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Terror Drabbles

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“Was that stupid dare worth it?” Harry spoke over the seething hisses of his captain, though in private he was allowed to refer to him simply as James. He dabbed a cloth soaked in alcohol against a bleeding cut on the man’s forehead. It was a small enough gash that it would not need stitches, but deep enough to where Harry might need to make a plaster for it. “Well? Was it?”

“In hindsight… perhaps I should have been more cautious of how slippery the rocks by the water would be.” James admitted this with a wincing smile. Always smiling in the face of pain. Broken limbs, musket ball wounds, falling face first onto a jagged rock? All taken in stride by Captain James Fitzjames. “I hope you will be giving Lieutenant Le Vesconte as much of a scolding as you are giving me! Twas his idea, you know.”

“Oh, I know! Believe me, I know. But, if you recall I was saying that I did not think it was a good idea! But did you listen?” Harry pressed the cloth firmly to the cut. He wanted to make sure the wound was clean but he did not mind giving James an extra bit of sting.

“Ooh ouch! Easy with that!”

“You need to be more careful, James.” Harry’s tone was not one of scolding, but of concern, “What if something more serious had happened?” He turned and set the bloodied rag into a metal basin for cleaning later.

“Then I should hope,” James put a hand on Harry’s arm and pulled the man to face him, “that my good doctor will be there to put me back together should I fall apart due to my eccentric recklessness.”

“Hmph. Well if I am not there then you’ll have to have Doctor Stanley help you.”

“You would not be so cruel. You could not, I know it. You have not a mean bone in your body, Harry.” James smirked and stuck out his chin, presenting his head to the doctor. “And since you are not that sort of cruel man, perhaps you could give my injury a kiss to speed the healing?”

“You are absolutely incorrigible.” Harry did not deny him the ‘healing kiss’ and pressed one gently to the side of the wound so as to not irritate it further. “Is that better, Captain Fitzjames?”

“Better than a dosage of laudanum. I’m already starting to feel right again, Doctor Goodsir. Thank you ever so much.”

“Please be more careful from now on. Doctor’s orders.”

“I’ll do my best not to worry you, but I can make no promises.”