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The Spring That Thaws The Winter

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“Your Majesty. We are ready to go.”


“Thank you, Oreius.” Peter nodded at the Centaur. “What is taking so long?” He called in the direction of the door.


“What do you think?” Lucy came out, rolling her eyes. “Or who do you think?”


Mr. Tumnus, who was beside the younger queen, snickered. “I’ll leave these for when you get back, My Queen.” He said, looking at the documents on his hand.


“You might as well burn them.” Lucy grumbled.


“Lucy.” Susan chided, coming into the room, finishing the braid in her hair. “Not very queenly of you.”


Lucy gave her sister an innocent smile, then she saw that Susan was alone. “Seriously? Where is Edmund?”


“I’m here!” The last King came almost running, strapping his sword on his belt.


“Finally.” Peter huffed. “We’ve got to go. Helka said they saw the wolves on the East border.”


“Unbelievable.” Lucy growled. “It’s been almost ten years. How can that Witch still have animals loyal to her?”


“That’s what you’re about to find out, your Majesty.” Mr. Tumnus said as he left the room.


“Let us go.” Peter indicated the door with his head.


The first rays of sun were starting to light the day as the dawn broke and the morning air was chilly, but not exactly cold.


Lucy threw her cape over her shoulders and let Susan help her secure her braid.


When Peter walked to the door a sudden wind slammed it shut, along with every other door in the room. “What?” The King was confused, especially because when he tried to turn the knob, it didn’t move. “What is this?”


Edmund was looking around the room. “Is it me… Or it just got darker?”


The other Pevensie siblings looked around, and it was like all the lights blinked, leaving them in darkness for a second. However once they got back they weren’t in Cair Paravel anymore, that was a fact.


Mostly because they were in the middle of an enormous hall, with men in armor and swords gapping at them.


“Oh great.” Edmund grumbled. “I guess we’re not in Narnia anymore.”


Oh Aslan…