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Josuke’s eyelids felt heavy as he watched the scene before him. His nephew, Jotaro, was on his hands and knees, bent forward and panting. He swallowed and halfheartedly stroked his hardening cock through his boxers, barely registering the quiet chuckle coming from the person causing his nephew to become so… undone.

“Isn’t he just gorgeous like this?” Giorno asked. Josuke hummed and glanced behind Jotaro where the blond seemed to be enjoying himself. He’d already gotten three fingers in. “He wasn’t always this loose, you know. It took a lot of convincing on my part to get him into my bed.”

Jotaro moaned, eyes rolling back. Giorno smiled, curling his fingers again. Josuke’s breath hitched as his nephew’s bare chest hit the mattress, his ass raised up in the air like a needy whore. “Fuck,” Josuke breathed.

“Are you just gonna—ah!—play around, or what?” Jotaro seethed.

“He’s impatient now, too. I think I’ve trained him quite well.” Giorno removed his fingers and handed a bottle of lube to Jotaro as he sat back on his heels. “Be a good boy and give your uncle a nice ride.”

“W-wait, what? I thought I was just watching…”

Jotaro pushed Josuke onto his back and shoved down his pants and boxers. He poured a generous amount of lube into his palm and grinned briefly as he lathered it all over Josuke’s cock. His face turned beet red, but he could not bring himself to look away from such an erotic sight; the only thing that broke Josuke’s concentration was Giorno’s voice.

“Don’t be silly, Josuke! You are a guest in my home. I’ll gladly be the one to sit back and enjoy the show.”

Josuke gritted his teeth as Jotaro slowly sank down on his cock. His nephew chuckled and started to say something – “What’s… matter… Good?” – but Josuke couldn’t hear anything except the rush of blood in his ears. His hands moved to grasp Jotaro’s heavy, muscular thighs; Josuke sighed, finally completely inside of him, feeling his body so solid above him. Jotaro felt tight and warm and slick. “God!”

“Yes, that’s a good boy. Are you going to keep him waiting, Jotaro?”

Josuke heard shuffling and felt a weight dip into the mattress at his side. He moaned shamelessly as Jotaro slowly lifted himself, taking a moment to look at Giorno on his left. His body felt even warmer at the way those bright blue eyes watched him and how Giorno lazily stroked himself, already leaking with precum. Josuke held his breath, blinking slowly; willing himself to last. It all felt so, so good.

“Jotaro,” Giorno said. He sounded… authoritative. Sexy. It sent a shiver down Josuke’s spine. “You’re boring him. Get back on your knees.”

Josuke returned his attention to Jotaro in time to see him roll his eyes. He whined as his nephew quickly slid off his cock, leaving him cold and without touch – but then Jotaro was on his knees, ass facing him all up in the air. He waved it enticingly in front of Josuke like a hot meal ready to be eaten, and fuck, he was tempted to do just that. “Go on, Josuke, he’s practically begging for it.”

Josuke didn’t need to be told twice. He sat up on his shins, pushed his pants down further, and slammed his cock back into Jotaro’s ass. The way his nephew’s back curved and the stunned gasp that left his lips made him groan and move at a harsh pace, unable to help himself. Felt like he was a horny teenager thirsting after the unreachable, stoic, giant of a man that was his nephew. And the best part of it all was feeling Giorno’s eyes on them, watching, hearing him hum his approval and his gentle moans, so sweet.

“Fuck, Jotaro,” he groaned. “Your ass feels so good—fuck!

Jotaro’s responses were hindered by broken moans and mewls. He kept calling for Giorno, Giorno, yes, right there!

And Giorno would reply, “You’re doing so good baby, taking Josuke’s cock so well.”

Jotaro spread his thighs further, his cheek pressed into the sheets. “Unh, Josuke—”

“Shit! Gonna come!”

Josuke panted, grabbing Jotaro’s hips and fucking him harder, as rough as he could with erratic stuttering thrusts. His skin tingled under the touch of Giorno’s fingers on his shoulder; he shuddered as small lips kissed his ear and whispered to him, “Good, good, fuck him nice and hard, he loves being used like this.”

Josuke bit his lip and slammed balls deep into Jotaro, a strangled moan half-forming both of their names as he came inside of his nephew. His eyes burned, blurry as he watched Giorno jerk himself to completion, finishing on Jotaro’s ass. Cum painted a pretty picture on it. Giorno’s mouth distracted him from staring too long, though, teasing his neck with gentle little nibbles. Josuke pulled out and collapsed back onto the plush pillows of Giorno’s bed.

“Ah, Jotaro, did you—?”

“Let’s see if you fucked him hard enough,” Giorno said, laughing quietly. “If he came, then you did well.”

Jotaro cursed and shakily sat back on his legs; cum dribbled down his cock, connected by a string to the very noticeable wet stain on the sheets. Giorno ran his fingers through Jotaro’s hair and bent down to kiss him. “Good boy.”

Josuke sighed, content. Two bodies collapsed on either side of him; smooth lips kissed the corner of his mouth, then fully on his lips as if slowly devouring him. He pouted sleepily when Giorno pulled away, only to have his head turned to the other side where Jotaro kissed him much more aggressively. Josuke’s chest fluttered with his nephew sucking his face and Giorno’s soft hands wandering down his torso, stopping at each of his muscles to squeeze and rub.

His dick stirred, still sticky and sensitive from having just finished. Turned out the two other Joestars were not yet done with him.