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What Happens on Set, Stays on Set

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“Always fuck the lighting guy. He can make or break your career.” - Career advice from a burlesque performer


You were on your knees going through the crates of lighting equipment to put together what was needed for the next sequence. It wasn’t the most glamorous or exciting part of moviemaking, but you were still over the moon to be working on your first movie. Your family had been part of Hollywood since the beginning, working behind the cameras to bring movies to life. Every year, you watched the award shows to cheer on whichever family member was nominated. You always jumped at the chance to visit the set when your parents’ work allowed it, and you’d fallen in love with movies at an early age. It was no question that you were going to film school, and after graduation, you joined the family business, becoming an apprentice, which basically meant doing all the tedious grunt work that no one else wanted to do. It wasn’t what you envisioned yourself doing on a movie set, but the family rule was that everybody had to work their way up to get more responsibility. So, you were determined to do your best at even the most trivial and menial tasks.

You had put most of the equipment in the transport bags when you heard the office door open and close, followed by two masculine voices. The Australian accent you immediately recognized as belonging to Jai, one of the lead actors in the movie. The other guy you recognized as one of Jai’s costars from another movie he did a few years back and who was in town for a hot new theater production. You heard the creak as they sat down on one of the couches and silently thanked God that the one across from it was hiding you from their vision. The two men started to catch up with each other, and you reached for the next piece of equipment, but you froze when you realized that moving it would make a lot of noise that would alert the two men to your presence, so you hung your head as you realized you had to wait for them to leave.

As Jai and his friend continued to talk, you found yourself thinking about the two of them. You’d met Jai only briefly, when he’d introduced himself to all the crewmembers, but you’d noticed that he had an easygoing nature and he loved being on film sets as much as you did. And he was always willing to jump behind the bar and make everyone’s favorite cocktail once filming was done for the day. He was one of those actors that was referred to by name, not as the “talent”, which was the crew codeword for “asshole”. His friend, on the other hand, was certainly deemed worthy of the “talent” label, if the scuttlebutt you’d heard was true. And then your eyes bulged at what he said next.

The guy was talking about one of his female costars in the play, and how he was trying so hard to get her into bed with him, but he wasn’t getting anywhere with her. You silently mouthed a “what the fuck?!” that he would be talking openly about this and cursed the fact that your only exit was the same door they’d entered through. You closed your eyes and inhaled deeply, wishing that this nightmare would end. Fate, however, was not going to be that kind. Jai revealed that the actress had been one of his costars in his last movie, and that he’d fucked her during filming. He then went into incredibly graphic descriptions of the sex positions she liked, techniques on how to eat her out, the sounds she made when she came. Your face turned bright red, partly from embarrassment at having to overhear their conversation, but mostly because you felt yourself get wet at Jai’s explicit words of what he did to the woman and you felt a pang of envy, wishing you could’ve been in her place.

Just when you thought you couldn’t take anymore, a phone went off and Jai’s friend said he had to get back. Jai wished him luck and you breathed a sigh of relief when you heard footsteps and the office door open and close. You stood up, happy to be off your knees, but your hand flew to your mouth as you saw that Jai’s friend was the one who left, and that Jai was still sitting on the couch, looking at you with wide eyes.

“I was putting together equipment for the next scene,” you said sheepishly, and Jai closed his eyes and groaned as he realized you had overheard the entire conversation.

“Look, I’m really sorry you heard that,” he said, flushing a little with embarrassment. “We didn’t think anyone was in here. I apologize if you were offended by what we said.”

“I’m not offended,” you told him, trying to put him at ease. “I’m wet.” You bit your lip and cursed whatever had possessed you to say that last bit, but you saw Jai’s eyes darken with desire.

“Is that so?” he asked, his voice getting deeper as he let his eyes rake over your voluptuous curves. “Let’s see.” He crooked his finger, motioning for you to come over.

Moving to stand in front of him, you slowly pulled the skirt of your maxi dress up to midthigh, then reached under to pull down your underwear, stepping out if it and holding it up to show the pale blue fabric with the dark wet spot in the middle of the crotch. Jai reached out to take them, but you moved them just out of his reach.

“Not unless you’re going to do something,” you said teasingly.

Jai answered you with a sexy smile and grabbed your panties from you, holding them up to get a better look, and you saw his nostrils flare as he caught your scent.

“Yeah, actually, I am going to do something,” he said, tossing your panties on the couch and undoing his belt to open his pants.

