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Not his first, but his second husband

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Waiting outside was cold. No wonder, it was already December. Although it was a wonder that it hasn’t snowed yet. Not that you'd hear him complaining about that.

Anthony wished that the security would hurry the fuck up, because his fingers holding his cigarette were already getting stiff and his leather jacket, while remaining open – otherwise, it just wouldn’t look good – was helping just so much.

His date of that night went horrible. The guy was really cute. Small, black hair and dark eyes, seeming cute and hot at the same time. But oh my god, he surely wasn’t over his ex. He kept rambling on about his ex-boyfriend.

So, when he saw his chance to leave, he did.

He could just go somewhere else and meet other people.

The night was still young, so why shouldn’t he enjoy it? He was sure of finding a nice guy here.

For who could resist him?

His leather jacket, dark hair and bright blue eyes were enough to make most men in there weak, once he pulled out a cigarette it was over.

Finally, Anthony thought and flicked his almost done cigarette away, when he stepped forward so one of the two the security men could search him with light pats over his body. When he seemed clean and he had paid the entrée, the man let him enter.

It was even louder than outside, and it being already 1 a.m. also very full of people.

Good, more choice.

But first, a drink. With the bar being a few steps above the ground on a podium it would also be easier to find his prey. Whoever it would be.

Moving in the tact of the beat, he made his way through the crowd, taking one or two drunk girls by their waist and guiding them gently to the side when they tried to dance with him, hindering him on his way.

He was happy to find that the music wasn’t too loud back here, probably to make it easier to order a drink and not needing to shout in the ear of a bartender, making them almost deaf.

He had his own experience with that sort of things, back in his college-time.

It was as busy as you would expect, but since a group of barely legal girls left the bar behind with a big gap just as he arrived, it wasn’t a problem for him to find a stool.

Leaning forward on the counter, looking the admittedly cute bargirl up and down and giving her a charming smile together with a wink convinced her to prefer him above her other costumers and so giving him his drink faster.

Pleased, he took a sip of the brown liquid, letting it burn his throat and actually enjoying it. A whiskey after a cigarette or vice versa was one of his favourite things.

An amused huff besides him got his attention.

Turning his head in that direction he faced a man of his own age, or at least not much younger than 25, with luscious dark brown curls and a three-day beard, looking up at him with an amused and tipsy look.

Interested in what he saw, Anthony let his look wander down. And wasn’t disappointed when he found that the man was wearing clothes that accentuated his -admittedly not as much as his own, but- lean muscles.

What a cutie.

This was him.

This man would be his prey tonight.

Licking his lips, Tony bit them gently and unnoticed to plump them. He knew that red lips made him look even better.

“What?” Anthony finally asked playfully.

“It’s just that the bargirl,” Cutie nodded at her without taking his eyes of him. “Didn’t pay much attention to almost anyone the whole night, but then you are here and she swoons all over you.”

A quick glance towards said girl confirmed that Cutie was right. She was doing her job, but stood towards him and flushed just a little when he glanced.

“Jealous? Or how should I interpret this?”

The others eyes shut up to his face again. Was Cutie checking him out too? Good, this meant he didn’t need to convince him to be a little gay tonight.

“I would interpret it as something noticed out of boredom.” His eyes wandered towards the girl and with her attention on them he ordered himself a whiskey too. When he got it, he didn't turn back to Tony, instead looking at the brown liquid, tracing the edge of the glass, seemingly bored.

Oh, how he loved the ones who played hard to get. Made it all more interesting.

“Am I already boring you, Cutie?”

With open mouth he stared at Anthony, seeming playfully offended. “Cutie? Me? Are you serious?,” he laughed when he caught himself again, trying to hide the blush. “Just call me Will.”

Anthony rolled his eyes. “Cutie is a good nickname, and it fits. But alright, when you call me Tony,” his voice a pitch deeper he added “or whatever else you prefer.”

Will held his glass up in order to clink it with his and to escape what was just said, both taking a sip afterwards.

“I need to go, my friend is waiting for me. If you have nothing better to do you can join us.” Almost disinterested Cutie pulled his shoulders.

Pff, what a diva.

“If they’re as cute as you, why not.”

The other just rolled his eyes at that, took his glass and got up.

Grinning slightly he followed Will, staring at his butt, which looked pretty good. Not too big nor too small, but seeming firm and well trained.

Attention, he scolded himself. The job was not down and they not in his bed yet.

Will had stopped at a table in the back of the club, where a young, Asian woman, with short, straight, black hair and a little black dress so tight it fitted like a second skin on sat.

If he wasn’t gay, he would be on his knees right now.

“Bev, this is Tony. We just met at the bar. Tony, this is Beverly.”

She looked him up and down in a second, smirking a little in Will’s direction, before looking back to Anthony.

“Good to see that Will is having fun as well.”

“As well?,” Will asked, while taking a seat on the sofa, Anthony following and sitting beside him, not yet putting his arm around Cuties shoulder. “So, you met someone?”

“Yeah, I wanted to tell you that I was leaving, but you just disappeared. But here you are! With a bad boy! Never knew that those were your type.” She licked her glossy lips. “But I do get why.”


A laugh escaped Anthony. She reminded him too much of his own best friend. He winked at her. “I like you already, Bev.”

Self-satisfied the girl went on drinking her cocktail.

