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to see you again

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The thing is, before he went and got himself blind, Yunlan was quite sure Shen Wei was gearing up to finally make a move on him.
There were just too many small, careful hints at smiles and eyes just a bit too full on adoration and devotion to ignore, and well, Yunlan isn't blind -except right now he kinda is, right? And he can tell Shen Wei blames himself for getting Yunlan into this mess with the Hallows, both because Shen Wei actually told him and because he hasn't left Yunlan's side since he woke up in the dark. Guilt doesn't sit well with passionate make-out sessions, and Yunlan feels like they've gone back to how they were when they first met- aware of the connection that ran between them, but hesitant to explore it further.

It's been two days since Yunlan went blind. In those two days, he has succesfully managed to avoid any unnecessary pampering from the SID, mostly by ordering them around and making them track down possible leads all around Dragon City. Only Shen Wei refused to leave, bringing him a constant stream of tea and generally hoovering around him.

''Stop lurking and sit with me,'' says Yunlan to the general direction from where he can hear the soft rustling of Shen Wei's clothes. Light footsteps come near, then Yunlan feels the couch sinking under Shen Wei's weight. Yunlan pats along the space between them until he finds Shen Wei's thigh.

''Hey, long time no see,'' Yunlan smirks. He hears Shen Wei's little huff of breath and god, he can picture the tilting of Shen Wei's head, the way his lips are surely trying to conceal a fond smile. He misses seeing all the tiny expressions Shen Wei makes around him, all the barely there hints at emotions beneath the cool surface of the mighty Professor Shen. Seeing Shen Wei is what he misses most, and somehow the fact that this doesn't surprise him is surprising.

Yunlan pats lightly Shen Wei's thigh and smiles when Shen Wei gets the message and gives him his hand. It's soft and cool in Yunlan's hold, and he really wants to trace its shape and run his fingers along Shen Wei's palm, so he does. Shen Wei goes very still, so still Yunlan can't hear him breathe anymore.

''God, I wish I could see you. I want to know how you're looking at me right now,'' whispers Yunlan.

''You know how I'm looking at you,'' says Shen Wei, so softly Yunlan can barely hear him in the quiet of the empty headquarters. Yunlan shudders.

''I'm going to find a way to give you your sight back,'' says Shen Wei, and Yunlan knows it's a promise. It's enough.