Jimin leaned into his touch, a sigh of contentment slipping past his lips, “Don’t worry, I know a few ways to get warmed up,” he cooed, his eyes still fixed on the lights above the elevator as he watched it slowly drop down another floor.

“S’that right?” Yoongi asked, a curious tone laced within his voice.

Jimin nodded, “Hot shower, and then I’m gonna eat this goddamn cake.”


Picking a floor to stay on was the difficult part. There were twenty-three to choose from, and Yoongi somehow found himself on the top floor because Jimin insisted that there was less of a chance that someone was occupying one of the suites. The younger picked the one on the far end of the hallway, expecting that it would have a perfect view, and he sure wasn’t wrong.

The whole wall was completely lined with windows that overlooked the nearby river, offering a near perfect view of the dark mountains within the distance which were thickly laced with fog due to the store that was still faring heavily. Yoongi’s eyes widened as he glanced around the room. The suite was easily bigger than his old apartment, as a matter of fact, two of his apartments probably could have fit within the space. There were glimmering tile floors that led into the bedroom area, and a separate kitchen off to the side opposite of all the windows, stainless steel appliances provided.

He swallowed heavily as he stepped into the bedroom, knowing that it would surpass all of his wildest dreams, though in that moment anywhere with a bed would have been perfectly fine; this was just a nice bonus. A king size bed sat away from the windows, offering a perfect view for one to wake up to. The fluffy white duvet and mound of pillows were beckoning him, and he nearly gave in before he realized how completely filthy he was and they were supposed to make their presence as miniscule as possible, and it was probably best to not dirty the sheets.

Jimin had already settled into the corner in a large green velvet chair, his cake box already opened as he pouted slightly upon seeing the state it was in. He shrugged it off quickly before dipping a finger into the frosting and Yoongi found himself staring as he slowly licked it off the tip.

“I’m sure there are forks,” Yoongi rasped, wondering if Jimin had any idea what his little action was doing to him.

“This is fine,” Jimin chirped, pinching off a piece of the cake before delicately taking it into his mouth, a euphoric groan escaping his lips.

Yoongi had shed himself of his leather jacket, dropping it down to the floor as his eyes completely drank in everything about Jimin. He looked like hell, but fuck, hell had never looked so ardently enticing before. The older had no control of the way his feet began to carry him over to the corner where the younger was sat up, looking so small and gorgeous.

He crouched down in front of him, a hand caressing his jean clad thigh, fingers instantly dipping into the rips and playing with the fishnets underneath. Jimin finally took his attention off of the cake for a moment, his eyes flickering up to meet Yoongi’s and by the looks of it, he could tell exactly where things were heading.

His finger dipped into the frosting once again, and he held it out as an offer for Yoongi who easily accepted as Jimin pressed the chocolate covered pad of his finger against his lips. Jimin cooed lightly as Yoongi did as he wanted, earning a nod of approval as he took his finger back to find that it was clean before he wiped the bit of frosting that sat at the edge of his lip with the same finger, his eyes fixed on the older as he slowly slid it between his plush lips.

The pads of Yoongi’s callused fingers dug a little a further into Jimin’s skin, playfully hooking around the fishnets, allowing them to snap back against his thighs as he leaned forward slightly, his eyes demanding that Jimin’s attention stay on him. The younger must have taken Yoongi’s movement as in invitation as he leaned closer, his lips begging to be against the older’s as Yoongi watched the tip of his tongue run between the parted seam.

It wasn’t a moment later that their mouths finally collided, with parted lips and wanton moans being swallowed before they even had a chance to slip into the air as Jimin gripped at the collar of Yoongi’s white t-shirt, pulling with all of his strength in a wholehearted attempt to completely close the space between them.

Jimin tasted like every single thing that Yoongi’s mother had ever warned him about, a heady mix of alcohol and cigarettes, yet ever so inviting as his tongue raked over the younger’s tongue and teeth, pulling every whimper that he could from his throat. Yoongi savored each taste, each feeling, even more so as Jimin nearly caused them to topple over as he climbed out of the chair, straddling himself over Yoongi’s thighs.

“So eager,” Yoongi cooed between their near clashing off teeth as Jimin’s hands fixed themselves on the back of the older’s neck to steady himself, his nails digging ever so slightly into the pale skin there, “What’s baby after, huh?”

Yoongi already knew the answer to his question, but a part of him was dying to hear Jimin beg again, much like he had earlier that day as he got down as his knees on the filthy floor of the general store. Just the thought alone made Yoongi burn with want, though he pulled away, his hands gripping either side of Jimin’s face, forcing him to look at him. His eyes were hooded, with pupils blown wide as his lip quivered into a pout at the sudden loss of Yoongi’s mouth on his, but all the older could do was click his tongue teasingly, “Use your words,” he rasped, a hint of warning in his voice.

“You know what I’m after,” Jimin started, trying to catch his breath as he started to lightly rock his hips, only earning a firm smack against his thigh.

“None of that,” Yoongi warned once again as he gripped Jimin’s chin, making sure his eyes were fixed on him, “Use your words,” he repeated, a small pause in between each word.

“My words?” Jimin bit back without hesitance, leaning forward as he brought his lips to the shell of Yoongi’s ear, his shallow breaths sending electric shocks down the older’s spine, “I want you to take me into the shower, clean me up before you fuck me open with your fingers, and then whenever we’re done there,” he paused, holding back a chuckle as he thought about his next words, “I want you to fuck me on every surface of this room.”

“Yeah?” Yoongi had to fight back a groan upon hearing the words that had alone stoked the fire that was burning deep in his gut, “Is that what baby wants?”

He could hear the way that Jimin licked his lips before he spoke, a breathy chuckle washed over the skin of his neck, causing his hair to stand on end.

“Yes, daddy.”

Yoongi bit his lip at his words, knowing that they could only have that kind of power when spilled from Jimin’s lips, and his alone, “You trying to get me all riled up, huh?” he growled, his voice vibrating through his sternum. Jimin only nodded as he leaned back slightly, and Yoongi could have nearly fallen in love with the sight before him as the younger batted his lashes with flushed cheeks as he started to rock his hips again and the older could only let him.

“Get in the bathroom. Now,” Yoongi ordered as he pressed another chaste kiss against Jimin’s swollen lips.


The trip to the bathroom was nothing but fumbling hands, blindly reaching for any skin they could touch between choked murmurs of one another’s names. Yoongi was quick to prop Jimin up onto the counter, the younger situating himself with his legs spread open, an invitation that the older willingly accepted as he pressed searing kisses down the column of Jimin’s neck. His hands fumbled with his belt for a moment, before going back to his waist to hold him firmly, unsure of just what he wanted yet. All he knew was that he wanted Jimin.

Jimin caught onto to Yoongi’s dilemma, however, his hands making their way down his front over his still damp clothes as he attempted to work at his thick leather belt to save Yoongi time later as the older relentlessly rocked his hips against Jimin’s clothed bulge, feeling just how each and every one of his movements were affecting the thief.

“Get me in the shower,” Jimin breathed heavily between his words, fighting back another broken moan as Yoongi rolled his hips once again. Yoongi was dying to give him what he wanted, unable to find it within himself to make him ask nicely, there was always time for that later.

“So eager for me. So fucking needy,” he growled as his hands moved from Jimin’s hips to swat the younger’s hands away from his belt as he began working at it, fumbling until it was finally undone and the metal buckle clanked loudly on the marble counter top. He made quick work of the buttons as Jimin haphazardly yanked his shirt up over his head, nearly ripping the wet fabric in the process as he threw it down onto the tile floor.

Getting the damp jeans off of Jimin was a trial within itself, with the way the garment clung tightly to his skin, but it was all worth as Yoongi bit back a groan at the sight before him once Jimin’s pants had reached the floor. Yoongi had been dying to see Jimin in nothing but the fishnet stockings, as a matter of fact, he had pictured it every damn time his eyes fell onto the younger’s legs. What he never expected to find, however, was Jimin’s hard cock pinned against his stomach, trapped just below the fishnets and covered by nothing else, and the sight alone caused Yoongi’s dick to throb under the confinement of his own jeans.

“So fucking naughty,” he exhaled deeply, pressing a palm to the younger’s member which earned a broken whine in return as he watched precome seep from the tip, pooling against his lower abdomen, “You been walking around like this the whole damn time?”

Jimin shook his head, fighting back another moan as Yoongi worked his hand over his cock, slipping a finger under the fishnets to tease at the slit, “Left my panties in the pocket of my old jeans back at the thrift shop,” he nearly hissed as Yoongi’s thumb travelled just underneath the head, “D-didn’t want secondhand panties, y’know? Plus, knew you’d lose your shit when y-you finally saw.”

Yoongi groaned at his words, his lips meeting Jimin’s to swallow every tiny whimper that bubbled out of his throat as he relentlessly worked his fingers between the holes of the fishnets, “You were right,” he whispered into his open mouth, gliding his tongue over Jimin’s bottom lip between his words, “Look at you, learning all the things that daddy likes.”

Jimin nearly cooed at his words between bated breaths, happy that Yoongi clearly liked what the younger would refer to as a term of endearment. His euphoria was quickly stolen away as Yoongi removed his hands, and Jimin’s brows furrowed together as yet another whine threatened to escape his lips before the older shushed him.

“You said you wanted in the shower,” he started, his eyes raking over every inch of Jimin’s exposed body, “So let’s get you in the shower, yeah?”

It didn’t take much convincing for Jimin to comply, though he kept his hands all over Yoongi, who had finally rid himself of his clothes; shedding them across the glimmering tile floor, as they stepped into the shower, nearly ripping the curtain down in the process. Yoongi would have been lying if he said he wasn’t eager, not with how directly Jimin had told him what he wanted, and oh, he wanted it too.

