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Youth, Ice & Soba

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When he first arrived back to the dorms from home, Shouto should’ve expected his friends waiting for him that school night. They were trying to hide it at least, awkwardly acting activities they weren’t doing seconds before he opened the door of Heights Alliance. He smiled to himself, pleased to know he was surrounded by good people and that at the same time he was letting them to.

Behind him, Aizawa spoke with his usual gruff voice. “Don’t stay up too late.” As he knew what was going to happen. Once the words left his lips, the underground hero turned around and headed to the teachers building to call it the night.

Pretending he didn’t noticed them, Shouto walked to the living room and reached for the TV remote before making himself comfortable in one of the couches and turning the device on. It took around five minutes of skipping channels mindlessly for his friends to ‘casually’ join him.

“So…” Midoriya cleared his throat. “How did it go?” When Shouto looked at him, he noticed Midoriya sat at his side and scribbling not-so-focusly ‒unlike usual‒ in one of his notebooks, his eyes darting quickly to him before going back to his page.

Trying to control his amused smile, Shouto finally looked around the living room.

Iida was sitting uncomfortably straight on the couch next to the one he was seated. His eyes were glued to the screen, but Shouto could notice his brows were slightly frowned. Yaoyorozu was next to him, occasionally stealing glances at Shouto’s direction. Urakaka was to the other side, seated down in the table with Asui at her side. Uraraka was humming nonchalantly to herself while Asui was just staring directly at him, not trying to hide her worrisome.

He returned his eyes to Midoriya.

“He has a nasty-looking scar now on the face.” Shouto answered plainly. That comment finally made Midoriya look up at him.


Shouto nodded. “And my sister made us cold soba for lunch.”

“That sounds delicious, Todoroki-kun!”

“It was.”

Although more happened after that, Shouto wasn’t sure he should said it outloud in front of the rest; as they didn’t know entirely his relationship with his father and his other siblings.

“Then he went to his room and we finished eating.” he opted to finally say.

“I s-see.”

Seeing his friends were more relaxed now, he stood up and stretched up a bit. “I’m sleepy now, so I’m going to bed.” he commented to them. “Thank you for waiting for me.”

Uraraka laughed awkwardly and scratched the back of her head while Iida nodded in affirmation with a small smile on his face.

“Good night, Todoroki-san!” Yaoyorozu said from where she was.

“Good night, ribbit.”

Content, Shouto went to sleep without trouble that night .


Two weeks after that, Shouto was finally able to visit his mother at the hospital and this time he agreed to go together with his siblings. To say he wasn’t a bit excited was an understatement.

He was finishing to put his street clothes on before his door was abruptly kicked open by Kaminari and Ashido as they rushedly made their way in.

“Dude you never told us you sister was cute!”

“Can you introduce me to your brother?!”

He stared at them surprised, his hands still hovering over the buttons of his sweater. It took him around a second to blink the surprise away, before he managed to answer them. “...What?”

“Your siblings came to pick you up.” Iida appeared at his door and threw a disapproving look at the troublemakers while also entering his room.

Ignoring him, Ashido continued to bounce on her feet. “What’s his name? How old is he? Does he have a girlfriend?”

“So cute, man! It should be illegal!” Kaminari said next to her.

Feeling overwhelmed by their sudden intrusion and all the noise they were making, Shouto quickly shot an urging look to Iida and praying to every deity he got it.

Which he apparently did. Rearranging his glasses, he murmured a “Give me a second.” at his direction before going out of his room again. Not a minute later of consistent and insisting bombing of questions, tape flew through the door and captured both Ashido and Kaminari in an flash. Shutting them up when it covered their mouths and making them both fall down with a thud on the tatami floor when it got their feet trapped too.

“Taping Hero Cellophane at your service!” Sero screamed from the door, trying to contain his laughter in behind his stretched grin as his friends glared at him from the floor at the attack, looking utterly betrayed ‒if their expressions were anything to go by.

Iida appeared behind Sero a second later, adjusting his glasses once more triumphantly. “Now that those two rude idiots are ceased… Todoroki-kun! Your siblings are waiting for you at the commun lounge!” he shot his hand up and down.

“Yeah, I could tell.” he deadpanned, shooting a look to the shenanigans duo. Sighing, he finally finished buttoning his sweater up. “Just give me a couple of minutes to get ready. I’ll go downstairs after that.”

“Understood.” he turned to Sero. “Cellophane, would you help me scort these two somewhere else?”

Sero snorted. “It would be my pleasure, Class Rep!”

That said, he dragged them out of his room and Iida closed the door behind them. Shaking his head in disbelief, Shouto resumed his tasks going in search for his wallet.


Moments later, he appeared downstairs. Most of his classmates were huddled together around his siblings in the lounge and asking them whatever it came to their minds first. Once he saw him, Natsu stood up rapidly from the couch and laughed awkwardly at him while opening his arms wide.

“H-Hey there, Shouto!” he exclaimed, a nervous overwhelmed expression plastered on his face. Shouto snorted slightly at that.

“I thought we were going to meet at the hospital.” he pointed out, trying to sound a bit annoyed but failing to do so.

Fuyumi stood up too and walked up to them. “I know, but we were a bit curious about where you lived and your classmates.”

“Can’t blame us for being responsible adults, Shouto.”

“I could try,” he deadpanned.

“Hey Todoroki!” Kirishima called from the kitchen. At the name, the three of the siblings turned around.

“Yes?” the three of them said in unison, which made Kirishima falter slightly and grin nervously at them while Bakugou barked out a loud laugh at the exchange.

“Huh... younger Todoroki?” he tried again.

Shouto raised his eyebrows in amusement. “What is it?”

“Does your bro and sis want some tea?” he scratched the back of his head. Fuyumi decided to answer for him. “Oh no, thank you. But we should be leaving now.”

“Yeah,” Natsu continued. “Mom might be waiting for us now.“

“Sorry, Kirishima.“

“It's okay man!”

Seeing there was nothing more stopping them, he began to make his way to the door with Fuyumi scolding him for leaving her and Natsu behind. They couldn’t see it, but he was smiling softly to himself.


The trip to the hospital was faster when going by taxi instead of taking the train. He was looking out of the window and watching the city pass next to him. Natsu was seated to his side, while Fuyumi took the front seat. He knew what she was doing. She was trying to make them spent as much time together.

Not like he was complaining, but she didn’t have to.

“So, Shouto…” Natsou began, making him peel his eyes away from the window. “Your classmates seemed like a lot of fun.”

