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Catch me, sweetheart

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Eren tried to catch her breath as she slowly stopped to examine her surroundings.

Standing in the middle of the garden part of an ostentatiously sized villa was not her definition of fun. The marble floor of the patio and the numerous lemon trees that were aligned in rows would have created a pleasant and comforting atmosphere at any other time, but to Eren's dismay there were splatters of thick blood tainting the expensive marble that made her skin crawl and resolve harden. The once pure and clear air turned muggy and heavy with screams and the repetitive sound of numerous guns going off. Despite the horror unraveling around her, Eren couldn't find it in herself to invest in helping the others.

Her primary task was to find Levi, the legendary leader of the local mafia „Wings of Freedom“, and to arrest his criminal, sorry ass and throw him behind bars where he belonged. Eren was a 25 year old agent of the Scouting Legion Police Department. Looking past her strikingly young age and innocent appearance, she had managed to work hard to become the youngest squad leader in her organization. It might have taken long, tedious hours working at a desk, rigorous combat and weapon training, as well as a plethora of horrid entrance exams but she made it.

Needless to say, she was damn proud of that achievement. 

Eren had a track record fit for the gods. She had caught several big dogs that threatened the safety of her island's inhabitants and reputation of the Scouting Legion with passionate and determined vigor. However, catching one of the most dangerous and mysterious mafia leaders in the history of her island would be a challenging task. 

Whatever. Her name would not have been Eren Yeager if she wouldn't be able to win this fight. 

She brushed a wisp of untamable brown hair out of her face and tightened the grip on her hand gun. Her fellow officers did a sharp, efficient job keeping the criminals in the building under their surveillance. Their hard work gave Eren the time to sneak around in the villa and search for the notorious Levi himself. 

The rest of the land is surrounded by the other police squads so it would be almost impossible for him to escape. Eren thought with a small, victorious smile. I've caught you, Levi.

It was all going smoothly and according to Eren's plan. Damn if she didn't feel prideful at that moment.

She had already searched the entire ground floor and was disappointed, but not disheartened, to discover nothing except luxurious items and furniture. She decided it would be best to explore the rooms upstairs now. Slowly, she stealthily crept up to the first floor, relieved that the green carpet on the stairs swallowed all of her sounds. Sneaking around was not one of her strenghtes as she had the tendency to be noisy and stomp around.

The first room Eren entered was what she assumed to be a professional office. A dark wooden table and a red leather high chair were situated in the center of the room. In the corner there was a plush sofa next to a sturdy bookshelf. The feeling of disappointment struck her because there wasn’t a single soul inside the office. Eren was halfway to the door when she noticed something odd.

The room seemed much smaller than it should have been according to the gap between the office and the next room over.

She walked over to the bookcase and struggled to push the monstrosity to the side. Her unrivaled determination and her above average strength pushed away the bookcase in a matter of seconds. Eren lifted her weight against an off-angled shelf and to her shock and joy, the wall parted to reveal an entrance to a secret chamber.

The secret room was barely furnished. Some pictures were leaning against the pastel yellow wall and papers were lying around as if they had been carelessly strewn on purpose. In the corner Eren saw the looming shadow of a short man with his back to her.

Finally. There he was. 

Eren was the first one of the Scouting Legion ever who managed to meet Levi in person and damn it all, she would catch him right here and right now.

"Hands up, Levi, you are under arrest!" Eren shouted with a hard glare and gun pointed at her target.

The man turned around, eerily calm and far too relaxed. It was as if the fact that a gun was pointed at him didn't faze him in the least. He was dressed in a crisp black suit which emphasized his pale skin. He had jet black hair and an undercut that suited him well. Although he was kind of short, Levi appeared to have an incredible physique under his clothes.

Eren had heard that he exercised and practiced martial arts daily. She took it upon herself to not venture too close to him. Even if she held the position of being the best when it came to hand-to-hand-combat, she wouldn't make the rookie mistake of underestimating her enemy.

"Oh, so they are sending little girls now to catch me? I'm hurt. Incredibly so." He mused with a stoic expression on his austere face. "Thinking that I would lose against some inexperienced brat… What bullshit."

His eyes were cold and colored a darkened grey. Just the way he looked down on Eren got on her nerves, she hated arrogant people and Levi was the very enigma of arrogance from what she observed.

Stay calm. She instructed to herself. He just wants to provoke you. Don't give him what he wants.

