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Extended: UA Class 1-A *OLD*

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“A class of twenty-five, don’t you think that’s too ambitious, headmaster Nedzu?” All might asked the rat-bear-like animal. It was only a week after classes started back up at UA and the newest classes of heroes showed promise. The teachers were all given copies of students files. Ten files were set aside as Nedzu played a file on a holo-screen. It showed a young girl absolutely demolishing the testing grounds. Rainbows rained across the screen, destruction following after, leaving the girl with a wand in the center of it all. Midnight whistled.
“The girl has a nice power, she could really pack a punch with that wand of hers”
Another where a young man moved objects with a thought and a girl who was powered by words themselves.
Nedzu continued down the list of students until he got a video from the year prior.
“Wasn’t he expelled? Why are you showing us this?”
Nedzu hummed as he pulled up another video log that showed the student in question with a shorter girl and a very unimpressed lawyer. Aizawa rolled his crusty eyes.
“I think we should give young Uzumaki-kun a chance.”

“Honestly to think we are taking him back. Look at his written exams scores. It's only ten points higher than that Star girls. “ Aizawa clicked while looking over the boy's file. Nedzu took a sip of his tea while the pro heroes discussed the matter at hand. Midnight rolled her eyes.

“What if we made him retake the exam? That was a whole year ago; he's bound to have changed from then” She brought up a valid point. Blood Vlad shook his head.
“U.A. has a reputation to uphold, we can't just let someone back in because he wasn't with his class the day they got expelled “ Nedzu watched the teachers continue to bicker. Present Mic coughed loudly, with his quirk silencing the table.
“In the end, our opinions don't matter because Nedzu here has all the cards and final say. “ The blonde gave a low chuckle. Nedzu watched as the teachers stared at him, waiting for his decision.
“The boy is to be retested. If he qualifies he will be placed in 1A under my assistance's watch. Are we clear? “
Aizawa squeezed his eyes shut. “When we have 20 something kids injured because of that knucklehead, don't expect me to apart of your damage control. You're hearing this from me right now”
“When now that Uzumaki-san's readmission problem is solved let us move onto what to do with” Nedzu brushed off Aizawa's disdain and pressed a button, revealing a holographic video. The image showed a young man handling not one, but three small-time villains on his own. The boy conjured large metal fists, larger legs, and even an arm cannon. The teachers sat, analyzing the boy.
“Minus the property damage, he has the great foundations of becoming a great hero” All Might said gruffly. Aizawa rolled his eyes at the number one hero.
“I was just thinking the same! And since Aizawa's roaster isn't quite filled, we can reign him in”
Nedzu clapped his paws together. Midnight looked over the boy’s file once again.
“Says here that he’s a runaway?” Nedzu waved her off.
“Let’s gloss over those minor details, shall we? Now Aizawa, I'm sure you can handle a class filled with so much potential. You know the saying: Plus Ultra!”