“They are… Sometimes.” he replied, playing back the tactless breach of his personal space from Ashido and Kaminari in his mind. “I managed to see you two were surrounded by them.”

Natsu chuckled nervously. “We were! One of the girls asked for my number, though. It was weird...”

Shouto sighed tiredly. “Considering Ashido was taken care of by Iida and Sero‒”


“‒I assume it was Hagakure.”

Fuyumi snorted at the front at the conversation. Shouto directed his attention to her. “They didn’t cause you trouble, did they sis?”

“Not really, as a teacher I can understand why they were a bit curious.” she chuckled. “Most of them didn’t know you had siblings, though.”

Guiltily, Shouto pursed his lips, “...Sorry about that.”

From where he was sitting, he saw her ponytail bounce when she shook her head. “It’s okay, Shouto. I understand.”

As sensing the tension, Natsu instantly stepped in.

“Hey! And which of them were your friends?” At the question, Shouto stared at him and blinked a couples of times before answering.

“The ones that weren’t causing too much ruckus, maybe.”

“Wow, how vague.”

“I’m not sure who were close to you and who weren’t.”

Natsu only raised an unimpressed eyebrow that made Shouto sigh.

“The plain-looking guy with wild green hair and the tall one with glasses and loud voice are Midoriya and Iida, respectively. They were the first friends I made at UA.”

“Oh! I remember them!” Fuyumi chuckled. “Midoriya-kun was the one you fought on the Sports Festival!.”


“I remember watching that fight.” Natsu said. “It was wild, little brother.”

“You could say after that we became friends.”

“Not your usual way of socialization, but I’m not complaining.” Natsu let out a laugh. “And who else?”

“Uraraka usually comes with them, the one with a bob and big eyes, and Asui with her.”

“Asui talked to me,” Fuyumi said. “She looked like a sweet girl.”

Shouto hummed in agreement. “She always says what’s on her mind and I admire her blunt honesty.”

“Are there more?” Natsu insisted.

“Yes.” he replied. “Yaoyorozu, the one with a long ponytail, and I think Kirishima has become a friend too as of late. He was the one who offered you tea. “

“He looked like a fun guy.” Natsu said.

“He is.”

After that, it became a bit quiet. Only the noise of other cars and the usual white noise the city brought was heard. Shouto didn’t know what else to say and because of that he began to feel a little awkward. He quickly shot a glance to his brother and saw him smiling contentful to himself.

Shouto quickly directed his eyes to the window once more, as Natsu’s smile contagiously began to spread to his own lips. The rest of the trip to the hospital was far from awkward from that point on.


When they knocked on the door of their mother’s room, the ‘Come in.’ that usually came after sounded more cheerful than the previous ones. When they opened the door, their mother was seated near the window and smiling at them.

“Hello.” she said. Her white hair was picked up in a bun and a few strands were falling from the sides.

“Mom! I love your hair!” Fuyumi chirped excitedly, she quickly made her way to her to take a closer look.

His mother chuckled. “It is a special occasion.”

“It looks nice, mom.” Natsu said through his smile and Shouto couldn’t agree more with him. He remembered seeing a few old photos of her when she was younger, when her hair was short. And in his memories, his mother always had her hair falling down past her shoulders. So it was really a nice look, indeed.

She looked at them. “Come sit, boys. And don’t forget the door.”

Nodding, Shouto made his way to the bed while Natsu closed the door behind them, sitting next to him moments later.

“How have you been?” she asked them. “How is college, Natsu? And what about your supplementary classes, Shouto? I received all your letters.”

Shouto couldn’t help the content expression that formed on his face. His mother was more cheerful and this time her smile reached up to her eyes. Relaxed, he told her about what’s been going on lately. He talked about school and the final exams that were approaching them. About how in the lessons he’s been less than ‘annoyed’ by Inasa and that Bakugou’s temper has gotten better as of late too.

His brother began talking too. College is more relaxed than high school ‒or so he said‒ and he commented he’s liked his classes so far. Fuyumi teased him about a girlfriend at some point of the conversation and the knowing look his mother threw at them confirmed that it wasn’t the first time it happened. Shouto smirked to himself, Ashido would be so disappointed by the news.

After a few more conversations later, Shouto’s mouth was beginning to get thirsty. In cue, he stood up for a glass of water at the sink inside the room. After he got it, he began to approach the bed while taking a sip from the glass.

“Hey, Shouto…” Natsu began.


“I've been thinking… What if you invite your friends over for lunch next?”

Shouto almost choked on his water.


“To get to know them! And maybe learn about you too while we are at it. You said you were on break for the supplementary lessons, right?”

“That sounds terrific.” their mom commented, but Shouto would dare to differ. He could imagine a couple of situations that would make it a failure and one of them involved his father.

“And would he be okay with that?”

Natsu shrugged indifferently. “He owes us as much.”

Fuyumi ogled at them nervously and threw an anxious smilen at their mother before returning her attention to them. “I like the idea.” she said. “And seeing it was Natsu’s, you're going to help me cook that day.”

Natsu deflated at that. “Aw, c’mooon!”

She stuck her tongue out teasingly. “It's only fair, little brother.”

“It’s only fair.” Shouto rebutted plainly.

Natsu placed a hand over his chest. “Betrayed by my own brother. The agony!”

“Fuyumi is my favorite sibling.” Shouto deadpanned.

“Don’t kick a man who’s already on the floor, Shouto!” Natsu whined, which earned a heartful laugh from their mother. The three of them stared at her with a mixture of disbelief and content. From the corner of his eye, Shouto could tell Fuyumi teared up a bit at the sound but was quick to dry her tears off with her sleeve so no one would notice and ‒as the good brother he was‒ Shouto was not going to be the one to bring the unwanted attention to them.

He felt content. Scratch that, he felt joyful and jovial even. There was no way of mistaking that and maybe, things could come back to normal one day just like Fuyumi said the other day. Maybe, Shouto was allowing himself to feel even a bit hopeful and expectant.

After the hospital visit, his siblings decided to drop him back at school. The trip back was more chatty than the other one, as they joked a bit during it. They were already walking their way through the school grounds to Height Alliance when Fuyumi spoke up.

“So, what would you like to have for lunch that day, Shouto?” she asked him.

“Zaru Soba.” he replied instantly. Fuyumi gave him a look.

“If it would be only us, I don’t see why not.” she began. “But it’s cold outside and I don’t think your friends would like that.”

Shouto metidated that a couple of seconds. “Toshikoshi Soba.”