After a storm of messy kisses, none of which cradled any finesse, Yoongi had finally pinned Jimin against the shower wall as the hot water stung against their previously chilled bodies from the rain. Jimin eagerly opened his mouth as Yoongi offered his fingers to him, whispering about how he would have to get them nice and messy because their dumb asses had forgotten lube and condoms, and the older almost blurted out that he loved the younger for the simple fact that he cocked and eyebrow as he looked over his shoulder. He had indeed grabbed lube and condoms when they visited the corner store earlier, Yoongi was just too enraptured in Jimin to notice the way the younger slyly slid them into the pocket of his leather jacket. Though, that didn’t do them much good at that moment seeing as it was strewn across the floor of the bedroom.

Yoongi circled the pads of his first two fingers over Jimin’s tongue, whispering about how insanely beautiful he was just before choking him on his fingers for a moment before the older took them back, gliding them ever so carefully down the younger’s spine before slipping them in between the globes of his ass. He carefully circled a finger around Jimin’s rim as the younger tilted his head back, allowing Yoongi to swallow the string of breathless pleads that spilled from his lips just as he slowly slipped his first finger in without warning, earning a sinful whimper from Jimin’s parted lips.

One finger quickly became two, and then three, and by that point Yoongi was beyond eager, and even more so as he reached around Jimin’s waist with his free hand to grip at the head of his cock, barely stroking him and before long it was enough to send Jimin over the edge as his body fell pliant back against Yoongi as the older worked him through his orgasm, whispering words of encouragement and the highest of praises into his ear as he slowly came down from his high.

“Baby came so pretty for me,” Yoongi rasped right against his ear, kissing at any skin he could reach, “You still want me to fuck you open? Make you feel even better?” he hummed between the kisses, feeling the way that his words caused Jimin to shiver.

Jimin only nodded at first before Yoongi slipped a hand around the column up his neck, not using much force, but just enough to serve as a warning as he told him to use his words once more. Jimin whimpered, backing himself up slightly to rock back against Yoongi’s throbbing erection that was still hanging heavily between his legs, he earned a groan as a quiet, “Please,” escaped his lips ever so sweetly and the older was quick to shut off the water before reaching out to grab a towel to hastily dry themselves off.


Yoongi shouldn’t have been surprised as he picked up the leather jacket off of the floor. He knew Jimin wasn’t lying, but he was still highly impressed that the younger was able to slip a whole box of condoms along with a small bottle of lube into his pocket without him noticing. Guess he wasn’t lying whenever he said that he was good at what he did.

Yoongi tossed the box of condoms onto the bed where Jimin had fixed himself, his eyes falling all over the older’s body and his body felt hot, nervous even, trapped under his intense gaze. Jimin picked up the box, never once letting his eyes fall from Yoongi’s face as he licked his lips, seemingly eager for what was about to come to him. His hands worked quickly, nearly ripping the box into sheds as he unwrapped the condom, cocking his head to the side in a silent question of whether or not Yoongi was just going to stand there and admire him all night.

He would have. That much was certain.

The older closed the space between them, as Jimin sat up just a little more, his eyes still fixed on Yoongi’s as he glided a small hand down his chest, then over his abdomen until he reached his mark, gripping at the base of Yoongi’s weeping dick, earning a slight hiss from the older upon the touch. He pressed a soft teasing kiss, much like he did before he would go down on him, only this time his action was followed by him haphazardly rolling the condom down Yoongi’s length as his eyes told the older all that he needed to know, full of want and need.

“How do you want me?” he asked coyly, having taken the bottle of lube from the older’s hands, quickly popping the top open as he began to slick Yoongi up, using his other hand to drop down to his own entrance, coating himself thoroughly. Again, he had been honest whenever he said that he liked it wet and messy, and Yoongi still couldn’t find it in himself to complain.

“On your back,” Yoongi rasped, his mind in a haze at the sight before him as Jimin eagerly complied, “Wanna see you while I fuck you.”

Jimin cooed at his words, falling back against the mattress, spreading his legs in a silent invitation and Yoongi couldn’t find it in himself to hold back any longer. It was only a matter of seconds before he had fixed himself on top of the younger, pressing sloppy kisses against the column of his neck all the way up to his jaw, and then his lips as he found himself between Jimin’s thighs, a leg thrown up over his shoulder.

Yoongi’s hands grazed every inch of skin that he could reach before one dropped down to his own cock, lining himself up with Jimin’s entrance as he began slowly pressing in, drinking in every small whimper that escaped the younger’s parted lips. He took his time, earning an impatient whine which, in return, egged Yoongi on to force himself deep within Jimin in one fell swoop, completely bottoming out. He soothed the younger with kisses, the stretch not at all what he had anticipated, nothing that even three fingers could have prepared him for as Yoongi slowly began rolling his hips. Jimin’s eyes were screwed shut, little tears bubbling at the corners of them, threatening to fall with each movement.

He was tight, almost tight enough that every little movement almost caused Yoongi to lose everything he had right then and there as he groaned into the younger’s mouth, murmuring praises once again as Jimin blindly gripped at his hair, causing his scalp to burn right from the start.

“Baby,” Yoongi murmured, his hand running gentle over Jimin’s cheek as his thumb wiped away the runaway tear that had managed to slip from his eye, “Open your eyes for me. Look at me, yeah?” he pressed a series of soft kisses as Jimin finally complied, sucking his own lip between his teeth as he bit harshly at it.

“So good for me,” Yoongi cooed, his eyes fixed on Jimin’s, his expression painting the most sinful picture as he slowly pulled out ever so slightly before snapping his hips forward without warning and he eagerly swallowed the cry that broke from the younger’s throat. He quickly set a harsh, but steady pace, eventually having to fix his hand over Jimin’s mouth as his whines and moans became louder with each relentless thrust, doing his best to keep their presence within the hotel completely unknown.

It wasn’t long before Jimin was babbling, a string of incoherent phrases that Yoongi could hardly make out as they were muffled below his large hand, “Is baby gonna come again for me?” he groaned once Jimin nodded his head as the younger worked his hips back against Yoongi, meeting each thrust as another line of tears fell from his eyes. “That’s it, that’s it,” Yoongi cooed, taking the chance of Jimin completely giving away their whereabouts as he reached to thumb at the head of Jimin’s cock that had become hard again at some point, begging to be touched.

He started off teasingly, and Jimin pled beneath him, begging for more as Yoongi clicked his tongue, doing his best to hold his composure, “Is that how baby gets what he wants?”

“P-please,” he whimpered, nails digging into Yoongi’s shoulders as he sobbed between thrusts, “Please, let me come, daddy,” he finally managed the words that Yoongi wanted from him as he gripped the entirety of Jimin’s length, working his hand over it, twisting his wrist ever so slightly. It only took two more sharp thrusts from the older before Jimin was nearly screaming, and Yoongi ordered him to grab a pillow to muffle out his cries as his back bowed against the mattress, and Yoongi took him for all he was worth, milking every last drop as it fell against his stomach.

“So good for me,” Yoongi rasped against Jimin’s lips as he came down from his high, the pillow still gripped tightly until his knuckles had turned white. He sputtered for a moment, hardly finding it within himself to even speak as Yoongi continued rocking his hips, only slowing up the pace slightly before Jimin could muster up the words that he wanted to say as he begged Yoongi to let him ride him.

He didn’t have to ask twice as Yoongi slid his hands beneath Jimin’s shoulder blades, shifting him until the older fell back against the headboard. Jimin was clearly exhausted, having come twice so close together but his eagerness to please Yoongi as he rocked his hips between bated breaths, was almost enough to drive him up the wall. Yoongi’s hands reached for any bit of skin he could touch, lightly tracing his fingers over every inch of Jimin’s honey kissed skin as the younger buried his face into the crook of his neck, “Such a good fucking boy for me,” Yoongi repeated, “Just for me, right baby?” he groaned as Jimin rolled his once again.

Jimin’s thighs were starting to shake, and Yoongi urged him to lean forward, their chests pressed together as the older began to thrust up into him. A string of broken sobs spilling from the younger’s lips against Yoongi’s shoulder wasn’t exactly the answer he was looking for, however.

“Only for me, right?” he asked sternly, struggling to keep his composure as he could feel the coil tighten within his gut. He wasn’t going to last much longer. Not with the devilish scene that was every teenage boy’s wet dream on top of him.

Jimin struggled to speak as he moved, words barely audible as he smirked slightly. Knowing just how to send Yoongi over the edge, he licked his lips once more as his mouth fumbled to find Yoongi’s within the dimly lit room, “I’m only yours, daddy.”

Yoongi couldn’t hold out any longer, though he wanted nothing more than to praise Jimin but was unable to form that words as he was swept away by the rushing tide of his orgasm as he spilled into the younger. His hands gripping at whatever part of Jimin he could reach, as sharp and broken groans spilled over into the younger’s mouth as he got lost in complete and total euphoria.

It felt like they stayed connected for nearly an eternity, Jimin whining with every little shift Yoongi would make as he pressed chaste kisses against his skin, “Thought you wanted me to fuck you on every surface, gorgeous?” he murmured between another kiss, a quiet chuckle ghosting over the younger’s skin.

“’m sleepy,” Jimin whispered in return, his face still fixed within the crook of Yoongi’s neck, “Guess I just didn’t expect you to fuck me so good.”

Yoongi wasn’t entirely sure of it was a compliment or an insult, but he couldn’t help but chuckle as he gently rolled over, quickly warning Jimin before finally pulling out of the younger before discarding of the condom, carelessly tossing it onto the floor of the hotel room, “Not as tough as he looks, I reckon,” he cooed as Jimin instantly started nestling himself against the white sheets, “Don’t you wanna get cleaned up?”

Jimin shook his head, a yawn taking over as he scooted in closer to the older, “Just want you to hold me.”




Yoongi had fallen asleep, completely entangled with Jimin. That’s why he was so confused, disoriented even as he woke up to an empty bed, and his heart sank slightly. His eyes landed on the alarm clock on the bedside table, it was nearly four o’clock in the morning, and he groaned. A part of him thankful that he had time to get a little more rest, the other part of him upset that he had woken up in the first place to a bed without Jimin.

