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Hunting Isn't Easy

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Hunter-ninja organization information:

Set up:

Unlike ANBU with their different specialties all mixed into teams, the hunter-nins are made up of teams who specialize in one thing and one thing only. They're all well rounded and each good at searching and tracking but each division specializes in one thing and one thing only (as stated above).


  • For example, a team under the Tracking Division would only specialize in tracking and searching which would primarily be made of Hyuuga, Inuzuka, and Aburame and its purpose would be to find missing village secrets or like the retrieval of important village things.


  • Another division might be the Genjutsu Division, and would deal with making sure that things that are not supposed to be seen and to create fake situations and problems. Like said before, the teams would all have experience in tracking and fighting with different ninja fields, but all only specialize in genjutsu.


  • Another division would be the Ninjutsu Division which would be for going out and exterminating missing ninja or people who know too much.


  • The Kenjutsu Division  would probably be sent out if they're dealing with samurai or something like that.


  • The Taijutsu Division would probably be sent out if they're dealing with a large gang that Konoha needs gone or something and they don't want to go in a ninja so they go in as a rival gang and then wipe out the gang that was causing the trouble before leaving. The hunter-nin are able to team up with the ANBU on ANBU missions, but ANBU are not allowed on Hunter-nin missions. For example, if the ANBU mission is going to require heavy genjutsu usage, they can request a team from the Genjutsu division.


  • There is also the Healing Division, which when active, makes teams who specialize in healing jutsu and other medical things. The reason why they are not permanently active is because every person in every team in every division are able to heal up to a certain point, enough to keep ninja from dying. The Healing division is only active in wartime or when sent out with a retrieve team to help bring home those hunters who are either captured, dying slow enough that they can be saved, or those who are dead and need their cause of death to be reported.