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A - Helping Hand

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"Ok seriously, what's wrong?" Mona Vanderwall asked for what felt like the millionth time.

Hanna Marin sighed and once again murmured, "I told you, it's nothing."

Again Hanna tried to concentrate on the movie only to be interrupted by her friend, "Was it the text?"

"No." Hanna said, almost indignantly.

"Ok." Mona said, clearly unconvinced, adding after a few seconds, "What did it say?"

Have you ever wondered what Mona's cherry chapstick tastes like Han? Because you'll be tasting a lot more of her then just that if you don't want anything to happen to Caleb.

- A

Hanna had only read that text once but it replayed over and over in her head as the second slowly ticked by, ruining what had once been just a nice, simple night in with her old friend. Of course Hanna had no intention of sharing exactly what the text said, although Mona was a difficult person to lie too.

"I told you, it's just Ems making sure I'm ok." Hanna repeated with the same nonchalance she'd been using for a while, "My Mom probably put her up to it."

There was a moment of silence, then Mona asked, "Is there something going on between you two?"

Hanna frowned, "What? Me and my Mom? Ewww, gross."

"No, you and Emily." Mona said.

Again Hanna frowned, "Why? Because we sleep together? Literally, as in the same room? I mean just because we... sleep together, doesn't mean we sleep together."

"Ok, ok." Mona said, "It's just she seems to be texting you a lot lately, and I always thought there was like, a vibe between you two."

"Well there's not. We're just friends." Hanna said before she smiled, "Besides, she's totally a bottom."

Mona grinned before replying, "Thought about it a lot, have you?"

"No." Hanna lied, seeing an opening and deciding to take it, "I mean, a little, sure, but not a lot... you?"

"Not really, but..." Mona said looking thoughtful for a moment before adding, "Yeah, I'd totally see you as a bottom. But like, a confident power bottom who totally has her top wrapped around her little finger."

"That's not what I meant." Hanna protested, a little unsure whether Mona was just trying to tease her or not, "I meant have you ever thought of playing for the other team?"

Mona shrugged, "A little bit. Not sure if I'd ever want to do anything about it though. I mean, I don't have the luxury of a lesbian sleeping next to me every night."

There was a brief moment of silence as Hanna bit her lip before softly murmuring, "I wouldn't do that to Ems."

Now it was Mona's turn to frown, "Why not?"

"Because she knows who she is, what she wants, and she shouldn't have to be part of anyone's experimental phase. She doesn't deserve that, especially not from a friend." Hanna said softly, not looking at Mona as she continued, "That's why if I was ever going to mess around with another girl it would have to be with a girl just like me."

"You mean, like... another power bottom?" Mona teased.

Hanna bit her lip, "I mean a girl who's probably straight, but is just a little bit curious."

There was another moment of silence, then Mona seem to put on a fake smirk as she asked, "Is that an invitation?"

"Not necessarily." Hanna said, choosing her words carefully, "All I'm saying is if I was going too... you know... you'd be an option. If you ever wanted to try it too."

Looking thoughtful for a moment Mona bit her lip and then murmured, "Well... we could, you know, play seven minutes."

"In heaven?" Hanna questioned.

"Well, yeah. But no closet or anything. Just you, me and the dull bulb light." Mona said, moving towards Hanna slightly, "If it's just ok or whatever it can be just like practice kissing. And if you're a really lousy kisser we can stop in like, a minute."

"Hey." Hanna smiled, feigning offence before adding, "And if it doesn't suck?"

"We'll see." Mona said before suddenly moving forward rapidly so she could press her lips to Hanna's.

Hanna was a little surprised at just how quickly Mona went from reluctant to kissing her, but then again she'd always wondered whether secretly Mona had a thing for her. After all a lot of Mona's comments seemed a little flirty, and while that seemed to be the way Mona acted around everyone she seemed to do it more with Hanna than anyone else. Or at least that's how it seemed to Hanna, sometimes, maybe.

Of course at that moment Hanna was a little distracted by Mona's lips which were incredibly soft. Which was kind of a cliché, but Hanna guessed it was a cliché for a reason. It made Hanna wonder what other clichés were true.

Interrupting this train of thought Mona slid her tongue along Hanna's lips, asking permission to enter. Happily giving that permission Hanna opened her mouth to allow Mona's tongue inside, at which point she gently began massaging it with her own. Mona returned the favour, the kiss becoming increasingly not gentle, but still soft. So very, very soft.

Suddenly Hanna found herself laying on her back on her bed with Mona straddling her, the blonde honestly kind of impressed her bestie had managed to force her down without breaking the kiss. She was also more than a little turned on, and it seemed she wasn't the only one given how Mona was grinding down on top of her, further adding to Hanna's suspicion that this was something Mona really wanted. The question was, just how far was Mona willing to go?

