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I've divided these by length. So here are all the drabbles, double drabbles, and ficlets under 1000 words:


★. Envy. 500 words on how much RK900 envies Connor. [T]

★. Rain. Est relationship. Post revolution another Traci has been murdered at the Eden Club. Gavin reflects on why it matters. [950 words, M]

★. Bedside Manner. Est relationship. RK900 looks after an ill Gavin. [500 words, T]

★. Rainy Day. RK900 discovers he doesn't like storms. [400 words, G]

★. Snowball Fight. What it says on the tin. [400 words, T]

★. Bad Day. RK900 hugs Gavin after a bad day. [900 words, T]

★. Dirty Talk. Gavin crashes and burns. [400 words, T]

★. Forehead Touches. Est relationship. Gavin has a nightmare, RK900 comforts him. [600 words, G]

★. Lingerie. Est relationship. RK900 drags Gavin shopping. [500 words, T]

★. Drunk. Est relationship. Gavin has to look after a drunk RK900. [300 words, G]

★. A/B/O. The obligatory AU. [600 words, M]

★. LED. Est relatioship. Gavin helps RK900 remove his LED. [500 words, T] 

★. Gone But Not Forgotten. Gavin comforts RK900. [700 words, T]

★. Plastic. RK900 helps Gavin get to sleep. [400 words, T]

★. Kid Fic. Est relationship. Gavin proves he's good with kids. [500 words, T]

★. Phobia. RK900's afraid of getting repaired. [900 words, T]

★. Reset. RK900 loses himself. [500 words, T]

★. News. Est relatioship. RK900 finds out Gavin's dead from a news report. [600 words, T]

★. Hanahaki Disease. Gavin doesn't believe a word RK900 says. [600 words, M]

★. Take a Break. Est relationship. Gavin convinces RK900 to let up a little. [600 words, G]

★. Glasses. Est relationship. RK900 likes Gavin's glasses. [800 words, T]

★. Behind Closed Doors. RK900 confronts Gavin's abusive boyfriend. [900 words, M]

★. Wrong Number. Gavin sends RK900 a dirty video. [500 words, T]

★. Phck Me. RK900 takes Gavin up on the offer. [200 words, G]

★. Airport. Est relationship. Gavin meets RK900 at Arrivals. [900 words, G]

★. Funfair. Est relationship. Fluffy fluff. [700 words, G]

★. Imperfect. RK900 thinks about Gavin. [200 words, G]

★. Spiders. Est relationship. RK900 protects Gavin from spiders. [700 words, T]

★. Tattoo. Est relationship. Gavin can't leave his mark on RK900's skin... [500 words, G]

★. Life and Death. RK900 brings Gavin back from the dead. [200 words, T]

★. First Kiss. [500 words, G]

★. Out of Time. Est relationship. RK900 dies protecting Gavin. [400 words, T]

★. Shots. RK900 helps Gavin out. [500 words, T]

★. Hiccups. Est relationship. Gavin has hiccups. [600 words, T]

★. Everything In Its Place. Est relationship. Gavin's apartment is a mess. [250 words, G]

★. Near Miss. Gavin almost dies. [500 words, T]

★. Time After Time. Their first time comes with misunderstandings. [600 words, M]

★. Disclosure. Gavin is assaulted and keeps it a secret. [700 words, T]

 And here is everything over 1000 words, including ficlets with sequels / companion pieces:


★. Fear. Gavin has a breakdown; he thinks RK900 is out to get him, and maybe he isn't so very far off the mark... [2200 words, T]

★. Leash and Collar. Est relationship. Gavin needs help being a good boy. [2700 words, E]

★. Multiple Orgasms. Est relationship. Gavin explores RK900's wiring. [2300 words, E]

★. Toys. Est relationship. RK900 buys Gavin a fleshlight. [1700 words, E]

★. Bondage. RK has to take charge when an undercover operation goes sour. [1500 words, M]

★. Sweater. RK900 wears Gavin's sweater. [1000 words, T]
★. Plus a sequel with Gavin wearing RK900's jacket. [900 words, T]

★. Umbrella. Gavin leans on RK for support. [1600 words, T]

★. Slow Dance. Est relationship. RK900 and Gavin go to Tina Chen's wedding. [1500 words, T]

★. Holding Hands. There is nothing Gavin can do for RK900 but be there. [3300 words, T]

★. Flowers. RK900 buys Gavin flowers. [600 words, G]
★. Plus a companion piece from RK900's POV. [1200 words, G]

★. Strap-On. Est relationship. RK900 gets a delivery. [1700 words, E]