The room was pitch black, the only source of light were the dim ones of the city as they filtered in through the windows, barely causing the room to glow. His eyes landed on the balcony as he squinted slightly, making out a dark silhouette sitting in the green armchair that he had apparently scooted out onto the deck. A red glow lighting up his face every so often as smoke billowed out into the dark air.

Yoongi grabbed the only thing close to him that he could find to wrap up in: white bedsheets. He shifted his legs over the edge of the bed, before making lazy strides over to the sliding glass door, unlatching it carefully as to not startle Jimin. He stepped over the threshold and he could barely see Jimin’s eyes fall on him in the dim lights, but the smile that took over his face was more than bright enough for him to see, maybe even in total darkness.

“Did I wake you?” he whispered before taking another drag from his cigarette as he watched Yoongi take a spot against the railing.

“Not exactly,” he murmured, voice still heavy with sleep, “Just didn’t like waking up to an empty bed.”

“’m sorry,” he chuckled, “Woke up feeling disgusting, so wanted to take a shower,” he playfully tugged at the collar of the fluffy robe he had found, showing it off, “Then just wanted to have a smoke before coming back to bed. Wasn’t gonna leave you alone for much longer.”

His eyes raked over the city, the hazy, almost pitch-black mountains in the distance. The rain had finally let up, though the air smelled heavily of it. Yoongi loved everything about that particular moment, from the sound of the river below to the little puffs of breath he could hear coming from Jimin that washed away with the river’s current as they fell into the air.

“Yoongi,” he hummed, shifting slightly in his chair as he pulled his knee to his chest, “I want to know more about you.”

Yoongi scoffed lightly at his words, still looking out over the balcony, “There isn’t much to know.”

“Cliché,” Jimin huffed, shaking his head as he took a long a drag from his cigarette.

“What?” the older still had his eyes fixed on the dark mountains in the distance, “You wanna know about how my internship back home turned into a piece of shit job that landed me in Georgia? One where my boss would hardly pay me? Or, that when you met me I was too afraid to go home because I knew my landlady would be there asking me if I had rent?”

“No,” the younger shook his head, his eyes were fix on Yoongi’s back, “I want to know about who you were supposed to be.”

The words confused Yoongi as he blinked out to the distance, humming as he pondered over what Jimin wanted, “I don’t know who I was supposed to be. I was searching, always searching, I guess. Maybe I still don’t know.”

Jimin hummed at his words, his voice full of something that Yoongi couldn’t quiet place as he spoke, “Is that why you stayed with me? Because you’re still searching?”

Yoongi wasn’t sure how to answer that. Well he was, but he wasn’t sure if it was something that he could actually tell Jimin. Maybe it was because he was still searching for who he wanted to be, or maybe it was simply because he was so wrapped up in Jimin in that whenever he almost left him back at the hotel, the pain it caused him was almost unbearable. Yoongi figured that neither fact was something that Jimin really needed to know. “I’m not sure,” he said plainly, feeling his heart hammer in his throat slightly.

“Shame,” Jimin retorted, leaning further back into the chair, disappointed with Yoongi’s answer. He knew he was holding back.

“Well, what about you?” Yoongi finally turned to face Jimin, watching the way the glowing embers on the end of the cigarette would light up his face within the darkness, “Is this who you were supposed to be?”

“Hardly” he scoffed, taking the last drag from his cigarette, already reaching for one more, “But you don’t need to know. Remember what I said about burdening you? This is where that comes into play.”

“But, I can handle whatever you have to throw at me by now. I want you to, no, I need you to learn to trust me, darling,” Yoongi responded, breathing in the smoke as it laced the air. Jimin fell silent for a moment, taking another quick drag as he thought about Yoongi’s words before he finally nodded.

“Two months ago,” he started, and the words alone completely captured Yoongi’s attention. Afraid he would miss this chance because Jimin never once talked about himself, or his life, “I was a student. Doing my best to keep my grades up. I was so excited to finish my degree,” he paused for a moment, a faint smile on his lips, “I wanted to be a dancer, though I was only minoring in fine arts.”

“What happened?” Yoongi turned slightly, urging for Jimin to keep going. He shook his head, and Yoongi was worried that those words would be all he ever knew about Jimin’s life as he paused and silence fell heavy around them once more. Yoongi reached for a cigarette, eager to stay another moment, eager to know more.

“I’m adopted, ended up with good parents until my dad left my mom. She struggled, and it hurt a lot, because she’s my best friend,” Jimin flicked the embers off of the end of the cigarette down onto the concrete balcony, “I watched her practically drink herself to death, and there wasn’t much I could do. I know I should have fought harder to stop her, and a part of me won’t forgive myself ‘cause I didn’t.” He paused, breath shaky as he exhaled smoke once again, “But, she was hurting, so I just did my best to be there for her.”

“Sometimes that’s all we can do, Jimin,” Yoongi struggled to console him, knowing that he hadn’t even heard the rest of the story.

“About a month before I left for school, she had been feeling sick, so we raked enough money together for her to go see a doctor. We weren’t even surprised when the tests came back. Liver cancer, of course. She had been practically using whiskey as mouthwash,” he finally flicked the finished cigarette off the balcony, shifting slightly in the green chair, “I instantly decided I wasn’t going to school. I couldn’t leave her alone, but she looked at me when I told her with nothing but disappointment and said, “Minnie, you’re too good for this place. So, you’re goin’ and don’t you dare worry about me” seeing as the cancer hadn’t even started spreading, she promised she would be okay.”

“Jimin, I-“ Yoongi started, earning a hand held up from Jimin.

“She called me about a month into school and her insurance had been cut, the bills racking up, cancer spreading. I didn’t know what else to do,” he held out his hand, taking Yoongi’s as a silent apology for hushing him, “So, I looked for work, found nothing and that’s when it started. I robbed a gas station, and then another and it hasn’t stopped. I just want to take care of her,” his eyes finally flickered up to meet Yoongi’s, tears pooling around the edges and Yoongi finally understood the sight he had seen at IHOP that night, whenever Jimin had been crying on the sidewalk, “I know it’s not my job, I know that, but she’s all I have.”

Yoongi instantly pulled Jimin out of the chair, pulling him against him as he shushed him quietly, letting him know that it was going to be okay, “That’s why you won’t spend the money, isn’t it?” Jimin only nodded into his chest, refusing to look back up at him as the tears had begun to fall and Yoongi’s heart sank even further as he hummed into Jimin’s hair.

“Then I guess we’ll just have to go a little bigger than gas stations, yeah?”

He wasn’t sure where the words had even come from. It was true that he honestly didn’t owe Jimin a thing in the world. He could have left at any moment, leaving the younger wherever he wanted before heading back home, going back to his life as if nothing had happened. But, with the way that Jimin was in his arms, hushed sobs drenching the sheet that he was adorned with; it was the way that Yoongi’s heart felt. That was whenever he realized the he fully belonged to Jimin, even if the younger didn’t know it. A terrifying feeling wrapped up in an even darker one after learning what Jimin had dealt with, what he was still dealing with, and he decided right there that he would do anything to help him. No matter what the outcome might be.

Yoongi finally noticed that way the Jimin was looking up at him, his dark eyes catching bits of the moonlight as it reflected off of the tears that had settled right around his lash line. A confused look, perhaps even laced with a little fear as his brows furrowed slightly. His mouth was agape, quiet breath stammering past his lips, “What did you say?”

“Jimin,” Yoongi pressed himself further into the younger, breathing in the scent of his freshly washed hair, “Darling,” he continued, hands pressing deeper into the small of his back, “I would die for you.” They weren’t exactly the words that Yoongi wanted to say, but he wasn’t sure that amidst the tears, and tense air hanging thickly around them, that it was the best place for a love confession. No matter how deeply he felt it within his chest, that wasn’t the time nor place.

“Yoongi,” Jimin finally started, his hands were fisting tightly against the fabric of the sheet, “You don’t have to do this. You don’t owe me anything. This isn’t your burden to bear.”

“It is now,” he whispered softly, refusing to let the younger go even as he felt him attempt to pull a little from his grasp, “I want to do this. I want you to be happy.”

“No, no,” the younger stammered, his voice was shaky, small, and unsure, “This could end so badly, and you’d regret it for the rest of your life. You don’t need to fuck up your entire life for me.”

My entire life? You are my entire life.

“Anything I do, as long as I’m with you… I won’t regret it.” Yoongi was serious in his words, though he couldn't help but smile as he heard the way that Jimin laughed against his chest.

“My god,” he breathed out between chuckles, “You’re so fucking lame.”

“Made you smile though,” he pressed a slow kiss against the top of his hair, “As long as I get to hear you laugh, I’m set.”

“You really wanna do this?” his voice was small once again, maybe there was even a hint of fear within his tone.

“I see no other way,” all he could do was press another line of reassuring kisses atop of the younger’s head, anything to ease his worry, even if it was only a little.

“What if we get caught?”

Yoongi thought hard about his question. If they were caught it would mean the end of everything. Their lives could be ruined, and even worse, Jimin had done far more than Yoongi had. If they were caught, who knows when he would see the light of day again. What was even worse, it would be the end of them.

“We won’t. Baby is good at what he does, remember?”





Jimin had the windows rolled down, a lit cigarette barely hanging between his lips as he mumbled out every word of Walk the Line. The sun was nearly blinding, but as they drove between the mountains, every so often they would find relief from it as it would disappear behind the clouds or trees.

“Where did you even get these?” Yoongi chuckled, nodding at the giant pair of dark circular sunglasses Jimin had pulled out of his pocket.

“One of those shops we went to yesterday,” he playfully dipped his head, his eyes becoming visible behind the shades, “You like ‘em?”

“Of course,” he nearly had to yell over the blaring stereo, “And this too?” his fingers reached to graze lightly over the burgundy velvet choker the younger was now adorned with.

Jimin nodded, a mischievous grin tugging at his lips, “You like?”

“I do,” Yoongi nodded, fixing his eyes back on the road as they came upon a curve, “Baby has good taste.”

Jimin smiled again, loving the compliment as he nodded in agreement, “So, how the fuck are we supposed to rob a bank?”