Having no intention of pushing her friend for an answer to that anytime soon Hanna eagerly kept kissing Mona, her mind mostly free of thoughts of A, Ali, and all the other crap she seemed to have to deal with on an almost daily basis so she could be solely concentrated on this moment. As such Hanna wasn't exactly sure how long the kiss lasted, but she was pretty sure it was more than seven minutes.

When they finally pulled apart for air Hanna turned her head to look at the bedside clock, smiled and then panted, "Well, that was more than-"

She was cut off by Mona's lips brushing down onto her own again, Hanna quickly beginning to kiss her bestie back as she relaxed into her second ever make out session with a girl. Or possibly first. For a while whenever they broke apart for air they went right back to kissing, so it was kind of easier for Hanna to think of it as all one big making out session as she was way too distracted to try and keep count.

At first thing stayed mostly PG-13, both girls' hands unmoving as they continued to kiss. Then they very slowly began to touch each other innocently, if innocently was the right word under the circumstances.

Mona was first, sliding her hands up and down Hanna's sides, constantly switching so she could use one hand to hold herself up while the other deliberately grazed the side of one of Hanna's boobs. Then Hanna was sliding her hands up and down Mona's back. Then Mona's hand was in Hanna's hair. And so on until they worked up the nerve to really touch each other.

Again Mona was the first, her hand gently cupping Hanna's right boob, making the blonde moan and grab hold of the brunette's butt. After that they were pretty much groping non-stop until Mona broke the kiss again, this time getting up and out of the bed.

Hanna opened her mouth to ask where Mona was going but the words died on her lips as the other girl quickly reached her bedroom door and then looked back at her. Then Mona slowly locked the door and turned off her bedroom light. The only light that remained was from the TV, Hanna only then remembering the movie they had been watching which looked like it had been over for a while. Hanna didn't remember much about the movie and she didn't really care, but apparently Mona did as the instant she returned to the bed she grabbed the remote and restarted the DVD.

"Background noise." Mona said as way of explanation, turning to look at the blonde with a nervous look on her face which was darkly illuminated by the TV light, "Unless you'd rather watch the end of it instead."

Smiling softly Hanna replied, "Maybe later."

Mona smiled back, put down the remote, reached down to grab the bottom of her pyjama top and then pulled it over her head. As her back was now to the TV, and Hanna's eyes hadn't properly adjusted yet, all the blonde really saw was a dark outline, but just the knowledge that her best friend was standing in front of her topless was enough to make Hanna bite her lip in anticipation.

"Is this ok?" Mona mumbled softly, "Because we don't have too."

Suddenly realising she was expected to follow suit Hanna quickly said, "It's ok. I want this."

And she did. She didn't really have much choice, but this was the first thing A had told her to do which she actually wanted to do, and Hanna was doing her best to focus on that and nothing else.

With that in mind she pulled her own pyjama top off and then started a rather awkward process of lifting first her ass then her legs up so she could pull her pyjama bottoms down and then off her body. Mona had an easier time of it and was practically on top of Hanna at the moment the blonde through her pyjama bottoms away, both girls letting out a soft gasp as their naked bodies pressed against each other for the first time.

For a moment Hanna just enjoyed the sensation of having a warm, naked body on top of hers which was very much feminine. Then she rolled over so she was on top, kissing Mona briefly before sliding her lips down the other girl's neck.

If she really was doing this of her own free will Hanna would have liked to have laid back and let Mona do all the work, at least at first, however she had been given very specific orders. She had to 'taste' Mona, and once she'd done that Hanna was free to just relax and enjoy whatever came next.

That didn't mean Hanna was necessarily in a hurry though, the blonde taking her time partly because she was nervous about this new experience and partly because she wanted to savour it.

When she reached Mona's boobs Hanna gently kissed her way up one of those perky little hills of flesh to take one of her friend's nipples into her mouth. It was kind of weird, but not necessarily a bad weird, and the moan Mona let out sent a spark of excitement directly to Hanna's pussy which was more than encouragement enough for the blonde to start gently sucking on that little bundle of nerves.

In reality Mona's moans weren't louder than the TV but they were the only sound Hanna really heard, and the more the blonde heard them the more comfortable she became sucking on her friend's tits, Hanna beginning to move her lips down one boob and then up the other, repeating the process over and over again until those little tips were rock-hard. Then Hanna sucked on them some more, gradually starting to flick them with her tongue. That really had Mona moaning loudly, the encouragement enough to make Hanna try out new things like sliding her tongue around each nipple and sucking on them with seemingly ever increasing roughness.

