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“So… boyfriends?” Jungkook says, a pink flush burning hot on his cheeks.

“Boyfriends.” Jimin nods, smiling, and that's that, really. They're boyfriends now. Jimin leans back in his seat and takes a sip from his iced coffee, legs extending under the table to tangle with Jungkook's. It's nice, and although he really does try, Jungkook can't get the blush on his cheeks to go away. It's something about Jimin's aura, his charm.

His cheeks hollow when he sucks his coffee through the straw, and Jungkook's eyes stray to his lips despite himself. They're so pink, and plump, and pretty, and he has to make an effort to stop those thoughts from developing further. There'll be plenty of time for that later. Jimin grins at the look on his face.

“Is this a date, then?” he asks, and Jungkook nods shyly, blush growing even brighter.

“I'd really like it to be,” he murmurs, and Jimin's smile turns softer, so beautiful it's almost blinding. He leans over the table to take Jungkook's hands in his, iced coffee forgotten.

“You should kiss me, then,” he says, biting his bottom lip. It looks even pinker and plumper when his teeth finally release it, and really, Jungkook can't be expected to resist. So he leans forward and presses his lips against Jimin's and it's soft and sweet and kind of cold from the iced coffee Jimin's been drinking, and a warm feeling starts diffusing through Jungkook's chest, making his heart feel too big for his ribcage. It's a little scary, but it's nice.

They pull away after a while, before the kiss devolves into something a little inappropriate for a coffee shop, and end up staring at each other with silly, lovestruck smiles on their faces. The sun shines through the big windows of the shop and casts its rays across their table, melting the ice cubes in Jimin's coffee. It's young love like sunny days at the beginning of summer, before the heat becomes too heavy, when it's all blue sky and happiness and just – warmth.


After that, it's all a bit of a rush of excitement – telling their friends, their families, stealing sweet, chaste kisses here and there when they have time. To tell the truth, Jungkook has resigned himself to taking things slow. Jimin's sweet, sometimes flirty, sometimes shy, but most of the time he doesn't really seem to enjoy talking about sex. He's… small, and soft, and sometimes Jungkook catches him eyeing up the muscles in his arms and – well, Jungkook prefers bottoming, but he's pretty sure Jimin's going to want him to top. And he can deal with that, because it's Jimin, and it's worth it.

Still, occasionally he finds himself fantasizing about how maybe, after a few months of giving Jimin what he wants, he might be able to convince him to switch, to pin him down and fuck him, to use those dancer's hips on him and make him cum so hard he sees stars.

For the time being, though, he resigns himself to being moderately unsatisfied. It's Jimin, and Jimin is far more important to him than his dick. So he can be patient. He can live with that.


(Moderately unsatisfied. God, if only he'd known.)


“F-fuck, ngh, Ji-Jimin!” Jungkook cries, body arching away from the bed, hands twisting and clenching where they're tied to the headboard. The rope chafes against the tender skin of his wrists, but he can barely feel it over the overwhelming pleasure of Jimin's tongue laving against his hole again and again. It's warm and wet and it feels so good, and Jungkook can't keep his noises inside, has to let them out, has to let something out because he'll explode otherwise.

“Feel good, baby?” Jimin rasps against his hole. Jungkook can hear the grin in his voice, and it sends shivers down his spine.

“Yes, oh, yes,” he gasps as Jimin dives back down, sucking harshly at his rim. “Feels so good, so g-uh!”

Jimin's tongue circles Jungkook's rim once more before it pushes past the ring of muscle, and Jungkook clenches around it with a loud moan. He wiggles his hips on the bed, tries to get Jimin's tongue deeper inside him, but all he gets for his efforts is a hard slap to his ass. He jerks on the bed, wrists tugging against his restraints again.

Jimin pulls away slightly, and chuckles, hot air brushing against Jungkook's hole and making him shiver. He presses his lips against Jungkook's perineum, pulling a breathy whine from the younger, then drags them up along his balls, mouthing at them until he reaches the base of his cock. Jungkook tenses up, expecting to feel Jimin's lips circle the head of his dick, but it remains neglected, bobbing slightly in the cool air of the room. Jimin laughs again, and the feeling of his breath on his cock has Jungkook whimpering pathetically.

