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Boku No Toddler Academia Extras

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When the other heroes arrive to investigate the reason behind the intruder alarm sounding, Shigaraki, Toga and Kurogiri instantly warp away, leaving nothing but Shigaraki’s sunflower behind. In order to defend their fellow “siblings”, the students quickly denied the presence of outsiders, claiming that they heard the alarm and worriedly came to Bakugou’s room since he had a tendency to attract villains. However, they claimed that they did not see anyone when they arrived. Given that there was no actual evidence of a break-in, it was concluded that there was a fault in the intruder alarm system.


After that day, the class became more harmonious. They would cook together, eat together, exercise together, study together and play together, spending more time together in the living room rather than alone in their dorm rooms. Occasionally, Aizawa, Present Mic, Midnight and All Might will drop by for breakfast. On weekends, the class would go to the mall or other public spaces together where Shigaraki, Toga and Kurogiri will meet them. With the new improvements to UA’s security measures, it was difficult for the three from the Villain Alliance to visit. And although they are on opposing factions, heroes and villains, when they get together on the weekends, they are just a family.


As the short break for the holidays near its end and term is about to begin again, those who failed the exam or failed to take the exam had to do a retest. As a result, the class gathered its strength to help one another, determined not to fall behind the rest of the school. Due to their special circumstances, the school would take special consideration when grading their paper. However, they also had to be fair to the rest of the student body. The class, and Bakugou especially, did not want to be given the slightest bit of biased treatment, wanting to prove themselves as the best class. Not only did they all pay absolute attention during their remedial lessons, they also participated actively in consultation with the teachers. Aizawa, Present Mic, Midnight and All Might also stayed in the dorms for long hours after official remedial classes to help them.


And on the day of the retest, Bakugou is the first to wake, going to the kitchen to prepare a healthy and nutritious meal so that his children can have the energy to focus on the exam later. Todoroki joins him not long later. Because Todoroki is a walking disaster in the kitchen, he helps with simple tasks like washing and laying out the plates and cutlery. The two of them begin testing each other quietly, taking the opportunity to revise before their test. Slowly, other students begin to wake up and start helping. Satou and Yaoyorozu help Bakugou with preparing breakfast, while Uraraka helps some of the other students to iron their blazers. Asui and Shouji went to wake the other students, reminding them to pack all the pens, pencils, erasers, water bottles, jackets or whatever else they may need in the exam hall.


Thanks to how flawlessly and efficiently the class works together, they head to the exam hall early, all prepared for the test. All the students who had to do the retest are to take the exams in the exam hall together, and they are not allowed inside until 15 minutes before the paper starts. Hence, the class sit and wait patiently outside the hall.


Normally, Hagakure never tied her hair. It isn’t like anybody can see it anyway. However, after her Christmas present from her “mama” and modifications from Hatsume to better fit her wrist, Hagakure got to tie her hair thanks to the silhouette the bracelet gave her. During the time where they were turned into toddlers, All Might had offered to tie their hair in efforts to get them to call him “All Might” instead of “Zombie”. However, due to Hagakure’s invisibleness, she did not get to have her hair tied properly. Although All Might tried his best, he ended up getting her hair badly tangled, like a blind man tried to tie someone’s hair. Bakugou had to blindly try to free the hairband from Hagakure’s hair and comforted her.


Now, her hair can more or less be seen. She approaches Bakugou with a hairband, asking, “Could you help me tie my hair? I’m afraid it will get in my face during the test.”


Bakugou agrees easily, taking the hairband from her hand and patting the floor in front of him to tell her to sit. Rather than a simple ponytail, Bakugou does a scorpion plaid while replying to Hagakure’s sample test questions. Bakugou just finishes the plaid when a voice comes from behind him.


“Ahahaha… Isn’t this the great Bakugou? And the best class of UA, Class A? So many of you have to take the retest? How is this possible? Hahaha! Even in Class B, there is only one person who has to do a retake!” Monoma mocks, not at all realising that he just confessed to being the only one in his class who failed.


Bakugou stands and turns to face Monoma. Seeing the teachers approach to open the doors to the exam hall now that there are only 15 minutes to the start of the paper, Bakugou merely picks up his things and warns, “Don’t talk to me or any one of my children ever again.”


With that, Bakugou turns away and heads into the exam hall. The other Class A students follow behind, not forgetting to shoot Monoma a glare as they pass by him.


This stops Monoma from his insistent cackling, confused. “Huh?”


Aizawa steps up from behind him. With a monotonous voice, he defends, “Class A missed the exam due to their special training camp. This is not a retake but their first time taking the test.”


After saying his piece, Aizawa sweeps pass him, leaving Monoma speechless. The normal Aizawa would never bother explaining something so obvious. And since when did Bakugou have children? What on earth happened during Class A’s special training camp? Monoma does not know. But really, this should not be his concern, but rather the upcoming test should be.