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Not so friends with benefits

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“I see you found my hidden liquor”, says Al when she sees Alicia with a bottle of whiskey in her hands. The bottle is already half empty.
Alicia looks Al in the eyes and tries to look angry but it ends up looking cute.
“Not that well hidden, was it?”
“Give me the bottle. You’ve had enough”
She does nothing, just sits there pressing the bottle against her body.
Alicia takes another sip and gestures Al if she wants some.
Al takes it and puts it on a table.
“Hey”, Alicia mumbles and tries to get it back.
She fails when she tries to stand up.
“Do you wanna talk about it?”, Al asks her.
She shakes her head.
“Should I get Victor?”
Again, no.
Al doesn’t know what she should do.
Alicia’s been like that since Nick died.
At first she was talking with Victor and Luciana but now she barely talks at all.
They just sit there, staring blankly at the wall or at each other.
“You do know drinking doesn’t help”
After awhile Alicia asks, “so you know what helps?” , and Al can’t help but wonder if she was flirting with her.
Al looks up not knowing what to say and their eyes lock.
The pain and anger in Alicia’s eyes were now gone and lust is all she can see.
So she was flirting- and before Al could end that thought Alicia’s lips are on hers.
Soft lips and rough kissing.
It takes Al a second to kiss back.
But it’s not bad, she likes it actually.
Not that she didn’t like Alicia but she never thought this would happen.
Al is on top of Alicia kissing her neck but Alicia spins her around so she’s sitting on her hips. She takes her flannel of and leans back in. Now with her knee inside Al’s thighs.
The kissing gets more heated.
Clothes are being taken off and tongue entered the game.
And somehow they landed in Althea’s bed.
Alicia takes Al’s shirt off.
“You sure?”, asks Al.
Alicia nods.
They get out of the rest of their clothes and Alicia pushes Al onto the bed, locks the door and puts her hair in a ponytail.
She goes back to the bed and sits on Al’s lap.
She was about to kiss her when Al picks her up and lays her down so she’s on top.
She starts kissing down her body, surely leaving some hickeys.