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Semi-Charmed Life

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Semi-Charmed Life

I don't need no money, fortune, or fame (ooh hey hey hey)
I've got all the riches baby one man can claim (oh yes I do)
I guess you'd say
What can make me feel this way?

-My Girl by the Temptations


Fate and destiny are things seen often as interchangeable. Webster’s dictionary states that fate means: the will or principle or determining cause by which things in general are believed to come to be as they are or events to happen as they do.

Destiny’s definition is that of a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency.

Whether fate or destiny, three lives changed on a course of action to change the world, one October day in 1930, when two boys that would shape history, Steven Rogers and James Buchanan Barnes met, along with Steve’s little sister Ellie. Forever reshaping the fabrics of time.

*~ October 1930 ~*


It was a cool, brisk day in Brooklyn, New York, where children in costumes of various design were wandering around the streets during the annual trick-or-treat night.


“Ellie, slow down!” 12-year old Steve Rogers yelled as he tried to catch up to his 11-year old sister as she took off from him, “Mom’s going to kill me if you get hurt!”


Elizabeth ‘Ellie’ Rogers laughed as she ran, blonde curls bouncing behind her, down the street leading to their house in the center of Brooklyn. Glancing back, she finally saw her older brother’s face, which was bright red despite the red cheeks of his clown makeup, and stopped as she saw him struggling to breathe.


“You okay Stevie?” She asked concerned as he finally caught up to her, slightly wheezing and sweat rolling down his temples.


“I…I just…need to catch… my breath” Steve wheezed, doubling over holding his knees.


Ellie rubbed his back, “Just breathe in… now out… slowly” She felt her pillowcase of candy from the neighborhood trick or treat be ripped out of her hands.


“Thanks for the candy” A voice said as Ellie’s bag in the hands of the ‘leader’ of the neighborhood troublemaker ‘gang’, Peter Murphy.


Ellie stood her ground, squaring her shoulders glaring up at him, “Give that back!”


“I don’t even need to go around trick-or-treating, look at this haul!” Peter said to his friend Henry next to him.


Steve, who stood less than 5 foot tall and was shorter than even Ellie, walked up to Peter, “Give my sister her candy back!”


Peter laughed, “And you’re going to make me? You can’t even breathe”


Steve pulled his fist back and swung, hitting Peter under the chin, not even fazing the other boy.


“No Steve!” Ellie yelled attempting to pull him back as Peter threw a punch right back at him, knocking him to the ground.


Footsteps ran up in front of them as Ellie knelt down to check on Steve.


“Hey! Get lost will you!” A taller brunette boy said as he walked over and pushed Peter away, “You shouldn’t take candy from an angel”.


Ellie gazed upon the boy who stepped in for them. He was taller that Peter and stood with squared shoulders and not too shabby clothes. He was not dressed in a costume.


Peter stared at the boy, weighing his options whether to deck him or not, but the other boy was at least three inches taller than Peter.


“Rogers, this ain’t the last of it!” Peter yelled as he and Henry walked away.


The brunette boy looked down at Steve and Ellie, who had torn her tights as she knelt down next to Steve attempting to mop up his bloody nose with her handkerchief. He knelt down next to them with a soft voice, “You guys okay?”


Steve ran the back of his hand over his nose, blood smearing across it, “Thanks but I had him on the ropes”


The older boy chuckled, “So that is what you call that? Hi I am James Barnes but you can call me Bucky” He said holding out his hand for Steve.


Steve took it and let Bucky pull him up, “Steve Rogers”


“And who are you ma’am?” Bucky said helping Ellie up.


“Ellie Rogers thanks for helping us Bucky. Steve never knows when to back down from a fight” Ellie said with a scolding tone to her voice.


“Don’t worry about it. I have three younger brothers and sisters, so I know how it is” Bucky said with a smile.


“Hey! I’m older than her” Steve told him.


Bucky looked between them and Ellie nodded, “I’m 11, and Steve is barely a year older than me and is 12” She explained.


“Jesus Steve, you need to eat a horse or something. Come on, where do you guys live? I’ll walk you home” Bucky said offering his arm to Ellie.


“Down off East 16th” Ellie said as Steve hurried following them.


For the next five years, it was Steve following behind them as fast as his shorter legs could carry him, and Bucky and Ellie touching each other in some fashion, whether holding hands or his arm around her shoulders. They weren’t together. Bucky was still the neighborhood womanizer that dragged Steve around to double dates that he had no interest in. That was until her 18th birthday.