★. Voyeurism. Est relationship. A chance encounter with Hank and Connor leaves RK900 feeling self-conscious. [3300 words, E]

★. Animal Adoption. The guys adopt a cat. [1300 words, G]

★. Orgasm Denial. Est relationship. RK900 keeps Gavin on the edge. [1000 words, E]

★. Naked. Three times Gavin sees RK900 in the nude. [2800, T]

★. Sing a Song. RK900 thinks Gavin's got the voice of an angel. [1300 words, T]

★. Guilty Pleasure. Gavin reflects on his relationship with RK. [1000 words, T]

★. Sex Pollen. RK900 contracts a virus. [1400 words, M]

★. Strip Club. Est relationship. Gavin goes undercover and RK900 gets jealous. [1300 words, T]

★. Mistletoe. Christmas fluff. [2400 words, T]
★. Plus a sequel. [3600 words, M]

★. Spanking. Est relationship. Teacher/Student roleplay. [1400 words, E]

★. What is Love? Get together fluff. [1600 words, T]

★. Out of Order. Est relationship. RK900 is forced to recuperate. [1600 words, T]

★. Protect. RK900 comes to Gavin's rescue. [1300 words, M]

★. Massage. RK900 wants to touch Gavin. [2000 words, M]

★. Fake Dating. Gavin and RK900 play bait for the Anti-Android League. [6400 words, T]

★. Porn Star. RK900 finds out about Gavin's past. [2600 words, E]

★. Bachelor Auction. RK900 purchases Gavin. [2100 words, T]

★. Beneath the Skin. Est relationship. First time RK900 deactivates his skin in bed. [1000 words, E]

★. Kamski Test. Gavin and Kamski as half-brothers. [2600 words, T]

★. Poker Face. Hank realises that RK900 is just as capable of feeling as Connor. [1100 words, T]
★. Also a companion piece from Connor's POV. [1400 words, T]

★. Lookalike. Gavin shares his face with an android. [1200 words, T]

★. Wet. Est relationship. RK900 goes to town on Gavin. [1300 words, E]

★. Three's a Crowd. RK900 is jealous of Gavin's boyfriend. [1800 words, T]
★. Also a companion piece from Gavin's POV. [6000 words, E]
★. And a fluffy little follow up about Gavin being a secret romantic. [1600 words, M]

★. Make It Matter. Est relationship. H/C after a case gets to Gavin. [1000 words, T]

★. Underwear. RK900 is very interested in Gavin's sartorial choices. [700 words, T]
★. Plus a sequel. [1500 words, E]

★. Smile. Est relationship. Gavin convinces RK900 that he loves his smile. [1300 words, T]

★. Love Bites. Est relationship. Gavin wears RK900's marks with pride. [1400 words, T]

★. Red Ice. Est relationship. RK900 helps Gavin through withdrawal. [3500 words, M]

★. Nightmare. Est relationship. Everyone says Gavin is dead. RK900 refuses to believe them. [1800 words, T]

★. Skin. Est relationship. The proof has been in front of Gavin's face the whole time. [1100 words, G]

★. Happy. RK900 defends Gavin to an outsider. [1300 words, T]

★. Wireplay. Unrepentant smut. [1200 words, E]

★. Melody. RK900 discovers Gavin's secret talent. [1700 words, T]

★. Without Words. Non-verbal RK900. [1100 words, T]

★. Tears. Gavin makes RK900 cry. [2000 words, T]

★. Communication Breakdown. Est relationship. Gavin wishes RK900 were more affectionate. [2200 words, T]

★. Upgrade. Est relationship. RK900 is given expression. [1600 words, T]

★. TMI. RK900 overshares. [1600 words, M]

★. High School AU. [1200 words, T]

★. Gifts. RK900 woos Gavin with presents. [2000 words, T]

★. Broken. Est relationship. RK900 goes missing. [2900 words, T]

★. Laughter. RK900 loves Gavin's laugh. [1300 words, M]

★. Red Handed. [1100 words, E]

★. Automatonophobia. Gavin's afraid. [1400 words, T]

★. Wedding Bells. Married life. [1100 words, T]

★. Life Begins at 40. Birthday fluff. [1500 words, T]

★. Attachments. RK900 gets himself a new attachment. [2600 words, E]

★. Average. Neither of them are, but that's okay. [1700 words, M]

★. By Design. RK900 is fitted with WR400 parts. [1800 words, E]

★. Look of Love. Gavin won't make eye contact. [1200 words, M]

Feel free to leave me prompts here, or hit up my askbox over on Tumblr where I go by @serenwib. There is nothing I won't at least consider. :)