“T-touch me, Jimin, please,” he begs, eyes squeezing shut. Jimin hums thoughtfully, tracing patterns along Jungkook's abs.

“And why would I do that?” he says, voice low and smooth like honey and so, so hot.

“I wanna come, Jimin, need to come,” Jungkook whines, thrusting his hips up towards Jimin's face. Jimin hisses, and slaps Jungkook's thigh harshly.

“You think you deserve to come?” Jimin asks, and there's something dark in his voice, something dangerous. Jungkook lets out a sound that's very close to a sob.

“P-please,” he begs, “I've been good, I'll be good for you hyung, just let me come!”

Jimin hums again, and his fingers start tracing patterns higher up Jungkook's chest, circling his nipples. Jungkook tenses, whole body going taut.

“I don't think you deserve to come quite yet,” Jimin murmurs, smile showing a few too many teeth when his fingers finally come into contact with Jungkook's nipples. He squeezes, hard, almost hard enough for it to hurt, and Jungkook bites his bottom lip so harshly he almost draws blood, tugging so hard at his restraints that he hears the headboard creak.

“Calm down, baby,” Jimin whispers, mouthing around the base of his cock, and Jungkook tries his best to relax, letting his body sag into the mattress, but then Jimin tightens his grip on his nipples, twists them harshly, and wraps his lips around the head of Jungkook's cock, and he comes with a sob.

Jimin sinks down on his cock and swallows around it, milks him through his orgasm until Jungkook is left whimpering and twitching against the bedsheets from the overstimulation. Only then does Jimin pull off, licking his lips clean before he leans forward to press his lips against Jungkook's. Jungkook tastes himself on Jimin's tongue, and can't help the moan he lets out, licking deeper into Jimin's mouth, chasing the bitterness.

“I-I'm sorry,” Jungkook hiccups as soon as their lips separate with an obscenely wet noise. “I didn't mean to come,” he pouts, making his eyes as big and shiny as he can in the hope that Jimin will forgive him. Jimin rewards him with a soft smile and a kiss to the forehead.

“It's okay, baby,” he murmurs, tangling his fingers in Jungkook's hair. Jungkook leans into the touch, sleepy and contented. “I'll just have to make you come again.”

Jungkook whines out a half-hearted complaint, but his dick gives a little twitch anyway. His eyelids are heavy, his body feels soft and boneless, but he's painfully aware of Jimin's hard on digging into his hip, and he knows they're far from being done.

Jimin lets him rest for a few minutes, pressing gentle kisses into his hairline and rubbing a hand over his tummy. It doesn't take long until the touches get more intimate, though, his hand coming down to rub at Jungkook's inner thighs instead, his lips trailing down to Jungkook's neck, sucking dark bruises into his skin.

Jungkook lets out a breathy little sigh, tilting his head back to give Jimin better access to the smooth expanses of his throat. The sharp pain of the little bites sends sparks of pleasure shooting through his veins, and soon enough his cock is plumping up again. It's not long until Jimin notices.

“You ready to go again, baby?” he asks with a smirk on his face that makes Jungkook's legs spread almost unconsciously. Jimin laughs when he notices the movement, loud and a little mean. “You are, aren't you? Always ready for a cock in that slutty little hole of yours, huh? Always fuckin' desperate for it, aren't you?”

Jungkook whines, loud and long, and drops his head onto Jimin's shoulder with a sob.

“I-I am, hyung,” he gasps. “Desperate for your cock, I'm a slut for your cock, need you to f-fuck me!”

“Fuck, baby,” Jimin groans, so low it's almost a growl. He reaches up briefly to untie Jungkook's restraints, then slides both arms under his back and manhandles him up the mattress until he's sitting up with his back pressed against the headboard. The casual display of strength and the way Jimin's biceps bulge under the strain of Jungkook's weight have Jungkook's cock twitching and drooling precum all over his stomach.