"Well, it seems like this inexperienced brat managed to chase you to this point. What does this say about you, Levi?" she shot back with a cold glare.

Eren didn't ponder over his apathetic face; she had been prepared for that. The worst rumors about his cold merciless character had been passed to her by a little birdie but she didn't let herself get intimidated by unverified gossip. As she faced him, Eren remembered her goal to show Levi that he wouldn't get away with all the crimes he had committed because she would be the one to defeat him- once and for all.

Levi narrowed his eyes and begun to sway closer. Eren berated herself internally for feeling nervous as the mafia boss inched closer and closer; she was trained to stay concentrated and levelheaded in threatening situations. But the way he swinged his hips in an almost tantalizing way was kind of distracting.

Eren gulped and put her finger on the trigger.

"Stop or I will shoot." She said as calm as she could manage.

Levi smirked as he drew closer. "Sorry to disappoint you, sweetheart. I'm not going to play along with your awfully cute demands."

Eren gritted her teeth and stared long and hard at the mafia boss, trying to keep her cool and channel her anger through furious eye contact. Her mistake was losing herself in his eyes. The orbs were captivating, commanding, icy, and Eren couldn't avert her eyes, even as he sauntered closer and closer and -

Suddenly, in a blink of an eye, Levi moved forward to grab her wrist. His fast movements surprised her, as she had foolishly let herself get distracted to the point where she had let him get close to her. Eren got pissed at herself and at the mafia boss.

So she fought back.

With a counterattack, Eren twisted her wrist out and moved to elbow the mafia boss in his stomach. Rapidly, Levi jumped back and Eren quickly drew back her arm. Hoisting up her gun, Eren barely got to open her mouth before Levi swooped in and disarmed her with a single maneuver.

'Looks like gossip can be true.' Eren thought placidly as her gun went skittering on the floor.

Levi knelt down and swept her right leg away with a strong kick, pushing her down as she fell. Before her back reached the floor, Eren quickly gathered her wits and wrapped her arms around Levi's waist in an iron hold. She dragged him down with her, somehow managing to overpower him, and pinned him to the tiled floor.

Eren looked at her gun that laid a distance a ways. She decided against lunging for the weapon and pulled out the unsheathed dagger she hid underneath her shirt instead.

"Yeager. It's Special Agent Yeager." She growled as she took out the deadly weapon and pushed the dangerously sharp edge against Levi's throat.

His eyes widened in surprise. "The fuck?" he exclaimed with a hoarse voice.

"Don't make me repeat myself and I'm nobody's fucking sweetheart, you pig. Keep that in mind." She hated been called with those ridiculous pet names. She was a grown successful woman, not some cute little birdbrain. Fuck it all if she would tolerate some arrogant, short as shit criminal’s disrespectful taunts.

Levi began to smirk. „Okay, Miss Yeager, I'll remember next time.“

Before Eren could snap back, Levi twisted her arm with an unmerciful grip; consequently, Eren dropped her dagger and bit back a scream. She gasped as he took a swing at her and threw her body to the side. The fist blasted past her and Eren felt the air whoosh in its wake.

The mafia boss was strong. 

Levi barrel rolled over to where Eren was and pressed his heavy body against hers. His eyes darkened and a small leering smile graced his lips. She suppressed a shiver and sent him a livid glare.

„Well, as much as I enjoy our current position,“ his breath carressed her ear, „I'm afraid I can't stay any longer.“

Abruptly, he stood up, getting off of Eren, and glided over to the window where he then gracefully hopped up on the window sill. Levi turned around to look over at the special agent one last time.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, sweetheart." he purred before jumping from the window and into the vast reaches of the darkness of night.

Eren stared at the empty window before getting up to retrieve her weapons, furious and flustered could even begin to touch how she was feeling.

"Fuck." She muttered. "I lost."




The next few weeks Eren worked hard to keep up the good reputation of the Scouting Legion. The media pounced at Levi's escape and the Police Department's failure to contain him like a pack of wild hyenas scouring for prey. The representative of the Scouting Legion had to explain the department's major mishap but also point out that the mission was a success at the end of the day. Eren's squad and the others had arrested a great deal of high-ranking criminals and were able to corner a mafia leader. Facts such as those were made sure to be reinstated at every press conference seeing that image is everything, as is reputation.

