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"If I asked you to put me out of my suffering right now, would you do it?"

"Only if you'd put me out of my suffering too." Groaning, you shoved your face into your pillow, enduring another wave of cramps and cursing your gender.

Aw, yes, it was that wonderful time of the month again when your life became centered around pads, cramps, headaches, and cravings. Whereas your period symptoms were usually fairly mild, this time around was turning out to be very different. At five in the morning, a horrible, stabbing pain in your stomach had woken you up, signalling the start of a much more painful period than usual. After discerning that it was indeed period cramps and not food poisoning from the sketchy meat you ate the night before, you'd taken some painkiller and tried to go back to sleep, but it was no use, you were thoroughly uncomfortable.

When the painkiller wore off a few hours later, you picked up your phone to call your gentle giant of a boyfriend, hoping that he would accept your offer to come over and snuggle, but before you could so much as turn on your phone, it came to life in your hand, making you jump at the sudden ringing and vibrating. After narrowly avoiding dropping the device, you looked at the caller ID only to see that it was the very person you were just about to call. Despite the growing pain in your abdomen, your lips formed a small smile at the thought of having some sort of synchronicity with Makoto. Propping yourself up on your elbow, you pressed the green answer button and held the phone to your ear.

"Makoto? I was just about to call you. What's up?"

"You're on your period right now, right?" You blinked, not expecting a question like that right off the bat.

"Uh...yeah? Why?"

"Are you having really bad cramps this time?" Brow furrowing, you noticed his voice sounded a little tight, as if he was in pain.

"Yeah, but why do you ask? Makoto, what's going on?" You were starting to get worried now.

"That explains it. Nothing's wrong, (y/n), I'm just getting sympathy cramps."

"...What?" You were silent for a moment, mind trying to process what he'd just said. 'Sympathy cramps?' You knew that some extraordinarily sympathetic males often experienced the pain felt by their partners during periods and pregnancy, but you'd never thought your boyfriend in particular would display such a trait. Then again, this is Makoto we're talking about, probably the sweetest, most sympathetic man on the planet, and, seeing how close the two of you were, it made sense that he'd get sympathy cramps.

A small giggle escaped your lips, turning into peals of laughter. "You're so sweet, Makoto. You know that right?" you praised, trying to catch your breath. Through the phone, you heard him chuckle softly in response. Just as you were about to ask him if he wanted to come over and endure the suffering together, another wave of pain wracked your abdomen, making you curl into a ball on your bed. It was unbearable, forcing you to drop the phone in favor of wrapping both arms around your stomach.

"(Y/n)?! (Y/n), are you okay?!" Makoto's concerned voice sounded faintly from your abandoned phone.

"No!" you groaned, trying not to disturb your aching stomach. At that moment, you realized that Makoto was probably feeling as bad as you were, and a flood of mood swing influenced tears welled in your eyes. It was your fault he was feeling so bad, but he was still being so sweet and caring. Simple tears turning into full-on sobbing, you unwound your arms and picked up the phone again.

"I-I'm s-so sorry, Makoto!"

"Huh? What for? (Y/n), what's wrong?" His confused response only made you cry harder for some weird reason.

"W-Well, it's my fault your hurting!"

"That's it? (Y/n), it's not your fault! You can't help being on your period!"

"Still..." you whined, sniffling.

"You're so cute." His deep laugh sent a shiver down your spine, a blush blooming on your cheeks.

"I'm not cute, you're cute," you pouted. His laughter broke off into a pained groan, the rustling that reached your ears through the phone indicating that he was probably curling up in the same way you had moments before.

"Can you come over?" his strained voice asked.

"Yep!" Rolling out of bed, you ignored the pain in favor of getting to your overly compassionate boyfriend. "See you in a bit."

"Love you." No matter how many times he told you he loved you it always made you smile like a fool.

"Love you too, Makoto." You knew he was smiling just as widely as you were.

It didn't even take you ten minutes to get to his house, your haste to see your lover overcoming the still very active cramps. Ringing the doorbell, it took a minute or so for the door to finally open, Makoto's muscular arms reaching out and pulling you close. Something lumpy pressed against you, and, looking down, you realized Makoto had a pillow pressed against his stomach; a feeble effort to soothe the cramps he shouldn't actually be getting. Laughing a little, you returned his embrace and pressed yourself as close to him as the pillow would allow.

"How do you do this every month?" he groaned against your neck, taking your hand and leading you up to his room.

"It's just one of the joys of being a woman," you muttered. "You get used to it."

"You poor thing!" Pulling you into his bed, he held you against him and stroked his fingers through your hair, gazing at you sympathetically. "I'm sorry I never realized you were feeling this bad!"

"Don't worry about it," you chuckled, snuggling into him. "Besides, you're feeling just as bad as I am right now." Looking up at him, you asked, "How are you doing?"

"Other than the fact that I feel like my internal organs are trying to kill me, I'm great! Better now that you're here." Now that he mentioned it, the cramps didn't seem so painful now that you were cuddled up to him. "Do you want some chocolate? Your still having cravings, right?"

"I love you," you replied, perfectly serious.

"I love you too," he laughed warmly. "I'll take that as a yes?"


For the rest of the day, you simply lazed around in bed with him. Talking every now and then, but mostly just enjoying the comfort brought by shared warmth as you endured wave upon wave of cramps, burrowing into each other when the pain worsened. Somehow, with Makoto there, the pain didn't seem nearly so bad as it had been. You came to the conclusion that it was just the Makoto effect, all his love and angelic kindness acting as a panacea, but you loved him all the more for it, running your hands through his hair and kissing his forehead when he fell asleep in your arms, thanking him internally for being so wonderful.