Yoongi’s chest jumped slightly, remembering that they weren’t just on some leisurely road trip. They really were heading towards a smaller town just outside of Tennessee to actually fucking rob a bank. “How the fuck should I know?” he drummed his fingers lightly over the steering wheel, “You’re supposed to be the mastermind.”

“Yeah, but I’ve only robbed fucking gas stations at like one o’clock in the morning,” Jimin scoffed, “The fuck am I supposed to do? Go in there and bat my eyelashes, offer them a blowjob in exchange for all of their big bills?” he reached to skip the next song that had started playing, “Don’t think it works like that.”

Yoongi hummed, enjoying the quiet while his old CD player struggled to read the next song, “Not a bad idea, might wanna skip the blowjob talk though.”

“Alright, so there are one of two ways then, and neither of them involve blowjobs.”

“That’s a relief to hear,” Yoongi reached to lightly grip Jimin’s chin, “Since this pretty little mouth belongs to me.”

“You’re getting off track,” Jimin pulled away from Yoongi’s reach, rolling his eyes behind his glasses, “Before I started robbin’ places, I did a little research. Mostly on gas stations, but hey, a bank isn’t much different. There just probably won’t be horny teenagers manning the counter.”

Yoongi sighed, “Alright, tell me these ingenious ideas then.”

“Most places have a policy. Their employee’s safety comes first, so they’re supposed to give a robber whatever the fuck they want.”

“Sounds simple enough,” Yoongi reached to turn the stereo down as the next song finally started playing.

“One would think,” he reached to turn the music back up and Yoongi swatted his hand away, “So the two ways we could go about this are either, we go in and act like regular customers after finding out when their security guards might be switchin’ shifts and quietly let the teller know we have a weapon and we just want money.”

“It can’t be that fuckin’ simple,” the older shook his head in disbelief.

“Oh, but it is,” Jimin poked at Yoongi’s cheek with his index finger as he shifted slightly to lean against the center console, “But, with that, they have us on video. We would inevitably be caught. It might take them a while, but they would eventually catch us.”

“Okay, what’s the second option?” Yoongi definitely didn’t like the idea of going into a bank, barefaced for the world to see.

“Go in when security is switching shifts. Masks. Gun. I’m sure you get the picture,” he smiled, laying his head over on Yoongi’s shoulder.

“Shit,” Yoongi rasped, “I like when you talk robberies to me.”

“Shut up,” he giggled, raking the tips of his fingers up Yoongi’s arm, “What do you think?”

“Well, if I’m being honest, they both have their own risks. But, I think that going in there completely exposed might not be a good idea.”


“You’re the experienced one here, what do you prefer?”

“Well,” Jimin fingers had now landed on Yoongi’s knee, tracing lightly up his jean clad thigh, “I switched it up a little. Did the whole flirting thing quite a bit, was easier to get stuff and practically no chance of gettin’ caught,” he sighed slightly, his fingers running back down to the older’s knee, “Because they were just giving it to me in hopes of getting in my pants. I never really got much, just $50 or so, somethin’ their boss wouldn’t miss too much from the register.”

Yoongi had to bite his lip, trying to stay focused on the road as Jimin’s fingers grazed back up, coming dangerously close to his crotch. “I needed more money. Needed it fast. That’s when the gun came into play, and the mask,” he slid his other arm under Yoongi’s, wrapping his hand around his upper arm, smiling slightly as he felt the older tense up at his touch, “You get more that way. They don’t know who you are. It’s a little dirty, but I think it’s the best way.”

Yoongi was currently fighting back a groan that was sitting heavily in his throat as Jimin palmed right over his zipper, and he couldn’t help but huff a curse out under his breath, “If that’s what baby thinks,” he spoke through gritted teeth.

Jimin leaned up slightly, pulling his hand away and Yoongi wasn’t sure whether he should be relieved or upset from the loss of contact that had been driving him mad. The younger pressed his lips close to the shell of Yoongi’s ear, a quiet chuckle ghosting past his lips, “It’s exactly what I think, and you’re hard.”





They spent the next two days scoping out a small bank in Mars Hill. A small college town nestled right in the mountains. Not much there, nothing to do really, but it was just their luck that the only thing they needed, they had found.

“So, it looks like the security definitely switches shifts around 3pm every day,” he murmured, eyes fixed out the window as he looked over his glasses, “Don’t you think?”


“Yoongi?” Jimin asked finally turning to face the older who was messing with his hair in the rearview mirror, “You even listenin’ to me?”

“You know, I don’t think the green suits me,” he huffed, carding his fingers through his messy hair once again.

“The green looks good with my orange,” he cooed, “Plus it’s only temporary dye. Don’t be such a baby.”

“I’m not. We gonna change our hair color every time we rob a bank?”

“Nah,” he tapped a finger against Yoongi’s cheek, demanding his attention, “We’ll hit a few places over the next couple of weeks. They’ll be looking for our hair colors. I know it’s simple, but by the time we’re done, you’ll be back to your trailer trash bleached blond hair.”

“Excuse me?” Yoongi pushed Jimin’s hand away, his mouth agape after hearing the insult, “I liked my blond hair,” he muttered.

“You’re cute when you get all pouty on me,” Jimin cooed, reaching to card his fingers through Yoongi’s locks, even though he tried to avoid the touch.

“You gonna dye your hair after we’re all done then?” Jimin shook his head, “I’ll keep the orange. I like it too much. Plus, it’s more for your protection than anything.”

“My protection?” Yoongi scoffed, “Baby, I hate to break it to you, but we were long past my protection the moment you hopped into my car and I didn’t stop driving.”

Jimin hummed as Yoongi finally gave into his ministrations, closing his eyes as he eased into the touch, “Why’d you keep driving then?”

“You were dangerous, and exciting. You scared the shit out of me, and I loved every second of it,” he breathed deeply, realizing that him continuing to drive that night had easily been one of the best decisions of his life.

“I’m glad you kept driving,” Jimin hummed in reply, turning up the stereo slightly.

Yoongi didn’t quite typically know what to make of the things that Jimin would say. His words were always full of such disdain, a slight carelessness laced within such pretty, yet dangerous words. But his tone had been completely different, even humming along to the same Johnny Cash song for that rang out through the cab for what felt like the millionth time. His words felt real.

“My mom used to sing this one to me a lot,” his words interrupted Yoongi’s thoughts, as he continued singing along again. There it was. The reason he could listen to the same fifteen songs over and over, never growing tired. Acting as if each time he heard one was the first, and all of a sudden, Yoongi had a new appreciation for the man in black.

“So, let’s go get baby his money so we can get you back home to see your mom, yeah?” Yoongi couldn’t believe how comfortable he was saying such words. Perhaps the fact that the next day they would be walking into a bank, a now not empty gun in hand, clad in masks to rob a bank hadn’t fully dawned on him yet. But, whatever the reason he was so calm in that moment, he didn’t even care. Not with Jimin sitting next to him.

“You sure you wanna do this?” Jimin pushed his glasses down slightly, fixing his eyes on Yoongi over them, “Because once we do it, there’s no turning back.”

“Jiminie, even if someone came up to my car window right now, and offered me a life I had always dreamed of, I wouldn’t take if it meant I had to leave you,” he felt his cheeks heat up slightly, maybe even more so with how intense the younger’s gaze was, “This is something you’d be doing anyway, even without me, I’m sure. But, I’m here now, and there’s no way in hell I’m going to back out. Nothing in this world could pull me away from you. So, wherever you’re going, I’m going too.”

Jimin was silent for a moment, a low bass thumping in the speakers was the only sound that could be heard and Yoongi suddenly wondered if maybe his words were too much. They had only known each other a little over a week now, and most people wouldn’t be feeling things as deeply as he did. But, as he finally gained the courage to look over at Jimin, meeting his dark eyes, he was suddenly reassured that his words weren’t spoken out into a void.

The younger had heard every word. “Good, ‘cause I never want you to leave me.”





Yoongi licked his lips nervously, his eyes were fixed on the clock of the dashboard of his car. It was a quarter until three o’clock. They would step across the threshold of the bank at exactly three on the dot, and the mix of nerves and adrenaline that coursed through his veins was almost too much to bear and Jimin noticed it too.

The younger leaned in closer, gripping Yoongi’s chin, forcing him to take his eyes off the clock. “You don’t have to do this, you know?” his words were nearly lost within the way that Yoongi’s own heart was thundering within his ears, “I can do this by myself.”

Yoongi only shook his head, wetting his lips before he finally spoke, “We’re in this together.”

“It’s going to be okay, Yoongi,” his words were sure, but hardly enough to allow the way that Yoongi could feel his throat tightening up to dissipate. “I know,” the older finally found a small wave of calmness within his entire being, “Because you’re too fucking good at what you do.”

Jimin nodded, “Just follow my lead, and if you need to talk to me in there, call me Minnie. Okay?”

Minnie. The name that Jimin used back at the hotel, the name that his mother calls him. Minnie.


“I only have the one mask,” Jimin had removed his hand from Yoongi’s face to dig into the blue duffle bag that had made its home in the floorboard of his car, “I want you to wear it, you hear me?”

“Me? What about you?” Yoongi stammered, his nerves suddenly came rushing back.

“I’ve got my sunglasses. I know it isn’t ideal, but it’s all we’ve got,” Yoongi finally took the mask from his hands, his own were shaking and Jimin quickly cupped his hands around them, holding them tightly, “You follow my lead, and everything will be fine.”

“Got it,” Jimin released his grasp on Yoongi’s hands as the older began fumbling with the mask, finally fixing it over his face.

“You carry the bag, we only go to the tellers. We should be able to get a few thousand that way, don’t even need to worry about the safe for the big stuff. That way we’re in and out quick,” his voice had lost its confidence as he pushed his sunglasses up on his nose.

Yoongi glanced back at the clock, it was almost three, and Jimin was leaning over the center console to tug his mask down quickly, pressing a chaste kiss against his lips, “For good luck. Let’s go.”