Eren, while watching the press conference on her home television, was positive that one day she would catch Levi and restore justice and stability to her precious island. 

'First things first, I need to train and build some muscle.' Eren thought, a determined gleam sparkling in her eyes.

To say that she was not satisfied with her own performance would be an understatement. The Special Operative could have acted faster if she had more experience and training. Levi had the rare ability to make Eren nervous and it was an ability that made Eren's hatred of the mafia boss multiply.

The expanding piles of papers, cases and files all took their toll. With a resigned sigh, Eren had been forced to hire an assistant to help ease her work load. She didn't like the thought of a new team member because she had enough trouble with her present squad which consisted of her old comrades Sasha, Connie, Reiner and Jean. Eren had become friends with all of them before she took that job as the squad leader: They met at the Police Academy an instantly swarmed to each other. One of them, Jean, made Eren question her sanity because why in the ever loving fuck was she friends with him? It didn't help that Jean had a huge problem with the fact that Eren was his superior now, and he didn't let any opportunity slip to tell her that.  And her temper was too damn short to ignore his attempts to annoy her, so usually they ended up fighting about some stupid shit.

But Eren was glad that the staff department had sent her Mikasa Ackerman as a new assistant. Mikasa was an intelligent and disciplined woman with straight black hair. At first, she had been reserved but soon she had opened herself more as she had noticed that Eren had a bright personality and was a friendly boss which respected her fellows. They only knew for 5 weeks now, and it already felt more like they were old friends than boss and subordinate.

Eren sighed loudly as she entered the newly installed elevator. It had been an exhausting day the day before as she was called on an annoying, gossip hungry news station where she should explain the newest developments of the case. Well, at least these news that were meant for the public. Eren hated wasting her time with this superficial things. She loathed smiling and acting sweet and charming all while answering dumb questions for even dumber people. But her boss Erwin wanted her to represent the Scouting Legion Department for the civilian population. "What would be better than a young, educated, and strong woman for representing the department? Young people will finally identify with the goals of our organization and we might gain support.“ Erwin used to say whenever Eren was complaining about the annoying new part of her job.

"Eren!" an excited voice tore her out of her thoughts. "You were wonderful last night with your badass speech! The way you silenced that ignorant asshole of a host was amazing!"

A woman with a messy brown ponytail ran towards Eren with a burst of youthful energy when the latter stepped out of the elevator.

"Thanks, Hange." Eren flashed the crazy forensic scientist a tired smile.

"What was so amazing about that? She just did her job." 

Eren groaned and re-situated the stacks of papers cradled in her arm. "Horseface, it's too fucking early for you to neigh off like an asshole."

Jean bristled. "You're a little snot, Yeager."

Hange laughed. "Ah, Jean… Are you still jealous that you didn't get the job?"

Jean replied with a snort.

Hange shrugged and grinned at Eren. "Eren, seriously, your speech about never giving up was great. And when he said we would never have a chance to stop the criminal activity and you just said 'Well, if you don't fight, you can't win'--bah that gave me goosebumps!" Hange ruffled Eren's mousy, shoulder-length brown hair, effectively ruining the hours spent dedicated to primping it up. Eren should have known that Hange would eventually destroy her hard work; there was also the fact that her hair would never acquire the smooth and sleek look. It would always have the wavy and puffy fashion.

"Uargh, thanks, but could you stop it now?" Eren huffed as her, Hange, and Jean walked over to the main department floor where their assigned cubicles and personal offices lied.

Hange snickered and followed the other pair into the bureau's office center. The smell of fresh coffee filled the air and Eren sighed. Finally, she was able to concentrate on the case again, not thinking about impressing and dealing with reporters and useless shit along the lines of such. As she reached her desk, Mikasa was already standing there, a big expensive-looking camera in her hands.

„Good morning, Eren.“ she said with her gentle smooth voice.

The brunet replied with a smile. "Morning, Mikasa. You're here early." she noted.

She put her papers down when she noticed a myriad of colored, exotic flowers resting delicately upon her chestnut desk. The bouquet shone under the bright electric bulbs and Eren was captivated by the contrasting colors.

"...What are those?" Eren asked, puzzled.

Mikasa shrugged lightly and began to organize the papers Eren had just set down. "A delivery boy just came and brought it." she said truthfully.

The brunet stepped closer and sniffed at the suspicious bouquet. She didn't understand or care much about the sentimentality of flowers but the plants smelled nice and looked good so Eren didn't mind. 

