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Latinxs In Greece

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This was it. Orientation day on the University of Southern California campus. Thousands of students were in attendance. The upperclassmen had set up booths to boost the numbers in their clubs, sports teams, fraternities, sororities and extra-curriculars. The cooking club had a barbecue going with amazing options for every type of diet. The chorus club had raised money all summer to hire a DJ to give opening day a more fun feel.

As the freshman and transfer students filed onto the campus, looking both excited and overwhelmed, they were greeted by a variety of people.

“Don’t forget to sign up for student government! If you want to make a difference, this is where it starts!”

“Swim team is now holding tryouts! Only thing that would’ve made Phelps better is if he went to USC!”

“Sign up to be a cheerleader and show some Trojan spirit!”

“USC! USC! USC!” The football team chanted from their booth.

Dom Toretto walked through the campus, giving handshakes and highfives to the people who knew him and those who wanted to know him. He was on his way for his shift at the Zeta Alpha Rho booth. The muscled Cuban had technically been assigned to first shift with the other Bigs, but he’d had a long night.

Walking past the booth for Sigma Phi Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, he grinned. Letty Ortiz stood there with a sign-up clipboard. She was talking to one of the other sisters, clearly giving orders.

“Letty, you’re so sexy when you’re bossy.” He called.

Her head snapped up and she rolled her eyes. “Die.” She commanded in her most Alpha voice.

He blew a kiss at her and she pretended to grab it and throw it on the ground. He clutched his chest, feigning heartbreak.

“You wound me, Letty. I’m wounded.”

Completely ignoring him, Letty called to the group of perspectives walking towards her, “Hey ladies! Sign up so we can send our informal rush itinerary!”

“Do some good in your community with Zeta Alpha Rho!” Dom’s second in command, Brian, shouted.

They all hated these events, but they were good opportunities to meet new people. To Letty, it felt like she was selling herself. She loved her sorority and the life-long friendships she’d made and liked that other women were open to it as well. But these events always left her exhausted. And it didn’t help that she was up until an ungodly hour the night before.

Besides, any event where she had to be front and center with Dom Toretto, she was never happy. There was a clear rivalry between the two of them, both determined and stubborn. Sigma Phi Alpha was the sister sorority to the Zeta Alpha Rho fraternity. Normally, the two strongest personalities ended up dating, but with Dom and Letty, it was a constant battle of wills. Or so everyone thought.

“You were amazing last night.” Dom muttered in her ear. A chill ran down Letty’s spine and she turned around.

“You’re an ass.” She spat. “And stop leaving the toilet seat up!”

“Did you fall into the toilet again?”

“Shut up.”

She turned back around in line, stretching her neck to see how much longer she had to be tortured while she waited for her food. There were still three people in front of her.

“Don’t pretend you don’t want more tonight.”

“I don’t want any, at all. Ever again.”

“You say that now. But just wait until you have that itch that only I can scratch.”

“Fuck. Off.”

“Order for Letty!”

“Oh, thank god.” Letty breathed. “Enjoy jerking off tonight, Toretto.”

While Wednesday was the first official day of classes, Friday was when the school year truly started. Especially for the Greeks. It was the first official informal rush event where members were expected to mingle with prospects who were full of the hope of joining their favorite sorority or fraternity.

The Row, as it was known, was a portion of West 28th Street held the thirty-five houses designated for USC’s fraternities and sororities. The first Friday of the school year always had The Row lit up like a Christmas tree, and this year was no different. Thumping bass from multiple stereo systems made the pavement vibrate.


House of Sigma Phi Alpha

“Shots!” Letty called. The Sigma Phi Alpha House erupted in cheers and sisters walked around with trays filled with neon shot glasses.

In a surprising turn of events, the music was turned down and a high-pitched call was given as a signal of sorts. The sisters of Sigma Phi Alpha formed two lines and began to perform a stroll. Through a series of complex, yet completely synchronized movements, Letty and fifteen other women gave the crowd a visual presentation of their sisterhood.

When they hit their last step, each using their hands to sign the sororities name, Letty shouted, “Alpha! Sigma Phi Alpha!”

One last call, signaling the end of their stroll.

And then they were met with loud applause and cheers from everywhere in the house.

House of Zeta Alpha Rho

“Shots!” Dom yelled. Shots were shoved into the hands of unsuspecting gentleman and women, alike. The music was at an ungodly volume and made conversation nearly impossible. So, instead, people used their bodies to talk. They danced, kissed, played beer pong. It was a true frat party. Women and men, alike, looked at the men of Zeta Alpha Rho in complete awe.

“Yo, Dom!” Brian called from the front door.

“What’s up?”

“Sig sister at the door, asking for ice.”

Dom jumped down from his spot on the fourth stair and strolled to the door.

“Letty, be honest, you came because you want me.”

“It’s almost like you enjoy being shot down.” She replied. “Ice. We’re running out.”

“What’s it in for me?”

“How about I won’t tell the new prospects you have a really small, chlamydia-infected penis?” The brunette’s voice rose towards the end of her sentence.

He just grinned. “Nice try. We all just gave blood during the annual summer drive. I’m clean as a whistle.”

She crossed her arms. “Ice, Toretto. Yes or no?”

“Come on.” He led her into the kitchen and opened one of the various coolers they had lined against the wall. He removed two bags of ice.

“Be honest, Let, you missed me?”

“I miss you like I miss teenage acne.”

Don laughed then and it was contagious.

“I’ll walk you back over. You can’t carry this by yourself.”


It was moments like this that Letty got a sneak peek at the guy who he could possibly be if he wasn’t so cocky and didn’t stick his dick in anything on two legs.

Though genuinely surprised by her gratitude, Dom hid it well. “You’re welcome.”