With those words, Jimin was already climbing out of the car, walking confidently with an loaded gun--which they decided to load as a simply precaution--in his hand across the scorching hot asphalt, and Yoongi swallowed hard one last time as he reached with an unsteady hand for the door handle, and before he knew it, he was following several feet behind Jimin.

The parking lot was nearly empty, that was a good sign. The less people who were there, the better.

Jimin glanced back over his shoulder at Yoongi as they came to the door, and he reached with zero hesitance after offering a quick nod as he pulled the metal handle of the frosted glass door. This was it. They were doing this. Only a moment later, they were stepping over the threshold.

The floor was lined with burgundy carpet, most likely having been there since the building was built and each wall was covered in tacky wooden panels. Yoongi didn’t have much time to take in any more details as Jimin halted in front of him several feet away from the counter. There were three customers in line, and only two tellers open, and not one single soul paid them any mind as they stood there, only a simple, “Welcome in, we’ll be right with you,” leaving the teller’s lips, her eyes still fixed down as she spoke quietly to her customer.

Jimin cocked his head to the side, glancing over at Yoongi for a moment as a mischievous smile tugged at his cheeks, “You mean to tell me I don’t get a free pass to cut line since, you know, I’ve got a gun and all?” That was it. Even though the words had left his plush lips ever so melodically, all eyes were turned and fixed on him as he held the gun up, letting them know he wasn’t lying, and with that absolute havoc broke loose.

The handful of customers had all instantaneously dropped to the floor to shield their heads with shaky hands as Jimin confidently stepped up to the counter. He smiled ever so sweetly at the first teller, and Yoongi couldn’t even begin to comprehend how the nerves he had seen from the younger in the car had completely melted away, “Hello, darlin’,” he cooed quietly, “Don’t make this difficult, yeah?”

Yoongi was keeping a watch on the customers as the younger did his work, counting out loud as the teller stacked the bills haphazardly onto the counter, small whimpers breaking out from her lips with every move as her eyes shifted up every so often to look at the gun.

Yoongi took notice of one of the older women who was laying in the floor, trying to be smooth as she reached into her purse to pull out her cell phone, and he almost let her do it, seeing as his boots felt like they were full of lead at that moment. He knew he would never hear the end of it however, especially not if the cops were to show up, so Yoongi took it upon himself as he stepped up next to the lady.

Her hands froze in fear, nervous fingers hovering over the screen of her phone as she just curled more into herself, eyes refusing to meet Yoongi’s. “You’re gonna wanna put that down,” he warned, a low timbre in his voice as he was trying to mask the fear that was buzzing in his head. She complied, sliding her phone across the carpet away from her as she went back to covering her head, “Terribly sorry about all this,” Yoongi offered before he heard Jimin click his tongue at him, telling him to step up to the counter.

“Sorry, Minnie,” he huffed as he stepped up to the counter, and Jimin was quick to unzip the duffle bag that was strewn over his shoulder as he quickly began stuffing the stacks of bills he had received from both tellers inside. He nodded, they were done. That was it. Quick, simple, and dirty.

Jimin turned, a quiet, “Let’s get the fuck out of here,” ghosting past his lips before his steps were halted by a loud voice coming from the other side of the room.

“What the fuck is going on here?!”

The voice was coming from a man, the security guard who was bigger than both Yoongi and Jimin combined. They had taken just a moment too long. But Jimin was quick in grabbing Yoongi’s wrist, and they weren’t stopping. They were going as quick as their feet could carry them directly toward the door, and Yoongi could hear nothing but shouts from the guard as he pled for them to stop.

He only turned back for a second, long enough to see the man had pulled his gun from the holster on his hip and he couldn’t help but stammer out a “Oh, holy shit!” as Jimin quickly pushed through the doors of the bank, his body nearly slamming into them in the process and Yoongi wasn’t sure if the loud sound he heard was from the younger’s bones hitting the door or if the man had actually fired his gun at them.

His car was parked on the other side of the parking lot, they had found a secluded place behind a line of bushes that hid the car well, out of sight from the eyes of the guard and any others who might be within the area. All that Yoongi could hear as they ran was the sound of Jimin’s boots clacking heavily against the pavement between his own bated breaths. Thank god he was smart enough to leave his car running was all Yoongi could think as he rounded the small green hatchback, fumbling for the handle as he jumped in with zero hesitation.

The very second that he heard the passenger door slam shut, Yoongi was throwing the car into gear, quickly letting off the clutch as they sped away, down the road back toward the interstate in an attempt to get away from Mars Hill as quickly as possible. He wasn’t even sure if he was heading in the direction they had planned on, his only thought was to just drive until they were safe. Yoongi finally found it within himself to remove one hand from the steering wheel as he tugged the mask down to his chin, doing everything to catch his breath because he felt as if his lungs were about to close up completely, a messy string of “Shit, shit, shit,” entering the previously quiet cab until he realized that Jimin was muffling quiet little giggles into his hands.

He looked to Jimin for answers, eyes dancing between the younger and the road before Jimin finally got ahold of himself. “It actually fucking worked!” he blurted out, “It went so fucking smoothly,” his voice was bright, though full of disbelief as Yoongi’s mouth snapped back open.

“We almost got fucking shot,” he retorted, brows furrowing together, “That’s hardly smooth.”

“Yeah, but we didn’t get shot, did we?” he sing songed, finally tossing the duffle bag into the seat behind them, “And we got just under eight-grand, that’s way more than I expected!” he thrummed with excitement and the way his lips were parted in the widest smile caused every ounce of nerves to completely melt from Yoongi’s veins a laugh erupted from his own lips.

“I still can’t believe we fucking did that,” he tried between chuckles as Jimin reached over to squeeze his hand.

“The way you talked to that lady, told her to put her phone down,” Jimin cooed as his fingers began trailing up Yoongi’s forearm, “That was fucking hot.”

The tips of Jimin’s fingers were causing Yoongi’s skin to crawl as it sent slight tingles up his arm, and he fought to keep his head turned, his cheeks heating up at Jimin’s words, “Me? You were unreal. Not even phased by anything.”

“I’ve done this before,” he chuckled again, “That was your first time and you haven’t thrown up yet, that’s impressive.”

“You got sick after your first time?”

“Yeah. I basically slept with my head in a toilet that night,” he hummed, “Maybe you’ll turn out to a better criminal than me.”

Something in Jimin’s words almost flipped a switch in Yoongi. He was a criminal now, and no longer just an accomplice. There was no denying it. He should have been scared, he should have been about to piss himself at the thought that they could get caught at any moment. At any given time, they could find themselves in jail. He wasn’t going to deny that all those thoughts didn’t give him the best of feelings, but he found it hard to even feel even an ounce of regret within his entire being as Jimin turned the stereo back on and began humming along, completely losing himself in the younger and everything that he was.

That feeling was more terrifying than getting caught, or going to jail. It was the moment that he realized he would absolutely do anything and everything for the orange haired boy if it meant his happiness. The situation was messy, but what was even worse, was that Yoongi didn’t even know if Jimin felt the same way.

“Let’s drive for a bit, until nightfall,” his words interrupted Yoongi’s sporadic thoughts, “Cross the Tennessee line and find a small motel so we can get some rest while we look for our next place. Don’t think I can handle another night of sleeping in this car.”

“Sounds good to me, darling,” Yoongi hummed, a bed did sound nice.


They had opted to go the long way around on their way to Jimin’s hometown which sat nestled in between another string of mountains in North Eastern Tennessee. They weren’t too far from it to begin with, but they figured it would be best to go a few places off their designated path in order to throw off anyone who might come looking for them once they hit their next stops. After driving for hours that night and finally finding themselves in a motel, one that was worse than the first one Yoongi had attempted to drop Jimin off at, and absolute shit compared to the five-star one they had snuck their way into in North Carolina, they mapped out their next two locations.

Figuring that the money they would have to offer would be more than enough to make a huge dent in Jimin’s goal, especially after Yoongi found out that the duffle bag they had been lugging around, and just simply leaving on the floorboard of his car over the past weeks had just over 10k in it. Apparently Jimin had robbed quite a few more places than he had mentioned, but Yoongi couldn’t find it within himself to care. Not whenever he got to fall asleep with the younger nestled close into his chest as he would listen to him murmur such sweet nothings into the darkness of the room, with only a buzzing neon light peaking in through the window.

He never said the words that Yoongi so ardently longed to hear, he just knew that Jimin never wanted him to leave and that was more than enough for him.


They hit their next stop a few days later, they weren’t even sure what the name of the town was but they had found another family owned bank, much like the first one they robbed, and it was set up basically the same. Their second robbery went much smoother than the first, simply for the fact that there weren’t any shots fired at them, but Jimin also found it amusing whenever the teller had actually pissed himself as the younger smiled coyly at him, clicking the hammer back whenever the teller was trying to be a hero and not hand over any cash.

He laughed about it for what seemed like hours after as they headed down the road toward their next stop, and by the time they were walking into their third and final destination a measly four days later it went more smoothly than the first two had as they were in and out in under ten minutes, not a security guard or cop in sight. The younger even stopped to admire the newspaper machine just outside of the bank with the front-page headlines written in bold letters, Robbers on the Loose, Armed and Dangerous. He even had the audacity to chuckle cockily as he read it, finding it so utterly hilarious that they had managed to rob two places with a gun that had been empty until recently, along with the other places he had hit before meeting Yoongi.


Yoongi had begun to worry that maybe Jimin wouldn’t need him anymore the night before they were supposed to head back to his hometown, especially with the way that the younger had said that he was stepping outside for a smoke break, taking much longer than he should have. Yoongi breathed deeply as he stepped outside of their motel room, walking along the top floor balcony as he searched for any signs of the younger, only to find him leaning against a payphone, speaking quietly as he puffed on a cigarette.

The older almost turned, he didn’t want to intrude, but the words that he caught were enough to ease any doubts or fears that had welled up inside of him.

“Yeah, mom,” he chuckled quietly into the receiver, “I’m coming to see you tomorrow, and I-I’m bringin’ someone with me. I can’t wait for you to meet him.”

