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He heard the fighting before he saw it.

There was the litter. He didn’t quite know why he came, whether he sent or pulled. All he felt was the hunger raging within him.

He tore through those fighting, draining them of their life. It sated him a little. He needed more, so much more. But all those men lay dead before him. He heard the rapid beat of hearts, smelled fear.

Behind the corner he found them, two women. One whose eyes where wide with fear and terror and one whose eyes held … recognition?


Hearing his name gave him pause in his advance. She knew him? Did he know her? He couldn’t remember, his head hurt and the hunger grew. His hunger for her grew.

The other woman moved between them. Inconsequential gnat, not even worth to be drained. He swatted her away and she fell in a crumbled heap, not moving again, although he could still hear her heart beating.

And then they were alone.

Her eyes were large, not with fear, but with a pain unbearable to him. He’d end her misery. He’d end his misery? She’d assuage his hunger his was sure of that.

She attempted to say something, to reach for him, but he simply grabbed her by the neck and squeezed. He started leeching her life force from her, but it wouldn’t be enough. Even her life force would not be enough to sate him. He needed more, so much more.


Her voice was week and her eyes were clouding over, but she didn’t attempt to free herself of his hand, she merely held on.

He didn’t understand why she was smiling now that death was upon her. One of her tears hit his hands, searing him.

His grip loosened. He still held her securely, but he was no longer keeping her for from breathing. She closed her eyes and her deep breathes wrecked her body, wrecked his along with them. A sigh escaped from between her lips, his eyes were drawn to them. Mesmerized by by them opening and closing with each gasp she took.

The hunger hit him then. Painful and all encompassing, but it didn’t hunger for her pitiful human life. It hunger for her.

She pulled her to him by the grip on her neck, almost lifting her off the ground and brought his lips down on hers. Hard.

Demanding and relentless he was in his movements. Her response was feeble, although he wonder that she tried to respond instead of fighting him. He wasn’t quite sure whether he wanted her to fight back or whether he wanted for her to meekly accept what he gave her.

Then she did fight back, weakly clawing at his hand. He bit her in retaliation, drawing blood.

“Breath …”

Hadn’t it been for his supernatural hearing, he wouldn’t have been able to make out what she said. Yes, he couldn’t keep holding her like this. She was mortal, she needed air.

The litter. He moved them back to it, forced her half into it. It was too small to fit them completely.

He let go of her. Her hands went to neck. She was breathing deeply, her eyes closed and her face a grimace of pain. He lay down on top of her, not putting his complete weight on her, just so he could feel her body against his.

The hunger him screamed and was quiet at the same time. It felt almost like he could become someone else, like he could find what he was searching for. Only for fear of what we’d become to rise in him. He didn’t want to feel fear. He wanted to feel nothing.

He forced his lips against hers again, pushing down slightly to hard. Her lips opened under his. He forced them further apart with his tongue. There was the sweet taste of blood. Blood from the wound he caused. For a moment he felt sad, but then he wanted nothing more than to taste her. He licked at her wound, he licked wherever he could. She tried to tangle her tongue with his. But he wouldn’t let her, forcing her tongue to lay still while he took from her what he wanted. Took from her what stilled the hunger in his heart, but fed the hunger in his loins.

He let her take a breath. She looked at him, unsure and determined at the same time. He had expected fear and terror.

In between her gasps she tried to speak.


His lips were upon her again, his tongue once again keeping hers still. No words, no names. He didn’t want to become confused again. He only wanted her.

He lift himself off of her, only letting go of her lips for a short moment.

Fumbling with clothes he grew frustrated. When her fingers moved against his to help, he had enough.

He simply ripped them apart. Piece by piece he ripped them open, till there was nothing between him and her anymore. He didn’t look, for whatever reason he was afraid what he see.

Keeping her lip between his teeth he bit down as a warning when she tried to help him with his clothes. Her hands fell by her side then. He didn’t bother to take his clothes of, only loosening what need to be loosed so he sprang free. He nearly came then and there, he hadn’t know how painful the pooling blood had made him. But now he was free. Now he’d have what was his and only his.

He drowned the voice that wanted to be tender, wanted to make sure she was ready for him. That way lay confusion and pain.

No, he forced her to take him, all of him. She broke free of the grip of his teeth than and threw her head back in a wordless scream. Her body was so incredibly tight around him. He never wanted to leave. He grabbed one of her quivering legs and pulled it around him. The other followed without his prompting.

He pulled back slightly, only to drive into her as hard as he could. Her gasp might have been one of pain or one of pleasure. It didn’t matter to him. But it spurred him on. Over and over he pulled back and drove into her, pulling her body back against him teach time. His gasps where what he wanted to hear, as was the satisfying sound of his body hitting hers.

The rhythm kept on and on, it might have been an instant or and eternity. He didn’t know. He felt like he could remain like this for all time. Her body meeting his, everything in him drawing tight and releasing again each time they came together and split almost apart.

In the end her gasp became a scream and her body arced against his, growing tight all around him. His rhythm broke, the wave he had been riding broke and he came as drove into her one last time. He felt himself grow then, forcing her to accommodate more of him.

She thrashed underneath him.

“Too much … too much.”

He held her body still then, held her secure against him, she would only hurt herself if she accidentally tore them apart. She kept whimpering and gasping as her body tightened on his over and over again. Her eyes where shut, her face a mixture of pleasure and pain. Gently he whipped her tears away.

He still didn’t know who she was, but he would do whatever was needed to make her stay with him.

Waiting for his body to relax again he lay down on her for just a moment.

For the first time in far too long his hunger was sated. He still didn’t know the past, he still feared the future. But in this moment there was only the peace of clarity that this was were he wanted to be.

He was heavy on top of her, but she didn’t try to push him off. She could feel his heart beating slowly, his breath washing over her where his head was tucked against her next. It reminded her that he was here. It reminded her that he was alive.

He was still inside her, she could have slipped free, but she wanted the connection. If there had been pain, she couldn’t remember it. She could only remember how she had been overwhelmed with pleasure at the end. If there had been pain, it hadn’t mattered to her. She would have given anything he wanted. She would have given him her life.

When he first came to her, nearly killed her, she was sure that she was looking into the face of the thousand year demon she had created. She wasn’t sure who rested on top of her now. At some time while their body had been joined in and endless dance, she had felt him change and seen his black hair turning white, his red eyes turning gold. She had felt the soft fur on the arms that held as he joined them over and over.

He hadn’t wanted her touch while he was awake. But now he was asleep and she took the time to look at his face and touch his brows, his hair.

She wouldn’t have minded staying in this moment forever. But the world went on.

She could hear her maid steering, she sighed relieved. They had been companions for such a long time, she would have felt very saddened to have lost her.

Gently she shook Wolyong then. Her clothes might be tatters, but it was still inappropriate to be caught with her husband on top of her and a mess between them.

He groaned and nipped at her neck.

She waited to for him to open his eyes.

It didn’t matter whether it was the thousand years demon who woke up or the guardian spirit. He was her beloved husband, she would never leave his side again.