That left one question: who would send her these?

Hange grabbed her shoulders with strong, bony hands and grasped Eren tight, making the latter cringe.

"Maybe somebody wanted to congratulate you for your good work yesterday." The forensic scientist grinned. "Or maybe you have an admirer, Eren."

Eren rolled her eyes and saw Jean make his way over to her vicinity out of the corner of her eye.

“Whatever." she replied childishly.

“Come on, Eren! Look at the card! I really want to know who sent you these magnificent specimen.” Hange bounced in excitement.

Eren ran a hand over her face before breaking in and grabbing the card. With a scowl, she thrust the card at Hange for a moment while she took of her leather jacket. Quickly, before the scientist could pry open her personal letter with her grubby hands, Eren grabbed the envelope and ripped it open. She was mindful of the card but as soon as the special agent read the first line, her gaze darkened and the trash can had never looked so appealing.


Congrats on your appearance yesterday, sweetheart. The way you shot down that ignorant piece of shit’s word vomit was highly notable. I admire your determination to catch me. The whole press conference had me laughing out loud.

However, I'll have to disappoint you because you will never catch me again. But if you wanted to see me that bad, you could have just asked. I'm sure we could arrange another way to meet again, Miss Yeager.

Take care!



After a few beats of silence and Eren’s silent fuming, Jean walked up to the enraged woman precariously.

“So…You gonna tell us who it was, Yeager?” he asked curiously.

„This bastard!“ Eren hissed and slammed her fist on the desk. „This fucking bastard is making fun of me!“

She gritted her teeth and fought the urge to flip the table out of the window. „Just wait, you motherfucking piece of trash!“

As Eren raged about her office, Mikasa turned on her camera quickly and angled it towards Eren with a small smile. Swiftly, when Eren was too focused on scowling in rage and shouting obscenities at a piece of paper, Mikasa took a photo. Abruptly and with a speed that made Mikasa almost jump, Eren turned around and eyed her personal secretary dubiously.

“Did you just take a picture of me?” she asked a bit miffed at the prospect.

Mikasa dropped the camera and shrugged. „This is the new equipment camera, i needed to check if it works. And besides, I like your angry face. It's kind of entertaining.“

Eren shook her head at her secretary’s explanation and let the subject drop when Jean slid over to her and gracefully snatched the card from the floor. With a deep breath, Eren willed herself to keep her cool.

„Oi, Eren, why does he call you a sweetheart?“ Jean looked up in confusement. „You are not sweet. You are an angry scratching cat.“

Taking another set of deap breaths, Eren counted to 10 in her head to keep herself calm.

„Wow, thanks, horseface.“

"Seriously, why does he call you that?" Jean smirked. “What, you seduce the poor shithead of something? Eren, I would have never thought that you would be capable of landing your forever alone ass a creepy boyfriend.”

Eren frowned. “I don’t fucking know, Jean. Cut it with the shit or else I’ll make sure your ass will be locked up in the stables—no food, no water—until I see fit.”

“Touchy touchy—“

“It infuriates me to no end. I am not his goddamn sweetheart. The only reason he calls me that is because he’s an arrogant bastard who belongs in jail, and I’m going to be the one to throw his ass in a dank cell…Whether he likes it or not.”




The next days went by in a blur. In the daytime Eren would rush from one appointment to another. In the evenings she would use her time to study the case files in order to find a plausible and working way that would allow her to corner Levi once more.

“Eren, you're pushing yourself too hard." Mikasa chided one day when she caught Eren resting her eyes on her office couch in secret.

“No, it's okay," Eren yawned loudly and stretched her neck and back with a grimace. „Otherwise I will not catch that criminal bastard.“

Mikasa looked at her with an unreadable expression. „There is no point in overworking yourself. If you are too tired from the lack of sleep, you will make mistakes. And mistakes can lead to dangerous situations.“

Eren looked across the room in contemplation and sighed. „Maybe you are right. Maybe I should rest a bit more.“

Mikasa smiled. “Hey, how about I invite you to a drink this evening? We could just talk and relax."

Eren replied with a wide smile. „There is no other way you would stop scolding me, is there?“


At seven, the two women’s shifts had officially ended and they both could finally check out of work for the evening. They had worked hard throughout the day and Eren had to admit that she really needed some sort of distraction from Levi’s case. A few drinks with Mikasa would be the perfect opportunity to relax.