“That’s only for New Year!” she exclaimed.

He stared at ther. “Killjoy.” that earned a laugh from Natsu.

“C’mon, Shouto!”

“Kake Soba.”

Fuyumi sighed in defeat. “Okay... You won.”

Shouto smirked triumphantly at that, but only then he noticed they arrived at the building of his dorms. He turned to them slowly, not really wanting the day to end. Hesitantly, he said goodbye. “I’ll see you guys, soon.”

Natsu smirked at him. “You bet, kiddo.”

“I’m literally four years younger than you.”

His smirk grew wider. “I know.”

Shouto shook his head while containing a smile. Fuyumi then suddenly approached him and placed a hand on top of his head. He couldn’t help it when he tensed a bit at the touch at first, but once he felt his hair strands being petted, he relaxed to it almost instantly.

“Try not to set anything on fire.” Fuyumi joked.

“It doesn’t sound fun.” She laughed at his remark.

Months ago, just the mere idea of having to use his fire recoiled every fiber of his being. But now, to be able to joke about it? Shouto felt comfortable about the changes he went through. There was people he needed to thank for that and he decided he would do it soon.


The next day, Shouto was trying to find the perfect moment to let his friends now about the invitation. But said moment was yet to appear. His first attempt was during breakfast, but not everyone was present ‒Midoriya weirdly overslept and Kirishima was dragged by Bakugou for a “Teaching him how to cook a fucking decent meal.” Now that he remembers, Fuyumi insisted on inviting Bakugou too, as he’s been mentioning him too as of late.

Glad that first one failed.

On his second attempt, they were on their way to the school building when his intentions were cut short when Uraraka suddenly decided to race them there. Iida only ran with them to chase them and to scold them instead of joining the fun.

Now he was in his third attempt and if he wasn’t able to accomplish it, he would just mass text them all about it and be done with it. They were currently at lunch, chatting and enjoying their food in one of the tables from the cafeteria. Kirishima was behind them in another table and Yaoyorozu only a few more tables to the side.

He could do this, he only needed to ask Yaoyorozu to join them for a moment and be done with it. Easy right? Concealing his nerves under his usual stoic facade, he stood up from his seat and walked over to Yaoyorozu’s table. By doing so, Shouto could feel the curious stares from his friends behind him and more by the rest of his classmates on the table he approached.

“Yaoyorozu,” he began. “Would you come with me for a moment?” Her eyes widened in surprise and nodded at him. Jirou and Kouda exchanged curious looks between each other before posing their eyes back on him. What was that about? “Follow me?”

“Oh, sure.” she stood up and approached him before they went back to his table. His friends never left their eyes on him and only stared in slight confusion.

“Is everything okay, Todoroki-kun?” Asui asked, her brow furrowing a little more than usual.

He kept quiet for a few moments, trying to collect his words. When he felt ready, he spoke. “My siblings want me to invite you guys for lunch at our place.”

“Aw, come on Todoroki!” Ashido screamed from the table next to theirs. “You just made me lose a bet!” Sero was laughing in front of her while she handed him money from her purse.

He furrowed his brows. “What bet?”

She laughed nervously and avoided his eyes. Sero answered for her. “She said you were going to confess to Yaoyorozu.”

He spluttered a bit at that. “What?”

Yaoyorozu sighed to his side. “I already told you I don’t feel that way for him, Ashido-san.”

“Y-Yeah but what if he does.”

“I’m not interested.” Shouto quickly said. Considering for a moment the way he said it might sound rude, he quickly turned to Yaoyorozu. “No offense.” There. Fixed.

She shook her head and smiled apologetically. “None taken.”

“So lunch, huh?” Iida said, successfully changing the topic. Action Shouto was thankful for. He quickly glanced to the other table and confirmed that Ahido and Sero went back to their playful banter. Kirishima was turned their way and Bakugou ‒as always‒ pretended he wasn’t listening.

It was now or never.

“Ah, yeah.” he confirmed. “My brother proposed it and my mother said it was a great idea.” he looked to the other table. “You're invited too, Bakugou.” who scoffed annoyed at the idea.

“We are going to meet your mom?!” Uraraka exclaimed excitedly. As much as Shouto wanted, they couldn’t considering the situation. He quickly saw Midoriya’s knowing look and the reassuring smile he threw at him.

“Uh, no.” She deflated slightly at his response. “Just my siblings and me.”

“They seemed like nice people, ribbit.”

“They did!” Kirishima pitched in, at which Bakugou snorted. “Sure thing, ‘Younger Todoroki.’”

“Just let it go already!” he whined.

Yaoyorozu cleared her throat, catching everyone’s attention. “As much fun it sounds,” she began. “How are we going to get permission to go all of us out of school grounds? Let’s not forget how tight the security has gotten as of late.”

The exciting buzz died in that instant. Shouto never stopped to consider that and now that he thought about it, he knew they were not going to get the permission.

“M-Maybe if we think of something we can convince Aizawa-sensei?” Midoriya commented.

“Yeah!” Uraraka said. “Let’s use Eri-chan as bait!”

“Using an innocent child as bait is not a hero-like action, Uraraka-kun!”

“I didn’t mean it literally, Iida-kun!”

Shouto stayed quiet for a moment. Technically, he was the one hosting this lunch so he needed to find a solution for it. One came to his mind, thought he wasn’t sure about it nor he was a single ounce eager to execute it. But maybe Natsu’s words were real when he said “ He owes us as much.

“Let me handle it.” Shouto said, drawing their attention back to him. “I have an idea.”


Once they were all dismissed from class for the day and Shouto arrived to his room, he took out his phone from his uniform’s pocket and texted Fuyumi about what he had in mind.


To: Fuyumi [5:17 pm]

we need to get permission first but we think the principal won’t do it because we are a few bunch

could you ask him if he could talk to the principal?


Waiting for her reply, he changed out of his uniform for something more comfortable and took out this homework. He was just opening his history book when his phone chimed with a notification.


From: Fuyumi [5:28 pm]

He said he would call him. Personally, I think it won’t be a problem if he asks.


To: Fuyumi [5:29 pm]

i thought the same


He always hated when people thought he used his card of being Endeavor's son to gain personal favors instead of seeing he tried most of the time to accomplish them himself. But this time, he was doing it for his siblings and his friends; though the idea of asking him for help still irked him a little.

Resuming his task as a way to change his thoughts, Shouto went back to his homework ‒as he wanted to get it done before dinner so he could relax after taking a bath‒ but considering how much they were assigned thanks to the approaching finals, Shouto could only hope.