Jai pulled you onto his lap and you gripped his shoulders to steady yourself as he moved you to straddle him. He eased his pants off his hips and put his hands under your dress, guiding your hips into position over him. One large hand held you in a firm grip while the other guided his erection to your core.

“Well, this is a surprise,” he said, and you gasped as you felt the hot flesh of his dick brush against the bare skin of your hairless mound.

You blushed, afraid he might think you were weird for going completely bare down there, but you enjoyed the feeling of smoothness and clearly, so did Jai. You felt his tip circling your entrance to release your juices onto him, and you started to squirm, wanting more of the sensation, but his grip tightened to hold you right where he wanted you. You moaned as you felt him slide into you, biting your lip as your walls stretched out around him. You’d had three boyfriends in college, and you weren’t a virgin, but none of the guys you’d been with had been as big as Jai.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” Jai growled, feeling the resistance of your body around him. “Is this your first time?

“No,” you told him, shaking your head. “I’m just small. You need to go slow on this part.”

Jai groaned but did as you said, slowly easing you down his hard length a little at a time. Your guys had liked the feeling of your body wrapped around theirs, but you had never felt anything like the sensual wonder of having Jai inside you. He was solid, heavy, and totally male, and while you desperately wanted to hurry, you knew this part couldn’t be rushed. You brushed your lips against his as you felt yourself bottom out on him, your pussy stretched taut around his strapping erection.

“Does this part need to be slow too?” Jai asked, his hands cupping your ass, but staying perfectly still until he felt the tension ease.

“Just the entry,” you said, enjoying the feeling Jai’s hardness inside you. “You can do what you want now.”

“Good,” he said with a sexy gleam in his eyes.

He lifted you up and then slammed you back down on his dick, making you gasp. The first stroke hit your g-spot, and you prayed it wasn’t a fluke. The second stroke proved that it wasn’t. Jai’s hands were squeezing your ass as he brought you down on him in a pounding rhythm over and over. When he was confident that you could maintain the pace he’d set, his hands moved upward, sliding the straps of your dress off your shoulders, and pulled the top down to bare your large breasts to him. He massaged them roughly and his teeth nipped your earlobe as he whispered hot words to you, telling you how good your pussy felt, and encouraging you to ride him harder. He trailed kisses down your neck until he found the soft spot that he wanted, then bit and sucked hard, and you knew there would be a mark later. Moving lower, his mouth closed over your breast, his tongue laving the peak into a tight pebble while his fingers pinched and rolled the other into the same state.

“Are you going to come for me, honey?” Jai said the words against your skin as you both felt your walls squeeze him tightly, signaling your approaching climax.

“Yes,” you panted, your hips pumping like a piston. “I’m so close, Jai.”

“Ladies first,” he said roughly, his hands returning to your hips to bring you down hard on him. His thrust sent you over the edge, your head tipping back and your mouth opening in a silent scream as you experienced your first real orgasm. Before the convulsions had dimmed, Jai pulled you back to him, his mouth latching onto the opposite side of your neck to leave a matching mark to the first one. He held your hips tighter as he hammered into you and you felt his dick thicken as he found his release inside you. The warm wet bloom reminded you that he wasn’t wearing a condom, but you remembered that you got your contraceptive shot a month ago, so you didn’t need to worry about anything on that score. Jai thrust into you a couple more times to thoroughly empty himself then sank back into the cushions, taking you with him.

“That was amazing,” he said into your ear, his breath ragged while he ran his hands appreciatively up and down your thighs. You said nothing, content to simply listen to your heartbeats as they returned to normal. After a few minutes of basking in the afterglow, Jai roused you from your drowsiness.

“What time is it?” he asked, giving your ass a firm smack, and you let out a tiny yip as you jerked upright.

“It’s a quarter to three,” you told him, looking over at the clock on the wall. Jai grimaced.

“I have to be on set in fifteen minutes,” he said, easing you off his lap. You wanted to protest, but you knew time really was money when it came to making movies. He smiled at your look of disappointment as his dick slid out of your still vibrating pussy. You stood up, letting the dress fall back around your ankles, and you pulled the top back into place as Jai stood and refastened his pants. He looked at you with pure male satisfaction as he picked up your panties and shoved them into his pocket.

“I’ll see you around,” he said, giving you a cheeky wink before he walked out the door.

You smiled as the door closed behind him, then groaned as you realized that you had to carry the equipment bags over to the set without any underwear on and Jai’s cum running down your inner thigh.