“You gonna fuck me up against the wall, hyung?” Jungkook asks, slightly teasing but mostly excited.

“Mmh, maybe,” Jimin murmurs, biting down gently on Jungkook's earlobe before releasing him. He has to hold himself up by bracing his hands against the mattress so he doesn't slip down. Jimin reaches into the bedside table's top drawer and retrieves a small bottle of lube. “Spread, baby,” he orders, moving up the bed until he's settled between Jungkook's spread thighs. The younger hooks his arms under his knees so he can spread his legs even further, exposing his hole completely to Jimin. It's still shiny with his spit – the sight is completely obscene.

Jimin carefully slicks three fingers up before he brings them down to Jungkook's hole, tracing cold, wet circles around the rim. Jungkook whines and thrusts his hips down, trying to get Jimin's fingers to slip inside. Jimin chuckles at his vain efforts.

“You want it, baby? Want my fingers inside you?” he asks, one brow arched almost condescendingly. His expression sends shivers down Jungkook's spine, and he nods desperately, biting his lip.

“Y-yes hyung, want it so bad!” he slurs, spreading his legs even further, until the insides of his thighs start to ache. Jimin hums thoughtfully. Jungkook's inner thighs look so soft and milky, he can't resist the urge to lean down and bite into the flesh there. Jungkook whimpers, back arching almost violently. When Jimin pulls away, there's a deep mark on the skin that's already bruising purple. It looks painful, and Jimin gives in to Jungkook's wishes and slips one finger inside him.

Jungkook clenches tight around it with a moan, and Jimin waits until he's relaxed a little to push it all the way in, up to the last knuckle. He fucks it in and out of Jungkook's pliant body a couple times, reveling in the way his hot walls seem to drag him in, reluctant to let him go.

“A-another, gimme another, please,” Jungkook begs, face scrunching up in pleasure. Jimin complies, sliding a second finger in next to the first and fucking them in a few times before he starts scissoring them, stretching Jungkook's hole out for his cock. Jungkook takes it so, so well, rolling his hips down onto Jimin's fingers, whimpering every time they brush against that sensitive spot inside of him.

“Want your cock, hyung,” he whines, clenching around Jimin's fingers at the thought of his thick cock filling him up. Jimin groans, muffling it against the skin of Jungkook's knee.

“You're not ready yet, baby,” he murmurs, working a third finger past Jungkook's rim. “I don't want to hurt you.”

Jungkook pouts, but doesn't complain, letting Jimin stretch him out thoroughly. Jimin stuffs all three fingers deep inside Jungkook's hole and crooks them so they're rubbing harshly up against Jungkook's prostate, and the younger practically screams, cock drooling precum all over the place.

“Hyung, h-hyung,” he sobs, tears forming at the corners of his eyes. “Need to come, p-please let me come!”

Jimin looks down at him with a frown, and gently pulls his fingers out of Jungkook's body, ignoring the way the younger whines and pouts, clenching around him to try and keep his fingers inside.

“You come on my cock, baby, and not before,” Jimin growls, tearing a condom wrapper open and rolling it onto his dick. From the way Jungkook's eyes roll back into his head and a full-bodied shiver wracks his frame, he's okay with that.

Jimin grabs the bottle of lube and slicks up his cock copiously, coating it until it's dripping wet. Once that's done he presses the tip of the bottle against Jungkook's rim and squeezes, the cold liquid trickling into Jungkook's hole and around his rim, dripping down the crack of his ass until it reaches the rumpled bedsheets. Jungkook drops his head and lets Jimin pump him full of lube, whining quietly as it fills his hole until it's fucking dripping, soaking wet like a pussy. There's something so incredibly hot about the action, about the feeling, that it makes all of Jungkook's limbs go weak.

By the time Jimin presses the head of his cock against Jungkook's rim and starts to push in, the younger's been reduced to an incoherent mess of lube, precum and pathetic little whines. He's so pliant and relaxed that Jimin's dick slides right in with barely any resistance, stretching Jungkook's rim wide until Jimin's sharp hipbones are pressed flush against the soft skin of Jungkook's thighs.