And it wasn’t until dinner that he got a text from him.


From: old man [7:33 pm]

I got the permission for you and your friends. But your teacher would have to tag along for extra security.


Huh, so Aizawa was coming too. Not like he cared much about it, at the end he was glad they got the permission. With that in mind, he decided to let his friends know as they were most of them together on the table.

“How did you do it?!” Uraraka exclaimed excitedly just to cheer along with Kirishima and Iida with their arms up on the air.

“I had to ask my old man to call the principal.” he answered. “But Aizawa-sensei is coming too.”

“Oh.” Midoriya said. “It seems logical he is.”

Shouto nodded. “It’s better than nothing.”

“It’s okay if I bring tea, Todoroki-san?” Yaoyorozu asked, her eyes were shining in excitement.

“Let’s bring cake too!” Uraraka cheered.

Iida nodded in agreement.“I know a magnificent place that sells the tastiest cakes I’ve ever eaten.”

“I never thought Iida saying ‘tastiest’ would sound so weird.” Bakugou snorted. Hearing him calling Iida by his name instead of his ‘Glasses’ was weirder, but Shouto abstained himself from commenting on that.

“What is that supposed to mean, Bakugou-kun?!”

“Who would have thought you had a sense of humor, Bakugou!” Kirishima laughed, which earned a murderous glare from him instead of the usual yelling that came with it.

The rest of the dinner was spend with them organizing themselves for the outing. As they didn’t have permission to go out for the cake as they wanted to, they opted for asking Satou to teach them how to bake one. Bakugou said he could “pretty fucking much bake one himself.” but Midoriya said it wasn’t a good idea as he usually made them slightly spicy. Instead of trying to explode him on the spot as they all feared for a second, Bakugou said he was going to save it when they have to fight in class. Midoriya only grinned at him defiantly.

They were currently looking at recipes in Iida’s room when the door suddenly slammed open and Eri bursted in giggling.

“Deku-san!” she squealed. “I want to go to the ‘lunch’ thing too!”

“E-Eri!” he stood up alarmed and scooped her up in his arms. “W-What do you mean?” as in cue, Aizawa appeared on the door with a couple of sweat drops falling down from his brow.

“She heard me talking about it to All Might and she said she wanted to go too. When I told her she couldn't she ran her way here.”

Eri nodded. “Tell Aizawa-san to let me go too, Deku-san!” she pleaded, making her eyes wider and dangerously adorable. Shouto could tell Midoriya was losing the fight as he pursed his lips.

“Mmm… Could sh‒”


Midoriya deflated slightly at that. Shouto approached the girl. “You really want to go?” in response, she nodded furiously. He turned to Aizawa. “Let her go.” his teacher raised his eyebrow. “Please?”

“Just asking me won’t do it, Todoroki.”

“But Eri looks so excited!” Kirishima said, as he took her in his arms.

“And I believe you know exactly why she can’t just go out.” he said, his eyes glinting dangerously.

“But it’s Endeavor's place we are talking about!” Uraraka exclaimed. “He is the No. 1 Hero now! I think she would be safe with two Pro Heros and other provisional ones with her.”

“My house has a good security system.” he added. But it didn’t look like it would be enough. “And my sister is a teacher, so she knows how to handle kids.” still nothing. What else could work that would convince him? Then it hit him.

When he went to visit home after the attack to Endeavor and was heading out to the car, he saw Aizawa playing with a cat using the bandages of his hero suit. Maybe…?

“My sister has a bunch of old clothes that used to belong to her when she was a kid. One of them included a cat hoodie she weared in a lot of pictures mom took.” There. Aizawa’s eyes widened a little. “She also said she’s been thinking of donating said clothes.” That was actually a lie. She actually said she was keeping them for when she had her own kids, but if he tried, she could convince her to give Eri that garment only.

Saying that, Aizawa scoffed a bit. He looked up at Eri ‒who’s pleading eyes were competing against Uraraka’s and Kirishima’s‒ and grunted in defeat.

“Fine.” he said. “But at the small hint of danger, we are all returning here. No exceptions.”

The trio cheered with Midoriya smiling triumphantly at him. At their noise, Aizawa grunted again and stepped in to take Eri from Kirishima’s arms.

“Now that you got what you wanted, it’s time for bed.” he told her. She only nodded happily and turned to them. “Thank you.”

“Not a problem!” Kirishima said, before they disappeared from sight once the door closed. Bakugou scoffed at that. “But you didn’t do anything, Kirishima.”

He looked at him offended. “What are you talking about?! I provided moral support and puppy eyes!”

“Yeah, Bakugou!” Uraraka intervened. “Puppy eyes were the true charm here!”

He smirked dangerously. “Uh? Really?”

As sensing the danger, Yaoyorozu quickly held up the cake magazines they borrowed from Satou. “What if we make a pie of sorts?”

“Hell no, Ponytail!”

Once they finally decided on the cake ‒which was going to be a strawberry shortcake‒ they called it a night and went to their respective rooms. With each passing second, Shouto felt more and more excited for said day to come.

At last, Sunday arrived. That morning went as usual. Shouto woke up late, trained a bit in the gym of the dorms, took a shower and finally went to the kitchen to make himself something for breakfast.

When he opened the fridge, he saw the cake they baked the night before in the box Yaoyorozu made for the occasion resting untouched. A note with “Do not touch.” and signed by Bakugou was enough for it to survive the rest of the night.

He was in the middle of drinking a cup of coffee when Midoriya sat in front of him.

“Good morning, Todoroki-kun.” he said, the weird looking marks on his hand standing out. Shouto was curious to know how they appeared so suddenly, but whenever someone asked him, Midoriya would change the topic around on the fly.

He knew better than to pry regarding skin marks. “Morning.” he took another sip of his cup. Midoriya was fidgeting now and ‒after treating the guy for almost a year‒ Shouto knew he wanted to ask something.

“Whatever it is, you can ask Midoriya.” he said bluntly, taking his cup back down on the table and cupping his hands around it.

Midoriya tensed for a moment before he began to scratch his cheek nervously. “You… Do you think Endeavor would be okay with me going?”

The question made Shouto raise his eyebrows slightly in curiosity. “Why are you asking that?”

Now Midoriya began to laugh anxiously. “I-I might have told him something back at the Sports Festival and I haven’t seen him since. And I’m worried he might get angry if he knows I went to his own house after being kinda rude to him and what if he tells you to stop being friends with me and‒”

Oh. So that was it. Shouto was curious now about what exactly Midoriya told his father, but before he managed to tell his friend it was okay, he snorted instead. Action that made Midoriya’s rambling stop on its tracks.


