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Welcome To The New Age

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Darkness is all she sees, surrounding and enveloping her like a blanket. She tries to move, but each time she does their sluggish and slow. Like she's submerged in water, and each move is fighting against it.


She thinks to herself. She tries to speak, but each time the words simply wouldn't come out. She also realizes that she can't breath, but she seems to be doing find so she doesn't freak out as much as she should. She tries to remember, her mind a mess of scattered memories she couldn't piece together. 

She doesn't know how much time had passed in the dark void, but eventually things start coming together piece by piece.

The metallic taste of blood fills her mouth, bruises and cuts littered her battered body. Exhaustion weighed heavily in her limbs, her entire body really. She coughs, and her own blood comes out. 

That's right, her name is Sunshine. She likes to be called sunny for short, and would insist and bitch until everyone complied. Her hair was a golden blonde, her eyes a rich brown. She was American, her skin healthily tanned.

She doesn't have enough time, she feels it deep in her bones. The end to it all was coming fast, and it would arrive soon. She knows with each passing second, that she was about to die.

She was a soldier of war, a holy warrior chosen by God to bear innocence, his power. A parasitic type, embedded in the middle of her chest. 'Heaven's Light', she recalls it being called. And she...she...

There is a burning deep within her chest, painful and throbbing. She calls out to her innocence, and flies to the skies with wings made of light. 

The darkness around her vibrates, then there's a 'POP' and she can move. There's a sudden light, and panic and fear settle in as her body starts moving towards it.

She is high in the sky, surrounded by millions upon millions of Akuma. She reaches deep withing herself and grasps all of the innocence powers, then she releases it. Her chest splits open, blood spills out of her eyes, mouth, nose, and ears, and the crystal in her chest breaks. All the while, apologies spill from her mouth.

She remembers, and that only intensifies her fear and panic as she gets closer to the light.

'I'm sorry Allen, I left you alone to fight. I'm sorry Lenalee, I couldn't save you. I'm sorry everyone, for being unable to save you all. I'm sorry, so sorry.'

She's surrounded by light, and there is nothing but silence. Then she, Sunshine a girl of just 17, breaths her last breath in this world.

She finally reaches the light, and passes throught it. As she's  blinded by it, she finds herself finally able to breath.

Then she screams, with grief and horror and pain weighing heavily on her. With just a single thought, repeating itself over and over again, as memories of war and hardships replay in her mind.

'I'm sorry...'