“So,” Will, tried to rescue himself. “You found someone then? Another boy?”

“No, honestly, I’m a little done with boys for now. But there was this adorable red-haired girl. She’s just getting her jacket and telling her friends where she’s heading, then we’re leaving.”

Speaking of the devil, Anthony could see a red and curly haired girl approach them. Wasn’t she one of the girls of the group at the bar? Well, she was cute, he guessed.

Beverly must have spotted her as well, because she was standing up. “Try not to get too drunk and text me where you’re heading.”

“I promise,” Will said, receiving a kiss on the cheek afterwards.

“Bye guys!” And off she was.

Yeah, her butt was definitely nice too. For girls as her he’d consider making an exception.

But, he wasn’t here for her, he reminded himself and looked at the handsome Cutie with curls he wanted to bury his hands in besides him.

“So, what brings you here?” Will asked once she was gone. “You came in alone, right?”

Aww, was he asking if he was free? Of course he was. And even if it were the opposite, he would make sure to be free for his Cutie.

“Oh, just a date which went bad. He kept rambling over his ex-boyfriend, and that isn’t something you want to hear on a first date, right?”

Will nodded in agreement.

“And afterwards I decided to have some fun. So, what about yourself?”

A kind of embarrassed look spread on Will’s face. “Believe it or not, but I’m not actually the kind to go to clubs. Actually I don’t flirt as well.”

He didn’t know why, but he had to smile. He was Will’s exception.

“That wasn’t an answer tho.”

“You see, Bev broke up with her boyfriend a week ago and she wanted to just have a one night stand to just take her mind off, she said. And because she didn’t want to go alone,” without further explaining he gestured towards himself.

“Ah. But you are into guys, right?”

His attention was caught when the other bit his lip, licking over the bitten place. “Kind of. I haven’t.. tried very much yet, but want to.” He quickly took a sip of his whiskey.

Anthony followed his example. “That’s alright, don’t worry about it. We don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

In one go Will downed the rest of his whiskey.

“I mean-”

Wet lips were on his before he could finish his sentence. And just as fast as they were there, they have left again.

For a second Anthony remained surprised, but his hand was quickly on Will’s neck, pulling him in, kissing his lips again.

He leaned on Anthony’s tight and side, letting him in when Tony sweetly asked to.

A low moan escaped him when Will bit his tongue teasingly.

Pulling back he didn’t speak for a second. “.. You do have some experience with kissing,” he laughed.

A grin spread across Will’s plump lips. “I got some experience in other things as well.”

What a cheeky diva. “I don’t believe that. You should show me.”




The sun was too bright. Why was the sun shining on him? It never shone on his bed. That’s why he had chosen that spot.

With a groan Will rolled around in bed until he was on his stomach, feeling his back getting cold and a light sting in his ass.

An arm wrapped around his waist and pulled him back to where he had lain before.


Confused he rubbed his eyes before he opened them, sleepily looking at the person behind him.

Oh, that’s right. That’s why he’s here. This wasn’t his house.

He stretched a little, feeling no signs of a hangover and being glad about it.

“G’morning,” a raw voice murmured in his ear.

A yawn escaped him. “Morning.”

“Do we still have some pizza left?” A small kiss was placed on the back of his neck, then bit tenderly, making him shudder.

He tangled his legs with Tony’s.

Did he even want to see all the marks that have been left? All the marks he had left?

“I think so.”

A nib at his ear made him and something else more awake. “Can you get us some?”

This is manipulation.

“Hm, depends on what I get.” He turned in Tony’s arms, facing the man who seemed just as not-hungover as himself. He laid his own arm around the others waist.

“A piece?”

Will raised his eyebrow.

“Okay, two pieces.”

And rolled his eyes.

“Fine, fine, you diva. Two pieces and a kiss?”

“Tss, good enough, we can discuss later where you’ll kiss me,” he gave in, smirking lazily.

A few seconds and another stretch later and he was on his feet again, going to get the cold pizza waiting in the kitchen for them.

He could feel the burning stare on his ass.


Too lazy to take the pizza out of its box he just took the whole box with him, not caring about the crumbs that would get onto the bed.

The sheets needed to be changed anyway.

Coming back Tony was still in bed but now at least sitting, talking on the phone.

His phone?

“Yeah, he isn’t even hangover. You can have him back at… like, this evening. We still gotta do something.” His gaze met Will’s, and something about it made the latter blush.

Yeah, that was definitely his phone and probably Beverly.

“See you, bye.”

Will’s phone was thrown between the pillows.

He huffed. “Really?”

“Really. So, where’s my baby?” Tony had clapped his hands before he rubbed them together, looking hungrily at Will, making him hesitant and embarrassed.

“Don’t call me baby.”

A fake-confused look hit him. “What? I was obviously talking about the pizza.”

Will opened his mouth in an offended manner, playing the diva Tony had called him a few times. “Okay, you ain’t getting no pizza,” he declared in a voice which was a pitch higher than normally, sitting down on his side again.

For a few seconds it was silent. Then the bedsheets started rustling. Warm arms wrapped around him, pressing him against the others chest. An even warmer mouth was on his neck.

“Aww, come on, baby. I love you both, you know that.”

He didn’t react, causing Tony to tickle him unexpectedly.

“Okay, okay!”, he exclaimed laughing. “I get it, you can have some!”