The two women just sat down in Eren's car to drive to a nice pub in town, when her phone started ringing. Whipping it out, Eren saw that it was an unknown known number and answered it in her on the job tone.

“This is Eren Yeager, how may I help you?” she answered professionally.

A familiar, burly voice greeted her back. “Hey Eren, it's Reiner. I think I've found something interesting regarding to the Levi-case. I know you have already finished work for today, but could you come over to take a quick look at it? I feel that there is some detrimental evidence that could be used in the testimony against Levi here.” he persuaded.

With a disappointed sigh, Eren looked at her watch. “Well, okay, if it's only a few minutes however. Should I ask for reinforcement?"

“No, that won't be necessary. I'm not even sure if it is important. It’s really just my own opinion that I’m throwing out to you. Just come and take a look." Reiner said, a pleading undertone going unheard by Eren.

The man gave her his coordinates and she typed it in her satnav.

„I'm sorry Mikasa, our drink has to wait for a few minutes.“ Eren smiled apologetic at the ravenhaired woman. „I'll throw you out at the pub and join later, if you want.“

Mikasa just shrugged. “If Eren is going, then I am going too.” she declared with a tone of finality that Eren had no qualms about. In fact, her respect for the Japanese woman grew.

The GPS led the two women to an old dilapidated factory. The rusty metallic outside walls were covered in invasive vines and the cement that covered the area around the factory was so cracked it appeared that there had been a mini earthquake in the area. Eren wondered what the hell Reiner could have found at such a place. She had worn her casual work clothes that day; a white loose shirt, denim jeans, and black boots. Before Eren got out of her car, she made sure to tuck her handgun into the waistband of her jeans. Eren always felt safer having her handy dandy gun on her person. One never knows what could happen.

Mikasa fumbled around with her mobile phone, lifting the phone up aimlessly and stepping out of the car with her cellular device held high. Eren slid out of her car and watched her personal secretary curse at her non-living piece of machinery.

“Damnit, I have no reception here.” Mikasa groused peevishly. “Eren, is it okay if I leave you alone for a few minutes? I have to make an important call."

„Sure. I'm a grown woman, I can take care of myself, Mikasa.“ Eren chuckled, deep down a bit irked at Mikasa’s growing paternal attitude and actions directed towards her.

Eren walked north towards the old building, while Mikasa wandered towards the east end of the factory all for the sole sake of mobile reception. Coming up to chained, rusted doors, Eren examined her surroundings and found an ajar side door that Reiner had most likely kicked open. Sidestepping a few strewn nails and wooden boards, Eren entered the entrance and found herself in a deserted hallway that looked like a front waiting room from the fifties. A few more minutes were spent shuffling through open doors and searching for Reiner, but Eren didn't find a single soul. Eren furrowed her brows after a good 10 minutes had past. Where the hell was Reiner? Eren looked around nervously and a feeling of dread passed over her, a premonition of bad things to come.

She hesitantly called out Reiner’s name, the pit of dread amplifying in her stomach when all her call accomplished was echoing loudly off the walls. When nobody answered, Eren reached for her gun, the tense atmosphere was making her on edge.

There was a five second gap from when she reached for her gun to when she held it in her hand and her attacker had obviously been watching her for some time because as Eren twisted her arm back to grab her gun, it was captured in a tight grip. She swiveled around only to be struck with something heavy, something that succeeded in knocking her out clean.

Eren’s world turned black.




The loud voices ringing in her ears and throughout the room just intensified her throbbing headache.

Why were those people so noisy? Couldn't they just let her sleep a little bit longer?

Eren slowly opened her eyes and tried to get acclimatized to the bright florescent light that shone its holy wrath upon her. She tried bringing her hands up to wipe eyes but found to her upmost horror that they were bound with what felt like a formidably sized rope. She was lying on a cold, hard floor.

Erentried to turn her head, just to groan at the pain this movement caused.

„Great, now you woke her up!“ a deep voice hissed.

„Not my fault, I said we should kill her immediatly!“ countered a second voice.

Finally Eren was able to take a proper look at her surrounding. A tall man with dark hair stared down at her with a cold glint in his eyes. Next to him there was a big blond guy, who was terrifying familiar to Eren.

„Reiner!“ she gasped surprised.

What was going on here? Why was she lying bonded on the dirty floor, why was Reiner not helping her?

