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Extended: UA Class 1-A *OLD*

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The timeline...wack as hell
The test scores are outta whack because they had a different testing time and parameters
Some Americans develop quirks late and multiple because,,, ya know AMERICANS
This page will be updated with new background characters as the AU expands

Probationary Students
Rex Salazar-15, Hero Name is Generator the technological hero. Caused severe property damage while under the watch of the Japanese government. Quirk, Machine Manifest. Can make machines protrude from his body. Must visualize machine and in a good mood to maintain form. Good hand to hand combat. Teamwork skills quite poor and needs improvements.
Naruto Namikaze- 15, Hero Name Maelstrom the wind throwing clone wielding hero.Was originally supposed to be in Aizawa's expelled class last year but had an emergency so he was excused.  Was brought back by request of . Quirk, Chakra. Can produce a red aura around him, heightening his strength, speed, and agility. Can also make clones and transform with said aura. Runs on a limit and needs to rest for 12 hours to fully recharge. Also has good combat skills and team skills.
Manuel “Manny” Rivera - 15, Hero Name El Tigre the hand holding hero(?).  A student from the Miracle City has been in multiple altercations leading up to his enrollment. The student is on a recommendation from his father, White Pantera. Quirk, Tiger Spirit. Passed down for generations, he is able to harness the powers of a tiger. Has detachable hands.

Exchange Students
Miyako Gotokuji-15, Hero Name Rolling Bubbles the popping bubble hero. An exchange student from New Townsville, Tokyo. Came to practice combat training excellent in rescue missions. Quirk, Bubble. Can produce bubbles and trap objects or persons inside. Can also be used for underwater travel. Bubbles density and chemical components can be changed at will. Stated again, needs to learn how to fight without her weapon. Has good team skills.
Star Butterfly-14, Hero Name-Undecided. Seemingly coming out of nowhere was placed in class 1A. Knows Katsuki Bakugou and Izuku Midoriya on a first name basis. Quirk, Magic: Conjure Having no prior knowledge of the student in question, we can assume that her quirk is connected to her wand. Good weapon combat and hand to hand is average but lacks team skills and very spontaneous. Note: Will be periodically absent and leaving class to attend her “royal duties”
Steven Quartz Universe -15, Hero Name-Undecided. Like the student above, not much is known about this student. Quirk, Shield. Can produce a large shield from his body. Good for deflecting projectiles. Let in on a recommendation.

International Students
Virgil Hawkins- 15, Hero Name Static, the electromagnetic hero. Has been throughout the states from one safe house to another, finally landing himself in the UA heroics course. Late bloomer with his quirk, it had only manifested two years prior. Quirk, electromagnetism. Can generate electricity and pull magnetic objects towards him. Can pull things 5X his body weight. Can be "shorted out" by coming into contact with water. Has a good knowledge of hand to hand and teamwork skills. 
CP: 57
Jake Long- 15, Hero Name AmDrag, the spitting fire hero. Has come from a long line of dragon quirk users. Aspires to go back home to NYC and claiming the true mantle of the American Dragon. Quirk, dragon transformation. Transforms into a dragon, and gains abilities such as flight enhanced strength, durability and breathing fire. Also can achieve feats without going full dragon. Can be quite rash but he is highly trained in the dragon arts.
CP: 50
Danny Fenton -15, Hero Name Phantom, the paranormal hero. Not much is known about this ghostly student. Quirk, Going Ghost. Can turn invisible, intangible, has the power of flight and ectoplasm blasts. Developed his quirk later in his adolescent life, still has trouble with intangibility.
Rebecca Botsford -15, Hero name, WordGirl.An intelligent young lady from the states.Quirk, Word Power. The more words she learns, the more she can lift. Current word capacity is 300 wpm.
Hotaru Imai-15, not in hero course buy a mixed curriculum of business and support courses. Quirk, Invention. Can make anything machine out of any nonorganic materials. Has been selling her blueprints and inventions indiscriminately, causing problems in the hero world. Currently the top student in both courses.
Marco Diaz-15, in general studies. Quirk, Monster arm. Left arm can change into a tentacle at will. Gives him heightened strength and speed.
Rin Okumura-16, Teacher's assistant to Aizawa. Appeared at Nedzu's office asking for a job one day and has never left since. Quirk, Blue Flames. Can manifest flames at will. Powers increase by 5 with help of his sword.
Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama - 15, Hero Name, MOB. Quirk, Esper. A quiet, shy boy, barely made it into the hero course. Heavily on the pacifism side of heroics.