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Ye Zun puts down the receiver of the phone on the wall, a shiver of anticipation coursing through his body. He needs to find Shen Wei, his big brother in every way even though they are twins.

Shen Wei is a professor, every bit the collected and upscale gentleman who doesn’t allow even a hair to be out of place in their lives…except when it comes to his boyfriend, Zhao YunLan.

Which is why he needs to find his brother.

Shen Wei is in his study, grading papers when Ye Zun knocks on the door softly, feeling out of sorts and way too excited at the same time.

Shen Wei raises his head and looks at him from over the rim of his glasses with an indulgent smile on his face.

“Do you need something, little brother?”

Ye Zun swallows before answering. For all he’s the rebellious and outgoing one he doesn’t hold a candle to the way Shen Wei can bend him to his will without much effort.

“Zhao YunLan called…”

“Aaaah…” his brother drawls, licking his lips before standing. “My boyfriend called and you answered the phone. Mmmm…”

Ye Zun feels like there are butterflies dancing in his stomach.

“What did he say to you?”

“He’s coming over,” Ye Zun answers and there is a galaxy of meaning behind those words. He’s nervous.

The last time Zhao YunLan came over…

Shen Wei stopped in front of him and smiled, happy and soft and Ye Zun just loved that his brother loved him.

“Are you prepared this time?” Shen Wei brushed his fingers down his jacket before fixing the collar like any normal big brother would. Then he brushed a lock of his silver hair from off his shoulder.

“I-I am…”

Ye Zun feels embarrassed at his stutter because he is too confident a person to stutter at all, but this situation is different and he wants, but he’s also a little confused.

“Big brother, are you really sure this is what you want?”

Ye Zun hugs himself without conscious thought, partly afraid that the last time was just a fluke and he might not be able to do this again.

Shen Wei licks his lips and his smile is predatory. His look is answer enough.


The doorbell rings and when Ye Zun opens it, it’s YunLan. YunLan is dressed in his regular close fitting jeans, t-shirt and jacket with his hair down on his forehead. YunLan looks behind him, searching for Shen Wei before asking in a low voice when he realizes his brother is not there.

“Ye Zun, are you alright?”

Ye Zun nods.

“Are you sure about this?” YunLan asks, a hint of concern in his voice.

“It makes my brother happy and I enjoy it.”

YunLan searches his face, for maybe a hint of hesitation or regret but there is none. Shen Wei wants this from them and he will have it.

YunLan laughs that way he does when he knows things will be alright. “Ok, let’s go find your brother.”

Ye Zun feels a million feelings at once when YunLan takes his hand and lock the door, leading him up to the bedroom.

Sehn Wei is already in the room, straightening out the sheets on the bed and making sure everything is comfortable for them. He’s wearing a robe and he looks up as soon as they enter the room, a blinding smile on his lips.

“You two were downstairs so long, what were you up to?”

Zhao YunLan doesn’t hesitate. He walks right up to Shen Wei and holds his face in his hands, kissing him senseless.

Ye Zun looks away because this is their intimate moment, they’re the ones in a relationship with each other and it doesn’t feel right to covet them somehow.

But he wants to.

“Shen Wei…” YunLan moans before kissing his way down his brother’s milky white throat and Ye Zun can’t help but watch.

“YunLan…” Shen Wei moans while he fumbles with the zipper of his boyfriend’s pants. “Xiao Lan…”

Ye Zun just stands there, watching his brother and his lover and he wants so badly. His own erection is becoming painful at the sight of them.

YunLan pulls back to quickly divest himself of all his clothing and Ye Zun can’t help admiring that beautiful body, cock hard and jutting stiff at his excitement. Shen Wei rises up on his elbows and looks at Ye Zun like a master predator before turning his heated gaze to YunLan.

“Lay down on the bed.”

Shen Wei shifts so YunLan can do as instructed and he watched his brother make his way over to him and start undressing him like his body is something that needs to be reverently unraveled.

Ye Zun watch Shen Wei watch him, and it’s all easier to take in because they are brothers, not lovers and they might have intense looks and heated gazes for each other but they still do not cross certain boundaries with one another.

“Ride him,” Shen Wei instructs and Ye Zun walks towards YunLan, standing over and then lowering himself until he’s kneeling over the guy, anticipation making him feel weak.

YunLan moves one of his hands and Ye Zun feels the slick of the lube on his fingers at his entrance, preparing him.

Shen Wei takes a seat on the couch facing the bed and watches them closely.

“How does it feel?” YunLan asks after two fingers.

Ye Zun Smiles. “Good.”

He likes getting fingered, that much is true.

Ye Zun then slowly lowers himself on to YunLan’s waiting manhood, groaning at the feel of it stretching him open.

“Oh my god,” Ye Zun groans. It feels so good.

“Start riding,” Shen Wei commands and Ye Zun moves his hip forward and back then side to side.

“I want to see him turn you inside out, little brother. YunLan, make it good or you won’t like your punishment.”

YunLan groans long and loud in ecstasy but its Shen Wei’s name on his lips. Ye Zun doesn’t mind, YunLan is not his boyfriend after all.

Ye Zun becomes lost in the feel of YunLan inside of him. His body beads with a light sheen of sweat and he feels so full, so good.

A moment later there’s hands in his hair, pulling it back into a high ponytail and Ye Zun gasps out loud when his head is pulled back and to the side. He can feel his brother’s hot breath on his neck.

“Remember how he feels inside you, that’s how I feel inside him.”

Ye Zun whimpers piteously when Shen Wei lets his hair go and walks around to the other side of the bed, hovering over YunLan who is barely hanging on. He’s close, Ye Zun can feel it in how much harder he’s gotten and the way YunLan can’t seem to control his stuttering hips.

Shen Wei takes off his robe, exposing his own impressive erection and then he smiles down at YunLan, right before he sits on his face.

Shen Wei moans, throwing his head back before he starts to move his hips in little jerking motion.

“YunLan,” Shen Wei moans and Ye Zun is mesmerized. They are facing each other and they’re both in the throes of ecstasy and Ye Zun feels it building in his spine like a wave.

Shen Wei hisses when YunLan starts to jerk him off and Shen Wei in turn puts a finger over his parted, panting lips. He then grabs him by the face and pull him in close enough to feel his hot breath on his lips.

“He feels good, doesn’t he?”

Ye Zun nods. He’s going to come.

Shen Wei snarls, snapping his hips harder and his fingers dig into Ye Zun’s jaw.

“He likes fucking you, little brother,” Shen Wei breaths on an exhale and Ye Zun comes, hard and explosive, holding tight to the Shen Wei’s wrist and screaming through it.

He collapse to the side in a heap, spent and satiated. He groans, breathless and watches as Shen Wei moves to throw YunLan’s legs over his shoulder and fuck him like an animal. YunLan gets his hair pulled and his throat bitten and his lips kiss bruised before he’s jacked into coming, screaming into Shen Wei’s mouth through his orgasm. From his stuttering hips Shen Wei came and Ye Zun watch them embrace tightly before excusing himself to take a shower.

He doesn’t have to be there for the cuddling part and he doesn’t want to, they should be able to have something for themselves, after all.