„Eren,“ the blond said. „I'm... I'm sorry.“

„What does that mean, you're sorry?!“ Eren started to get angry. „Why don't you untie me? What's that supposed to mean?“

“Shut up, Yeager,” the tall man ordered. “You should be thankful you're still alive. Do as we say and you might survive the next few hours." he informed briskly.

Eren widened her eyes at his words, trying to gather her thoughts and suppress her initial reaction to lash out in a violent rage. She glanced over the tall man's physique to see if there was shot at kicking his ass and came across a truly disturbing piece of cloth. It was a red band on his left arm that had the symbol that stood for the infamous, brutal gang that Eren just knew too well.

She looked over Reiner and found the same.

“You're.... you're a member of the Titans?" she asked with a hoarse voice.

While the Titans were widely known, they were also quite small, having only onehundred or so true loyal members. However, the group was extremely violent and known for its unorthodox and unmerciful methods at achieving what they perceived as justice. The gang originated from the southern district of her city. They used to be powerful but now that the Wings of Freedom, the new crime gang and thousands of times more influential and powerful than the Titans ever were, were leading the underground scene, the Titans had lost a lot of impact and prestige.

„Well spotted.“ the tall man scoffed. „We captured you to force the Scouting Legion to give back our...“

„Stop it, Berthold, she don't need to know!“ Reiner called.

„Shut up, and don't call me by my real name!“ Berthold hissed back.

Eren started to loose patience. „Reiner, what the fuck!“ she shouted as she tried to sit up. „You betrayed me! You betrayed the whole agency!“

Reiner cringed. “Well, about that, I-”

The blond man was interrupted when the halfway eroded door was flung from its hinges towards the right corner of the room. Eren looked bewildered at the door’s entryway but even more so at the muscular and deadly looking woman illuminated by the yellow light standing in it.

“Mikasa? The shit is going on?” she growled, enraged at the sight before her.

Mikasa firmly pointed two guns at Reiner and Berthold as she burst into the room. Her mouth was set in a firm line and eyes narrowed dangerously as she observed Eren tied on the dirty old floor.

“Okay, blondie. Get to untying Eren immediately, no questions asked. Any wrong moves and I'll plant a bullet in your brain." she commanded gruffly.

“Not while I’m here.” Another female voice emerged behind Mikasa.

A blond woman with pained blue eyes and a bored expression was standing behind the raven-haired woman, roughly pushing a gun into her back with no remorse.

„“ Mikasa spat as she slowly turned around, raising her hands up in the air and frowning deeply when the clatter of her guns on the ground reverberated throughout the small room.

A small smile tugged on Annie’s lips before the blonde willed it down. „Nice to see you again, Mikasa. Let's be a good girl and sit down next to Eren.“

Bertholdt picked Mikasa’s guns from the dirt covered floor and Annie harshly pushed Mikasa onto the floor a strong hand to her shoulder. Reiner watched the scene play out from his position on the sidelines before he trudged up to Mikasa and tied her own wrists behind her back, just like Eren’s, and avoided Eren’s eyes the whole time.  When he was done tying up an angry Mikasa, his taller companion stalked over and drug his comrade out into the hall with a large hand gripping his arm the entire way.

Eren assumed the two had traversed down the hall so that they could have more privacy because no noise came from outside for a long time. That left just her, Mikasa, and Annie in the room. Annie was eyeing the two with such an intense, probing stare that the Special Agent had to turn to her personal secretary and begin a conversation.

“Mikasa…” Eren said quietly. “You’re not an ordinary secretary, are you?"

Her not-really-a-personal-secretary looked at her with sad eyes. “No, I'm not."

„But … what are you then?“ Eren asked irritabled. Somebody should explain what was going on here. Now.

“Oh, you naive sweet thing, Mikasa didn't tell you that she’s Levi's right hand man? You know the leader of the Wings of Freedom?" Annie drawled out cruelly.

“Oops...did I tell a secret?" she smirked as she received a livid glare from Mikasa.

Eren automatically shut Annie’s words out. She didn’t want to hear anymore about the people closest to her being distrustful and enemies. The mere fact that Mikasa hadn’t done anything to defend herself from such accusations made Eren’s heart drop. She had been lied to. She had been fooled by people who were supposed to be her friends.

It hurt.

“ that true?"Eren already knew the answer, and it didn’t help with the tremulous emotions swirling through her.