Jimin wraps his hands around Jungkook's muscular thighs for leverage, thumbs digging into the crease between his legs and his ass, before he starts to thrust in, pulling almost all the way out before he slams back in hard enough for the headboard to knock into the wall behind it. He keeps his pace slow but deep, hard, forcing the prettiest little noises out of Jungkook.

The younger wraps his arms around Jimin's shoulders, fingernails digging into the muscles of his back, and takes it – really, that's all he can do. It's all he can do to sit there and feel every single inch of Jimin's cock drag against his walls, against every single nerve ending inside of him, pleasure lighting him up like it's gasoline in his veins instead of blood. It feels so good, overwhelmingly good, to let Jimin use his body like this, manhandle Jungkook to whatever position he wants and take his pleasure, chase his own orgasm inside Jungkook's tight heat.

Jimin starts to speed up after a while, thrusts growing shorter and faster, pushing an almost continuous stream of moans out of Jungkook's mouth. Jimin's sweat slick knees slip slightly on the sheets from the force of his movements, and all of a sudden the angle changes and he's hammering right into Jungkook's prostate on every thrust. The younger's body seizes up in pleasure, and he chokes on a whimper as he attempts to adjust to the new onslaught of sensation.

Hissing through gritted teeth, Jimin adjusts his grip on Jungkook, slipping his arms under the younger's thighs, hands finding his slim waist. He forces Jungkook further back, further up against the headboard, and suddenly Jungkook's ass isn't touching the mattress anymore – Jimin's holding him up against the wall and the headboard, fucking into Jungkook like he's nothing but a doll, a toy. The feeling of being manhandled, of being fucked silly against a wall, sends what feels like liquid fire rushing through Jungkook's body. His eyes roll back into his head and his mouth falls open, a string of drool making its way past his lips and down his chin.

Jungkook's hands slip from Jimin's shoulder blades to his biceps, squeezing the straining muscles there, admiring the way they're holding him up, pinning his weight against the wall. Jimin lets out a breathless little laugh.

“Fuck, you really like that, don't you baby?”

“I-I do, hyung,” Jungkook hiccups in response. “Makes me feel so… s-small.”

Jimin swears under his breath and shifts again, pushes Jungkook higher up the wall, leans forward and cages him in until all Jungkook can see, hear, smell is JiminJiminJimin and he comes just like that, spilling white between their stomachs. It's hot and sticky and spills down onto the bedsheets, and Jungkook knows Jimin can feel it, knows he heard the broken, strung out whine that escaped him when he came, but still he doesn't stop, keeps pounding into Jungkook.

The intense, delicious high that accompanied his orgasm soon starts to fade out into something more raw, edging on painful. His dick is soft against his abs, but every brush of Jimin's cock against his prostate sends pleasure shooting through it all the same. It hurts, but it hurts so good. So Jungkook just drops his head back against the wall and lets Jimin fuck him into overstimulation and back again, feeling his sensitive dick start to chub up once more after a few more minutes of sweet, sweet torture.

Jimin's cock dragging against his red, puffy rim, the pressure of it against his prostate, the feeling of his own dick being pressed between their stomachs – it's all too much, and Jungkook starts to squirm and writhe against the wall almost despite himself. Jimin growls, pins him down as well as he can, but Jungkook is stronger than him when he wants to be.

It's not long until Jimin loses his patience and pulls out of Jungkook, scooting back on the bed, pulling the younger with him. Jungkook whines and complains at the sudden emptiness inside of him, but he shuts up soon enough when Jimin turns him around and bends him over, forcing his ass up and his shoulders down, and slides into him again.

The new angle lets Jimin's cock push deeper into Jungkook, press against his prostate more insistently. The younger keens, arches his back until his upper torso is completely pressed against the mattress, presenting himself to Jimin and letting him take, take, take. His head is starting to feel a little fuzzy, breath coming in short gasps, tears rolling down his cheeks, and when Jimin twists a hand in his hair and comes deep inside him, cock pulsing, sending sparks of pain through his scalp, Jungkook has no choice but to come as well. He comes practically dry, so intense it's almost painful, and Jimin fucks him through it, still holding onto his hair.

