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That Night on Besaid Beach

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Almost Three months after his return to Spira, Tidus couldn't sleep. Every night he fought it. Fearing he would not wake up in the old crusaders lodge. Fearing he would leave Yuna alone again.

He tossed in bed every time his eyes dropped, trying like crazy to stay awake. Stifling a yawn, he sat up and looked to the cloth covered doorway. A walk would do him so good. Maybe it would settle his unease.

Yuna had said he was gone for two years. Two years! He couldn't believe she spent all that time looking for him. Mission or not, that was a long time on the road. Her pilgrimage wasn’t even that long. His hand came up to brush back his hair when the air hit him.

During those two years, the girl he fell in love with had changed. A sweet innocent summoner, a religious and obedient young girl had become a strong, gun slinging, happy, energetic woman. The thought alone made him smile.

She was still innocent even though she had become a little more like him. Well at least when it came to the rules. She grins when knows she is doing something unbecoming of a summoner. There is a small glimmer in her eye. It was the same one he saw back during her pilgrimage when she thought for a moment she could just give up and be happy. It was a sign of her joy and lately her eyes gleamed whenever they were together.

The night was warm and he could hear the beach. The salty air filled even the lodge, clinging to the fabric of the huts and tents. This was the smell of his new home. It was calming and alluring. He settled into the moment feeling absolutely content not for the first time since he returned.

For a moment he relaxed and let his mind wander over the changes and how easy everyone accepted his return to the island, to Spira all together. All because of her. She fought hard for him and he knew he loved her even more so than before because of it. He had a deep urge go to see Yuna even though he had just been with her not but a few hours ago. There just never seemed to be enough time in the day.

He continued to walk; looking to the sky he took another deep breath. Spira was his new home. Now that Sin was gone and there was peace in this eternal Calm.

The last three months were the best in all his existence. He had revisited all the places on their journey; Kilika Island, Bevel, the Calm Lands and they even went to the Sphere Spring back in the Macalania woods.

Those memories were worth everything to him but still he worried that if he were to fall asleep, they and he would fade away. If he stayed alert then there was no reason to wake up anywhere else but in Spria. It was foolish for him to think like this but he couldn't help it. He was a dream, he didn't even know if he was real or not half the time. He wanted to exist more than anything but can a dream truly exist. It hurt his head to think about it.

He walked to the center of the village; he picked up the blitz ball he left there earlier that day. He tossed it up and bumped it with his head. The ball fell back down and he kicked it around. He played for a while. He tried a few fancy tricks from his past. The past that didn't happen but still felt real to him. He thought hard about this as he played. He remembered a trick an old team mate showed him, It didn't do anything really, it just looked cool and impressed girls. But as he attempted the trick his mind faltered over how to balance his old reality with his new one. The ball returned to earth faster than he expected, after he kicked it up, only to land smack into his face.

That wasn't smart he thought as he rubbed his nose and tapped at his nostrils to check for blood. Nope, no blood.

He heard a soft laugh in the direction to where the ball rolled. Yuna's hut.
It was built upon her return so that she didn't have to stay with Wakka, Lulu and their baby Vindina. Even then, those two didn’t let up on their watch over their surrogent little sister. Just as before, when she was on her pilgrimage they did not let Tidus be alone with her for too long. Protective to an annoying fault in his opinion. Always interrupting them when things began to heat up, and it didn't help that her hut was right next door to theirs. This place was nothing like Zanarkand. Sound proof walls didn’t exist on this island.
The light came filtering out from her doorway where she poked her head out and when she saw him look her way, she pulled back into her home. Tidus smiled.

“Nice try, Yuna”, He chuckled as he picked the ball up again and began his way to her hut.