Shouto snorted again. “Sorry. I’m just trying to imagine the face my father could have made that day.” he took another sip from the cup to stop the snorts. Once those died down, he focused on Midoriya again. “He knows you’re coming too and he said nothing on the matter.” as far as he knew. “So you don’t have to worry about it.”


Shout nodded. “Not like you couldn’t take him one on one, though.”

Midoriya made another alarmed noise. “I wouldn’t! That’s rude, Todoroki-kun.” Shouto only raised his eyebrow sarcastically as of ‘really?’. Seeing that, Midoriya stopped his words and shook his head in surrender. “Okay, if you said so.”

He stood up and began to make his way to the elevators. “I’ll start to get ready, then. See you later.”

In response, Shouto nodded silently in agreement and went back to finish his coffee. Oh. He forgot to actually ask Midoriya what he told him that day. Maybe he could ask him later.


By midday, they were all already waiting on the lounge and dressed up in winter clothes, as the weather was growing colder each passing day. Asui eyelids were dropping as the cold made her sleepy on her feet, but Uraraka and Yaoyorozu were both at each of her sides in case she suddenly fell asleep.

Iida and Midoriya were chatting between each other and sometimes they included him in the conversation, while Kirishima laughed at how much Bakugou was trembling despite having enough layers of clothing. “It’s not fun, bastard! My quirk makes me cold easily!” he retorted. Shouto hummed to himself. He sure knew about quirks and weather.

From time to time, he looked down at the cake box he was holding carefully while they waited for Aizawa to pick them up and escort them to the van. And he almost dropped it when the sudden shriek of Kaminari made him jolt in surprise.

“What do you mean you’re all going to Todoroki’s?!”

Glancing at the living room, he saw Kaminari standing from where he was seated playing video games with Sero before his sudden movement interrupted the game. He directed his eyes at them and gaped in disbelief.

“I want to go too!” he said almost whining. At which Bakugou snorted. “You weren’t invited.” Kaminari looked betrayed when he noticed Bakugou and then he turned to Shouto. “How come you invited King Explosion Murder and not me?”

“Actually, I’ve been wondering that too.” Shinsou commented from the couch. Bakugou shot an annoyed glance at the two them, but kept quiet instead. Kirishima threw him a worried look along with Midoriya.

Shouto kept his face stoic, but his words sounded harder than intended. “Because I’ve told my sister about him due the provisional license training and she said she was curious about meeting him. I didn’t see a problem with inviting him.” he glanced at him and then to Midoriya‒ “as long as he doesnt start a fight with Midoriya...”

Midoriya chuckled at that. “He wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“Uh? What was that, Deku? Wanna go again?”

“I better not been listening to the beginning of a fight between you two, or else I’ll have to expel you both this time.” Aizawa’s dangerous voice cut in. Turning to the door, Shouto saw him standing there with a very bundled up Eri at his side.

Iida quickly intervened. “They were just joking around, sensei!” his hand shot up and down, frantically. “Of course they know better that to start a fight out of training!”

Aizawa stared at them suspiciously. “They better.”

When everything got cleared out ‒and Shouto successfully managed to take Kaminari off of him without dropping the cake‒ they climbed in the van and the trip went as expected. That was until at some point, Kirishima suggested to put some music on and that’s when it started.

Not wanting to hurt his feeling saying his music was usually loud, Yaoyorozu suggested putting something random from her playlist. But when they realized most of her music consisted of classical music, Bakugou said that he should put something on. Comment that made Uraraka almost jump over his seat to stop him saying his music “was just as loud as Kirishima’s”. At the end, it took lots of disagreements and curious peeking from Eri from the front seat to Aizawa finally slamm on the button of the radio and put whatever it was live.

“I’m this close of turning around.” he threatened. Something that Eri found somehow amusing as she began to chuckle.

“Oh no.” Shouto heard Uraraka whisper to Iida. “We’re losing her.”

Although the slippery pavement made the traffic go slower to prevent crashes, the rest of the trip went smoothly. Most of the time he was staring out of the window while his friends chatted between themselves. From time to time he would join the conversation, but he was mostly on his thoughts. At some point, Eri asked him about his house.

“Well,” he began. “It’s japanese styled and we have a big garden in the middle of the house.”

“What’s in the garden?” she asked, here red eyes bright in curiosity. Shouto smiled at her demeanor.

“Hmm… There are some trees around and a small pound too.”

“Are fishes in there?” she looked more excited at the idea of it. Shouto nodded at her.

“There are, yes.”

“Can I play with the fishes?” she asked Aizawa. From where he was seated, Shouto noticed he glanced at her for a moment before returning his eyes to the road.

“I don’t see why not, kiddo.”

Eri cheered at that and began to guess the colors of the fishes. Shouto smiled again and went back to his business for a moment before a hand nudged him on the shoulder. When he turned he was Yaoyorozu smiling at him.

“I didn’t know you were good with kids.” she whispered. “It was nice of you.”

Bakugou snickered out of nowhere. “First time seeing the Five PeePee Man in action, huh?”

“T-The what now?” she sounded scandalized by the name. Shouto didn’t waste time glaring at him.

Bakugou only snorted harder. “It’s a story from the provisional license training that I’m saving once we arrive.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” Shouto glared at him harder, at which Bakugou smirked.

“Oh, but I would.”

Knowing fully well he couldn’t freeze him on the spot while being inside the moving van, Shouto scoffed and looked out of the window once again instead. It didn’t took long to arrive at his house after that. When they stepped out of the vehicle, Uraraka shrieked to herself “It's a freaking mansion!” ‒something Shouto was pretty sure he has heard before.

Brushing it off, he made his way to the door and opened it.

“I’m home.” he said as he stopped at the entranceway to take off his shoes. His friends quickly followed him to do the same while saying “Sorry for the intrusion” quietly. A rushed approaching sound of steps caught his attention and when he looked up he saw they were coming from Natsu.

“Hello there!” he said. He was bouncing excitedly on his heels and grinning widely at them.

“Thank you for inviting us, Todoroki-san.” Iida quickly approached his brother and bowed. The sudden action made Natsu laugh due the nerves and to shake the palms of his hand in front of him

“Please, Natsu is fine.”

Fuyumi joined them a moment later. “Hello, everyone.” she said excitedly. “Please come in, lunch is ready.” then she noticed the box Shouto was holding. “What is that?”