For a while both girls seemed content with this, and then in the huskieist tone Hanna had ever heard Mona practically growled, "Lower... please Hanna... lower..."

Hanna briefly closed her eyes and took a deep breath, summoning all those reserves of courage she kept for a rainy day when she was having trouble maintaining the 'IT' girl persona she had fought so hard to create for herself. Then she quickly kissed her way down Mona's stomach and without allowing herself a moment's hesitation slid her tongue over the soft lips of Mona's pussy.

The blonde really wasn't sure what she'd been expecting. She'd imagined this moment going a number of different ways, and imagined it with various different girls, and if anything the final result was a little, anticlimactic.

It tasted ok. Not horrible or amazing, just ok. At first. Then Hanna started gently lapping at her friend's cunt with steady strokes of her tongue, her taste buds slowly getting used to the flavour so that she could class it as more than ok. Then kind of good. Then good. Then very good. Then all of a sudden Hanna was feeling a lot less disappointed. Not that the whole thing had been a total disappointment up until this point, but this was definitely more like it.

The more Hanna grew to like the taste of pussy the more eagerly she licked, and the more eagerly she licked the more Mona moaned, which in turn made Hanna lick more eagerly, the process repeating itself over and over until the blonde was pressing her face down into the brunette's cunt and rapidly sliding her tongue up and down those pussy lips. Hanna was even sure to press her tongue against her friend's little fuck hole, and brush against the little bundle of joy known as Mona's clit.

Those last two things in particular had Mona crying out extra loudly, Hanna feeling very proud of herself that she was causing this reaction during her first time eating pussy.

Apparently it wasn't quite enough for Mona though, "Please Han, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue! Shove your tongue inside me! Oh Hanna, oh my God, please, just oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gaaaaaawwwwwwwdddddddd!"

Only too happy to oblige Hanna slowly pushed her tongue into her friend's pussy, a large grin crossing her face at just how loudly she made Mona moan because of it. She didn't waste too much time grinning though, Hanna soon concentrating on sliding her tongue in and out of Mona, slowly at first, but gradually picking up the pace until she was tongue fucking the other girl as hard as she could.

This was usually the time Caleb ran out of ideas and pushed for 'actual sex' as he called it, even though he never said the same thing when she was blowing him. To be fair he really wasn't much good at giving head, but Hanna couldn't understand why he didn't like this because she absolutely loved it.

Mona's pussy juices, which Hanna was pretty much addicted too by now, was practically flowing directly into her mouth and down her throat, every drop sending a spark of sexual thrill through her body. Hanna got similar sparks from the way Mona cried out in pleasure, gripped onto her hair and eventually clamped her thighs around her head so tight it was almost like Mona was trying to hurt her a little. And the simple fact she was fucking another girl gave Hanna an almost otherworldly thrill.

Sure, the last thing wouldn't apply to Caleb, but Hanna still couldn't understand why he didn't find pussy juice as addicting as she did. Oh well, maybe Mona would like giving her head.

Of course even as she mentally scolded him Hanna felt more than a little guilty for cheating on Caleb, but it wasn't like A was giving her a choice. Besides, if she really was straight, or at least mostly straight, didn't it like, not count? She remembered Alison saying that... then again it had taken Hanna a while but she'd figured out following Alison's lead on just about anything was a bad idea.

Hanna's thoughts were interrupted when something even more tasty than Mona's pussy juice squirted into her mouth. Given the way Mona was shoving a pillow into her face to try and muffle her screams that Hanna was surprised Mona's parents didn't hear anyway, and how the brunette's body was writhing almost violently, and how this new tasty liquid was shooting out of her, it was pretty obvious what was happening.

Mona was cumming. Hanna had made Mona cum.

That realisation gave Hanna an incredible mixture of pride and arousal, although both words seemed inadequate to describe just how strongly she was feeling those things. They drove her into somehow tongue fucking Mona even harder, forcing the brunette to cum over and over again. Kind of surprisingly given her previous sexual experiences it was easy to make Mona cum more than once. What wasn't easy for Hanna was swallowing it all, or even swallowing the majority of it, Mona's cum shooting out of her so hard and fast in such a large quantity that most of it ended up covering the blonde's face.

For a while Hanna was content, however when her own selfish need started distracting her she almost instantly started slowing down. Not that this was really selfish since she'd given Mona like a gazillion orgasms already, she even took the time to gently bring her friend down from her high. However before Hanna could kiss her way back up the other girl's body to ask if it was her turn Mona grabbed her by the hair and roughly upwards.