The words were simple, but they were enough as Yoongi finally turned to head back to their hotel room.


He was nearly asleep as Jimin snuck quietly back into their room, taking his spot beside of the older as he pushed himself into him and Yoongi breathed in deeply as he wrapped his arms around him, breathing in the scent of sweat from the hot sun, laced with the cheap cigarettes he always smoked. He was happy.





They had taken the long way to Elizabethton, the small town that Jimin had grown up in. The drive wasn’t much different than what they had seen thus far, mountains for miles painted beautifully by blues and greens as the sky turned to hues of pinks and oranges, almost matching Jimin’s hair color perfectly.

The younger had fallen asleep, leaned over the console, his head nearly in Yoongi’s lap, which wasn’t exactly comfortable any time he would have to slow down and drop gears, but he couldn’t find it within himself to complain. If someone had told Yoongi whenever he was still back in Toccoa that he would find himself not only falling completely in love with a criminal, but willingly becoming one himself, he would have laughed. But, between the perfect little sighs that slipped from Jimin’s slightly parted lips every so often, along with the deep voice of Johnny Cash flooding his ears, which he finally noticed he had been unconsciously humming to for quite some time, he knew that he had found everything he ever longed for, right within the cab of his piece of shit car.


He knew they were getting closer, he had seen a sign for the town just a few miles before and as the road slowly began to slim down from four lanes to two, he knew they would be arriving at any moment as the sun finally disappeared behind the mountains, leaving only a faint glow that reflected off the clouds. One of Yoongi’s hands dropped from the steering wheel down to the younger’s head, he really hated to wake him, but he needed to make sure that the way they were heading looked right.

The pads of his fingers began delicately weaving in through his hair that he had washed that morning, making them late for check out. Yoongi still couldn’t believe he had even convinced Jimin to actually pay for the hotel room, but that morning as Jimin told him that he didn’t want to commit anymore crimes and asked if they could just lay low at his mom’s place for a while until everything blew over was music to Yoongi’s ears.

Jimin stirred finally, raising his head up slightly into Yoongi’s delicate touch. A string of incoherent and groggy murmurs spilled past his lips as his eyes finally opened.

“Hey, darling,” Yoongi soothed, his fingers still running lightly through Jimin’s hair, “Think we’re almost there, but I need you to make sure I’m going the right way.”

Jimin whined at that, wanting to fall back asleep against Yoongi’s thigh, and he almost did so until Yoongi murmured again, causing the younger’s brows to pinch together, “Please, Jiminie, for me?”

The younger huffed, his eyes slightly swollen from sleep finally fluttered open as he lazily sat up, squinting slightly under the street lights they passed as he focused on the road, “Looks right,” he sighed, “We’ll be there within the next twenty minutes or so.”

He leaned back against his seat, head falling against the headrest with a light thump, “’m hungry,” he groaned, a hint of impatience in his voice.

Yoongi chuckled at his tone, tempted to ask if Jimin thought he was able to make a restaurant appear out of thin air with the way he had whined, but he refrained, “You want to grab something quick before we get to your mom’s?”

Jimin huffed a curse under his breath, “Tired of shitty food.”

“Then what’s open at nearly ten o’clock at night in Elizabethton?”

Jimin hummed, seemingly trying to decide what type of flavor palette he was in the mood for, “You like pizza?”

“Pizza?” Yoongi chuckled at Jimin’s idea of ‘not shitty food’.

Jimin nodded, his hand searching for Yoongi’s within the dark car to hold, “There’s a bar downtown, they have the best pizza, and I haven’t had it in so long.”

“Alright,” Yoongi interlaced his fingers with Jimin’s the moment he felt his fingertips over the back of his hand, “Just tell me which way to go.”


Elizabethton was somehow bigger than Toccoa, and Yoongi found that really hard to believe seeing as the town was basically made up of only one road that split into a fork about halfway down, one taking them right through downtown. Even downtown Toccoa had more nightlife than Elizabethton did, seeing as the whole street was lined with nothing but antique shops inside of old brick buildings, one measly café and the bar that Jimin spoke of at the very end of the street.

The streets were wet, and Yoongi was thankful they had missed the apparent rainstorm that had just passed through. They found a parking place just in front of the bar, across the road in front of the coffee shop, and Yoongi already knew that he would have to come back there in the morning because it had been so long since he had a decent cup of coffee.

“You ready?” he whispered, nudging Jimin lightly who was still on the verge of drifting off to sleep, “We can sleep as soon as we get you something to eat.”

Jimin nodded, lazily reaching for the door handle, but not before grabbing the blue duffle bag that he had been cradling along for the ride, and Yoongi was quick to jump out from his side, making his way to Jimin’s door as he wrapped an arm around the younger’s waist, heading across the street, under the bright blue neon sign into the bar.

It was loud, much louder than Yoongi typically cared for, but he was starving as well as they found an open spot at the bar. They had live music, a bluegrass band, yet another thing that Yoongi wasn't particularly font of, but it was nice to have something to drown out the laughs and loud conversations of everyone in the place that was seemingly drunk, and by the looks of it, it was only he, Jimin, and the workers who weren’t.

The place was lined floor to ceiling with brick, its walls adorned with pictures that seemed like they were taken locally, most of them of the downtown street itself. The bar sat nestled in the corner of the narrow establishment, back behind all of the booths and few tables, along with a hallway that led to a backdoor.

“Smells amazing in here,” Jimin nearly yelled over the loud music, finally have woken up entirely, most likely from the commotion mixed with the most intoxicating smell of pizza. Yoongi nodded as he fumbled through the menu that the bartender had quickly handed to them before stating she would be right back to take their order.

“Did you come here often?” Yoongi asked, leaning closer to the younger so that he wouldn’t have to yell.

“Not really,” Jimin answered, leaning over slightly, “They have really good Hawaiian pizza here though.”

“Hawaiian?” Yoongi grimaced slightly, pizza and pineapples, a combination he absolutely disagreed with, “Oh, I’m sorry, I think I left my refrigerator running, I’m gonna have to go.”

Jimin gasped playfully, doing his best to seem utterly offended, “Fucking rude, and that was a god awful joke. If anyone is leaving, it should be me,” he chuckled, eyes crinkling up at the edges and that sight alone was the whole reason Yoongi had made such a horrible joke.

“Sorry about your wait,” a small voice called from the other side of the bar, an accent matching Jimin’s, but with an even slower drawl, “Can I get y’all some drinks?”

“I’ll just have a water,” Yoongi answered, earning an odd look from the small bartender, since they were sitting at a bar and all.

“Me too,” Jimin echoed, propping his elbows up on the bar. The short bartender nodded after offering a sweet smile, stating she would be right back with drinks and to take their order.

“Tell you what,” Yoongi offered, leaning against the bar as well to get a good look at Jimin and his tired eyes, “We get half pepperoni and half Hawaiian?”

Jimin cooed at his words, smiling ever so sweetly having got his way, “Oh? Thank you, daddy.”

“Hush,” Yoongi leaned forward slightly, his cheeks heating up at the younger’s words, “Don’t make me take you into the bathroom.”

Jimin’s lips snapped open, surely loving the idea with the way that his devilish grin widened even more so, but the waitress returned with their drinks and completely stole Yoongi’s attention and his smile was quick to turn to a pout as he listened to the older order their food.

They spent the next fifteen minutes as they waited for their pizza to come out completely wrapped up in one another’s company, Jimin giggling loudly and hiding his face behind his own hands whenever Yoongi would say something completely ridiculous, which was pretty much all he was saying. Anything to see that gorgeous smile, and hear that infectious laugh. When their pizza came, silence fell around them as they scarfed down their first slices, quickly reaching for a second. Yoongi finished his first as Jimin was taking his time with his, little hums and groans escaping his lips as he exclaimed about how good it was and picking the bar was a good choice.

Yoongi leaned back against the bar, just admiring Jimin as the younger’s eyes finally flickered over to meet his, a confused look taking over his features as he asked if there was something on his face.

Yoongi shook his head, chuckling breathily, “You just look so damn gorgeous, like always."

“You know,” Jimin leaned forward a little, whispering against the shell of Yoongi’s ears after swallowing another large bite of pizza, “Why don’t you go wait for me in the bathroom? I’ll be right in as soon as I finish this slice,” he offered, and of course Yoongi was absolutely okay with it as he nodded, smirking slightly.

“Wanna add this place to the list of everywhere we’ve fooled around?” he cooed, watching Jimin’s cheeks glow a pretty pink at his words out of the corner of his eye.

“I’ll be right there,” he cocked an eyebrow as he took another bite, finally leaning back, “So, what are you waiting for?”

“Don’t have to ask me twice,” Yoongi pressed a kiss against Jimin’s plump cheek as he slid off the bar stool, heading down the back hallway towards the bathroom.

It was a tight space, but nothing that he couldn’t manage, they had fooled around in far smaller spaces in their free time between their escapades. Yoongi leaned back against the brick wall, breathing deeply as his eyes took in all the pictures that lined the walls. They were much like the ones that decorated the rest of the bar, mostly pictures of downtown and of the covered bridge right down the road, and also the monument that oddly resembled the Washington Monument.

Several moments had passed, and Yoongi felt like Jimin was taking forever, or maybe he was just impatient. He was known to be slightly impatient at times, but he also figured that it shouldn’t take the younger so long to finish a simple slice of pizza.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and Yoongi’s heart lurched. About time. Yoongi was quick to open the door but was entirely disappointed whenever one of the band members was standing there, and he quickly apologized, shuffling out of the way and stepping back out into the hallway.

The moment he reached the end of the hallway was the moment that his blood started boiling once his eyes landed on the sight at the bar. A large, rather heavyset man adorned in a plaid shirt, hair a mess and sweat glistening on his forehead, nearly pinning a fearful Jimin against the bar.

Yoongi’s first thought was that he was simply trying to flirt his way into some free drinks, or even trying to talk him into paying for their food, but the look on his face said otherwise. His eyes were wide, brows furrowing together with his mouth agape, completely petrified and Yoongi’s feet were moving before he even had a second thought. “You got a fucking problem here?” he rasped, voice full of warning.