Yuna couldn't sleep either. It wasn’t as though she feared losing him again. She knew somewhere deep inside that the Fayth would not take him away. She saved Spira, she saved them. The Fayth was indebted to her, so as payment they would not take her true love away again. No, Yuna couldn’t sleep because she wanted to be beside him for more than just the few waking hours of the day. She wanted him to be in her hut, she wanted to hold him, to kiss him. She just wanted him.

It was frustrating that Wakka would take him away to play a game when they were in the middle of a romantic moment. It was even more frustrating when every time she and Tidus tried to be alone Lulu would need someone to watch Vindina. It was as if they didn't want them to go further into their budding relationship.

She was glad that they never interrupt their walks and embraces. There were only ever allowed the most innocent of affections and they were never alone.

She heard the sounds of someone kicking a ball around. It was probably Wakka or the Aurochs practicing for the next tournament. Why would they be practicing after dark? She wondered.
She peaked her head around the doorway to get a view of who was still awake at this time. When she discovered that it was Tidus she bit her lip to keep her voice in check and watched. She admired his skills. After all he was the star player of the Zanarkand Abes. He could teach her so many moves but she knew that even as a player in the Gullwings she may never will be as good as him.

Still she enjoyed their playful sessions and his peacocking need to show off for her. Not that she minded.

Glancing around the empty village, She looked towards her old guardians' hut. Their lights were out and there were no cries to be heard from the baby. They were all asleep. It almost seemed to good to be true.

She sighed and continued to watch Tidus play. He kicked the ball into the air and before he could save it… it came down and smacked him in the face. She couldn't hold back her laughter after witnessing that and in an instant her secret observation was over. Yuna pulled her head back into the hut before he could see her but knew she hadn’t been quick enough.

She looked around her hut to make sure everything was clean. It was. She ran to her soft cushion of a chair and picked up a book. That was when Tidus walked in.

“Hey" he said. He stood at her door with the blitz ball under his arm.

Yuna pretended to look up from her reading. "Hi"

"Whacha up to?"

"Nothing really.” She chewed her lip and tried not to make eye contact. ”Seemed like a good time to catch up on my reading.”

"Reading upside down? Wow, I never knew you were so talented." He grinned as if catching her in a blatant lie.

Yuna looked at him a little confused then looked down at her book. Instant mortification came over her and she blushed. "Well…it… I was…."

He laughed a little as she continued to come up with a reason. He found her fluster to be extremely adorable and it happened often. Enough that he started to note how her features would glow and her lips would get caught between her teeth. It was enough to make him want to take her face into his hands and her lips with his own.

Tidus crossed the space between the doorway to where she was settled and kneeled before her chair. She stopped talking when he did this and looked at him. For a moment, they were lost in each other's eyes. Then he used his free right hand to place it on her cheek and slide it behind her neck making his urge come to fruition. Their lips met tenderly in a kiss that wasn’t demanding but affectionate.

A feeling of warmth flooded her senses. She dropped her book and leaned into him wrapping her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. To his delight he returned it with just as much enthusiasm. They appreciated that for once, they would not be interrupted.

His tongue brushed across her lips begging her to open and allow the kiss to move forward. She obliged with a light giggle in her throat and took a turn ininvading his territory. They explored each other in that kiss for a few moments before he dropped the ball and let his other arm come around her back. He stood up lifting her of the chair and moved towards her bed.

He broke the kiss from her lips as he lay her down upon the matress. He laid down beside her, cupping a hand over her hip and began to kiss her again. They began their slow exploration. Tidus' hands caressed her body through the thin fabric of her nightgown from her hip, up to her back and then lower again till his hands rested at the juncture of her knee. He guided that leg over his own hip while his kiss began to travel to her cheek, down her neck and towards the hollow of her throat.

A soft moan had escaped her lips allowing him to take it as a sign to continue. Her arms were wrapped around him but they slowly slid away as her hands brushed through his hair. Her fingertips sliding down his neck gently massaging him. One of his hands made the slow journey up to her shoulder pulling the fabric lower exposing her flesh. He continued to slide the fabric down as his lips were traveling a little lower down her chest. She realized where he was heading. Her eyes flew open as her face turned red.