The moment Jimin lets go, pulling out gently, Jungkook flops down onto the mattress, body aching in all the best ways, and promptly passes out.


He wakes up the next morning to bright sunlight blaring in his face and his whole body radiating with pain. It's not that it hurts horribly bad, really – he still manages to stretch out on the bed and roll out of it, although standing up is a bit of a challenge. Mostly it just reminds him of Jimin, and what Jimin did to him last night, and now there's a blush rising on his cheeks.

Speaking of Jimin, he's nowhere to be seen. Jungkook panics for a few seconds before he realizes there's noises coming from the kitchen, along with the smell of breakfast cooking, and the sound of Jimin humming quietly to himself. Jungkook flops back on the bed with a sigh and a smile on his face, contented.

Eventually he drags himself out of bed and into the shower, cleaning off dried come and lube from his skin. He grimaces as he watches it all wash down the drain. He should have showered last night, but – well. He wasn't exactly in a fit state to do so. He lathers soap into his skin, and presses down in wonder on the constellations of bruises on his hips and thighs, marveling at the feeling. They're Jimin's marks, and the thought sends shivers down his spine. For some reason the primal possessiveness of it, the feeling of being owned, is more arousing than demeaning.

He steps out of the shower before he starts to get hard again, conscious of the fact that Jimin is just a few rooms away making food for them both. He dries himself off quickly, half-heartedly, and slips into some boxers and a large white t-shirt with a stretched out neckline before joining Jimin in the kitchen.

The elder is standing in front of the stove, singing to himself as he cooks, but turns around when Jungkook enters the room and falls silent, a grin playing at his lips.

“Morning, babe,” he says, voice slightly huskier than usual, and Jungkook's knees go weak. “How're you feeling?”

The smirk on his face makes it very obvious that he knows exactly how Jungkook is feeling – tired, sore and fucked out. Still, Jungkook blushes to the tips of his ears and whispers a quiet, “fine, thanks.”

Jimin giggles like he's just said something hilarious, and ushers him over to the table, pulling out a seat for him. Jungkook smiles up at him in thanks, meeting his eyes just in time to see them darken as he takes in the state of Jungkook's neck. Jungkook flushes hot again. He hasn't taken a look in the mirror yet, but he's got a pretty good idea of what his neck looks like – covered in purple bruises and teeth marks, Jimin's marks. Jimin raises a hand and strokes down the side of Jungkook's neck, pressing down on a particularly nasty looking bruise. Jungkook shudders, letting out a quiet little whimper.

Jimin hisses and drops down into a crouch, forcing Jungkook legs apart and exposing his inner thighs. They're just as marked up as his neck, and Jungkook bites back several moans as Jimin traces the bruises. He tries his best to stay quiet and still while Jimin lifts his shirt, stroking the marks on his belly and above his hips, then pulls the waistband of his boxers down slightly so he can take in the bruises he left lower down, under Jungkook's hipbones. The elastic comes down far enough that the tip of Jungkook's cock pops out, already half-hard and flushed pink, and they both moan. Jimin's face hardens like he's made a decision.

He gets up and, in three long strides, walks over to the stove and turns it off. Then he's back with Jungkook, pulling him up with a firm grip on the back of his neck and bending him over the kitchen table. Jungkook moans against the cold, hard wood as he realizes what's going on. Jimin kicks the chair out of the way and kneels behind him, pulling his boxers down to his knees in one smooth motion and spreading his cheeks.

Jungkook's cheeks flush red with embarrassment when he realizes exactly how exposed he is. The light of the early morning sun filtering through the kitchen windows is far, far brighter than the low lighting of the bedroom had been the night before. Jimin must be able to see everything.

Sure enough, he speaks up, and Jungkook can practically hear the smug smirk in his voice.

“Such a pretty little hole, baby,” he hums, thumbing over it gently, and Jungkook hates the way his body reacts, so eager already, legs spreading even further almost involuntarily. Jimin chuckles, and leans in to lick delicately at Jungkook's rim. The touch is featherlight, but Jungkook shivers anyway, whimpering into the wood of the table and rutting his hard cock against it.

