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Pushing Daisies

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It starts with the defeat of the Mitch Conner duo, the pair surrounded by South Park’s divers band of superheroes. At long last the war was over, another villain defeated by his hand. Good won yet again, and with it brings the end of the fighting and bloodshed. At long last he could he could finally go home and rest.

Or, rather, that was what Douchebag wanted to happen. But, as he was learning, nothing ever seemed to go his way in this little mountain town. Exasperated at the fact that he was most likely going to get coined into being a far bigger part of whatever new game they would would no doubt be making up than he would like aside, he had to admit that these games were entertaining and kept him occupied. He’d never really had the chance to play with other kids before, let alone be a part of something as integrate as the stories that they had a tendency to come up with.

The rest of the children cringed as Eric’s mother came in, fury in her normal kind brown eyes from her sons antics. (Which really? Cat piss is what she gets mad at? Not the whole trying to kill people? Yeah, okay, that makes sense.) The children did their best to avoid Mrs. Cartman piercing gaze as she scolded her only son.

The scene brought a familiar sense of unease and distress that Douchebags would rather not pay any mind to, thank you very much. Just focus on fatass’ face well being scolded.
If there was one thing that The New Kid couldn’t get enough of, it was all the different expressions these children displayed without a care or thought. Such a carefree display. A twinge of jealousy passed through him but he pushed it away just like everything else. It was better this way, he got what he wanted after all.

He could hear Mrs. Cartman’s voice begin to fade as she grabbed her child and and started dragging him home. He stayed by the sidelines and watched as the rest of the children began to distrust. Waiting until the last of the children disappeared into the respective houses, he turned and began the trek home.



He hears laughing coming from the inside of his house instead of fighting and takes a moment just to breathe it in, to revel in the sound of his mother happiness instead of her tears, to his father’s kind words even if they’re not directed at him. It’s a nice change.

He rocks on the balls of his feet for a moment, debating if he should go in or not. Figuring he could spare a few minutes to bask in his parents happiness, he takes a seat outside his door. The frigid air nips at his cheeks and his mother voices floats out from the house behind him.
Douchebag struggles with the want to continue to listen to his parents laughter and the want to not get sick. He could feel his face slowly becoming numb, his fingertips having lost feeling a while ago. One the other hand it isn’t often that he gets to hear his parents be happy, hell it isn’t often that he gets to hear his parents voice at all really.

He takes a single moment longer, straining his hearing to listen to his parents quiet “I love yous” before opening the door.

His parents took no notice of his existence, too lost in the presences of each other. The two snuggled closer together, tucked by each other's side with smiles playing on both of their faces. Such a rare sight, so full of love and happiness. He felt sick looking at it.

They didn’t notice as he closed the door, shifting from side to side. His mother's kind eyes bore into his father as they nuzzled. She gave a breathless sigh as her husband spoke, “This is such a great town, isn’t it?”

His mother turned to him, her smile widening causing his father to chuckle. “I love it here! I’m so glad that all those years ago we decided to come clean about our child’s past. I feel like..” She hummed, tilting her head slightly, “like our lives our different somehow.”

His father’s arms wrapped around her waist, “And I love you. As a matter of fact,” he paused to nuzzle her neck. “I think we have some business to attend to.”

His mother laughed as the two rushed up the stairs, love clear in their eyes. Leaving behind the parting words, “You little sneak!”

The New Kid starred after his parents retreating forms, a sigh escaping silently from his lips. It was better this way, they were better. So much happier than the last time he saw them. (Even if it hurt to see them so happy without him, it was better than them yelling and fighting. It was better. Maybe if he thought it enough he could convince himself it was true.)

He follows them up the stairs, intent on putting this day behind him and actually getting to sleep for once.

He was greeted by Butters when he reached the top of the stairs, the boy donned his Professor Chaos costume. He smiled pleasantly at The New Kid, leaning against the window. Concern shone in his eyes but he made no move to bring up what just occurred.

Butters laughed softly, “You think you’ve done it, don’t cha? Saved the town, stop the bad guy, all that fun stuff, right?” His laughter grew, “Do you really think you can stop bad things from happening? Haven’t you realized that Chaos always catches up to you? You’ve paid your dues, and yet people still turn on you. You’ve tried being a hero.. Why not let your darker side free? There’s always one truth in this life, New Kid, no matter how hard you try, you can’t escape the past.” His smile stretched and his laughter echoed in the small hallway.

Minutes passed with the two locked in a staring contest, it seemed like it could go on forever until…

Chaos left Butters’ eyes and his smile became softer, “Well, gee, New Kid, it sure is fun playing with ya but I gotta get home before I’m grounded!” With a final farewell, the blond boy bounced down the stairs.

Douchebag watched him go down the stairs, tired eyes following his movement. Yeah, he wasn’t even going to question what just happened. He needed sleep.

With one last glance to his parents bedroom, The New Kid walked into his room to get ready for sleep. As he changed from his superhero costume into his pajamas, a small ‘ding!’ sounded from his phone.

A simple message from the Freedom Pals group chat (and man now they we were gonna have to rename the chat) that read: ‘Everyone meet at our table for lunch tomorrow - Kyle’

Seems like he wasn’t even going to get a full day of rest before the others decided to move onto some other insanity.