„Eren, you don't understand.“ Mikasa said, her voice sad and deep and desperate.

„Yes, you're fucking right, I don't understand!“ Eren shouted. „Enlighten me, why the hell is everybody here a freaking fraud suddenly?“

„It's not like that. I'm not a spy... well, not completly, i assume.“ Mikasa answered. „First Levi sent me to the Scouting Legion to gather information about your investigations.“ Eren bared her teeth but Mikasa kept on talking. “However, we heard that the Titans were planning to kidnap you, and so I was transferred to your squad to keep an eye on you. I had the responsibility of protecting you. I guess I've failed, Eren. I am truly sorry.”

Eren was baffled. This story made no sense to her.

Like, no sense at all.

“E-Excuse me?”

Mikasa looked into Eren's eyes. „I am sorry, I didn't meant to betray you. I started to like you, really! It feels like you are my little sister.“

Eren opened her mouth, just to shut it again because she didn't know what to say. A part of her was relieved that Mikasa was not the horrid piece of human waste that she had thought for a few moments. But another was entirely speechless at the fact that Levi had sent someone to protect her.

What an asshole.

Eren shut her mouth closed when she realized she was gaping at Mikasa and probably looking like an idiot. From the outside, the special agent registered voices of struggle and fighting. Immediately, Eren sat up straighter and blew a stray hair out of her face. The Titans were being attacked, and Eren prayed that somehow her comrades had found out and came to help her.

“Fuck!" Annie muttered and walked to the door. She opened it and crouched down so that she would be able to sneak out when she was hit with a gun on her head. The woman fell to the floor and an average man with light brown undercut climbed over her uncaringly.

He turned his head towards the door and shouted.„Hey, boss! I found them.“ 

The intruder strutted over to Mikasa and whipped out a pocket knife with a perturbing ease as Public Enemy One gracefully slid into the room.

“Good job, Oluo. Mikasa, Miss Yeager, are you two okay?"

Eren's eyes widened and to her horror as she stared at Levi. He stood there like it would be the most normal thing in the world to be in an abandoned warehouse rescuing his subordinate and a special agent. He looked handsome like the last time, except he wasn’t wear a suit, but tight black jeans and a black shirt.

Mikasa nodded as she stood up. “We're okay. You arrived at just the right time."

Levi gave a curt nod before looking Eren’s way and giving her a small smirk for a few seconds. He then turned his attention to Annie’s unconscious body. He nudged her roughly and scrunched up his nose when he spotted a speck of blood littering his boots.

“That's fucking gross." he said as he pulled out a Kleenex from his back pocket and faced Mikasa. "After you called I gather up my squad and we headed out, pronto.“

Eren still looked with wide eyes from Mikasa to Levi and back. She coughed to get the look-alikes attention.

“Uh, to explain the situation to me?" Eren inquired, her thoughts jumbled and suspicion levels rising.

The undercover gang member shrugged as she answered. “Well, I knew something was going on when we arrived here. This abandoned dump used to be the Titans secret hideout; not even the Scouting Legion found it. I informed Oluo where we were but when I came back and you had seemingly disappeared so, naturally, I called my boss at one. I called Levi at once.“ She looked down on her feet, avoiding Eren's gaze while she cutted of the brunet's bonds. „I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you in the first place.“

„Yeah, well, that was not exactly what I meant...“ Eren said as she stood up, but she was interrupted when yet another figure had burst through the opening.

Eren was so done.

„Levi, we saw two other cars arriving in front of the factory.“ the amber-haired woman came straight to the point. „We don't know how much they are, but you should get away from here ASAP. I’ll bet a thousand dollars that they are out for your head.“ The woman gave Eren a pointed look. „And she should disappear, too. It will get to dangerous here for her.“

Eren hated being the only one who didn't know what was going on.

„Excuse me hazelnut, but I'm a Special Agent, I think I know how to take care of myself...“ she stated.

Levi smirked despite himself. “I'm certain of that, sweetheart. But for now, you're coming with me." he declared with an air of finality and before Eren could protest, he grabbed her wrist and dragged her with him towards the south side of the building.

Levi and Eren broke out into a sprint. The notion of having revenge driven killers on their heels was spurring them on to get to the checkpoint on time and with everything intact. Levi still embraced her wrist with a tight grip, and Eren just tried to keep up with his speed for now. Her head was still aching and her feet felt a bit numb from the bonds, so now it would make no sense to start a fight against him. They turned around the corner and ran through a long hallway with many doors, when they heard a pair of low murmurs.