“P-please,” he moans, craning his neck around to look at Jimin. “Please make me feel good, hyung, n-need it!”

Jimin grins, leaving a couple close mouthed kisses on Jungkook's asscheeks.

“What do you need, baby?”

Jungkook shakes his head, flushing red. “S'too embarrassing, hyung,” he whimpers. “Can't say it.”

Jimin's grin turns sharper, a little mean, his eyes darker. “Tell me, baby,” he growls. “Use your words.”

Jungkook sobs, grinding his leaking dick into the edge of the table. There's hot tears forming in his eyes already. “W-want you to e-eat me out, hyung,” he mumbles, face buried between his forearms. He gets a harsh slap to his ass for his troubles.

“Louder,” Jimin rasps, and the edge of control, of command in his voice is impossible to resist.

“Eat me out, hyung!” Jungkook cries, loud enough that he worries momentarily about the neighbors hearing, before Jimin leans in and licks a hot wet stripe across his hole, and all thoughts other than JiminJiminJimin disappear from his head.

He keens, high pitched and breathy, fingers clawing in vain at the worn wood of the table as Jimin grabs his asscheeks hard enough to bruise and works his tongue into his hole. It's all he can do to keep the tears gathering in his eyes from spilling. He's always sensitive, so so sensitive, more than he'd like to be, really, but the mornings make it so much worse for some reason.

It's not long until he's crying for real, tears streaming down his cheeks and pooling on the table, chest heaving with sobs as Jimin eats him out with abandon. He can't help it, can't help being so loud and teary, can't help it when everything Jimin does feels so damn good. Soon, far sooner than he'd like, he's reaching back, fisting a hand in Jimin's hair and trying to pull him away, whimpering out “I'm gonna c-cum” between sniffles.

Jimin just reaches up and yanks his hand away, pinning it to the small of his back.

“Then cum,” he growls, turning his attention back to Jungkook's hole. This time he pushes a finger in alongside his tongue, the end of it brushing up against Jungkook's prostate, and in less than a minute he's coming in hot white stripes all over the table.

He barely has time to think about how much of a bitch that's going to be to clean up before Jimin's finger inside him starts moving again.

“Hngh, 's t-too much!” he whimpers, trying to squirm away, but Jimin's grip on him is firm, and to be honest Jungkook isn't putting that much effort into getting away. The press of Jimin's finger against his prostate is edging on painful after the orgasm he's just had, but it feels good enough that he doesn't want to stop.

“Wait here,” Jimin murmurs, pulling his finger out and patting Jungkook's ass almost fondly. “I'm gonna go get the lube.”

Jungkook nods, a shiver running down his spine. He finds the thought that Jimin's going to fuck him right here on this table far hotter than he probably should. There's cum drying uncomfortably between his stomach and the wood, and he's toying with the urge to get up and clean it up when Jimin gets back with a condom and the bottle of lube. He soon forgets all about cleaning up – all it takes is Jimin lubing up two fingers thoroughly and pressing them right into him, slowly but firmly, not letting up as Jungkook squirms and whimpers.

Jungkook presses his thighs together, clenching around Jimin's fingers, reveling in how full he already feels. He's pretty sure there's drool leaking out of the corners of his mouth, but he's not quite coherent enough to reach up and wipe it away, not with Jimin's fingers moving inside of him, starting to scissor him open.

It's not long until he starts crying again, easily worked up thanks to the oversensitivity from his last orgasm. When the tears start coming for real, Jimin takes pity on him and pushes a third finger in, and Jungkook just takes it, pliant and impossibly relaxed. Jimin fucks his fingers in and out, marveling at how easy the slide is, at how Jungkook's body seems to suck them in.

It comes as a surprise to both of them when Jungkook comes again only a few minutes later, body clenching and unclenching around Jimin's fingers as he spills onto the table with a grunt. His whole body shakes with the intensity of it, his fifth orgasm in less than twelve hours. His knees give out completely, and he slumps against the table, drool pooling on it next to his mouth.

