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patience is a virtue

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Zhao Yun Lan is a patient man. In most situations. But when it's his Shen Wei naked and rutting up on Zhanying's thigh, come still leaking out of his winking hole, he has to turn to Jingyan and ask, "So, are you gonna start first or am I gonna have to do it?"

Jingyan levels him with a look; one that is a shade less of the impeccable student president he is, and more like the down and out brawler Yunlan knows he can be. But his question does get Jingyan to wrap a hand around himself. Yunlan mirrors him. In front of them on the foot of the bed, their boyfriends are making out with each other, filling the air with the sounds of soft whimpers and wet kisses. 

Yunlan takes a peek at Jingyan from the corner of his eyes. It's not like this is their first time seeing each other naked. Hell, he'd had Jingyan's cock in his mouth a few times over holidays when both their boyfriends have gone home to their families and they were the only ones stuck on campus. It's a beautiful cock. Not insubstantial. 

"Look at them, not me."

Jingyan's gaze is amused. The trail of sweat that beads down his cheek, however, distracts him from noticing that Shen Wei has pulled himself away from Zhanying. Climbing into his lap, jealousy dripping out of his every pore.

"Mine." Shen Wei says, pushing him on his back and reaching back to angle his cock. 

"Wait, wait...! Slow down!" Yunlan grips him by the flesh of his hips, but no sooner have the words left his lips, does his tip breach Shen Wei. Rocking himself, Shen Wei rides him until all of him is snug in the velveteen warmth of his ass.

Slender fingers hold him by his chin. Dark eyes hold his, glinting dangerously. "Mine." Shen Wei hisses.

Yunlan feels a soft flutter in his chest. "Yours." He replies earnestly, hitching his hips, bucking Shen Wei in his lap.

He pulls him down, holding him tight against his chest as he fucks up into Shen Wei. Nothing else matters, everything pales in comparison to the sensation of Shen Wei convulsing around him, trembling on him. When Shen Wei sucks and bites a mark on his neck, too high for a collar to hide, he grunts at the shiver that burns through him. 'His, only his,' Yunlan thinks religiously. 

He manages to turn his head away long enough to see Jingyan fucking bareback into Zhanying too. The secretary arching his back like a pro, meeting Jingyan's thrusts with his own. The sounds of skin on skin slapping fills the room, and Yunlan thinks it's a miracle that their neighbours haven't filed a noise complaint.

Shen Wei nibbles on his earlobe, pulling away. "Come on." He pants, lying back down with Yunlan still in him. Shen Wei shifts, pulling his knees up to his ears. "Come on, Yunlan..."


Zhanying looks up, drooling onto the covers. Eyes lust hazed, and he reaches for Shen Wei. He whimpers, scrabbling to kiss him.

Jingyan curses. The composed facade coming apart in the way only a good fucking can give him. He fucks Zhanying harder, nails digging in a way that's sure to mark.

Yunlan swallows. That was hot as shit.

Shen Wei is still kissing Zhanying. And Yunlan moves his hips, building up speed with every push and pull. 

The sound of sex increases, and soon, Shen Wei is sobbing into Zhanying's mouth. Both of them a mess. It's the sight of Zhanying licking into Shen Wei's mouth, the knowledge that that same tongue was previously in his ass, that triggers it. 

He comes, shaking and jerking unsteadily, into Shen Wei for the second time that night. "Yunlan..." He hears his name called. Shen Wei tugs Yunlan's hand away from his thigh to wrap around his leaking cock. Whining at the touch on his overstimulated cock, he contracts around Yunlan's cock. "Yunlan!" Shen Wei cries when he begins to jerk him off using his come as lube.

Shen Wei barely lasts two jerks before leaking weakly all over himself. Yunlan gathers him back into his arms, still seated in Shen Wei. Kissing his neck, his cheek, his lips, Yunlan covers him with tender affection. Stroking his back he holds him through the shakes of the tail end of his climax.

Dimly, he is aware of Jingyan moving on the bed, doing something of the same. At some point, their climaxes triggered Zhanying and Jingyan's. Some hindbrain part of him that is not mellowed out from coming, thinks they should all try to come simultaneously one of these days.

Jingyan is draped over Zhanying's back, kissing the sobs out of his mouth. Soon, he gently moves Zhanying on his back, cradling him in his arms. Yunlan lies down with them, setting Shen Wei next to Zhanying in the middle of the bed so that they were both safely ensconced between their lovers.

"We should clean them up." Jingyan says, playing with Zhanying's hair. Shen Wei is holding on to Zhanying's hand, both of them passed out.

"Yeah," Yunlan replies, grinning softly, "But let's just lie here for a bit."

Jingyan smiles. "That's a good idea.