The man nearly towered over him, though he didn’t care, not whenever Jimin had such a look marring his features. “Was just admiring this pretty little piece you’ve got here,” he murmured, not even turning to pay Yoongi any mind as Jimin scooted back as close as he could against the bar, and he man actually had the nerve to brush his fingertips over Jimin’s cheeks.

“Don’t fucking touch him,” Yoongi realized that he was most likely about to have his ass handed to him, but he didn’t care, any price to get the guy away from Jimin was worth it.

“How’d you two do it?” he asked, finally turning his eyes to Yoongi and the older’s eye quickly flickered to meet Jimin’s, an entirely different look that made Yoongi’s heart sink to his stomach.

“Do what?” it was difficult, but Yoongi tore his eyes away from Jimin’s at the question, doing his best to keep his cool as he watched the man slide a large hand up Jimin’s thigh.

“Saw your car out front,” he chuckled, “You two are the thieves they’ve been lookin’ for, you’ve been all over the goddamn news.”


The band had begun playing again, and everyone’s attention was completely fixed on the stage, not even paying any mind to the situation taking place at the bar.

“Don’t know what you’re on about,” Yoongi shrugged, his throat feeling tight, but he was doing his best to hold his composure.

“No worries,” he started, cocking an eyebrow at the older as he took another swig from the beer in his hand, “Called the cops the moment I saw the car, they’re offering a reward you know? Armed robberies? You’ll pay a hefty price.”

His words were buzzing in Yoongi’s head. Was it really going to be the end for them? He could hear nothing but his heart booming in his ears as he reached a shaky hand out for Jimin’s grasp, his eyes falling back to the man’s hand as it travelled up Jimin’s thigh ever so slowly and Yoongi could feel fire coursing through his veins.

“I said don’t fucking touch him,” the older ignored the man’s previous words, only concerned for Jimin at that moment. Knowing that they needed to get the fuck out of that building as soon as possible, but Yoongi’s heart sank even further into his gut as he caught sight of blue and red flashing lights reflecting off of the outside buildings from down the street.

They were fucked.

Yoongi turned his head slowly, eyes fixed on the window as he did everything he could to conjure up a plan in what little time he had, but between him and the man who had Jimin trapped against the bar, amongst the room full of people, he couldn’t think of any way to pull it off. It was the end. They were so close to their goal, and yet they were going to fail. It was all for nothing.

Yoongi’s ears were suddenly ringing, hands quickly coming up to cover them as he felt nothing but a nearly blinding pain in his head as the man who had cornered Jimin was suddenly in front of him on the ground writhing, his hands grasping his arm as blood pooled onto the concrete floor around him.

The place was in chaos, bar stools falling over to the floor, booths being abandoned, each and every person in the establishment heading for the door. He was completely lost until he felt a hand grip his wrist and his eyes turned to Jimin who was pulling him around the bar, his gun in his hand.

“Y-Yoongi,” he stammered as he forced the older to crouch down behind the bar, his words nearly drowned out within the noisy air, “I fucking--” he was having trouble breathing, tears pooling up in his eyes, “I’m fucking sorry. I can’t believe I just shot that man.”

“Darling,” Yoongi did everything he could to seem calm in such a situation, his shaky hands grasping tightly at the sides of Jimin’s face, “You didn’t kill him. It’s okay, it’s going to be okay.”

Jimin shook his head within Yoongi’s tight grasp, his lip quivering in fear as he dropped the gun to the ground and his hands gripped at the older’s wrists, “We’ve got to get out of here, Yoongi.”

Yoongi only shook his head, feeling his chest clench as he watched Jimin’s dark eyes overflow with tears that began streaming down his cheeks, “You’ve got to get out of here, Jimin.”

“W-what?” his eyes widened at the older’s words, another stream of tears falling.

“I’ll go out to them, and you go. You’re so fucking close to home. You have to do this,” Yoongi couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of his mouth, he never wanted to leave Jimin, and yet there he was, offering himself.

“Yoongi,” he stammered once more, struggling to speak between his muted sobs, “I don’t want you to leave me…”

“I know, I know,” Yoongi quickly pulled him closer, pressing his lips against his forehead, “But, baby, you’ve got to go. Can you do that for me? Please?” Jimin screwed his eyes shut, slowly nodding as if the movement pained every single bone in his body,


“Yeah?” Yoongi knew they were running out of time, his heart was thundering even louder, a chaotic rhythm beating like that of a drum. The police would breach the establishment at any given moment. 

“Please don’t forget about me.”

The words nearly stabbed Yoongi like a knife. Every little pain he had ever felt in his life were nothing in comparison to Jimin’s words, “I could never.”

And, with that, Jimin leaned forward quickly, pressing his tear stained lips against the older’s one last time before he turned with shaky hands that had left marks on Yoongi’s wrists to run to the other side of the bar, heading down the hallway out the back door.

Yoongi’s heart felt like it was being ripped to shreds as he watched the boy he loved leave the bar, all before standing up and turning slowly, almost hesitant as he searched through his mind for any way at all that he could follow Jimin, but he knew it was impossible. If they caught him, it would delay them long enough and throw them off Jimin’s trail.




Yoongi’s eyes were nearly blinded by the lights that surrounded him as he stepped over the threshold of the bar, flashes of red and blue dancing beautifully off the damp streets of the town. He barely caught him out of the corner of his eyes as he came into view, carefully walking down the sidewalk, though all he could see was his back and that damned light blue duffle bag tossed over his shoulder as he watched intently.

Hands were gripping at his wrists, muffled voices the had could barely make out as his mind fogged over, something akin to “You have the right to remain silent,” spilling into the open air.

He didn’t even care that he was being arrested, most people would be pleading for help, swearing they were innocent or shifting the blame.

Yoongi couldn’t though. He wouldn’t.

Not as he watched the boy he had become completely enamored with walk down the street, back turned to him, never to meet his eyes again. They had come so far, he knew it was only fair that Jimin should reach his goal.

But, a part of Yoongi screamed from within his very being for the boy to just fucking turn around. He was never going to see Jimin again, that much he knew for sure. He was never going to meet those dark browns eyes again, never going to kiss his soft lips again, never anything.

I wasn’t lying when I said I would die for you.

For just a moment, and nothing more, Yoongi could have sworn that he caught Jimin glancing back in his direction as he was being forced into the back of the patrol car.





"Mr. Min," his voice was gruff, much lower than Yoongi's with a deep, slow drawl, "We've been lookin' for you, but I'm sure you knew that already."

Yoongi nodded numbly, his eyes fixed on the metal table in an attempt to relieve his eyes of the blinding overhead light, though to no avail as the light reflected off it just enough to be utterly agitating. 

He wouldn't look at the man in front of him, he had already caught a glimpse of him the moment he stepped into the interrogation room. He was the embodiment of every officer or detective one would see in a movie; tall, muscular, and with an accent that matched his mustache in the oddest of ways. He looked like one of the guys who would lock you up without a second thought, and throw away the key. That's what was going to happen to Yoongi. He just knew it.

"Mr. Min," he started again, finally drawing Yoongi out of his headspace, "Min Yoongi, from Daegu, moved here, let's see," he hummed as he flipped through a handful of pages he was grasping, "a little over three years go."

Yoongi simply nodded again, feeling as if he was unable to speak, his throat was too closed up and the fear of that feeling alone had him feel as if he was suffocating, drowning even.

"A Junior Executive at Idle Enterprises down in Toccoa, Georgia," he continued reading down the pages, making Yoongi feel nearly sick as his ears were flooded with all the things that he used to be, "Lived a pretty quiet life, I see. Just a bar fight or two, nothing major," he tilted his head slightly, brows coming together, "So, what on earth were you doing with Jimin Park?"

Park Jimin? Park. Jimin.

Yoongi licked his lips, hesitant to speak, even wondering why such words were about to spill from his lips, "I'm not sure who that is, sir."

"Come on, son," he sighed, he had probably heard such words thousands of times, "Don't make this more difficult than it has to be."

Yoongi's eyes flickered up, doing his best to hide the fear, the pain that was welling up inside of his being as the man searched his face for answers.

He sighed once more, leaning back against the creaky chair as he shook his head, "We aren't stupid, Min Yoongi. We know what happened back in Toccoa, and we know it was Mr. Park who committed all those other thefts, we've connected the dots. Now, if you just confess, help us find your friend, the debt you pay will be far, far less."

That was his compromise.


If you throw Jimin under the bus, if you give up his whereabouts, you won't have to pay such a price.

What kind of fucking compromise is that, to throw the one who was your entire world under the bus?


"I don't know what you're talking about. I did it all alone," Yoongi spoke sharply, though his mind was caged within a fog. His heart was sinking further into his chest with every single word.


I was drawn to him like a moth to goddamn flame. 


The officer rubbed his eyes, another sigh escaping his lips, it had clearly been a long night for him; the last thing he had expected was to catch a wanted criminal throughout what was now four states. "Yoongi," he spoke harshly, impatience deep within his tone, "We caught you on camera leaving the gas station in Easley with him, after he had already jumped into your car back in Toccoa. Please don't dig yourself deeper into this hole."


Another compromise. If Yoongi ratted out his love, he would pretend that he never heard Yoongi deny the whole thing. 


"I didn't know him," Yoongi's gaze fell on the officer, a bored look in his eyes as he finally caught his ground in such a situation, "He was just some random kid I gave a ride to."


He scared the hell out of me, everything he said or did terrified me, yet I kept coming back for more.


"So,"  the impatience had taken of his entire tone this time around, his knuckles turning white as he balled his fists atop the table, "You're tryin' to tell me that you were responsible for it all? That bank robberies, the hotels, maybe even the gas stations?"

Yoongi nodded once more, heart rising to his throat, "I never had any help."


I was in love with him. 


"Really?" he snorted, "Never?"




