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Angelus Mortis: The Beginning

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October 31, 1981. The night that changed everything.

It was a normal Hallowe’en night, and nothing seemed out of order or amiss. The Potter family had had a lovely evening watching some Muggle Television programs about Hallowe’en and ate all of the candy that had been dropped off by their friends the previous day. The young couple sat curled up on the couch, their twins nestled between them, playing with the towers their Godfather had bought them. Little animated figures ran about on the sofa in front of them as the young parents laughed. There was an immense joy that the little family felt as they played with the toys. All in all, it was a lovely evening that the young parents had enjoyed immensely.

Their joy was not meant to last, however, as just a few hours after dinner, when the young Potter twins - Harry James and Carina Angeline Moira - were being prepped for bed by their beloved parents, there was a sudden CRACK in the street. The young parents froze in alarm, fearful of who it could be. When there was no sign of the signal they had agreed upon with their associates, James Potter jumped from his place by his son, sending his wife a scared look. The couple knew that they had been found and they knew it would be last time they saw each other. A cold chill ran down their spines and their hearts thudded against their rib cages at the knowledge that they were going to meet the cold embrace of Death without any chance to keep their children safe. Sharing a sweet kiss with his wife, James Potter caressed his children’s heads before collecting his wand and running down the stairs to keep the Dark Lord at bay for as long as he could.

When her husband dashed downstairs, Lily Potter scooped up her small children and rushed into their bedroom, placing them in her daughter’s crib, murmuring reassurances and proclamations of her love to keep them from crying as she heard her husband collapse on the stairs, dead. Moments later, the door to her children’s room burst open and the vile creature that had been hunting them for months stepped through, an evil grin on his face as he pointed his wand at the young mother. Moments later, Lily Potter was dead on the floor and her young, orphaned children were crying softly.

Stepping over the body of their mother, the Dark Lord hissed in delight as he finally achieved what he had set out to do, or so he thought. Casting the Killing Curse, he laughed as it hit the twins, but screamed out in terror as it rebounded back to him. Streaks of light tore across his body and burned through him like a raging fire as the eyes of young Carina Potter glowed bright white, the same colour that seared across his flesh. In an explosion of light and debris, the Dark Lord fell victim to his own Curse and was defeated, leaving the innocent twins alone in their ruined room.

Crying softly, young Carina Potter crawled closer to the bars of her crib and stared down at her mother, the young girl’s eyes glowing white. As she stared, there was a cacophony of noises on the main floor as someone rushed through the door and up the stairs, only to come to a halt in the broken doorway.

The man in the doorway was pale, hook-nosed, with black eyes, hair, and clothes. Seeing Lily Potter on the floor, he collapsed against the wall with a cry, staring at her dead body. A moment later, the man crawled forward, tears streaming down his face as he scooped up the red-headed woman, cradling her to his chest as he cried.

As the man mourned, young Carina Potter let out a whimper that caught the man’s attention. At first, he simply sat there, holding the dead woman in his arms, but that didn’t last. Carefully setting Lily Potter on the floor, the man shuffled over to the crib and stared through the bars at the young girl, who sniffled and wiped at her face. The man didn’t move for several minutes, not until his eyes caught the mark that seemed to be inked into the skin above her collarbone. A sharp gasp came from the man as he abruptly stood, staring down at the child. Whimpering once more, Carina Potter used the bars to stand as she stared up at the man, bouncing slightly.

Narrowing his eyes minutely, the man reached down and lifted her from the crib, seemingly ignoring the young boy that stared up at him teary-eyed. Keeping his attention solely on the young girl, the stranger inspected the mark on her pale skin closer, his heart racing faster when he realized he knew exactly what the mark meant. Cursing, the man pulled the girl closer before looking down at her brother, who had pulled himself up to stand as well.

Before the man could pick the boy up, however, there was a CRACK in the street and he could hear the voice of the old man he had begun to realize couldn’t be trusted. Growling under his breath when he heard footsteps rushing up the stairs, the man hurried away from the crib, Carina Potter still in his arms. Stepping through the hole in the wall that had come from the explosion, the surrounding wall singed, the man clutched the young girl to his chest as he carefully scaled the wall to reach the ground. Once his feet were firmly on the floor, her rushed quietly off of the property and out into the street. He knew that if Carina Potter had remained, she would have been used for her abilities that seemed to have been amplified in reaction to the attack. With all the research he had done with Lily about her heritage when she began having strange feelings of death, he just knew that being hit with the Killing Curse would make her stronger, closer to death than Lily’s ancestors ever were. It didn’t help, of course, that she had probably also inherited the abilities of the Potter line, making it even more vital that he kept her safe.

Once the man was far enough away from the house, he held the girl even closer as he pictured his home and Disapparated.

The only clue that he had been there was the missing child and the loud CRACK that signalled his departure.