He looked down at it for a moment before looking back at her. “We baked a cake.”

Her eyes widened in surprise. “You baked?”

“We all did.”

“You need to tell me how it went and in exchange I’ll tell you how Natsu messed up some of the noodles just now.” she said, while taking the cake box from his hands.

“That’s treason!” the accused in particular exclaimed. His friends chuckled from behind at the exchange.

They quickly took their jackets and coats off and hung them on the cloak rack at the entrance before making their way to the dining room. Fuyumi went to the kitchen to leave the cake there as Natsu guided them to the table. Once they sat around it, Shouto noticed Aizawa standing with his arms crossed at the entrance of the room. Apparently he wasn’t the only one to notice.

“Is everything alright, sensei?” Asui asked. It make the rest look up at him curiously.

“It is.” he replied tiredly. “I just need to speak to Endeavor about some important‒” he glanced at Eri, who didn’t noticed as she was looking around the room “‒matters from part of the principal.

“Oh right,” Fuyumi commented from the entrance to the kitchen. “Dad mentioned it. He in his office right now, want me to show you the way?”

“If it isn’t too much trouble.” he looked at them. “If something happens... Iida, you’ll let me now and Yaoyorozu, you help to evacuate immediately.”

Both of his siblings looked alarmed at the insinuation of something going wrong and more to the seriousness his friends responded at the orders with a earnest “Yes.” Fuyumi quickly made her way out of the room and to the corridor to guide the hero at the back of the house. Natsu stared at them in disbelief.

“You guys have really gone through a lot, huh?” Natsu commented, a frown shown on his face.

“Well, you could say that.” Kirishima answered with a nervous chuckle, his eyes shot to Bakugou for a moment. “But it has helped us to become better heroes, hasn’t it guys?”

“Yes!” Uraraka cheered instantly, chopping the air the same way Iida does. “I can’t wait to go back to the internships.”

“And just wait until we get our provisional licenses, Uraraka.” Bakugou’s eyes glimmered dangerously at the idea. “I’ll catch up to you all in no time.”

“That’s the spirit, Bakugou-kun!” Iida declared as cheerfully as Uraraka.

“Bro, I’m ready to patrol the streets with you! Watch out for Blasty and Red Riot bad guys, ‘cause we’re taking you down!”

Natsu’s eyes widened as ‒Bakugou yelled. “I already told you I’m not using that shitty hero name!”‒ and looked at Kirishima stunned. “Wait, you’re that Red Riot?”

Kirishima turned at him a little confused. “Yeah?”

“Oh my god.” Natsu gasped. “You were the talk on my college when you debuted!” Kirishima seemingly beamed at that, his toothy grin appeared and his eyes glowed with excitement. “Was I?! Really?!”

“Yeah! You know what, give me a second,” he quickly stood up. “I’m going to ask you to sign one of my books.” he bolted out of the room quickly and past Fuyumi, who was just returning and looked confused at the action.

“What’s up with him?”

“He just found out Kirishima is Red Riot and wants to ask him for an autograph so he can brag about it with his girlfriend.” Shouto deadpanned. She chuckled at her comment and smiled at their guests.

“What if we start eating?”

There were some chuckles when they saw they were having Kake Soba for lunch. He tried to glare at them for it, but instead he smiled knowingly. Asui was the most pleased about having something steamy with broth for lunch, as she croaked happily when sipping on it to decrease the cold she was feeling. Bakugou at some point asked if there was something spicy he could add to it and Yaoyorozu and Uraraka complimented on the food. Eri looked happy munching on the soft noodles and from time to time Midoriya would help her to clean the broth off her chin with a napkin.

At some point, Shouto brought up about how was that Natsu messed up some noodles. Fuyumi laughed while she retold the story as Natsu glared at her. Turned out that he opted to ‘chill’ them with his quirk instead of putting them in the fridge and, as expected, he encased them on ice so they had to start from scratch.

“That reminds me when we cooked an egg on your leg, Todoroki-kun!” Uraraka exclaimed. When he heard that, Natsu doubled over the table with laughter. Fuyumi asked for answers and between tearful laughters and banters, they told her the whole story and showing her the video that spread to the class as proof.

At the end Natsu asked for the video to show it to their mother, comment that reminded him that she asked for pictures of them with his friends. He took out his phone and began to snap pictures of them. Some of them were with them caught in mid laugh or slurping on the noodles in different unappealing ways. The girls posed at one with peace signs, with Eri in the middle with her cheeks full of noodles.

Kirishima noticed him and asked for a selfie with everyone and, after some struggling, he managed a decent shot with all of them inside the frame.

As promised, they told Fuyumi about how it was to bake a cake all crammed together in the kitchen. They told her the story, without omitting when at some point Bakugou began to lose his temper and started to mix the cream way too fast, which ruined it. When he got annoyed at Kirishima’s teasing, he threw a spoonful of said cream at his direction but failed miserably when he dodged it.

It landed on Uraraka’s hair instead.

That’s how the fight broke out. They began to throw each other flour, eggs and sugar until they were all covered in ingredients and with Iida floating pressed to the ceiling, scolding them for making such a mess and complicating his and Yaouyorozu’s jobs as class representatives. Unsurprisingly, they had photographic evidence of the accident and Midoriya sweared he still found flour on his hair that morning.

As revenge for the teasing, Bakugou told them the story behind the Five PeePee Man nickname. Shouto, yet again, couldn't encase him in ice.

Once the empty dishes were cleared and said cake brought out along with steamy cups of tea, Aizawa and Endeavor appeared at the entrance of the dining room.

“Glad to see you’re having fun.” Aizawa said on his usual monotonous voice. “The talk took longer than expected,” he said to Fuyumi. “Sorry to keep your father from having lunch with you.”

She chuckled anxiously. “There’s no problem. Let me go for you plates.”

After she went to the kitchen, the silence could be sensed in every corner. Natsu threw looks at their father and Shouto could swear Midoriya gulped at some point. Eri approached the Flame Hero curiously and tugged on his pants of his casual attire. Shouto held a breathe when his father looked down at her.

“Did it hurt?” she asked, pointing with her small hand at the scar on his face. In response, his father kneeled down to her level and held his eyes to hers. “It did, yeah.” he answered, his deep voice resonating in the room. Eri hummed in understanding and opened her mouth again to speak. “You’re a hero too, right? Did a bad guy do that?”

“I am. And yes, he did.”

“Did you win?”

“I did.”