"Wait,” she gasped in a ragged and harsh whisper.

Tidus stopped and looked up at her in confusion. "What's wrong?" he asked.

Yuna's face was still flustered as he pushed himself off her, she was holding one hand to her burning face. Her heart was pounding hard. She had never experienced anything like this before and she tingled all over. The quivering in her belly was intensified by that little bit go foreplay. She wanted more of it but was too nervous to ask. She didn’t even know where to begin.

They both sat up and looked in different directions. Trying their best to contain the hormonal surge. Yuna was staring down at herself and she pulled the thin fabric of her nightgown back up to cover the top of her cleavage. Tidus just stared towards the wall at the opposite end of the room. He let her regain her composure knowing full well that if he did look back he would have difficulty controlling his hands.

"I…I'm sorry,” she finally said breaking the awkward silence that had fallen between them.

Tidus just smiled and looked back at her. He reached out for her and she came to him. Taking this as a truce offering she rested head upon his chest. They stayed like this in peaceful contentment and after a couple of minutes he kissed the top of her head and whispered, “Let's go…"

Holding her hand he walked out the door, she followed a little curious as to where they were heading.

The beach air was blissfully fresh though the night was not cold. Tidus figured that they could finally get down to some serious talking if he took her outside. Away from the temptation of a comfortable bed.

They walked the path from the village to the ruins. His eyes looking for a place they could be free to settle down without a fiend jumping out at them. Yuna noticed what he was doing and grinned. She knew a place. After all she was raised in Besaid.

She tugged him forward, surprising him.

"Hey,” he squawked in protest. It didn’t stop him from admiring her for her forwardness. Crazy how that shy girl he once knew became so confident. He was proud of her, impressed even. It also didn't hurt that he found it hotter than the fires of Kilika.

She giggled a little and instead of walking out onto the beach itself she let go of his hand and climbed up the side of one of the small cliffs. She was going to the secret spot on the beach. The place where it was surrounded by wall and ruin and opening up to the sea. He followed her. There were two treasure chests in this cove as well at the rubble used to climb back out of the cove.

"Here,” she said with a smile. "We can talk here. I fill these chests with things so I can stay out here. It's my personal get a way.' She headed for one of the chests and pulled out a large blanket laying it out for them.

"I use these to lay here and stare at the stars." She smoothed out the edges of the blanket and looked up to the sky.

The stars were really bright. They were always bright here unlike in the city where the light would be blocked out by the lights coming from the temples. They sparkled as if they knew secrets. Possibly they had memories of a time before Sin and the chaos that ensued for decades. It reminded her of the pyraflies in Zanarkand, of her journey and of her dearest of friends.
She held her hands to her chest and looked down with a sigh. "I used to come out here and wish. Wish for the calm, wish for my father, my friends… I wished you would come back to me." She glanced at him. “Some of those wishes came true."

Tidus came up behind her and held her to him, his chin resting on her shoulder.

"This was the first place I saw when I came back to Spira." He kissed her temple. "It was like I already knew this."

"Hmm" she smiled and loosened herself from him to sit down upon the blanket. He sat right next to her before stretching his limbs and reclining back against the sand and blankets.
He continued to watch her. She sat with her chin on her knees looking out to the water, her arms wrapped around her legs. The thin fabric nearly transparent in the moonlight was wafting in the breeze. Let let time pass like this for a good while in silence as they both fell lost into their own thoughts.

"So Blitzs is starting up again.” She said on a whim. "Are you excited?"

"Yup, and if you guys are not playing…" he glanced at her. "If you are not gonna play… you better get a front row seat where I can see you. That way when I score a goal. I can point to you and say that every shot is for you."