“Ji-Jimin!” he gasps, not really knowing why – maybe because it's the only word he knows in that moment. Jimin leans down over him and presses a kiss to his cheek, overwhelmingly soft and gentle and completely at odds with his behavior just a few minutes ago.

“You still want me to fuck you, baby? You can say no, it's okay.”

“Yes, p-puh-please fuck me Jimin, hyung, I need it!” Jungkook manages to slur, using the last of his strength to twist his head back towards Jimin and stare at him with pleading eyes. Realistically, he knows he probably shouldn't let Jimin fuck him – he's already quite sore from the night before – but rational thought isn't really something he's capable of right now, mind completely overwhelmed with the desire to get fucked, to get fucked by Jimin.

Jimin shushes him with a kiss, not quite as gentle this time, complete with tongue and teeth and obscene noises. Jungkook reciprocates enthusiastically, although probably not skillfully, and ends up breaking the kiss with a moan when he feels Jimin dick pressing up against his hole.

“P-put it in, please!” Jungkook gasps when he feels Jimin hesitating.

“I just don’t wanna hurt you, baby,” Jimin whispers, leaning down to press a soft kiss between Jungkook’s shoulder-blades.

“You’re not gonna!” Jungkook whines, pushing back against Jimin’s dick in the hopes that it’ll slip into his already loose, fucked out hole. He’s soft, and he doesn’t think he’s going to get hard again at this point, but it’s not about that, not about the physical pleasure, not right now - it’s about the headspace Jimin puts him in, it’s about how good, how relaxed it makes him feel to be treated like nothing but a mindless fucktoy. “Come on,” he adds, putting every ounce of the desperation he feels into his voice. “Fuck me!”

And Jimin finally obliges, pushing in to Jungkook’s pliant body with one smooth roll of his hips. He doesn’t take it slow this time - almost like he can tell exactly what Jungkook needs. He fucks hard and fast, focused on his own pleasure only, chasing his orgasm - and that’s exactly what Jungkook wants. All he can do is hold on to the edges of the table and take it, keening on every thrust, a constant stream of noise falling from his open mouth. It shouldn’t feel so good to be so brutally overstimulated, but god, it does.

Jimin comes quickly, which is probably for the best. It only takes a few minutes of him thrusting into Jungkook’s sloppy wet heat until he’s stilling and spilling into the condom, shaking and swearing above Jungkook’s prone body. He pulls out gently, wary of the state of Jungkook’s swollen, abused rim, and tosses the condom into the bin. Then, firmly but gently, he manhandles Jungkook off the table and into his arms, pressing gentle kisses into his skin whenever he can. 

“Come on, baby,” he murmurs, helping the younger to his feet, “lets get you to bed.” Jungkook follows dumbly, limbs aching. His whole body feels heavy, but Jimin’s touch is soothing, and soon he’s being lowered into the soft sheets of the bed. Jimin leaves for a minute, and comes back with a towel soaked in warm water. He wipes Jungkook down, mindful to be extra gentle around his dick and hole, then tosses the towel aside and tucks the younger into bed. Jungkook’s eyelids are already slipping shut. Jimin chuckles at the sight.

“Goodnight, baby,” he murmurs. “Love you.” 

Jungkook smiles softly as his eyes fall shut.


It’s later that day and they’re laying on the bed, sprawled out with their hands intertwined.

“I didn’t expect that,” Jungkook muses, voice wrecked from all the screaming and crying. Jimin giggles.

“Expect what?”

“I don’t know. Just - just that,” Jungkook sighs. Jimin rolls over so he’s leaning on one elbow, facing Jungkook.

“Did you enjoy it?” Jungkook nods enthusiastically, blushing at the memories that come up. Jimin chuckles. “Would you like to do it again?” Jungkook nods even harder, hair bouncing against his forehead, and Jimin laughs out loud. “Me too,” he murmurs, before leaning down to capture Jungkook’s lips with his own. 

Jungkook grins against Jimin’s lips.

Moderately unsatisfied. Yeah, right.