She smiled a his response. “That's good.” she went back and sat down on her spot next to Midoriya. The confused look Natsu had on his face might be similar to the one Shouto had on his. After a beat of silence, Endeavor stood up from where he kneeled and sat down on his usual spot on the table. Moments later, Aizawa joined him to the side as Fuyumi reapered with the bowls on her hands and placed them in front of the Pro Heroes before she took her seat.

Kirishima cleared his throat suddenly, drawing everyone’s attention. “Let me tell you Endeavor, sir… The scar looks manly as hell.” There was a beat of silence before Bakugou howled out a laugh. Yaoyorozu contained her snickering behind her hand and Uraraka chuckled. It didn’t took long after Shouto began to snort too than everyone in the room began to laugh.

Shouto glanced at his father and saw a confused look on his face. “Thank you.” he answered to Kirishima. Which only made them laugh harder for a couple more of minutes.

Once they enjoyed the cake and the tea, Eri tugged Shouto’s sleeve to get his attention, he turned to her and saw her puppy eyes returning. “Can we go to the fish pond?” she pleaded. He looked at Aizawa for confirmation, who nodded at him approvingly. He stood up. “Okay.” Eri cheered. “But let’s get your coat first, we don’t want you to catch a cold.”

She followed him willingly for her coat and also when he went to the sliding doors that went to the garden. When he opened them, he was as surprised as Eri at the sight of snow.

“It’s snowing!” she squealed happily and ran out to the first pile of snow she saw. In a moment, Iida and Kirishima appeared behind him.

“Holy shit, guys!” Kirishima shouted to the inside. “It’s really snowing!” In matter of seconds, the rest of the guys joined them all bundled up in their winter outfits. It was already thick over the ground and the trees. They didn’t realized it was snowing while they were inside and if he remembered correctly, the weather report didn’t have any mentions of it.

As reading his thoughts, Iida spoke. “How come we didn’t realize it was snowing?”

“Who cares,” Kirishima said. “Snow fight!”

Bakugou scoffed at the mere idea of snow. “As if, don’t act like a kid, Kirishima.” Then, it happened so fast. Shouto didn’t realized when, but at some point Uraraka was already out in the snow with Eri giggling at her side. In one second, a devious smirk appeared of the features of the gravitational hero. In the second, she made a big snowball and the tips of her fingers lighted up slightly. By the third, the snowball came flinging to their direction and collided on Bakugou’s face.

Knowing better, they all moved out of his way and outside the garden. Shouto was surprised to see the snow steaming off his face and he could swear he saw a vein popping on his brow.

Bakugou chuckled dangerously and they all took fighting stances. “You’re dead, Round Face!”

“Don’t let Eri get sick!” Midoriya managed to scream at the rest before he ate the snowball Bakugou threw at him. In matter of seconds, they were already in teams. Midoriya, Uraraka, Iida, Eri and him were already on one side of the garden, while Bakugou, Yaoyorozu and Kirishima in the other ‒as Asui decided to watch from the door, not wanting to go out in the cold.

At the realization of the unbalanced teams, Kirishima whined. “No fair! They’re five and we are three!”

“We can take them just fine, idiot!” Bakugou growled. As in cue, a small wall of ice appeared in front of the smaller team. Instinctively, they all looked at Shouto to blame. But he was as surprised as them knowing it wasn’t his ice.

“Now, kiddos.” Natsu spoke. “What if we join your team?” he gestured to Fuyumi at his side, who was already taking of her glasses and placing them next to Asui.

Kirishima cheered loudly and raised his arms to the air. “We are gonna crush you!”

Shouto tensed. This was bad and they needed a plan. In a blink, he built a wall of ice in front of them to shield themselves while they came up with a plan.

“Todoroki-kun, quick! What are your siblings quirks?!” Midoriya urged him. Shouto clicked his tongue, really into the game. “Natsu can make ice like me, but Fuyumi is only capable of doing snow.”

Midoriya’s brow furrowed further and he pinched his lower lip. “They have more advantage on munition than us plus shielding from both Natsu-kun and Yaoyorozu-chan. Both Kacchan and Kirishima-kun are strong without their quirks and their throw would be good.”

“So what do we do?”  Iida inquiered, while Eri stared at them curiously, a small smile tugging on her lips in excitement.

“Ever heard of divide and conquer?”

Once they had their plan made in a minute, Todoroki melted the ice wall and created steam around them. As planned, it clouded their sight and it was hard to tell who was who. He heard Bakugou clicking his tongue in annoyance, which meant they only had a few seconds before the steam faded or Bakugou attacked first. They had to be fast. In surprising speed, the five of them made as many snowballs they managed to create and passed them to Uraraka, who touched them and floated them over the war zone.

Iida was surprisingly good at making them, and Eri giggled at the cold on her hands while she handed Uraraka the smaller ones she was able to make. Shouto proposed to encased them on ice but it was quickly shot down by an alarmed Midoriya. “We don’t want to hurt them, Todoroki-kun!” He thought it would work to break their shields but maybe he was taking it too far.

Once the steam faded off, they attacked. Shouto quickly rolled up his sleeves and ignited his left forearm while he kept his right on holding his munitions without melting them with his body heat. Midoriya bolted from his spot and ran to the right while Iida went to the left. They both shot the snowballs they managed to carry with them at the enemy team.

It went as expected, Bakugou went to melt the ones Midoriya threw at him with his bare hands while cackling nastilly. On the other side, Yaoyorozu created shields to protect them from Iida’s attack. Kirishima and Natsu were on the front as man power and shielding, while Fuyumi was on the back making snowballs rapidly with her hands cupped.

He attacked the front and froze his brother and Kirishima on the spot with his ice. He had a couple of seconds before the hardened hand of Kirishima broke it with punches. Quickly, he dodged the flurry of snow his sister shot at him and melted the munitions she managed to make.

She whined at the sight of her work being destroyed and threw a snowball on his face in revenge. It hit him full on the nose and Shouto stumbled back in surprise. He quickly threw one of his balls to her and rolled out of the way when Yaoyorozu tried to attack him, which caused her to lose her shield when Iida took it from her hands.

“Todoroki-kun!” Midoriya screamed at him. As planned, he turned and finally encased Bakugou up to the shoulders with ice.

“Now, Uravity-san!” Eri’s voice shot through the garden. That was the signal. In a second, they retreated as Uraraka appeared from the sky and joined the tips of her fingers. “Aw, fuck.” Bakugou managed to growl, before a flurry of snowballs came down falling on them, burying them in a thick layer of fluffy white.