"Hey-" Hanna began complaining, instantly forgetting her words as she saw the weird look in Mona's eyes. It was kind of... crazed, and a little scary.

Then suddenly Mona flipped their positions so the blonde was on her back and the brunette was straddling her.

Pretty much the second she landed on her back Hanna gasped out loudly, not because of the change in positions but because of the fingers which had just been shoved into her pussy. Then she started moaning as those fingers started slamming in and out of her. And damn did it feel good.

Of course Mona's fingers didn't stretch Hanna's pussy like Caleb's cock however what the brunette lacked in size she more than made up for in technique, those fingers curling inside the blonde's cunt just right, hitting Hanna's G-spot every time. Then after half a dozen thrusts Mona started using her thumb to rub Hanna's clit, the additional stimulation almost making her cum on the spot. She probably would have done if Mona wasn't staring at her with that weird look in her eyes.

Under the circumstances Hanna didn't necessarily mind staring. Caleb had stared into her eyes during her first time and she had loved it almost as much as she did all the other similar times that followed. But while the look in Caleb's eyes had always been loving Mona's was... different. Crazed. Scary. And a whole bunch of other things Hanna couldn't identify.

As if sensing her thoughts the expression on Mona's face switch to one of regret and embarrassment, then for the briefest of seconds Mona looked at Hanna like Caleb looked at her. Then Mona seem to brush it off with a grin and lower her lips down to Hanna's neck.

After a few gentle kisses to that sensitive area, which ended up being the little extra push that sent Hanna right to the edge of orgasm, Mona whispered in her ear, "Cum for me Hanna. Cum for me."

The words sounded almost mocking, however hearing those words from another girl, her bestie Mona Vanderwall no less, was the straw that broke the camel's back. Hanna came. Hard. Her body shaking violently as Mona continued finger fucking her, causing Hanna such bliss that it took several seconds to realise the other girl was biting her neck hard enough to leave a mark, and almost hard enough to break the skin. Before she could even seriously consider what excuse she could use for the mark to her friends, and more importantly Caleb, Mona made her cum again, those fingers working tirelessly to make sure there was nothing on Hanna's mind but the joy of this overwhelming pleasure. But at least Hanna could concentrate on something.

When Mona moved her mouth down to Hanna's pussy that was it. Hanna barely got to enjoy the feeling of another girl's mouth on her pussy, the blonde only faintly aware of Mona swallowing down her cum for what seemed like a few seconds before Mona shoved her tongue inside her. Then there was this powerful sensation, THE most powerful sensation Hanna had ever experienced, then the next thing she knew it was over.

There was no mouth, tongue or fingers giving her more pleasure than Caleb had ever done. No light from the TV playing some movie she couldn't remember the plot of. No one in bed with her. Just a small light a few inches away from the bed illuminating a shadowy figure.

Hanna's heart pounded in her chest as she softly whispered, "M, Mona."

There was a pause and then in the darkness Hanna heard, "Hey sleepyhead, did I wake you?"

"No, it's fine." Hanna said, breathing a sigh of relief as she realised Mona was just using her phone, "Who are you texting?"

"No one important." Mona said sharply, pressing send and then smiling, "So, did you have fun?"

"Mmmmm... meh." Hanna grinned sarcastically, "I suppose it didn't totally suck."

Surprisingly not reacting to Hanna's comment Mona asked, "Do you think you'll try that again. You know, with Emily?"

"I don't know." Hanna said, honestly unsure. Part of her would really like too, but she wasn't sure she wanted to screw with Emily's emotions. And once she got over the after-shocks of her multiple orgasms Hanna was expecting to feel so much shame about cheating on Caleb that she wouldn't be able to look herself in the mirror. Ok, realistically she wouldn't do that, but she was still going to feel terrible. But, at least whilst still basking in the afterglow of her climaxes, Hanna couldn't imagine not doing this again entirely, so she found herself murmuring with a soft smile, "Maybe I could just try it again with you."

Mona seemed almost taken aback by this, Hanna's eyes now adjusted enough to the dark that she could just about make out the odd expression on her friend's face. Then Hanna was pretty sure Mona smiled as she softly replied, "That could work."

Shortly after that Mona crawled into the bed, positioning herself so she was face to face with Hanna. Then she gave her perhaps the most gentle kiss Hanna had ever had. Then Mona lay her head down on Hanna's chest, the blonde's arm wrapping around her bestie almost automaticly. The gentle embrace made Hanna smile softly and drift off to sleep, any thoughts of the spare mattress completely forgotten.

After a while Mona lifted her head up so she could watch Hanna sleep. She did this for a long time, many thoughts running through her head, one in particular repeating itself.

Mistress A will be pleased.