"Min Yoongi, you are one dumb son of a bitch," he pushed away from the table, opening the door as he looked into the hallway, spotting the officer who had escorted him in, "Go ahead and toss him in a cell, he's fucking useless."






Three months had passed and Yoongi had simply grown numb to everything, his mind constantly flashing back to Jimin as he hoped and prayed that everything he had been through was worth it, that Yoongi's sacrifice wasn't for nothing. He often dreamed of his smile, his quiet little giggles the he had completely fallen in love with, though he was often pulled from his sleep due to the murmurs and groans, and god only knows what else that would fill the air of the cell block he had been placed in.

The preliminary hearing was shit, especially seeing as Yoongi couldn't afford a lawyer so he was stuck with whatever one they had provided him with, and though he had pled guilty, but because they knew about his association with Jimin, the wanted robber who was presumably still on the loose, his chances of being let off were little to none, and he was looking at more than half of his life in jail should the jury find him guilty. 

The thought made him sick to his stomach, really, half of his life sleeping on a piece of shit bed that felt like a rock. His mind often wandered back to the room back at the suite in Asheville, even sometimes missing the shitty beds back at the other motels they had stayed at, but he soon realized what he missed the most about those beds was the warm feeling of Jimin beside him.


It was the day of his hearing, so naturally he slept like shit. He was unable to make good on all of the tips his lawyer had given him, telling him to dress nicely for the hearing but he only had the sweats that the jail had provided, not having any access to any other clothes. Something about the jury can see you as more of a human that way.

He was leaning back against the cement wall, breathing deeply, trying to keep his mind calm. This wasn't how things were supposed to turn out, not at all, but still, even after three months he couldn't find a shred of regret in his body for letting himself be caught. The only thing he wished he could have done differently would have been to kiss Jimin a little longer that very last time.


"Mr. Min," a small voice called from the other side of the cell, it was his lawyer whom he was honestly growing fucking tired of seeing, "You ready?"

"Shit, I reckon," he murmured, earning a glare from between the bars.

"At least watch your language in there, yeah?" she scoffed, tossing her bleached blonde hair over he shoulder, hair that reminded Yoongi of all the times that Jimin had made fun of his own dollar store bleach job. It was one of the last things he had to remind himself of Jimin, though his roots were starting to show. The blond would be gone soon enough, as would the memory of Jimin entirely.

Yoongi stood up, adjusting his pants, "Sure, Mandy," he griped, taking a step to the door to be let out as he watched the officer fumble through his keys.

"Couldn't have at least wore a suit?" she grimaced at his attire, and Yoongi had to fight back an eye roll.

"Didn't have one, so this'll have to do. Don't like it?" his eyes raked over her face that was completely covered in drugstore makeup that didn't match her neck. 

"Doesn't matter, I guess," she pushed her thin glasses up her nose before she cleared her throat.

The door of the cell had finally opened and he stepped out, holding his arms out to be cuffed too tightly per usual, before being led out of the cell block and down to the doors where he would breathe his first breath of fresh air since he could even remember. At least that was something for him to look forward to. 


He was escorted in a large white van to the courthouse not even twenty minutes later. The fresh air outside had felt amazing on his lungs, intoxicating even as it was the most he had in as long as he could remember now. His days were really starting to run together.

The drive to the courthouse wasn't long, as a matter of fact it had only taken about ten minutes and he had to fight to find it within himself to really calm his nerves. He had spent the last few months entirely numb to everything, and yet there he was, feeling sick to his stomach as they pulled up to one of the side entrances. The officer huffed for him to stay seated as he made his way around the van to allow Yoongi out as he escorted him inside, taking him to a small room as he waited his turn.

He sat staring at a wall for close to two hours as Mandy would come back in every so often to go over the details of everything with him, making sure he knew all the right things he was supposed to say. Her voice only became more and more irritating with each and every word she would say, and he found the way that she would click her tongue utterly disgusting. He just wanted to get it over with, get what was coming to him.

She had finally left after shaking her head whenever he was reluctant to comply in the way that she wanted. The way he looked at it, he just didn't see much hope for himself, so why even fucking bother? He had already confessed, already pled guilty, what more was there? Did he really expect the jury to take pity on him and his multiple counts of armed robbery along with attempted homicide because of that sick fuck that Jimin had rightfully shot, even if it was the heat of the moment.

The door of the small room opened, and Yoongi kept his eyes fixed on his cuffed hands, heart beginning to thud a bit because he knew it was time. Time to go into the courtroom, and time to plead guilty once again and prepare to spend the better part of the rest of his life behind bars. A truly disgusting feeling wrapped up within zero remorse whatsoever. He may have been insane, insane to take the blame for so much, but that's just how much he had cared for Jimin, even more so in hopes that he would see him again one day.

He never expected as he listened to the shuffling of feet along the wooden floor to ignite something as it did, as a breathy, "Yoongi," spilled into the previously quiet room and Yoongi's eyes instantly shot up, his heart lurching at the voice, one so familiar that he almost didn't believe he was truly hearing it until he glanced up and fixed his eyes on the figure that was standing before him.

"Yoongi," he smiled that same sweet smile that always had a habit of taking his breath away, tears welling up in his eyes as he reached out a small hand for the older's cuffed ones as he revealed a small key before hastily unlocking his cuffs.

"J-Jimin?" he stammered, eyes wide as he fought for the words, thoughts running a million miles a minute, "What the fuck are you doing here?"

Jimin hushed him as he crouched to unlock the cuffs around his ankles, "Long story, but let's just say I'm still too fucking good at what I do."

The moment his shackles hit the floor, Yoongi was quick to pull the younger into his embrace, fighting back his own tears as Jimin pushed himself closer against him, "We don't have time, love," he whispered, "We've got about two minutes to get the hell out of here," he pulled back quickly, his eyes reading over Yoongi's, surely seeing the thousands of questions that he had before he shook his head, insinuating that there would be time for all that later.

He was just as beautiful as Yoongi remembered, his hair no longer the color of the sunrise, now matching the black leather jacket that he was adorned with, but he was still laced with that same familiar scent of cheap cigarettes. He reached for Yoongi's wrists quickly, tugging him up from the bench as he pulled him towards the door, "Hope you don't mind being on the run again so soon, but I did a whole lot of illegal shit to get to this point, so let's get the fuck out of here before you and I both spend the rest of our lives in jail, yeah?"

Yoongi only nodded, allowing Jimin to tug him through the door as he glanced around quickly, ensuring that the long hallway was clear before pulling him in one direction as they moved swiftly and quickly, Jimin moving as confidently as ever as Yoongi could only stare in amazement at the boy in front of him. The one he loved who had come for him.

It felt like an eternity before they finally reached the end of the hallway and were coming upon a fire exit at the very end, and Jimin ran towards it relentlessly and Yoongi could only stammer, words incoherent, "Jimin, the door-alarm- we can't."

Jimin only smiled quickly over his shoulder as he shoved it open with his shoulder, and to Yoongi's surprise absolutely no alarm sounded, he heard nothing but Jimin's breathless chuckles as they took off in full force down between the courthouse and the buildings that stood beside it, down an alley way to a solid black Toyota that sat at the end, and Jimin quickly directed him to get in and the moment both of their doors closed, the younger had pushed the key into the ignition and they were driving down the road before turning onto one of the few back roads of Elizabethton, one that headed directly up a mountain.

The younger struggled to speak through bated breaths, the smile prominent on his lips as he nearly choked on his words, "I've been planning this day ever since the moment you turned yourself in."

Yoongi didn't know where to begin, heart still pumping fast as the adrenaline coursed through his veins, his mind was a mess as he did his best to process everything that had just happened, "How the fuck did you-"

"Well, it wasn't fucking easy," he cocked an eyebrow, "A lot of pick pocketing for the keys, mapping out the place, learning where security was often stationed, and it was just my luck that those dumb fucks placed you in the room that they did."

"Jimin," he blurted out, "You could have been fucking caught, how fucking stupid are you?"

"They say that people are stupid when they're in love."

"What did you just say?" Jimin just glanced at him over the glasses he had pulled out of his jacket pocket, a sly smile tugging at his lips. He was still as utterly intoxicating as Yoongi remembered, especially as he watched him pull a cigarette out of the box that was nestled within the cup holder, placing it between his parted lips.

"I said I love you," his words were so sure, confident, without even the slightest hint of disdain as he lit the cigarette, eyes fixed back on the road.

Yoongi's heart nearly stopped, lungs heavy due to the smoke that was filling them, "I love you too," he couldn't explain in that moment how incredibly amazing it felt to be able to say the words that had sat carefully on the tip of his tongue during every passing moment he had spent with Jimin.

"I know," Jimin chuckled, holding the cigarette out for Yoongi to take who did so, just like he always had.

"You do?" he slid the butt of the cigarette between his chapped lips, carefully inhaling, not choking on the smoke for once.

"I've known for a long time. You weren't exactly subtle," he reached for the cigarette once again before taking the slow drag, careful to blow the smoke out of the cracked window this time.

Yoongi only nodded as Jimin reached across the console to grip Yoongi's hand tight, and the simple contact alone was enough to send little sparks up Yoongi's entire arm, "How is your mom?" he asked as he leaned back further into his seat, gripping Jimin's hand tightly.

"She's good. She's doing real good, and is debt free. Well, she wasn't exactly happy with how I got the money, so she refused it, but I left it there. She'll use it eventually," he chortled, his thumb rubbing small circles over Yoongi as he pressed into the gas a little more, nearing the top of the mountain.

Yoongi hummed, nodding at his words, "So, where are we going?"

"No fucking clue. Far away from here."

"That's alright with me," Yoongi sighed, unable to take his eyes off Jimin, still finding it hard to believe that they were together again.

"Yeah?" Jimin asked, a tone that implied he already knew the answer.

"Anywhere is fine as long as I'm with you."

No, it wasn't ideal. Nothing about them as a combination ever truly was, but Yoongi's heart thumped brightly in his chest as he looked to the road ahead of them, the sun sitting high above the mountain top amongst the clouds as he sighed contentedly, ready to follow Jimin to the ends of the earth.