Uraraka flopped on the snow and doubled over herself in laughter. Eri quickly ran her way over them and jumped on Midoriya’s arms giggling. Shouto looked at the losing team, and a loud laugh escaped from his lips. Bakugou was covered in snow while still encased on his ice, his face turned beet red from anger and Shouto’s first impression was that he looked like a “Pretty ugly snowman.” he choked out. The comment, made them all laugh too. Uraraka was crying now laying on the snow, and the boisterous laugh from Iida resonated around them.

Kirishima was giving his back to Bakugou and covering his mouth with his hand to conceal his laughter but failing to do so.

“Just wait until I get out of here! I’ll blow you all up!” he threatened, struggling to get out of the ice without using his quirk. Shoto managed to speak between the hiccups. “W-Want me to free you?” Bakugou shot him a murderous look. “Like hell I’ll accept help from the enemy, you Half and Half bastard!”

Shouto joined Uraraka on the floor when his laughter became too much to handle.


After they were declared winners from the battle and freed Bakugou from the icy trap, they were all soaked in to the bones and trembling from the cold. Well, most of them. As Shouto and his sibling could endure it just fine for a little longer.

Shouto proposed to steam the water out of their clothes, but Fuyumi rapidly stepped in and told him to help Natsu take out the kotatsu instead. Which they did and placed it in front of the TV.

Seeing Eri’s nose was starting to get runny, Fuyumi proposed they should take a bath. Luckily, the bathroom in the house was big and had an spacious tub. The girls quickly agreed and were guided by his sister over there.

At some point, Natsu retreated to his room but Shouto didn't mind too much about it, thinking his brother might have want some time for himself or maybe he went for a change of clothes.

The guys shivers stopped once they found shelter under the kotatsu. Asui didn’t have trouble making herself comfortable in the toasty heat as she croaked happily to herself. He turned the TV on and noticed there was an anime streaming and decided to let it at that. He wasn’t surprised to see Midoriya so into it and mumbling out theories ten minutes in.

Thinking that tea would be nice while they waited for their turn to take a bath, Shouto made his way over the kitchen and prepared a good amount of the hot beverage with the electric kettle. When he returned with the tray, he was surprised to see his father sitting there. Mostly, he looked bored at what was on TV, but he made no attempt to change the channel.

Shrugging him off, Shouto placed the cups in front of his friends and took the spot he was sitting before. When Asui noticed him, she croaked a little and sat up correctly on the table to pass him his phone over the surface.

“Fuyumi-chan told me to keep taking pictures of the snow fight.” she said. “And I think they turned out pretty good, ribbit.”

Surprised, he reached for the phone and typed in his password. He snorted amused at the pictures that were on his gallery and quickly set one of them as wallpaper.

He smiled grateful at her. “Thank you, Asui.”

She croaked happily in response. “It was no trouble, Todoroki-kun.”

He looked around, the guys were really immersed into the anime but Bakugou was complaining that Midoriya wouldn’t shut up and let them enjoy the show. His attempt of intimidation would have been successful if it wasn’t for his runny nose.

Suddenly, his nose began to itch and his eyes watered. Before realizing what the symptoms meant, he sneezed loudly and accidentally froze his cup on the spot.

His friends began to laugh at the hilarious incident,  but a gruffier chuckle made his eyes widen in surprise. Looking up, he saw his father grinning amusingly and eyeing the frozen cup with recognition.

“It happens to your mother too.” he commented, which surprised Shouto. Since the incident, Endeavor never spoke about his mother in front of them. He remembered his own words to his father after the Noumu attack, when he told him he wanted to see what kind of father we would become from now on.

He was really changing.


Moments later, the girls joined them. Eri quickly made her way to the kotatsu and Shouto noticed he was wearing Fuyumi’s old cat hoodie. A glance and he saw Aizawa was not-so-subtly taking pictures of her and probably sending them to the rest of the teachers.

He and the guys stood up so Shouto would guide them to the bathroom, at which Bakugou was thankful as he “was fucking done with the cold.” Once he guided them there, Shouto realized they would need something dry to change into.

“I’m going to my room and get us some clothes.” he told them. “You can start without me, I’ll be right back.”

When he arrived to his room and took some outfits, he realized his clothes would fit fine to Midoriya, Kirishima and Bakugou, but he was afraid that Iida wouldn’t fit in them as much. Thinking it for a moment, he went to the further part of the house to Natsu’s room, and found him on a call.

Not wanting to interrupt, he stayed hidden behind the corridor wall.

“I’m telling you, babe,” Oh, it was his girlfriend. “I’ve never saw Shouto laugh that way! I still can’t believe we lost so badly.” he chuckled. “They really got us there, I swear.” he stayed quiet for a moment. “Oh! And guess who he is friends with? Red Riot!” he laughed. “And I can’t wait to go to school tomorrow and brag about it! ‘Guess what? My little brother is friends with Red Riot and I got him to sign my book.’” he snickered proudly.

Shouto stood where he was for a moment, something warmer spreading over his chest. Natsu bragged about him to his friends? It never crossed his mind he saw him that way. He felt happy, he could tell as much, as he was also surprised and overwhelmed. He smiled to himself before he cleared his throat. He knocked on the slightly open door and waited for his brother to answer.

“H-Hey there, Shouto!” Natsu said once he appeared on the door. “What’s up?”

“Could you borrow some clothes to Iida? I don’t think mine would fit him.”

“Oh sure,” he went back to his room and to the closet in one the walls. “Just give me a second.”

Once he handed him the folded garments, Shouto looked up at his brother. “Thank you for having the idea to invite them over.” he said, the smile still on his face. “It was fun.”

Natsu looked surprised for a moment, before tears brimmed his eyes. Shouto’s eyes widened alarmed thinking he screwed up but was instantly proved wrong when big arms surrounded him into a hug.

“Shoutooo.” Natsu sniffed. “I’m glad.” Once the initial surprised fade out, Shouto smiled and patted his brother on the back reassuringly. He remembered the last time he hugged him was before his quirk manisfastated, so it sure has been a while since he and his brother shared that kind of closeness.

He was realizing now that he missed it. He missed playing with his siblings and joking and eating together. He missed being a family. To have his mother around while she still smiled and his older brother Touya teasing them all without mercy.

But at least the hope came back. His sister said it, their mom was getting better and their father was trying and changing his wrongs and himself. Natsu said he would be coming more often and once Shouto was free for winter break, he wouldn’t be tensed at the idea of staying home.

Maybe things won’t be like before. Perhaps they could be better.