Yuna laughed softly and shook her head. "Are you still trying to convince me to play? It won't work. I can't take anyone's place. You already are taking over as captain now that Wakka just wants to be coach. It just wouldn't be fair to the guys. Besides…" she stood up and faced the sea. The blue fabric completely sheer was showing off her body underneath. "I am not meant to be a Blitzball player. You are the star and I am… a sphere hunter and a high summoner…"

“And from what I hear a really great songstress’” he started to chuckle. She dropped her head again and shook it. She tuned around and practically jumped on him pinning him to the ground with a smile and a laugh.

"And who told you this?" she questioned in a stern voice before she gaving him a kiss.

He laughed louder. "Not telling. I promised I would not tell." He kissed her in retaliation and rolled her on to her back.

"Tell me" she asked in a voice so sweet that he knew she was playing coy to angle the info outta him.

"Nope" he started to tickle her.

"Hey …. Come…on… tell…" she said between squeals and laughter.

"Only if you promise me something,” He stopped tickling her and looked into her eyes with an intense gaze.

She caught her breath and looked back into his eyes.

"Play for the team,” a grin placed across his face.

"Tidus. Will you stop asking?"


"Then you give me no choice.” She struggled to push him back so she could assault and attack on him but he held her down. "Hey…" she continued to struggle against his weight. He didn’t even look like he was exerting any sort of energy which annoyed her.

"I will never leave you again." His voice was soft and certain and just enough to break her concentration on getting out of his grips. He kissed her on the forehead while she remained stunned. Their eyes locked only to be broken once when she threw her arms around him. They held each other as if all the hope in the world lay between them.

"Yuna, we may never get to be alone again for along time." He released his embrace on her and sat up, helping her up with him. "Did you want to finally have that talk?"

She smiled and shrugged on delicate shoulder. "We don't have to talk if you don't want to.”

"But I thought…"

"I know I told you what I wanted… but we don't have to… not yet."

"Yuna. You are a high summoner. You deserve to get married."

"And I want to…but you. "

"Yes I know. But I think I can... I mean… I think we can. I will never leave you and besides I think this will be the only way we can be together." He paused “Might be the only way to get Wakka and Lulu off our back." He motioned towards the village.

She laughed softly and nodded. This was the first time and pretty much one of the last times they will be alone. Her face grew soft as she laid herself back down and looked towards Tidus. She motioned with her hands for him to come back down to her.

"I know you won't leave me." She whispered as he came down to kiss her again "Let's wait. I am not worried." She let her right hand run up and down his back. The left was fingering the tendrils of his hair.

"We don't have to be married to enjoy each other." Her voice turned a little lower and that mischievous smile he loved so much appeared across her face. He grinned back. She was saying something very unbecoming of a summoner.

He raised his eyebrows at her and she bit her lower lip.

He bent down to give her yet another kiss. This one long, slow and sweet like the one they began in her hut. His hands began their journey across her body all over again over the thin blue fabric. He grasped the lower part of her nightgown and lifted it up. Just enough to expose her legs. Hands roaming up and down the smooth skin.

Yuna did not protest. Instead she wrapped her arms tighter around his neck. Pulling him directly upon her.

Their exploration had elevated the feeling of desire that they both shared. Despite the cool beach breeze their bodies were flushed with heat. They had too much clothing on in his opinion, the thought similarly shared by Yuna herself. He lifted himself off her began to loosen his own articles of clothing. He watched her expression, hoping this was what she wanted. Yuna’s lips curled up and nodded. This was right.

Completely unclothed she beckoned him down again. To kiss and caress her own bare figure. She allowed him to discover every inch of her. She allowed him to take a comfortable position and when he gave her a questioning look. Wondering if he should continue forward. To make her his… she gave him another approving nod and used the heal of her foot to press him in closer while he filled every depth of her soul.

This was that night on Besaid beach. No words were needed to know that Yuna loved him… and no words were necessary for Tidus to say he loved her. They held each other as their bodies discovered each other through the night.