“He has to be here, didn't you here the footsteps?" an anonymous voice whispered from around the next corner.

“Shit." Levi cursed, breathless.

He opened the first door he saw and pushed Eren inside. He quickly followed and closed the door almost soundless.

The room seemed to be a former dustroom, small and very dark. There was hardly enough space for both of them, so Eren's back was pressed against the wall, Levi leaning above her.

„What...“ she wanted to speak up, but the man silented her with his hand.

„Shush!“ he whispered and sent her a warning glare.

Her eyes had adjusted to the point where she could make out Levi’s figure and the light seeping in from below the door had certainly helped. Maybe it was because she had suffered a concussion from when she was hit over the head, maybe it was because of the intolerable strain on her eyes, but Eren started to feel dizzy. Especially when she breathed into Levi’s hand and sound pick up traces of an aloe hand lotion. She tried to focus on the voices in the hallway to distract herself from the close proximity but failed completly. Levi's eyes still layed on her face, watching her with blown pupils.

Eren shivered.

The duo held their breath as the noises passed the closet and continued down the hall. It seemed like they were talking to another team by ear gear and Eren kept that observation, that the new enemy was split up into teams, in the back of her mind just in case. As the noises slowly faded away, Levi let out a deep sigh.

“That was close." he stated with his low voice, still not taking away his gaze from her.

Eren gulped, she didn't know what to do or to say next. How did she even get in this situation? Wasn't she supposed to sit down in a pub, drinking and chatting with Mikasa? Damn this stupid Levi with his stupid silky hair and his stupid smooth voice. She felt her face becoming hot and hoped that the mafia boss wouldn't notice the healthy pink flush on her cheeks.

Levi's lips turned into a smug smile as he moved away his hand from her mouth. Wordlessly, he reached over and softly began to twirl a lock of her hair.

“Hm, I could get used to these kinds of situations, you know..." he whispered playfully and began to brush his thump over her lips in a daring act of courage.

Eren sent him and his finger an incredulous glare before opening her mouth and allowing the gang leader to stick the digit in. Levi barely had a time to comment when she angrily bit down on his finger, tasting a coppery, warm liquid seep on her taste buds. “Keep your hands to yourself, Mister.” she growled.

Levi might have been grinning, but when he speedily pulled his finger away, the wince and clenching of his jaw was quite noticeable.

“I'm sorry Special Agent. I got carried away."

“Damn right you got carried away.” she huffed before eyeing the door and realizing an important fact that she had over looked. “What about getting out of here as long as it's still quiet outside.” Eren remembered him with gritted teeth and pushed him away.

The man merely chuckled and opened the door slowly, to see if the coast was clear.

“Alright,” Levi whispered. “We can go."

They ran as silent as possible along the hallway. Levi and Eren had to maneuver around kicked down doors and heavy load of debris until a ray of natural moonlight shone across what Eren recognized as the front lobby of the abandoned factory. Finally, they sprinted outside, both Levi and Eren relished in the cool night air and took a few seconds to catch their breath.

After she began to cool down, Eren shivered from the cold breeze that smacked against her face, even with Levi standing right in front of her, and looked around, assessing her position and surroundings. In the distance she could make out the telltale flashing lights of police cars.

“Okay," Levi had followed her gaze."Guess it's time for me to say goodbye now. I don't think that your friends would give me a warming welcome."

Instead of letting her go though, he turned around to Eren and pulled her in closer, effectively trapping her against his chest and encircling her waist with his strong arms.

„Well, it was fun like always.“ he whispered with a low voice.

Before she could reply he quickly pressed his lips on her mouth. It was a chaste kiss, quick and sweet, but it made Eren blush once again.

„See you soon, sweetheart.“ Levi called as he slunk back into the night, disappearing behind an additional warehouse that Eren had seemingly glanced over, not realizing that there as another unit to the factory. After a few moments past, Eren could see the powerful beam of a car’s headlights shine behind the warehouse and she knew that the crime lord had taken his leave. Why she had let him when she could have detained him, Eren didn’t know nor did she want to think about it.

Eren stared after the headlights and jumped when she heard the loud blaring of a horn.

She bit her bottom lip. “Oh, fuck you, you bastard."